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riseofthedruids · 4 minutes ago
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vagrantblvrd · an hour ago
That thing where you into into fandom ~trends in fic and fanart that stick with you and follow you from fandom to fandom, right?
Little things, familiar things, that pop up in fandom content that you trip over when you least expect it and get that doofy little smile at, or maybe roll your eyes fondly because it’s some silly little thing, you know?
Makes you realize how incredible fandom is and how much you and others put into it and how it grows and changes and just, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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narol22 · 2 hours ago
:3 Oh bueno feliz noche 😋 jejej este dibujo va dedicado a todos los maestros y maestras que no han tenido paciencia, han dado su total dedicación y ayuda en los temas más difíciles de las clases :"v a pesar de las dificultades del tiempo o del día. Por los momentos difíciles y los días de diversión inolvidable muchas gracias 🥰💕💖
:"v Ay perdón me puse sensible xd es que a la mayoría de los maestros que me han dado clases uwu les tengo mucho cariño que recuerdos :"3 💘💫
Tumblr media
Psdta: Por si no saben quien es :^ es la señorita Kaene 🍎 maestra de las chicas súper poderosas 💫 pero a mi versión 👻
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fireflier · 2 hours ago
I kinda wanna watch 3rd life SMP, but at the same time my brain is just 2b2t and Dream SMP brainrot rn, I don't think I could squeeze a third hyperfixation into my tiny brain (/j, /lh). -🌕 (👑🔷❓)
yeah that is very valid LMAO !!! i’m just squeezing it in alongside dsmp since there’s not too much lore happening at the moment haH
you really should check it out whenever you feel like it though :O it’s really fun and pretty accessible since it’s all organized videos on yt !! and not ages of vods like new dsmp viewers have to sit through LOL
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alexxxzxxzzz · 3 hours ago
Fallaste de verdad, causaste mi ansiedad, más la inseguridad de no poder vivir sin ti.
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warmthpdf · 3 hours ago
i have 2 or 3 weeks left of my project and im so tiredddddd :,,,,,) i do not want to animate!!!! i want to be in a field with my friends and make summer memories i never got to make when i was a kid and go bowling on my birthday and play in the arcade and probably cry over how much my friends mean to me!!! but also im not ready for it to set in that next year will be my last year of college bc wtf ????
#and its already weird bc the course is 2 years long but bc lvl 3 and lvl 2 were grouped together last year me and da gang get a bonus year??#its just a lot of ! stuff that i dont wanna think about because college has literally changed my life and i dont look forward to it ending#but even more than that i dont wanna mourn my college years before theyre even over?? i dont want to be nostalgic rather than live#and still i have over a YEARRR of college and i really am trying to believe that the friends ive made arent going to disappear when its over#my brain sees an opportunity for me to be abandoned and thinks its the only possible outcome#but im trying to believe otherwise and my friends reassurance has helped that :(#sometimes love is ur head being cradled in a hug and being told that we're here for you and that they all want to make memories with you#IDK MY BRAIN DOESNT COMPUTE IT BECAUSE IVE NEVER HAD FRIENDS LIKE THIS BEFORE?? IN REAL LIFE I MEAN#like people are friends with me for more than the necessity of having someone you get along with while at college ??#like people love me beyond it being an obligation and WANT to make memories and consider each other family and and and#just brrrrr#i have a lot of fears about things ending ive realised? fear of childhood ending. fear of friendships ending. fear of college ending#and they all just centre around that fear of abandonment. ill never rly forgive the person who is the reason i have these fears#but i want to believe that theres more and that im loved and will continue to be loved :')#mine#'its stuff i dont wanna think about' *RANTS IN TAGS ABOUT IT*
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badger-stream · 3 hours ago
I guess I have returned to Mr. Pickles and Happy Tree Friend fandoms after than a loong daydream, and remembered why I loved Flippy so much. If we don't count his killings, it' s because he has the most background story and character development in the series.
I realized that Flippy was a Sergeant/Noncom because (I quote from the Happy Tree Friend Wiki) "episodes of Happy Tree Friends show him with a sergeant insignia". The bright and pale mark on his beret is probably the flag/mark of his own squad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I' m sure he is an infantry because of the weapons he is using.
Shields? Check! When he was battling with Fliqpy at the music shop (at the Double Whammy, part 1 or 2), he used a cymbal to protect himself from the pipes as a shield. Also the fact that Fliqpy used the pipes as a arrows on Flippy, and killed Sniffles with burning arrows at the Double Whammy' s part 1 implies that he also knows how to use arrows. Which can be a bonus point.
Swords? Check - if we can count his bowie knife as a sword. He also has a machete (at the Random Acts Of Silence), so, bonus point.
Spears? I don' t remember if he used a spear, but I wouldn't get suprised if he used one.
He knows how to handle a grenade. At the 1 part of Double Whammy, I remember he killed Disco Bear with a grenade blow after cutting his throat and chest, and also giving it to the Petunia at the end of the Hide And Seek casually.
I don' t remember about guns, but i' m sure he didn't needed them, since he uses hand-to-hand combat. Because he didn't used guns and gun - like things, he had to develop creative ways that works correctly - so his squad wouldn't abandon him or start a riot against him and stop listening him - sorry, I don' t really know if you can disobey to your Sergeant/squad leader and abandon the crew or not, my only helper is Google and Google Translate -, he had to teach both himself, both his crew how to turn anything into a weapon, or a shield. He had to be creative...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This explains how he was able to use candy canes as weapons, and carve Shifty' s body with a fricking cookie at the Easy For You To Sleigh. I mean, WHO even thinks about using candy canes and cookies as weapon while you can just get your bowie knife? Only somebody who teach himself to see a weapon out of everything in a dangerous situation - or the otherwise, as he forced himself to believe the hand bomb at the pineapple bench is just an another pineapple at the Double Whammy part 1. This man killed cat soldiers with his own sharp bones at his wrists!! After the days he killed the Cat General, he probably teach his fellow soldiers how to mix the violence and creativity - just like how Fliqpy is doing at his violent outbursts - and since his techniques were working against the cat army, nobody left his side. The soldiers continued to see him as a respected and strong figure since they were winning almost every war with his techniques, despite he killed two of their allies, because he also killed a lot of cat soldiers, and the Cat General!
He developed himself at the army a lot. A fricking lot. One of the most obvious proofs of this his aiming and rightness of his aim. At the Operation: Tiger Bomb, we see him accidently throwing a pizza slice instead of the knife to the Cat General, and throwing the knife to the invisible Sneaky' s stomach when he was aimed at to the cat soldiers. His aim wasn't the best at those times. But at the Hide And Seek, we see him throwing a knife at a woodpecker' s chect, which killed it quickly.
He started as the beginner Sergeant who had to fight with cat soldiers, than developed himself and his soldiers as a death machine that can and will cause the most fearful, bloody mess for their enemies, than turned into a veteran than respected around the Happy Tree Friends Town; and to a tired bear that seeks healing and therapy from his bloody past. We don't know about the other characters as much as we do about Flippy and Fliqpy, nor see this much development from them.
Do we know how or when Handy lost half of his arms? No.
Do we know about what happened to Pop' s wife/Cub' s mother? No.
Do we know about how Lammy find Mr. Pickles at the first place, or why she is keeping him by her side at all - since their relationship is pretty tox!c, man!pulate and gaslight - y? Do we know about what pushed Shifty and Lifty to be thieves? Do we know how Splendid get his powers? Do we know how and why Nutty' s candy addition started? Do we know how Toothy and Cuddles' friendship started, or Petunia - Flaky - Giggles trio started?
No, we don't.
Probably after than Flippy/Fliqpy, Cro-Marmot (Dino-Dore Days, the black-white episode) and Splendid (Ka-Pow!' s Mirror Mirror episode) has this much backstory, but Cro-Marmot is kinda boring and plain for me, and Splendid is the Marry Sue version of Disco Bear - and I hate both of them. Neither of them has the screen time, nor character arc/backstory that Flippy has, and his backstory is probably the longest in the HTF history.
That's one of the reasons why I love him so much
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infantinno · 4 hours ago
Uma estrada, milhões de pensamentos enquanto ouço minha música preferida no rádio, olho o horizonte e tudo parece tão distante, sem destino à vista, vejo passar centenas de carros e caminhões, é uma cena que fica se repetindo, coloco a mão para fora da janela e faço dançar com as ondas do vento ...
Tumblr media
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sesamepinwheel24 · 4 hours ago
Littlest Pet Shop [the version that started in 2005] was a huge part of my childhood.
And it still angers me over how Hasbro RUINED the designs. If they really had to change Littlest Pet Shop, they could have just mixed the original Kenner design with the 2005 design, not go with the awful art style the 2012 cartoon had. Now Littlest Pet Shop is online only, and now they’re even more cheap [they’re cute again, yes, but still cheap, and still not nearly as cute as the 2005 pets]. If Mattel would fix the distribution for Cloudees [seriously, as cute as those toys are, they are IMPOSSIBLE to find], they could give Hasbro a run for their money. At this point, I’m convinced Hasbro should just give Littlest Pet Shop over to Basic Fun [look how amazing the retro toys made by Basic Fun are, they’d fix Littlest Pet Shop]. As a collector, I try to stay away from the 2012 and modern LPS.
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nanunanu22 · 4 hours ago
Crop top, blackberries, and glitter!!!
Hi Ever!
Crop Top: what’s my least favorite word?
I answered that one here for Blue
Blackberries: what’s my favorite album from the 2000s?
That’s like picking a favorite child.... in no particular order I’ll list five of the ones I can’t be without: Give Up by The Postal Service, Plans by Deathcab For Cutie, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots by The flaming Lips, Fantasies by Metric, Hot Fuss by The Killers ... I know I’m leaving some out... but I can’t just pick one!
Glitter: what’s a good memory from primary school?
I love this question. I did most of primary school in a country in South America. We would get like three to four 10-15 minutes recess each day in between subjects where we would go outside and just play and run around. We would play old school games like hopscotch, Chinese jump rope, regular jump rope, tag, or just talk to friends and exchange collectibles (like cards or stationary papers). Or exchange snacks. It is such a sweet memory and I treasure the time I had there. I still remember the different smells from the school depending the seasons, for winter they would give us “mate” tea with milk, or the scent of the orange tree in the back patio. Just simple times that left a sweet memory.
Thank you for these asks! Hope you’re having a lovely evening! 💜
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