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#emo as hell
xxemilythestrangexx · 10 hours ago
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t00vivid · 2 days ago
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Anyone else feel confused most of the day? I think as a society, we are all a bunch of hypocrites that lie to themselves to feel better. I still value people, but sometimes I just feel nothing. Shout out @adobe @adobeillustrator
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valenisacan · 2 days ago
Hey! im valen this is my first post and i wanted to just say like what my posts are going to be! so starting off i might be showing off my art work a bit, along with tips and tricks that i have learned (with creds to the original people ofc).
i might post some of my gaming progress in games such as Minecraft, apex,stardew valley, sims 4, etc etc (way more) I absolutely love the resident evil franchise same with fnaf and like so many more!!
Oh and also im a learning witch and i will show off my crystals and candles and just stuff along those lines!
And one more thing (i might make more of these kinds of posts) And: i go to thrift stores all of the time so i could definitely post some great finds and hauls and that goes for any of my hobbies/collections.
thank you so much wow u made it through. - love Valen
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İ cant Believe this bitch pulled the İ gottA Go To PrOtECt YoU trope,,,, flower ass nerd,,, i better have an option to whack him upside the head when they reunite
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Tumblr media
edit: ok it went a lil different. Tip: dont just keep venting to your husband lest he will go into a miserable depression spiral
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it’s not fair.
i sit here feeling bad
thinking i did something wrong.
you don’t love me.
when i’m talking to you i feel like i’m talking to a wall.
maybe someday i’ll find someone to love me
like you never would
- girlfri3nd
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