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#academia aesthetic
pisceslife · 7 minutes ago
I just started If We Were Villains, I read about 150 pages and it it’s so good ???? WOW, definitely soothe my longing for dramatic literature, remind me a little of tsh because you know, the atmosphere
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dandolibrary · 16 minutes ago
By the way, would like to let y’all know that the self love backfired on me hardcore.
I’m immensely in love with myself now. I can’t stop staring at my reflection. Like damn I’m so cute 😍.
I avoid water in hopes I don’t drown.
Part 1:
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academic-archer · 22 minutes ago
So museums and art galleries open again next monday here in the UK. Anyone wanna form a group of friends and go round visiting them all summer long?
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dandolibrary · 23 minutes ago
Sometime in mid-January of 2021, I decided to practice self-love because I was super dependent on others for validation.
Started affirming to myself. For example, I hated my smile. So every time I saw myself, I would smile and say to myself “Wow I have a pretty smile.”
It worked. I do have a beautiful smile.
Do I still have things I don’t like about myself? Yes, for example, I don’t like my acne. But I don’t see it as something to be self conscious about anymore. I don’t see it as something to hide.
So go forth and tell yourself everyday that you’re beautiful. Cause you are.
I don’t cry over my reflection anymore. That’s immense progress for me. I catch myself looking in the mirror and think “Daaaaaang, das me? 😍”
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loveeepoem · 27 minutes ago
When I ask my little brother if he is offended, and then his answer is no.
Also his face:
Tumblr media
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nightfalldeepness · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of my current reads -
I've always wanted to get into reading some jack kerouac from after seeing kill your darlings and finally I've picked this one up. It's a novel he wrote much before ‘on the road’ which is his best work so im hoping this won't disappoint too.
Then we have the goldfinch, one of the og dark academia books. The sheer length of it has made me not read it even though I own it from like 1 year but I guess it's finally time to pick it up too.
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anikasometimes · 53 minutes ago
nazm/ नज़्मنظم
poetry, verse, a string, order.
Her presence, her essence is like a 'Nazm'.
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ashenlilac · 56 minutes ago
CURRENTLY HIRING: someone who can write me letters in old envelopes that are sealed with wax and include bits of poetry that they liked and snippets from their local newspaper and pressed flowers and random stickers they found from the time they hid them years ago and a tiny piece of their soul
PERKS: i'll do the same for you and love you until the day i die
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lovebird-in-the-dark · an hour ago
Mirror, Mirror.
Dear mistress,
What is your wear today?
Come to see in my glass closed silver,
To see yourself,
Far away.
You're far to pretty,
To live like this.
Stricken into poverty,
With little to no for dress.
For wealth you'd have to marry.
I do not want you to leave mistress,
I do not anyone else to admire your beauty,
The way I do.
I do not want any man to see the way,
Your eyes light up at every new look,
Put together by you.
I don't want you to leave for another man's home,
To leave me to collect dust,
And for you this world to roam.
It's wicked out there mistress,
With vile men about.
If you step out of this room,
Your life will dribble to drought.
What if I told you there was a place beyond me,
Full of beauty and extravagance.
The sort,
That in this world,
You'd never see.
I'd pull you in,
And let you fall,
For days.
Until you're suddenly amid a crowd,
That knows well your ways.
They're quite like you mistress,
Impossibly beautiful,
Under skirts and jewels.
I'd watch you from above,
Knowing you're safe,
And free.
Away from your world's fools.
You dress how you wish in this world,
Anything you please at half a thought.
Every whim fulfilled,
Not a second of work,
That anyone ever sought.
There are thousands of beautiful people,
All too glamorous for your world.
Where you could party for an age,
Come to the world of mirrors,
For a never ending change.
They'd make you their queen,
You're truly the most beautiful of them all.
Everyone stacked with gowns,
And capes,
And feathers.
An endless ball you'll never want to leave.
There's nothing you'll not have,
The world at the tips of your fingers.
But do not ever let your smile fall,
And try not to falter mistress.
There's a different sort of prison,
For the ones that bore of the luxury.
For the ones that find confidence lacking,
In the sea of beauty.
You can't be anything but beautiful in this world.
You can't stay without your chin high.
Mirrors were made for another thing,
For the crippled,
The bleak,
The empty,
The shy.
But you did.
You got bored after your every wish was carried out.
And then they took you away,
And I could do nothing.
This was what I'd warned you about.
They took you to a room of mirrors,
Different from my make.
While I'd been designed to show you appeal,
These had been made for the insecurities,
To reveal your mistakes.
They took you away,
Because you lost your confidence,
Your ardour,
In what you had to say.
They brought you here,
Because you began to doubt.
Because that seed had been growing in your mind,
Which you would have been so much better without.
You're not trapped here,
As you claim to be.
How could you be trapped with all this wealth?
All this luxury?
And they stripped you bare of every wall you'd ever made.
Showed you your every fear,
That you'd hidden in the crevices of your mind,
So well,
They were forgotten.
Impossible to find.
They made you watch,
As you withered and turned ugly,
Under the weight of what changed.
They made you watch your body rot itself,
Made you watch yourself quickly age.
Then brought you back,
Made you wear your smile brighter,
And pushed a crown onto your head.
Be quiet mistress,
You saw what happens if you let your hesitancy be said.
I should not have brought you here,
But at least you're not enslaved to a man.
Perhaps it's a little frightening,
But you may never leave,
For now you play by their hand.
Stitching your smile up,
You're now an illusion they created.
Don't you ever show how you really feel.
They'll give you time for that,
When they take you to the other mirrors,
And strip you naked.
That was fucked up. No excuses. I'm fucked up.
I wrote two new poems recently, which are also fucked up, so here they are.
Forever. Ice.
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