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xnesstudies · an hour ago
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Hi hi everyone! I'm finally back around here!
I've been a bit absent since I've been focusing on my studies and my Instagram account for a while, but I've decided I want to be around here a bit more!
Be sure to join me to see more pictures of my daily life!
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onepropztest · an hour ago
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[14/40 || APRIL 19] late post but look at my rice bowl sheeesh
song recs from my friends list: baumkuchen ohashi trio • let's stay together al green • violin concerto in e minor mendelssohn • empire state of mind jay z • star city cafe hevel • bad idea girl in red • romance garbage fatboibari • magic secret • beauty and the beast ariana grande, john legend
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aww-jo · an hour ago
Signing in my letterbox account today reminded me of how much I enjoy movies, so I'll try doing more of that while also trying to catch up with the uni work I've been neglecting lately.
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nerdie-b · 2 hours ago
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✿ 20.04.2021 ✿
I am back???
It was a spur-of-the-moment decision I made just this morning, also given that my final board exams got postponed 💔 so I was royally pissed and somehow ended up wasting my time scrolling through Tumblr (especially the studyblr side).
But it wasn't ENTIRELY wasted bc I found some people who are in the same boat as me! ( @sahersstudyblr @desi-student hi!!! *waves* )
So after a week of moping around after the news, I finally gathered my sanity and got down to studying my worst enemy—chemistry.
Now, whether I stay true to my word (hm this sounds familiar) and be responsible w my studies or if I chicken out of staying regular, you guys and even myself will know either in the next few business days or next month 😃
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In setting my goal of reading daily and carrying it out, I committed to reading at least one journal abstract a day. This sounds like skirting around the matter, but was actually crucial for the success of this habit, and helped me develop the important skill of evaluating and prioritizing research. / #GradSchool
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kopikuestudies · 3 hours ago
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My beginning of the week post being a day late is representative of how my work is going. I have yet another plan, so lets hope this goes well. I need to get all my core modules for math done by next Friday, so, lets do this!! How’s everyone going? Have you got a lot of work? A lot of people went back to uni/school this week, hopefully you’re starting off easy!! What have you got planned for this week??
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ramyeonupdates · 4 hours ago
#new! you are worthy of love and care #journals
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frechn · 4 hours ago
Ordered oneplus nord n10 5g!
And a cute case w it. I needed a new phone that hopefully won't turn off under 50 degrees and die in 5 hours... Plus more internal storage space and good camera.... That's all i ask for.
Most complaints made about the phone is my carrier's fault, which is struggling to support 5g properly, but that will improve along the way. (And most carriers are struggling lmao rip)
I will do a lil haul(?) for it if anyone would like a haul/first look review!!
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beingboldandcourageous · 5 hours ago
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Another day, another final assignment submitted💪🏽💪🏽
This is the last week of biology class and I'm so, so relieved to be done with it soon and get a week break. I have so many other projects to work on before my move, looking forward to the challenge though!
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stargazingjellyfish · 6 hours ago
• An introduction post to my blog! •
Tumblr media
About me:
- Lily K Mae
- 20 years old
- Born on Monday, October 23rd, 2000
- I use They/Them pronouns, but She/Her pronouns are okay
- My favourite colour is pink.
Blog type:
A mix of a few kinds, as I have multiple goals.
- Studyblr
- Writeblr
- Art blog
- And hopefully similar!
- Watching tv shows, movies, anime, cartoons, etc
- Reading books, graphic novels, fanfiction, webcomics, etc
- Twitch streaming (I'm a Twitch Affiliate, you can find me here)
- Drawing and writing (I wanna make a comic!!!)
- Listening to music and making Spotify playlists of different themes and genres (I make many, you can find my most popular one here)
- Playing the kalimba (I have been learning on a phone app, because I can't afford a real one yet, and have nearly mastered a few songs already)
- And more!
A few goals:
- Getting into classes at the nearby University
- Taking classes related to art, writing, and maybe even computer programming
- Make and keep a good schedule
- Hold myself accountable and become more independent
- Make more friends!
- Learn more ways to manage and help my health, both physically and mentally
Blogs that helped inspired me to make my multi-theme blog:
- @myhoneststudyblr
- @supportingwriteblrs
- @revisicn
- @mid-afternoon-tea
- @eintsein
- @isabella-study
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reginestudies · 6 hours ago
Zoomester Studyblr Challenge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 20- What are three things that inspire you?
My mom inspires. Everyday I try to envision the future that I could give her. Making her proud is what really inspires and motivates me to always do better.
Lately, I've been watching religious testimonies of famous people and they amaze me, how they were able to build that connection with God. I'm inspired to build my own story with the Lord and live a btter life because of these faithful believers.
Of course lastly, love inspires me. Just the thought that someday I could experience it romantically, inspires me to work on my self until that day comes. (yes, I'm a hopeless romantic. Sue me.)
I printed out the rest of the months for my calendar. I got the layout from canva. I can finally replace my calendar that was a free one from a pharmacy. Now, I'm currently reviewing our block's proposal for a workshop that we're organizing. I'm the project secretary and later at 2pm, me and the project head will meet with our professor. She isn't actually allowed to conduct meetings until end of april because we should be strictly asynchronous until modified community quarantine ends according to a memo that our uni released. But I'm not surprised. This professor is a pain in the ass. (and not the pleasurable kind) 😂
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bookmarksandbonfires · 7 hours ago
End-of-Semester Productivity
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Day 5
Went to class
Created senior sem presentation slides
Participated in a survey that I'm going to reflect on to get honours points
Filled out the request for my TEFL certificate!
I was having a hard time focusing most of the morning and after my class, so I also played flute and piano for the first time in a while. Oh, and I've been procrastinating by reading a lot, but I have a lot to do this week so might have to be done with that :(
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notetaeker · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
ramadan challenge 7/30 ⟡  4.19.21
Alhamdulillah today I finished reading a whole juz :’) sounds basic but it’s something I have never been able to do, not straight within a few hours. I was really tired though afterward. It’s like my brain was like, ‘you finished the juz? So that means we don’t have to keep holding it together for the rest of the day~ today’s (1) goal is over time to be exhausted’I’m still excited tho! I Will complete a khatm this year even if I have to continue after Ramadan!!! Inshallah:’)
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panyeraa · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Here's another studyblr post pretending like everything's okay and the situation did not just get 2x worse since last year
So I've been doing this thing called Animedoro. It's basically pomodoro but the break's longer. You read for 40-60 min, go on break for 20 min and watch anime, and then you repeat until you finish your readings. So I was doing this and my dad saw me watching and said "paano ka nag aaral niyan nanonood ka lang" AYOKO NA TALAGA hahaha. I used to be really affected by my dad's comments but now I think I've come to accept that I'm doing the best I can under the current circumstances. It's either that or I just think that for today because I'm not in the middle of a breakdown. Ask me again tomorrow haha. I've been waiting for this animal they call "Academic Ease". Still haven't met her. When millenials rule the world may we be competent. May we also exercise compassion -not only to those in power. So that ordinary people no longer have to ask for it -or worse, beg for it.
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