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#study inspo
studjapang · an hour ago
A recommendation of ASMR for studying
Again, I haven't been active for quite a while on this blog. But today I want to bring you just a few of my favourite ASMR videos that I want to recommend. I use them whenever I have to do readings for classes (I'm in my last semester now!) or when I work on term papers. Except for one, there are no voices, but they all have slightly different vibes to them and while I love the sound of rain, I want to feel cozy, warm and comfortable whenever I have to study so I tend to avoid ASMRs with rain in the background. It makes me feel cold somehow, and I also really don't like it when the sounds are too loud or too many at once. That's what I keep in mind when I choose an ASMR and I keep coming back to the same ones. Skip the first 4 to get to the Harry Potter videos!
秋の囲炉裏を囲んで。 A very calm setting. Fire crackling, crickets chirping and an iron pot of soup boiling on the irori (recessed hearth in traditional Japanese houses). I recommend this channel in general if you're looking for calm ASMRs with that specific Japan vibe.
Writer's Library from the 1930s. Songbirds, footsteps, clinking teaware, turning pages, fire crackling (among others).
Library Sounds. This one is extremely laid back and silent (as a library should be!). Very distant pitter-patter of rain against windows, shuffling of books, buzzing of lamps, the occasional whisper or scratching of a pen.
Victorian office ambience in winter. Soft wind, fireplace crackling, rustling paper, rummaging through drawers.
Harry Potter Ambience: all by the lovely @/ASMR rooms on Youtube.
Slytherin Common Room. My absolute favorite. Underwater sounds, page turning, fire crackling, pen writing, footsteps on stone, doors creaking & the occasional giant squid roaring in the distance.
Gryffindor Common Room. Fire crackling, heavy wind outside, doors creaking, feathers scratching on paper, footsteps, cat purring, page turning, the occasional cough from another student, whispering.
Potions Classroom. Page turning, fluids burbling and boiling, pestling in a mortar, writing, glass vials clinking, footsteps.
Divination Classroom. Fire crackling, a clock striking, doors creaking, tea being poured and teaware clinking, pages turning, whispering.
Christmas Special: Christmas at the Burrow. This one has fuzzy voices in it, laughing, fire crackling, rummaging through drawers, footsteps, chickens and birds outside, liquids being poured, the clinking of tableware.
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wicked-academics · 2 hours ago
We know more than we can tell - Polyanis Paradox
I love the vibes my wall behind my desk emits. Its good to enjoy the little things as i am sitting here a lot.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thalassiosira · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
lately i’ve been neglecting my (paper n pen) planner (I think I am just so burned out I can’t bring myself to physically write anymore???) but I desperately needed to get my shit together bc finals so digital planning it is !!
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mar-studies · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
saturday 17.04.21- sunday 18.04.21
i hope you all had a great weekend and found the time to relax a lil bit. ☺️
i went to the library and i watched the bts bang bang con which reminded me of how much i miss going to concerts... 😔
school wise i did a weekly review. this is something i want to make a habit out of. i just go through all my notes from this week and see if i understand everything. 
i hope that next week is going to be a good one 😌✨
light reasearch or my presentations topics 
finish hotel del luna (lol it bothers me that i have only 5 eps left)
finish a book
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siennanotes · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
❓Today's question: How do you cheer yourself up after a bad day?
✏️ For this semester, I will be taking the following subjects: Ophthalmic Optics, Physiological Optics 2, Human Histology & Embryology, Microbiology & Parasitology, The Contemporary World, and Ethics. 💫 They all sound like promising subjects and my schedule this semester is definitely better than my jam-packed sched on the last one. 🌸 I guess I'm just nervous because last sem really took a toll on my mental health and I don't want to spiral and allow that to happen again. 😷 Anyways, it was too cold to function properly today and I ended up taking a long and uncalled for nap. ❄️
📖 Currently reading: The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events 12th book) 🥳 Thank you for tuning in today's post and for reading this far.
Follow me on Instagram!
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student-by-day · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the days where i can drown in knits are ending :/, but at least that means i can get back on my basic bitch light academia shit again :]
ft. one of my hw pgs bc they're fun to run my fingers over now that i've abused them w my pen
also: what fucker put chords in geometry?? whAT fucker- my math teacher didn't have to expose music theory for plagiarism like that. she rlly didn't. i would've rather not known.
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lovelybluepanda · 22 hours ago
10 years of languages
Soon it’s going to be my birthday and I realized I’ll have around 10 years since I self-study languages. To celebrate this, I have decided to make a masterpost with tips: 10 years, 100 tips. The tips will be based on my personal experience over the years.
1st year (here we have 13 years old me who is very motivated to learn English, this section will be a mess)
You won’t know where to start, the internet is a great place to start with btw (tumblr and reddit have a lot of posts but ofc 13 years old me didn’t know of these so i didn’t use the internet...).
Your desire to learn fast will be out of control, you’ll be frustrated because you’re slow so accept that it will take some time.
After some weeks, maybe months, you’ll have a mental breakdown; in order to avoid it, don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t compare yourself, don’t hurry yourself and don’t belittle yourself because you can’t catch up with this fantasy you have of how things should go.
You will feel lost so don’t be afraid to start over (i re-started learning French for 5 or 6 times and guess what, i loved that; i got amazing basic skills because of that).
There might be people who will discourage you at this point, you’ll hear that not everyone can learn languages, that it’s hard, that you should focus on other things.
Your motivation will run out after a short while and this year can look like a mess because of that; this is the hardest year for learners because you need to 1) put yourself together every 2 weeks and 2) you need to learn about yourself.
Being stuborn and not asking for help will slow you down, really, if you found someone who learns languages, just drown them in questions. Who doesn’t like to talk about their passions? 
This year... is the year when you judge yourself a lot so my advance is, NO ONE IS BORN A MASTER, BE A SHAMELESS BEGINNER.
Everyone will have an opinion about you and your interests suddenly “i’m better than you at English”, “i don’t think you will be off any good with English” or “you aren’t special for learning it, so shut up” (yes, these are from my classmates from back then) so have a thick skin.
Towards the end of this year, you might feel more lost than in the beginning and also on the point of giving up.
2nd year
Find a study method you enjoy (reading fanfiction was the start of my interest in languages and this time i didn’t give up because i love reading).
You don’t need to know why you want to improve/learn a language; learning a language without a reason it’s okay (this was English for me).
There are no good or bad reasons to learn a language, learning a language out of spite is alright (French and Danish for this one).
Fewer resources = less confusion; choose 1-2 (max 3) for each skill (vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, writing, reading, culture).
Find your own study style, experiment!
You might have to adapt based on your language, resources, goal etc. There’s no reason to use the same methods every time.
Be consistent. 
You’ll sometimes avoid studying (for weeks, months etc) that’s alright. Everyone has such moments. 
Do not compare yourself to others unless it motivates you but don’t do it at the cost of your mental health. Sooner or later you start to feel the pressure.
Duolingo and memrise are very popular apps for beginners. Give them a try, you might enjoy them. However, they’re not enough on their own so make sure you study with some other resources as well.
3rd year
Don’t be afraid to give up on certain books, apps, methods etc. Not everything will work for you. 
No book, site, app etc is good enough. For example, textbooks don’t have all the exceptions, enough exercises, examples etc. it’s important to double check what you learn with other sources.
Studying with friends/other language learners can be fun. Just be careful not to compare yourself. 
When you read, don’t translate everything, sometimes you’ll figure out from the context what it means.
Based on your preferences or goals, focus on some skills or all of them; fewer skills = more time for each.
Not everyone wants to speak the language, don’t feel pressured to speak it if that’s not your goal or you don’t want that.
Hinative (or another place with natives) is great for clarifications. You got a question? Someone has an answer, just ask.
Your progress won’t be linear. Some days you forget what you study, it takes time and practice to remember everything and make it your second nature.
Sing! Songs help a lot with your listening and pronunciation skills. Plus, it’s fun.
Natives don’t always know the answer or they don’t know how to explain it. Go to an advanced learner in this case. 
4th year
Practice on to-go; there are several games, apps, videos etc you can use to practice while you wait in line or you have a break at school.
Explaining things to others is a great way to strenghten your own skills.
Having a schedule might work for you.
A schedule might not work for you, figure out how you can keep yourself accountable without having less fun.
Not everyone will support your language choices (you have no idea how often i got asked “why Danish???”).
Whenever you feel a burnout near, do not push through it; take a break!
Alternatively, study at a minimum if you want to make progress.
Reading about others’ habits can help you experiment new methods so talk with other learners, read books on language learning etc.
The speed of your progress depends on many factors (your experience with languages, your native language, your other languages, your resources, your schedule etc) there’s no formula for this that works for everyone.
If you study multiple languages, have a plan of some sorts; do you have a language that’s a priority? do you have a deadline for any of them? more languages = more attention to how you keep track of them.
5th year
Classes are a pain, they will not help you much.
At the same time, there are people who work best under a teacher but not everyone needs to attend a class (also, just because a teacher is teaching, it doesn’t mean they’ll work well for you).
You do not need “talent” to learn a language; you need persistance and a bit of self-awareness so you figure out what works best for you.
On the same note, people will dismiss your hard work by saying “you must really have a calling for languages” or “you are really talented”; in these moments, you see before your eyes all the hours spent studying dismissed by “talent”; my only tip for this is to either tell them not to dismiss your hard work or just give up trying to explain yourself to them.
How you study is more important than for how long you study; you can spend 2 hours doing reviews on words you are aware you know well or you can do 20 min of working in a workbook to practice a new grammar concept, this leads me to the next tip.
Know when you practice because you need that practice and when you practice concepts you mastered just to feel productive.
Mistakes will terrify you and that’s okay; they’re scary but they also show you where to focus more so embrace them because no one will make fun of you.
You’ll start mixing languages after a while, even forgetting words in your native language (other times you remember the word you need in only 1 language and no one understands it so you’re frustrated in the end).
The amounts of time you’ll get tips from people who don’t study languages is astonishing so don’t let those tips influence you unless you think they’re actually going to work (”your brain will fry if you keep studying languages”, 10 years in and i don’t smell any smoke yet).
Pretty notes don’t mean that they’ll work for you; write the notes in such a way they help you! 
6th year
The easiest formula for notes is this: [concept], [explanation] and [example]
The easier the explanations, the better for you.
There are people who don’t take notes, you don’t need to do that if it doesn’t work for you.
Writing practice helps a lot with your speaking practice.
Also, passive skills (listening, reading) are a bit less effective than active skills (writing, speaking), if you focus only on passive skills, increase the amount of study time.
Lingodeer is similar to duolingo but it’s a bit better for Asian languages.
Clozemaster is nice for vocabulary practice.
Beelinguapp great for listening and reading.
50languages does wonders for your listening skills.
Forvo is a great site if you need to see how you say a word, sentence, idiom etc.
7th year
You need to admit to yourself that you feel overwhelmed every once in a while.
Irregular verbs can be learned through practice; workbooks, speaking, writing, reading, whatever you choose, practice (yes, they’re a pain for everyone, irregulars and prepositions).
Not learning a particular language anymore is alright, stop if you need to.
You won’t be interested in everything language related, that’s alright.
You also won’t be interested in all languages and that’s also alright.
There will always be something to improve, don’t belittle yourself because you don’t know 10,000 words or you don’t know all the idioms, you’ll learn them over time.
Whenever grammar or vocabulary overwhelms you, think of it in chunks: grammar = 2-3 books, vocabulary = 500 words (A1), 1000 (A2), 2000 (B1), 4000 (B2), 8000 (C1), 16,000 (C2) [these are the CEFR levels for language learners, A = beginner, B = intermediate, C = advanced]
Don’t trust people to assign a level to you if they aren’t official instructors for an exam or a trust worthy person (i had a teacher who told me i’m B1 and the month after that i got a C1 certificate from Cambridge).
Slowly is great for chatting with people around the world and the app is very cautious with who you might talk to.
Not keeping up with your plan or schedule is alright. They're tools and you can always change your mind or adapt. Don't feel forced to respect something you decided if it doesn't fit the circumstances anymore.
8th year
Attending classes is not enough. Even if they're college level, you still have to practice/study on your own outside of the class.
Life happens. Sometimes you can't make languages a priority regardless of how much try.
Do not allow others to compare to you. I mentioned earlier not to compare yourself but there's also the trend of allowing others to use you as a comparison.
The more time passed, the easier it is to practice/learn/study a language. You have more knowledge, more experience. Basically you have an easier time.
You can always learn a new study method or find a new resource so be open to new things.
Your studies belong to you. Others can offer suggestions but you decide how you do things in the end. This is important because there are teachers who will take credit for your all of your skills even if they didn't help more than 10%. You can also lose interest in a language because of others and a way to avoid these 2 scenarios is to remember that your studies belong to you.
If you decide to teach someone, adapt to their learning style. Don't force your style onto them.
You can find many textbooks in a PDF format online.
You can also borrow textbooks from a library. There's no need to buy textbooks. However, if you want to have some sort of books, get fiction or something about culture. (I see a bunch of pictures with people having grammar books, stacks of grammar books and i don't encourage anyone to buy 10 books for the same language unless it brings something new. Getting 10 books on the same topic but from different publishers won't make you advance faster.)
Investing into apps, programs, books isn't necessary. Unless you know you'll use them, there's no need to buy anything. The internet has enough stuff for free.
9th year
The fastest way to learn how to use vocabulary is to 1) see how it is used in a text and then 2) use it on your own. This works with large amounts of vocabulary. However, if you learn 3-5words, choosing them randomly and then looking for examples online then making your own examples works as well.
Writing words with no translation (if you make vocab lists) makes it a bit more efficient to learn the words by recalling them.
When you don't remember a word, the fastest way to get over this is to reformulate the sentence or think for synonyms.
You can't start from where you left if you take a long break. (A few months) You need to at least look over everything you studied prior.
Everyone is stressed when they use their language skills. If it seems easy, it's not. Everyone has a hard time.
Having a blog about your studies doesn't bring you motivation, discipline etc. It might does for a short while but then poof, it's gone.
Any study related community can bring stress to you. You feel pressured by expectations or aesthetics you see around. It's better to minimize the contact if you notice your thinking shifting towards a toxic direction.
Everyone has an opinion about everything. Having an opinion doesn't mean you're also right. Everyone is unique so even if everyone seems to agree upon trend X, there will always be an exception. Experiment and see before forming an opinion based on others' words.
Drops is a minimalist app for learning vocabulary. It's quite nice if you're on to-go.
You can find texts in your target language on wikipedia but don't feel the need to check them just to do it. You can read on wattpad stories, you can find PDFs with literature etc. You'll always find resources if you know where to look for them.
10th year
A diary for your languages is next level. You can write texts and practice writing but you can also write down what you've done recently in order to keep track of your progress.
Having your progress written somewhere will always motivate you. Why? Because you see what you've done.
Do not feel pressured to learn certain languages because someone says so. Whatever reasons you have, make sure they're your choice.
There's no formula for studying languages. If something works for you, then that's all that matters.
You never stop learning a language. There's always something new to learn so don't put a time limit on your progress unless you know that will work for you.
You don't have to prove to anyone anything. If someone tells you to "say something" or other similar things, just say you don't want to and move on. It's no one's business what you study or how. Or just say the word for "something".
You don't need to know everything. I don't learn swear words for example. Do i see them every once in a while? Yes. Are they essential to my learning journey? Not for me. I don't plan to use them. If you don't want to learn about a certain topic, then don't. After all, how many people you know who can talk about advanced medical procedures? What about quantum physics?
Building consistency is difficult. The secret is to do something ridiculously easy like learn 1 new word or do 1 lesson on duolingo.
There will always be ups and downs. Sometimes the reason is external, other times is internal. However, every problem has at least 1 solution so think how you can solve it.
However you study, make sure you enjoy it and the process makes you happy.
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marscia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
two more essays + an exam and then I’m free (for the following week at least). the only thing I’m looking forward to is the fact that I get to write about theatre and feminism but I’m absolutely anxious about that Math exam. on the bright side, we have an upcoming reading break and you have no idea how excited I am for it 🥲
ig: missmarscia
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stu-dna · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
17.04.2021 — pretend that these pics were meant to be black n white & not that I wasn’t happy with the lighting 🥰
late night studying + haikyuu for moral support
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
17/04. Playing catch-up after submitting assessments for the past three uni weeks but getting through it, all with the help of a new canine friend I found outside a cafe today!
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asenarawlin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|16-04-2021 | 03/ 30 Days of Productivity |
Two days into senior year and I would say i am enjoying it. Yes ,even though i have a ton load of homework but positive thing about it,  I can do it, I know how to do do it and i will .I have to make the best use of this Year, my last year in this school ( I have been in this same school since kindergarten!)...So let’s get on with it!
To-Do List for today
Poem1 Analysis(English)
Revise PMI(Math)
Numerical(s) given (Physics)
Exercises from Supplement book(Math)
End Ch1 exercise(Organic Chemistry)
Review ch1(Inorganic Chemistry)
Programing Exercise(again!)(Computer Science) 
Get you Study supplies 
Plan your tomorrow
(P.s. Have a happy weekend guys !! Don’t forget to relax and take a break...You deserve it! )
-Asena Rawlin
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tiredcafestudies · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the last week has been less productive in some ways but majorly productive in others. i emailed my councilor and one of my professors about some things i’ve been worried about and got them resolved. i’ve been doing way more yoga lately, and i can can feel that i am improving parts of my body that needed the extra strength. i have been kinder to myself this week and feel that things are falling into place
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asenarawlin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
|15-04-2021 | 02/ 30 Days of Productivity |
Today was my first day of online classes in senior year and honestly, I think it went pretty good...
I did get a ton load of homework with almost all submissions due tomorrow.  So..yeah i am gonna spend a few more hours completing them.
To-Do List for today
Article on ‘Child Labor’(English)
Introductory questions on Matrices(Math)
End Ch1 exercise(Organic Chemistry)
Programing Exercise(Computer Science)  
Plan your tomorrow
(P.s.     This to do list may not look much .but it sure does take a lot of time!! and I should make cleaner math notes, and any tips on how to work with a professor that speaks and writes faster than light? (-_-) )
-Asena Rawlin
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