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advercity · an hour ago
i just rlly wanna like. hop across some stepping stones in a river yknow? i wanna sit by the water and listen to the sounds of the forest until the sun goes down. and then maybe i’ll look at the stars. why can’t i do that?
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escapistdesign · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
💕🐸 Take a leap into this summer with these charming frog stickers. Featuring our favorite little critters, rainbows, boba tea, and cakes all in candy popping hues, use them to enhance your journal, scrapbook, phone, laptop and more. 🐸💕
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katscottage · 9 hours ago
I want that simple life. I want a kitchen just big enough that my love and I can cook together and still have space to dance when our song comes on, or any song for that matter. I want to have a garden that our neighbours are welcomed into on long summer evenings when the sun going down doesn’t stop us from laughing about the times we thought we wanted everything. I want my kids to play hockey on a Sunday and my love and I will go to the games and I will knit and he will hold the wool for me because we’re going to need plenty of scarves for those coming winter nights. I want that simple life.
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rabbitinthemeadow · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And at last, the disquiet stillness of spring’s first warm evening, serenaded in frog song // Part 2
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corvidjuice · 9 hours ago
Oh to be a birthday entertainer, who sings with the crows at all the best forest parties
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