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#dark academic aesthetic
landsiide · 3 hours ago
lady macbeth be like: GIRLBOSS, GATEKEEP, GASLIGHT
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moony11 · 3 hours ago
sometimes it’s just the kinda night where you need to sit on your windowsill with the window open and stare up at the moon as if nothing else exists
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thevintagetheologian · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Still proofreading my paper. Who else gets so caught up in their thoughts while writing that sentences end up being totally nonsensical?! Anyone?
Today my last semester started. As I’m done with my curriculum, I don’t necessarily need to go to classes anymore; but I’m so genuinely interested in theology and my faculty was offering so many great seminars... I signed up for four additional courses. Plus I’m doing an extra program on sustainability. Hopefully I still manage to write my last paper and my thesis in time.
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sassyabbs · 3 hours ago
I'm thanking everyone who loves me here, where no one knows me, so the reputation of myself that lives in my head isn't damaged.
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ceremonias · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I refuse to go through life asleep. I don't want to lick my wounds at night and play it cold in the daytime, act like everything's normal. Therefore one has to remove the rubble of a turbulent past to avoid falling into the pathos of an endless love mourning caused by the pandemic.
Note to myself extracted from my notebook—January 29th of 2021.
Instagram: laurominaya
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In the beginning there was only light, the dark green roots of the trees painted golden, there were birds of clay, a million pieces fallen in our feet, I was looking at your face, inspecting every inch, i loved you then. Did you know? I loved you then and in the dark gloom and in the dark skies where no stars rose, where no sun shined. I kept calling your name like a prayer, over and over in my head. I loved you in the light as an innocent child, I loved you in the dark as a sinner, I love you now as faded pieces of ever fading memories, of our evergreen smiles, of everlasting times, I love you ,i love you, i love you, until my atoms break and the body i was given is shared in new smiles and arms that once held yours,I love you until I forget my name, until the sky breaks into new pieces fallen in our feet, if only until time ends. I will engrave my love in the universe, shout it back in the sky, so it is always there for you to see, for you to reach, until forever is ours.
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aarcturus · 5 hours ago
yesterday at 3 am i decided to watch kill your darlings and right after dead poets society again. i don't know if it was actually a good idea or a bad one, i can't decide which personality i'll steal this time. should i steal it from a revolutionary, spirited and passionate queer college student aspiring writer who hasn’t written a word with an addiction problem or from a sweet and exemplary obviously queer student interested in poetry, theatre lover and repressed by his father?
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whiskedthought · 6 hours ago
Okay I’ve changed my mind i guess
I am not here
I guess I never will be
Maybe , just maybe
You’ve witnessed fragments of me
Shreds of the book I’ve burnt
And here I go
Hopefully not to far
But hopefully too far.
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classycoffeesublime · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
The good die young but not always. The wicked prevail but not consistently. I am confused by life, and I feel safe within the confines of the theatre. ~Helen Hayes
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elysian-trees-enjoyer · 7 hours ago
starting tomorrow, i will
eat well
get a good sleep schedule
study regularly
actually finish the books i read, not just finish the 1st half and throw it under my bed, never to be seen again
enroll in edx courses that interest me
smile at strangers and not strangers
put on fun outfits
dance around my room while vacuuming
pet kittens
make flower crowns whenever i find flowers
host virtual tea parties (and maybe, some day, when the pista pasta is over, real life tea parties)
kiss life wholeheartedly because it may end any minute so why not enjoy it while it lasts
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ashstfu · 7 hours ago
i don't care where i am, as long as i have decent wifi, some coffee and a book or my phone i probably won't complain.
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secretdecadence · 8 hours ago
learning latin for me is learning swear words and phrases to insult people I dont like without them knowing and looking at me like 'what are you saying?' and there I am, trying not to punch them in the face for their lack of culture and knowledge
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