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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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aceofthesunset · 21 minutes ago
Everything I’m doing I’m doing it for her. I want to be the best version of myself for her. I want to be the romantic girl for her like opening the car door, pulling her chair before she sits, walking closest to the road and buying her romantic gifts and roses going above and beyond for her. I want to love her in ways everyone else failed... I want to give her security and love... I’m so soft for her
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pensamentossortidos · 30 minutes ago
Aragorn está vivo em meus pensamentos, sentimentos e coração.
Aragorn is alive in my thoughts, feelings and heart.
Tudo o que eu realmente quero é estar nos braços dele e partir para a terra-média,e beijá-lo.
All I really want is to be in his arms and go to Middle-earth, and kiss him.
As vezes é tão difícil sobreviver neste mundo horrível cercado de demônios,na verdade eu não pertenço a este mundo deplorável e o odeio.
Sometimes it is so hard to survive in this horrible world surrounded by demons, in fact I do not belong to this deplorable world and hate it.
Eu criei um mundo onde ele é real,eu converso com ele todos os dias e tenho o seu amor. Ele me ajuda a suportar esse mundo miserável,eu não suporto a maioria das pessoas.
I created a world where he is real, I talk to him every day and I have his love. It helps me to endure this miserable world, I can't stand most people.
Eu jurei a mim mesmo,que nunca mais desperdiçarei o meu coração com seres humanos.
I swore to myself that I will never again waste my heart on human beings.
Só há um homem que amo e já amei com toda minha alma,e ele se chama Aragorn,ele terá meu coração por toda eternidade.
There is only one man I love and have loved with all my soul,and he is called Aragorn, he will have my heart for all eternity.
Eu realmente quero partir para outro mundo,não há nada interessante neste planeta além de pessoas estúpidas.
I really want to go to another world, there is nothing interesting on this planet besides stupid people.
Há algumas excessões,entretanto,não o suficiente para que eu queira permanecer aqui.
There are some exceptions, however, not enough that I want to stay here.
Eu não gosto mais de interagir com a maioria,na verdade eu só quero distância de todos.
I don't like to interact with most anymore, in fact I just want everyone away.
Não tenho expectativas nesta existência insignificante.
I have no expectations for this insignificant existence.
Meu amor por Aragorn é algo mágico e extremamente profundo,eu faço cartas para ele todos os dias,e tenho várias fotos dele.
My love for Aragorn is something magical and extremely profound, I write letters to him every day, and I have several pictures of him.
Eu sou a rainha dele,e nosso reino é algo tão lindo quanto o paraíso dos Deuses.
I am his queen, and our kingdom is as beautiful as the gods' paradise.
Em meu mundo ele me trata como uma rainha e me ama profundamente,ele é nobre e virtuoso.
In my world he treats me like a queen and loves me deeply, he is noble and virtuous.
Eu quero fechar os meus olhos e acordar em seus braços,e permanecer ao seu lado pela eternidade.
I want to close my eyes and wake up in your arms, and stay with you for eternity.
Eu odeio viver neste mundo e seguir uma série de protocolos para parecer normal aos olhos dessas criaturas idiotas.
I hate to live in this world and follow a series of protocols to appear normal in the eyes of these idiotic creatures.
A maioria não tem tem nada de interessante, é sempre a mesma porcaria de sempre.
Most don't have anything interesting, it's always the same crap as always.
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heranessa · 36 minutes ago
I don't understand
How loving you could ever
Be a waste of time
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waterfallcactus · an hour ago
don’t buy a typewriter.
marvelous things, horrid really
sitting there in vintage beauty
rounded keys mocking me
whispering all through the night
what are you waiting for, girl?
- wc
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shadow-lucifer · 2 hours ago
Herkesin eşit olması için tüm zayıflar öldürüldü oysa eşitlik bu değildi bayım sizde insanları kutuplaştırıp daha sonra eşitlik adına insanların umutlarını öldürerek onları ezerek en büyük eşitsizliği yapıyorsunuz...
Tumblr media
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shadow-lucifer · 2 hours ago
Yazıyorum bu satırları boğazımda bir düğüm gözlerimde bir ıslaklık kalbimde bir burukluk ile ... Sana aşkımı ilan ediyorum dediğim günde nasılda mutlu olmuştuk ama sonrası öyle olmadı sevgilim neden ben sana layık olamadım mı değiştim mi benden uzaklaşmak için çok bahanen vardı oysa ben sadece seni sevmek istemiştim temiz kalbimle fakat artık o kalp öyle değil önüne geleni alamıyor kırık bir kalbe giriş yapmaya çalışanların hepsi yaralandı sevgilim...
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shadow-lucifer · 2 hours ago
Gözlerim doldu bu akşam rakı bardağım ile beraber içtikçe ağladım neden mi ben sevdim,ben gerçekleşmeyecek bir peri masalına aşık olmuştum ee bu hayatta her istediğimiz gerçekleşmiyormuş olmadı ben bu aşkı olduramadım...
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pensamentossortidos · 2 hours ago
I don't know
Every time I dance, I feel free and go to another dimension, my soul is enveloped in the greatness of the magic of the universe.
He likes to watch me while I dance, he kept looking at me the whole time. He approached me and held my body and started dancing with me.
Our lips were very close, it was very embarrassing, he tried to kiss me, he is so handsome and attentive, but I can't kiss him.
I don't know what's wrong with me,there's a voice inside me that says I can't let anyone touch me.
He said he is in love with me, but I don't love him, not as he deserves, I can't lie to him.
I hope he will forgive me, but I preferred to walk away from him,something tells me that he is not the right man for me.
I don't know what's wrong with me anymore.
I don't know where my soul mate really is, and if she's looking for me too.
I don't know if my soulmate misses me too.
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trystmm · 2 hours ago
To be honest, we say we are nobody to judge but we do judge anyway. And I think its a sick truth that the urges and anxiety behind doing that is with fierce intensities. Because all the wrong ones have the whole world begging for their existence while they cheat, lie and stab in the back of their admirers. And what do the good ones get? Is it wrong that we know we are good? Is it wrong to have pure and loyal intentions in todays world or its just the way it works nowadays or was it always like this ? Its really strange and wicked in its own way. I wish I could live my nightmares because reality is scarier and in your dreams you dont feel the hurt. You dont win here, you are pushed. Pushed until you admit you need love and compassion not criticism.
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la-de-los-lentes · 3 hours ago
Todos los caminos inciertos que recorrí, me llevaron al acierto de conocerte.
-La de los lentes.
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spitting-flowers-since · 4 hours ago
You took away your blond hair
your nice words
and large mouth.
Your eyelids
and deep talks.
Your always begging eyes
and brave attitude
and my soul
and my forever love.
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assril · 4 hours ago
Six days
Hope's running thin
Maybe my call for help
While falling into an abyss
Will be heard by an angel
That does not have dark wings
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I terribly miss you Maria 😭😭
The gorgeous Greecy girl 🥺🥺
Its been so many months you haven't created new account yet to connect 😭😭
Just now I am listening to one of your suggested songs and damn its been quite a while that I m missing you ardently please come back !
Universe please give her a sign 😭😭🥺🥺
18 Abril 2021 ,
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Where Magic Lies
Tumblr media
Magic lies in the ocean
Deep down in the sea
Hidden from corrupt emotion
In a place we cannot be
Fathomless, cunning creatures
Mysterious, elusive, free
Swimming in dark, starless water
So stars they become, you see
Oh! I wish to see them brightly lit
So hand me a magical key
I will use it to open this locked cabinet
Through a portal, magic I will see
Tumblr media
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