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#writers and poets
screennamealreadyused · 5 hours ago
I wish I could forget. 
I wish I could forget the feeling of your hand in mine.  Spinning and dancing in the moonlight. 
I wish I could forget the smell of your cologne.  How it lingered long after you’d left.
I wish I could forget the shine of your eyes when we danced in the rain.  They were my favorite color now it makes me sick.
I wish I could forget the sweetness of your lips when you kissed me. A feeling of  e u p h o r i a  that I’ll never feel again.
I wish I could forget the ring of your laugh after a stupid joke.  The way that it echoes in mind on loop.
I wish I could forget how to love you.  
Because how do you forget someone who made you whole and wanted and safe
But it’s not that easy.  It’s never that easy. How do you unknow something that makes you complete?
taglist: @pricetagofficial @bikoncon @river-bottom-nightmare @birdy-bat-writes @woahjaybird @catxsnow
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the-enigma-xo · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Do what you please
Do what seems right
Don't be biased
Because in the end no one is going to take your side
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 7 hours ago
Our love, was a collage of stolen moments
A sudden kiss on the forehead
Brushing your fingers against mine
As we walked the busy streets
Mid day coffee, letting our eyes meet
Whilst, the world around stops
A morning text, a late night call
Hushed voices, mumbling laughs
In the world of white and black
Our little abode painted in colours.........
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iamthepriority · 12 hours ago
How is it so easy to fall for a stranger,
but so hard to fall for yourself?
Priority |Michelle Dorien
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loustellaperry · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is my favorite line from Toast, to be honest. (also peep the proof version of Toast, on my bookshelf, with messed up spinal text)
If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, it’s available as an ebook & paperback here...
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onurtaskiranpoetry · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have you ever heard of the INFJ doorslam? No? Google it. It is so formidable that it has been written about by many. We don’t let many people into our circle. So if you step out of our circle thinking your life will be better outside of it, please do. We don’t keep anyone hostage. But if you decide later that you want back in, don’t bother knocking. We lock the doors behind you.
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aboutmybones · 16 hours ago
Decorate I hanged my old dreams on the ceiling of my room. I close my pale eyes under constellations of my failures, trophies and enhancements of a Iife I never really lived.
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hitmyheadsohard · 19 hours ago
During this peak of COVID 19, I think we all should realise that it's art and only art which can help a mind so perplexed with the news headlines and rising numbers. Surely you can't go and tell a poor person to not worry, they don't have enough resources, but the ones with a lavish amount of money should learn to make the right use of it. Stop going out of your houses just because you feel suffocated. Stop going out to meet your friends. Stop going out. Stop. Everyone is working so hard, and we, the people with a population so large have managed to get through a year of misery, we can do it again. We can all do it again, but we need the cooperation of the rich, the poor, the Hindu, the Muslim. Everyone needs to co-operate with each other.
We can't rely on a government like ours to be safe. It's us all. We are the ones who have to do it. If we can get through any other shit, we can get through this.
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magnificentsoulsoul · 20 hours ago
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
Friedrich Nietzsche
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irmodayo · 21 hours ago
Under the pouring rain And the whisper of the night wind You'll find me in an empty spaces Lie awake, only hoping you're okay
Staring at Ceiling — 14
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hellorheels · 23 hours ago
Do You Know
Do you know how many years it's taken
To see my bare skin
And love it?
Do you how many times I tried
To forgive the face in the mirror
Before it took?
Do you know how many nights
I only ever seemed to be sliding backbackback
Before I could tell
I was moving forward?
We are all first drafts of our favorite stories
Before we can be glossy hardcovers
And we are all the hero
Hidden in the pages.
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snspoetry · a day ago
Little Orange Pills
Here the monthly day
Comes triumphant as
Christmas morning -
Happiness will be
Part of my chemistry
Again -
I pop the tight cap
Of my lukewarm Pepsi,
Let it slosh against my tongue,
A wave rushing
To meet six tablets
Which melt in a second
And the sickly-sweet
Has me retching but
I never lose it,
Good addicts
never do.
One hour later
The world is a rhythm
And my eyes are wide
As cherry pies,
Heart thump-kicking
With unmistakable rejoice.
I drape my moaning music
Over softly scented shoulders,
Letting each note bathe me
In musk and dusk and
Unusurpable power,
The beat carrying my
Buzzing body like a
Crowd surfer
who so much
loves being touched
And shining on like
The craziest little
Ballsy borderline diamond.
And when metabolism threatens
To end this gay affair,
I grab the warm soda
And gulp down three more -
Pop, pop, pop.
Once you’ve started
You really can’t stop.
The night is flying by
With blinding, blended colors,
Velocity ensuring a blur
At the edges of my dwelling,
Clocks cycle manic laps
As if I really did
Fall through all space and time
Just to be here
In this moment,
A red-lipped Superman in ecstasy.
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