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vernonjbpohl · 7 minutes ago
Your story is yours to tell
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headphonesthoughts · an hour ago
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Don’t just give guidance but also look for guidance @headphonesthoughts
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greenapplearrow · 2 hours ago
Be a bird! They are colourful and don't care about being eaten Just be yourself!
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shataraliora · 8 hours ago
I hope you win.
So many have doubted you.
So many have not returned the love you gave.
You have done your dance alone for so long that if someone were to reach for your hand, you would be afraid.
You fear abandonment and being misunderstood.
You fear mistreatment.
You fear growing old without finding the thing that was supposed to make you peaceful and powerful.
You fear love and how it really looks undressed and filter free.
You walk alone because for now it is what is best.
Because it is a time to listen.
I hope someday
you win
because you did.
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headphonesthoughts · 12 hours ago
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Things will get better...always look forward @headphonesthoughts
#quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quotesdaily #mentalhealth #thoughts
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diannasreality · 14 hours ago
Tell the truth at all times and life will be so much easier.
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positivelypositive · 19 hours ago
strive to find peace... all aspects of your life, in general.
ignore or let go of things and people that disturb your peace. they are doing you no good. whatever you can manage is fine but things that you feel you have no control over are best left untouched.
look for peace. you have nothing to prove to anyone. you are who you are and that's good enough. let yourself be ✨
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