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#poets corner
voluble-laconic2 hours ago
Every night goes sleepless...
As every night I have
these hurtful conversations with you,
In my own head...
That I couldn't find courage to have in reality;
And every night I feel the pain growing deeper...
~Sara Ismail 馃枻馃尭
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thepoet-ry2 hours ago
Sometimes you need to go away
from your roommate in the living room
where you both watch TV together
and lay by yourself in your bed,
listening to music on your headphones
curled up like you were in the womb
maybe holding the stone the person you loved
gave to you, holding it up to the light,
letting it shimmer in the dim glow of your bedside lamp
sometimes you have to cry while holding the rock
because this was always its intention,
it holding you when you thought you held it
sometimes you have to write letters to her like journal entries
because sending them through text
would seem a bit obsessive
so many letters like unsent, unsealed ships in a bottle,
unsending out an s.o.s. because only you can save
you, it鈥檚 only right you would receive the letters
sent from you to you with no need of a carrier
besides the pen. and your heart.
Sometimes you need to go away
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euesworld3 hours ago
"You are beautiful like the breath of the wind, softly just being beautiful being you.. I wish there was more that I could say, about how twenty thousand years from now I will be dust.. but my soul will remain ever near the memories of your smile."
You are the finest poetry that I wish to explore, you are the poetry that I do adore - eU毛
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shaheen1913 hours ago
I鈥檝e always
been intrigued
by hands.
how the same mesh
of bone and blood and nail
that caresses a face
cooks a meal
holds a child
can also
form a fist
grip a neck
pull a trigger.
we all have hands.
we all have the potential
to protect
and create
and love.
we all have hands.
we all have the potential
to hurt
and steal
and kill.
we all have hands.
but what we use them for
is up to us.
-caroline kaufman
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flammaelunae3 hours ago
If we died this morning,
would there be any way you could tell?
I look at my heart, and the people
who tell me there's luckier bones to break;
I know, I know
what you're going to say
"the heart is a muscle, actually",
I just wonder
where's the difference, honestly?
Both carry me
through things I've named before
- heatwaves, tornados, heavy rain -,
I think I'm turning to silence
with no energy left to pray,
I meant: meditate -
what's the difference
if I'm the invisible sphere
that I could call god,
or something similar,
someone, somewhere.
Anything higher.
If we died this morning,
would this be heaven or hell?
I said "til death do us part",
then it didn't, and I took that personal.
I ran along the equator and found the place
where I complained about breaking my pride
and wearing grief like a medal;
there's no way you can redeem yourself
if you're honest from the start,
weird commitment -
lie and say nothing matters
so no one gets the idea
of using your pain against you.
If we died this morning,
would I have lost some things about myself;
for example: obsessive personality traits.
I always eat the broken cookies first,
just spent an hour sorting the apps on my screen,
apologize to people that my bathroom's not clean
because there's hair in the shower you can't even see,
and there's more in my bed, I suppose,
here we are, painfully human;
I know, I know -
If we died this morning,
could I be vulnerable?
With my flaws splayed on the floor
- we've been there before -
but I look now, and my eyes tear
cause I didn't expect
to tell myself it's okay
time and time again.
Lost terrorists in the streets
have found their homes now,
they're just not quite sure
on whether there's a wrong way
to style and decorate
their very first place.
If we died this morning,
this time I might visit
my own funeral.
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lbth3 hours ago
the bird
if you don't let go of the key in your mouth
how will you ever unlock your cage
how will you ever sing
don't be afraid of the darkness
but be careful of blind eyes
and forgetfulness
after all, you may have wings
to jump or to fall
at least there are no more decisions to be made
Ig: @emmalbth
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nopressursworld4 hours ago
Ordinary being
Tumblr media
I am just a ordinary human with problems,
Which I am trying to solve,
But getting dissolve,
Inside my own thoughts.
I am just a ordinary human who think a lot,
Even the small things,
Which in my mind seems,
Fight between me and gods.
I am just a ordinary human who write about what he feels,
In moments they feel like words of wisdom,
But next moment they become words,
Written by some random sad being.
I am not some special being,
I am just a random person who think "maybe my life have some meaning."
But the life is breaking me down,
Telling me "you are not needed."
Ocean calling, at the end, there is new me.
Should I move towards it?
Accept the hardships?
Or take the easy way, remain inside bubble of blaming?
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levinosta-rodya4 hours ago
Who should defend the moon if not poets?
Antoni Slonimski, tr. by Czeslaw Milosz, from 鈥淚n Defense of the Moon,鈥
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otoikatitikn4 hours ago
What I Want
I want a new world, one of truth
One of diplomatic thoughts, people
One where we don鈥檛 believe rumors
Unless we find them to be true
One where people try hard to agree
One where we wouldn鈥檛 waste time
On things like gossip and criticism
One where we try to find the good
Where we try to find a reason to be nice
I want a new society, one of tact
One that we can be proud to call ours
One where everyone gets the same
Whether it be punishment or pain
One where the truth only matters
One where we don鈥檛 judge by race or gender
But by the facts, by their beliefs and values
Where we can see each other as people
I want a new way of life, one of diplomacy
One where we all loved the truth
One where we all tried to improve
Our minds, our bodies, and each other
One in which we all tried hard to agree
One where we forget our biases, our opinions
And focused on the proof in front of us
Where we can decide easily, where we agree
I want a lot of things, love and liking
Liking of my poems and my stories
Liking of my appearance and my face
For people to like my thoughts and feelings
Liking of my opinions, even my idiocy
Liking of my philosophical views
And liking of who I really am as a person
Liking of my personality, and my flaws
We all want a lot of things, maybe not
But one thing consistent with everyone
Is that we all want to feel important
We all want to feel needed on some level
Even if it be just the slightest, the tiniest amount
We all want peace, happiness, and love
We all want a better world, and if you don鈥檛
Then you are wrong.
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graff19805 hours ago
2:00 a.m. and I'm sitting at home gaming again, a 21-year-old life with no direction. I鈥檓 out of lock step with the dreams I haven鈥檛 lost yet as I watch them fading in the distance.
In delaying my resistance to this degrading system, I am slowly becoming one of the mind numbing cogs grinding other gears who work here with the same sad fear that this is a rat trap that no one will escape.
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caramelizedbook6 hours ago
Floating in the blue ocean
My mind flooded with water
I taste salt of my eyes
I smell iron of my blood
And I drift, drift and drift
I drifted far, far away
From the world that bled me to death
I drifted far, far away
From the world that gave so much pain
And I never felt so lost yet so found
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subliminaldissociation6 hours ago
Come walk the nights with me We'll find our destiny See where the shadows play Oh how I longed to stay The wind howled all night long It sounded like a song An itching in my mind For something we would find Critters scurried along But I felt nothing wrong Because I had you there I lived without a care
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