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#alt lit
mega2wheellife · 5 hours ago
she came around bringing music to play
& I tried to say thank you just not today
words which did not sit well
I could feel the disappointment
roil off her in viscous hot waves
think she had in her mind I was hers to play
got stuff going on I said not good company
that’s ok sugar she offered I can take care of your needs
& though I knew full well not to let her in thru’ the door
she was already most of the way in looking around
we played the music rolled papers smoked ourselves out
sometime a lot later she stroked my head suggested
hey honey I can love you better in bed
so we wandered along got ourselves snuggled warm
& she left quiet sometime after midnight with not a word
leaving me further empty with more now to wish regret
not a wasted day but being alone is not about others care
leaving just a man with more evidence no spine enough
to face alone down what he needs to own
that little thing we try not to call shame
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · 6 hours ago
popularity of the thinnest kind
I was popular for a little while
living among the non-payers of rent
amiable low life’s breeders mouth breathers
part time junkies occasional workers
having found an endless supply of nettles
in the weeeded patches used to empty dogs
these I turned into soft bubble nettle wine
had a glass row of jars going pop pop pop
when one was ready
there’d be a queue at the door
have you got?
I’d fill their jars for supposed favours to come
& then the nettles turned brown
the door stopped getting knocked
of course there were other possibilities
I could have explored for makings
but I was enjoying the peace
the quiet more
neil benbow
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lebuc · 15 hours ago
muddle east
* in the unending hum, the buzz, the hush post-scrum
some ghosts are defending in the stead of those whose heads
remain beneath, deep in the fray; on sheets, slayed in the field
by attending hosts, wielded against those without a shield
or a spout, lying lame & mum no time to speak their piece to come -
before their light's put out - or nigh, peace on fleek in the great by-and-by.
if you're sitting, stop & hold your breath, simulate the stasis of that cold death
imagine how the slabbed-out felt moments before they saw their dreams melt
now tight-lipped, felt-tipped over the places the coroner's knife outlines wounds & spaces,
the cause of death that left 'em bereft & graceless, soon to be lyin' in a tomb
forgotten, faceless.
all this to say that it's no coincidence, the clash o'er land & cash is so immense
enduring through travail & fears - homilies, generations' trail of tears - no anomaly
insane choices derail the seers, visionaries, who query for days in ways quite contrary
their fairy-tale life turned faded, haze fomenting, nixed destiny, malaise incubated  
for a gambler's take - make no mistake, eons will not this impasse break,
alas - religion's code cannot surpass that mother lode ore at critical mass
gone fission, toil & trouble doubled,  unending in-division by the fooling class
leading sheeple from valley to steeple, flipped as our righteous others remain tight lipped... * 5/21 - lebuc - muddle east
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midfight · 19 hours ago
All I want are butterflies in my belly and wings on my heart so it flatters😇...
quality time spent is all that really matters🥰... kness weak, good sleep and a love that really hammers 🤭...
late night drives, road trips and bank account increasing in commas 🤤
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anonnotsoanon · 23 hours ago
Guitar Chords
guitar chords forever in my mind
little voices forever in my mind
it's time to go i kept on saying i wanted to stay
it's time to go i keep on holding i wanted to leave
little voices always in my heart
guitar chords always in my soul
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mega2wheellife · a day ago
some wedding party
you know I didn’t want to go
some wedding party
hundreds of miles away end of a working day
setting off in her old car hoping it would make it
when we arrived I knew nobody there
she knew the bride couple of the ‘maids
set about gossiping getting up to date
while I headed for the free bar
worked on getting the knots out
letting the work the miles driven
slowly begin easing their way away
from tired stretched cramped muscles
these fellas I didn’t know all around me
talking salaries houses being bought or sold
new cars new lives new wives new this new that
did my best to let the prattle wash over
feeling calm settle into these tired bones of old
& later she came over full of smiles
hey you settling in making new friends?
I waved a hand around at the fools
me ‘n the guys are getting on just fine
howsabout you?
& she talked away for a long time
but if you were to ask me about any fine detail
I could not repeat a word except maybe
I love weddings y’know?
which I refused to take as a hint
tho’ I did nod along every now & then
about how beautiful the bride the maids
handsome the new groom was
what a great time we were having
figuring right now was not a good time
for truths
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · a day ago
size 36 blue jeans
standing at the bar
next to me minding my own
fella his girl & his dad who says
you’re putting on the pounds son
thanks Dad but I’m still a size 36 waist
no you’re not look at mine
lifting his jacket to show his leather belt
blue jeans high up on his waist
these are 34 waist your 36’s are down there
hanging low on your hips not your gut
to be up like mine they need be 38’s at least
thanks Dad thanks a bunch
hey I’m on your side he said because
plus 36 is when the diabetes begins to happen
there was quiet for a minute maybe two
hey Dad at least I got a backside
not that flat thing you call an ass
about then I went back
to minding my own
neil benbow
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
when ghosts are lonely
this lives up to every expectation
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
fill the night with smoke. god knows we ain't getting any sicker. I count piano keys in the dark. a few times starting over.
I like it much better with the lights off and bare feet caressed by the cold floorboards. they don't treat me like their captor.
this house survives easier when the sky is crying and everyone seeks shelter somewhere else.
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
the world smells better through a used coffee filter and after a million people kiss the ground
landing preceded by hours spent on flights
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maxmundan · a day ago
She had no more friends
who could wipe her brow
and wipe her ass
and chop the crystal meth for her
into tiny, little lines
She had no more friends
who could burn her bacon
and call her pretty
and carry her up and down
the stairs when her legs failed
This was her valley story
because her parents were the mountains
and she was sentenced to exile
in the prison of her body
She had no more friends
who could drive her to the market
and drive her out of her mind
and clean up the blood when she
smashed her face on the nightstand
She had no more friends
she could call “fucker”
and “asshole” and “stupid son of a bitch”
after they’d wiped her clean
when she’d soiled herself in the bathroom
This was her valley story
because she’d been a waterfall
but now she was stale, lonely droplets
disappearing in the unforgiving sun
This was her valley story
because she’s lost on the highway
traveling from peace of mind
to sad and pointless death
alone in a room
alone in a room
alone in a room
about six weeks
after the last of her lovers
had ceased
to give a damn
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
I'm hungry for Hell's hills - longing to be in places never been before - someone is outside - I must never face them
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
protagonist: you
antagonist: you
this is the same story with the wells poisoned and the important parts of the newspaper crossed out with black sharpie
but you drank heartily and tried your best to read around the redactions
I will think of you fondly when I smile faintly in the shower
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
never felt so vulnerable
in a suit of armor, but here we are. I'm rusted from the metal to the bone beneath it all.
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definegodliness · a day ago
I will find my way back home
I will return when all begins anew When flame and rock primordially waltz When souls reoccur to restore all faults I will design a way back home to you
Whatever I become beyond the skin Shall drift and resonate in boundless ache Yet my determination shan't wear thin I will design a way back home to you
Whatever consciousness is will retake A vessel in love's predestination And though we'll take shape in another way I'll recognize your every rendition
Nirvana, nor heaven, could make me stay I will design a way back home
--- 13-5-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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matthew-pasquarello · a day ago
please oh please drive me crazy with the sound of your fluttering wings in this empty windowless room
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anonnotsoanon · a day ago
two months
two months i feel your love i feel your care
two months under my wings we fly higher
two months above this world we soar higher
two months i feel your soul i feel your heart
two months you're all in me you're all of me
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purgatorypoetry · 2 days ago
and I’m back with broken promises in tow, ships on a rope and hooks on a line I’m back and drawing lines through the waves of your skin I’m tearing tiny bits of myself tiny bits and I’m throwing them in I’m watching them sink I’m floating, I’m floating, I think,
that I’m back as regrets etched in memory as finite masked affinity for the end the endless sea, carry me, prodigal, Sisyphean simplicity explicitly excepted, the gross margins subtracted, operators extracted, finer facts redacted
but I’m back with lip kissing, tongue hissing, teeth missing still spitting venom in alliterated obliteration, destitute damnation sated on the safety of my station, my happiest of faces for the kindest of your graces and the erasing of the traces of my return when,
I’m back, broken, buckled, bent and bowed and bested,
defunct and detested
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