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mun-days · 50 minutes ago
The Improbability of Us
If I had met you at a different time when I didn’t try so hard to hide and fight the thoughts in my mind, when a war was already impending in the crevices and corners of my heart, maybe then I could have fought harder but for us. If I had met you under different circumstances when my life was more complete, more whole, more full – like the way you interpreted everything in life, maybe then I could have loved you the way you wanted to be, the way you imagined love for yourself. If I had met you today as I am, unapologetically me, an evolving being: swaying between healed and healing, slowly but surely learning new ways to go on and seizing all of my days, maybe then my first choice would've been a kind of love that doesn’t compromise, a love I should always have for myself.
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bristokeswrites · 3 hours ago
Over the past week or so, I’ve felt, like, GENUINELY happy; quite possibly for the first time in YEARS.
I got a new gig working for an independent magazine. I’ve been writing consistently. My work is starting to get attention. My anxiety’s been pretty managable as of late. And I feel so optimistic. It’s almost startling, lol (not really; I’m just not 100% used to it!).
It’s almost hard to believe that, just a few short months ago, I was experiencing one of the worst bouts of depression, anxiety, and psychosis I’ve ever gone through. I felt completely hopeless, nearly every hour of every single day. I saw absolutely no way out of the state I was in, and I felt like the walls were closing in on at me every turn. I was terrified. I truly didn’t know if I could make it. I didn’t think I’d ever feel well again.
And now, things are...good. I’m getting healthier, little by little, day by day. And I could not be more grateful.
Just wanted to share in the hopes of reaching others who might be going through something similar. 
Please know that--if you’re out there somewhere, struggling, wondering if things will ever be ok again, if things will ever start to feel like they used to, or possibly even better than before--let this be your sign; I promise you: they WILL. There is ALWAYS a way out of the darkness. 
Take things day by day. Don’t fixate on what might or might not happen tomorrow; just live for today. If you can make it through this day, you can make it through the next one. 
Keep holding on, keep pursuing your goals, keep going to therapy (if need be), keep reaching out to family/friends/loved ones for support, keep your eyes on the horizon, and better days will come.
If it happened for me, it can happen for you ❤️
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cvtastrophee · 4 hours ago
not every pain makes a person strong. some make them weaker than they already were. people are so caught in the whole “pain makes you stronger” that i feel like they completely dismiss that sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. for some people, it stays with them and they get worse and it’s heartbreaking to see but that’s reality. no matter how someone tries to get out of something, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would.
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tearinmyside · 5 hours ago
Day 6...
regret is a stain on your fingers
that time cannot erase, that will remain as the smallest dot on your fingertip, under your thumbnail, to remind you of your failings, of everything you never did, as you grow older and plump with the void that grows like a parasite in your stomach. days are a thief, are a canvas in disrepair left upside down on a curb overrun with weeds and infertile ground. no shower can remove this stench of this grotto.
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savedinmydrafts · 12 hours ago
even if you knew me before
not a soul
does anymore
my brown eyes
are now webbed
maybe i hated myself
so much
i wiped the slate clean
my long hair
cut loose in the air
curled up-
now protection
it’s my favorite weapon
snakes in my skin
venom through my blood
coursing in my split ends
they hiss
lie to me again
while you
look me in the eyes
// Ophydia
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still-beliefs · 16 hours ago
There is nothing quieter than these pale morning thoughts
The kind that you leave in the space between your dreams and waking
Too afraid of what it would take to smuggle them across the border
Into a reality I’ve always known could exist but just for some reason does not
Did you get caught in a web much in the same way, but did you get stuck trespassing instead of transcending?
Gentle feet could never make up for a heavy heart, my mind is a feather floating away in the breeze of today
Take me down to where all the brown patches are growing flowers again, where we laid you to rest so long ago
I’ll speak to you like you stand here now, full of life and love like I’d like to remember you forever and always
When these roads get so lonely, I think back to that special way you taught me to feel and the song starts over again
We don’t turn the lights on, we wait for the sun to come back around. It’s less artificial and I don’t know how our bodies tell
The differences layered into a clay world, tell me you hear this heartbeat too. Tell me you feel the shaking beneath our feet
Ready to fall through the surface and find purpose, turn the soil loose and bury me between two rose bushes
I’ll come up a sunflower and like in this body I’ll be alone, contrasted, easily obtainable
Compared to the skin deep beauty and thorny maze they’ll offer you. They were meant to be loved but not meant to love you back.
Your wishes are still kept, we put them in a box and as much as I’d like to have a genies lamp all we’ve got
Is a suggestion jar where I still follow the advice of many men who were greater than me. You’re a silver shard of the lining to my heart
Reinforcing so maybe it’ll stop breaking, you’ve seen it too. How cruel the tides can be, what they’ve taken from us.
We still love the moon and the beach. It’s all subjective, every step the sidewalks become more malleable. We all shape our surroundings unintentionally. We must exist.
I watch the ceiling fan blades spin as I drift back into a subconscious sleep. The kind where it helps your eyes close. I’m not afraid anymore of what could be in the dark
I’m afraid of waking up and it just not being enough. Optimistic that will cease to be a thought in my mind one day. I’m always wishing well onto others. I’ve got to be better to myself.
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env0writes · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
May Have Written 5. “Midnight Mist Missed Me”
II am glancing at my clock Watching the counts Tick. Tock. Time walks By and by and tries to amount The teardrops filling this hourglass balks
Be it sand, be it hands, be it suns in the sky I cannot stop how it moves No matter how much do I try So it goes on and on, just proves To answer just what can do when you cry
Let them fill high and dry, up and up all the while As the sand drains on down below Like snow stacking up in the pile From the fire growing high with bellows Fuel the clock ticking on, all awhile
Pass the time, passed by Aching moments missed Sand and sun turned blue-black skies Watch them fade in morning mist When the questions all arise, wait and ask, which question: why?
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truemoonpoems · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
🌙 💫 🌙 💫 Hey everyone I hope your liking my poems please like and share if you do thanks!!
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cvtastrophee · a day ago
do you ever just feel like things have been tough on you lately that you just don’t want to deal with it anymore? or at least for a little while. i don’t want to be me. i don’t want to live in this body and feel like the world’s moving way too fast but i remained still. i don’t want to wake up and dread the day ahead of me. but regardless of what i do to distract myself from these thoughts, it’s like nothing can stop them. they always keep coming back and there are times when i feel like a shell of the person i used to be.
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reevesandroses · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just because something is marketed in a "green, organic, humanitarian, sustainable" way doesn't mean it actually is!! If you are passionate about living “green”, don’t forget to double check certain companies or products. But, this is more of a thought experiment than a call out. Living more green whether out of genuine care for the earth, to save money, or following a fad all lead to the same result (which is hopefully positive). This poem isn't about living a certain lifestyle or what you buy, more about the different masks we wear, a statement on human insincerity. Just because they recycle... doesn’t mean they have good character. Just because they're a book nerd doesn't mean they are kind. Just because they volunteer or give to charity, doesn't mean they are a good friend or spouse. ⠀
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tearinmyside · a day ago
Day 5...
Loneliness feels so much like shame
like being capsized with an audience of passing boats, eyes leering and watching your body bounce up and down in the current as they slowly drift away. It is the way a reflection is like a picked scab, forever pinked and raw, a wound to fester, to invite more sickness into its core. Loneliness is like every tongue twist, every wrong word catalogued and revisited like an indictment, like carrying a dead animal on your back, like punishment that keeps blood moving in your veins, even after you have bled them like a riverbed.
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