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laurelleghuleh · 3 minutes ago
𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐨.
Tumblr media
welcome folks, i’m laurelle, my pronouns are she/her, and this is my personal blog aka my secret escape from reality
i'm down to make new friends and talk about anything, i love discussing theories, ships, recommendations, or literally anything related to anime, manga, manhwa, comics, tv-series, books, movies, and music
thanks for stopping by
𝐚𝐨𝟑 | 𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐩𝐚𝐝 | 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐲
⤷ +18 contents
⤷ not-spoiler free
⤷ english is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes
⤷ i’m a college student, so keep in mind that some of your requests or my on-going works will take a while for me to write
⤷ you taste like camomile and freedom | levi x oc ff
⤷ best part | daichi sawamura x reader one-shot
𝐚𝐬𝐤 𝐛𝐨𝐱 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧.
⤷ aot, haikyuu!!, jujustu kaisen, star wars
⤷ english and italian
⤷ headcanon, scenario, one-shot, any type of relationship, crossover, nsfw, sfw, au
⤷ rape, non-con, dub-con, abuse, incest, pedophilia
⤷ anything not mentioned
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thefallenbibliophilequote · 3 minutes ago
Not me wanting to write a fanfic about the one MCU scene I pretend never happened. Not me basing it on the song Mr. Perfectly Fine
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little-ligi · 6 minutes ago
the morning after and leon noticing mercelot? (they all sound amazing though!)
Yay!! An excuse to procrastinate and talk about my wips! 😉 Thanks for the ask m'dear!!
Ok the morning after is quite self explanatory... It is the morning after Merthur first slept together 🙈 and all of the (hopefully hilarious) awkwardness that goes with that!
The door opened and Arthur snatched at the blanket, pulling it up his chest, suddenly embarrassed. He could feel the heat in his face as Merlin came in, a plate of food in one hand, a jug of hot water in the other. He went to the table, avoiding looking at Arthur and put down the food, then took the jug to the wash table by the dressing screen. He hovered by the screen, his back to Arthur. The back of his neck and his ears were bright red and there was something awkwardly shy in his voice when he finally spoke. “Good morning, Sire.” “Merlin,” Arthur managed when he got his throat unstuck.
And Leon noticing Mercelot... This is Merlin and Lancelot being their usual cute cuddley selves and Leon assuming they must be a couple (I haven't decided if they actually are or not yet to be honest!!)
Merlin was standing a little way off from the rest of them. Leon watched as Lancelot walked over to him, standing close against his side and putting a hand on the small of his back. Merlin tilted his head towards Lancelot, almost resting it on the knight’s shoulder and his hand came up to grasp the front of Lancelot’s tunic as he whispered in Merlin’s ear. Merlin’s expression softened, the worried frown that had resided on his forehead for most of the afternoon smoothing away as Lancelot continued talking. Lancelot’s other hand quickly curled around the side of Merlin’s neck, brushing his cheek, before dropping to hold the wrist of Merlin’s hand on his tunic. Merlin grinned, his eyes drifting over Lancelot’s face as he let out a low chuckle.
😁😁 Thanks for asking! I could blather on about my wips all day long (rather than actually writing them!) and I will proceed to do so if anyone else is interested in any of them!! (Shall I be shamefully self indulgent and put a link to the list of my wips....?? No, I’m not that desperate to procrastinate, am I?? well..)
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flammaelunae · 9 minutes ago
I.... accidently deleted all of my original character moodboards.
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helian-skies · 12 minutes ago
you know what, writing characters in the moment they realise they're falling in love/have been in love without really knowing it.. man, that's wholesome. it's precious. it's pure, raw gooey slimey goosh, and now i just wanna smush the two of them together so they maKE IT OFFICIAL BECAUSE EVEN I AM TIRED OF THEIR TIPTOEING, MY GOD, JUST MARRY EACH OTHER ALREADY
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juan-francisco-palencia · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Each person lives his own illusion; It is part of their love, and although it may be an emotion that can drive someone away, but generally it brings someone who will be important in their life. It is an emotion that the soul chose, and so intense that it can infect everything even to people who come into our lives unexpectedly.
- Juan Francisco Palencia.
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itswildweirdo · 20 minutes ago
I've been waiting for years to be taught how to write stories and the school curriculum keeps going and going and going and not once
and today were supposed to learn but the teacher might skip it again
also the teacher hate me moves me far away from her as possible and doesn't let me ask any questions
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gremlinesq · 23 minutes ago
love when i pressure myself to be sexual to please my partner 😩
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luckylittlemonster · 26 minutes ago
Torn between something I don't wanna do that's constantly stressing me out and the risk of loosing you.
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jeonginks · 27 minutes ago
also just to clear it up again because more people are asking: i do not want to give out my new blog @ so please don't ask me!
the whole point is so people find me and doesn't feel compelled to follow me because i used to be jeonginks 🧐 if i just give you the @ and you follow me but never read my things, i end up have to soft-block you anyway so let's save the trouble!!!
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raevenlywrites · 33 minutes ago
The Ties That Bind 21 of ???
Dawn had begun to kiss the tree tops by the time we finally stumbled into the tent. Zane had walked with us, the tight circle of weary soldiers keeping a firm wall between us and the remaining… spectators? Celebrants? My head whirled with exhaustion and the dancing, the entire clearing seeming somehow disconnected from reality. Serpiente and avian soldiers—guards--went about making breakfasts or finally getting some sleep, and the avians that had wandered in from the Keep wandered back out to do whatever it was they did. Bakers, jewelers, farmers, scholars—all had seemed uniformly anonymous last night. All had been simply avian, simple those curious and brave enough to come dancer with serpents. It gave me some hope, but for later. For now, all I wanted was a bed.
Or a bedroll, in this case.
Someone had gathered something behind the scenes while Zane and I had danced, producing a mound of blankets that surely more than one pair of tired friends could need. Who was going cold tonight, I wondered, to make sure their impulsive queen had somewhere to sleep? I chided myself for not thinking of it, but much like my budding hope, exhausted swept every thought away that wasn’t directly related to laying down and sleeping.
Apparently Andreios was somehow not as tired as me.
“Lay down, Rei.”
The words gave way to a yawn, as I patted the bedroll that was clearly normally his. It had been laid out with neat, orderly precision—which had only underscored the cobbled-togetherness of what had been scrounged for me.
“It’s hardly--”
“Lay down.”
This time I spoke firmly, though admittedly not with as much authority as I would have if I were addressing a crowd.
“The longer you argue, the longer you keep me from a much needed rest. Come lay beside me and sleep. That’s all I ask.”
He extinguished the lamp, still necessary under the thick gloom that always clung to the trees in the early hours, and I heard him moving about with the automatic motions of long habit. It was easy to forget sometimes that all of the Royal Flight started out as common soldiers. Those as skilled as Rei moved up quickly, but he’d still done his time out in the fields. I wondered what memories sleeping out here stirred for him now.
On impulse, I went ahead and asked.
“What are you thinking?”
Rei sighed, the long, low, weary sound of someone finally laying their body down to rest.
“I’m trying not to,” he finally answered.
“I’m sorry,” I said, thought the soft laughter in my tone made me sound anything but. “I know I just said we should sleep, but you know I’ve never been one to drift off so easily.”
He hummed a non-answer, followed by more shifting. His voice was startling closer when he spoke again.
“I’m trying,” he said carefully, “not to think about how many nights we’ve spent together like this, or some configuration like it. I’m trying not to think about how you’ve been avoiding me since our kiss. And I’m trying,”
He rolled over again, the dark shadow of him propped up next to me disappearing just as I’d started to make it out in the dimness of the pre-dawn light.
“Not to think about whether you came out here for me tonight, or him.”
His words floored me, rushed up and struck me with as much force as the ground had earlier when I’d collapsed. I was reeling, and the sound of my own heart thundered in my ears so loudly I nearly didn’t hear my own reply.
“I… what?”
“I saw the way you laughed when you danced with him, Danica. That was more than simply putting on a good show to keep folks from worrying.”
“I was having a good time! The first good time I’ve had in… skies, who even knows? Is it a crime to laugh, Andreios?”
“No, I--”
He cut off with a frustrated sound. He tried again, with that careful, measured, avian calm that I knew so well. I suddenly understood why Zane asked me not to use it. Rei felt a million miles away as he said,
“I overstepped. I’m sorry, Shardae.”
I couldn’t breathe past the tightness in my throat. I didn’t know what Rei was talking about it, but I wanted to mend whatever this rift was before it split any wider.
Cautiously, ready to pull away if he rebuffed me, I reached my hand out.
With a start, I realized Rei’s chest was bare. My hand lay on the fever hot smoothness of his chest, no shirt or coat or blanket between.
I willed my hand to relax.
“Rei… please. Come back. Don’t relegate me to another duty. Not tonight.”
I felt his shoulders stiffen, then relax by deliberate degrees. He turned over to face me, but cupped his hand over mine to keep it in place. That one simple motion filled me with warmth from my head to my toes.
“You’re never a duty, Danica. Whatever else we are or aren’t, I am not your guard out of mere duty.”
My throat was thick and tight with emotion, my tongue wooden and clumsy in my mouth. What could I possibly say to that? There were no words a monarch could give to their guardsman that would ring with the same echo of devotion, no words a friend could give to their dearest companion to match the pure, desperate love he’d implied. There was no poetry in me to equal the surging of my heart, the fierce ache that sprung up inside me.
But there was another way my lips could speak.
Carefully, so carefully, I leaned forward. My nose brushed the edge of his jaw, hard and prickly from a day’s worth of stubble. I smiled at the thought of it, my immaculate guardsman coming undone from chasing his mad queen across the forests. I followed that line of stubble, trying to orient myself on his face. It was hardly than I’d anticipated, kissing. There were so many moving parts to line up, so many noses and chins and edges. It should have been simple, but I found I didn’t really mind exploring my way across Rei’s face until I found his lips.
He let me kiss him, and my heart soared even higher. This was what I’d wanted our first kiss to be. I chased him down onto the bedroll, pushing softly where my hand still pressed against his chest. I don’t if it was shock or exhaustion, or an attempt at apology for pushing things too quickly the first time. But the way Rei let me kiss him now was perfect, and I rewarded him for it by lingering, letting our breaths mingle as I hovered above him for just an instant, savoring.
I pressed my lips to his again. Whatever it was he wanted to say, he could find a way to do it with his lips, or hands. I was done talking for tonight.
The Ties That Bind Tag list: @thehellinsideyourhead @therecouldbecolorsandlove @adventuresofacreesty @writing-with-melon @rainydaydarling @faithfire
Raev’s Gen Tag List (should I tag you guys in this? It IS a thing I wrote. I’m gonna say yes unless you guys are like “no of course not we’re sick of hearing about your stupid fic for a twenty year old book XD)
No one has complained yet so yall gonna keep getting tagged :P
List is currently: @lordkingsmith @writinglyra @drbibliophile @mperialscribe @adie-dee @lexiklecksi @theramwrites @writinginslowmotion @raenawrites @apollon-arium @anika-writes @faithfire @thehellinsideyourhead @adventuresofacreesty
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hermits-that-craft · 40 minutes ago
Unfinished Buisness - Powers AU
“What do you mean, ‘Tommy’s gone’?” Philza snaps, the plants around him wilting.  “You were hired specifically to keep one child in a suite. How hard is that?”
“Sir, I-”
“Do not interrupt me.” Phil snaps, slamming his hand down onto the desk. “How did he get out? How long has he been gone? You have permission to speak, answer wisely.”
“He climbed out a window. He’s only been gone half an hour, sir.” The man shakes with fear, a bruise forming around his eye. Technoblade and Wilbur stand guard at the door, both glaring at the man.
“Send out deploys to find him. Scour every street, we can not allow this child to escape. If he’s not back here by sundown, your head is gone along side your job.” Philza orders, and the underling scurries away, ready to hand out orders for the man.
“Dad,” Techno starts, shutting the door behind him. “What are we going to do once Tommy’s back?”
“Move him to a more secure location, duh.” Wilbur rolls his eyes. “I’ll probably have to use my song to keep him in one place while we go and work, but it’ll be worth it.”
“He can’t go unpunished for this rebellion.” Techno points out, looking to Phil from under his mask. “He won’t learn not to run if we don’t punish him for it.”
“He will be punished according to how far he ran.” Phil agrees. “He’s probably scared out of his mind out there, without his flock. Pheonix hybrids always have been clingy.”
“Why would he run then?” Wilbur nervously mumbles. “Did we not spend enough time around him?”
“He could have been scared. I don’t trust that man who we put in charge of him.”
“You don’t trust anyone, Techno.” Wilbur rolls his eyes, smiling. “But you make a fair point.”
“Until we have Tommy back, we can’t prove anything.” Phil says plainly. “Are you two going to go out and help search?”
“Of course, you?” Techno asks.
Captain Puffy watches as a child hops off the train and L’Manburg, his blonde hair and tired eyes scanning the platform, before he walks to a stand and purchases a small drink. She watches, with growing interest, as he hides his face and flinches from the missing child posters on the wall.
He’s fleeing the Syndicate, but unlike the other orphans who mill around the station, looking for heroes to help them, he’s wanted back.
There’s only a few children who the Syndicate hunt, and her and Awesam have worked diligently to cover their tracks through L’Manburg. Ranboo, who fled a few months before and went on to Manburg within a day of staying in L’Manburg, and Tom.
Tom went missing yesterday, and there’s already been searches for him through the criminal underground. Sam heard through the grapevine that the boy was wanted by Zephyrus himself, which makes Puffy nervous.
No matter how many criminals she takes out, the Syndicate still has allies within the L’Manburg criminal class.
Puffy watches as Tom hops back onto the train that he jumped off of, just before it leaves. Manburg bound, outside of the Syndicate’s jurisdiction.
Outside of Puffy’s jurisdiction.
Wilbur paces nervously around Techno’s office, humming a song to himself. Techno reviews the paperwork that was submitted to him, the basics. Politicians corrupt and malleable, people not paying their protection fee, a rival gang flaring up and causing problems.
Tommy, sighted in Manburg.
Tommy, sighted in Manburg, with that traitor Lethe.
Techno feels disgusted with himself. He took Lethe in, gave him clothes and a warm place to sleep. And he betrays Techno, betrays Philza and Wilbur and Tommy, and has the gall to kidnap Techno’s younger brother?
The phoenix hybrid was so hard to find, hard to catch. Too much blood was spilt for the immortal baby to be returned to safe hands. The Syndicate killed too many for Tommy’s safe arrival at age five. They earnt the phoenix, how dare that traitor take him.
Techno leans back, sighing. He’ll work out a way to retrieve his brother. He’ll work out how to kill Ranboo and the other kidnapper.
Wilbur and Phil will be happy to find the culprit.
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drippingmoon · 43 minutes ago
Word Find Tag Game XX
Thanks for kindly tagging me, @dontcrywrite! I'm fond of the words you picked for us, which are star, wind, chair and gaze. Excerpts from Aquiver, Aglow:
But how could they possibly ask Anne to do so? Anne, who spoke to the stars and coaxed them into shining a little more, for a little longer, their Anne who had so graciously taken the brunt of their frustrations, speaking their rebellion to life?
   Anne, the Angel of Lies, with one eye of wisdom, and the other vicious.
   And if she had so taken the event underwing, there was nothing for them to do but to sigh and rub at their faces at the sudden conundrum.
Her words hadn’t been kind, but he could forgive that. They hadn’t been cruel, either.
   Untamed, unscarred, a wide smile broke on his face, so wide it threatened to spill off his face. With unknown, buried joy, he cried, “Anne!”
   Anne was startled. Her wings faltered, wind dying beneath feathers. She stared at the boy below, recalling, with a frown in her heart, a name she’d asked before. Tyrone.
   Another night, he sat with his Mother on the chair, and they looked at the branch she’d given him, that he’d placed above the mantlepiece.
   “Mom, don’t fight with Anne anymore,” he scolded with a serious expression.
Yet, gentle as the chill of the night, “What are you called?”
   His gaze shot upwards, heart lifting. A thin smile hovered on her face.
   Warmth was the blankness of black, curling him to its chest. Warmth was the end of the autumn, and warmth was the beginning of the nights.
Tagging @artbyeloquent, @sedonawritess, @firstdraft and @spacetimewraithwrites to find gleam, morning, blade and hurry, if you want!
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ghost-go-roasty-mctoasty · 44 minutes ago
Seggsy werewolf dean and his feral little brain thinking sammy is his mate
That is his mate! That's his best friend! His life partner! (I come from a land down under)
No wait
Oh crap now I have to write a fic skdjaksma
Dean gets cursed by a witch 🙏
"Cass please, get your ass down here before I kill myself." Sam looked up desperately, hoping the angel would answer him. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed dramatically as he stood there, running his hands through his hair.
"Alright, that's it, I'm killing myself." He started to walk up the bunker stairs but stopped short when he heard deans voice. "Hey dean." He greeted through a clenched jaw. He heard dean sigh. "Oh c'mon Sammy don't be like that."
Sam gripped the railing so he wouldn't go over there and tackle dean.
All this started a week ago. They were in a diner eating lunch, dean kept hitting on the waitress and was obviously annoying her. Turns out the waitress was a witch. They had killed her but her stupid curse stayed, and Sam was about five minutes away from killing himself, and then dean.
At first it was fine, dean was just more cuddly. The hugs would last longer, the stares would too, and when dean hugged him Sam swore he was sniffing his hair.
But Sam didn't mind, honestly he liked the extra affection. But it all went down hill about four days ago.
Sam walked into his room after a long day of research. He was just gonna throw himself into bed and relax, but dean was in his room, going through his wardrobe.
"Dean, what are you doing in my room?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow. He seemed to have caught the hunter in surprise, because he jumped about a foot in the air and backed away from Sam's clothes like they were radioactive.
"Ah, nothing." Dean said and ran out of the room, avoiding Sam's eye contact.
Turns out dean was rubbing his hands, and, other parts of his body over Sam's clothes, trying to get his 'scent' on them. Sam wasn't even that mad. They shared clothes anyway so half of his shirts already smelled like dean. It was a little weird, but not that bad.
It got worse.
Two days ago Sam was sitting in the library, reading a book and was just in his own little world, he didn't even hear dean walk in. But he did feel him.
Dean walked up to Sam and started sniffing his butt. Yep. He was sniffing his brothers butt. Sam yelled out in surprise and almost hit dean with his book. Dean ran out of there without even looking guilty.
Now, dean wouldn't let Sam out of his site. He would sit with him in the library, follow him to the kitchen, wait outside when he was in the bathroom (it was the only privacy that Sam got all day), and once Sam woke up with dean wrapped around him. Dean made him breakfast that day as an apology.
Sam finally let go of the railing and sucked in a breath to calm himself down. "We need to fix you." Sam said walking back down the stairs. "Before you start humping me." Dean looked away with a guilty look on his face, Sam prayed once more to cass.
He never showed up.
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aellynera · 44 minutes ago
AAAHHH you are working on another Reeves fic?! *squeals* May I inquire about that one, pls? (Also, OMG a Blue and Bud crossover?!)
Hi Chrissie! 💜 Okay, so yeah. That Reeves fic has been hanging around for almost a YEAR and it originally wasn't even Reeves. And then I realized it would make more sense to use Reeves, but then I was having trouble getting it to cooperate with me. I feel more comfortable with the character now, and I will probably try to give it another shot, especially since my other Reeves story was pretty well received! It's based on some music-related things that happened to me in my 20s, and I just now realized that it does, ironically, have a parking lot scene. 😂
And uh, we can call the other one a crossover. Yeah. We can also sort of call it a crossover, I guess? And yes that probably means exactly what you think it means...
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dingoat · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
[So, @cinlat has been dabbling in a Sith au for her Fynta, with cameo slots available for various other characters to come hang out. And just the little bit of contemplation we had about where Ahuska might slot into this particular version of events, I wound up inspired enough to dabble with a scene! So welcome to an Ahuska who still wound up adopted into Mandalorian life, but has not forgotten/repressed her early years. Rather than their usual easy friendship, she and Fynta wind up butting heads more often than not and bumping into one another more than either would like. Apologies if I’ve gotten Fynta totally wrong, I will put up a disclaimer that I’m throwing this out here without any sort of proofing from Cinlat so she gets the final call as to the authenticity of this scene! I’ve also borrowed @askshivanulegacy’s Blakk for the ride, I think I needed a little cathartic fluff to counterbalance all the fluff-gone-wrong happening elsewhere hahahaha.]
‘Not on My Watch’ 
“I don’t know why you won’t just let me take a speeder…”
Ahuska lifted a hand to cut him off, raising a finger and shaking her head with a smile. It was no secret that the young bothan was soft for this particular Imperial Agent, even if her clanmates were quick to remind her that no self respecting human Kaas citizen would pursue anything more than a functional work relationship with her, a rudderless, stable-working alien. 
She chose not to listen to what her clanmates had to say.
“Because a speeder won’t pull back when it feels the ice getting too thin or warn you when you cross a wampa’s path, that’s why.”
Cipher Blakk rolled his eyes and pulled the zipper of his insulated parka higher, but it still wasn’t enough to keep his face properly protected from the frankly absurd level of chill. “It’s not as though I plan to park on an ice sheet…”
“Uh huh, and you’ll know exactly what’s under the two inch layer of snow that’s just fallen…”
He huffed, and she laughed, opening the stall door against which she was leaning to lead out the young tauntaun buck she already had saddled and haltered. “Quit fretting. Thunder here is a solid ride and a soft touch, he won’t give you any problems, and I’d trust him over any autopilot to get you safely back to base if something goes wrong.” Blakk felt some unexpected warmth rise in his cheeks, and while he wondered for the thousandth time why she cared so much that he got back safely, the buck lowered his head to snuffle through Ahuska’s hair. She raised a hand to give the tauntaun a firm rub on the cheek and horn. “Yeah, you’re a good boy aren’t you? You’ll be good for the Empire’s elite, won’t you? Won’t you my good soft woolly buddy…”
Ahuska’s ears flicked at the same moment as Thunder’s twitched, and a heartbeat later Blakk’s head turned as well, hearing the heavy rasp of an iron gate lifting. 
Ahuska had been stationed on the remote Hoth outpost for the last month and a half, more than enough time to get to know the sound of every latch and door in the stables, and the animals that spent their lives here knew them even better. Her sky blue eyes turned to ice as she squinted, staring down into the lower level. “Who… oh.”
Her lips turned to a tight, flat line as she recognised the figure down below, and the coolness in her expression was enough to prompt Blakk to lift a brow. “Ahh, is something the matter…?”
“We’ll see. What is she… oh, oh no, no no no…”
The Cipher suddenly found himself with a set of reins thrust into his hands, with Ahuska taking the liberty of closing his fingers around them and squeezing tight. “What… what are you…?”
“Hold him. Hold him tight and don’t let go for a second, distract him with this if you can…” She shoved a pinkish rock of some sort toward him, and with his hands full he was forced to stoop and hold it under his chin, expression nothing short of bewildered.
“I don’t… oh, gods no,” Blakk had the profound discomfort of realising then that it was a block of salt, as Thunder pressed forward with an eager little warble and began to lick at it. He made a tiny sound of dismay. “Ahuska…!”
But she was already gone, not even sticking around to have a snigger at his predicament, darting down the stairwell rather than waiting on one of the stocklifts. “Oi! Oi, di’kut, what’n Kad’s name do you think you’re doing---!!”
The object of Ahuska’s anger turned, unnaturally blue eyes flashing with irritation, and then immediately turned back to the stall door she’d been about to open.
“Don’t you dare touch that! Who the hell authorized you to be down here and what the shab d’you think you’re doing opening straight up into the yards?” Rather than heading straight toward the Sith, Ahuska veered to the far wall where a harsh wind blustered through the now gaping entry to the outdoor paddocks, and slammed her fist against a set of controls.
“This animal is… Shen-Four-Seven, isn’t it?” Fynta Wolfe, Assassin for Sith Intelligence and Infiltration, glared at the Bothan stablekeep who stood firm in the gateway, as though she could somehow block her passage while the heavy gate groaned back shut. She cut a strong silhouette against the glaring white world outside, framed with reflected light and fluttering snowflakes.
“Star, yeah, that’s her.” Ahuska’s tone was curt. She didn’t enjoy dealing with Fynta any more than she explicitly had to. Never mind that the Sith knew far more about her than Ahuska was comfortable with, but the fact that Fynta thought she could just slip on some beskar and mingle amongst the clans as though she weren’t an out-and-out Sith grated at her terribly. The nerves struck were just… a little too close to home.
“Then she’s the one I’ve been assigned while I’m on duty here. And since I’m not here to take riding lessons, I don’t see why I need to answer to you of all people, stablekeep.”
Ahuska bristled as the steel gate locked shut behind her, putting an abrupt halt to the chill wind. “Maybe ‘cause every last one of these animals has been assigned to me while I’m on duty here, and I don’t give a damn if you’re the Emperor himself, you don’t take one outside without my say-so. Not a taun, not a vulp, not a gods-damned arctic womp-weasel! So you can take your fingers off that latch and let me do my job, or you can deal with the shab’la stampede you’re about to let loose. It’s stable master, by the way.”
Fynta knew Ahuska wasn’t the type to lie for the sake of a power trip. The bothan’s conviction and ferocity at this moment was enough to give her pause and slowly arch a brow, though her tone was flat and unconvinced. “Stampede. You mean the whole three out in the main yard.”
“Mmm.” Ahuska’s tone was equally flat, but there was something smug about the way she lifted her chin and stared down the bridge of her muzzle toward the Sith. “Those three first, if Thunder up on the balcony doesn’t fling himself over to beat them to it.” She gestured upward and over her shoulder with a thumb, toward where Blakk diligently kept a firm but wary hold of the tauntaun buck Ahuska had left in his care. The agent swiftly averted his gaze when he realised attention had momentarily turned his way. “Then the seven in the exercise yards ‘cause let’s face it, those fences aren’t gonna stop a buck in rut, and maybe the dozen in the outer…”
“Excuse me?”
“Excuse what?”
“A buck in rut?”
“I said what I said. I know it doesn’t look much like the seasons change here on Hoth, but believe me, there are seasons, and we’re in the thick of one right now. Your little Star there…” Ahuska dipped her head toward the stall door that Fynta remained precariously close to opening, though to her credit her fingers were looser on the handle than they had been moments before. “Is a very, very appealing little lady at the moment. She gets lead out through the back to be worked in the yards on the south ridge or not at all, and when she’s being groomed and treated in here this gate…” She slapped the metal surface behind her with the back of her hand. “Stays shut! I wouldn’t even recommend her for a mission today or tomorrow unless you were absolutely certain of no wild herds en route and let’s face it, you can never be certain of that…”
Fynta hadn’t exactly paled, but she was definitely looking less confident about taking her assigned mount out onto the slopes.  She found herself feeling unwittingly grateful that the blasted bothan had been here to intercept her, and then an equal measure of furious at herself for feeling grateful at all. “Alright, alright, fierfek, just get me a more suitable animal ready as soon as you can, I’ve wasted enough time here already…”
“Of course, my Lord,” Ahuska’s grin was far too toothy, her flourished salute and bow far too exaggerated to be genuine. She enjoyed watching Fynta bite back her seething a little too much. “And let me know what shebs-for-brains gave you Star to begin with so I can have some words.”
“I’ll try to find out,” Fynta lied. No way in hell was she going to let Ahuska know that, in a bid to get herself in and out of Hoth as swiftly as possible, she might have forged a signature or two on a requisition document here and there, and arbitrarily assigned the tauntaun to herself. She straightened, stepping away from the stall, and stared Ahuska squarely in the eye. “I’ll be back in ten minutes. Don’t keep me waiting.”
She didn’t give Ahuska the opportunity to respond, making her way smartly off down a corridor. The bothan might come across as meek as a runt nerf calf most of the time, but Force be damned if she didn’t find a spine and a half where her animals were concerned. Fynta couldn’t decide whether she was impressed or irritated, and just found herself hoping that Ahuska would be able to find the same amount of backbone if anyone ever pressed her about matters that remained better left unspoken.
She really didn’t want to see another decent Mandalorian having their arm twisted into Imperial service.
Ahuska, meanwhile, had every intention of keeping Fynta waiting; she had another Agent of the Empire to finish dealing with first, and she wasn’t going to rush seeing Blakk and Thunder off soundly for the sake of a single agitated Sith. Her hackles were already smooth and the set of her ears fully relaxed by the time she made it back to the upper level, though the way Blakk’s wide-eyed gaze settled on her when she flashed him a grin threatened to dishevel her all over again.
“Didn’t give you any trouble, did he?”
“No, you were great- I mean he, he was great. Thunder was… great. Perfect. No trouble.”
Ahuska might have plenty of backbone when it mattered, but that didn’t stop certain moments making her utterly weak. She coughed into her hand, glancing aside as she took back the reins and returned the remains of the salt lick to her pocket. “Ahh, uh, right, good. Good! Where have you got your gear then? Better get him all loaded up for you.”
[And now a bonus for everyone who got this far, hahaha, have some zipped up Hoth geared little Imperials. Ahuska thinks they’re both ridiculous for complaining so much about the cold.]
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