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ellenya · 14 minutes ago
One day, one rhyme- Day 2676
It’s winter time and cold as ice,
The heating’s down too low-
Lucky the Heat Inspector’s here
To loudly let me know.
“More heat, more heat!” He cries, you see
The inspectors my cat.
I’m quite glad his paws don’t know how
To use the thermostat.
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juan-francisco-palencia · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Love, love sweet, love . . .
Leave your breast on mine. Join your lips with mine. I want to lose myself in your arms, take the sweetness of the skin and of the mouth. I need your kisses to melt with the thirst I have for you. Take me to the bottom of your soul. Do not ask me to say it, just feel my pulse racing, make me yours in each rite of frenzy, which turns us into messenger angels of light. Love that is born in a sky of hope for both of us, that merged into a star, as a sign of the greatest love.
— Juan Francisco Palencia.
She & Me.
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Demand shifts, Equilibrium rifts. Supply follows, Consumers hollow.
Talent is balance Despite a tilted foundation, A viscous hibiscus Is my mind’s market.
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Pedantic pedestals
Feeble foes filibuster Atop pedantic pedestals. Bystanders bemoan, but Power paralyzes.
Achilles’ shield breaks Achilles’ heel. I fall… I kneel.. I’m shattered steel.
Petals fall And pedals stall When you speak To crowded halls.
Filibusters muster Socratic shrieks From Greek walls,  Pedestals stand As democracy falls.
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thehaikuturtle · 2 hours ago
Each of us trek on a path
Guiding our lives
from the forks forcing choices
through the thick brushing jungle
and the thin sweeping fields
up the mountains of good fortune
if we choose to climb them
through the deserts of misfortune
beside each mountain not climbed
-trekking turtle 🐢
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esuemmanuel · 3 hours ago
¿Se puede amar así? ¿Lejos? ¿Ausente? ¿En silencio? Sí, se puede amar así, porque en el corazón no hay distancia ni ausencia que enmudezca a la verdad.
— Esu Emmanuel©, Is it possible to love like this? Far away? Absent? Silent? Yes, it is possible to love like this, because in the heart there is no distance or absence to silence the truth.
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esuemmanuel · 3 hours ago
La máquina del tiempo existe. Está en mi cabeza. Cierro los ojos, te dibujo en mi mente y, rápidamente, me encuentro contigo... con tus manos en las mías, estrechando mutuamente nuestros sueños y fantasías.
— Esu Emmanuel©, The time machine exists. It's in my head. I close my eyes, I draw you in my mind and, quickly, I find myself with you... with your hands in mine, holding our dreams and fantasies together.
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esuemmanuel · 3 hours ago
Fueron las palabras que salieron de tus manos las últimas que creí. Después de ti, nada es real, todo es falso... lo siento así.
— Esu Emmanuel©, It was the words that came out of your hands that were the last ones I believed. After you, nothing is real, everything is false... I feel it like that.
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alexwritesfiction · 3 hours ago
tfw you’ve already written a scene but forgot and then you write it again and can’t figure out which one is better
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alexwritesfiction · 3 hours ago
only a writer can plot a chapter in three words flat and then spend an eternity trying to figure out how to write the blurb.
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ellenya · 4 hours ago
Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:
‘Elle used Clairol, and it cleared all.’
We have cats and a fair haul of hair balls, so the Clairol was brilliant. It’s cleared enough hair for a spare shawl to scare all the air squall away. Thanks Bru!
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Creí que no me iba a pasar, pero me pasó... y fue contigo; así, de la aparente nada, ya te tenía atravesado en los ojos, en la palabra callada, en las sienes que ya pensaban en cómo dejar llover en tus ojos las perturbadoras emociones que en mi plexo se formaban gracias a tu presencia perfumada de idilios y flores... de un adiós que, a la distancia, ya se asomaba.
— Esu Emmanuel©, I thought it wasn't going to happen to me, but it did... and it was with you; and so, from apparent nothingness, you were already in my eyes, in my silent words, in my temples that were already thinking about how to let the disturbing emotions that were forming in my plexus thanks to your presence perfumed with idylls and flowers... of a goodbye that, in the distance, was already looming.
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swayrae · 4 hours ago
The mind is complex
Never will we truly understand
Why we exist
I feel a warmth of comfort
Knowing that I just exist to be me
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Tengo un amor que se esconde, que se calla, que se disfraza, que se fuga y se delata cada que mis manos le escriben bajo un cielo tapizado de nubes blancas.
— Esu Emmanuel©, I have a love that hides, that keeps silent, that disguises itself, that escapes and gives itself away every time my hands write to it under a sky covered with white clouds.
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demonxluxrosez · 4 hours ago
“I wanna run , then die”
Die and then run
I wanna do this and that
Full of passion
Can’t you see that I’m outstanding ?
Don’t think I’m dumb jus cuz I hate mathematics
Like plo I’m the One
Could never quit the theatrics , cuz I’m a hopeless romantic
To be honest I’m truly flawless , just the embodiment of a Goddess
Bitches threatened , They just get jealous
Fuck the metrics its all bout progress
Earned hella excellences in academics
Ya know too much to really count it
I’m my own pride , so if ya take the like of me , I Don’t mind being the natural leader
Crediting my Chiron I’m a gifted healer
Betting I’ve got tons to learn but I’m already considered a genius reader
You scoff and I jeer !
Don’t deserve to be near
My presence , in the essence I’m just—
Called the final frontier , On a different level than all
Look at myself in the mirror and know I aint the same as I was last year
Did ya hear ?
My qualities are the yin and yang so dont fucking play , okay ?
In a few minutes , in a few days , my advancements have already been made !
By midnights sway , I’m a vampire
how else could I explain
My genuine heart of fire ,
more intimidating than Michael Myers
My nightmares are my desire
I only ever rely on my drive and will
My mind’s composition is of steel
Dare u to try ur best to kill
All of you hella artificial , cuz unlike ya
I possess skills !
And a rebel yell , inspired by billy idol
Everyone claims they’re real
But Only I could rlly tell
If they just sellin themself
Really derived from HELL
so everyone all hail , the Plutonic Rose , Summer of Juno
The next marilyn monroe
If I wanna apply my slang , let’s just say
I’m the cosmic hoe
Thats the only way to go
Ya comments are nothin but low blows
My mind’s flawless and my body is flawed
The difference between me and everyone else is that I’m alluring and flourishing !
Enough fucking mourning
Cuz the hours of the early arrives hastily
As the sun arise ,
so do I
Ultimately the one and only , too distinguished ,
I’m separated from the rest
Of course I shall be hated
For displaying greatness
Just leading my life with a vengeance , dont come too close I’m paranoid ,
Hyper vigilance
My work ethic amazing , I got nothin but diligence
She’s bad but her man doesn’t rlly treat her like it
don’t need a hint to know I’m cooler , smoother
I will be Ruler
Happily capable of dominating , the beginnin of my reigning , as I champion through Everythin ,
Don’t mind me
Gotta recuperate and levitate
go ahead and stay to spectate , the attention is all thanks
to my magnetism
Like lightning , I must be electrifying , cuz I got him on both knees bowing down to me saying grace
Guess I’m too enticing despite attracting hate !
I’m glared at with such energy I easily detect as envy
And my only apology is being too elegant , such mystique , to be fighting thee !
So Title me The almighty ,
Like a Goddess , I scream but not cry
Cuz I never lack might , Not a Sagittarius but I’ve got a bow and arrow aimed at the sky
as I dance into the limelight with pride
Im an emerald ,
I shine ,
Just as the sun , I’m too prominent to be dimmed
I only smirk I don’t grin !
I’m too charismatic and charming !
Never will be pressured to become a bride
Rather commit suicide before my freedom’s taken
In shackles
He loves the way I taste , consuming me in mouthfuls
They stop and stare in awe of my arrival
Can you feel it in the air ?
My radiance and elegance , coupled w my eloquence , is somethin they cant bare
But I’ve never given a care
If I did then they win
But of course , I’d never allow it
For My being is the most divine and brightest
Already meditated but dont mind a substance to enhance my elevation !
It’s spiritual
Doubting you can comprehend
Clap for my Victories cuz no one will ever understand
the merit it took
Look , I’m not shook , I’m the fucking Lone Wolf , that ppl make way for
as I’m strutting
So dont make the mistake that I’ve come to flatter , but it doesnt matter
Cuz this test has the inevitable answer
That you’ve all tried ur best to not be impressed !
Too beautiful to be stressed , what the heck ?
Through my persistence I certainly emerge as the victor
Every day my life grows fuller and richer
Just fucking grateful that I’ve never been a quitter !
Im the opposite , definition of the winner
I can rock it
Come out with a bat I can score a home run and hit her
The manner in which I deliver is always better
Due to My efforts ranging to cosmical
I’m a monster , welcoming my darkness
Applying a Methodical of divide and conquer !
Hella logical but
I defy
just a walking paradoxical
From head to toe
my movements are calculating and cold
Effortlessly succeed with my eyes blindfold
Aha , Got you wishin Ur this fucking bold !
(Poem By Me)
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Nadie me quita la idea de que, así como te escribo, así me piensas. Por eso te siento tanto... tanto que me besas con esas ansias tempranas en una noche nublada de primavera.
— Esu Emmanuel©, No one takes away from me the idea that, as I write to you, so you think of me. That's why I feel you so much... so much that you kiss me with those early longings on a cloudy spring night.
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esuemmanuel · 4 hours ago
Nadie entendió, ni siquiera él, que este loco soñador se moría en versos por él... Nadie entendió, ni siquiera yo, que la distancia no arranca lo que se clavó con saña en el corazón. Nadie entendió, ni siquiera Dios, que mi pecado más grande no fue enamorarme de otro igual que yo, sino no tener la inteligencia para entenderlo como debí haberme entendido a mí.
— Esu Emmanuel©, Nobody understood, not even him, that this crazy dreamer was dying in verse for him... No one understood, not even me, that distance doesn't tear out what was nailed to the heart with viciousness. No one understood, not even God, that my greatest sin was not falling in love with another man like me, but not having the intelligence to understand him as I should have understood myself.
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