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#tumblr poetry
baileyblushpoetry · 9 minutes ago
My soul is silent when I am awake
and then speaks to me in my dreams
She is a gentle flower
Whose love lives on in eternal bloom
𝒃𝒂𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒚 𝒃𝒍𝒖𝒔𝒉
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fleurenia · 13 minutes ago
Pada akhir nya kita akan paham, pada semesta, mengapa ia menyapa kita dengan derita. Mengajak bermain dengan pahit dan pedih, dan perlahan langkah mu yang kemarin patah-patah sedikit demi sedikit akan mantap untuk melangkah, sama seperti judul lagu 'yang patah tumbuh, yang hilang berganti'. Apapun itu, pasti selalu ada alasan mengapa semua memang harus tetap berjalan separah apapun keadaan, karena kita memang sudah dipilih semesta buat melaluinya, semesta sudah bilang 'ini tugasmu, berat. Tapi kamu pasti mampu menyelesaikan nya' begitu kira-kira,
Jadi.. gpp, enggak ada yang salah kalau ingin istirahat dulu, melandas dulu, tapi janji bakal jalan lagi, bakal terbang lagi, lebih kuat lagi. Tenang saja, malam yang buruk sekalipun pasti akan ketemu pagi. Ini hanya perihal waktu, tugas kita hanya percaya, bukankah 'Kun Fayakun' Hanya Dia yang punya?
Dia memang punya Kuasa, tetapi semesta selalu bisa diajak bekerja sama,
Peluk jauh teruntuk raga yang kian melemah, tangis yang masih belum reda, tenang, matahari enggak akan lupa mengitari bumi, malam pasti segera berlalu berganti pagi menyambut harapan baru. Terima kasih, sudah mau bertahan dan berjuang, kami hebat:")
Tumblr media
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moon-doesnt-mind · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A.E Housman, Because I Liked You Better
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paintmyworldrainbow · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
"Water will show you what freedom is. Try to destroy it and it changes form but retains its essence. Swallow it and you become it. Bottle it and it maintains its grace. Pollute it and it remains open to being cleansed. Feed it to living things and they grow more alive. Your soul too can be water for the world."⁠ ⁠
-Jaiya John, Freedom: Medicine Words for your Brave Revolution ⁠ ⁠
Artwork: Queen of Cups from the Rainbow Heart Tarot 🌊
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solce · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rest doesn't ease my fatigue anymore but one day it will
[transcript and taglist (ask to be +/-) under the cut]
it starts with a whispered goodnight. it starts with a silence as i’m waiting for my father to say it back. it starts with footsteps fading out and away, and it ends with them, every time.
(the earth is spinning. the moon is singing. it’s been quiet for years. sparrows are chirping outside my window and i realize that i’ve been up the whole night.)
photographs of planets make it look like they’re made of brushstrokes. the steam rising off my cup of earl grey is made of the same air as the storms on jupiter. the sun that i try to catch the light of is the same that i tried to hold in my hand years ago; the moon that we breathe secrets to is the same that has kept them since we learned to talk. a boy died while i was away from home, but another was born, too.
(the earth is spinning. everything is a canvas. i tuck pressed flowers and teabags into envelopes and mail them to my friends.)
it was a rain-stained dawn and my windows were flung wide open. there is ink on my skin and i don’t know where it came from and my older brother is whistling rachmaninoff from across the house. i miss sitting in a corner of the library and reading for hours. i miss the subway. i am aching.
(the earth is spinning. i have a dream that we are fireproof and wake up crying. you are loved. you are so loved—you know that?)
birds are falling. bones are in my backyard. the puddles that i stomp in with my sneakers taste like blood. everything is spinning, and spinning, and i’m standing still in the center of it all. i can’t see anything out of the eye of this storm.
(the earth is spinning. i am going to be okay. i swear it.)
taglist: @amnestys @growingoldonbleeckerstreet @pancakeboy @bakaree @alicewestwater hope u all are doing well !! thanks for being here
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aflowerfromthestars · 53 minutes ago
The woes of wounds are apple like sweet
Because being stabbed
Doesn't hurt as much
As holding a knife filled with rue.
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reveri3s · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
coming home to yourself is the best feeling
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bruised-and-broken-heart · 56 minutes ago
Plastic- a poem
You say you like me like this
Small, weak
My eyes blank, like a doll’s
They tell you nothing, and you like that.
You can bend me to your will
Ascribe anything to me
You do what you will with my body
Push open my little plastic mouth
And I don’t speak
I just stare,
plastic eyes fixed to the ceiling.
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ishxni · an hour ago
The Funeral Invitation - ishani 
I wonder what it would be like to get to know you, I know you aren’t much of a coffee person, so I wouldn’t know if you like you milk just right.
You like herbal tea so I heard – I wonder how you pronounce it, like ‘herb’ or ‘urb’ I never understood why Americans can’t say the ‘h’ in herb.
I wish I could get to know you – sit next to you in your car whilst you get pulled over for speeding – are you the type of person to talk your way out of a ticket?
I wonder what Sunday’s would be like spent with you  - sprawled out in bed for the day, chilling with your boy too? or pent up on the couch the sofa – binge eating to binge worthy shows, but if I showed you half of the films, would you like them too?
I can imagine it all with you but if I were older - I know they wouldn’t but if we had kids I hope they would have your Californian eyes instead of my honey ones.
I think at this point I am murdering my pride, because I am writing to someone who doesn’t even know I am alive, but if I died, would you come to my funeral?
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ksefwto · an hour ago
Αν κάτι με πειράζει είναι που ο ένας τον άλλον επαρκώς δεν μάθαμε
Ό,τι σκέφτεσαι πιο πολύ αυτό έλκεις ε;
Που εισαι;
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xenax · an hour ago
What if i don’t want to be here
Not on this planet, in this place, at this time
I don’t want to walk the line
Don’t want to die,
I just wonder what it would feel like to fly
I wonder would it would feel like to be free
no family no friends, no place to be
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mywordsarewings · an hour ago
the crocodile snaps his jaw (tick, tick, tock), a reminder that our time won't last (we keep trying to cheat the clock)
- wind him back again - jsh poetry
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thelifeofananxiouspoet · an hour ago
Sometimes i wish i had no feeling,
You might think,
What about your first kiss,
The euphoria, the bliss,
I say,
What about the regrets,
The painstaking sadness,
That it was with a boy,
Who showed you no joy,
It was just an action,
For his satisfaction.
I wish i never loved,
You might think,
What about your mother? Your father and sisters.
Who love you so dear, with smiles from ear to ear,
I say,
I'm a burden, a solemn human,
A pessimistic girl, seeing the world without a sun.
I wish i was alone,
You might think,
Surely not, there's a man who will love your every flaw,
I say,
I can't love my flaws,
I can't remember who i was before,
Before i became a vaccuum of sorts,
Draining the life force of organisms alike,
I say, im not meant for feelings, emotions and such,
I'm meant for the numbness that succumbs, when every emotion isn't enough, sadness prevails. It doesnt go away. I want to be numb, even if i have to sacrifice what once was.
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saachipirta · an hour ago
And now my memory, seems to be failing me
What once was fantasy, Is all I've ever known
~ Song ; All I've ever known // the Bahamas
The poet inside of me, the happy kid and the woman who's all lost;
this song brings everything in front of me,
as if the song was put together by universe to hit bones of my emotions,
as if it was my own.
So I keep this melody near to my chest, like it was my child or like I was it's child,
every that night when the life in me starts flowing out into the dark sky,
when moon, my only friend and my forever true love; is lost behind the freedom clouds.
Feels like my emptiness is being nurtured.
These voids of sadness, happiness, feelings, emotions and moments, in my head, all seem to be filled with unreality.
Because I don't remember anything, anymore.
Fantasy is all that I've ever known.
- Saachi Pirta//@saachipirta
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renukawrites · an hour ago
there’s a reason why God trusted mothers with the birth of humanity. - renuka i. happy mother’s day! follow @renukawrites on IG for more!
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