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#female poets
freedomanddisorder · 4 hours ago
It was like a dream.
So very soft
So very warm
I could have stayed in that place forever
But then
Like all dreams do
It Ended
And the place I wake to
Is Clear
And so very awful
And for the rest of my Days
The only peace to be found
Was in my dreams
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magicinwords · 7 hours ago
For I must get back my soul from you; I am killing my flesh without it.
Sylvie Plath, from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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lolamkelly · 8 hours ago
Unsending Messages
Unsent a messageJust as soon as you sent itBut I took a screen shot of the notificationA mouthful about nothing if you had to unsend itA whole paragraph about things you’ve been feelingJust to take it all backTo make me think that I’m seeing thingsIf it isn’t there now, did it never exist?Typing, typingStop.Offline.Well, just say what you have to sayOr don’t bother at allWhat’s the difference if…
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bristokeswrites · 9 hours ago
“happy people”
I don’t want to be around happy people-- with their unseeing eyes, their tin-can words, the feverish bells of their laughter, which may as well be planets and galaxies away.
I don’t want to play dress-up and pretend, prance around in veils and jewels and lace, hiding how my heart beats half as soundly, how I seem only halfway real.
I cower near the edges of places not quite a purgatory, not a genesis or a coda, but an unfocused inbetween.
I ride the apex of absence, set my ear to empty pulses, dare to wonder and long for folklore whispered in my head.
I doubt the alien faces around me know anything of being both alive and dead.
- Bri Stokes, 2021.
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wayfaringauthorofficial · 11 hours ago
She was everything and nothing
all at once.
So captivating, but never
willing to admit it.
She was the world
in that little town.
I held her
in two shaking hands
all summer long.
She begged me not to run,
but how could I leave
someone like her?
How could I abandon
someone so pristine?
She ran first.
I did what I could to keep her
close to me,
but she stopped trying.
She left me with nothing
on that little town street
in the middle of September.
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soulwr1ter · 12 hours ago
Just Human
Things will
That will
Change the
Course of your
And you
Are not going to
Respond perfectly
Every single time.
It doesn’t make
You any less of a good
We all have our good moments
And our moments where
We struggle to shine.
You are not perfect,
Just human after all.
All writing belongs to me.
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janeladrua · 13 hours ago
“I wished we were seventeen
So I could give you all the innocence
That you give to me
No, I wouldn't have done
All the things that I've done
If I knew one day you would come”
-Bruno Mars
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 17 hours ago
Tell me darling, how do I hate you, even the pain you gave me blossomed into flowers.......
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Let her go
Give her some space,
so she can think.
Give her some space,
so she can breathe.
Let her go.
Don’t lock her up
She can’t do this anymore.
Give her some time,
to sort things out
Give her some time,
to collect her thoughts
Please, let her go
She can’t take it anymore.
Can’t you see that she is hurting?
Can’t you see that she is breaking?
You don’t understand
Leave her alone
You don’t understand
So let her go
You refuse to give up
Now she can’t breathe
You refuse to let go
Now she can’t leave
Why can’t you understand,
that you’re the one who’s holding her back?
Take a step back
Open your eyes
Turn around
Take a step forward
Don’t look back
Keep moving
Don’t look back
You’re giving her space
Don’t look back
You’re letting her think
Don’t look back
You’re giving her time
Don’t look back
You’re letting her breathe
Don’t look back,
Because you’re finally letting her go.
- Raine Volcan
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nikkitajiri · a day ago
Tumblr media
From my collection, Murmur Rumble Roar: Poems About Climate Change. Available on Amazon worldwide.
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alaskaisnothere · a day ago
and i was wondering why do we all get sad at five pm? what is it about that specific hour that makes us feel so worthless and hopeless? maybe it's because we already had to endure so much during our day and we just can't wait for it be over, or on the other hand we experienced joy like never before and the day is about to be over. maybe it's because we never enjoy being in the middle because we're always straining our eyes trying to see the end.
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