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#poems and quotes
chuckakot · 2 hours ago
I have this urge to run away with you, as long as you are with me, to run wild like the fox, all these things I take comfort from you, there is no peculiar place other than, where you will take me, I can never put myself with you without this ritual, without me melting like a sand, without the pale rose of your lips.
— Chuck Akot, pale rose of your lips
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illusion222 · 3 hours ago
- This tweet inspired a poem in me, I don’t know why lol. I will forever love spring
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Tulips Bloom
And the tulips bloom again.
Our hearts are heavy, but the tulips bloom again.
And time moves on, as it does.
The bees are back out in the woods,
And spring is singing, and the tulips bloom.
This is a new cycle, this is a new moon.
And the tulips bloom again,
Our eyes are tired, but the morning is brighter.
And spring is sprung, and the song is sung.
Our minds are buzzing, but the air feels lighter.
It is spring again, and life is one.
And the tulips bloom again.
And we are older now.
And time has kept its rhythm.
And I look back at how
My mind could still see blossom.
Our hearts may be heavy, but we are still breathing.
And we are still here, on this beautiful morning.
So, the tulips bloom again.
And we breathe anew again.
And while we do, I look to you
Because everything shares that new breath too.
And change is here, and change is good.
I lift my head, I’m understood.
But the tulips move and then
The petals wilt; fold in.
And our hearts are heavy,
And our eyes are tired.
And the night is here; our brains rewired.
And the night is here again,
And we sleep and waste again,
And our palms are down again,
And our minds are blurred again,
And the spring is missed and then
Our hearts remember when
We told ourselves we are still breathing - drew pictures of our favourite feeling.
So, the tulips bloom again.
Our hands touch, bring warmth again.
Because we are still here, our hearts are still heavy
We already know fear, we know we aren’t empty
And we are still breathing, and that is okay.
I will not go looking, I think I will stay.
And the change has come again,
And the change is good, and the change is new.
I know myself again, as you will too.
Because I was not in summer, not autumn, not winter.
I was not in spring, though it helped me grow faster.
I was here all along, just under a river.
Waiting for when I was ready to find her.
And our hearts can be heavy,
But it’s just for a night,
Because we can still live,
There’s still time for light.
And the spring has sprung again,
Be the tulip bloom again.
- M.M
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nxcxlxx · 4 hours ago
I know that you can feel it.
This distance is not good for both of us.
But it is necessary to finally release me from you.
You try everything to reduce the distance between us, but it will never work.
I know my worth.
You should know yours too.
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illusion222 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
- Carol Ann Duffy, Confession
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mercifulstudie · 15 hours ago
you may love me for a second
but i will love you for a lifetime
because to love you
is the one thing i never want to end
— me, to all the loves of my life
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acupofpoems · 15 hours ago
“They say blood is thicker than water. But they forget to mention that sometimes it’s also a heavy thing to carry.”
— Rose.
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chuckakot · 15 hours ago
I cannot perceive with my naked eye, because somehow, you are more than a feeling I tried to grasp, more than what I can imagine, more than the bricks I build in the cathedral of my heart, you are a soul touched by God, and you have come to me like a butterfly standing on my fingertips, or a white dove hanging on my collar bones, because as you can see, if you have ever pertain to yourself, what this love can do, or somewhere in between, I am not tired loving you, I am not tired doing this, again and again, until you will become a starlight, until you promise to yourself to love a little, to die a little, to be carefree in my arms.
— Chuck Akot, starlight
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infala · a day ago
Worst Feeling?Not being able to find the right words to describe what's exactly going on inside you.
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thebookishhvibe · a day ago
A spark took birth inside of me
when the warmth of his lips
found a way to reach me.
Little did I know this spark
would burn every ounce of myself in me
that his touch would ignite my bones
only to turn them to ashes.
Little did I know that this epic story started
only to be the end of me.
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sherreenwrites · a day ago
i no longer miss you.
the art of letting go — i lost count of the days, but i’m finally letting you go.
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