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#love poetry
crimsonbow · 2 hours ago
You were my beautiful mistake and I don't regret anything. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
Michael Faudet, Bitter Sweet Love
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tabrownwv · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I just discovered the @canva app and I’m having some fun playing around with it! Here’s a poem I wrote and wanted to share! ☺️
Only in my dreams
Can I kiss your tender lips
Hold you oh, so tight
Close to my heart
But that is just a dream
Cause in reality we are worlds apart
Only in my dreams
Could we share our most intimate thoughts
We never argued
We never fought
Only in my dreams
Could we walk in the sand
Beneath the stars
Hand in hand
Maybe they are just dreams
But they come straight from my heart
There is no better place
Where they could start
Only in my dreams
Can we always be together
But for now
I'll be loving you forever
© Tiffany Brown
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rowantalks · 5 hours ago
The book is now full price! Launch discount has ended...
Tumblr media
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prasannawrites · 6 hours ago
hand in hand.
the hands quiver when it comes to penning you a garland of poems to adorn you with –
you reside softly between pink clouds and the incommunicable, hair pleated with jasmines – florally scented, like the aroma of sandalwood married the first blossom of petrichor,
how am i, a mere man, supposed to dream of even attempting to capture you in your opulent glow?
tell me firmly, do the words exist?
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petrarka-na-aparatima · 9 hours ago
Kroz prozor tramvaja
Ne znam gdje si
Da li si ovdje, u šeheru
Ili u rodnom kraju svome
Znam samo da te volim
Toliko da bi te svaki put pustio
Idi daleko i dalje ako treba
Samo da bi te poželio
Opet iznova da te čekam
Zamišljajući naš susret
I da opet okrećem glavu
Samo da bacim pogled
Kroz prozor sarajevskog tramvaja
Stojiš li možda na stanici
Na kišnom i tmurnom danu
Sigurno ćeš opet ući iznenada
Proći pored mene
Jer sam zaboravio
Od tad, staru naviku svoju
I nisam gledao kroz prozor
Drijemajući na sjedištu tramvaja
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palerosepoetry · 9 hours ago
Like a star
To see you is to miss you, like the stars in the sky. When you are not around, there is a black hole beside me, It steals my thoughts. Like if you were the sun, time turned back, The light shining in my eyes, my lips, my body. That must be why this cancer grows, capturing my pulse, Flying away with it. Always you are gone, though; as far As another galaxy, revolving with your own gravity. Sending comets my way, to flow through all the empty And to land on my heart.
Then you are near, we touch. Could we get closer, So close that we are faster, to catch up with the light, until we are one, Our stars within our stars, our breaths as one, our thoughts as one? How could I capture all the little stars in you? Bring them to me, Kiss them, hold them, within all the empty, but somehow strong.
If you got too close, I feel like I’d evaporate, just disappear. Like a flame on a birthday candle. Just breathe, I’ll float away, Into that vacuum of space, above clouds and suns and planets, Into the ether, into nothing.
© original author @palerosepoetry (Reblogs welcome.)
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jiyaaren · 13 hours ago
Sometimes it is okay to escape from the reality.
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moonlightloverrr · 13 hours ago
“You remind me of home,
of all the simple things in life,
of light and love and the reasons I am not alone.
You remind me of hope, of the sea and the sky,
every hug and every kiss from your lips to your thighs.
I have flown around the world and met no one like you because you are all things I keep coming back to.”
— Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell
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definegodliness · 16 hours ago
A circle of daisies
When you come to the forest Don't be alarmed By the rhododendron bushes, Parting and shaping A path before your feet.
And if you'd so choose To walk that path meandering, Don't you worry about the rain Or the sun's blazing heat, For you will always be safeguarded By grand oaken canopies.
Will you wear Your dress of white?
I promise the roses will perceive you As one of their own; Let none of their thorns Hurt you.
Please bring Raspberries for the bear, I know they're out of season But he loves them And you bring the sun wherever you go So all that may grow, grows.
At least, here...
In this forest Where I've hidden a meadow For none but you to see; Where amid its grass of evergreen I have planted a circle Of pretty white daisies.
You can step in Any time, if you'd so like. You know what happens once you do.
I shall not lure you in Under false pretenses:
Let me steal you. 
Let me keep you.
Let forever be this enchanted forest With gentle flowers, protective oaks; With lollygagging wolves; A bear Of kindest spirits,
And us two.
--- 13-4-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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rowantalks · 18 hours ago
Last day to get my poetry book for half price!
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euesworld · 18 hours ago
"Flowers in bloom couldn't be as beautiful as you, or a mountain view too with the sky so blue.. nor a sunrise either in a perfect hue, nothing you see is as beautiful as you."
You are the most beautiful person that I know - eUë
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shades-of-academia · 21 hours ago
Mountain Alley
He laughs with the rivers, streams, landscapes,
Sunrises and sunsets... He laughs!
Standing in the sky, it reaches even the paradise.
He walks me down;
In lands I never saw,
Here, in this place, I feel
I have all that I need.
I don't want to leave, I whisper,
Then make them stay silly,
Echoed the mountain alley!
~ Maeve✨
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