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#spoken word
lihimlihamtinta · 26 minutes ago
Piniling ipikit ang mga mata
Ipagsawalang bahala ang nararamdaman
Baka bugso ng damdamin ay lumipas
Baka ayos na ko bukas
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harlematl · an hour ago
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Tik Tok After Dark: A Walk In The Park
Edit Post Switch to draftPreview(opens in a new tab)UpdateAdd title Rhythmandcoils: Hair On Fleek! Welcome Home Face! She’s the straw that stirs the drink. The one who makes me think. Not a hair out of place, everything simply falls into sync. Enough hips to garner tips. Dare to imagine, full figure fashion plus the lips you already know they be bangin’. Interaction and satisfaction…
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sayspeakup · 3 hours ago
Major key
It’s easy
I show up
And the love
Just clings
To me
We’re inseparable
It is always
New and
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greengruwel · 3 hours ago
gesamplede woorden (136)
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beblk · 6 hours ago
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the  norns from TWILIGHT: GODS
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moonlitpoetry · 8 hours ago
Mother's Day
I wish I had a mother
Instead of someone who used
My pain for her image
Each act of kindness
A game of scrimmage
Give this woman an Oscar
A public performance
Bound by nothing but blood
And I'm the one bleeding
A name, in her mouth like mud
I'm dripping
A mess from every lie she's twisted
Every promise
I've missed it
Her heart
Too small to catch
Even a thimble of compassion
Now I'm asking
Who do I look to?
My father?
The man who never stood up
But bowed like a martyr
A saint
Hands so rough from all the wrong work
Building his up his legacy
But leaving his family
In shambles
So how do I show up
Deconstruct the history
Pull apart the actions
And ask them
What even is a family
Because it sure isn't what you've been
And it isn't what we are now
So this is a regular Sunday
But someday
A part of me still hopes
We can be whole
We can be home.
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diarygenxer · 14 hours ago
A Guatemalan reads a poem from my book, take two.
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diarygenxer · 14 hours ago
A Guatemalan reads a poem from my book, take one. 😅
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onurtaskiranpoetry · 18 hours ago
If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.
A piece I wrote in 2017 that I decided to make into a spoken word.
Music by Arctic Lake.
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xiuhunsoo · 22 hours ago
today is battling anxiety day apparently to the max bc first i didn’t want to get up at all and the phone rang, then i laid back down but had to get up bc i had uni and then got another two calls while being in class adn now i gotta carry this stupid seminar where i did absolutely NOTHING for with the prof bc we’re only 6 people and no one else is doing fuck shit and i feel so bad for the prof :/
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reggiescountrymusic · 22 hours ago
We have to FUCKING present our poems in the class today, I'm not in writing lab yet but it's soon.
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sacredmasculinegod · a day ago
It has returned, the gentle touch of Resentment. I can feel her caressing my cheek, softly whispering: how could he? and how could you allow it?
The silence was loud and my room lit by my lamp’s dim light suddenly felt like the darkest place in the world. My legs felt weak and everything got blurry, I can feel my body tremble as if an angel got struck by the one and only devil’s blade; but all it was was a single teardrop... wishing to land on my lap.
I try to snap her hand out of my face, but she has decided to stay anyway. Between you and me, I don’t know how long has she been with me.
Maybe she thought it was a good idea to follow me home after my daddy’s funeral.
Maybe she fell in love with me in 2016 and decided to never really go away.
Or maybe I was born being her target from the very beginning.
All I know is that she enjoys to randomly pop into my life just to make sure I cry every once in a while.
I embrace her stay after all, cus’ who else am I gonna hug if only her is with me tonight.
But when my arms form around her waist, Resentment vanishes in front of my very own eyes.
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forrealthepoet · a day ago
The Soul Cafe Let's Chill @Epiphany Radi0
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chibimyumi · a day ago
Undertaker deceived many nobles in order to achieve his goal and killed many of them too (Ryan Stocker and the nobles who supported the music hall), so do you think that at some point these deceived Nobles will turn against Undertaker and try to get rid of him?
Dear Anon,
I really don’t think anyone of the Music Hall visitors/supporters will turn against Undertaker, because none of them would have a clue who Undertaker is. To the best of the public’s knowledge, the one responsible for this drama is the impostor twin of the rightful Earl Phantomhive.
Far before anyone would think of Undertaker or even O!Ciel, it’d be Blavat who’d pop up into people’s minds. He’s the one who’s been “performing miracles” and showing his face. He’d be the first one people would hold accountable. That’s just how humans work, sadly. Humans like contained, obvious things to blame; they hate complicated, multi-faceted explanations. The current pandemic for example, really, really reveals how the human mind works... or rather doesn’t work.... >.>
“Charlatan collects fame for future unknown dark-lord agenda gone out of hand” is a MUCH more attractive story to the common people than the incomprehensible truth.
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reggiescountrymusic · a day ago
We have to fucking present our poems to the class tomorrow-
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thegrandwilde · a day ago
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