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undesiredrebelwolf · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I look up at night, into the darkness.
And remember his words
“She’s your person isn’t she”
All I could do was sigh.
Then painfully replied
“Always... I would do anything to have her again.”
But I always know that will never happen.
She forever lives in my mind and my heart.
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gaeadene · 38 minutes ago
me last night: (eyeing the donuts my husband bought for work) ...can I have one
him: well, if you open them now, they’ll go hard by the morning. how about I leave one for you tomorrow when I go to work
me: ok! (goes to bed, satisfied, anticipating Donut)
me: (wakes up this morning, having completely forgotten about the donut, walks into the kitchen)
my husband: (has left me a donut, on a plate, carefully covered in plastic wrap, with a big yellow note on it saying ‘love you’)
y’all i cannot
i love this man
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undesiredrebelwolf · 45 minutes ago
I should’ve held on longer that night.
I should’ve gone home with you that night.
Best last kiss I’ve ever had.
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rubygems1 · an hour ago
Ruby gemstone should be worn during the Shukla Paksha. Wear ruby gemstone in your ring finger. If you want to wear a Ruby Gemstone, you can wear a 3 to 6 carats Ruby gemstone. Make in gold or Copper ring and wear it in the morning of any Sunday during 6 to 7 AM, wear it in the ring finger.
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exballet · an hour ago
@nekoka​‘s   CALLIE   :       ‘  i  asked  you  not  to  leave  several  times .  ’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝑊𝐻𝐴𝑇   𝐴   𝑀𝐸𝑆𝑆      [   .   .   .   ]      scoffs   softly   to   herself   as   heels   are   slipped   into   and   she   rises   to   her   feet      .      this   happened   once   too   often      ,      caught   turning   her   back   too   many   times   and   leaving   before   the   worst   could   happen      ,      ❝      and   i   asked   you      .   .   .      ❞      she   finds   herself   icing   them   all   out      ,      every   single   one   of   them      .      such   a   selfish   creature      ,      heartbreak   was   better   on   THEM   than   her      ,      ❝      to   not   try   and   make   me   feel   guilty   for   not   getting   as   attached      .      several   times   as   well      ,      if   i   recall      .      ❞
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alvsstudies · an hour ago
Spite: A Message to Parents
You want to keep your kids safe, yes? Then read this:
“Actually, there’s harm to administering strong prohibitions: The stronger they are, the more likely they will backfire, actually causing an increase in interest in the prohibited activity. According to reactance theory (Brehm, 1966), people do not like feeling that their freedom to do or think whatever they want is threatened. When they feel that their freedom is threatened, an unpleasant state of reactance is aroused, and people can reduce this reactance by performing the threatened behaviour (e.g., smoking, dating the person your parents told you to stay away from).” 
- (Aronson et al.: Social Psychology, tenth edition)
Because I’m tired of seeing parents - or just people in general - making this mistake over, and over again. It’s not going to work. There are much healthier approaches that will keep your loved ones safe and your relationship with them intact than stripping them of their freedom and privacy.
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dishonestdiary · an hour ago
Today was long, I had my ceramics class and then work, and then I had to do dinner with my mom and had a whole awkward moment where I explained why her and dad being transphobic would make my (trans) brother uncomfortable🙃
But work was easy despite being woefully sober the whole time, and I accidentally bought a nic vape so that blows
I got a shitton done on my ceramics project though and I’m happy about it!! Baby is sleepin and I just got done doing all the (really) wet work, so all that’s left is one more major thing and then just carving🙏🏻 which is a blessing because I somehow have to also glaze all my pieces by Sunday lmao
ALSOOOO I found out that I can graduate in December! I just have to go to my ceramics class an hour late and I’ll be fine🙏🏻
Anyways I need to sleep because it’s 2am and I have work tomorrow but! I love you all and hopefully I get samples tomorrow haha
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borderline-snailor · an hour ago
Apparently trying to control your partner or checking on them every second is a form of OCD.
Ever since I realized that I had BPD and OCD, it's been easier to deal with because OCD has different coping and treatment methods.
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nyalternatesinner · an hour ago
nah im talkin more mental age. in a bunch of zun stuff from around then he writes youmu to be super young, with 3 dif chars even noting it in seperate occasions
((He says that he writes her with a young mental age, or other characters say that she’s childlike? Because there’s a fairly big difference. On top of that, adults can be childish as well, and it’s not the same as having a young mental age. Given her commitment to swordfighting, it’s kinda hard to tell sometimes, but the way she acts and talks, and her fighting ability, has always led me to believe that she’s equivalent to a teenager at the youngest. Lastly, I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for a minor and an adult to be in a relationship as long as the adult respects all of the relevant boundaries and the minor is close to reaching adulthood.))
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love-diaries · 2 hours ago
“It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my whole life.” - Stephen Chbosky
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amaranthineanomic · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
||] mmmmm its almost 2 am and i wanna write but ive been searching for a while for good rp starters and just....... hhhhhhhhhhh the kinds of icebreakers i’m looking for are no where in sight. :
||] so i impulsively decided to resize some of my ooc icons while i contemplate making my own open starters. now all i need is good ideas, hmm... :
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