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frankenstein451 · 2 hours ago
   I slept in kinship with my faults    In a dream I was hopeful & slept when I needed a radical silence    I slept next to a man’s portrait with someone else & more than once I didn’t close my eyes    I slept in a lie & the comfort felt so real it was real    I slept as if I were years    I slept so many years I couldn’t find    In sleep my eyes dreamt the nearness of waiting & couldn’t touch it
Khadijah Queen, from “I slept when I couldn’t move”, Anodyne
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afishwhowishestofly · 2 hours ago
nights tell me I'm loved
days warn me it's a lie
who do I trust?
one teaches me to embrace
the other inflates with
mighty rivers of discontentment
there came a turn
where I forgot to moan
I decided to
fluctuate between both
I could not hold on to
the viable truth
and thought maybe
being unstable will give me hope
Poem by- @afishwhowishestofly
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alingcocothemuse · 2 hours ago
books just change lives. it makes you notice those little things about your surroundings and yourself that completely chagr your persepctive of life completely.
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frankenstein451 · 3 hours ago
   We came to paint neon text    On a black wall with a ten-foot paintbrush, rhapsodic    We came to find out when molecules touch & almost react
   We came to approach green with shaped blue or flood    The field pink, its shapes folding, the page weight
   Undoing weightlessness, opposites    Allowed to oppose in peace,    Reflective counterpoint
Khadijah Queen, from “Epilogue for personae”, Anodyne
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frankenstein451 · 4 hours ago
   It feels strange to smile in a fascist era—grief    dammed up, ancient energy held back    like certain floods
   We have flooded ourselves, we have flooded
Khadijah Queen, from “Eclogue for personae”, Anodyne
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autumnsunshine10 · 4 hours ago
Who knew this month would mean
Turning up the heat
Nights and days in dissaray
Put away the fans reach instead
For high pile blankets, nostalgia
Flowering in this fall-
Like making a fire in a hearth
When usually the ash
Would be discarded by now
Feeling the fool who pulled
The wool over their own eyes
From thrilling to chilling
Bone-tired and aching
Playing connect the dots with
The starry night sky
So aloof as to be frozen
In time though they blaze bright
It may be another
Trick of the mind
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frankenstein451 · 5 hours ago
                                        I draw, too,    darken my small hands with charcoal, blow its dust    off the paper, use up chamois after chamois    deepening shadows, black as lust. Or ink. Sleek    lines improvised across the cotton rag. Why can’t this work    make me not want you drawn
   over me, a dream in rowdy fragments, impossible.
Khadijah Queen, from “Declination”, Anodyne
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poseidon-nyks · 6 hours ago
sevgim bittikten sonra bana minnetle hatırlayabileceğim tek bir şey bırakmadın
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thenightisland · 6 hours ago
More malicious and frightening behavior on the part of inanimate objects
I walked outside today, and the void was shining
Immortal and infinite word And I have heard God’s silence like the sun
For the last time I stumbled into a church where no one was home, silently screaming
Help me: I can’t live
without You. I don’t want to live
I came in the midst of the world and in the flesh I appeared to you (I seemed to hear this, originless) and I found you all drunk and no one did I find among you thirsting
Staggered out again and took a look around and suddenly noticed the others each wearing that identical expression, What is wrong with me - What’s going to happen to me
And I heard again the faceless voice saying, How can you expect energy from above when you continue to receive it  from below and are content?
I Am Not Content!
-Franz Wright, God’s Silence
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