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#sad poem
wordsthatsuffocateme · 8 minutes ago
i am eighteen. and i am digging a grave.
i am eighteen. and.... who’s shovel is this?
i am eighteen. and god, i watch myself cave.
i am eighteen. and i am terrified of it.
—of falling behind my classmates,
of going back to that house,
of never having a say,
of forever being a mouse.
i am eighteen. but i’ve never seen that face.
i am eighteen. but i am still wearing tinted glasses.
i am eighteen. but i could never keep pace.
i am eighteen. but i still pay my taxes.
—by casting you in my dreams,
by hiding this body from view,
by self-destructive tendencies,
by a battle i’ll eventually lose.
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stardustthroughthecracks · 59 minutes ago
Though I don’t think you ever truly saw me,
I still dreamt that you were my fate.
All of those year you stayed in my heart,
The only place of me I never learned to hate.
- Ama.
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aryas0moon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
On being a horny (hungry) bitch help pls i want to binge and it’s so hard not to
I need you to fill me up
From the inside out.
I need you to feed my hunger —
My unending, my all-consuming hunger.
Feed me with your fingers
Feed me with your tongue
Feed me with all of you.
I cannot feed myself.
I will not feed myself.
Let me taste you
Let me lick you
Let me love you.
Let. Me. Consume. You.
Love me loving you
Because you are the only thing
I will allow
To touch my tongue.
And without your flesh
I will starve to death.
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the-writing-avocado · 5 hours ago
Imagine a world where seirens don’t sing about love in silky voices...
It no longer attracts people.
Time goes on and the light flickers,
hope begins to die,
with it happiness goes as well - and the temptation of finding it.
So they begin to sing songs anew
Crawling out onto rocks and slipping onto beaches.
They tried singing of revenge,
But only those with bitter hearts come calling,
So tough thy choke.
The try about wealth,
But only those with hearts festering with rot arrive.
Lust? It attracts those that are slimy and leacherous,
there’s only a hollow cavity where the heart should be.
They tried singing of hope too,
But it only reeled in the desperate,
With hearts so sad and mournful
It made their blood freeze,
and the tears in their eyes weren’t to blink out the salt from the sea.
And the hearts they so desperately crave?
Ones filled with morale, burning with sweat and grit,
Fueled by the thought of home and family still on land
The taste of love begins to wane,
Washed away with the salty, oily sea.
So they sing softly, quietly.
Voices raspy and harsh,
Tired and resigned.
Not a tasty heart to devour and no way to bring it back.
So they stopped trying,
stopped lurking and hiding.
And people gathered at distance.
Listening as they lamented the loss of what was.
Silent as a funeral, mourning what they had forgotten they once knew.
Until the seirens too
Consumed by hunger and loss
Grew silent.
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moonlightpain · 5 hours ago
This sadness feels like home. It feels safe. Its no wonder my mind returns here so often.
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miospi · 6 hours ago
"La compasión por los animales está íntimamente ligada con la bondad de carácter, con seguridad afirmo, quién es cruel con los animales, no puede ser un buen hombre."
<Arthur schopenhauer>
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loveisaspirit · 8 hours ago
I’m back again, with heavy weighted emotions
Ready to spill my heart out again
I hope that one day we are able to open up deeply to eachother
I’d love to have a heart to heart conversation
You seemed so guarded when we last spoke
Not because of my presence, but because that’s the way you carry yourself
And I don’t blame you for that
In fact, I commend you for your strength
However, I care deeply for you
I know that a face is just a face
Hiding the depths of a vast unknown
A place where I could explore your soul
Maybe I have no business there
But maybe I do
Who’s to say
But I’d want to go there with you
Simply because I love and care about you
And I want you to understand the kind of acceptance and forgiveness that comes with a love like mine
Pure and divine
Darling, I don’t want to tie ourselves together
And get caught in a mess again
I simply want to just sit with you and share
the depths of ourself till no end
But maybe, just maybe It must wait
For nothing good ever came with force
So i’ll be patient and pray one day
We can speak on matters of death and life
Past the spectacle of our eyes
Until then
My darling, I hope you go within
Because there is no love you could find outside of you
That could fill the great beyond inside of you
April 14th, 2021
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valeluce · 9 hours ago
A veces creo que quiero más a otras personas de lo que me quiero a mi misma
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caalitooss · 10 hours ago
+ [...]
- Te entiendo perfectamente
+ Sorry...pero NO
PD: Pero GRACIAS por escucharme🤗
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alxyr · 11 hours ago
in the pouring rain
he looked at me with amazement on his face,
out of the pouring rain,
the thunderstorm,
without any sunlight to trace,
for the past few months its been like this,
he looked at me,
and i give the benefit of the doubt,
cause maybe he thought,
he thought he figured out me,
the puzzle in my maze,
the every complex i made,
in the pouring rain,
he showingly said those words,
those words,
that might frighten me,
"you saved me"
his smiles slowly fades to pitch blue,
as he saw the moment,
i slice off the every inch of fakeness in my skin,
he saw the truth,
"i never saved you..."
it just it wasn't i the one,
who wore capes and saved the whole city,
tis i who wore one just to look brave,
I am never the one who you idolize,
i should be shameful,
and he should never expect,
to love somebody who's never had a scratch,
but i am the scratch,
maybe this could've gone better,
if we meet when everything wasn't still on my head.
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alxyr · 11 hours ago
wine stain
long time ago when i tried to look at the blind side,
where against at the picture frame of yours,
i turned it down, make my way out the door,
i took it as an opportunity to mend what you broke...
leave it to myself on this crazy world,
yet you're a wine stain on my dress,
a lyrics to my favorite taylor swift song,
key to unlock my happiness,
a couple of years of putting myself above,
where i know you're doing your best,
but we are on separate doors,
and i took this as my chance of moving on,
cause our think it wasn't enough,
yet you're a wine stain on my dress,
free rent living in my head,
i can't forget you long enough,
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leona-lionhearted · 11 hours ago
The True Taste of Oxygen
Your embraces are Iron coffins, steel cages. Prisons. Suffocating.
That is why I dream of the arms of strange men, People who don't exist and never will, Who live only in my dreams. I birth them from the depths of my soul, Creating men who give me the love That you think you provide.
I cannot breathe.
I call to them, and They place their lips on mine, Filling my failing body With precious air.
You strangle me And call it an iron lung.
Your kisses are chloroform, And you call them pleasure.
I know now To close my mouth, Hold my breath until it's over, And save myself for someone Who knows the true taste of oxygen.
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deepthoughtsvibes · 11 hours ago
It still breaks my heart into pieces and it still hurts like the first time I had to say goodbye to you. We both had to move on and I saw that it would never work out. I never wanted to accept the truth but sometimes people are just there for good memories or to teach you lessons. It‘s so cruel and such a blessing at the same time. I could have had you, I almost had you, but now you’re gone. And it‘s okay. You were precious but not meant for me.
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silvermoonwritings · 13 hours ago
Forgive me
if I stumble and fall
for I know not how
to love too well
I am clumsy
and my words
do not form as I wish
so let me kiss you instead
and let my lips
paint for you
all the pictures
that my clumsy heart
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