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zaccahrycrookes · an hour ago
Poison ivy
Poison ivy is a common plant known to cause mild to severe pain. Sometimes leading to anaphylaxis, this can be deadly.
Most walk away with mild pain and irritation that can last from a few days to a few weeks.
She was a bit like that. From the minute I saw her I was in love, but I was 16 then and she had a boyfriend. Eventually we did end up together when I was 18, we stayed together for almost two years. Within two weeks of re meeting we were dating. I was anxious and neurotic, so was she just in different ways.
We experienced allot together through those years of going for me from late teens into my twenties and for her from mid teens into late teens. Deaths of loved ones, teenage partying and stupidity. We even travelled across the globe together to Europe.
I will always have fond simple memories of watching horror movies, drinking peppermint tea, and watching her get ready in the morning putting her make up on as we sat and chatted.
Late night conversations in the dark that went into the early morning. Waking up and making breakfast with tea and coffee.
She came to me in my dreams last night, in a very obscure way. I felt compelled to write.
She made me calm, I felt loved and safe around her. We didn't fight much, her only big issue with me was my cigarette smoking but I was never going to let that go. All in all in it was a good loving relationship, up until the end.
While still in Europe we essentially broke up, but were also still together. When we arrived back in Brisbane she broke up with me properly within a few weeks of being home. Just after she turned 18. I openly cried in a public park, I never truly new why she dumped me. I guess my anxiety was just to much.
I hadn’t cried like that for years, not even when my uncle died. I went home smoked cigarettes, and drank rum. Sad, anxious, and depressed. I sat alone in the dark.
My first real heart break.
That is what happens when you tangle with Ivy, eventually you brush it the wrong way and you get stung. Nothing stops the constant lingering pain, until it eventually disappears on its own over time. I think a little bit of it still lingers in my system, coming out everything so often.
As gentle and soft as it may look you'll end up getting stung.
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jdrider1022 · an hour ago
It's been years and your lies still remain in this rotten heart and frozen veins
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filmymodels · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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iamstrongallonmyown · 2 hours ago
It all begins with you. If you do not care for yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life.
Leon Brown
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boredanddreaming · 3 hours ago
Have you ever held the world?
Have you ever held the world in your hands? Not in the life-threatening kind of way. More like, everything you ever wanted is right by your side holding your hand right back, taking it all in with you. Have you ever held that? I have. I could have lived a thousand lifetimes in his eyes. I could have done anything or better yet, everything as long as he was next to me. I could have created worlds by his side. We could have been everything. He was everything. But instead of cherishing that relationship, I guess I must have crushed it. I watched it crumble right before my very eyes.
Tumblr media
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theincessantlearner · 4 hours ago
What I thought I knew is what I believed to be true. But, blame games intervened and love lost the case. Therefore, no hearing was heard.
-nik wright
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theincessantlearner · 4 hours ago
Though this love had no reason, neither did the pain. One killed the other yet, both died in vain.
-nik wright
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im-gay-and-so-are-you · 6 hours ago
It's been 2 months now
You spent the day with your friends, I spent the day gasping for air because I couldnt stop crying
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retrogirlog · 6 hours ago
te solté, porque no podía dejar que mis demonios te hirieran. te solté, porque te quería. ojalá algún día lo sepas entender
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"and now i cant stop thinking that maybe the reason you left was because you finally looked at me and saw what i've been seeing this whole time... just a broken shell of a person."
-im sorry i disappointed us both over and over
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skinnyelff · 8 hours ago
All i wanted is you and only you. But you didnt want me
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bannedfromaux · 9 hours ago
Valid Love
How do you know when there is no love left?
when she's run dry and has nothing left to give
How do you validate love in the first place?
It doesn't feel much different than it was in the beginning.
She stopped touching me at some point, and holding me close
She no longer called me beautiful, sat further away on the couch
she never missed me
she asked for more space
and more time
the things she had already created
before I knew it was ending
I tell myself I should have seen it coming
How do you separate making healthy boundaries,
and not wanting the other person there?
she treated me like a burden
I racked my brain over and over searching for a reason
searching for something that I could fix
to make her love me again
or maybe for the first time
I somehow mess it up again, do something wrong
continue to fail her
How could I be better for her?
For someone who didn't love me,
she just hadn't found the time to tell me yet
We didn't have sex for months
She was disgusted by the thought
of my body
of me
and maybe that's normal
or maybe she finally stopped pretending to enjoy it
I gave everything that I could think to give
She occupied my day
While I was a second thought,
something to fill a void
but I wasn't enough
I'm never enough
I feel empty without her
and she's doing just fine
I suppose it's easier to move on
when you don't commit yourself
So how do I know?
If it was ever real,
if she loved me?
or if it all just played itself out in my head
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iamstrongallonmyown · 10 hours ago
Instead of saying ‘I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues’ say ‘I’m healing, I’m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over.’
Horatio Jones
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