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datingadviceonreddit · 4 minutes ago
I’ve been told I’m attractive, smart, kind, sweet, thoughtful, nice, smell great and charismatic but ultimately men say they don’t want a long term relationship with me because they prefer someone more “bitchy” and “gives them grief about something”. They find that exciting and things became boring with me.I’ve been raised to be polite and nice. I don’t really like games like playing hard to get or causing drama to get attention. I’m more of the easy going type. I don’t stand for bad behavior but I also don’t like to artificially make things more difficult.I’m realizing that men get bored of my consistently “nice” behavior. I complement them if I like something. I don’t judge their flaws and call them out on every little mistake. I prefer to be a supportive partner but clearly they want someone that makes them “work” for the relationship. I don’t know how to do that with someone I like.Example 1: Guy I was dating said he felt too comfortable with me and felt he didn’t have to put in much effort because I was always willing to have sex(I have a high sex drive) with him and rarely said no.Example 2: Guy said I was always available(I don’t like flakes) when he wanted to make plans and he never had to chase me which made him lose interest even though he liked me.Example 3: Guy said he was surprised I didn’t kick him out after we had a disagreement about politics and he became a bit passionate in his stance. I thought it was a healthy debate but he thought I was too patient/nice after our disagreementAre these men toxic or am I just too nice? How do I become more challenging and less of a “nice” girl? via /r/dating_advice
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jellogram · 31 minutes ago
"Do I actually have a reason to be upset with you or am I just emotional today" a novel by me
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seductionreddit · 35 minutes ago
It’s time to cut the bullshit. I’m lonely and isolated and I post/comment here because of that. It’s become an addiction and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to be comfortable in my own skin/company. Especially late at night my mind goes into haywire.I never thought it would get this bad. I thought I had the introvert thing down pretty well but I’m wishing I had more comrades or a partner. I don’t.I’m trying to improve and become more interesting but I’m also not that bad of a guy already, y’know? I have hobbies, I can converse well, I have social skills despite the nerves, I could talk your ear off about some things. I have confidence, compassion and drive.And yet I’m somehow just dust. Nobody cares. Nobody is interested. And if they are they are bad at showing it via /r/seduction
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datingadviceonreddit · an hour ago
We are both 25yrs old. I Have been seeing this guy for 2months now, we get along pretty quickly and the sex is so great too. We had the talked about what we are and he told me he doesn’t wanna scare me but he have a very strong feeling towards me and I said the same thing.The problem is, When we met, we both just got out in a relationship. When I met him I just got in out in a 1yr relationship and was just freshly single for 2 months and the same thing with him too. He was just single for 2 months. It was his longest relationship (2.5yrs).He also told me that after his last relationship, he wanted to stay single for a while and enjoy it but he never expected that he will fall for me. We already exchanged i love you’s, he really meant it as he showed it on his actions also. He’s really the best guy I’ve ever dated in my life but I’m Sad with the fact that he’s just not ready to be in a relationship right now. We promise each other not to see other people while we are still together, w can love each other but he is just not so ready to be in a relationship right now because he thinks that he will not be a good boyfriend because he is not yet ready and he wanted me to have the best boyfriend.I don’t know what to do, should I continue waiting for him till he will get ready? Or should I just move on? via /r/dating_advice
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seductionreddit · an hour ago
I'm writing this from my phone and I am pretty high so I'm sorry for spelling, but I just had my first ever cold approach and I am almost embarrassed that it has taken me this long.Basically went out for the night with people f ok work. We get to some place that had slow reggaeton music so we were sitting, they were drinking I was smoking and pretty smacked at that point. I see around and honestly I don't feel attracted to any girl there whatsoever, no offense to anyone but just the type of crowd. Then my friends start making fun of two girls dancing on top of a table in the club and I look, see one girl and don't really pay mind. Then she gets off and I see this girl, about 5'2" really slender, she was dark skinned and had curly hair. She was dancing so slow and sensually and almost in a trance and I fucking swear I never wanted anyone so bad. I've always had this shitty guilt about feeling sexual towards women because of dysfunction at home and honestly being scared as fuck of just getting rejected and feeling like a failure but this time I didn't care, I just watched like an idiot for the whole time and then I turn to see my friends laughing like crazy at me and egging me on about me being in love with her.Anyways at some point I'm like damn this music is getting to me and I need to find that girl, they joke around and I decide in that moment to fuck with everyone and everything and decided to go in the club to try and find this girl. I find her, I made my way approach f I'm the side but she can see me walking the whole time to her and I just said "excuse me, I saw you dancing from afar and I would like to dance with you". I know probably get get fucked by people here but I'm not a "game" dude, I am not gonna out some act to get somebody's number and then have to act like myself. She said no, I'm good and then her friends asked what just happened to which she proceeded to tell them and they all looked at me like I was shit or whatever.I started making my way back to my group and realized holy shit I just went for this girl, was myself, didn't say some stupid shit or offer anything to get her attention, I got rejected but nobody was talking to her so u see it as a fucking win. I did another two approaches after that and got shot down twice but it was nothing in comparison to going up to girl n.1.This is long as shit so thank you for whoever stayed this long. Also advice would be appreciated but mostly just wanted to say thanks for the people that actually post nice stuff here that helps people get courage, y'all the real mvps via /r/seduction
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seductionreddit · an hour ago
At this point I’d honestly rather remain celibate if I barely even get support when I try to make a move. I’m literally gonna save my money most likely live by myself on my own terms. Women and dating are stressful, and I feel like not even my fellow men have my back and I’m heartbroken.You live alone, you die alone. Some guys have it, some don’t. I’m in the latter category and I know itTime for me to embrace it like a man. Loneliness can be painful, but what’s life without a little pain via /r/seduction
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aneshie · an hour ago
Add some trust to your love life wardrobe with this cool put my TRUST in you so disappoint :) or give it as gift place your Order Now and choose size and color below 👇🏽
Tumblr media
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technologiesoflove · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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aghostwriter · 2 hours ago
I pray you starve for affection
chew off your own foot in desperation
fill your stomach with the recollection
of my curves, my thighs, my lips, my kiss, the sparkle in my eyes
I hope I left you with an insatiable appetite
a hunger no other woman's presence can satiate
When you beg for more, I hope she laughs and asks WHAT FOR?
I pray you regurgitate every love you swallow
I cherish the day when I see you gaunt and hollow, emaciated starving for the love you never once appreciated.
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astrology-india · 3 hours ago
Dating an Aries Man - How to Make It Work
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Dating an Aries Man - How to Make It Work
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a young soul in every sense. Some say he can be immature, combative, selfish, and a bit of a bully.
However, underneath it all, the young ram has a sweet, intelligent, and loyal side, as many dating an Aries man will attest to.
If you can keep his interest long enough to win him over, you will have a powerful, dominant, and protective lover and warrior who will support you until the end.
Best Match for Dating an Aries Man
Is it a romantic partner he is looking for? Or a sparring partner? Well, with the Aries it is a bit of both.
This man needs tons of physical affection and someone who can give him some pushback, aka a worthy opponent.
Some find this fun, but it is also for this reason he may not be suited for the more sensitive signs of the zodiac. Aries men are matched best with their fire sign counterparts like Leo, Sagittarius, and fellow Aries who share some of the sign’s similarities.
The Aries guy could be compatible with air signs as well. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can give this guy a run for his money without taking it all too personally.
Aries Man Dating Habits
When going out with your Aries do not expect to find the two of you enjoying a nice calm dinner with candle lights and a band serenading you- or if you do, do not expect to stay for very long.
The Aries man needs excitement, he is a thrill-seeker at heart. People, places, and things all lose his attention quickly.
Dating him, you can expect to bounce from place to place, hitting multiple locations in one night, or possibly for an entire day.
And if you do end up going to just one spot, it will not be a dull one. An amusement park? Swimming with sharks? Running from bulls?
Who knows where you will end up with the Aries guy, but just hope that it is in his arms at the end of the night.
Aries Man Dating Traits
Aries is an energetic and confident fire sign. This man is always on the move, and it may seem like he is looking for the next person, place, or thing to butt heads with, but really, he is just having some fun.
Those that know him best, including his partner, know this to be true. Those who have just met the young ram, however, may think he is a bit self-consumed.
He is independent, a man on a mission. When an Aries knows what he wants, there is not a thing in this world that will stop him from getting it, including a date.
Yes, the man will walk right up without having a doubt in his mind and make small talk, which quickly turns into flirting and playful teasing, and might even end in a wrestling match.
The man is an initiator, and he is full of energy and passion. Needless to say, he gets bored and restless very easily.
The Aries male will generally also have a big ego which he needs to feed to maintain how he sees himself in life. He needs to prove himself in everything he does including dating.
To become the object of his desire and to channel his enthusiastic drive into winning you over this short video shows how to make him obsessed with winning your love.
No one is trying to paint the Aries man as being “childish” here, even though he does have a young spirit. He is actually highly intelligent and an excellent conversationalist.
But you might have to hold him down to have one with him. Once you do, you will be pleasantly surprised by how well-rounded and refined the Aries can be.
Just like physical experiences, he needs excitement that stimulates his mind. Humor is essential to the Aries male.
While it seems like he takes life seriously, at the end of the day it is all in light-hearted fun. With this man, everything can be made into a joke.
Some people get it, and some do not. For those who do, they know to throw jokes right back at him. His perfect partner is someone who can both dish it and take it.
And he can take it. Well, usually. The Aries man can be surprisingly sensitive. Yeah, you would not have guessed for a fire sign.
But, while sensitive, he also does not hold on to ill feelings or grudges for long. He is an optimist, who lives life to the fullest and has tons to do.
So, naturally, he forgets his feelings were ever hurt, which makes fighting and making up relatively easy with the ram.
If he is still angry, you only need to take him into the bedroom to get some of the aggression out. Sure, all of this sounds captivating, like a character out of a movie.
But the Aries man is not for all.
Water and earth signs will likely not put up with his characteristics for long. They will either get their feelings hurt, feel bulldozed, or not understand why he does any of this stuff at all.
Likewise, since the above signs are toned-down and seem to prefer stability, the Aries man gets bored by them rather easily.
He will probably pick a fight and if they do not push back, he will get bored and go find someone else to spar with. Or if they take the bait and getting all wound up, he will get a chuckle but not find it challenging enough for him either.
This man’s ruling planet is Mars, which represents war, after all. Understanding why you need to make him fight for your love and attention is explained here in His Secret Obsession.
Sex with an Aries Man
The Aries male is full of vitality and extremely physical. Being a fire sign, he tends to express himself physically.
Since he is unable to muscle his way through every situation in life (as there are consequences for that), he finds that he can fully be himself in the bedroom, a place where he can shine.
It could be because he has a high sex drive, as Aries tend to do, or he likes the exercise that sex offers him, that the Aries guy spends a lot of time in the bedroom- sometimes all day.
With him, you can expect tons of wrestling, tossing, and general rough stuff. But beneath this macho exterior is a pussy cat who can be loving and tender when controlled.
The Aries guy’s fiery side can be tempered in the bedroom by his partner whispering in his ear and setting the pace. He wants above all to prove to himself he is a good lover.
Yes, he may on the surface appear dominant and even aggressive but a woman can use The Language of Desire to achieve the ultimate sexual experience between the sheets.
Dating an Aries Man Long Distance
Aries is flighty in general, but he is also the conqueror type who is constantly bouncing from one thing to be the winner at the next.
If you are away from him too long, the young ram could become bored and go out seeking his next challenge in the form of another partner.
However – and this is a big one – if he has won you over already, and you have done the same by showing him you are a worthy match, he will be loyal to you forever.
The secret lies in making sure you are constantly in his thoughts and this can be done by texting.
Not inundating him constantly with loads of messages but sending messages with true meaning that resonate with his subconscious mind.
You can find out more about this technique that uses carefully crafted sentences to keep his attention focused on you and only you by listening to this video on Text Chemistry here.
If your relationship is already solid, then you and the Aries guy will do just fine long distance. If he has your heart and you know it, then there is nothing at all to worry about.
Final Thoughts
The childlike warrior spirit of the Aries man is admirable, but not for all. To win him over in the bedroom The Language of Desire will send his passion for you to new heights.
Dating an Aries man is like stepping into the arena in full gladiator uniform and then running 100 miles afterward, all the while getting tons of love from this sweet fire sign.
If you have thick skin and a lot of energy, a fun, and playful nature, the Aries ram may be the perfect sign for you.
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seductionreddit · 3 hours ago
Hey guys, hope you are doing well!!This time, i wanna share with you guys my experience getting a makeout on nightgame after several months of not even approaching anyone due to COVID and some mental health issues i've been through last year.Before telling about the approach i did today, one key reminder is that this was only possible because over the last 2 weeks i've been approaching girls during the daytime consistently (almost everyday). I am sure that this set the base for me doing this approach, my first approaches during daygame were really awful, i was nervous, anxious and barely could speak to the girl. Over the last approaches i've been so much more confident in myself and in the way i approach and mantain the conversation.Now, to the approach. Me and my friend were in this bar when i saw a cute girl (HB8 i'd say) with her friend sitting just behind us. First, my friends approached them just to ask where to get the beer, but did not extend the conversation. We got the beer and few minutes later i decided to approach. I wasn't even drunk at this point mas was not nervous for some reason that i can't explain (maybe bc i was with my friend or because of all the other approaches during day game, idk). When i approached her i said "hey, how are you?" in a very confident way while mantaining eye contact really hard. In that moment i saw she was a little bit drunk already and that there already was sexual tension. I just continued by complimenting her dress and started chatting. After a few minutes, their friends arrived and i engajed them in the conversation and also called my friends. I ended up making out with her very naturally because there was just too sexual tension happening at that point. They ended up joining another group at the bar and we couldn't follow up so ended up not pulling her.The point of this report is not the approach itself (it was not so hard tbh) itself, but the fact that persistence and consistence in your approach habits are key guys. I had luck with this girl, but if i hadn't been approaching girls consistently in the past 2 weeks i would never approach her without resistance the way i did and guess this is the take home lession.Anyway, the last time i had kissed a girl was March,2020. So this happening to me today was definetly a confident boost for me to keep going.​TLDR: Consistence in approaching is key for you to not miss easy opportunites via /r/seduction
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datingadviceonreddit · 4 hours ago
i gotta say, approaching an attractive person in real-time compared to swiping left/right is night and day. A rejection to my face was 10x hurtful than being ghosted. About 10 minutes into the conversation her way of expressing her lack of interest was to tell me to go back to my table lol. Yikes.I'm not an expert in this field. Yeah, rejections suck; sucks terribly. But just think of it as a learning curve and/or in my case, a fun story to tell your friends at dinner. Unless you came off as a walking red flag, you just gotta laugh at the situation. You'll always wonder with the shoulda, woulda, coulda and the what if's unless you try again. Just think of rejections as what everyone else is experiencing and you're not alone.That's it. Good day everyone. via /r/dating_advice
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yakarmi · 4 hours ago
The true pinnacle of romance is getting someone to cuddle you and read to you in bed and NO I do not accept criticism.
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datingadviceonreddit · 3 days ago
I’ve been on 2 dates with this guy and like the title says we’re thinking about taking the next steps so I asked him the last time he has sex and the last time he was tested since we were on the subject of sex and he got mad at me and said that by me asking that it means I’m implying he’s dirty and he found it disrespectful. So I’m just wondering if I shouldn’t have asked and if I was being unnecessarily nosy? Or if it was a necessary question via /r/dating_advice
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seductionreddit · 3 days ago
Hey everyone, I’m an 18 y/o guy visiting Miami for a few weeks and I want to meet some girls while I’m here. I’m here without any friends nor family, and bars or clubs are a no-go since I’m under 21. Any ideas?Thanks! via /r/seduction
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seductionreddit · 3 days ago
Last time I shared my story about this girl who I really liked but it seems I dont have a chance because mostly all our conversations Im just the one carrying the topic. So the next few days I decided to show less effort in talking to her. Before, she replies days before I messaged her. And what she did to me days before replying I did to her. And maybe she noticed that Ive been cold lately, putting less effort, and does not reply immediately. At those times when Im not talking to her I just build my self up. Hit the Gym, do running outside, reading books and watch movies. Also im working to keep my self more busy. I put myself to have something to do. I think it is really true ones you stop giving effort they will notice. I noticed it when she always post pics of her, putting stories so that it may to catch my attention and reply to her. Also when I put a story in instagram she immediately replied to mg story. I still like her but now I realized I have so much room to improve on myself and not focus on chasing girls. Also not to be needy. If they dont give you attention then fine. Just keep yourself busy and build yourself up. I guess what I’ve read here on this sub really helped me. Now , shes the one putting effort on talking to me. . Thats my story. Thanks for the good advice here. Much appreciated via /r/seduction
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datingadviceonreddit · 3 days ago
Ok so I finally got the courage to ask this girl out at my job the best I could. Here's how it went"Hey you know that one place we talked about that Ive never been to?"Her: "oh yeah!" "Did you go?!"Me: "nah I was wondering if you wanted to go with me for my first time"Her: "haha yeah that would be fun ! "Me: "okay cool! When would be a good time?"Her: "ooo I got school and work for the next two weeks, so basically I won't be able to go anytime soon :((("What does this mean? Because I'm personally going with the fact that she just is trying to not turn me down and make things awkward at work, and is just doing a white lie so I can fuck off. But idk via /r/dating_advice
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mysticalhouseofcards · 3 days ago
Who in BTS are dating now?👀 Just for funsiee❤️
(& if any members do lots of love to them🤗)
Let's see 👀👀👀💗 :
Namjoon : NO
Seokjin : NO
Yoongi : NO
Hoseok : YES
Jimin : YES
Taehyung : NO
Jungkook : NO
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