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brysengus · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
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merthurglompfest · a day ago
Title: Secrets & Lies By:  LiGi / @little-ligi Gift for: lilacqueen / @oscarwildelife Rating: Teen and Up Word Count: 13,333 Warning(s): Canon-typical violence, swearing Summary: Arthur had finally put his finger on it. The thing that had made Merlin stand out, the thing that had intrigued him about the boy ever since the first time he’d met him. The thing that was going to get him killed… Merlin had magic. Not only had it, but used it freely all the bloody time. It was only a matter of time before someone saw him do it, and then they’d report him to the king and Merlin would be dragged out into the courtyard and executed. Well, not if Arthur had anything to do about it. Mid series one, Arthur, for once not being totally oblivious, discovers that Merlin has magic. The problem is, having magic gets people killed and Arthur very much prefers Merlin alive. It turns out making sure nobody sees Merlin do magic is rather a full-time job however... Link:
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bunivys · a day ago
happy six sentence sunday! from the fix it fic:
Eyes prick through the darkness, silver and all-seeing like the moon itself. They don’t blink as the survey the coven.
“Hounds,” Nick realizes beside Ambrose.
“Hecate’s messengers,” Ambrose says back. They aren’t like the hellhounds that skirt along Pandemonium, picking at the bones of the dead and suffering, answering only to the ruler of Hell. Hecate’s messengers are wispy, fur pale as they crawl out and are hit by the light, but pitch black when they are hidden in the shadows.
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hp-fanfic-archive · a day ago
Immortal Claim by ladyofsilverdawn Pairing: Harry/Severus Rating: E Word Count: 16k Harry needs Snape's cooperation to solve a case, but navigating vampiric culture and Snape's powerful allure proves more challenging than he anticipates.
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leorio99 · 2 days ago
the university i almost ended up going to keeps sending me emails begging me to transfer. like ok maybe you should have given me a scholarship then
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lavandar · 2 days ago
i can’t afford to go to the school i got into 😂😂
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reidyoulikeabook · 3 days ago
slow burns are the best thing in the world i love them ans i’m so excited for your series
... THANK YOU!! i have started planning things out 👀 and will keep things updated on how that goes/what i'm thinking of doing
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bodycountgame · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey! I just wanted to give an update on the current progress on Body Count.
Current wordcount: 25,323 Average playthrough: 10,376
We have a completed prologue and approximately half of chapter 1 complete! I’m still debating where I want to cut off the first demo (whether to cut it off half way through chapter 1 and release around 30k words, or wait until I have a full chapter), but I’m really pleased with what I have so far.
The prologue takes us through the process of MC being cast in the show, which I think is a nice opportunity to establish some details of their personality and motivations. Then, chapter 1 takes you through entering the villa for the first time and meeting a bunch of the other cast members. 
Since most of the prologue is spent with Charlie, who conducts MC’s casting interviews, I thought it’d be nice to share a sneaky peak at your first meeting with him: 
Tumblr media
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@aerequets owns my creativity now and I can’t stop thinking about this post she made so uh. Here’s my stab at a TDP x ML AU.
The elves are looking for two missing Miraculous, the jewels that are supposed to belong to the dragons which can bestow magic powers. Long ago, they were created using Dark Magic by humans, and they’re immensely powerful, both of which mean that the elves want it nowhere near the humans. (They were probably created using unicorn body parts but given how little we know about the unicorns in canon I’ll hold off from that.)
The Moonshadow elves send a very small, very elite force of spies to Katolis, where they believe the Miraculous are being kept. They come with the two most powerful: the Ladybug Earrings and Cat Ring.
Rayla, of course, is on this mission. Using her powers every night, she has to disguise herself with illusion magic.
She works as the royal tailor’s apprentice. Runaan is there too, but he doesn’t have a position in the castle, so she’s the one doing most of the spying itself.
The first day she goes into work, disguised as a human, she has both the Miraculous on her, just in case. After all, if their suspicions are correct and the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous are in the castle, she’ll need to be ready.
(Yes I know it doesn’t make sense for her to have both the Miraculous, shhhhh)
First thing in the morning, she meets one of the princes -- Callum.
Immediately, Callum takes a liking to her. She’s the only person in the castle his age -- there’s Claudia, who’s a year older than him, and Ezran, who’s a few years younger, but all of them have seemed somewhat removed from her.
She’s skeptical of him, of course. Why wouldn’t she be? He’s human, and humans are dangerous at best.
Until finally.... the Butterfly Miraculous holder releases an akuma.
(Side note: Who’s getting akumatized? I feel like it could be Soren, but maybe his akumatization could come later, because it’s not like Ivan is a super major character. The baker, maybe? I’m blanking on his name but the one who hates Ezran.)
She runs away from Callum, who has her trapped in conversation, to transform. In the process, she drops something -- the cat ring.
Callum doesn’t see where it came from, so he picks it up out of curiosity. Lo and behold, it’s a magical artifact.
Ladybug and Chat Noir (who I should probably give fancier, more medieval-European sounding names to) meet each other and immediately don’t like each other because of course they wouldn’t. She’s a blood-thirsty, evil elf, and he’s a power-hungry, stealing human!
But they’re both looking for the greater good, and they both want this akuma to stop attacking. So they work together.
Ladybug nearly gets crushed at some point, but just at the last moment, Chat Noir saves her.
After the battle is over, they talk.
Obviously, neither fully trusts the other. They both want the Miraculous but most importantly neither are willing to give them up.
There’s an unspoken agreement between them: First we get the Butterfly Miraculous, then we work this out.
But Rayla can’t stop thinking about the brave human who saved her for no reason, not even once she goes back to Runaan just to get chewed out by him.
And Callum can’t stop thinking about the mysterious tailor’s apprentice who disappeared right before he got his Miraculous. He suspects she might be related, but....
Bonus: other Miraculous holders
Butterfly!Viren doesn’t want to bring his wife back to life. He wants to give himself actual magic powers so he doesn’t have to resort to Dark Magic and she’ll come back.
Peacock!Claudia, obviously. But also.... Fox!Claudia?? (I mean.... she is Callum’s friend.......)
Turtle!Soren, obviously but also he’d vibe with the Monkey
I’m split between Bee!Ezran and Mouse!Ezran
Rabbit!Aanya. The girl was MADE for it. Not only would she be an excellent Rabbit Miraculous holder, but also it totally fits the color scheme.
And then all the characters who wouldn’t get a Miraculous in actual Miraculous on account of being adults but we’re gonna ignore that:
(They also probably wouldn’t get them in this AU for a variety of other reasons but. Again. Ignore.)
I wanna do Opeli, Harrow, and Janai too but it’s late and my brain isn’t functioning
Anyway show me bumbling Cat!Callum and Human!Rayla struggling to function around each other PLEASE
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theyregoodfics · 4 days ago
bad blind dates are a great excuse to hang out with the cute bartender. rating: 12/10
Dean Winchester and the Patron Saint of Blind Dates by @goldenraeofsun
Rating: Teen
Words: 18,000
Tags: Minor Ruby/Sam Winchester, Benny Lafitte & Dean Winchester Friendship, Dean Winchester Has Self-Worth Issues, Angst with a Happy Ending, Bartender Castiel (Supernatural), Minor Dean Winchester/Other(s), Alternate Universe - Human, Mutual Pining, Fluffy ending y'all, because i am weak, Blind Date
Dean Winchester's friends are a bunch of traitors. So he had a bad breakup two years ago and hasn't gotten back on the horse. Their intervention - a series of blind dates - can't be the solution.
But if this'll get his friends to stop, Dean can choke down over-priced spaghetti, make forced conversation, and drink whatever random cocktail the blue-eyed weirdo bartender makes for him next.
At least Cas has his back. One nod from Dean, and he'll swoop down from behind the bar and make excuses for Dean to bail. It would be a perfect system - except Dean can't stop trading knowing looks with Cas and focus on his damn dates instead.
if you love the fic, please give the writer some love via kudos/comments/reblogs. your support matters!
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buticanstilldream · 4 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Cora Hale, Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, Jackson Whittemore Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Werewolves Are Known, Kid Fic, Kindergarten Teacher Stiles Stilinski, Firefighter Derek Hale, Found Family, Foster Care, Adopted Children, Mutual Pining, no beta we die like men, Single Parent Derek Hale Summary:
The first time Derek sees Stiles, he’s sitting cross-legged next to a kiddie pool filled with floating plastic fish just outside the door of his classroom, clapping his hands along with the rest of the kids around him as a boy in blue reaches out with a net to scoop one up. There’s a sandbox on the other side of the door that kids are pawing through, nudging each other as they dig up magnetic letters, and through the door Derek can see the rest of the students sprawled across the room reading books.
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dameferre · 4 days ago
wip tag game!! tagged by @dickpuncher420
rules: post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and i’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! and then tag as many people as you have wips.
thanks for the tag but uhh also sorry in advance, my wip folder is Absolutely incoherent. & just so this is even slightly interesting, i’ll give you the word count as well
✨ zukka ✨
ambitious (11k)
someone shoot me (11k)
who am i really (25k)
epilogue (3.9k)
26 (2k)
i have a problem (9.9k)
✨ les amis (mainly courferre focused) ✨
who knows (10.9k)
let’s see (3.4k)
a safe place (5.5k)
gift! (2.5k)
penpals (11.6k)
lateschap (2.4k)
a pit of shame (11.4k)
ccpr (1.4k)
prcc (1k)
✨ nurseydex ✨
i have no words (8.6k)
i have too many wips to correspond to a set amt. of people so just gonna tag those i haven’t seen doing it yet, sorry if you’ve already been tagged @unacaritafeliz, @flitwickslittlebrotha, @montparnasse, @sebsketchs, @bleekay, @ducktollers and anyone else who wants to do this!
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 4 days ago
Mutual Butterflies
Author:  I_am_some1
Rating:  M
Status:  Completed in February 2021
Word Count:  19,226
Summary:  'You have one unread message...'"Man I'm so sorry for what happened at the office... y- I... I don't even know what to say I-... Like I said... if you need anything... Just- Please answer the phone, ok? We'll figure something out... we always do right? We're a team...Don't close yourself up..." *biiiip*
Tropes/Genre:  neighbors!Klaine, alternate meeting, angst, Kurt angst, future!fic
Lynne’s review:  A very interesting way of storytelling. I quite enjoyed this.
Read at:  AO3
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merthurglompfest · 5 days ago
Title: No One Can Keep a Secret Forever By: keeperofstories Gift for: @oxymoroniccat Rating: Teen and Up Word Count: 18,687 Warning(s): None Summary:  Arthur could almost forget that other side to himself, that side he had been taught made him weak and vulnerable, but a siege, a mix-up with his medication, and something strange happening with Merlin had him completely reevaluating how he sees himself. And Merlin.   Link:
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woodlesbian · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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