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thesappiestnap · 2 minutes ago
@mayhapskarlwillmarryme ima post all of them but in different posts so you don't have to wait >:}
nickname/pet names headcanons:
dream- you're his princess/prince/royal one. kitten as a joke but would actually use it if you liked it
sapnap- babe. baby girl/baby/baby boy.
george- i feel like he'd use "babe" and "dear" as a bit but then start using it unironically
quackity- for pet names, defers to spanish ones like hermosa or cariña usually, and if you're shorter than him, he takes full advantage of the -ito ending, adding it to your name and other pet names... basically, you're his little one :3
karl- dear, honey, sweetheart. you can't tell if he's joking anymore
wilbur- tbh i feel like he'd rarely use petnames seriously, preferring to show his affection in actions that words. but in the rare moments he does, he'll call you "my dear" and maybe even a cheeky "sweetheart"
niki- for some reason, i'm going to cry specifically imaging her calling you "my love" and giggling shyly, her face turning a little red and hiding behind her hands a little ;3;
techno- no. (he'd feel too awkward. he'd be like a cat that doesn't say he likes you but is constantly by your feet)
foolish- sharkbait
badboyhalo- my little muffin
skeppy- my man/my girl, dude (romantic), bro (romantic)
tommy- "oi, dickhead- nonono i'm joking i'm joking, please, darling, light of my life, come back"
ranboo- he calls you his beloved, obviously, but also likes calling you weird nicknames like "honey nut cheerio", "bagel bite", "my four cheese chalupa" just to see how you react to them
tubbo: i feel like he wouldn't really use pet names seriously, but will use them overdramatically as a bit and nothing is off the table. nothing.
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definitelykeithnow · 4 minutes ago
I want to get fit. Are there any LGBT+ friendly gyms in Brisbane, Australia? Preferably north side of Brisbane?
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gordonhikss · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I don’t like censorship but... 😎
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maxinities · 5 minutes ago
now i'm not saying euden is going to end up pulling a kh1 sora but euden is going to end up pulling a kh1 sora. there is absolutely no reason for dragalia lost to make alberius' sword a relative plot point if they weren't going to bring it back
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adamprrjsh · 5 minutes ago
bryde shut the fuck up challenge
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definitelykeithnow · 6 minutes ago
Top Surgery and Private health Insurance
If you want top surgery, and you can afford it, get health insurance.
I live in Australia and I have Medicare. I don't need health insurance!
WRONG. Medicare will cover some of the medical costs associated with transgender medical care (therapy, general medical care, ect) but not top surgery.
Well then which company should I go with?
Shop around a. lot. before deciding on the insurance company for you. Smaller companies tend to give you a better return on your money, so keep that in mind.
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bisquett · 6 minutes ago
Just a reminder that Anthony Mackie doesn't just exist to be Sebastian Stan's hypeman
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fireflier · 7 minutes ago
Yeah, it's honestly one of my most favourite stories I wrote!!! Also aaaaaaa I'm so sorry I didn't draw Jack, I took so many naps today and honestly I was just too worn out to draw!!! (/gen, again, sorry!!) -🌕 (❤️🎵)
aaa yes!! and NO it’s alright i promise !!!! really, don’t rush yourself, especially since you’re sick !! i swear i don’t mind, i’ll be happy whenever you do it :] /gen
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redlineoffate · 7 minutes ago
The day did not go well in the morning. First, Pepper brought him several stacks of documents that needed to be signed right now. Then the new Captain America сalled him multiple times once again, hoping for cooperation. It was annoying. After Steve disappeared, leaving him to deal with the aftermath of a second glove snap, Tony didn't want to deal with any Captains America.
Another bad thing awaited him at home. James Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, aka his parents' killers. Tony really wanted to throw him out on his home, not listening to any excuses. But something prevented him from doing it. Tony sighed heavily. It will be better if this topic is finally closed.
"I hope you haven't waited too long for me? Thanks to your friend Captain Icicle, I have to deal with all the mess on my own. Would you like something to drink?"
Tony pulled out a bottle of whiskey from the bar and poured it into two glasses. He took them and set them one down on the table in front of Barnes.
"To be honest, I did not expect that you would dare to come to me after what happened then. What kind of wind brought you to me?"
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Suite these are the funniest fucking tags I've ever gotten on Anything
Tumblr media
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quotesnerd · 11 minutes ago
Jackie: Hey, do you happen to know my blood type?
Marvin: Yeah. B positive.
Jackie: Well, I guessed wrong... Hey, doc?
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frauenzumchatten · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Testbericht - dating börsen test Auch mehr Flirtportal Seitenberichte:
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benevaletete · 12 minutes ago
Teenage me: antonio must be a top
Me now: antonio tends to be a lil sensitive puppy bottom uwu
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