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insomniumstella · 6 minutes ago
meant every word pt. 2
thor x reader
summary: literally just a part 2 to my ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss this time?:)
warnings: bad writing. i sat down with no intention to write this, but the words just kept spilling and spilling into my computer
word count: 1,588
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you like getting punched.” Natasha is looking down at her, a small smirk on her face.
“Shut it.” Y/n replies and in a couple swift seconds she’s back on her feet again. Noticing Natasha’s about to swing at her, she quickly moves out of her way and starts heading to the lockers.
“So you’re just going to walk out of here without saying what’s wrong?” The redhead shouts after her, confused at what has just happened.
“Yes.” Y/n shouts back, hearing some mumbled sentences Natasha keeps saying, but paying it no mind, she collects her belongings and disappears out of the gym completely.
The next time Natasha asks her what’s wrong it’s 2 days later and they’re getting ready for one of Tony’s parties. Wanda observes them from a distance, but doesn’t say anything, too interested at the scene that’s about to play out. Shoes and dresses are scattered all throughout y/n’s room, but neither of the girls bother picking anything up, as y/n rummages through her closet and pulls out more options. Handing Wanda a dress she thinks the witch would look good in, y/n takes off the previous dress she tried on and slips into a new one.
“I know you kissed Steve.” She says, observing herself in the mirror and holds up a pair of earrings to check if they match her look for the night. Natasha’s calm exterior doesn’t falter, as she keeps her cool under the stares of the two girls in front of her. Zipping Wanda’s dress, she grabs a lipstick and walks up to Natasha “I think this would look good on you.”
“Thank you. So do I.” y/n nods, leaning against her vanity table and examines Natasha’s expression; it’s static, calm, except for a very slight twitch in her mouth most wouldn’t notice. The spy is good at covering up her emotions.
Coming up from behind her, she inches near her ear “Don’t bother coming up with an excuse.” Pushing Natasha’s hair to the side, she grabs a necklace from one of the trays and starts putting it on for her “I know you broke the deal.” She whispers.
“That deal is stupid anyways.” Natasha turns around so they’re face to face.
“It wasn’t when I told you about Vis and I going on a date.”
Scoffing, Natasha breaks their eye contact to look at Wanda.
“Yes, because he’s a robot and I don’t like him.” Turning her head, Wanda examines Natasha’s reddened face and comes up to them, taking y/n’s hand and leading her out of the room.
“See you at the party.” Once they’re in the hallways, y/n can hear Wanda raging about Natasha and her opinions, but she doesn’t listen, thinking about her and Thor at the beach a few weeks ago. She wonders if he’ll be here tonight, but doesn’t get her expectations up as Thor left to Asgard as soon as they got back from the Bahamas.
“Ladies.” Steve nods at them once they enter the party. “Fashionably late as always.”
“Oh, Steve.” Y/n orders a drink from the bar and places a hand on his left shoulder “Try picking the perfect dress yourself.” She looks him up and down and smiles slightly “You wear the same outfit to every party.”
“That I do.” Steve laughs, taking a sip of his own drink. “Want to say hi to our beloved blonde?” He suggest.
“No one except for you likes Sharon.” She rolls her eyes, noticing Steve’s disappointed expression and pats him on the shoulder “Kidding, of course.” That part she says so low, it sounds like she’d be embarrassed if someone heard it.
“First of all, Sharon’s a great friend.” Steve sticks out his arm for y/n to wrap her hand around. “Second, I was talking about Thor.” Turning her head to the side, she notices the blonde, the one she actually likes anyways, and her breath stops for a moment. He looks rich and elegant, and for some weird reason y/n thinks he’d taste like the finest wine. He probably would, but that strange thought she pushes out her head as soon as it comes in. She holds tightly onto Steve as they walk up the god, hoping she doesn’t fall because of the high heels she’s wearing. Smiling at y/n’s slight wobble, Thor greets them.
“Hi.” He face looks so pure, so innocent, his body clad in a beautiful designer suit, Tony probably bought him for Christmas. Thor is in fact a god, but tonight he looks the part more than ever. “I can take it from there.” Thor laughs, putting his hand on the small of her back when she removes her hold on Steve. The three avengers chat for a while, but all y/n can focus on is how great the warmth of Thor’s hand feels against her body, how amazingly intoxicating his cologne smells and how he keeps pulling her closer to his own body, leaving little to no space between the two of them. “Would you mind going for a walk?” He blurts out when Steve leaves them to greet some important guests. She doesn’t say anything, nodding instead, and letting Thor lead her through the crowd into a large balcony. He closes the doors, when they step out into fresh air, and walk up to where y/n’s standing near the railings.
“The view from up here is fucking amazing.” She blurts out and turns her body to face Thor.
“Steve told me about his and Natasha’s kiss.”
“Must’ve been heartbreaking to hear they broke our team’s promise.” She laughs, but it comes out bitter and cold, almost as if she hopes Natasha’s listening. Thor ignores her reaction and leans against the railing. He doesn’t say anything for a while, switching his gaze from the city to his feet every few minutes. Once he does finally speak up, his voice is as loud and clear as thunder.
“It wasn’t. Actually, I felt relieved.”
She doesn’t know what has gotten into her, but before she can think over her words, y/n replies with “I wouldn’t feel relieved if someone broke my trust.” Thor catches her tactless words, and sights.
“You knew about this when we were in the Bahamas, didn’t you?”
“Before that, but yes.” Stepping closer to y/n, Thor’s face looks a mixture of emotions she couldn’t identify.
“Why didn’t you say something?” To that, she doesn’t have an answer.
She knows he expects her to say something, and the only thing she can come up with in the moment is “Didn’t think you’d care.” When she notices his little head tilt, she sighs, fixing Thor’s shirt slightly and turns her body back away from him. “I know you’re a man who sticks to his promises.”
He laughs softly. “That I am.” Placing his hand on her waist, he turns her body to face his. “But for you I’d be willing to break it.”
It’s both everything she’s wanted for a long time and everything she despises. “You know” she starts “the words break it leave a lot of room for interpretation.”
Pursing his lips together, he studies her face. Thor knows y/n is playing with him; he knows the closeness of their bodies is both reassuring and uncomfortable. Wrapping his other hand around her waist, he brings her closer. If she can toy with the man so can he. “Break Steve’s nose for betraying me, or” He sounds unsure of his words “leave the Captain alone, and break the deal instead.”
She smiles slightly. “It would be a sight to see you break his nose.” She says, which causes Thor to frown in confusion. “Kidding, of course.” Y/n trails off, but the next words to come out of her mouth are loud and clear. “Break the deal instead.” She repeats his own phrase back to him.
And even though Thor is always a man of his words, he doesn’t feel guilty for breaking the deal. He moves one of his hands to her neck, leans down, stopping once their faces are almost touching, and when he sees that y/n doesn’t pull back, he slowly kisses her. It seems as if time has stopped. This was their and only their moment. Y/n wasn’t the best person to know how dreams feel as she almost never experienced them, but if someone asked her what dreams feel like, she’d probably say they feel like Thor’s lips on hers. He didn’t taste of the finest wine, like she first thought he would; he tasted better. A taste of cherries of his tongue, his lips heavenly soft. Every breath Thor took smelled like y/n’s perfume, and for the first time since he’d known himself, he felt happy about breaking his promise. If the world around them would disappear that very second, neither would notice, too lost in each other, only separating to come back for air. Y/n’s hands tangled in his hair, both of Thor’s hands on her waist, bringing her closer and closer, till no space is left between. Thor was a good kisser too as she found out when their tongues danced together in perfect rhythm. If it wasn’t for the knock on the balcony’s door, they would’ve kept kissing, eventually disappearing from the party all together.
“It appears mister Stark wants us back at the party.” Thor chuckled once they finally pulled apart.
“It appears so.” Smiling for ear to ear, she offered Thor her hand. “Ready for Tony’s lecture about the importance of keeping your promises?”
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robinbag · 19 minutes ago
I'ts cold ✰ FW x Reader
Hey loves!! this is my first fanfic on here so i hope you enjoy :))
Summary: fred and the reader are best friends, but everyone can see they really are in love. every friday lots of the gryffindors (and you if you aren't gryffindor) have a games night in the common room. Fred and y/n are sharing the sofa and y/n wants to hug cause she is cold. i used she/her pronouns btw but i can make an nb or male version :)
warnings: swearing (probably not lots, but i do swear a lot whoops) lower case on purpose. unedited. just fluff really
"ok ok! be fucking quiet please!" george shouted as he stood on a chair in the middle of the room, as fun as game night was the first years would never shut up. y/n was in her sixth year (along with fred and george) and this year it was a important as ever for people to have a distraction... things were getting crazier and crazier by the day. "we're gonna play uni first cause we can and if you have a problem with it you can suck my cock" he shouted again "who the fuck would wanna do that besides angelina?" y/n yelled as she walked through the portrait hole with snacks from the kitchen, shortly followed by fred "and what took you two so long? snogging?" he retorted. you really regretted telling george you liked his twin, even though he was adamant fred shared your feelings, it was george. you couldn't always trust him with shit like this. but before you could answer his question fred dead panned "yup real good kisser too" and even though the entire common room knew he was being stupid, you still heard whispers saying things like "knew it" or "do you think they really did?" and you smiled innocently at george "he's not wrong though, i am a great kisser" but before any more snarky comments could be made hermione butted in "are we gonna play?" and with that you and fred sat down on the usual sofa you occupied on a friday evening. you were very comfortable sitting there with a blanket over the two of you and your head in his shoulder but you wanted more than anything to snuggle up with him- platonically of course. "uno bitches" y/n said with a smirk, fred loved it when you did that. you were so competitive yet so happy, it made him happy too. it was so cold in the common room, the fire was roaring (as were the teenagers in it) and blankets were spread around the room but it was still so cold. after a couple rounds of uno and cards against humanity, you all moved on to monopoly-the funniest and most competitive game amongst the young gryffindors. there were many "for fucks sake!" and "you slag" mostly coming from y/n although the best insult was by far "you left legged giraffe!!" yet another y/n special. and after the very aggressive game everyone started playing truth or dare- but y/n decided to sit that one out. it's not that she isn't daring, but they got truth potion and she didn't wanna risk anything. fred was lying on the sofa by this point, his legs leaning on yours, but not for long. you got up and he pouted, but then you gave him a hug and started laying on the sofa with him, cuddling up to him. "for a very aggressive and feisty midget you really like cuddles" he chucked and you glared at him "i don't like cuddles. i like your cuddles" you mumbled into his neck and he smiled, and not one of those weird smiles out of awkwardness, it was a genuine soft smile that made him feel warm inside. "fred it's your turn!" george yelled at the both of you "i'm good" he says as he stroked your hair and the two of you sat like that for hours. "i'm cold" y/n mumbled, she hated the cold with a passion "it's a good job i don't plan on moving then" fred softly whispered as he pulled another blanket from the arm chair next to them and wrapped it around the two of them. at this point no other people were in the common room and it was just the peaceful friends, just how they liked it. "so um- yanno that yule ball thing coming up" fred said nervously as y/n nodded her head "wanna go with me" he said quietly, almost quiet enough for you to not hear it. almost. "of course you dummy" but he wad worried you misunderstood "like as more than friends" he said, yet again so quietly. "yeah" she smiled as she tucked her face into the crook of his neck "wait really? cause i really like you y/n" this just made you happier "i like you too freddie" the two were so content.
"so..." you said, a little nervous "wanna go on a walk?" it was the next day and you wanted to have some alone time with fred, and to figure out what you two were. "yeah just gimme a sec" and with that he ran up the stairs, and the. back down handing you one of his jumpers "you might get cold" he said with a smile. you held hands and walked out of the castle and around the grounds of the castle "i was just wondering" you began "what are we?" she smiled softly when he chuckled, although part of her was nervous "well i'm hoping this might answer that" and with that he kissed you. it was soft, and you couldn't be happier, all was peaceful. "be my girlfriend?" he said as he pulled away and you nodded. you were so happy.
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hanleiaarchive · 20 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars Legends - All Media Types Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Leia Organa/Han Solo Additional Tags: Dreams and memories Summary:
Short, fluffy story
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katsukismrs · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; "i can't believe what i did for love" — in which sero hanta has hurt you many times, yet you love him and will stick by his side, no matter what.
warnings: toxic relationship, established relationship, cheating, angst, swearing — thats all i think !!
jfc this is so rushed !!
𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙣𝙚𝙬..
Tumblr media
you stared at sero from the mirror, biting you lip trying to find comfort in this uncomfortable situation. no matter how many times he fucked you over, you went crawling back to him — mina put that into your head and now you couldn't stop thinking about it.
you remember your first argument.
you had both been screaming and shouting at each other over something stupid. you followed him all the way to his dorm, screaming at him until he slammed the door in your face, locking it. you continued to scream, shout and bang on the door until you couldn't — so you sat outside his dorm room, fat tears rolling down your cheeks.
eventually he let you in, whispering words of comfort as he say you in his lap, rocking you back and forth. telling you how much he loved you and how he wouldn't do what he did again.
you think back to another time sero had hurt you, the first time he cheated on you. he had kept it secret from you, causing you to get weird stares and looks of pity as you walked through school the next morning. it seems as if, everyone knew, but you.
you walked to your class, feeling intimidated by the stares you received until you were confronted by kirishima, "y/n! are you okay?" his eyes scanning your figure as you looked between him and his companion, bakugo.
"why wouldn't i be okay?" you asked, quirking your brow. you watched as bakugo's eyebrows furrowed in question, before kirishima looked back at him in horror. "now that i think about it, people have been giving me weird looks all morning, is something going on?"
kirishima gulped and bit his cheek figuring out whether he should tell you or not. "you should really ask sero," he rushed trying to walk away from you, hoping that you would just ask your boyfriend and mot get him involved.
"hey! why can't you tell me?" you pouted, dragging him back to you by his arm. kirishima was visibly panicking now, causing you to frown.
"it's really not my place to say, n/n, please just ask sero," he smiled at you uncomfortably.
"i'm sure it's not that b-"
"kirishima is obviously uncomfortable with telling you, dumb ass! just go look for your shitty boyfriend and ask him what happened. you can come find us after," bakugo interrupted your interrogation, stepping in for his friend, before walking off with him muttering under his breath.
you frowned, yet did as you were told and found, sero. “babe, what’s going on,” you spoke up seeing his black mullet, leaning against his locker. “people have been giving me weird looks all day and—” you cut yourself off, seeing him kissing another girl, “oh.”
he pulled away, his eyes half lidded as he turned to you. his eyes widened and the girl next to him let out a squeak, running off. “n/n,” he breathed, rubbing the back of his neck an awkward smile falling onto his face.
you walked off, ignoring him all day until he offered you your favourite things, begging for you to talk to him— and who were you to say no? you loved him.
it hurt to think back on the times he did you dirty, it hurt thinking of all the scars you let him cause — all because you loved him? you sighed, “hanta,” you called out to him, he looked up at you through your mirror.
his pretty, black eyes drew you in. they reminded you of all the arguments, all of the fighting. they reminded you of the times you’d pick yourself up, dust of the comments and pity people through your way, how you’d just throw yourself back into sero’s arms.
“what is it, baby?”
“i love you,” you smiled at him. you’d do it all over again, because you love him.
Tumblr media
𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙣𝙚𝙬..
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jacobsbrainrot · 38 minutes ago
as a family, dream
IN WHICH dream and you both enjoy family time with sebastian and kai
PAIRING cc!dream x fem!reader
WARNINGS swearing & a happy f-family🤢
NOTE kai uses they/them and sebastian uses he/him pronouns grr dad dream!!
Tumblr media
    CLAY AND YOU BOTH SAT on the creme-colored couch, you both had work and came home to relax and enjoy some time together, the kids as well. "mom, seb's on my laptop, watching porn again!" kai's voice rang from what sounded to be just above the stairs to the second level of the house, they were fifteen now, time flies when you're at your happiest.
your husband ran a hand through his recently-cut hair with a sigh, picking up the plates from the coffee table walking them into the kitchen, and sitting them in the sink. he mumbled swears under his breath, padding up the stair with loud footsteps.
the sound of your son's bedroom door opening and shutting quickly, made you get up as well going into kai's room, they laid sprawled on their bed, phone in hand scrolling through whatever social media they used these days. "your brother is such a damn handful" you groaned laying down next to them on the mattress.
"so is your husband" they huffed locking their phone, laying it face down on the navy blue comforter, they didn't love clay but they didn't hate him either, kai didn't know their biological dad, but they fought with clay quite a bit
you tried your best to change the subject, but before you could get the question out kai cut you off, "did you ever have a girlfriend, mom? before dad and clay, of course" they asked, glancing in your direction. it's been a while since you've been asked that question.
"um- yeah. maybe when i was around thirteen, a little younger than you i'm sure" you spoke, the whole family knew about your sexuality, you liked girls, boys,  anything and everything in between. when you were in middle school, you thought you were bisexual, and even more so when you met a girl who absolutely rocked your entire world.
"what was her name?" kai continued to bombard you with questions, "that's not important." you replied when she broke up with you, it felt like your entire world had ended, she was the only source of happiness you had, but being from two different places and only meeting over the internet was difficult, and it really strained on your guy's relationship and she had met someone else and liked them better than she liked you and sent you a message that read, "things are weird between us now, and someone likes me and i like them too, sorry. i hope we can still be friends" you didn't stay friends, all communication cut off.
it hurt a lot, but life went on. if you stayed with her maybe you wouldn't be as happy as you are now, with two kids and a husband that loves you dearly. "it was great while it lasted" you smiled over at her. your eyes scanned kai's room, the l'manberg ( clay had given both sebastian and kai their own after telling them stories about the old minecraft server he used to run. ) and the pansexual flag hung side by side, kai was proud of who they were and you were almost more proud of their courage to come out to you back when they were confused and questioning.
"is there any particular reason you ask, love?" you asked, they never really asked questions like this, there no issues you were simply curious. "there's- there's this girl in my social studies class, and god mom, she's so pretty and nice" kai practically swooned, a cheesy smile etched on their face. they continued babbling on about this girl, you could tell how much kai liked her. "you're very loveable, i'm sure she feels the same" the compliment made the small on their face grow even bigger, you were boosting their confidence and you could tell.
"how about you and clay-" at the mention of his name they groaned, hands covering their face, "let me finish, he's good at picking out stuff like that, I, on the other hand, am not. plus, you two can bond and not have to deal with seb for like, a full day." you finished, kai perked up at the mention of not dealing with sebastian."fine, only because you're keeping the demon spawn."
you got up from the spot you were laying and reached for kai's hands, when they complied, you pulled them up to you, "now, let's go watch a movie together. as a family!" you were excited, kai clearly wasn't, but they'd get over it eventually. flipping the switch on their room's light, they headed down the stairs while you went to knock on sebastian's room door.
muffled words were heard through the door and you took that as an opportunity to walk in, the door, "hey." clay breathed out a tight-lipped smile present on his features, the conversation they were having was probably something stupid about how to hide porn on computers. you knew the many stories about how clay, sapnap, and george had watched shit like that together on their pcs years ago.
"kai and I are gonna pick a movie to watch, maybe some popcorn. care to join us?" your eyes glanced between the two of them. sebastian jumped up from his bed, nodding and squeezing between you and his door frame.
another sigh left clay as he stood up from where he was sitting as well, his arms wrapped around you, pulling you into him, "this kid has a porn addiction" he smiled against the nape of your neck, breathing in the smell of you. you chuckled running your nails along his shoulder blades, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" you smirked as he looked at you feigning offense. his hand came to his chest, he jokingly scoffed and stomped out of the room. you folling behind him.
overdramatic as usual, absolutely nothing new. the rest of the night you all spent together laughing at the movie and at each other. after two and a half movies, you all decided to call it a night. you made sure everything was turned off and made a mental note to wash the dishes in the morning.
peeking your head into kai and seb’s room, whispering ‘goodnight’ and ‘i love you’ and went to clay and you shared room.
the mattress was damn near calling your name at this point. clay was already on the bed, scrolling through his phone, most likely twitter, he still did the whole youtube thing. he had done a face reveal a few years before sebastian was born.
his fans loved you entire family, and requested vlogs pretty often, you had recorded a few times, but posted them on your youtube account rather than clay’s. you were very grateful for the support from them.
he looked up at the door, locking eyes with you, and a warm smile took over his face. he opened his arms for you, you reluctantly crawled into bed and snuggled up close to him.
“i enjoyed tonight” you mumbled truth be told, you didn’t hang out all together very often, kai didn’t like clay too much and sebastian was a too busy playing video games or watching porn on electronics that didn’t belong to him.
“me too, love. me too.”
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jiraiyadeus · 48 minutes ago
Imagine Loki - Livro favorito
Tumblr media
A torre Stark estava borbulhando como sempre, com o sol da manhã iluminando tudo através das paredes de vidro.
Empolgada, mal conseguia conter o sorriso bobo enquanto apertava o botão no elevador. Apesar da caixa de metal ser espaçosa, estava cheia de agentes com suas papeladas falando em seus comunicadores.
Dei outra olhada na linda capa do meu livro antes de aperta-lo contra o peito novamente, em completa certeza de que chegaria são e salvo para apresentá-lo aos Vingadores.
Steve sempre perguntou sobre as histórias contemporâneas, sorri ao pensar como ficariam felizes que finalmente o terminei -de novo- e estaria disposta a emprestar meu pequeno tesouro quando as imensas portas do elevador se abriram.
Toda a torre era de tirar o fôlego, mas esse é meu lugar favorito. Sua tecnologia transbordava das mesas e telões exibindo os projetos mais fantásticos, com os membros mais importantes pelos corredores. Continuei minha jornada passando pelos projetos de novas armaduras e laboratórios com substâncias coloridas até a enorme sala de reunião dos Vingadores.
Dei mais uma olhadinha em meu peito antes de entrar em silêncio. Estavam todos sentados numa mesa oval prestando atenção em Tony que explicava algo importante, atrás estavam alguns gráficos e anotações.
— Precisamos acabar com essa organização. Isso vai terminar o mais rápido possível, não se desviem do plano e nos vemos em algumas semanas. -O vingador se afastou da mesa, exatamente como previsto a reunião terminaria agora. Me aproximei enquanto todos recolhiam seus pertences.
—Bom dia pessoal! Olha! Eu trouxe o livro que prometi! -ergui a capa para eles, mostrando meu livrinho favorito.
— S/n não é a hora certa, depois tudo bem? - Natasha murmurou, sem dar muita atenção. Observei Clint sair sem nem dizer nada.
— Mas... combinamos isso semanas atrás... -comentei baixinho, tentando disfarçar minha frustração.
— Podemos ver isso outra outra hora, S/n. As coisas ficaram urgentes. -Disse Steve, me dando uns tapinhas nas costas antes de ir. Mais da metade ja tinha ido embora, apressada.
— Até logo S/n. -Bruce acenou parecendo tão sem graça quanto eu, antes de encostar a porta por último.
Suspirei, admirando a cidade fervilhando de pessoas e carros. Eu não deveria me sentir tão chateada, eles estão cuidando das pessoas, tem coisas mais importantes que um livro estúpido. Continuo repetindo isso na minha cabeça numa tentativa de parecer menos triste.
— Ei S/n! -Tony voltou, esticando sua cabeça entre a brecha na porta. — Não se esqueça de vigiar o Loki.
— Claro, senhor Stark. -ele deu uma piscadinha e sumiu novamente. Olhando o sofisticado relógio ja estava até atrasada 2 minutos, então voltei ao grande elevador, apertando os botões do subsolo desta vez.
Diferente do penúltimo andar, o subsolo era mais simples, focado em enormes portas de aço com senhas elaboradas e cartões de acesso. O número de seguranças era dobrado, e o de armas também.
E lá estava o Deus da trapaça. Preso em sua enorme cela com vidros reforçados que seria do Hulk, primeiramente. Assim que as portas se abriram, o mais alto exibiu um familiar sorriso debochado.
— Olá, querida. Fiquei com saudades... -ele se aproximou.
— Não seja idiota Loki, eu estou aqui desde o início. Deixada de fora das missões porque preciso vigiar o Deus chifrudo! -Bufei, sentando na cadeira, pronta para mais um turno.
—Algum vingador precisava assumir a tarefa, não é mesmo? Tenho sorte que tenha sido você. -o moreno, diferente de mim, parecia com bom humor e notou rápido um objeto incomum acima da mesinha.
—Trouxe um presente para mim? -inclinando a cabeça para ler o título escrito na lombada  —Nunca ouvi falar desse.
— Não é presente nenhum! Mantenha-se bem longe do meu livro! -Loki me olhou surpreso.
— Se é tão importante oque esta fazendo aqui?
— Vou empresta-lo aos Vingadores.
— Mesmo assim, por que o trouxe aqui agora? -o Deus arqueou uma sobrancelha. Quase podia ver as engrenagens rodando em seu cérebro. Mas eu não podia dizer a ele sobre o mal entendido de meia hora atrás, muito menos da missão que me deixaria como única vingadora na Torre por alguns dias.
— Não importa. -murmurei, tampouco querendo tocar no assunto. Estava decidida a ignora-lo hoje.
— Se iria emprestar, deve ser bom. Qual a sinopse? - Quando não respondi, Loki deu umas batidinhas no vidro chamando atenção para o grande bico em seu rosto. Tão fofo, que levantei da cadeira e fui em sua direção.
Encostei parte da capa no vidro e ele se abaixou um pouco para ler a sinopse sozinho. Seus olhos verdes iam e voltavam acompanhando as linhas antes de se fixar nas meus.
— Parece uma história muito interessante. -sorriu de canto.
Afastei a capa do vidro e me virei de volta, escondendo o sorrisinho de ao menos uma pessoa ter reconhecido o potencial da minha história. Mas então me sentei séria na cadeira, passando as próximas horas decidida à ignora-lo.
Quando finalmente terminei meu turno, ja estava começando a anoitecer e entraram cinco guardas para cobrir meu lugar. Normalmente, o tempo passava entre minhas conversas com o Deus da mentira. Hoje, no silêncio, estava mais cansada e com dor de tantas horas na mesma posição como se o tempo tivesse passado mais devagar. E esse estresse não foi embora.
Com horas de filmes assistidos, refeições, exercícios, meditação e até uma corrida noturna, nada parecia me tirar uma sensação de inquietação e falta de sono, e foi as 3 horas da manhã que descobri oque tinha de errado: esqueci meu livro.
Precisava ir buscá-lo então troquei para um roupa decente e tirei o carro da garagem, dirigindo tranquilamente pelo trânsito vazio iluminado pelos postes e faróis, com alguns bares também abertos.
Apesar de durante a madrugada a Torre ser notavelmente calma, ela nunca foi totalmente vazia. Os corredores estavam mais livres, mas alguns agentes ainda trabalhavam em suas mesas até tarde, e os seguranças cumpriam seu dever. Sem disputa pelos elevadores, foi até mais rápido voltar a cela de Loki, onde havia o esquecido na mesa.
Quando as portas se abriram, Loki estava deitado na cela, sem dizer nada. Os seguranças se olhavam entre si de forma confusa.
— Esqueceu alguma coisa? -perguntou um.
— Eu... -a mesa estava vazia. Imediatamente me ocorreu que se soubessem de qualquer objeto pessoal aqui, estaria ferrada. Tony arrancaria minha pele.
— Vou fazer algumas horas extras. -contornei.
— Deveria ter avisado antes, é o protocolo. - Informou outro.
— Eu sei, mas não imaginei... qual é, vocês não querem uma folga? -Rapidamente os guardas acenaram em concordância e me entregaram o posto com facilidade apesar dos olhares desconfiados.
Assim que todos deixaram o corredor, e eu estava à sós com o Deus da trapaça, fechei a cara.
— Onde esta? -exclamei, apontando para mesa vazia.
— Onde esta oque? -perguntou ele, com a maior cara de pau. Me aproximei de sua jaula, batendo forte no vidro. Ja sentia o nervosismo subindo pelo meu sangue. Realmente quer
— A limpeza só vem amanhã e os guardas nem sabiam de nada, realmente quer jogar esse jogo? -Imediatamente sua ilusão deitado desapareceu e o verdadeiro Loki se mostrou de pé. Seus dedos apontaram para a mesa, e ao me virar, ali estava meu pequeno amontoado de páginas.
— Seu idiota -quase rosnei. Voltando para conferir, lá estava ele do jeito que deixei. Sem folhas amassadas, rasgos ou qualquer rasura.
— Se comprometeu em outro turno só por isso? Acho que consigo entender, é um dos melhores livros que ja li na vida. Me arrisco à dizer que é um dos melhores em Midgard.
Arregalo os olhos me virando na hora, um misto de surpresa, raiva e alegria passavam pela minha cabeça. Loki agora esta com as mãos para trás, divagando sua opinião tranquilamente.
— Oque? Você...?
— Sim. E é fantástico. O plot no final foi muito bem construído, não acha? -comentou. Por mais raiva que estivesse subindo ao meu sangue, não consegui conter o sorriso que estampou meu rosto. Mas então um pensamento pior ocorreu em minha mente.
— Como fez meu livro passar pela jaula?
— Vamos fazer um acordo, eu não revelo nenhum dos meus truques, e também não conto que você esqueceu qualquer coisa aqui dentro. -ele piscou seus olhos verdes para mim.
— Esta tudo bem, S/n -Loki continuou.- Agora que ja se comprometeu em ficar aqui, vamos conversar. Estava louco pela sua volta.
— Conversar sobre oque? - arqueei a sobrancelha. Uma espécie de sentimento reconfortante se instalava em mim.
— Você sabe sobre oque. -convidou, e não resisti em arrastar minha cadeira o mais perto possível de sua cela para me acomodar confortavelmente do outro lado do vidro.
Eu posso estar muito ferrada depois, mas agora uma noite com meus personagens favoritos em pauta e os olhos verdes de um certo deus pareciam bem seguros. Pelo menos, só por essa noite.
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mairons-hope · 49 minutes ago
Awkward flirting between Mairon and Melkor( ft thuringwethil)
Mairon walked over to the kitchen as the morning has officially begun in Angband. He wore a simple ruby red silk robe with a angband slippers, his red hair tied in a messy bun. Melkor had been making blood tea for them as he glanced at the young maiar. Mairon hadn't cared or even noticed that his lord had been checking him out as he got the mugs from the nearby cabinet. Melkor stird in the last ingredient of his tea, turning his eyes away from the redhead as Mairon looked over his shoulder. Once Melkor was finished stirring the tea he let whoever was in the kitchen that the tea was ready. Mairon placed the cups in front of his lord with a small smile, glad to have such delicious drink in the early hours. Thuringwethil had come there to have a cup of tea too, but her eyes looked from melkor to Mairon and she knew they were crushing on each other silently. Melkor poured the tea for whoever wanted some then set the kettle on the fire top. Mairon looked around then spoke, " Honey?" Melkor had a faint blush on his cheeks as the redhead looked at him. " Yes?" the valar replied in a nervous tone. Mairon then rolled his eyes at the lord then pointed to the honey jar, " I need the honey." The vampire watched quietly at them from the other side of the table. " Sugar?" Melkor said then Mairon perked up," Yes?" Melkor blinked then pointed to the tray with the sugar on it, "I...I need the sugar." Mairon raised a brow but gave the jar of sugar to his lord. " You need a room is what you both need. You're so gay for each other." Thuringwethil mumbled to herself as the two msles glanced at one another as they heard what the vampire said.
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ickyjiki · an hour ago
ok so im gonna try to get my piece for ko's mermay event done by next monday and then i'll have bee's summer collab up in the same week.
as for the rest of this week: make out headcanons or nanami drabble
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lunonox36 · an hour ago
I wrote a Kageyama x Reader Oneshot because of this:
Tumblr media
I don't like it ಠಗಠ
T. Kageyama: "We're dating now love you bae"~
It was a normal day for you. You went to school. You learned. You talked with your friends. But then you saw this boy. A first year, black hair, pretty face and all in all very handsome. 
So without further ado you walked to the boy after you said to your friends "Watch and learn!" in a sassy tone. He stood beside a little red or orange haired boy and two tall boys. One of them has green or brown hair and the other was blonde. With every step you took your grin grew bigger.
You stopped right infront of him and moved your arm so that you could give him a high five and said loud "High five!". He was startled and didn't know what to do. He was just helpless standing inches away from you with a confused expression and you thought that was really adorable and funny. Then the tiny boy whispered something in his ear and the black haired boys eyes widen. Quickly he reached his hand out and gave you a high five. 
But you wouldn't be you if that was all. So you laced your fingers together and said "We're dating now love you bae". After that you just walked away and talked to your friends who were lauging beacause of what happend. The first year boy just stood freeze in spot and was cunfused.  He couldn't move because he was shockend and the other three laughed at him.
After that you never really talked to the boy or got his name but every time you saw each other in school he said "Hey bae" even when the first times he said that he blushed hard. But on one day a week before your graduation the boy who now was a second year gave you a little paper that said "meet me behind the volleyball gym after school". So of course you went behind that gym after school and met him there.
"Hello...bae" he sad a little shy what you thought was very cute. You came closer to him and he said fast "I think I like you! You are really cool and nice and you look really pretty. Everytime I saw you in the halls I just had to greet you but I never had the guts to really talk to you. But since the first day that I saw you were you interwinde our fingers I had a crush on you". You were a bit surprised by his confession and were overwhelmed but of course you returned the feelings. But you were a little sassy so you said "Could I atleast know your name before I answer to your cofession bae?". He stutterted out "Kageyama Tobio" and you laughed a little and then took his hand intervined your fingers with his and whispered in his ear "we're dating now love you...Tobio".
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imnotusedtobeingloved · an hour ago
REQUESTED BY: @lazypeachsoul​
Tumblr media
f - feelings (they see someone else confess their feelings to their s/o. what do they do? would they intervene?)
It was agony.
The prospect of spending the entire evening on Asgard, in a throne room filled with people dancing and laughing under the shining lights of the chandeliers, might not have been everybodys nightmare, but it sure was Loki's. Especially because this wasn't just any ordinary occasion.
It was Thor’s birthday.
Which meant he did not only have to participate, no.
He had to be nice to his buffon of a brother.
"Loki!" he could hear the god of thunder yelling with his booming voice. He barely had the time to roll his eyes before an arm, as thick as the trunk of a tree, was slung around his shoulders. "Are you enjoying yourself brother?" Thor grinned, his breath carrying the smell of mead.
"Get off me, you mewling quim!" Loki grunted shrugging his arm off, careful not to get any drops of the drink in Thor’s hand to spill on his black suit. "Oh come on, brother! Eat, drink and enjoy the feast! It is my birthday after all."
"Happy birthday." Loki bit, grabbing a glass from a passing servant and drowing it’s content in one gulp. Thor laughed, giving him a strong pat on the back that almost left him chocking on the liquid. In all honesty, Loki had no idea how old his brother turned today, but then again he wasn't sure if any of the other attendants knew. Including the God of Thunder himself.
"You know, i was thinking," Thor started and Loki had to hinder an 'oh gods' from passing his lips. "about what we should do about those fairies in the blah blah blah blah blah..." Somewhere along the lines of Thor's grand imaginations Loki always lost track. So instead of listening to him blubber about, he busied himself with searching the the big hall for your silhouette.
Eventually he caught a glimpse of you near the dancefloor, wasting no time to leave Thor in your favor. Loki took a step back, leaving a convincing clone in his place and circled around his brother who would be occupied with his good-looking replacement for quite a while.
He made his way through the masses and Thor’s drunk companions, desperate to reach you, only to spot that someone else had made it to your side first. Loki did not bother to remember his name, but the man looked familiar. The eyes of the nobles had been onto you all night, as a mortal amongst them was quite the unusual thing to see, tough there had been no bad comments towards you.
Partially because everyone knew you to be involved with the God of Mischief, and partially because some found the differences quite interesting.
Too interesting apparently, Loki thought and grumbled as he saw the poor fool expressing his interest to you. In wide strides he crossed the room, looming behind you like an intimidating shadow until the noble started to stutter under his sight. The change in the man’s demeanor caused you to pause, turning around to see what was the matter.
“Loki!” you exclaimed happily upon seeing him and had the God smiling like an idiot. When it came to you there wasn’t much effort needed to comfort him, but with the tension leaving his body the man opposite to him also seemed to get too relaxed for Lokis liking. He wanted to enjoy your company and he wanted to enjoy it alone.
“Hello darling.” he purred, pulling you close and hugging you to his chest. Over your shoulder he shot the man a glare who already set to excusing himself, but Loki wouldn’t let him get away with it that easily.
For that the tousled, chin-long hair on the nobles head looked far too tempting.
WIth a weave of his hand the strawberry blond strands turned into snakes of the same color, quite similar to those silly little tales of that serpent-headed gorgon the mortals liked to tell, Loki imagined. Medusa was her name, he reminisced as the man started yelling over the hissing and sizzling of the animals around his face.
“What was that?” You asked, muffled against the fabric of his suit. But once you looked back, the man was gone.
“Nothing, darling.” Loki persuaded.
“But i heard—”
“Don’t worry your pretty little head about that. Now would you mind stealing some time away from this party? I have been dying to get you alone all night and i’ve had quite enough of socializing for today.”
Loki sighed in relief when you agreed, kissing the crown of your head. Thor could stretch the festivities until dawn for all he cared. While they would  pile on top of each other, he would get to sink into your arms. And you bet he did not loosen his grip on your waist until the two of you were truly by yourselves.
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schreibertc · an hour ago
Ray being possessive towards you. (Mistress)
Tumblr media
You had been Ray mistress for a little while now. You would both see each other whenever he needed to get all of his problems out of his head and when he felt like distracting himself with something else than alcohol. Neither you or Ray had feelings for each other, but he was very possessive towards you.
It was Saturday afternoon and you were getting ready for your best friend's birthday party that was supposed to happen in the evening, but you always liked to be there a little bit earlier than anyone else.
You walked to your wardrobe and took out the Chanel bag that contained Ray's newest gift. It was a beautiful black dress with details made out of lace on the cleavage. It was short, but very elegant and sexy at the same time.
When Ray had surprised you with it, he had made you promise that you would never wear it in other occasions than for when you guys would meet up. And you had agreed...
But today was so special, and Ray would know nothing about it. You bit your lip and after a few minutes of looking at yourself in the mirror with the dress in front of your body, you finally decided you'd wear it, only for tonight.
Once you were totally ready, you checked yourself out in the mirror one last time and smiled as you applied the final touch: a deep red lipstick. You smiled to your reflection and headed out.
You started walking through the streets of Los Angeles, as you didn't feel like riding the bus today. The weather was amazing, so why not walk?
You looked straight in front of you as you didn't want to trip because of your high heels and walked proudly as you felt so beautiful.
Suddenly, you heard a loud noise and a car stopped right in front of you, in the middle of the street you were about to cross. You would have been scared if you had not recognized his car... Ray's.
You gulped as he lowered his tinted window. He had a serious expression on his face as he made a move with his fingers, indicating you to step closer. Once you were at the level of the door, he turned his attention back to the road. "Get in." He said on a serious tone.
"Ray, I can't. I need to-" You wanted to go on, but he cut you off. "Don't make me say it twice, Y/N." His eyes were still on the road. You sighed and looked around before to enter his car.
As soon as you sat on the passenger seat, he started driving again, until he reached an abandoned part of the big city. A place where only weird people would come, but at least, he knew nobody would recognize him there.
He stopped the car and made a move with his hand, pointing the dress. "I thought we had a deal." He turned his head to look at you.
"Listen Ray, I'm sorry it's-" The man didn't seem to want apologies right now. "Who are you going to see, huh?" He asked you.
You shook your head as you understood he thought you had a date. "I'm going to my friend's party. And I'm running late." You said, knowing you'd have to make up an excuse as no one knew about you and Ray.
Ray looked at you up and down. "We're going back to your house, you're getting changed." He was completely serious. You frowned and shook your head. "I'm la-"
You were about to finish your phrase when Ray pressed his lips against yours, making you shut up. Your heart started beating faster as his hand lay on your cheek. Now, you could only hear your heart pounding into your ears and the noise of his watch ticking every second.
He kissed you passionately, forcing the entrance of your mouth with his tongue. You could feel yourself getting wet and thought he could fuck you there, as a punishment, but instead, he just pulled away and looked into your eyes as his hand wrapped around your thigh.
"You are mine. I bought you this dress so that you could wear it for when we have dates. Not for a fucking stupid birthday party." His voice was low and you could totally feel threatened if the fact he was talking to you like that didn't wet your panties the way it did.
He sat up again and started the car. "If you wear it again, I will not let you cum for a month." He turned around to drive out of the abandoned place and back into the city. "I will fuck you, until I feel you're close. Then I will stop everything I'm doing until your body hurts with frustration." He looked through his window so that he could smirk without you seeing it.
You bit your bottom lip and nodded. "Yes Ray."
"Great, now we're going to your flat so you can get changed." He said, not even asking for your opinion.
Once you arrived at your flat, Ray got inside with you. As soon as you both walked through the door, he pushed you against the wall, unbuckled his belt and within a minute, he was shoved deep inside of you.
His thrusts were so intense and rough, as always. His forehead was resting against your neck as he fastened his pace. It didn't take him long to empty himself deep inside of you in a bestial groan. You smiled and caressed his short hair. "Don't change your panties and don't clean yourself." He whispered into your ear. "It'll be your punishment. Next time, you'll think twice about what you're doing."
After pulling out, Ray made sure you didn't get ready of your panties where your wetness was mixed with his thick cum.
Ray dropped you off at your friend, reassured that you had changed and that you had been punished for what you had done.
SO GUYS! What did you think about this one?! I can't help it, Ray inspires me so much for some great smut! 😅
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ereri-lost-and-found · an hour ago
Do you have recomemdations for unrequited love?
Better get your tissues ready, Anon~
similarity by cloudwisp
(Rated T, 2,621 words, oneshot, complete, major character death - Erwin)
"You cannot possibly know, since I was the only one left who- for Erwin, no one else…” Levi clears his throat and Eren hears his breath stutter as he exhales deeply.
It goes unsaid what Levi means, but Eren understands - he was the only one left who actually loved Erwin. No one else needed Erwin like Levi does... Did. Eren knows that for certain, others maybe not.
Thousand Times by CreepyLittleLullaby
(Rated T, 919 words, oneshot, complete, TW depression and suicide mention)
What hurt worse that the overwhelming sadness?
And when you feel like you deserve all the suffering in the world. Love is the better option then succumbing to depression.
After all, what else can slowly rip you apart without letting you actually die?
Dear Levi... by LunaNocturne
(Rated G, 11,307 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi is in a coma and Eren comes to visit him everyday. With every visit, Eren writes to him in a notebook for Levi to read when he wakes up.
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sub-k-pop-archive · an hour ago
Not What You Wanted
Author: @honey-subs
Pairing: sub!Lee Know x reader
Genre: Smut
Words: 558
Summary: Minho loves watching you play the piano, maybe a little too much.
Read here
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oneshotsmingisstar1117 · an hour ago
Honey 21+
Tumblr media
Jongho being sexy and woo wildin in the back heficbdska
Chosen by some of my lovely moots for the 200 follower special. Thank you all for supporting me and loving me!
Jongho x fem reader
WARNING!:This isn’t a realistic portrayal of Jongho as a human being. It’s pure fiction.  21+. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!
“What... did you just say?”
Jongho bit his lips as Y/N took her fingers from her mouth, the honey once coating them now gone. She stared at him with wide eyes as he walked to where Y/N was, trapping her with his arms as his dark, lustful eyes bore into hers. Y/N gulped and tried to look away, chewing nervously on her own lip as Jongho grabbed her chin and forced Y/N to face him, his warm breath now hitting her slightly-parted lips. Chuckling, Jongho pecked Y/N’s lips before coming up to her ear and nibbling on it, whispering into it raspily.
“I wanna cover you in honey and lick it off you, Darling.”
To say his words had surprised Y/N was an understatement. For the few months they’d been dating, Jongho had been pretty normal when they’d gotten intimate, barring the occasional ass slap. When Y/N thought back on this moment in the future, she realised Jongho had just been sounding her out, seeing what she was and wasn’t comfortable with. 
Y/N shivered under him as she felt his obvious bulge brush her thigh, knowing Jongho was intentionally trying to rile her up. Luckily for him, it was working very well. Wrapping her arms around his neck with a smile Y/N shook her head, booping his nose as he pouted at her.
“And where the hell were you thinking of doing this? It’d ruin my sheets.”
Laughing slightly, Jongho launched an attack on Y/N's neck, kissing, sucking and biting lightly. When he saw her lean to give him more access, he smirked onto her skin while talking between marking Y/N.
“There’s been a lot worse on your sheets than honey, but that wasn’t where i was thinking..”
Rolling her eyes, Y/N decided to ignore his first statement, turning to him with confused eyes.
“Oh yeah, where then?”
Instead of answering, Jongho quickly pushing the contents of the table off in one swooping action, sitting Y/N on it. Y/N’s eyes went wide as she surveyed the damage, turning to Jongho now with angry eyes.
“Jongho what the f-”
Before she could finish her words, Jongho had already parted her legs and grabbed her face, harshly pulling her forward and crashing their lips together. Usually a calm and slow kisser, it shocked Y/N when Jongho practically tried to eat her face, moaning into the sloppy kiss as his mouth and tongue worked wonders on her lips. When he sucked on Y/N's bottom lip for permission she quickly opened her mouth letting him devour her.
 Instead of fighting for dominance Y/N let him take control, loving to see this new side to the usually-controlled boy in front of her. When he finally pulled himself from her, both of them gasped for air, heavily breathing as Jongho connected their foreheads with closed eyes. Y/N let out an audible breath before pulling away, smirking up at Jongho.
“Fuck, that was hot.”
Opening one eye Jongho watched Y/N for a minute with a lustful gaze, gritting his teeth when he saw her face and deciding to latch his plump lips to her neck once again, sucking harsher than before. Y/N instinctively tilted her head back, hands grabbing at Jongho’s hair and tugging on it slightly. She swore she could feel him smirk onto her skin before pulling away, raising an eyebrow at her as she let out a little whimper.
“Soooo.... Is it still a no?”
Instead of replying, Y/N pulled her shirt off, giggling when an almost childish grin filled Jongho’s face before he ran to the cupboard in search of honey. If it were any situation less sexual, Y/N would laugh at this rare show of immaturity from him, glad that Jongho can let loose once in a while. Y/N slid off her shorts before unclipping her bra, throwing it off just as Jongho turned around. The boy was still shocked to see her naked after all this time, blushing slightly as he walked over to where Y/N was perched on the edge of the table. He soon snapped out of his trance, his hand instantly reaching out for one of her boobs. Y/N threw her head back when his hand met her chest, his big hands kneading her harshly as he looked at her chest intently.
 He watched how the flesh easily moulded underneath him, so concentrated on them that the honey was left discarded on the table next to him. He flicked one of Y/N’s nipples and looked up to her face momentarily, smirking slightly when he saw that her breathing became irregular as she tried to keep her moans in. Now wanting to see her pretty reactions, Jongho kept his gaze on her face as he pinched and twisted her nipples, relishing in the pride he felt when Y/N moaned loudly and arched her back. His gaze flitted between her and the honey laying next to her, slowly pushing Y/N flat on the table and taking off the cap. 
 ”Oh honey, I can’t wait to cover you in this.”
 He giggled to himself at the nickname he gave her, squeezing a little honey on his fingers and placing them on Y/N’s soft lips. 
“Open wide honey.” 
Y/N parted her lips and took Jongho’s fingers in her mouth, immediately starting to suck and lick along them. Her reaction startled Jongho slightly, always seeing her as the innocent girl who didn’t know anything else than vanilla sex. But he could feel how experienced you she was, making him wonder what other things she had been keeping from him. Shaking off that thought, Jongho started covering her in honey, making sure to add extra on her boobs, her stomach and her folds. Seeing it run and drop off her made his eyes light up, using the hand that wasn’t occupied by Y/N to get some more of the honey and spread it more over her pussy.
 “I bet you taste sweet even without all of this, Honey.” 
When Y/N moaned on his fingers Jongho felt his pants tighten, the thought of his dick replacing his fingers almost overwhelming him. He slowly removed his fingers from her mouth, pouting and cupping her cheek when she let out a frustrated groan.
 “Just wait Honey, I’ll make you feel much better..” 
And with that he stripped before attaching his lips to your boobs, hands getting covered in honey as he held your waist down. When Jongho’s tongue finally connected with Y/N’s skin, it was like the both of them were catapulted into heaven. Y/N scratched at the table as Jongho’s tongue swirled her nipples, honey now spreading onto his chest as he pushed himself onto her. He then attached his mouth to her nipple, harshly sucking all the honey off of it while moaning quietly onto it. Y/N’s hands snaked to his hair again, pushing his face further into her boob and coating his nose in honey as her back arched harshly off the table in ecstasy. When he’d finally licked her clean he moved over to her other boob, repeating the same process again as he let out groans between his words.
 “Fuck Honey, you taste so good. You feel so good in my mouth.” 
Y/N clenched on nothing at his words, the stray honey now flowing to her folds and mixing with her juices.. Jongho looked down and noticed this, letting out a dark chuckle before slowly licking his way down Y/N’s body as he relished the sounds of her moans and the small jerks of her hips as she struggled beneath him. Giving her stomach a sloppy kiss, he slapped her thigh gently as a warning, the man now looking up at her with a glare as he kept his tongue out like a panting dog, licking a long stripe up her stomach. 
“J-Jongho please....”
Scoffing Jongho hummed onto Y/N’s skin, now gently sucking the honey off her hip.
“What’s wrong Honey? Want me to stop?”
Jongho lifted up with a flirty smirk, watching in amusement as you whined louder.
“Please Jongho, i need to feel your mouth! Let me cum on your tongue please, i just need you!”
The words seemed to tumble out of Y/N’s mouth as she babbled to him, her voice laced with need as she voiced her needs. Usually a strong and confident girl, it aroused Jongho that he had made Y/N a mess without even touching her. Y/N was begging for him and he’d hardly begun. Fuck, it made him so horny seeing Y/N like this. Just before she started whining again Jongho picked up the honey and squeezed some onto two fingers, winking at Y/N before pushing them in her. 
“Honey-flavoured pussy, just the thought makes my mouth water.”
Y/N let out a little shriek and arched her back wildly, moaning like a mad woman when Jongho gave her no time to adjust, finger-fucking her harshly. Clenching hard, Y/N ‘s nails dug into the table as she gripped the sides, the overwhelming feeling driving her wild. Jongho then brought another finger up, pushing it into her while still keeping pace as Y/N’s moans became lewd, joining the equally sinful sound of her pussy squelching as Jongho’s hands dove deeper into her. Bringing a thumb up to her clit Jongho massaged it slowly, letting out a low groan as he watched Y/N writhe underneath him. Y/N felt the knot in her stomach tighten, closing her eyes as she threw her head back in ecstasy.
“Fuck, i’m gonna cum!”
Instead of speeding up his pace as she expected him to, Jongho removed his fingers quickly, licking them languidly as he stared at Y/N’s frustrated face.
“Not yet Honey, you asked me to let you cum on my tongue didn’t you? I had to fuck all this honey into you to make you extra tasty for me.. ”
Taglist: @serialee @a-soft-hornytiny 
@galaxteez @multidreams-and-desires @deja-vux 
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ketamineharry · an hour ago
I Met a Boy Online - Vikram Barn 
Requested: No - I just heard the song by Grace Davies and felt compelled to write something based on it! I’ve just come out of a severe spot of writers block, so I will do my best to get around to all of the requests I’ve received! 
Tumblr media
You had met Vik online, having been in a Warzone lobby with him. Thankfully you were both decent and got on fairly well, you had decided to add each other to your friends list; where you played the game together almost every day. Slowly, that progressed to calls every day. His voice quickly became one of your favourite sounds and your biggest comforter.
You exchanged selfies, despite being incredibly insecure. He was very cute, a big, bright smile adorned his face. No filter in sight. While yours had a filter on it. Your insecurities were far too big to consider sending one without a filter. As soon as he read the message containing the selfie that you had sent him, he called you. The nerves overtook your body, as you thought of the worst. You convinced yourself that the reason that he was calling to tell you that he didn’t want to talk to you anymore; that you weren’t his type and to stop contacting him. Instead, you answered the call and exhaled a shaky breath. His voice immediately filled the speaker. “You are so beautiful.” He told you, before progressing the conversation onto how your days were going.
As the days went on, so did your virtual relationship. There wasn’t a day that went by where you didn’t have contact with each other. The longer it went on, the more that you wished that things would progress into something bigger. But, a larger part of you knew that when he eventually was able to see you in person, once the lockdown restrictions eased he was going to hate you as much as you hated yourself.
At this point, it was a routine. It had happened so many times. With so many different people. Each time hurting more than the last, as you had built up your expectations just for you to fall at the last hurdle, never quite being enough for any of them. The only result you had ever achieved, was being curled up in bed, as you sobbed on the phone to your best friend. She was always sympathetic, but, you knew that she was getting sick of how many times this had happened.
On a wet, Tuesday afternoon, Vik sent you a message asking you to video call. You hadn’t planned for a video call. Especially because of the insecurities that you held so close to you. There were no filters on these calls, there was no hiding. Reluctantly, you agreed; as you mentally placed a little bit of trust in him. Your phone vibrated, a picture of Vik taking over the screen. You swallowed hard, before you picked up the phone. As you tried to compose yourself.
Once you had answered, the bright smile that you had seen in countless pictures took over your screen. His brown eyes, gleaming as the bright light of his bedroom hit them. He took in your expression, a slight frown made its way onto his features.
“Y/N, are you ok?” He asked softly.
“Yeah, everything’s good. How are you?” You asked, desperately wanting to shift the attention away from you, in fear of expressing how you truly felt. You knew if you did that, the chances of him ending the call and never contacting you again would only increase.
“I’m good. I was thinking, if you wanted to… We could progress this? I know it’s soon, but I know how I feel and I know that even after lockdown is done, you are going to be the only person that I want.” He responded sheepishly, as he placed one hand behind his neck, as he nervously scratched at it.
“Why?” You asked, plainly. In all honesty, you were confused. Why would he want you when you were like this? So consumed by insecurities and self-doubt.
“Because I think that you’re wonderful.” He continued, as his cheeks flushed red.
You couldn’t quite believe what you were hearing. The boy that you had wanted for weeks, was interested in you too.
“But what about if you see me in person? What if you don’t feel the same way?” You asked, your voice quiet. Your insecurities making their way to the forefront of your mind. You just needed some reassurance.
“That’s not going to happen. I just want you. Warts and all.” He took a breath. “Anyway, this video call is evidence enough. You are stunning. So… should I ask again?” He continued, with a slight laugh.
“No..” You started, a broad smile taking up the majority of your face. “I’d really like that.”
“Amazing, I’m really sorry to have to cut this short but I have to go and film a Sidemen Reacts video. But, I’d love to call you later, at around eight?”
“Sounds good to me.” You confirmed, as you said your goodbyes and hung up the phone.
For once, you could go and cry happy tears with your best friend. You had finally broken the cycle. You were finally wanted, just as much as you wanted him. This was a form of magic that you could get lost in forever.
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Request: Sacrifices for You (Vladimir x Reader)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vladimir skipped a few pages in his book. It was massive and had to be well over a thousand pages. Supposedly, it was files of sorts, documents from the time the two were ruling. Of course the book wasn't the original, the original being lost to the fire in the castle. However, they recalled most if not all of its contents considering they had lived it and had expectations in terms of quality within the documents. It was how the two Romanians were, they had things done their way and only their way. Vladimir had just finished helping you bring your stuff to his room since you'd now be living with them. If anything you gave them a reason to stay home. Stefan was indifferent whilst Vladimir was happy as long as you were happy. Although, as promised, he left you to unpack to speak with Stefan. The two trying to calculate their next moves to avoid the Volturi. You were fine with it, immediately putting in your headphones to listen to music whilst you unpacked. You seemed happy enough so Vladimir left you to it. 
Since then, half an hour had passed and you were in the middle of unpacking. You were in such a good mood that you didn't seem to care when you began to sing along with the music, even letting out a couple of giggles at the silliness. Hearing this made Vladimir and Stefan pause. Vladimir looked up at the ceiling with a smile, the book before him now long forgotten. Stefan chuckled. "Is this what I have to look forward to?" Vladimir sent him a playful look. "They're happy." He said mostly to himself. "You act like it's the first time, friend." Stefan smirked. "You know that is not what I was thinking." Vladimir responded pointedly. "I do. You've been worrying over them for weeks thinking they were simply agreeing to all of this by means of sacrificing their own happiness." Stefan recalled. "They didn't get much choice, I just want to make it easier on them." "Vladimir, that human adores you and the ground you walk upon. Trust me, you don't have anything to worry about." Vladimir's smile fell. "I'll always worry." Stefan nodded slowly, understanding Vladimir's pain. "I know." Stefan leaned forward in his chair. "My friend, you and I both know that they've got a difficult time ahead of them but they aren't alone. We're with them." "I know." Vladimir nodded. "I know. It's pleasant to hear them happy for the time being. That's what came to mind." "Did you tell them to not unpack everything? They've got another two residences and it won't be ideal of they've got nothing with them when the time comes to move." "Yes, I did but only figured we can simply get them more stuff if it comes to it." Vladimir shrugged. 
You knew Vladimir was relaxed when he out his feet up on the coffee table, with shoes and everything. It meant that in that moment, he simply didn't care. He was completely at ease and you always enjoyed the sight. He stared at the fireplace in front of him, deep in thought. He didn't look at you, it was almost like he hadn't even knew you were there. Although that would be stupid to think. Of course he knew. You were the loudest in the house, thanks to your footing and heartbeat. You smiled down at him before sitting beside him on the couch. 
That was when he cast a sparing glance to you, the corner of his mouth upturning in a smile. You broke the gap between you both, nestling against him and moving your legs in-between his own. The position would have been uncomfortable for Vladimir if he was human. However, he barely seemed the weight of your legs against his shins and knees. He wrapped an arm around you, resting your head on top of his own. "Seconding guessing? Thinking about your escape plan to get away from me?" You smiled and he hummed in amusement. "No, my dear. I'm afraid that will be you when the time comes." "I don't think so. I like you too much." You said simply with a smile. " better." Vladimir smirked, kissing the top of your head before moving back to rest his head on top of your own.  "Seriously, though. You've never doubted me? You'll literally be stuck with me forever." You asked. He hummed in amusement.Vladimir wet his lips. "Being with unable to be put into words. We can try. I can use every word I can think of in every language but put them together and it still doesn't quite do it justice. From the day we met, keeping up with you is maddening." You giggled. "I'm serious!" He smiled. "It has always been a case of me keeping up with you. The irony about it is amusing." Vladimir a smile faltered. "Although I don't dare keep up and...if those Italian scum were to ever..." Vladimir trailed off, looking away. You knew he couldn't look at you, remembering what had happened to his mate. "Do you need some company? For when they come and you have to run?" You asked. Vladimir's eyes moved back to yours. "You and me. If they come with you then I can take that." You told him. "You would do this for me?" "Vladimir, you are the love of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you- no matter how long that is."  Vladimir stared at you, sadness in his eyes. "Hey, I'm not the only one." You smiled taking his hand. "Aro is married. Someone stays with him despite the disgusting things he has done." Vladimir pulled you closer to him, your legs across his lap as he turned slightly to look at you. "That kind of love is not something you want." "Hm?" "We know lots of things about the Volturi. We know about their wives. Aro and Sulpicia are hardly a lovely couple." Vladimir explained. "What do you mean?" You asked. "Long ago, to be married to a man was to be owned by them. Sulpicia gave her self to Aro knowing that he was of wealth and power. The gifts he gives her are shiny and catch her eyes, so much that she is willing to overlook anything he does. Sulpicia isn't just Aro's mate, she's his possession. He has her locked in a tower. They might be in love, but it's not the same as falling in love with a person. They fell in love with the lifestyle before they fell in love with the person." "It's hard to believe that kind of love is possible. To be attached to a person for personal gain and still it's deemed love." You said quietly, staring into his eyes. "There are all kinds of love, my dear." Vladimir answered softly. "Is that why you're worried that I'm willing to do this?" You asked. "No. and I have the right kind of love. We are solid but it's because I love you that I can't help but worry about everything you'd have to leave behind for me. No one realises the shock they have to go through until they're feeling it in that moment." "Then we'll take it one day at a time. Do you plan on abandoning me after changing me?" Vladimir's expression changed to one of anger. "Of course not! Why would even think of something like that?" "Then I won't be alone. I'll have you." 
As with everything, it took time to really put your words to the test and you couldn't lie to anyone about just how difficult it was to know that the process had already begun. Your family had no idea they'd never see you again, whilst you couldn't forget. It took being informed that you were classified a missing person to really register that this was happening and that your family would never have closure. "Do you need to talk to me?" Vladimir said softly, walking up behind you.  “I’m fine.”  “That’s a lie.” Vladimir said simply. “We’ve all had to make sacrifices for this life.”  “I’m fine, Vladimir!” Vladimir said nothing, staring into your eyes, staring at the tears that had begun to build. Slowly, he moved closer.  “Don’t.” You said warily. Yet he continued to walk toward you.  “Don’t!” Your voice quivered, this time your tone becoming a plea. 
Vladimir pulled you into his arms, holding you tightly. Silence filled the room, other than your soft cries that were muffled against him. Quickly, you clung to him, pressing your head further into him.  “This pain, it won’t last forever. I apologise for the life you’re leaving behind for me. I can assure you that I will spend every single day ensuring that you won’t regret it.” He pulled you away from him, just enough to wipe your tears with his thumbs. “Now take a deep breath. Get some sleep, you didn’t sleep last night and then we’ll see how you’re feeling later.” You nodded, quietly. 
A few hours later, you woke up to Vladimir’s arm around you, a smile pressing against the skin behind your ear before a light cold kiss. You couldn’t help but smile, reaching behind you and eventually settling for running your fingers through his hair. He barely let you turn around in his hold but smiled none the less as his nose brushed against your own. 
Soon the feelings had began in build once more. You decided you need to hear one particular person. Someone who knew what you were feeling. Bella answered her phone upon the first ring. Being a vampire she was now quicker at everything and it was bizarre because then you had to get used to her. "Hey." "Hey Bella, can you talk?" You asked. "Yeah, what's up?" She asked. You paused for a moment, collecting your thoughts and that's when Bella caught on something was wrong. You inhaled. "You know, when I was a kid I felt things really deeply. I was one of those kids that couldn't bottle up their emotions but didn't know what to do with them before they got too much. So my mum would come to my level and tell me to blow, to move the hair on the sides of her face. It worked, it calmed me down and distracted me all at the same time. Although, I can't blow on people now that I'm older." Bella chuckled. "I won't tell anyone if you do it through the phone to me." She smiled, looking at the floor, kicking a heel back and forth lightly. "I think I'm regretting my decision to leave my life behind." You admitted. Bella stated quiet, allowing you to continue. "Vladimir is great and I love him to death but, giving up my life for someone in such a way. It's going against everything I was ever taught and..." You trailed off. "...and no one tells you how to do it the right way." Bella finished for you. "I can't help but feel angry towards you because you made it seem so easy." You said quietly. Once again Bella stayed quiet. She wasn't going to be angry with you for your feelings, not when this is what you needed. "I knew this would be hard and painful but now that I'm actually having to do it I...I knew the decision. I knew what had to be done but now that I have to do it..." You trailed off again. "You feel like you didn't know a thing about it." Bella smiled sadly. "I had no idea what I had to do." You shook your head, feeling tears in your eyes. "It's difficult to talk about it, to someone who hasn't experienced it or is so far past it they aren't really recalling the pain. That I'm forcing my family through a terrible loss for my own happiness." "I'm so sorry, (Y/N)." Bella responded with sympathy. It was all she could say because nothing would make it easier for you. Only time. 
 "Vladimir, you're rushing me!" You finally cried out after what felt like pestering. "Darling, I'm not rushing you. I'm telling you that the world isn't going to wait for you on this. The longer you hesitate the harder it will be!" "I'm not ready!" You argued. "You won't ever be ready, (Y/N)!" Vladimir said firmly. "So you'd rather did this quickly so I can feel trapped by you!?" Vladimir faltered, a flicker of anger in his eyes. "Excuse me?" You paused for a second. "I don't know if I want this anymore." You said weakly, tears building up. "I don't think I can give you what I wanted for the future." Vladimir clenched his jaw but said nothing, instead storming out of the room. You squeezed your eyes shut when you heard the door downstairs slam. 
After two hours he came back but he most certainly wasn't calm, judging by the yelling he was doing whilst in conversation with Stefan told you that. You weren't sure if Stefan was trying to settle him or not but bad a feeling that he couldn't even if he wanted to. Vladimir was hurt. Very hurt by your words. That you knew for sure. You couldn't blame him either. You hadn't meant it, you just felt pressured into rushing into it. Even some anger as you knew he was right. You couldn't keep putting off leaving your life behind along with everyone in it. However you were punished for it. 
Vladimir wouldn't talk to you properly for three days. He was distant. With each day your heart was heavy, wanting to resolve the issue but he simply wouldn't allow the chance. That was until the third day. "Vladimir, please talk to me." You finally said. Vladimir looked up from his book. "You say that like I haven't spoken to you in some time." He answered. "You haven't. Not really." You retorted and Vladimir didn't respond so you continued. "You give me the minimum. If I need something you help me, you'll give brief answers to anything I say but really you aren't even in the same room as me, Vladimir." You stepped closer. "I want to talk about this. I-I can't do this by myself." After a second Vladimir sighed before closing his book and putting it on the coffee table before standing up. "Very well." "You know, holidays was the only time my family and I could really spend time together." You began. "Throughout the year we'd all be busy but those holidays always guaranteed that from wherever we were in life or the world, we'd come back. My family want to keep close forever, my great-grand-parents had been the ones to really double down on it and our family has been like that ever since. I remember my older cousins were going to college, I was only a kid at the time. All I really knew at the time was that they weren't really around after that. My parents made me promise that is always be around, that they'd never be left wondering where I was and teach the importance of family to my children." You looked down, biting your lip. "It's really hard to think that I won't be around anymore and they'll always wonder why I left." A tear ran down your cheek. Vladimir moved closer, standing before you as you continued. “I'm so angry with myself, for doing this to my family but then I remember that I didn't get that choice. Once I found out what you were, there was no going back." Vladimir nodded, understanding exactly what you were referring to. Vladimir took hold of your arm tugging you closer to him, filling the gap between you both. His grip was a little too firm, making you think he was angry but when he enveloped you against his chest, you knew he was trying to comfort you. "I don't want to be left with nothing. No roots, no family. Nothing." You said quietly. "I know." Vladimir said quietly. "I know how that feels because it was ripped away from me. Growing up is challenging but everyone does it. Eventually everyone leaves the nest. I had a large coven, many I called my brothers and sisters. Stefan and I were two of twelve leaders. It was all ripped away from me and this is all I have left." Vladimir's grip on you tightened. "Although after a long time, I met you. A source of happiness I never thought I could ever find again. I've gained so much with you in my life and I fear that at the end of the day, I won't be able to give you enough to make all of your sacrifices worth it. I am but one person, but I can give you forever. It's not what you planned or wanted but if you want it, it's yours. I'm pulling you into a whole other world and your scared and confused. That's on me. That is my fault. However, try to remember going forward that this is what you chose. This is what you said you wanted." "What if I don't know I want anymore?" You asked quietly. "Well...that is on you." Vladimir responded before softly kissing your forehead. 
You had grown distant after that conversation, doing some soul searching and Vladimir could understand it. He respected it, even as a couple of weeks passed with this being the only thing on your mind. 
One day, Stefan told him that you were out in the nearest field, looking for him. Vladimir had just returned from hunting and didn't really feel like trailing behind his human companion at that moment. Vladimir gave Stefan a sarcastic remark that you'd certainly not find Vladimir in the field of all places. Although Stefan insisted that Vladimir would want to go to you. It was most definitely worth his while. Vladimir sighed but did so, picking up and following your scent. 
"What took you so long!?" You huffed. "You're inhumanly fast, yet I could have ran laps in the time you got here!" Vladimir sighed with an eye roll. "My deepest apologies, my dear. I wasn't aware you were looking for me considering I have just returned from a hunt." In seconds, Vladimir was on a branch of the nearest tree. Vladimir crouched down on the branch, resting his head in one hand, smiling down at you from the tree. It was a smile of pure adoration and a hint of menace. "I couldn't help but think to myself about what we'd have had if we were an ordinary couple." You began before using the empty field to illustrate your vision. "Our dream house where there our front door has a hall that leads to our kitchen and the first door on the left, we'd make an archway for the living room. We'd put the dining room in the corner between the living room and the kitchen. We'd have two bathrooms, upstairs and downstairs that we'd end up hating because we can't stop bickering on who's turn it is to clean them!" Vladimir couldn't help but melt as he listened to you. His eyes softening as he pieced together his own image of your dream, leaning further into his hand. "Our kids would get the larger bedroom. We'd regret that decision since they'll never pay a bill for the house so why should they get the big room?" Vladimir chuckled and so did you before you carried on.  "Although then they grow up quicker than we could have ever imagined and even then we keep that room empty because we don't have the heart to move our stuff there all because at the end of the day, that was our babies room." You felt yourself grow emotional, a pang of sadness hitting your chest as the vision seemed to disintegrate around you. "Then I realised, that dream wasn't with you. If you and I were to have kids, we'd never forgive ourselves for the constant running and putting them through that." Vladimir stayed silent, his smile gone but still focused on you. "The person I pictured sharing that dream with, doesn't exist, there was never a face. That person could never give me even half of what you've given me and it's just beginning." You began to smile again, widely, excited at the thought alone before meeting Vladimir's gaze. "Instead of a child, we have Stefan and he'd snap my neck if I ever babied him." Vladimir couldn't help but laugh. "So where's our bedroom?" He asked. "We'd get the biggest one. We find places to store the ridiculous number of books you have that aren't even in English." This time Vladimir laughed. "I don't need that dream, I don't want it without you...and I need you, Vladimir. I'll always need you." You said finally. Vladimir stood before jumping down from the tree and walked briskly towards you. 
You continued to wait for a response but instead, Vladimir pulled you close to him pulling you in for a kiss. As soon as he was certain he couldn't pull you in any further, his arm wrapped around your shoulders, his free hand holding your face.  "How lucky am I to have someone like you?" Vladimir said warmly. "You speak as though loving you isn't the easiest thing in the world sometimes."
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mammonprotectionsquad · 2 hours ago
can i just say i freaking love your writing 😩😩 you’re amazing oml. could i request either a mammon or a diavolo fic with a homesick reader? like they really miss the human world please? if not that’s okay, but thank you for reading anyway!
Asrzhhv thank you so much! >///<
And uh... I'm not yet brave enough to try and tackle writing something for Diavolo, so I went with Mammon for this (partially also because I'd love to get comforted by him 👉🏻👈🏻)
It's a bit shorter, but I still hope you like this, dear anon 💖
Mammon x Reader
"Yo, MC!", the door to your room flew open, making you wince in surprise. At that point it was basically a routine, already. Mammon barely ever announced himself before he came over.
"We-", he cut himself off when he saw you hastily rubbing your sleeves over your eyes.
For a moment his brain shut down completely, before he began to panic inwardly. Hard.
Why the hell were you crying? Was it because of something he'd said or done? But there hadn't been the time for him to fuck things up. The last time he'd seen you was during breakfast...
He only got pulled out of his thoughts when you spoke up.
"Do you need anything?"
Your voice was so quiet, strained in an attempt to keep further tears in... And in a matter of seconds he felt the urge to hunt down whoever it was that could've been the cause for your tears.
"Did anyone hurt ya?", he asked, instead of answering your question.
At first you only blinked at him, then smiled. Though it looked way too forced for his liking.
"No one hurt me, Mammon. I'm fine, really."
"I call bullshit. Why're you cryin', huh?"
After finally closing the door behind him, making sure to give you two more privacy, he didn't hesitate to plant himself right next to you on your bed.
He watched you fumble with your sleeves, your eyes looking anywhere but into his direction. Still, he waited patiently for you to say something. Really anything he could work with to try and help make you feel better. After all, he was your first! Your protector and he'd be damned if he'd ever let anything bad happen to you again.
"It's stupid, really... Promise not to laugh?", you eventually muttered, to which he quickly nodded.
You remained quiet for another moment, until you let out a long sigh.
"I'm a little homesick, is all."
Weirdly enough, hearing that made him feel a shit ton lighter.
"Tsk, silly human...", was still the first thing he said, making you finally look at him, your eyes big and round in confusion.
Though he didn't give you any time to question him, before his arms already wrapped around you to pull you into a tight embrace.
"You should've said something immediately! Ya had me seriously worried!"
He felt you melt into him, sniffling quietly, and it would've been a lie to say that the way you buried your face on his neck didn't make him blush.
"I'm sorry..."
"Next time just tell me when ya feelin' down, aight? THE great Mammon will take care of it, then!"
"I'll be better in no time, so you really don't have to do anything. It's already enough that you're here now..."
Now that really did make him turn full on red. While he continued to hold you close, he shifted with you, until you were nearly sprawled out on top of him. Occasionally he even found the courage to press kisses to your hair or temple. His hands rubbing soothing circles into your back, until he felt you relax.
Still, he made the decision to stay with you for the rest of the night. Just to make sure you wouldn't feel lonely again, of course. Not at all because he liked having you in his arms, or anything like that...
And if a couple days later he told you that he arranged for you to be able to go back to the human realm over the weekend, you didn't need to know what he'd agreed on to get Lucifer to talk to Lord Diavolo about the matter.
Thankfully it was also pretty helpful that everyone had a soft spot for you and no one wanted to see you suffer in any way, shape or form.
If you'd like to get added to the tag list, please let me know 💕
@the-purpleblushh @sweeneyblue1
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like-rain-or-confetti · 2 hours ago
Request: Trio (Caius Volturi x Reader x Athenodora Volturi)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You should have considered yourself lucky. This should have been heaven to you. Yet as the days went on, you began to notice more and more tiny details that no longer made it perfect. 
Caius and Athenodora married long before you or many of the generations before you existed. That didn't bother you. You knew the pair were thousands of years old. Whilst you weren't married to them or necessarily expecting a marriage you couldn't help but notice just how enthralled the two were with each other and left you on the outside to get what ever is left of their love. It had came up many times. All of such conversations ended with the same assurance that wasn't the case. You tried to make that comforting to you but it wasn't. It simply felt like it was a lie, something to keep you content for the time being. 
After some time the feeling never left and you began to distance yourself from the two. You didn't see either of them as often and were able to make up an excuse several times when the two requested your presence. They hadn't pushed it yet but you knew you'd have to get more creative eventually. 
On this particular day, you couldn't avoid Athenodora. Not amount of trying to get out of it subtly was working. Thankfully, you hadn't seen Caius and it was only Athenodora. She was a lot easier to avoid than Caius. You entered the room and Sulpicia left almost immediately to her own quarters. "Hi," You said softly, barely making eye contact with her. "Where would you want this?" It was more books from the library seeing as the wives weren't allowed to go down their on their own. "Over there is fine." Athenodora said with a smile, pointing to the table at the far wall of the room between the windows. You silently cursed hoping you could have just make another excuse but them somewhere closer and hurry off. Going to the other side of the room meant it wouldn't be so easy leaving. You nodded, briskly walking to the table and placing the books down on the table. 
You paused, just how were you going to get out of this situation? You stared down at the books. You had no idea what you were going to say. "Are you alright?" You heard Athenodora ask from behind you. "Yes." You said quickly. "I was just thinking about what the receptionist had said to me before, I think I better head down and see what she needs." Just as you finished the sentence you stiffened feeling hands on your waist from behind. "What are you doing?" You asked, a little too hurriedly than you had liked. "Hoping to get at least get some of your time." Athenodora answered. "It's been weeks since I've probably had your company." Her grip got a little firmer. "I'm sorry, I've just been busy recently-." "Why are you lying to me?" Your heart nearly came out of your throat, your eyes wide. You knew it was a crappy lie. Athenodora continued. "We caught on after the first few times. You're avoiding us." Just like that it had gotten worse. "Can you let go please?" You asked. "Can I get some answers?" She responded but released her hold on you. You moved to make space between you both. "I can't do this right now." You said, eyes to the floor. "We're worried, (Y/N). Tell me what's wrong and we can fix it." Athenodora said as though lightly pleading. You shook your head. Hurrying towards the door as Athenodora moved towards you. "(Y/N), stop." Athenodora said sharply and you froze in place. That really did work on you every time. "Give me a hug, please." She asked softer. You were silent for a moment. "If I do, will you let me leave?" Her jaw twisted, hurt in her eyes. "Yes." She said stiffly. You quickly moved towards her before hugging her. She hugged you to her tightly, enjoying the moment that had become so rare. You loved Athenodora just as you did Caius hit you felt at this point giving such acts of affection was a betrayal to yourself. "Just tell me something." She whispered quietly. "Even just one sentence. Please, tell me."  "I think I'm his toy and I think I'm your toy too." You said quietly before forcibly breaking yourself out of her hold. You barely caught her look of hurt once again before quickly taking your leave. 
Barely two hours later, Caius stormed into your room. "You upset her." He seethed. It was clear he was absolutely livid with you. "It wasn't my intention." You said lowly, your back to him, looking down at something on your desk. "Look at me!" Caius demanded. You closed your eyes but turned to look at him. "You've hurt her. You've hurt me." He said icily. "I can't help how I feel. I apologise that my feelings hurt you. It's why I kept to myself in the first place. Athenodora asked." "Do not make excuses for yourself!" Caius snapped. "You do not get to say such a thing and then walk away. You do not get to be so cold towards Athenodora!" You had nothing to say to that. You had done your best with the situation, tried to protect them both. "You're coming with me, now! We're going through this again!" Caius demanded. "I don't want to do this right now." You said rigidly. "I didn't want to deal with this again. I didn't want to find my wife upset. We don't want to lose you or upset you but here we are! None of us want to do this but we are so come!" Caius left no room to usual. 
Athenodora looked up as Caius entered the room, you one step behind him and looking very uncomfortable. "I'm sorry I upset you. It wasn't my intention." You said to her quietly. She stepped forward. "You both know I'm sorry, so can we go past the punishing me part so I can leave?" "No." Caius said sharply. "That. That right there is the problem. You think you're here to be punished for this. You couldn't be more wrong. Something is wrong and we're getting to the bottom of it." He pointed a finger at you. "There is something wrong that is making you cold and distant. We gave you time and space after you avoided us the first three times and clearly it has done nothing but grown. We don't recognise this side of you (Y/N) and quite frankly, we don't like it either." "And I don't get a say in this? This is you two giving me space? Demanding I bear my heart and soul to you so you can scream at me?" You responded coldly, seemingly proving their point. "We don't want to punish you, (Y/N)." Athenodora tried. "We want to help. Something has changed and that's alright, just let us help you through it." "Why?" You asked quizzically. "I hurt your feelings, Caius' too and the first thing that happened was Caius' stormed into my room and demanded I have this conversation." "We think whatever this is, you're holding onto it so that you don't hurt anyone but it's hurting you and by extension that hurts us. We just want to help." Athenodora said softly. "So you've already decided what this is before I even came into it. You two have discussed this without me..." You scoffed. "...and you wonder why I feel the way I do." The room was silent for a moment. "Which is what?" Caius' eyes narrowed on you. Athenodora looked to Caius and you felt a flash of fear. You had said too much. 
You slowly shook your head looking down. "No, say it. We want to hear you say it. Stop clinging onto it and say what is clearly consuming you!" Caius demanded. Your eyes got darker and darker. The two noticed as whatever was going through your head started to overwhelm you. "You can tell us. Sweetheart, we want to help." Athenodora tried. "Stop it!" You said quickly, covering your face. "Say it, (Y/N). You have a nasty habit of bottling things up to the point we need to pry it out of you. Which is exactly what we're doing now. It's time." Caius said, moving closer. "Do you not love us anymore?" Athenodora guessed, trying to help you. "No, that's not it!" You said, behind your hands.  "This is ridiculous! This isn't healthy how-" Your outburst interrupted Caius. "I still feel like a hobby!" You cried out. "I feel that you two are each other's priority and I get what's left. I'm just an extension of your relationship!" Your eyes widened. You had said it. Out loud. The two looked taken aback. "Oh, damn it!" You cried out, sinking to your knees. Athenodora was quick to catch you, lowering to the ground with you. She pulled you against her as you curled up into a ball. Her arms wrapping over your back. "What-" Caius began but Athenodora cut him off. "Give them a minute." She said to him, voice firm but her hold on you comforting. 
This wasn't new to Caius and Athenodora. It had bothered you for a long time but never to this extent. They had hoped that with time, you could move past it. It was known you bottled up your emotions and the pair tried to get you break the habit but sometimes you'd rather destroy yourself than tell them what you were feeling. They loved you too much to let that happen. It pained them to see that you rarely felt better when you told them. You felt guilty, caring about their feelings more than your own. 
Athenodora mumbled to you quietly that everything was okay. That you were alone. They were here. In silence, Caius cast his anger aside. After all he wasn't really angry at you. He was angry at the situation. That he couldn't take that feeling of guilt away. He moved forward when he heard you apologise. Athenodora continued to tell you it was alright. He didn't want your apology, you didn't need to apologise. 
He moved behind you, joining you both on the floor. "You're alright." He said to you quietly, winding his arms around your waist, his chin on top of your shoulder. "Tell us more." Athenodora said quietly into your ear. "You pay more attention to each other. It's you two against the world and then me. I don't feel equal. I-I’m sorry!"  "(Y/N), look at me." Caius began, both himself and Athenodora moving you to face him. Your back against Athenodora's chest. "I love you just as much as I love Athenodora. I would not lie to you. I may have married Athenodora but in our eyes your are our spouse just as much. We love you and you make us feel complete." He cradled your face in his hands. "We couldn't live without you with us. It would destroy us. Even if you don't believe me...just remember it. Until you do, until we prove it to you." Caius' tone was soft and gentle. It was exceptionally rare for him to speak to you like that, or anyone for that matter but after a moment of staring into your eyes he pressed his lips to yours. The action surprised you. Regardless you returned the kiss. "Give it time, alright?" Athenodora responded. "Let us show you." Slowly, you nodded.
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