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yamalegacy · 12 minutes ago
some fluffy rei todoroki x reader where the reader is helping her w trauma while doing something domestic like idk making her tea- i just want some fluff for one of the best girls,, if you do this thank you!! :)
and here's the request that made me add mama todo to the list of ladies i write for! fluff makes me soft, fluff makes me happy! i just couldn't resist the temptation, and honestly idk why rei wasn't on my list until now?? what was i thinking??
i kept it vague on the trauma front because i just wanted to write something soft, i hope it’s okay with you!
pairing: todoroki rei x gn!reader (platonic or romantic)
cw: none? endeavor exists.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s something incredibly relaxing and fascinating about looking Rei as she sits at the small table by the window. Maybe it lies in the way her white hair catches the sunlight filtering through the thin curtains, or maybe it is the simple domesticity of watching her enjoy a peaceful moment as you prepare the usual afternoon tea.
It has been easy to form habits since Rei has moved in with you a couple months ago — almost too easy, really. But it isn’t like you can complain about it. And well, your daily tea break is one of the things that has grown the fastest on you.
“Are you sure you don’t need help?”
The softness of her voice catches you off guard. She is looking at you, her eyes the image of purity, a reflection of the kindness that fills her heart. It still surprises you, even now, that she is capable of such softness even after everything that has happened to her — there’s not the slightest shadow of a doubt in your mind that she is the bravest woman you have ever met.
“It’s okay, Rei-san, it’s just tea,” you answer, offering her a smile from where you stand in the kitchen. “Can you get us mugs, though?”
“So, you do need help,” she teases, and her laughter heats up your cheeks.
Nothing can make your breath hitch and your heart skip a beat quite like hearing the sound of Rei's laughter — it's gentle and elegant, like most things about her. It's easy to love it, her laugh, her smile, her entire self.
You watch as she gets up from her seat and joins you in the kitchen, you can't keep your eyes off her as she stands on her tiptoes to reach up for a couple of mugs on a high shelf of a cupboard. As always, her sweater rides up and exposes a sliver of pale skin, and you have to force yourself to resist the temptation of touching. You refuse to surprise her with a touch, she's still too sensitive, the risk is too big.
She sets the mugs on the coffee table and settles down on the couch. You join her as soon as the kettle whistles.
"How were things this morning?" you ask, pouring the hot water. "You never got around to telling me."
She hums, and when you sit down by her side you're surprised that she moves closer to you, her thigh touching your own. She usually prefers to keep a small distance and avoid direct contact, unless she genuinely needs physical comfort. So you smile at her, making sure that she knows the gesture is welcome.
"It went well."
There's something in her voice, but you don't want to push if she isn't ready to talk. She always talks about how therapy went, after a while at least, she has her own rhythm, takes her time to form thoughts before she could speak about things.
"Fuyumi asked if she could come over during the weekend. Would you mind?"
You shake your head.
"You know it's always nice to have her around."
It's the truth. All of Rei's kids have come by, even Shoto despite being busy with school and Hero things. They are good kids, all three of them.
"What about—"
"I would rather not talk about Enji today," she interrupts, her voice the slightest bit shaky as she speaks.
She reaches for one of your hands and intertwines your fingers, and proceeds to bring your linked hands onto her lap. It's a comforting gesture, something that you have done many times for her before. You should be the one bringing her comfort, not the other way around.
When she shifts on the couch to face you, you move your other arm over the back of the couch as a silent invite, one that she accepts, moving ever closer to rest her head on your shoulder.
"Are you okay?" you ask, running your free hand through her hair.
"No," she marks a small pause and sighs, "but I will be."
Tumblr media
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pandajaye · 14 minutes ago
there’s a thread on twitter explaining a headcanon that Shoto might have autism and it’s honestly a really good thread and so maybe I will write some stuff about it someday
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simpforsadbois · 30 minutes ago
Hawks Brainrot Drabble
Okay but can you imagine doing that TikTok prank with Hawks where you put your man into the same positions he puts you in during sex and tell him they’re yoga poses???
Bc I feel like he would be so genuinely excited to be doing like a cute tiktok with you and he would be just so sweet and adorable and like really try whatever you told him to do and then when it finally clicks he would think it was the funniest shit but also he would definitely pounce on you and grab you and just aaaahhhh it would be so fucking cuteee 😭❤️
Headcanons most likely coming soon bc oh my goodness, the possibilities 😂
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drifting-manatee · 42 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou, Hagakure Tooru/Ojiro Mashirao, Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Shouto, Asui Tsuyu & Uraraka Ochako, Kaminari Denki & Shinsou Hitoshi, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Class 1-A Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Class 1-A (My Hero Academia), Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Todoroki Shouto, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Uraraka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, Iida Tenya, Kaminari Denki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Ashido Mina, Sero Hanta, Satou Rikidou, Ojiro Mashirao, Hagakure Tooru, Yaoyorozu Momo, Jirou Kyouka Additional Tags: Class 1-A Shenanigans (My Hero Academia), Class 1-A as Family (My Hero Academia), Crack, Fluff and Crack, Shouta lives in a godless society, and everyone knows it, Bakugou Katsuki Swears A Lot, Sex ed talk, But Not Much, Accidental Baby Acquisition, Sort Of, That one fake baby project fic, That one sequel fic that no one asked for, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, LITERALLY Series: Part 4 of Here Lies Shouta's Hopes and Dreams Summary:
Shouta has a bad feeling about this.
Perhaps it’s nothing. Perhaps it’s paranoia. Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep finally making itself known (that’s the last time he forgets to stock up on earplugs for whenever Hizashi falls asleep before him. The rest of hero society should be grateful that only he has to endure his eardrums being ruptured by supersonic foghorn snoring on a nightly basis).
Yeah. Perhaps everything is fine.
(Everything was not fine).
(AKA: the fake baby project sequel that no one asked for).
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frieschan · 46 minutes ago
kind apples (s. todoroki)
character/s featured: s. todoroki x female! reader (medieval au)
requested: @fandomeclectics | medieval may : oneshot
request: Might I just say that your medieval may idea was absolutely GENIUS and I am IN LOVE with it! So... I have a request....if you are taking requests ofc and you feel comfortable writing. (I hope I’m doing this request right...I get scared I’m not doing this right 🥺) anywho, could I request prince todoroki meeting and falling for a girl in the village (like an inventors daughter who everyone thinks is crazy cause she’s brilliant) idk if that’s too specific or not what you are looking for, or just to cringy and if it is then deepest apologies. Love your blog, I hope you have a good day/night! 💞💛
my reply: I absolutely adore this idea! It reminds me of beauty and the beast and just aaa thank you for picking my blog for this and thank you!!
TW: none if not being beta-read is a warning <3
Tumblr media
Prince! Shoto Todoroki 👑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The village was bustling, the citizens of the town working hard to support their families and the economy. Every other day was similar to this one, for the Endeavor Kingdom. The king being, nonother than Enji Todoroki.
The kingdom was by far the second of the best kingdoms around the globe, with All Might's kingdom being at the top. The king was known to be kind and cheerful to those in need while your own king was cold and ambitious.
The man always hated the fact that he could never be above the blonde. The king had never had a chance to beat him no matter how hard he tried until he had a child that he called 'a masterpiece'.
Multiple rumors were passed along the streets about the so-called masterpiece, some saying about how handsome he was while others were talking about how strong he would be.
All the rumors passed from in and out of your head as you wrote stories in your bedroom, occasionally glancing at the people below. You could head the clashes and explosions coming from downstairs due to your father creating steampunk pieces.
Being an inventor's daughter was hard due to the whole town calling him 'crazy' but you would always stand your ground and defend your father. He was a sweet old man letting his imaginations and creativity out and who said that wasn't allowed?
"Y/N!" your father called downstairs.
You quickly get up from your chair and hastily put away your book and quill before walking down the stairs to where your father was. As you made your way to his room, you could see multiple piles of what others would call 'junk'.
Taking note of cleaning it all up, you fasten your pace. "Yes?" you answered him while opening the door to his room.
"Could you pick up some apples?" your father asked with a sheepish grin, seemingly tired from fixing certain items. You nod your head and walked away to get your basket and some coins before going to the market.
As expected, the streets were busy and full of the chattering of the people who inhabit the town. It wasn't as full where people were pushing but full that there were a few crowds of people.
You quickly fix up your dress and walk to the fruit stall a sweet old lady owned. She was very kind to everyone around her, occasionally giving some of her fruits to the children in need.
"Good evening!" You greet her with a smile, She quickly gasped and put a hand on your cheek.
"Oh my! You're so beautiful Y/N!" The old woman exclaimed with a large grin while your face heated up, you quickly pick some apples and give her some coins in exchange.
She laughed at your shy nature and commented about how you would be able to get any prince you want. You thank her with a simple smile before walking down the street to your home.
The route you chose was quiet and empty. The silence and muffled voices always calmed you down and was one of the ways you could comfort yourself.
The scenery from the route was beautiful. The flowers were bloomed while the sun was slowly starting to set from the back, creating an illusion that the flowers were somehow glowing, enhancing their beauty.
As you were distracted by the scene, you failed to notice someone in front of you causing you to crash into them and drop your basket.
You yelped at the sudden impact and rubbed your sore bum. "I'm so sorr-" You froze after taking in the appearance of the person on the ground.
Their hair looked soft to the touch with it's unique color, while his eyes had a glimmer no one else could ever have. His orbs were two different colors, only making him look even more beautiful than he already is. His left eye had a scar which you didn't mind.
"It's quite alright." The boy gently said. His voice was deep but not too deep. It would have been able to calm anyone down if the right words were used.
He grabbed some apples and put them into your basket, snapping you out of your state. You quickly bend down and help him put the apples back into the basket.
Your hand reached out to grab the last apple, but the boy seemingly had the same idea. The two of you had your hands on top of each other.
Your face bloomed with heat as his mirrored the same effect. He swiftly grabbed the apple and put it on the basket before standing up and putting out his hand for you to hold.
You comply and grab his hand while you dust your skirt with your face still hot. As you were about to let go, his grip seemingly tightened and brought your hand to his lips.
"Shoto." He said, removing his lips from your hand with a small smile and direct eye contact with you.
"A-ah! Y/N." You answered back with a shy smile and gently pulled your hand away from his.
You looked around, noticing how the sky had an orangey color compared to moments before. You give him a small wave before running back home with the basket in your hand.
Shoto sighed contently before playing his hand on his lips. Your hand felt so kind and gentle, similar to how his mother would hold him. Your shy demeanor had charmed him into getting more confident during the incident.
You felt so perfect to him, you were nothing like the other maidens he had met as a prince. You didn't meet him as prince Shoto, but just as Shoto himself and he was thankful.
He quietly made his way back to his stallion with a dorky smile and thoughts filled with you. Was this how the love at first sight in fairytales go?
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 | frieschan
reblog or like if you enjoyed!
Tumblr media
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pandajaye · 58 minutes ago
Todoroki Family Chronicles
Natsuo: *playing with a toy monster truck*
Ivy: Hey, Nat. Can I see that for a sec?
Natsuo: Sure! *hands her the toy*
Ivy: *takes a few pics and returns it* Thanks. Have fun!!
Natsuo: I will. *continues playing*
[3 Days Later]
Ivy: Hey, Natsu!! Can you come out here for a sec?!
Natsuo: Coming!! *heads to the courtyard* What is it m- WOW!!
Ivy: *standing next to a Power Wheel version of the toy monster truck* What do ya think?
Natsuo: IT’S AWESOME!!!! HOW? WHY? WHAT?! OHHHHH MY GOSH!!!! *jumping up and down excitedly*
Ivy: *grins* Wanna take it for a spin, dude?
Natsuo: YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!! *hops in and drives around* THIS IS AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MAMA IVY!!!!
Ivy: Anytime, Guppie! Anytime.
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i-dont-see-the-point · an hour ago
Six Of Crows Characters as UA Students in My Hero Academia (basically just the crows)
Nina Zenik
Quirk: Heartrending (duh)
Desc: it's literally the same as in grishaverse. She can manipulate the bodily functions like heartbeat and similar of her opponents as long as they are in her sight and she can move her hands. She'd be SO good at fights in open ground and close hand to hand combats. Opponents with quirks that can obscure her vision or immobilize her (Todoroki, Bakugou, etc) have an edge over her.
Matthias Helvar
Quirk: Summoner of wolves
Desc: I was initially thinking maybe he can turn into a wolf or maybe control ice but actually I think this is a better fit. He can summon as many wolves as he can but the more they are injured in battle the more weak he gets. And if he's too weak he won't be able to summon them anymore. The wolves have amazing strength, speed and agility and obviously, in a pack they can strategize. Matt himself is of superior physical strength and is very good at combat, whether hand to hand or with weapons. (Oh and cold weather or ice doesn't affect his wolves yes this is a warning to Todoroki)
Jesper Fahey
Quirk: Fabrikator (again, duh)
Desc: True to Grishaverse, he is a durast. He can control and modify solid materials but again true to Grishaverse, he uses this mostly to manipulate the pathways of bullets (or possibly other weapons). He's an excellent shot, has amazing reflexes, and I'd like to think he can change anything into bullets so he never runs out of them in battle. Oh, and he carries like 10 guns on him all the time. Limitations would be his big effing mouth.
Wylan Van Eck
Quirk: Chemical Reaction
Desc: I started out thinking his quirk is gonna be explosion BUT THEN I REMEMBERED BAKUGOU WOULD DIE OF IDENTITY CRISIS (also would probably bully the sh*t out of our small merchling). So, this is something much cooler. Wylan can't create random chemicals but he can make anything around him undergo reactions as he pleases (like even reactions that would otherwise take a long time and catalysts in a lab maybe). He doesn't need to touch something to make it react but it has to be within a given radius distance from him, and he has to be aware of the chemical compositions. It takes practice to get better and make more efficient reactions. Imagine the possibilities: he could do so many things from changing the weather to making acids and poisons to explosions.
Inej Ghafa
Quirk: Shadow
Desc: She can control shadows, and even turn herself into one to travel. It is not like Tokoyami's quirk. The shadows she can create or control are not sentient, and neither are they just blobs of darkness (like The Darkling's), they need a surface and a light source to form. As a shadow herself, she cannot be attacked and can travel very fast and silently. Also, imagine the stealth and spy and assassin opportunities she could have with this. She could be waiting somewhere as a shadow and noone would ever know she was there. She could get into places and out of them in a second. Exactly like the Wraith (that's probably her superhero name). Choice of weapon? Knives, obviously.
Kaz Brekker (yes i made him pink what about it)
Quirk: Telepathy
Desc: I was struggling at first with Kaz's quirk. I kept coming back to something like mind control. But his quirk cannot be like Shinso's. If anything, it is more like Charles Xaviers' power, but not quite. Kaz can read minds and communicate with someone inside their minds. He can read and resurface memories, though he cannot modify them. The most dangerous part is he is amazing at manipulation. He will get inside his opponents' minds, can make them relive any memories he wants, can know every fear, greed, embarassment, desire. Imagine having to battle this guy who can get inside your head and make you relive a loved one's death, speak inside your mind about how you cannot get over your guilt of killing someone, or failing your dreams, or persuade you into doing something horrible. He'd be TERRIFYING. It would take extreme self-control and guts to stand against him. Most people who first meet him would underestimate him, especially because he's limp (however, in spite of this, he has surprisingly amazing combat skills, excelling in hand to hand combat and using his custom made cane). The one great drawback? Most opponents don't know this, but they can actually look into Kaz's own mind. He takes a great deal of precaution to make sure this never happens, but on the very rare occasion it happens (some great conniving villain, or someone with indomitable will power like Deku), it is devastating to him.
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fatgumsupremacy · an hour ago
Yandere Aizawa (tw dark and sensitive topics. By now you should know. Minors DNI)
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thedeaddrop · an hour ago
me getting into anime over the quarantine really just broke me. like I thought I was unhinged in my superwholock days... but even then I had this superiority complex bc I thought I was better than everyone for watching ‘intelligent’ shows. now I’m just a dumb horny bitch like everyone else and honestly? it’s liberating.
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nsfwshiggy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
paring: shigaraki x fem!reader
warnings: 18+, virgin reader, public sex, noncon/dubcon, rough, exhibitionism, creampie
word count: 1.8k
author's note: yay i'm finally writing again. i've been imagining this for a few weeks now so i decided to write about it. if you are religious maybe don't read it? idk please enjoy lol kinda nervous to see if anyone will actually enjoy this one D:
you had thought about this many times before. if you were going to lose your virginity it would be done the way you wanted. you had no reason why you put it off for so long other than you just didn't care. it wasn't a big deal to lose it way into your twenties. no one was good enough to take it.
you had used toys since you were in high school so at least it wasn't going to hurt the first time and you knew what you were in for. you weren't going to be a log just laying there while some man pushed in and out of you.
there were many guys that you were interested in but they always seemed to fall through, you eventually just gave up. now you didn't care who it was as long as they were clean.
you were talking to this one guy, shigaraki, for awhile now and during the talking period you had mentioned that you wanted to find someone to take your virginity. like all men you said this to, he was interested but you had to see if it would actually happen. you continued to talk to him about it and how you wanted it done.
in the parking lot of a church while they were in service
since you were young, a religion was forced onto you and you were took to church every sunday and sometimes wednesday. you hated everything about it. you hated how some people would forced their religion on other people and hated the different views they had against people who were different.
you were never interested in any of it and you had always heard that you had to save yourself until marriage. shigaraki didn't care about your terms and conditions, all he cared about was getting to be the first time for someone.
you had told him before that you didn't care how rough he was or if he used a condom. you had been on birth control for awhile now and you had somehow developed a breeding kink but you hadn't told him about that part. you two were to meet sunday morning when the sunday services were being let out, when it was nice and bright outside.
you couldn't lie you were nervous not to mention that this was a crime. apart from being nervous you were beyond excited at the same time. it was finally going to happy the way you wanted it done. you were in control.
while pulling up to the parking lot you could see how packed it was, it made your stomach flip. they would be getting out soon so you need to hurry and find a spot and then get to shigaraki's car. you made it easier for the both of you and wore something that would be easy to work with. just a simple flowy dress that he could easily push up.
you had been walking for a little bit trying to find his car until you found it and it was right in front of the doors where they would be walking out. "nice parking spot" you told him while getting in the car. you heard him laugh while you look down at your phone to check the time.
he was definitely way hotter in person than any of his pictures so that was a plus. "we don't have much time before they get dismissed so we should probably hurry" you tell him while going over the seat to get into the back, pretty spacious and it would work just fine.
you didn't know what to do to him to get him ready so for a few seconds you just looked at him when he finally got in the back. fuck what now? you could feel the heat in your face rising and your cheeks became hot when you noticed how he was staring at you.
he slowly moved towards you until your lips finally touched. you had done this before with just about anyone who wanted to so you were okay with this. you moved one hand onto the back of his neck and the other hand slowly found it's way towards his thigh. like it had a mind of its own, it moved closer and closer towards the place you wanted the most.
while taking a few moments to breathe in-between the kissing his pants become unbuttoned and were now half way down his thighs. it was just enough for what you both were going to do. your hand was now tugging at his boxers to release his now semi-hard dick. "you can get hard just from kissing? you are pretty easy" you laugh at him. you loved poking fun at guys by how easily they could get hard.
"well let's see how wet you got just from kissing, shall we?" he says with raised eyebrows. he lifted up your dress to your waist and could now see your panties. "do you think it would have been easier to wear none?" he asks while pulling them down. his fingers trailed up your leg from your ankle until they reached the spot where he would soon enter.
he let out a small laugh once he felt the wetness that was coming from you, "for a virgin you can get wet pretty fast" he says while moving his finger up and down your slit. you let out a gasp from the unfamiliar sensation, it was always you touching yourself so it felt different when it was someone else. you hadn't used any of your toys for awhile so you had become sensitive to any kind of touching.
"please…" you manage to moan out gripping his thigh once he slipped a finger inside of you. his fingers were long and slender so they went deeper than yours, it felt so good to have something inside of you again. "please what?" he asks, "what does the little virgin want me to do to her?"
hearing him say that made you clinch around the now two fingers that were inside of you. you had always talked dirty while texting but since it was in person, it made your whole body tingle. "please fuck me" you tell him while trying to move on his fingers for more friction.
he smiled at you while you did this, "you looked so desperate right now" he tells you while sliding his fingers out of you leaving you with an empty feeling. he turned you over so now you were facing the window, "you want people to see you get fucked, don't you?" he questioned you with a slap on your right cheek.
you were on your hands and knees with your ass in the air. you looked back at him, he had the fingers that were just inside you inside his mouth licking your wetness off. you were shaking with how eager you were, you just wanted him to fuck you already but he was going too slow.
you were running out of time so you decided to sit back on him with your ass on his exposed dick, "please hurrrry" you say dragging out your words while slowly moving your bottom against him. he grabbed your waist and pushed you down against him to grind even harder against his swollen dick.
he pushed you up again into the position you were in before, "are you ready?" he asks while sitting up so now the tip of his dick was touching your wet slit. you nod your head quickly because you could now see people starting to walk out of the building.
he grabs onto your waist once again before slowly sliding into you. your mouth falls open at him stretching you open, something that you hadn't felt for a long time so there was some stinging like how it was when you first used your dildo. because you told him before that he could be as rough as he wanted, he didn't give you any time to adjust.
he pushed in and out of you quickly making sure to reach deep inside of you each time. the sensation was something you had never felt before but you craved for it more and more. you had ringing in your ears and were unable to answer to anything he said. the only thing coming out of you were noises you had made by yourself when everybody was asleep.
you put your arms against the window and pushed further back onto him, "d-deeper" you manage to say to him. every time you would push back on him he would meet you by slamming into you making him go even further into you, he was now pressing against your womb with each thrust.
you looked out the window to see even more people exiting and walking towards the car. you knew people could see you by the looks on their faces as they walked closer. a smile was growing across your face when you see their hands flying up to cover their mouths.
"aw looks like they aren't enjoying the show" shigaraki says from behind you slapping your ass again making you moan louder. you were getting closer and closer to the edge and seeing all the people watching you was only helping get there faster.
"shi-shigaraki, i'm going to…" you try to finish your sentence but before you could you feel him cumming against your womb. it was so warm and a weird feeling having something so warm deep inside of you. the feeling of his cum deep inside you and all of the people watching you, was the final push you needed.
shigaraki was reaching in front of you rubbing your clit as your stomach was tightening around his cock, you missed this feeling. it was pure bliss. your eyes rolled back. it was nothing like how it was when it was just you. you didn't know why you put this off for so long. shigaraki continued to push into you while you rode out your high before pulling out.
you could feel his cum running down your leg and pooling onto the seat under you. your legs were on fire so you just fell against the door watching all the people watch you. you had a smile on your face. it had finally been done. the way you wanted it done.
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kacchanrawr · an hour ago
Them: "I hate it when the character that was antagonistic to the MC suddenly becomes a good guy after they lost one fight to the MC! It's so unrealistic! They just say they're good now, and the MC just forgives them out of the kindness of their heart? And then they just turn a complete 180 from their original personality, and lose all their good and interesting character motivations? I hate it!"
Bakugo Katsuki:
Did not just turn a complete 180 after one loss to Deku
Has realistic and consistent character development
Acknowledges that he was wrong
Understands that Deku will just forgive him easliy if he simply says sorry, so he atones in secret instead
Apologizes with his actions, and not just shallow, pretty words
Did not lose his original motivations, but built on them and improved
Has a strong bond with Deku that isn't just about "lol he's a good guy now so we're friends!"
Also them: "Well he hasn't said sorry to Deku! He has to make a 5000 word notes app essay and a YouTube apology video! No, it doesn't matter that he sacrificed himself for Deku! What do you mean he ran around the hospital bleeding to look for Deku because he cared for him? He's just obsessed with their rivalry and wants to beat him! No, he isn't a better person! He's still brash and loud and annoying, not a nice, soft uwu boy!"
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