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kimistorm · 5 minutes ago
Late Night Shenanigans [Bang Chan x Reader]
Fandom: Stray Kids
Pairing: Bang Chan x GN! Reader
Warnings: None! <20% of this is actually a texting conversation
You ran your hands through your hair in frustration as you looked at your assignment. You had been staring at this darn problem for the past half hour, going to google and desperately searching for something that wasn’t behind a paywall.
Tumblr media
Armed with Chan’s answer and excitement for later that night, it wasn’t long until you received another text from your beloved boyfriend letting you know was outside.
You quickly shut off your laptop and grabbed your house keys before heading out to the front door of your home. You silently made your way through the house, straining your eyes to see from the small amount of moonlight peeking through the windows. A hand waved around cautiously in front of you in hopes that it would keep you from smashing into a wall. Once at the door, you felt it safe enough to turn on the flashlight from your phone. Enough to see which pair of shoes was yours. You quietly slipped them on, and eased out the front door as quietly as you could, cringing when the deadbolt clicked as you unlocked and locked it behind you.
Turning around, you saw Chan’s black car stopped in the street in front of your house. You quickly ran across the grass towards him, and pulled open the door to the passenger side, “fancy seeing you here.” You grinned as you slid into the seat, “come here often?”
He paused to think about it, “I’d say so, I have a beautiful significant other who lives in that house.”
“Aww,” you cooed as the two of you gave a quick kiss, “you’re too kind.”
“I see no lies.” He responded smoothly as he pulled on the shifter and released the hand brake to head towards your destination.
“Yeah?” he didn’t see your quirked brow as you admired his profile, “well there’s an even more beautiful man right next to me.”
He scoffed, “no.”
“I can do this all night.” You teased when you noticed the annoyance in his voice grow with each comeback.
“Please don’t,” he nearly sighed out, “Jisung kept on texting me awful jokes and puns.”
You let out a mock offended shout, “and he didn’t think to include me?”
“Consider yourself blessed.” He responded as his eyes stayed on the road. While it was quiet, and there were hardly any cars about, he was taking the two of you down a winding path devoid of lights except for the ones coming from his headlights.
“Wait, but I want to hear!” you continued excitedly.
“What do you call a baby computer?”
You tilted your head to the side and thought about it, “minitor?”
“What?” the shock in his voice was clear, “what does that even mean? Like a minotaur?”
“Ah, like a mini-monitor?” you tried to defend your answer, “nevermind that. What was the answer?”
“Data.” Chan deadpanned and it was your turn to be in shock and confusion.
“Da-ta-ta,” he added in a baby voice and you nearly snorted. Mostly from the sound of Chan doing a baby voice, and not really because of the joke. “Come on, it wasn’t that funny.”
“That’s such a Jisung thing,” you smiled as you watched the scenery pass by before turning on your phone to confront said person.
Tumblr media
When did that happen? You quickly checked the group chat and scrolled through it a bit to see ‘Seungmo removed Jeekies from the chat.’ Without a second of hesitation, you quickly added Jisung back into the chat.
Tumblr media
“Is that the group chat going off?” Chan asked and you took your attention away from the chat to look up at him and the road.
“Yeah, Jisung and I are tagteamming the data joke.” You replied with a smile.
Chan let out a groan, “it’s not a good joke.”
You let out a giggle, “I’ll tell that to Jisung.”
“Believe me, he knows.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Do you know why Jisung was proposing to Minho with a squid?” you turned off your phone to refocus on what was happening around you. The area had darkened quite a bit, and by this point you had no idea where you were. You were impressed that Chan seemed to know where he was going, considering how he didn’t even have any navigation system up.
The man in question nearly choked, “proposing with a squid?” he asked incredulously and even glanced towards you in confusion, not that he could make out anything from the darkness.
“Well, an octopus.” You admitted, recognizing the difference between the two.
His laugh blended into his next words, “no. About time though.”
You laughed along with him, “I don’t think Minho liked it that much. Or Seungmin.”
Chan already had a hunch as to what happened and clicked his tongue almost disapprovingly, “did he remove Sungie from the chat?”
Chan let out a sigh, “of course he did.”
You laughed at his resignation, “anyways, where we going?”
“You just thought to ask now?” he couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden question, considering how the past few minutes were quiet except for the typing from you and the background music from his spotify playlist.
“I mean, I trust you, so I’m not too concerned.” You hummed and gazed out to the dark expanse surrounding you, “I’d say Area 51 but we’re nowhere close to that.”
“This will be better than aliens,” Chan confirmed with a nod.
You glanced at your phone that lit up again with a picture of an actual squid, Jisung must’ve been running out of octopus pictures, “I think Jisung’s got the alien part covered.”
“Anyways, here we are.” Chan slowed down the car and the dirt crunched beneath the tires as he pulled off to a small clearing by the side of the road. It looked remarkably the same as what the rest of the drive looked like. Dark and empty.
You gave him a confused look that he probably couldn’t see well as he turned off the car, “the middle of nowhere?”
“Exactly.” He told you with a touch of giddy excitement in his voice, “come on!” he nearly jumped out of the car and to the trunk, where he pulled out a blanket and a bag.
You were a bit more skeptical as you slowly got out of the car, “Channie? What are we doing?”
“You said you trusted me?” there was a pout in his voice as he stopped fiddling with trying to lay out the blanket on the hood of his voice.
“Of course I do,” you told him and quickly gave him a hug. You could tell he wasn’t that upset though, judging by the way his voice jumped a couple octaves.
“Hop on,” his voice returned to its normal level as he patted the soft fabric that was laid out on the largest flat surface of his car, “it’s thick enough that the heat from the engine won’t burn.” He added after a moment of hesitation from you. You felt bad for your hesitation and tried to scootch yourself up the hood, “like lay back.” He added as he laid down next to you. You followed his words and what greeted you was a dark sky littered with tiny pinpricks of light.
You felt your jaw drop in awe as you saw an entire collection of stars that you had never seen before. “Oh wow.” You gasped as you tried to soak in the view. It was almost humbling. Each of those tiny pinpricks of white were huge balls of gas light years away. The light that you were currently had traveled the distance of several light years and for several years, now to be witnessed by you and your boyfriend. A warm hand came down to clasp around yours and you eagerly squeezed back.
“It’s my favorite place to stargaze.” He told you softly as you continued to gape up at the sky.
You used your free hand to point at the streak of stars in the sky, the area outside of the streak looking surprisingly empty, “that’s the Milky Way?”
“Yup,” he continued in the same soft tone, enjoying the night atmosphere and you at his side, “that’s literally our galaxy.”
“Looks smaller than I expected,” you laughed and Chan giggled along with you.
“It’s about 50,000 light years across,” he added and gave you a light elbow, “not exactly small.”
“Okay smarty-pants,” you laughed and gave him a slight shove in return. He let out a sound of protest, but let you have the last laugh. You sighed and looked up to the sky again, “do you feel small?”
“From this small glimpse of how vast our universe is?” Chan asked without any hesitation.
You couldn’t help but tear your gaze away from the sky to deadpan at him, “when you put it that way that just makes it seem so much more intimidating.”
He shot you a dimpled smile that you were able to make out as your eyes adjusted, “no.” He scootched over to press himself against your side, “I feel impressed. So many things had to go right. Gravity is the perfect amount that it allows expansion of the Universe, but also brings things close enough together to form atoms. Our planet is the perfect distance away so we’re not scorched or frozen to death. Life evolved from tiny organisms that lived in the ocean to living, bipedal, thinking humans. I exist today. You exist today. And we met, and here we are, gazing at the universe around us. So no, I don’t feel small.” At some point during his ramblings Chan turned his eyes from the twinkling stars shining above to fix you with an adoring look, so it was to your great surprise when you turned and found a pair of eyes looking fondly at you.
“Wait that scares me even more.” You put a hand up to your mouth in slight fear and also to hide the grin as Chan let out an exasperated sound and rolled over so he was on his back again.
“That was insightful!”
“Too deep!” you protested, “it’s midnight, my head’s empty. No thoughts.”
A hand found its way to your head and ruffled at your hair, “lame.” You feebly cried out and tried to fight off his hand but ended up giving up and dealing with it, knowing that nobody was going to see your tousled hair. The hand found itself on the other side of you (effectively bringing the two of you even closer together) and pointed out the brightest star in the sky. “That’s Sirius. Well, technically Sirius A and B since it’s a binary system,” he rambled under his breath, not that you really had any clue what he was talking about, “but we just see it as one point of light.”
“I think you’re brighter than Sirius,” you couldn’t help the cheesy comment as you planted a quick kiss on his cheek.
You could almost see his ears redden and the embarrassed and slightly shocked smile grow on his face as you watched his reaction, “that’s a good one.”
You let out a happy hum and rested your head against his shoulder again, “anything more I should know about Sirius?”
There was a moment of silence before his hand rose back to point at the sky, “it’s part of the Canis Major,” he continued and tried to draw out the shape of the dog with his finger. “Though, not as major as my love for you.” He let out an awkward laugh mixed with a screech and pulled his hand away to cover his face with embarrassment.
“Was that you trying to one up me?” you questioned with a light grin on your face as you propped your head up on a hand as he peered at you past his fingers.
You laughed and pressed a kiss to his hands, “nice.” You laid yourself back onto the hood of the car and snuggled up next to him as he continued to point out stars and constellations in the sky while simultaneously giving you more astronomy knowledge than you knew what to do with. It was enjoyable and peaceful as the two of you left your buzzing phones inside the car and there wasn’t a car that passed on the road behind you. The cool night paired with the chirping of insects, Chan’s warm body heat, and the two of you just cuddling up under the stars was your the perfect way to end the week.
“That was a shooting star!” Chan screamed as he pointed up to the sky, you eagerly nodded as you saw the tiny streak of light, “make a wish!” you hummed in agreeance and closed your eyes as you thought about it, but finding it hard as everything you wanted was already right here. “I love you.” He added softly, planting a kiss onto your head.
“Love you too.”
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libsterslobsters · 13 minutes ago
Fahrenheit 451, Part 2/2
(Split because of length)
Tumblr media
"What Comes After Goodbye" Chapter One
Summary: After the death of his brother, Sam Winchester is left with only one thing: hunting. It's all he knows. When he winds up in a podunk town and meets a librarian with a past that rivals his own, his life takes a sharp right turn into uncharted territory. Oh, and Dean’s still riding shotgun.
Pairings: Sam Winchester x OFC, Sam Winchester x Lucy Fletcher, Sam Winchester x OFC!Lucy Fletcher
Warnings: Post Season Fifteen, profanity, alcohol use, violence, mentions of suicidal thoughts, major character death (Dean), Canon compliant, angst, fluff
“Son of a bitch.” Sam’s not sure if he’s said it or if it’s the echo of Dean in his memories. He’s too late. The library’s up in flames by the time the Impala screeches to a stop in the parking lot.  Smoke is curling out from underneath the glass library doors, a red glow visible through the rapidly blackening panes. 
 “We can’t get in that way.” Dean shouts. That goes without saying. Fire must be directly on the other side already. Alright, he needs to think. When he came by yesterday, were there any other entrances? An emergency exit maybe? As he scans the parking lot, his eyes land on  a sign that reads “employee parking”, arrow pointing to a stretch of asphalt leading behind the building. Ignoring the instinct to tell his brother where he’s going, he takes off at a run.
 Depending on where the fire started, maybe there’s still a chance he can get inside. It’s not the best of ideas, but it’s their one chance to find the demon and if they’re lucky (when are they ever lucky?) find the librarian while she’s still alive.
 The back door is smaller, made of wood, but the area around the lock and doorknob is metal plated. He holds his palm a few millimeters away from the knob. Warm, but not hot. Fire hasn’t reached this far. Going in with his foot, Sam throws his weight against the door. It buckles, but doesn’t cave inwards. He goes in for a second attempt. Then a third. Just as he’s prepared to try once more, he gives up and goes for his gun. Desperate times call for desperate (and more than a little stupid) measures.The bullet connects with the doorknob, and the door swings open
 “I always wanted to do that.” At another time, he’d lecture Dean about why under normal circumstances, it’s a terrible idea, as cool as even he thinks it looks, he’s not a big fan of shrapnel embedding in him, but right now, there’s more important things at hand.
 It’s a small building, and even without limited options, the sound of screams would alert him of which direction to go. Crouching to avoid the heaviest smoke, sawed off shotgun in hand, Sam moves as quickly as possible towards the disturbance, the fight to pay Dean too much attention momentarily forgotten. Another scream leads them to a small office, the door cracked open. Out of the corner of his eye, Sam makes out the sign by the door listing Lucy Fletcher as Library Director, but what grabs his attention is what’s happening within.
 There’s the librarian, pinned to the wall, the demon making cuts across her body. She’s still conscious which is a small wonder considering the amount of blood coating her business suit. No sooner have they stepped over the threshold then the door slams closed behind them.
 “Nice of you to join us, Sam.” Lucy drops to the floor in a heap as the demon’s attention turns to them. He managers to fire off a shot, the carved devil’s trap on the bullet rendering the black-eyed son of a bitch impotent (forcing him to drop the librarian in a heap), but he knows it’s just borrowed time. There’s only two options at this point: knife or exorcism. Since now’s not a great time for an exorcism, that leaves the knife.
 “What’re you waiting for?” Dean roars from behind him. “Stab the bastard and get her out of here!” He doesn’t have to be told twice.
 “You assholes never learn, do you?” Sam asks as he forces the knife blade under the demon’s ribs up to the hilt. The tortured scream is music to his ears.
 Lucy is unconscious, a dead weight, but he’s carried heavier, and even with the threat of flames it takes less than a minute to get outside. Her car was the only one in the parking lot, meaning there’s no one else to save, so he concentrates on checking for a pulse and applying pressure to the deepest of the cuts.
 Unfortunately that happens to be the one across her chest. More unfortunately, the knife sliced through her bra as well as her shirt, leaving her exposed. Most unfortunate of all, as Sam’s basically feeling her up, the librarian comes to, and on instinct, attempts to slap him (much to Dean’s amusement, if the maniacal cackling is anything to judge from). 
 “Hey, it’s okay.” He manages to duck out of the way of her palm. “You’re safe. I’m just applying pressure. You got sliced up pretty bad.” Recognition blooms in her eyes and her face contorts in confusion.
 “Well, at least she’s not still trying to hit you.” Sam mentally orders Dean to shut the fuck up.
 “Mr. Gillan.”
 “Actually, it’s Winchester. Sam.”
 “Sam.” She repeats. “Why are you-”
 “I have good news and bad news.” Shifting his jacket to cover the now-bloodstained knife, he motions behind him. “Even if we dialed nine one one right this second, the library is beyond saving. Good news, that demon will never hurt you again.”
 “My library-” She stops short, eyes widening in shock. “Demon?”
 One long, confusing conversation later, during which Sam shrugs off his outer shirt and offers it to Lucy, who gratefully takes it, all the while still dabbing at her many cuts, and the librarian is caught up to speed. Sam expects more of an outcry when she learns that monsters are real, but she seems to be taking it all in stride. That is until she hears about her grandfather.
 “So that’s what he did? Hunt monsters, like you?”
 Sam shrugs. “Sort of. Actually, he was more interested in the theory behind hunting monsters. A librarian like you, actually. Just…” He really should’ve planned out some way to explain this all to her, but up until it came spilling out of his mouth, he didn’t know he’d be having this conversation. “… you’ve heard that knowledge is power, right?” She nods. “Well, he was really powerful. I live in his library now.” That didn’t sound at all weird. “Of course, his library is more like a huge, evil-resistant bunker, so…” 
 With a sigh, she settles back against the seat of the impala. “Shit.” Dean chuckles from the passenger seat, and even Sam feels a reluctant smile pulling at his lips. That about sums it up.
 “So, what?”  She tugs the flannel tighter around her. “Now that the demon’s dead, or whatever the hell happens to them when you stab them, do I just go back to my apartment? Call in an anonymous tip about the library catching fire and pretend that books on monsters should be shelved with the fiction?” He doesn’t miss the way Dean’s lips twitch, more than likely in response to the “nerd” talk.
 Sam’s tempted to tell her that’s it, try to forget this day ever happened, move on with her life, but instead, what comes out of his mouth is,
 “Or you could come with me.” And now, they’re both looking at him like he’s crazy. Maybe his is. Or maybe… he looks at her as she speaks, but really, he’s addressing Dean.
 “Charles Fletcher was a member of the Men of Letters. A pretty well-known one too. He made a lot of enemies in his day. Things are better than they used to be, but...”
 “Just because that demon got a one way ticket back to hell doesn’t mean others aren’t gonna try.” Dean finishes the thought, face set in resignation. That’s not even to mention the vampires, werewolves, ghouls and who knows how many other various and sundry monsters that might want their revenge, especially now that he’s essentially set up a beacon saying, “Here there be hunters.”
 “I could train you, if not to hunt, at least to know how to kill whatever comes next.” He hates to suggest it. The life of a hunter is far from ideal, and while it’s the only thing keeping him afloat right now, he wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.
 “Whoa, hang on a second.” The librarian holds up a hand, warning him to stay back. “If what you’re saying is true-” She stops short, face contorting into a rueful smile. “-and after today, I’m inclined to believe it is, my choices are kill or be killed?”
 “Well…” He tries to think of a more tactful way to put it, but comes up empty. “… there’s a pretty good chance it’ll work out that way. Sorry.” 
 Lucy sighs. “I’m gonna need a little time to process this.” That’s understandable.
 With a groan, Dean turns around in the passenger seat. “Sam, you know we can’t stick around for long. She has to make up her mind fast.” So… he needs a deadline.
 “I’ll be staying in the next town over in case this attracts the wrong kind of attention. First motel in the phone book. If I don’t hear from you by-” He glances down at his wrist, reading the display on Dean’s watch. “-six pm day after tomorrow, I’ll know you’ve decided to stay and I won’t bother you again. Sound good?”
 She offers him a tight nod. “Sounds fair.”
 “This is crazy.” Lucy’s way past the point of worrying about how insane she sounds, talking to herself as she returns the nozzel to the gas pump. “It’s absolutely crazy. Okay, Sam’s good looking and what he said actually made some sense. Hell, he even knew my grandfather’s name and showed me that weird book with the funny paper crane looking symbol I remember my dad having on a lapel pin, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is absolutely fucking nuts!” Speaking of, some people are definitely looking like she has a few screws loose. Thank goodness she decided to gas up in the next town over.
 Climbing back into her truck, she selects a song by ABBA and cranks up the volume on her phone as loud as it’ll go. There. As long as she’s got some tunes, she’ll shut the hell up. Hopefully.
 She can still turn back, Lucy reasons with herself. Her landlord recently informed her that he wanted her out by the end of the month (no reason why, just pack your bags and skidaddle), so she was going to have to look for a new place to live anyway. She was going to have to move her stuff into storage at some point, so it’s actually good she went ahead and did it yesterday. Nothing irreversible has happened. She can give up this crazy idea. She still has… a glance at the dashboard makes her curse under her breath… two minutes.
 She’s always felt like something was wrong with her. From her earliest memories, she knew there was a darkness in her that other people didn’t feel. Maybe it was because she lost her parents so young, but she seems to remember it being there even before the fire. Hell, she has memories of her Mom and Dad sitting at the kitchen table, hushed whispers of “Charles Fletcher” and “Men of Letters” floating towards her little eavesdropping ears before her dad picked her up and placed her back in her bed, instructing her to stay put, let the grownups talk, okay Lucykins?
 “Sam could still be lying.” She say it aloud, but in her heart, she knows that’s not what’s going on. Clearly, the guy’s got a few chips in his paint job. He kept looking around like he was expecting someone else to be there when it was just them. However, something tells her he doesn’t mean her any harm. Or maybe she’s totally off base.
 Either way, it’s now or never. Just as she’s about to pull into the motel parking lot, a black impala pulls out. Without any warning from her rational mind, she throws her truck in park and jumps out, waving her arms.
 “Wait! Stop!” The car rolls to a halt mere inches from where she’s standing. Almost in slow motion, the door opens and the man with the phony name, the one who saved her life, steps out, a crooked smile on his face.
 “I know, I’m late.” She starts, tugging down the hem of her shirt. “If you’re still willing to teach me, you need to know that. I’m never on time unless my paycheck depends on it. Or if there’s a really good sale at Barnes and Noble.”
 The smile spreads into a grin, and then Sam’s throwing back his head, laughing. She’s not sure how to react. It wasn’t that good of a joke.
 “Sorry.” He recovers, still snickering. “Just, um…” He shakes his head. “Never mind. Hey, at least I know you’re book motivated.”
 “The fifteen boxes of ‘em in my truck bed would seem to indicate that, yeah.” She nods. “So, do you have an address I should type in, or is your super-secret lair hidden from GPS?”
 “No, you can see it. It shows up as in the middle of a pond, though.”
 A few exchanged numbers and awkward text messages later, she has it keyed up.
 “So-” Sam hesitates. “-sorry if this is weird, but what made you decide to show up? You know, decide I’m not a serial killer or something.” It’s a decent question. She leans back, pretending to study the… oh, what did he call himself… the hunter, that’s it… from head to toe.
 “Eh, the odds seemed pretty far fetched that both of us are serial killers, so I decided to take a chance.” Immediately she regrets her words (what if his sense of humor doesn’t work that way), but the smile is back, a little easier this time.  
 “Well, Dahmer, if you get lost, you have my number, so feel free to call.”
 “I’ll do that, Manson.” with a wave, she climbs back into her truck. Who the hell knows what this Sam Winchester is really about. This could be a terrible decision, but for today, she’s on an adventure.
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clefairymuke · 21 minutes ago
regrets | chapter sixteen
prev. chapter | next chapter
pairing: levi ackerman x reader
themes: enemies to lovers, slowburn, angst, fluff, smut
tw: violence / explicit sexual content
word count: 1912
"You act like a child."
Levi's voice, though calm, rang a striking forte in the hushed atmosphere of his office. You were used to him raising his voice at you, of course, but this felt different. His repertoire of angry lectures with you were previously livened with notes of discipline and superiority; his tone, now, could only be described as personal.
Your blood ran cold as if the ice dripping from his voice had infected your veins. This is what I wanted, you reminded yourself, trying to make sense somewhere in the emotions of the man in front of you. "I act like a child?" you scoffed in an attempt to save face. You were unsure of what audience you were putting on for -- he saw right through you, and you knew it. You remembered your gleeful grin as you changed clothes before coming, how you practically celebrated with Jean when Levi was out of earshot. It was childish, but you were comfortable with that. It felt justified.
The scene in front of you was less than romantic: Levi stood to face you in front of his desk, his eyes narrowed to a glare. His face was less void of feeling than it typically was; his lips were drawn into a scowl and his brows dipped towards the corners of his slate eyes. There was no tea set, no papers strewn about, and no thing out of place. It was simply you, a spotless room, and an insufferably furious man a couple of yards away.
Your hands were balled into fists at your sides. You were angry in part because he had you figured out -- his first words to you upon your arrival were accusatory. He knew just as well as you did that you and Jean were playing a silly game. You both knew it was designed to get under his skin. This didn't make him any less pissed off, of course, and likely only fueled his fire further.
"Yes, you do," he asserted. His glare was unending and unforgiving, boring into you like knives as you put forth your best effort not to cower. "Children play fucking pretend."
"What makes you think it was pretend?" you questioned him, insulted by his critique of your acting skills. For the pain it required, you thought, you deserved a bit of recognition.
"Are you insinuating that you're actually in some kind of relationship with Kirstein?" he inquired, knuckles growing white as he dug his nails into his palms.
You considered your answer carefully -- admitting guilt too early may not lead to the most peaceful conversation; on the other hand, neither would keeping the lie going. Avoiding the question altogether seemed to be the most logical choice. "What does it matter to you anyway?" you asked him, trying to deflect. Regardless of your intentions, you were curious to hear his answer. If he truly didn't care about you as you did about him, he would have no opinion about what you did and didn't do with Jean -- or any other guy, for that matter.
"You know exactly why it matters to me," he hissed, his glare breaking momentarily to show the most minuscule bit of softness. It took no time to return to his hard, unforgiving stare.
You groaned, close to losing your cool. "I actually have no fucking clue why it would matter to you, Levi. I don't understand anything about how you feel," you told him, honestly yet harshly. Your breathing began to balloon your chest as you drew short, shallow breaths; the physical reaction behind your fury was conspicuous and annoying. "You haven't spoken to me outside of scolding since I was in the infirmary; even the last few days there, you gave me the cold shoulder without any explanation. How the hell am I supposed to know how you feel?"
You watched him sigh, removing his nails from his palms so that he could rest his face in his hands, his eyes hiding behind his fingers as considered your words. "You aren't --" he started, breaking off midway. There was a strange tone to his voice now, more understanding, more sad, yet still angry. It was like satin laid over barbed wire. "You aren't even supposed to be considering how I feel. You can't think of me that way."
Fury bellowed within you like a match on the floor of a rickety wooden house; it overtook you as the fire would, enveloping you completely and without remorse. Your mind raced with disbelief  -- how were you to keep from thinking of him that way? He opened that door wide with his stupid, comforting teatime chats and tiny smiles, with tender touches and lingering caresses long past the hours that would be considered appropriate for him to be alone with you.
It took longer than you would have liked for the words to travel from your brain to your tongue. Now you were the one raising your voice. "You made me think of you that way! You're fucking impossible, Levi, do you know that? How can you pretend that there's nothing between you and me?"
"Because there is nothing between you and me. You have a stupid schoolgirl crush, and I'm trying to get these dumbass ideas out of your head," he argued, face twisting yet again. His words pressed tight against your heart, pain oozing through the rigid wall your anger had built by hand. Still, you refused to let it fall.
"Then why do you care so much about me putting on a show for you with Jean today? Why was it so important that I had to be called to your office like you're going to make me clean the dorms over it? Your words don't align one bit with your actions, but I'm the crazy one." Your hands shook at your sides as you yelled at him; you didn't care if Erwin, Hange, or every scout you knew heard you. You were sick of the embarrassment he brought you. For every second you've been happy with him, there was an equal and opposite force of mortification. You would yell at him until your voice couldn't handle it any longer -- anything to get your point across.
Seeing Levi so full of emotion was rare. If you weren't so overtaken by rage you might have saved a moment to appreciate it. His typical straight-set lips hung open as you watched all the  things he wanted to say pass over his tongue. His eyes were dancing with anger, sadness, passion, yearning, annoyance, confusion -- all at once, one after the other like a montage of color. Your anger blinded you. You had a million and one harsh replies to a million harsh things you thought he could say, but you had no answer to what finally came out of his mouth when all of the emotion in his eyes settled within him.
"I knew you were doing it to bother me," he began, his tone gentler than it was before. "And the worst part was that it did. I couldn't stand to see someone touch you that way, even if it was all for show."
You hadn't expected that. The anger in you hadn't died, but the breath you took after hearing that was the most satisfying one you'd ever had, as if you were in atop a mountain breathing the cool oxygen for the first time. You studied him closely, meeting his soft eyes with the most understanding gaze you could muster. "Why couldn't you stand it?" you coaxed him, waiting to hear the words.
He let go an irritated sigh. "God damn it," he grumbled. He took a long step toward you, leaving only a few feet of distance now. "I --" he shook his head, "I can't do this with you."
You rolled your eyes with ever ounce of energy in your body. He came even closer, but you weren't paying attention. "Of course you can't. You get so close to finally just admitting the truth, and then you hide from it because it's impossible to admit that you have feelings for me." You were yelling again, despite how he was closing in on you. You hoped you were giving him a headache as he inched closer.
"It's inappropriate for you to even think that that's a possibility," he shouted back.
As he stood only a foot away and your words exchanged grew ever louder, you wondered where the crescendo would end. One of you would have to quiet down eventually -- and you would be damned before backing down. "I don't know why you think I give a shit about what's appropriate, Levi!"
"I know you don't give a shit. It's pretty fucking obvious."
"Then why are we even talking about this? Why didn't you just keep ignoring me?"
"Because I couldn't. I--" he broke off again, his eyes darting around to read your face. "I just -- You know what? Fuck it." Before you could process it, he took another step forward. His hand launched to the back of your head, the feeling of his fingertips somehow still gentle despite his rough movements as he pulled you towards him.
His lips crashed onto yours with a reckless abandon.
Your hands came to his chest to push him away, but once realization set in, you left them to rest there. His fingers began to tangle themselves in your hair as his inhibitions disappeared, every muscle losing its tension and every thought fading to static. What he lacked in the argument became clear in how he enveloped you; the screaming match seemed to continue into the way your lips battled, still ever-building.
Your hands left his chest to loop round his neck, one of them wandering off to grip his hair similar to the hold he had on you. His arm snaked around your waist to pull you flush against him, every curve in your body neutralized by a curve in his until it was difficult to tell where you ended and he began.
The time-slowing force that visited with absolute ecstasy had paid you mind, permitting you to relish in every movement. The kiss was deepening and deepening and deepening, leaving you to wonder what was left to explore, and yet still keeping you captivated with every second. In this moment, every doubt or worry was solved, and you would be content to never experience anything else; to stay clutched tightly in Levi's arms seemed like a well-enough fate to spend all of eternity. Despite your pleas to whatever controlled the universe to leave you just where you were forever, it had to end. The sight you saw when he pulled away was almost as satisfying as the kiss itself: Levi, eyes wide and almost frenzied, lips red and the tiniest bit swollen. When he pulled away, he did nothing to alter the position of your bodies, still pressed as tightly together as humanly possible, unsure of how to separate and not wanting to find out, either. He gazed into your eyes for only a second, light pants filling the space between you as you searched each other's faces for answers to questions you were unsure of. You brought your hand from the back of his head to rest on his cheek, tilting your head just slightly as if to get a better look.
Without exchanging words, the two of you had finally come to an agreement. You closed your eyes as his lips attacked yours once again.
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umaruwastaken · 25 minutes ago
when you flinch away during an argument [badboyhalo X reader ]
: Hi, this'll be my second blog and fanfic, please enjoy it, it's not that much but I tried my best and I love writing so much, requests are open! I love headcanons.
Synopsis: You got into an argument which soon turned heated, he continues giving aggressive hand gestures which made you flinch.
!!TW!!: swearing? yelling and stuff [idek]
↬ "Darryl just stop! yes we talked but I don't love him anymore!" you tried explaining to your thick-headed boyfriend who was being a pain by saying you still love your ex after an encounter.
you want nothing but to take a rest now but you still tried to explain as soft as you can so that he'll finally understand and cut the crap. but to the looks of it, he wasn't planning anytime soon.
"YES! but that's the point[name], I love you that's why I don't want guys snaking their way to you! but it seems that he doesn't know you have a boyfriend!" he fought, you tried so hard to not spill the frustrated tears and not yell too.
"Darryl" you stated tiredly massaging your temples, he scoffed as he tried and not chuckle, normally he would be calm and try to talk with you but he was overly frustrated seeing how your ex looks at you earlier.
"wow! just wow" he raised his voice and bough his hands clapping, but it didn't come out to you that way, the way he raised his hands made you flinch away from him, this didn't get unnoticed by him as he stood there shocked.
you just flinched, it was big deal for him... you normally won't just flinch... he was just going to clap and not hurt you, voices rang in his head as he tried to function things.
you looked down as tears finally spilled.
"Darryl! I don't love him anymore... I'm sorry I talked to him, please don't be mad" your words infuriated him, but not towards you, to himself... he had gone overboard and made you think that he'll ever EVER hit you.
he shushed you as he came near engulfing you in a comforting hug.
"no, [name] I'm sorry, I'm too much... I know you won't betray me, I was just frustrated, I will never hit you, muffin.. no, shh it's ok" he gently pats your head as you sobbed into his arms appreciating every moment.
you love him dearly, and would never ever chose an asshole over bad, you sniffled and look up at him.
"you're not mad?"
"baby, I can never be mad at you ok? I was just overwhelmed earlier but I love you and will never raise my hands to you, if anything I won't ever again yell... I love you" he gushed digging your head into his chest as he sniffed the top of your head, enjoying the calm sensation it gave the both of you.
"ill kick his working butt if he ever comes near you again,[name] i love you, let's go to bed..." he says as you giggle lightly, glad that he's back to his normal nature.
"i love you too, bad" he whimpered happily hearing your response as you both lay down in each others arms, finally peaceful.
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anime-fanfics-i-write · 53 minutes ago
Dialogue Dump (Atsumu Miya x Reader)
Atsumu: Good morning, Y/N.
Y/N: You did something wrong I can feel it.
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elghthwonder · an hour ago
once again i present a kaebedo fic.. this time it’s fluff, but it’s also got angst just bc i seem to be incapable of writing a fic without angst
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albedoswaifu · an hour ago
Zhongli General Domestic Headcanons
-Your home is so comfortable. Not too spacious or too tiny, just perfect. It's generally well kept and clean by zhongli's preference but it is a little cluttered in certain areas.
-there's always a calming scent of tea or home cooked food around.
-If his s/o isn't fond of cooking for themself he's the type to make them a pretty boxed lunch to take with them in the mornings.
-He gives the sweetest welcome home forehead kisses ;-;
-something common is sitting together in the two comfortable arm chairs in the living room enjoying tea while telling each other about your days.
-He prefers to be the one to cook dinner if his partner will agree to it.
-he likes taking evening strolls together in local gardens.
-at night he has a good track record of being split half the time on whether he goes to bed before or at the same time as his partner. 
-He'll often gravitate towards them to hold them in his sleep.
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kinglazrus · an hour ago
Double Date
Phic Phight
Submitted by @ghostgothgeek: Danny/Sam and Johnny/Kitty double date
Summary: All Danny wanted was some dating advice from the only couple he knows, but of course he got more than he bargained for. At least going to the boardwalk sounds like a nice first date, right?
Word count: 9464 | links to ffn and ao3 in my bio
Danny stares at the tickets in Johnny's outstretched hand. He looks up at Johnny's slanted grin, then back down again. On the other side of the roof, Shadow lurks in the shade of the Ops-centre, drifting dangerously close to the supports.
"When I asked for dating advice, this isn't what I meant," Danny says. He thought Johnny dragged him up to the roof of Fenton Works for some "man to man" talk, not... whatever this is.
Johnny shrugs and stuffs the tickets into his jacket pocket. "Maybe so, but it's what you're getting! You want to treat your girl right? What better way to learn than watching the best boyfriend you know in action?"
"Johnny, I've seen you in action. Downtown. Driving around the community college and looking at all the girls while Kitty is off doing whatever," Danny says.
"Is that really such a big deal? Come on, kid. Listen to me." Johnny throws his arm around Danny's shoulder and drags him toward the edge of the rooftop. "Look how big this place is." He sweeps out his arm, gesturing toward the city. The sun is nearly set, but lots of people are still out at this hour. A warm haze of light glitters on the northern edge of the city, at the beachfront. Danny can almost see the top curve of the Ferris wheel from here.
Johnny continues. "Lots of people down there. Who knows who you actually saw doing what? I bet there are loads of blond guys with bikes around here. And I've got two tickets to the pier that says so."
Danny turns away from the glowing city to stare incredulously at Johnny. "You're using a double date with you and Kitty to bribe me into not telling her I caught you ogling college girls?"
"You said it, not me."
"Did you steal those tickets?"
"Kid, I know you're the goody-two-shoes type. I bought them fair and square with money right of pocket."
Danny snorts. "Whose pocket?"
"I don't think that matters. Come on, it'll be fun. I don't give advice for free, you know." Johnny squeezes Danny's shoulder, a little too hard for what's meant to be a casual chat. The desperate sheen in Johnny's eye kind of ruins the threat, though.
As Danny considers the offer, a shiver goes up his spine. His next breath leaves in a puff of pale blue air. With a sigh, he goes intangible and extracts himself from Johnny's hold, smiling a little when the older ghost stumbles at the sudden loss of Danny's support. Looking over the rooftops, he can't see another ghost, but they can't be far if they set off his ghost sense. He hopes with all his heart that they might be here for a friendly chat, like Johnny, but doubts it. Danny isn't lucky enough for that.
"Okay. I'll go," he says.
"And?" Johnny's grin stretches as he gestures for Danny to go on.
Danny tips his head back and sighs. He doesn't have time for this. "And I guess I didn't see you at the college last week."
"Great!" Johnny gives Danny a hearty slap on the back and climbs back onto his motorcycle. "You're not so bad, kid. When you're not kicking my ass. Just stick with Kitty and me on the day and I'll show the ropes." He kicks up the stand on his motorcycle and revs the engine. "Oh, and before I forget. If this date doesn't go perfectly, then... Shadow!"
The murky ghost rises from beneath the Ops-centre.
"Wait, don't!" Danny shouts, too late, as Shadow zips across the roof, cutting through as many of the Ops-Centre's supports as he can before melting into the darkness. Johnny takes off cackling as the whole thing comes crashing down.
The next morning, Danny keeps his head low, his gaze locked on the bowl of soggy cereal in front of him. Across the kitchen, his father stops to slap the counter.
"Didn't even hear a thing! Can you believe that?" Jack asks.
"Must have happened while we were sleeping."
"Must have."
"When I find the ghost that did it, they're gonna get a face full of Fenton grade vengeance! You know what happens when a ghost looks in a mirror, Danno? Makes 'em go crazy. We're working on this new gun that makes them see—"
"Look at that, time for school!" Danny shoots to his feet. He can't meet his father's gaze as he dumps his cereal bowl—still half full—into the sink and scurries out of the kitchen.
"Have fun!" Jack calls after him.
"Yeah, sure, I will!" Danny shouts back. Under his breath, he adds, "as long as I never have to see that gun." He grabs his backpack as he leaves, snagging the strap and swinging it over his shoulder on his way out the door. Once he is outside, and there's a solid barrier between him, his ticked-off father, and whatever ghost-fighting monstrosity his parents have made now, he stops to take a deep breath.
There are still a few minutes before Tucker should arrive for their walk to school, but Jack does not know that. Danny did not want to sit there and listen to his own father talk about all the ways he could make Danny double-dead, much less re-experience his first death. In fact, he usually tries to avoid people like that. Unfortunately, that does not always work when he lives with two of them.
Danny shakes his head. He can think about those things later. Right now, his conversation with Johnny is the only thing he cares about. Only time will tell if he made a huge mistake agreeing to the double date, but it would be nice if at least one thing could go right for Danny for once.
Inside the house, something slams, followed by a shout from Jack that rattles the window. Danny jumps away from the door and nearly tumbles down the stoop, his front foot slipping off the top step. He latches onto the bannister to keep from falling back, and his foot thumps against the next step. The landing jars his leg as his knee locks, a jolt shooting up his thigh.
"Whoa, it's freshman Danny." Tucker's voice drifts through Danny's ears.
Danny turns, rubbing his now aching knee, and scowls. "What?"
"You know. Freshman Danny." Grinning wide and smug, Tucker motions to Danny's entire person first, then his leg. "Clumsy as hell and too chicken to ask Sam out."
"Shut up! Am not."
"Are too."
"Am not!"
"Are too!" Tucker waves his hand in an airy gesture of finality, turning up his nose. He spins away from Danny, a signal that their little squabble is over. His mistake.
With a final cry of "Am not!" Danny launches himself at Tucker, pouncing on his back. Tucker shrieks in surprise, a peal of laughter echoing off his cry, and stumbles under the new weight. He tries to beat Danny off with the flat of his palm. In response, Danny clings tighter. He wraps his legs around Tucker's waist and hooks his arms over his shoulders, latching on to his wrists to keep a firm grip.
"Holy shit. You're so short, why are you so heavy." Tucker wheezes as he tries to pry Danny's arms off.
Danny throws his head over Tucker's shoulders, shifting his weight forward enough that Tucker bows underneath him. "Ghost fighting muscles, baby."
"Ugh." Tucker's palm finds Danny's chin and he pushes, shoving his head back. "You totally could have asked Sam out for homecoming but nooo, you had to go with me as a hot young bachelor."
Danny's cheeks burned. "It was your idea!"
"Only because you were getting all pouty about not going with Sam, and the only reason that didn’t happen is because you never asked!"
"Well, I'm asking today!"
Tucker freezes. For a second, Danny wonders how ridiculous they must look to anyone watching, with him clinging to Tucker worse than Klemper to literally anyone, and Tucker stretching back to push Danny's head as far back as it will go. Actually, maybe they wouldn't find it so strange. Danny's neighbours have seen a lot of weird things in the past four years; him and Tucker being their usual selves can't be high up on that list.
"You're really gonna ask today, finally?" Tucker asks.
Danny nods, as much as he can Tucker still shoving his head back. "Johnny was here last night."
"Oh yeah?" Tucker pauses, giving Danny a chance to elaborate. He doesn't, waiting for the gears to click in Tucker's head instead. It takes a moment, but he gets there. "Oh! Oh, right, yeah. He finally got back to you? Is that why, uh... you know." Tucker finally withdraws his hands and points to the roof of Fenton Works.
"Oh. Yeah." Danny's limbs go intangible, slipping through Tucker's torso in one final act of petty vengeance as Danny rights himself. Tucker shivers, shooting Danny a glare, before looking back at the Ops-Centre. Normally a pinnacle of Fenton genius that stands proudly above their home, now it lays on its side. Danny managed to catch it, barely, before it could crash into the roof, but overnight the saucer-like body crushed itself under its own weight. Now, the side touching the roof is a crumpled mess, the supports that once held it up rusted beyond repair.
"Shadow," Danny says. It's all he needs to say. Tucker nods, understanding perfectly what happened here. "Other than that it went... okay. He asked me out."
"What?!" Tucker's head whips toward Danny, his eyes wide. "I hope nobody tells Kitty. But he does give off bi energy, doesn't he?"
Danny rolls his eyes. "Not like that. He invited me and Sam on a double date with him and Kitty."
"Oh, so they're swingers."
Tucker snickers. "Okay, okay. I'm serious now. Promise." The cat-like grin he gives isn't the most reassuring, but Danny will take what he can get. "You're really gonna ask her out today?"
"Got carnival tickets and everything."
"Well, shit, man. Don't blow it."
Danny grabs Tucker's beanie and yanks it down over his face. Tucker's teasing laughter chases Danny all the way to school.
At lunch, Danny pulls Sam aside. He meets her at her locker, which is two halls away from his and Tucker's, waiting along the opposite wall for her to finish switching out her books for her lunch bag. The hall is still fairly crowded since it's only been a minute since the lunch bell went. Down the way, Danny can see Paulina and Elliot, standing with their heads tucked together by Paulina's locker, working on the local rumour mill no doubt. When Sam looks done digging through her bag, and Danny pushes off the wall toward her, Elliot happens to glance in their direction. His sharp eyes go from Danny to Sam, then back. A wicked smile takes over his face.
Danny ducks his head, letting his hair flop forward and hide his slowly reddening cheeks. In two quick strides, he crosses the hall and thumps against the closed lockers beside Sam's.
"Done lurking?" Sam asks without looking up.
"I wasn't lurking."
"Sure you weren't." Sam knocks her elbow against her locker door. Danny's eyes catch the small, black-framed mirror taped to the inside, which reflects the exact spot Danny was standing when it hits the right angle.
At this rate, Danny's face will be red as his shoes. "Oh."
"Yeah, oh. What's up?" She finally looks up from her bag as she yanks the zipper closed. When she turns toward him, she hits her locker door with her elbow once again, this time to knock it closed; but, as the door swings, Danny glimpses Paulina and Elliot again. This time, they are both watching, and the way they cover their mouths as they talk is far from reassuring.
Danny's hand jerks out. He stops Sam's locker, shoving it back open, and holds it in place to block the gossiping duo's view.
"I wanted to ask you something," Danny says.
Sam shoots a raised eyebrow at her locker door, then turns it on him "Are you okay? You've been acting kind of weird all day."
"No, yeah, I'm fine. I was just­– you know. This weekend, yeah?"
Sam looks entirely unimpressed with his fumbled words. "I can't say that I do."
"I have tickets to the boardwalk," Danny clarifies. "For this weekend. We don't have anything planned and I know you're free. So, want to go?"
As he waits for Sam's answer, he is struck by the realization that she could say no. They have been friends for years, and he has had an inkling, the past little while, that she might like him back. But he doesn't know it. No matter what Danny feels for her—and thinking about his own feelings makes his face hot and his heart stutter—she still might not feel the same. She could say no. And it's not that Danny hasn't thought about this before; there's a reason he is only asking her out senior year even though he has had a crush on her since they were freshman. But worrying about it in the back of his mind is very different from standing in front of her knowing it could actually happen.
This was such a bad idea. He is asking her out in the hallway. Within sight of Paulina and Elliot. He should have waited until after school, at least. Oh, god. Should he have gotten her something? Are you supposed to bring something when you ask someone out? Oh, this is so bad. She is going to say no, and then Danny will have to tell the story to Tucker, and Tucker will laugh because of course she said no, this is terrible.
"Sure, sounds fun," Sam says.
Danny blinks. He shakes his head, goes over her words in his head to make sure he heard it right, then blinks again. "Yes?"
"Absolutely. It's been so long since we've gone to the boardwalk. Maybe Tucker can win that stuffed shark he couldn't get last time." Sam nudges Danny's hand off her locker door and closes it, then snaps her padlock back into place.
Danny watches her blankly, slowly processing what she just said. "Tucker," he says.
"Yeah. At the ring toss booth, remember? I think he wasted fifty bucks on that thing. I told him it was a scam, but whatever." Sam starts down the hall toward the cafeteria, but Danny stays rooted in place.
He remembers the ring toss, of course. After Tucker finished emptying his wallet on the booth, Danny took a turn and got the top prize in one go. He might have had a little telekinesis to help him along, but no one else needed to know that; the giant stuffed alien was worth it. But that had nothing to do with this, right?
Before his thoughts can spiral too far, Danny shakes his head. "I meant without Tucker."
Sam pauses mid-step. Slowly, she sets her foot down and turns back around to face Danny. Her grip on her backpack tightens, and he can see the muscle along her jaw working as she clenches her teeth. Those are... probably not good signs. "Like, just you and me?"
In the background, Danny hears Paulina and Elliot snicker. He groans, dragging a hand down his face, and glares over Sam's shoulder at them. "Can you not?"
"Not our fault you're doing this in the middle of the hall," Paulina says.
"Seriously. I had way better class," Elliot adds.
Paulina looks at Elliot and beams. "You so did. But I've been rooting for this since the beginning, and I am so invested right now."
"Oh my God, this is so embarrassing." Danny has to fight off the urge to go intangible. He almost wishes his ghost sense would go off so that he could have an excuse to leave. This is not how he imagined this going, and Paulina and Elliot are making it so much worse than it has to be.
"Come on, Danny." Sam's voice snaps him out of his pity party. At some point, while he was wallowing, she walked back toward him and now has her hand on his wrist. She tugs him forward. He gives in, letting her drag him along the hall past the tittering pair until they disappear around the corner. Once they are out of sight, Sam's hand slips down into Danny's. It's warm. She squeezes his hand, just once, then tugs him into the nearest empty classroom and closes the door.
Neither of them says anything for a long moment.
Danny's hands flex at his sides as he tries not to fidget. Sam won't pull her gaze up from the floor.
"So, uh. Just you and me?" she repeats.
Danny nods vigorously, then stops and shakes it instead. "Yeah, but no. Johnny and Kitty will be there."
Sam's head snaps up.
The first thing Danny notices is the red tinge to her face, a rosy band stretching across her cheeks and nose. Her lips pinch together, not in a show of disapproval, but an expression of hers that he has become familiar with over the years. Sam doesn't usually do hopeful most of the time. Nerves aren't her thing either. But when she wants something bad enough, and she dares to look on the brighter side, she gets this look on her face. It's like she wants to smile but she holds herself back, sucking on her lips as she tries to keep composed.
That expression wavers now, her mouth relaxing as a frown tugs at her lips instead. "Now I'm confused. Are you trying to ask me out or not?"
"Yes!" Danny bursts out. "To the boardwalk with me. But it's, like, a double date with Johnny and Kitty, because he got the tickets. Actually bought them, although I'm pretty sure he stole the money." He considers telling Sam about the deal but holds back. "I really thought this was gonna go better but now I kind of want to punch Elliot in the face or something."
"Please don't punch my ex-boyfriend in the face."
"Right, not a good look. Got it."
Silence falls again. Neither of them can meet each other's eyes, although Danny keeps stealing glances at Sam. One hand hovers in front of her mouth, but when she turns her head away from him, he sees the full-blown grin on her face. Her eyes sparkle in a way he hasn't seen before. It sounds cheesy and dumb, but it's the truth. He looks at her and all he can see is how genuinely happy she is. Soon enough, Danny wears a grin to match hers.
"So," Sam says, and that one syllable sounds so much lighter than her usual tone. "It's a date."
In retrospect, asking Sam to go out with him on Saturday on a Wednesday wasn't the best idea. Danny floats around school for the rest of the day with a dopey grin on his face. He actually lifts off his feet a few times and Tucker has to clamp a hand down on his shoulder to keep him down. Over the next two days, he asks Tucker no less than five times if that really happened, if Sam actually said yes. Tucker, naturally, teases Danny relentlessly over it.
By Friday, Paulina and Elliot have made good work of spreading Danny's disaster attempt to ask Sam out all around the school. More than once, he sees money changing hands in the hallway, trying to be discreet and Danny and Sam pass by, so close together that their knuckles keep brushing as they walk.
He hasn't held her hand since she dragged him to the classroom on Wednesday, even though he wants to.
When Saturday rolls around, Danny phones Tucker an hour before he and Sam are supposed to meet.
"Do I dress normally?" he asks.
On the other end of the line, Tucker sighs. "Why are you asking me?"
"It's the boardwalk. People don't get dressed up for the boardwalk. And Sam has already seen everything in my closet. Should I try to look really nice, or should I just be myself?"
"We are talking about Sam, right? Relax, man. You know what she'd like."
In the end, Danny decides to go mostly normal. He throws a button-up over his usual outfit, rolls the sleeves up, and calls it a day. If he knows Sam, she would appreciate him not making things weird by getting too fancy and not like his usual self. He maintains that attitude up until he gets to the boardwalk and sees her waiting by the ticket booths.
"I should have dressed up," he whispers.
At a glance, Sam's outfit doesn't seem too different from her usual attire. Black on black with a few purple accents thrown into the mix. He has seen her in dresses before, but rarely outside school dances, and he has never seen this one with Flowing lace sleeves that slope down her shoulders and a flared skirt. She even has a new wide brim hat to go with it, even though it's already sunset.
Before Danny even considers turning back around and putting something nicer on, Sam's gaze roves over the parking lot and settles on him. She gives his outfit a good look. A second passes. She bursts on laughing.
"Oh, come on," Danny whines as he approaches.
"I'm sorry," she says, but she is still hunched over clutching her stomach. "But your face. You should have seen your face."
It takes a good minute for her to get her giggles under control. Even still, a few quiet snickers breakthrough when she finally composes herself, smoothing out her dress and righting her hat.
"Tucker texted me," she says. "He told me all about your little fashion dilemma."
"I'm gonna kill him." Tucker just had to get in one last jab before the date began, Danny supposes. He hopes it was worth it because Tucker is going to pay dearly. Although...
He subtlety takes in Sam's outfit again, the way the dress hugs her waist, and those boots. He didn't notice them at first but now he can't stop staring at them. Slick, black, buckled up to the knees, with the purple lace edging of a pair of stocking peeking out the top. The only exposed skin on her legs is a few scant inches of her thighs between the end of the stockings and the bottom of her dress. And it's a damn good few inches.
Danny silently amends his earlier statement. He won't kill Tucker; he will collapse into his best friend’s arms crying tears of gratitude for helping him spend a whole evening with Sam dressed like that.
Realizing that he is staring, Danny quickly drags his eyes back up to Sam's face. The last thing he wants on their first date is for her to punch him because he is being a creep. Except Sam doesn't look angry to have caught him staring. In fact, she is blushing again, nervously plucking at her sleeves with her nails.
"For a second I thought you had bought a whole new outfit just for today." Danny chuckles, his own nerves showing through. Despite how long they have known each other, he feels wholly unprepared for tonight.
"Not exactly," Sam says. She drops her sleeves and smooths out her skirt again, this time pinching some of the fabric in her hand and swishing it back and forth. "I've had this outfit for a while, but I haven't worn it yet."
"Oh, man. I'm really underdressed, aren't I?" Danny tugs at the collar of his NASA shirt with a grimace. The button-up, at least, is black, because he knew she would like that. But otherwise, he is plain old Danny.
"Not that you don't look good all dressed up, but I like it when you're yourself," Sam says.
The rumble of a motorcycle approaches from the distance.
"Besides, I think you'll look pretty fancy next to Johnny."
At least Danny has that going for him. They both turn toward and watch Johnny's motorcycle peal into the parking lot. It goes intangible, along with its riders, and phases through the parked cars, only coming back into the physical world when it screeches to a stop in front of Danny and Sam.
Johnny runs a hand over his slicked-back hair—is that gel? "You're really setting the tone for your first date, huh."
To Danny's horror, Johnny is dressed up. He switched his dusty gray jacket for a shiny leather one, and instead of his usual shirt, he wears his own button-up. But unlike Danny's, Johnny's shirt is white and crisp, and actually buttoned up.
Kitty, meanwhile, looks the same as always. "Come on, don't tease the kid. He ain't half bad looking. He snagged me for a couple weeks, didn't he?"
Danny opens his mouth, about to remind her that she had been using him to make Johnny jealous the entire time; one look at Johnny's scowl and Sam's glare has him shutting up before he can utter a single syllable.
"Uh, should we go in? You do have the tickets, right Johnny?" he says instead.
Johnny scoffs and reaches into his jacket, pulling out the tickets. "Cool it, little man. I got us covered."
"Johnny! You actually bought tickets?" Kitty gasps.
"Only the best for you, babe. Let's go." Johnny holds out his elbow for Kitty to take, which she goes with glee, her steps bouncing as they take off for the ticket booth. Over his shoulder, Johnny shoots Danny a wink.
"Oh, uh. Shall we?" Danny cringes as the words fall from his mouth, but offers his arm to Sam nonetheless. She looks between Danny and Johnny, a questioning look in her eye. Just when Danny thinks she is going to leave him hanging, she shrugs and loops her arm through his.
They follow Johnny and Kitty. Already at the booth, the ghostly couple is passing the tickets over when Danny and Sam get close.
"The pipsqueaks are with us," Johnny says.
The girl at the counter, who looks only a year or two older than Danny, stares at Johnny with wide eyes. His aura, a dull grey that's usually hard to see, is much brighter at night. With the poorly lit parking lot at their back, it's impossible to ignore. Kitty's soft green aura is far more noticeable, but she stands just behind Johnny, her arm still curled around his, staring ahead at the twinkling lights of the boardwalk.
The sun hasn't completely set yet, but the top of the Ferris wheel touches the darkest part of the sky, and its colourful lights flash in a mesmerizing pattern, beckoning people in.
Johnny seems to have forgotten the whole reason he arranged this date in the first place because he takes full advantage of Kitty's distraction to lean in close to Ticket Girl, looking her up and down.
Behind them, a line is forming.
Ticket Girl's lip curls in disgust, but Danny can see fear shining in her eyes. "Sorry, sir, but I don't know if I can let a ghost in."
The fawning curl to Johnny's smile drops away abruptly, twisting into something more similar. "That's a bit rude, don't you think?" Shadow rises from Johnny's feet, growing taller until he looms over the booth, a menacing grin stretching his blank face wide.
"Johnny!" Danny slides up to the booth, nudging Johnny over with the arm not held by Sam, and beams at Ticket Girl manning the booth. "Hey. You might recognize me­—Danny Fenton, son of Maddie and Jack Fenton."
"The ghost hunters." Ticket Girl nods.
"Right. We're actually doing an experiment right now. See, some ghosts actually have really human behaviours. Like Phantom, I bet you love him. But any good scientist has to test their hypothesis multiple times. So me and my– uh, my girlfriend?" He glances at Sam, whose red face matches his, but nods in agreement. "Are here to observe these too ghosts"—he tips his head to Johnny and Kitty—"doing normal human things. Such as getting into the boardwalk with paid tickets, just like everyone else wants to do."
"But he...." Ticket Girl glances nervously at Shadow.
"The big guy will be so chill. Super chill. You won't even know he is here, because you'll be at the booth, far away from the ghosts that just want to get inside and definitely not hurt anyone here."
The kid snatches up the tickets before Danny finishes his sentence, ripping off the stubs, and shoves a handful of wristbands across the counter, along with a whole roll of game tickets. "Just don't come back, okay?"
"Thank you!" Danny grabs the items and hustles everyone along.
"Nice work, Danny." Kitty gives him a thumb up under her and Johnny's intertwined arms. "Way to use your head."
"I could have thought of something," Johnny grumbles.
"Sure you could have, babe. Now let's check out the roller coaster first!" She drags him off, both of them without their wristbands, but Danny doesn't think it will be a problem. Everyone steers clear of them as they plow through the crowd. Every second the sun gets closer to setting, every shade darker the sky turns, the more obvious it becomes that Johnny and Kitty aren't human as their auras grow brighter.
"What should we do first?" Sam plucks four of the wristbands from Danny's fist—the kid gave him seven—and puts them on, grinning at her little collection. She takes the remaining three and puts them on Danny.
"Roller coaster sounds fun. Go with the thrills first?" He watches her slip the bands around his wrist, looping them together so that all three are intertwined.
Sam pauses on the last bracelet. "But you like saving the big rides for last."
He peeks over Sam's shoulder. Johnny and Kitty are halfway across the boardwalk already, well on their way to the coaster. Johnny twists mid-step, catches Danny's eye, and beckons him forward.
Right. Stick together. See how it's done.
"Yeah, but it might be fun to shake things up." He takes over putting the last bracelet on, hurrying to slap the sticky pieces together. In his rush, he catches some of his hair, drawing out a wince, but Johnny and Kitty are nearly there, and they've fallen way too far behind. "Come on!"
Danny takes Sam's arm and pulls her along. Focused on the path left by Johnny and Kitty's charge, he misses the frown on Sam's face as she looks down at him.
It goes better than Danny expected. Kitty leads the way, picking attraction after attraction with such gusto that he thinks she has never been to a theme park of any kind, which may very well be. Danny doesn't know much about Johnny and Kitty's life before ghost-hood, except that they died young and poor.
More than once, Danny catches Johnny watching other girls. Kitty doesn't seem to have noticed, so far, but Danny is not taking any chances. He remembers Johnny's threat and Shadow's piercing eyes watching them every step of the way serves as a constant reminder. Whenever he catches Johnny in a moment of distraction, he nudges the ghost and draws him back to the present. It earns him a few glares, but it works.
Despite Johnny's mounting annoyance, he still fulfills his side of the deal, giving Danny quick advice, either through vague gestures or whispered words while the girls are distracted.
"Let her choose what to do." Johnny feigns examining the bright bulbs overhead as they wait in line for the bumper cars. The golden lights dangle from the tent, flashing intermittently. Neither Sam nor Kitty are paying attention to the boys. Sam leans against the railing, cheering on the current bumper car drivers. A quick glance into the rink shows Valerie Grey ramming her cart against Dash Baxter.
If Johnny weren't dispensing important advice, Danny would be right next to Sam cheering along.
"It makes her feel like you care about what she likes when you do," Johnny continues.
"I do care," Danny says.
"Perfect, then you won't have a problem."
The bumper cars don't provide ample opportunity to use Johnny's advice, but when Kitty drags them to the Tilt-a-Whirl next, he gets the perfect chance. At the front of the line, he and Sam get first pick of the available seats. The Amity Park boardwalk, unlike other theme parks, has an eclectic collection of Tilt-a-Whirl cars ranging from a cupcake, to a plain seat, to a bat to a spaceship. Danny already knows which one Sam would like.
"You want to take the spaceship?" Sam asks, tugging Danny in that direction.
He resists her pull. "Don't you like the bat?"
"Yeah, of course. But you like the spaceship."
It's the strangest tug of war Danny has ever found himself in. He nearly gives in, but Johnny kicks the back of Danny's leg—lightly—and coughs "lady's choice" under his breath.
"It's just a car. We can take the one you like," Danny says.
Sam frowns, her grip slackening. It's all that Danny needs, and he eagerly pulls her toward the bat, sliding in before she can protest further. When he turns to face her, instead of a smile, she meets him with a frown.
"Is something wrong?" Danny asks, startled. Panic rises within him. Oh, no. She is not having a good time. It's a disaster after all.
"No, it's fine," she says after a moment of silence, which does nothing to assuage Danny's worries. Everyone knows "fine" doesn't actually mean "fine." It's one of the most used words in Danny's vocabulary, typically after a nasty ghost fight that leaves him limping and bruised.
Desperate, Danny leans out of the car, searching the ride for Johnny. He finds him across the way, sliding into the cupcake next to Kitty. Johnny meets Danny's gaze and motions for him to watch. In one smooth move, Johnny stretches his arm out with a feigned yawn, then settles it down around Kitty's shoulders and tugs her close. When Danny leans back into the car, Sam is watching him.
"You're acting weird," she says.
"I'm just a little tired." Danny stretches his arm up, just like Johnny did. Sam's gaze follows it all the way until he drapes it over her shoulder. It isn't until he has settled that he realizes he forgot the yawn.
The rest of Johnny's advice follows that same vein: do what Sam wants and use every chance possible to invite her closer. Danny follows it to the letter, mimicking everything Johnny does. Take the lead when walking, but let her choose where to go. Keep her close, but let her wander when she wants to. The hardest part, though, is finding excuses to stick with Johnny and Kitty.
"We don't have to spend the whole night with them," Sam says.
They are loading onto the Ferris wheel, Johnny and Kitty taking one side of the four-person carriage while Sam and Danny get the other. Danny had hoped to save this for the end of the night, for just him and Sam, but Kitty wanted to go now. When Danny tried to suggest otherwise, or even suggest he and Sam take a different carriage, Shadow's low growl cut off his protests.
"I want to make sure they don't get into trouble. You know they like to cause drama," he whispers needlessly. Neither Kitty nor Johnny is listening.
"I don't think we have to worry about that. We've been here for three hours already and they haven't done anything. I think they just want to have a good time. Mostly." Sam tilts her head, shooting Johnny a pointed look.
To Danny's dismay, Johnny is once again feasting on the local sights. As Kitty braces herself against the rail of the carriage, staring out over the beachfront, Johnny leers at the woman who helped them onto the ride. His posture mimics Kitty's as the Ferris wheel turns for the next passengers to load on, and he leans over to get one last look at the woman.
"It's a double date. Aren't you supposed to stick together on a double date?" Danny draws Sam's attention back to him with the question and uses that moment to kick Johnny's ankle.
"Ow!" Johnny cries. He whips around, fixing a glare on Danny. "The hell was that for?"
"Do I have to say it?" They both know he won't, though. With the threat of Shadow hanging over the evening, Danny won't risk letting Kitty on to what's happening behind her back.
Sam, however, has no such qualms. "I can't believe you. You're literally on a date and you're not even paying attention to your girlfriend?"
That grabs Kitty's attention. She turns, eyes wide, and looks at Johnny. "What?"
"I bet she spent a long time getting ready for today, trying to look good for you, but here you are, faking interest when she watches, then looking to someone else whenever you think she isn't." As Sam berates Johnny, her voice slowly growing louder, Danny gets the sinking feeling that she isn't just talking about the ghost. "I wonder how long she has been looking forward to this. Probably a really long time, but you're so distracted that you can't even see she isn't enjoying herself."
Danny's stomach plummets. He really screwed up, didn't he?
"You. What?" Kitty's ice-cold voice reminds Danny that there are real stakes on this date.
"I was checking out her jacket, not her! It looks like the kind of thing you like to wear," Johnny rushes to explain.
Kitty's eyes narrow. In a blink, she lurches across the carriage and takes Johnny's place at the rail, peering back at the receding woman. Damningly, she isn't wearing a jacket.
"You! You! I can't believe you!" Kitty shrieks. "I thought you wanted to take me on a nice date. I didn't even care that you the ghost kid and his girl were coming, because he's nice, and you were finally taking me to a theme park like I always wanted!"
Viridescent tears streak down Kitty's cheeks. Danny has seen her livid and raging plenty of times over the past few years, but now she looks downright distraught. Her face crumples, scowl giving way as a sob wrenches from her throat. Johnny looks as stricken as Danny feels.
"I'm sorry, baby, I didn't mean it. You know you're the only girl for me," he says, dropping to his knees.
"I thought this– this meant something." Kitty struggles to speak through her tears, fighting against the tightening of her throat and gasping sobs. "How could you?"
She takes off, then, launching herself out of the carriage with enough force that she sends it rocking. Johnny reaches after her, but it's no use. She streaks across the sky, a blur of red and green, and disappears into the sparkling lights of the game booths, out of sight in seconds.
An oppressive silence descends for one long moment.
Johnny, shoulders trembling, turns to Danny. His shadow bubbles and bulges as two furious eyes blink open. "Kid, I am going to kill you!"
Sam jumps forward, sending the carriage rocking again, and brings her leg up. Danny glimpses the neon sole of her boot before she slams her heel down on Shadow's growing face. Shadow screeches in pain and withers into the floor, disappearing into a grey blob with a pathetic sizzle.
"Shut the hell up, Johnny, and go after your girlfriend!" Sam shouts, thrusting an arm out toward the game booths.
Johnny gnashes his teeth but doesn't fight. "This isn't over, kid." He falls through the floor of the carriage, intangible, and takes off after Kitty.
With a huff, Sam drops onto the bench opposite Danny, crossing her legs and arms, and glares at a point over Danny's shoulder.
Danny fidgets, pinching the fabric of his jeans and rolling it between his fingers. He looks up at Sam, down, then out after Johnny and Kitty. "Should we–"
"They can wait until the ride is done," Sam snaps.
Danny nods, afraid to say anything else and screw this up even further. He should have noticed Sam wasn't enjoying herself. It started off great, and now... he is not sure if there will be a second date. He wouldn't blame her. With that realization comes the dawning horror of what that might mean for their friendship. It would end because of this, right? They have fought a few times over the years, and it never lasts long, but this is different. They tried dating; that changes things. If it doesn't work and they go back to just being friends, it won't be the same. They will both know that they like each other, and they will know that it didn't work.
What would happen then? Danny can't imagine not having Sam in his life, but if she is really mad at him... she has dropped people for less. Everyone in Casper High remembers the middle school debacle that led to Sam cutting off all ties with Paulina. They might be better now, but it took six years for them to become friends again. Danny couldn't wait that long.
"Danny!" Sam jostles him, her hand on his shoulder, and yanks him back to the present. She stares into his eyes, assessing him. Once she is satisfied that he is back in the moment, she returns to her seat, this time with her gaze fixed on him.
Looking outside the carriage, Danny realizes they are over the crest. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he missed half the ride, including the best moment. The realization hits him worse than one of Skulker's ecto-seeking missiles. He nearly spirals again, but Sam reaches out and clamps onto his knee, keeping him grounded.
"Danny, I think we need to talk."
This is his nightmare. Literally, he has had nightmares about Sam rejecting him. They usually end with the haunting echo of Elliot's pompous laughter as Sam chooses him, old jealousies thriving in his dreams. Sometimes Valerie is there, too, her face overlayed with Sam's as they turn him down in unison. But the worst ones are when it is just Sam, looking him straight in the eye, and saying no. Right now, this is all too close to those nightmares.
He swallows, unable to find the right words, and nods instead.
"Why did you ask me out if you weren't even going to pay attention to me?" she asks.
Danny's mouth stays clamped shut as his earlier fears are realized. Her rant was for more than just Johnny.
"You asked me if this outfit was new." Sam skims her fingers along the lace of her stockings, tracing the spiderweb patterns hidden within. "I didn't lie when I answered. I bought this a few months ago for homecoming. It was our last one, and I thought... I thought you were going to ask me to it."
"But that's not..."
"Yeah, I didn't wear it."
The dress she did wear was fancier, with layered skirts and glittering black beads.
"I bought this one because I knew you wouldn't care if I dressed fancy or not. And I know you don't like to unless you have to." She nods to Danny's casual outfit. "So when you asked me out, I already knew what I wanted to wear, because I know you. But this whole time, you haven't acted like the Danny I know and care about. You've been clingy, and overly accommodating, but at the same time ignoring everything I wanted. And when you weren't doing that, you were watching Johnny?"
Sam ducks her head and looks away. With the brim of her hat hiding her face, he can't see her, but the quiet sniffle she makes is unmistakable.
A rotten taste seeps through Danny's mouth. This was supposed to be a nice first date, but all he did was make Sam cry.
"I know I say I don't care about this stuff. I say it all the time, but..." She reaches up, carefully dabs at her eyes so she doesn't ruin her makeup. "I wanted you to look at me."
Danny finally finds his voice. "Sam, God, no. You're beautiful. When I saw you? Holy crap, I couldn't breathe. You're always beautiful. Not that that's the only reason I like you! You're my best friend. I love your passion, and your smarts, and how you won't put up with guys like Johnny getting away with any of their shit. Or me getting away with mine. I love so much about you, and I love­–"
He cuts himself off before the last word, the unsaid "you" hanging between them. He knows what he meant. She probably does, too. Now isn't the right time to say it, though, so he lets his voice fade to quiet.
The Ferries wheel jerks to a stop, their carriage rocking back and forth, and the ride technician opens the door for them.
"Hey, weren't there for of you before?" she asks.
"They got off early," Danny says. He ignores the startled look on the technician’s face as he rises to his feet. On instinct, he reaches toward Sam but holds back at the last moment. Clingy. The word echoes in his head. He wavers, unsure what to do.
Sam takes the choice away from him, jerking to her feet before he can decide. She touches his hand, but doesn't take it and brushes past him, exiting the carriage onto the boardwalk.
"Harsh," the technician whispers.
"I deserve it," Danny mutters back before running after Sam. She walks at a brisk pace, weaving through the crowd toward the line of booths. Danny catches up as she reaches the first tent. "Where are we going?"
"We need to make sure Johnny and Kitty haven't trashed anything, don't we?" Sam says.
"Right, yeah." Danny wishes his ghost sense would go off. At the very least, it could tell them if Johnny and Kitty were close by, but that only worked if they left his range in the first place. In his freshman year, they might have, but today his range stretched over most of the boardwalk, if not the whole thing.
As it turns out, tracking them is easy even without Danny's sense. When he and Sam reach the tightest cluster of game booths, they find a trail of destruction. Fallen stands, scattered prizes, and shattered lights guide them through the maze of booths and back out into the main thoroughfare.
"This looks tame for Shadow," Sam comments.
"Twenty bucks says Johnny did it," Danny says as they pick their way through shattered boards.
"Not Kitty?"
"Right now, the only person she's mad at is Johnny. But when Johnny gets mad, he isn't the only source of bad luck in their trio," Danny explains. It doesn't come out often, since Shadow does most of the fighting, but he has seen it often enough to recognize the effects.
When they leave the booths behind, they find themselves near the boardwalk entrance. In the middle of the wide path, Johnny and Kitty are locked in a screaming match. Or Kitty screams while Johnny wilts with every new word.
"It was always supposed to be our place, Johnny! And you ruined it!" She beat her fist against his chest, wailing all the while.
Johnny's silence under the onslaught speaks volumes. He doesn't even look mad anymore, just heartbroken.
"All I ever wanted, and you couldn't even—!" She stops, shuddering, and takes a deep breath. Her next words come out quiet. "If you hadn't tried to look at that stupid girl! If you had just watched the road like you were supposed to!" A gut-wrenching sob cuts her off. "Leave me alone, Johnny."
She turns on her heels and runs toward the nearest building. For a moment, it doesn't look like Johnny is going to follow. His legs tremble, seconds from collapsing beneath him. He manages to lift his gaze, though, and finally notices the sign hanging over the building that Kitty missed: Hall of Mirrors.
"Shit! Kitty, wait!" he calls, but she ignores him. With another swear, he leaps up and flies after her.
"Oh, no," Danny says. He sprints across the boards, Sam following without question. They're halfway to the house of mirrors when they hear a piercing scream followed by a crash. The building crackles. Something inside pulses, imperceptible to regular humans, but it makes Danny stagger.
"Danny, what's going on?"
Before he can answer, a wave of power surges from the house and everything goes back.
Danny wakes to a sharp ringing in his ears. Hazy light edges his vision. His hearing returns slowly. First, the muffled sound of his name, then the fizzle and pop of broken lights, and finally the soft rumbling of a gathered crowd.
All at once, Danny becomes aware. Sam hovers at his side, her hair tousled, a thin cut on her temple, and her hat in her hands. He sits up, squeezing his eyes shut when the world spins around him. Sam provides a steady hand, rubbing small circles on his back until he can open his eyes again. Around them, the stalls are dark. Thirty feet out in every direction from the house of mirrors, every light is broken. Glass litters the boardwalk. The normally glowing entrance to the park is dark, the metal twisted. Beyond that, the ticket booth lies on its side.
Directly ahead of them, a large crack splits the house of mirrors.
"What... what was that?" Sam asks. "It was like Shadow's power but way bigger. I've never... did Johnny do that? I didn't know he could."
Danny groans, rubbing his head. The piercing ring lingers in the back of his head, and it probably won't fade for a while, but it is not so bad that he can't ignore it. "Normally, yeah, but..." He grimaces. "We should get in there."
Sam nods and helps Danny to his feet, pulling him up by the arm. He staggers toward the broken attraction with Sam at his shoulder, casting wary glances all around them.
The gathered crowd isn’t big, yet. It looks like Danny was the only one knocked off his feet, the only one really affected by the ghostly surge—three guesses as to why that is, and the first two don't count. Judging by the sparks still raining down down from the shattered lights, it has only been a minute since the surge. Security isn't here yet. That gives them some time.
The employee manning the attractions sits on the boards, staring wide-eyed at the broken building. He doesn't even blink as Danny and Sam slip through the curtain.
Inside, it's dark. The lights are all down. Glass crunches under their shoes, every mirror in sight shattered, leaving blank boards behind. Johnny and Kitty aren't far from the entrance, no more than a few feet. Sam sees them first, catches the glow of their auras in the corner of her eye, and points toward a dead-end alcove after the first bend in the maze.
Kitty is tucked against Johnny's chest, her jacket pulled up around her head. Johnny has his arms around her waist, and his soft voice provides the only noise beyond the glass under Danny and Sam's feet.
When Johnny hears them, lifts his head, just enough to glare at them through the darkness. No threats spill from his lips, though, and he goes back to comforting Kitty soon enough.
Danny can't help it. He looks down at the mirror shards below them, and immediately wishes he didn't. Bloody road rash stretches up Kitty's right side, torn to the bone. Her face, protected by the darkness around them, and the shadows of her jacket, remains hidden from Danny's prying eyes. He prefers it that way.
A gentle nudge at his side reminds him that Sam is with them.
"What's going on?" she mouths.
Danny crouches, carefully not to make too much noise, and picks up a shard of glass. Johnny still hears him, though, and Shadow rises threateningly at the sight of the glass. Danny holds up a placating hand, then motions to Sam, the glass, then himself.
No matter what low opinion Johnny has of Danny right now, he wouldn't stoop so far as to expose other ghosts like that. To Danny's surprise, however, Johnny thrusts an arm out and motions for the glass. Danny raises his eyebrows. Johnny sticks his hand out further. Without complaint, Danny passes it over.
Johnny holds the glass up, angling it so that they can see his face. He and Kitty have matching road rash.
Sam gasps.
"Come on," Danny says to Johnny and Kitty. "Security will come soon. And if they see a couple of ghosts, you know they'll call my parents."
Kitty sniffs. Danny can't see her well behind the jacket, but the way her hair bobs, he assumes she nodded. All four of them go intangible, Danny lending his power to Sam. They slip through the mirrors toward the side of the building and step out into the open air. As Johnny continues to comfort Kitty, Danny creeps toward the corner of the building and peers out into the open. They left just in time. A security guard pushes through the gathered crowd and heads for the front entrance.
Danny retreats before anyone can see him, leaning against the side of the building. He shudders.
"I didn't know that could happen," Sam whispers as she comes up beside Danny.
"Not your fault. Ghosts don't make a point of going near mirrors," he says.
"You do, all the time. I saw you in a mirror this week."
"In your locker, yeah. But I'm not a ghost all the time. It doesn't work when I'm in human form."
"So, when you picked up the glass..." Sam trails off. Danny doesn't answer, letting her fill in the blanks for herself.
Neither of them says anything for a long moment. They hear the shout of the security guard, calling an al clear. Danny feels sorry for the workers at the park who have to deal with the aftermath. It didn't affect the whole boardwalk—he can see the Ferris wheel operating just fine, and a glow in the air from the game booth lights.
"Hey, kid."
Danny lifts his head toward Johnny.
"We're heading out. Consider us even."
"Thanks for showing her." Danny tilts his head back and thumps it against the wall of the house of mirrors. "You know, so I didn't have to."
Johnny shrugs. "Yeah, whatever. You're too young to deal with that shit, is all. Take care of your girl, alright?" He doesn't wait for an answer. Kitty is already gone, and Johnny goes invisible before Danny can think of a reply, leaving him and Sam alone.
"You never actually answered," Sam says, breaking the silence between them. "About why you took the double date."
Thank God it's too dark for Sam to see Danny's face go scarlet. In retrospect, of course Johnny's idea wouldn't end well, Danny was just so desperate he was willing to risk it.
"I asked him for dating advice," he mutters.
Sam splutters, a startled laugh bursting out of her. "What?"
"I couldn't think of anyone else to ask, so we made a deal. He invites us on a double date and gives me some tips, and I don't tell Kitty I caught him at the girl's college."
"You are such a dork." Sam snickers. "Is that why you kept watching him? I thought for a second me and Kitty might need to band together to keep you two apart."
Danny groans. "Please don't say that. Tucker already got me with that."
"Good. I hope he did." Sam shuffles over, leaning against Danny, and rests her head on his shoulder. "Danny, I don't need to hang off you like some soul-bound lovebird. We've known each other for ten years. I don't need some idealized romance, I just need you."
Danny feels like an idiot for ever thinking otherwise. The date might have been a train wreck, but half the boardwalk is still functioning. Maybe the evening doesn't have to be a total waste. He pulls the roll of game tickets—a precious commodity at the boardwalk—from his pocket and holds them out.
"Want to win Tucker that shark?" he asks.
Sam laughs, her shoulder shaking against his. "Only if we can ride the spaceship car on the Tilt-a-Whirl."
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Love & Other Desires - Masterlist
This is the official masterlist:
Chapter 1 - Coming soon
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Love & Other Desires - Teaser
Alternate Universe
Pairing: Steve Rogers × Reader, (Future) Bucky Barnes × Reader
Warnings: Fluff, smut and angst are continuous themes in the whole series
So I'm finally doing this after lots of contemplation. I will be starting a tag list for this series so please let me know if you wanna be in it. Its basically based off a Pakistani drama series that I watched and I just really liked the plot. Like I mentioned, it's going to be set in an alternate universe. Please leave your reviews and comments below and let me know how you like it. If you want to be tagged, send me an ask and reblog if you like it. Reviews are really important to me so lemme know!!! P.S. I will be posting as often as I can (Saturday at 4:30 PM UTC). The first chapter will be out today. And without further ado...
I could feel his breath returning to normal and we were wrapped in a heady scent that could only be described as us. We sat there for a while, just clutching each other, trying to remember the last time we did this, really felt each other and I was immediately reminded of the night before which made me bury my face into his neck and scatter soft kisses there while he giggled. “You know that tickles me, why do you do it?” he asks while pulling my face away. I kiss his eyelids in response and shift my hand back to slip him out of me. I practically skipped to the shower while he laughed and slipped under the hot water instantaneously. After a minute, I felt his arms wrap around my waist and his head on my shoulder while he swayed us side to side. I encompassed his arms with my own and shifted my head to rest on his shoulder. “I adore you lover,” I said, letting my eyes shut. He laughed quietly in my ear and mouthed a soft “I love you too.” Then, I knew I couldn’t want anything more than a quiet morning with my lover, forever.
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Chapter 6: help is underway
Tumblr media
TW: cussing probably, fluffffff, some stuff about murders, anthrax mention, typical CM case stuff
The clicking of Penelope Garcia’s heels grew louder the closer she got to the conference room. Her purple and pink dress was a welcome dash of colour in the BAU office, where most people just wore monochrome colours, mostly blacks and whites. She closed the door behind her and made her way over to Spencer to give him a case file. The other members of the team opened the file on their tablets and were welcomed with some pictures of people who went missing the last few months.
“Alrighty my lovely team of profilers. The case we have today is in sunny El Paso, where it is currently 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The last few months immigrants have been reported missing from the shelter. They only noticed the missing people a few weeks ago, because it is really hard to keep up with immigrants, as they are always on the move.”
“About 1 million immigrants from South America arrive in the States every year, but as many as 25% come from Mexico alone,” Spencer interjected.
“Yes, thank you Reid. Most immigrants are indeed from Mexican decent. The local police force asked for our expertise because family members are getting worried, and the community is getting rowdier. We really need to find out what is happening over there, because three bodies have also been found in the desert.”
The pictures came up onto the television, “most people were found with bruising on the wrists and ankles as well as injection marks.”
“So they were probably bound for a few days or weeks even, why would the unsub keep them this long?” Emily questioned, “this could mean that they use them for something, but what for?”
“Great guess my friend,” Penelope answered, “they were all found with the same contents in their stomachs. Ricin.”
“Ricin is a carbohydrate-binding protein and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis. A dose of purified ricin powder the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human,” Spencer animatedly said, gesturing with his hands as he recited something he learned in one of his more interesting chemistry classes.
“We do have a problem though. This is all the police got right now, and the community is getting rowdy. Because of all the disappearances, a lot of aid workers have pulled out their support, because they are scared of getting tangled in it themselves. This means there is almost no food or water or… anything really for these people. No one can talk to them and they won’t listen to the police, for obvious reasons.”
“What do you suggest Garcia?” Hotch asks.
“I think we need an expert here sir. Maybe someone from the NGO or humanitarian aid field? They could provide us with not only resources for these people, but could also help us with why the unsub is targeting immigrants. Someone who knows the field and knows how to deal with the situation.”
Spencer knew that this was his cue and Penelope was also looking longer at him when describing what kind of person they would need. Hotch noticed her staring at Reid and raised his eyebrows.
“Reid, do you know someone who can help us? Maybe someone from the university or something? You have lots of contacts right?”
“Um, yes, I actually do know someone,” he affirmed, already biting the inside of his cheek, “I’ll give her a call right now.”
“Alright, Reid will contact the expert. The rest of you, wheels up in thirty. Garcia, can you coordinate with Reid on how we get the expert on site?” Hotch announced as he gathered his stuff and the rest of the team got their go-bags ready.
“So, is this just me, or is pretty boy a little bit nervous about this expert consulting on this case with us?” Derek said with a smirk as he put his tablet in his go-bag.
“Oh Morgan, you can just never leave him alone, can you?” JJ laughed as she patted him on the shoulder.
“Yeah Morgan, at least he is nervous about someone, when is the last time you dated someone?” Emily teasingly said.
“All right, all right. Let’s just wait and see what happens when this woman arrives, I’m telling you now, Reid will be like a little puppy at her feet!”
— —
The team had arrived in El Paso and the sheriff had led them around the immigrant camp. It was, as Garcia said, getting unsafe for everyone. Rossi and Derek had then visited the crime scene where the three bodies had been found, Reid and Prentiss went to the morgue to check out what the forensic pathologist had found and JJ and Hotch were coordinating at the police station.
Once the team was back at the station again, Garcia called in, “hey you guys. I’m just letting you know that y/n y/l/n and her colleague Benny landed half an hour ago and should almost be at the sheriff’s station!”
Spencer’s heart jumped in his throat when he realized you would be here soon, and that you would have to work together for probably a few days.
“Alright. I suggest we continue working from the station until they arrive and then we’ll regroup. Reid, you get started on the geographical profile. Morgan and Prentiss, look through the files Garcia sent about immigrants who are missing. JJ and I will go talk to the press outside,” Hotch said as he dismissed everyone and got himself ready for the press conference.
Spencer went to the board where a map was pinned up. He really needed to get a head start on this, because he knew that, once you arrived he wouldn’t be able to concentrate to the fullest anymore.
— —
You were kind of confused that the FBI needed you but were happy nonetheless that you could help. You didn’t ever expect dr. Reid would call you, not even for a work related case, but when you heard his voice on the other side , your mood had instantly changed to aa giddy feeling in your stomach. However, quickly you realized you should not be this excited for a random man who you’ve only met once.
“Hello, this is Y/N,” you said as you answered the phone after checking the number, which had the same area code as you and muting your tv where a soapy program was playing.
“Hi, this is Spencer, uh, dr. Reid I mean. I was at your panel last week? We spoke afterwards and exchanged numbers?” He hesitantly said. How could you even forget this man? Of course you would remember him! You had the most interesting conversation with him you’d had in a while. It felt as if you just understood each other. The interaction you had with him in the elevator also hadn't left your mind yet.
“Oh, hi dr. Reid. What can I help you with? Something for business reasons?” You asked with a smile on your face, plucking at your scruffy socks.
“Sorry to kind of spring this on you, but I’m an agent with the FBI and we need an expert on humanitarian aid for a case and I was wondering if you would be able to help us out? I’m afraid it isn’t a paid case, but you’d help me, I-I mean the team tremendously if you could help us out,” he spluttered as he said the last bit. God Spencer, get a grip on yourself.
“Oh uh, it’s actually for business? You need me?” The smile on your face dropped immediately. You were kind of disappointed that his call was actually related to work. You thought you felt this connection with him, an instant spark you never had with anyone before, but apparently it was one-sided.
“Yeah! You’d be a great asset to this case and the team and me think you’d help us out with not only organizing the immigrant camp but also with the case itself. I can’t say anything more until you’re officially on board but..”
You thought for a minute. Your team was staying in DC for the next month and a half, the B-team was doing the urgent cases for now.
“You know what, why not. Where should I be?”
“Uh, well we are leaving in 30 minutes, but I’ll get our technical analyst to contact you and she’ll give you more information.”
“Alright, so I’ll see you on site then?” You were really bummed out that you would see him on a work occasion, but that was better than not, right?
“Thank you so much ms y/l/n,” he quietly said in the phone.
“Don’t worry about it. It’s kinda my job”
“Still, I’m- I'm really excited to see you again. I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances. See you soon.”
The click of Spencer ending the call made you gasp aloud. Did he really say that he was excited to see you? Had he wanted to call you for another reason?
You didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, as your phone rang again.
“Hi this is y/n”
“Hello! This is Penelope Garcia with the BAU team at Quantico. I hope our good doctor informed you that we need your help?”
“Yeah, yes he did,” you laughed, “so, where are we going and what can I do?”
— —
Upon arrival at the airport, a police officer whisked you and Benny away and got you through security by literally skipping the lines. You looked at your colleague with big eyes, both of you not being used to this extravagant treatment.
Quickly enough, you were being dropped off at the police station, where the BAU team would be waiting for you. Benny was already on the phone with one of their contacts to arrange food aid and you had informed a law firm you often worked with on the situation.
“Okay, you guys can just check in at the front desk, you’ll get a visitors badge and the FBI team will take it from there,” the police officer who opened the front door for you said, as you hauled your bag behind you.
“Thank you, officer,” Benny responded as you got at the front desk. You were quickly checked in, when another police officer escorted you to the conference room, where 6 people were waiting for you.
One of them, the team leader you guessed, stuck out his hand as you came in, “SSA Hotchner, these are agents Rossi, Morgan, Jareau, Prentiss and doctor Reid, who you know already, ms y/l/n”
“Y/n is fine, hello, nice to meet you all,” you said as you shook hands with everyone of them. When you got to Spencer, you also stuck out your hand, which he looked at for a second, before deciding to shake it.
You didn’t think anything about it, but the team’s eyes might have just fallen out of their sockets at this interaction. Morgan was doing a double take, JJ gave Emily a small shove and Rossi had a small smirk on his face. Hotch was stoic as usual, but there was a small gleam in his eyes that gave him away.
“This is my colleague Benny Avery, we work on the same team, we do mostly international aid in crisis situations”, you looked over at Benny who also shook hands with everyone. Spencer opting for a wave this time though.
“Thank you so much for coming here to help us. Dr Reid told us that you were doing this during your free time, so we really appreciate it,” Hotch nodded as he got out two case files, “we put together some information for you about the situation at hand, so please have a seat and we’ll discuss it.”
Everyone sat around the big table, and you were originally going to sit next to Benny and Morgan, when Morgan shoved Spencer, who was blushing a bit, next to you.
“It’s nice to see you again dr. Reid,” you said as you gave him a small smile and got out a notepad, “even under these crazy circumstances.”
“Yeah, uh, I-I would’ve called sooner, but work has been hectic, to say the least,” he said with his lips pursed.
“That’s alright, I’m happy either way,” you whispered as you focussed on Hotch who was starting his presentation. Spencer's breath quietly hitched in his throat, but you were already focussed on Hotch.
“We already found three bodies of missing immigrants, but we’re still missing a lot of people. We estimate that even more people are missing than reported,” Hotch clicked on his remote to show the location of the bodies.
“The bodies had marks on their wrists and ankles, so they were being restrained for multiple days or maybe even weeks. They also had injection marks and all three had ricin in their stomachs, Reid, can you explain please?”
Reid shot up from slouching and side-eying you, “Ricin is a carbohydrate-binding protein and a highly potent toxin produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis. A dose of purified ricin powder the size of a few grains of table salt can kill an adult human.”
“What is this chemical used for then,” Benny asked Spencer, pencil ready in hand to take notes.
“It’s a protein,” he repeated, “and it has the potential to be used in cancer treatments actually. On the other side, it can also be used as a biological warfare weapon, but because you need large quantities, it’s not that efficient as, let’s say anthrax.”
“On top of that, the immigrant community is getting rowdy,” Morgan took over, “there were some aid workers present, but most of them have left because they’re scared of getting mixed up in this.”
“So I guess food has been dwindling and all other supplies are being stolen or sold?” You guessed, tapping you pen against the notepad, “most aid workers here are from small NGOs I guess, mostly volunteers who don’t really have a good framework set up, so it’s not surprising some would run off,” you sighed as you said the last part. Even though aid workers wanted to help, not having good support from the NGO itself, often resulted in these types of situations.
“Yeah, that’s about it,” Emily concluded, “we’d love your expertise on the aid situation, but maybe also on the profile. We need to catch this guy soon.”
“Alright, y/n and me will contact some of our local contacts who work at bigger NGOs in Texas”, Benny started, “these people also need to be legally represented, luckily we have a few great lawyers on call.”
You picked up where Benny left off, “so we’ll mostly be in charge of coordinating the different teams. We’ll set up shop here in the precinct, but I’d like to get a look at the field as well.”
“Okay, let us know if we can be of any help,” Hotch replied and everyone got up, “you can use this room to set up as well, there’s more than enough space for the two teams.”
You and Benny got to work, just like the BAU team. The BAU was discussing some things around a board with a map on different things scrabbeled on it. You set up your laptop on the other side of the conference room, Benny put up their own laptop next to you and leaned over to you.
“So who was the one you went on a date with?” They snickered, as you glared at them from under your lashes.
After a few hours of contacting local NGOs and lawyers, you and Morgan went out to the immigration camp, to check everything out. You sat in the passenger’s seat as Morgan drove the big SUV.
“So, I reckon you already know our resident genius?” Morgan said as he quickly looked over at you.
“Yeah, but we met just only once though, he attended a conference where I gave a presentation not so long ago,” you said as you smiled, “he came up to me after I was done and we kinda hit it off immediately!”
Morgan put the car in park and turned towards you, “he usually doesn’t do this stuff, you know. He’s really oblivious in that department if you ask me.”
“What do you mean?”, you furrowed your brows, not really understanding what he was getting at.
“Going up to people to talk to them. You must’ve captured his attention on that conference.”
“Oh,” you breathed out as you opened the car door and got out. You looked over the car at Morgan, “didn’t notice actually.”
As you looked at the building for a moment, you picked at your fingernail, it started to bleed a little. You cursed under your breath and got out a tissue to wipe it off. The beginning of these situations was always pretty bad, with lots of chaos and problems just virtually everywhere. Morgan held the door open for you as you walked through, smiling at him.
“So, do you have a profile of the murderer yet?”, you asked as you both walked through the maze-like entrance of the building.
“Not really no, we do have a preliminary one set up, but it could be literally anyone in this state”, he sighed as you arrived in a giant room, filled with camp beds and probably a hundred people, “the unsub is probably male, because we had both female and male victims. He knows the area, so a local, and because he dumps the bodies all over the desert, he’s likely to be highly intelligent. God knows there’s probably even more bodies on Mexican soil we’ll never find.”
“Jesus,” you let out a breath, an uneasy feeling creeping up your neck, “these people have been through enough already, I just want to give them a chance at a good life here.”
A few children were running around, passing just in front of you as you gave let out a small laugh, “it’s amazing how fast children adapt to these situations. I’ll never understand how they do it.”
Derek shot you a sad look. He understood what working with kids in these types of situations was like. Children didn’t deserve to have to live this kind of life.
When you were talking with some of the people working there, trying to get everything set up, Derek was off talking to the few aid workers who stayed even after the murders. It took a few hours to set up the basic food provisions, and you still needed to get in touch with the local NGO to get more volunteers, as most people were overworking themselves now.
After a few more hours, Derek returned just as you were finishing a call with the representative of the local NGO, who pledged to spring into action immediately.
Derek drove you back to the police station, putting the car in park. It was nearing 11 p.m. and the police station was less busy than before, with a few people still milling around, ready for an emergency.
Everyone looked beat when you stepped in the conference room, the bin overflowing with empty coffee cups and snack wrappers.
“Let’s wrap it up for tonight team, I don’t think we’ll get any new stuff tonight. So get some sleep and we’ll meet again at 8:30,” Hotch said as everyone was congregated in the conference room.
You looked over at Benny, who was still busy on their computer and then looked at Spencer. His hair was a bit messier than it was before you left and the bags under his eyes were a little more pronounced, but he still gave you a small smile when he saw you stare.
You gave him a small wave and went over to your desk, to discuss what still needed to be done.
“I got in touch with Amma and she’s sending a few representatives of the Texas branch of their firm, they should be here tomorrow afternoon,” Benny said as you sat down next to them. You opened your notepad and wrote it down, then telling Benny what you had seen at the immigration camp.
“The location is honestly too small to hold all these people, so I still need to find another building that has enough space for about 250 people,” so much work still had to be done, and you couldn’t just take a break as people were suffering in real time.
“You ready for another all-nighter?” You asked Benny who rolled their eyes jokingly, “I’m going to grab a coffee, do you want anything?”
“A coffee will do, thanks y/n”, you stood back up again and went over to the kitchen in the precinct. The coffee machine was desolated at this hour, whereas in the morning and afternoon, people would gather around it to take a small break and enjoy the caffeine spiked drink.
You returned with two cups of steaming coffee and passed the BAU team, who were on their way out.
Emily scrunched her brows, gesturing to the coffee, “you guys just don’t sleep?”
You pursed your lips, nodding slightly, “as long as these people don’t have decent beds to sleep in, we can’t either.”
She gave you a sad smile and touched your shoulder as she wished you a goodnight. The rest of the team also wishing you a good night.
When you returned to the conference room, there were still two people there. Benny was hard at work at their computer, not noticing you putting down the cup of coffee on the desk. The other person was staring at the map and had changed out their contacts for glasses.
“You don’t need sleep then, dr. Reid?” You came to stand next to him and took a sip from the coffee, peering at him out of the corner of your eyes.
“Oh, uh, just doing some last minute revisions. I want a good head start tomorrow,” he nodded looking at you now instead, “you sure you don’t need to take a small break?” He then asked, concern lacing his voice.
“I’m alright, I took a small nap on the plane ride over,” looking down at your hand, you noticed your nail was starting to bleed again.
Spencer took a look at it and went over to his satchel, getting out a small box and returning to where you were standing.
“May I?” He asked as he opened the box and held out his hand.
You tilted your head, not really understanding what he was asking of you, until you saw the contents of the box. There were bandaids, a small bottle of disinfectant and some cotton pads, neatly stacked into the small box.
“Oh, uh, sure,” you placed your coffee cup on the table next to him and stretched out your hand.
Soft warm fingers enclosed around your thumb, as he dabbed the cotton pad with some disinfectant against the small wound. You were watching him with an incredulous look in your eyes.
“Do you always carry around bandaids, dr.?”, you asked as you watched him get out a bandaid out of its sterile bag.
He blushed a little, shaking his head, “uh, no actually. I just noticed you tend to pick at your nail when you’re stressed. And I presumed this would be a stressful case, so I packed it just in case.”
Your heart was beating so loudly, you thought he would hear it. He carefully placed the bandaid around your thumb, smoothing down the edges and he gave you a satisfied smile when he was done.
“All good to go,” he said as he stood back up again and put back the box in his bag, “now you can go and help these people.”
Heat rose to your face as Spencer turned back to work on the map and you got back to your desk.
You looked at your thumb, where a bandaid with small dinosaurs on it was staring back at you. You bit your cheek to hide the smile that was forming on your face. This guy really was something else.
You were staring at Spencer’s back, getting lost in your thoughts, when Benny snapped their fingers in front of your face, trying to get your attention.
“Y/n, hello?”, you snapped out of your stupor and looked over at them.
“When’s the wedding, I asked.”
You slapped their shoulder, giving them a wide eyed look that said more than words could.
Next chapter
— —
Aah this was a long one!! Hope you guys didn’t mind, I just really got into writing this case lmao! ugh also Spencer is the biggest sweetheart in this
Songs i was listening to this time: Ordinary love by U2, Early by Joy Crookes & Plastic Plants by Mahalia :)
Hope you guys liked this one, do let me know if you wanna be tagged :) xx
Also!! let me know if my trigger warnings are okay? i really want everyone to feel safe and happy in this space, so shoot me a message or something if you feel like it's missing something ❤️
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ohhipstaplease · 2 hours ago
Eating For Two
After date night at Ichiraku results in a stomach ache for Naruto, he ponders how his wife can out-eat him every single time.
Blank Period | Canon-Complaint | T+ | 1K+ Words | Ao3
For @nhweek 2021 | April 15: Ramen / “I love the feeling of your hand on my back.”
Tumblr media
Naruto woke up in the middle of the night, his stomach feeling a tad unsettled. He tried not to rouse Hinata as he turned on his side, scolding himself for trying to out-eat her yet again during their weekly date night at Ichiraku. He should have known better by now, honestly, but he couldn’t help himself.
Typically Naruto was able to at least keep up with her, but lately, he noticed she was eating a bit more than usual. This of course flew right over his head, and instead fueled his competitive streak.
“Another order of miso pork ramen, old man!” Naruto yelled as he attempted to keep up with his wife.
Hinata, though, completely unbothered, continued eating at her normal pace. Clearly, she was savoring every bite, whereas her husband was simply trying to catch up to the amount she had already eaten.
“You know, Naruto, they say slow and steady wins the race,” Teuchi said, nodding towards Hinata.
“Oh, dad. Let him be,” Ayame said as she prepared another bowl for Naruto, “If he hasn’t learned his lesson by now, I don’t think he ever will.”
Naruto furrowed his brow, “Can I just please get my food without the lecture?”
Hinata giggled, “Naruto-Kun, can’t we just have a nice dinner? It doesn’t have to be a competition every time.”
He bashfully smiled at her and nodded, “Yeah, I’re right.”
Nonetheless, four bowls later, Naruto knew he had gone over his limit once again trying to match Hinata.
She simply shook her head as she wrapped an arm around his waist and led the way back to their cozy apartment. He watched her as she got ready for bed, unfazed by what she had eaten, and sighed. Somehow, he loved her even more for her healthy appetite.
He smiled as she kissed him and said her goodnights, but started tossing and turning the moment his stomach began bothering him. He couldn’t believe she was sleeping so soundly beside him, almost as if she hadn’t eaten her weight in pork miso ramen just hours earlier.
He had spent the better part of a year attempting to figure out where she was putting it all but thought it was better not to ask. Sakura would surely scold him if she ever heard of him asking such a thing.
He knew he was never known for his tact, but since he married Hinata, he’d truly been trying to be more aware of what he said and did. Still, though, it was in moments like this that he wished he still had no filter. He truly wanted to know how his petite wife was able to eat even more than Choji at the drop of a hat.
He turned his head slightly to find Hinata, awake, peering at him through heavy-lidded eyes.
“Go back to sleep, Hina. I’m okay.”
She shook her head, “You ate too much again, didn’t you?”
“I said I’m okay.”
Hinata reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of antacid. At this point, she knew her husband well enough that she kept it at their bedside for these inevitable moments.
Naruto chuckled as she handed him two and rubbed his back as he roughly chewed and swallowed the tablets.
“How could you beat me again?” He managed to mutter.
She stifled a laughed, “It’s not a competition”
“I didn’t even know you liked ramen that much until we started dating.”
“You never asked,” Hinata smiled, still gently caressing him.
His eyes fluttered closed, finally sleep appeared to be in reach. Of course, it was only once Hinata took care of him yet again. She was his comfort.
He curled into her touch, “I love the feeling of your hand on my back.”
“I know,” she murmured, pressing her lips to the back of his neck.
They stayed like that for a few minutes, Naruto praying the antacid would kick in quickly so he could finally go to sleep.
Still, though, the question lingered in his mind. He didn’t care if Sakura would yell at him later on for asking it, but he just had to know, “Hinata?”
He took a breath before asking, “How are you able to eat that many bowls without getting sick? It’s just not fair. Look at me, I ate two fewer bowls than you did and I feel like I’m dying.”
She looked at him blankly before she smiled serenely and responded, ”It’s a little easier when you’re eating for two.”
He turned on his side to meet her gaze and asked, “Y-you’re what?”
“I’m...I’m pregnant.”
It took him a second, but when he understood what she was telling him his stomach ache disappeared and the sleepiness subsided. He took her into his arms and couldn’t help but kiss her all over.
There was a rush of emotions that flooded him, utterly floored him. He lifted her pajama shirt and kissed her still flat stomach, placing a hand protectively over it.
“I can’t believe it,” He whispered as he felt tears gathering at the corner of his eyes.
“I have a feeling this baby is really going to like ramen, it’s all I’ve really been wanting to eat,” She said, brushing her husband's hair back as he laid his cheek on her abdomen.
He wanted to stay like this for as long as he could.
“You two eat all the ramen you want, okay, Hina? Just say the word and I’ll take you to Ichiraku any day of the week.”
Hinata laughed, “Okay, Naruto-Kun.”
“When did you find out?”
“This morning, I just...didn’t know how to tell you.”
He tightened his grasp around her and nodded, “I’m glad I asked.”
Naruto smiled to himself and shook his head, “Nothing, Hina. Let’s go to sleep, you need your rest.”
Hinata let out a sigh, “Are you planning on falling asleep like this?” She asked, clearly referring to the fact that he was laying over her bottom half, embracing her stomach.
“Naruto...” She pleaded.
“Nope, can’t move me. Not tonight, at least.”
She didn’t try to fight him any further, simply traced his back as they were both lulled back to sleep in each other’s arms. Undoubtedly having dreams of the future, and the little ramen eating champion that was about to take over their lives.
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butterbeerblurbs · 2 hours ago
hiiii congratulations for the 88 and I hope more people could see your works because they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGGG AND YOU ARE DEFINITELY INCREDIBLE !! can u plsss plss plsss add me to your taglist? aaanddd can i request: “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” & “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” where shy! reader is cuddling for the first time with fred? reallyyy thank youu so muchh luvvv ❤️
omggg hello lovely! thank you so much for your kind message :”) i appreciate it so much!!! and i love this request, fluff + fred = a recipe for self-destruction!!! thank you for requesting and thank you for following me on this journey 🥺
ah! i shall combine this request with this request from @oneofthemillionarmy"half the time I get too embarrassed to say anything" + "you're hiding under the blanket because you're blushing?"
i hope you guys like this! :D
88 dandelions celebration 🌼 // dandelions: 88 tag “you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?” + “no, like... it’s just, i can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” + “half the time i get too embarrassed to say anything.” // fred weasley x shy!reader 🌸
dating one of the biggest pranksters in hogwarts should already form the tell-tales of how your relationship with him would pan out... oftentimes, you ending up as a cherry tomato at his bluntness and honest nature. fred rarely beats around the bush - if anything, he’d burn all the bushes down. he saw no use of it. you? you would gladly hide in it and hope he didn’t notice you were in it. people found it amusing, too. interesting, for a lack of better word that such polar opposites got together and found love in between.
to fred?
it was everything. he found himself... being himself. witty and playful but, tranquil. able to collect his thoughts and still embrace his true nature when he was with you, thought of you. you truly brought out the best of him and him? you. quite literally when he thinks you look adorably illegal for this planet at how you’re drowning in his clothes, yet you make no effort to get out of it. 
it still boggles your mind how you ended up like this. bundled up in fred’s sheets, feeling his warmth on you as you’re in his clothing, watching as he gets dressed to sleep and soon join you in bed. this... felt like a dream you were living. a dream that became a reality.
fred turns around and you gasp quietly, quickly looking away as if you hadn’t been staring. he smirks, feeling rather cheeky and well, he adores how he’s able to make you blush even without trying. he slowly walks towards you and he sees how you shift away, even though you’re more than aware that he’d be sleeping right next to you.
“c’mon, love, share with the class why you’re staring at me,” he coos, hands on his waist as he looks down on you. your mouth opens to retort with a snarky remark but you find you can’t say anything with the way he’s staring you down. your lips quiver and you muffle your yell by sliding down the bed, whining because you’ve bumped your head on the way down but you’ve successfully hidden yourself underneath the blanket.
fred’s laugh makes you flinch, but soon you relax when you feel the bed dipping and his hands come up to your sides, trying to peel the blanket.
“hey, give me my girlfriend back, please,” he chuckles, even more when you refuse to let him reveal yourself shying away from him. you’re not talking to him, either, just making sounds. “not gonna talk to me too, darling? you’re being awfully mean,” he tuts, hands deciding to settle on your waist as he draws small circles to hopefully coax you to-”there she is,” he grins at the sight of your eyes peeking at him from the bundled blanket around you.
“you make me nervous, weasley... h-half the time i get too embarrassed to say anything,” you mumble uncertainly and fred catches all the words. “i make you nervous? you’re making me nervous,” he retorts, earning an eye roll from you. for a split second, he thinks you’ll come out of there but he just had to-“no, like... really. i just-i can’t believe you’re wearing my clothes, in my bed. reckon i’ll be the first man to die of too much shock and happiness-”he can’t even finish his sentence and you’ve gone back into hiding again.
“come back! stop hiding!” he decides it’s time to pry away the blanket and he has heart eyes when he sees you’re a blushing mess. your hands cover your face and his laugh rings the room, soon drumming against your eardrums delightfully - so delightful it’s making your heart race that you’re able to hear him up-close.
“aw, you’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing? so adorable, you are,” he sing-songs, moving to hover over you as he places his hands by the sides of your head. you’re unable to move away even if you wanted to. it’s as if he’s caging you in the bed and-and... “freddie...” you breathed out shakily when he gently plucks your hands from your face and brings his own to hover above yours. you feel your heart stopping at the proximity, yet... it slowly calms you down when he doesn’t say anything this time, allowing you to adjust yourself at the current position the both of you were in.
“you... make me so happy, y/n, and i mean that, i really do,” you smile a little at his words, your hands now moving from his grip to gingerly crawl around his neck and they stay there despite how nervous you feel. his smile grows wider as he carefully puts his arms around you, leaning down to press your foreheads together, “and i know you’re not used to this amount of... boldness but it’s only a matter of time before you do,” he wiggles his brows and you sigh, shaking your head, “even if i hide away from you?”
“as long as you let me find you,” he promises.
🌼 taglist: @james-and-audrey // @oneofthemillionarmy // @onlyfreds // @escapingrealitybyreading (message/send an ask if you’d like to be a part of it! 💞)
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animelover347 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey guys! So I have been low on inspiration, so I made another new au! The whole au is pretty much inspired off of Spirited Away because I’ve been watching it over, and over again.
So in the movie Spirited Away I really love the scene where No Face is trying to give Chihiro more bath tokens, I just find it cute, and funny. So I decided to redraw that scene myself.
These are the characters that I have for the au(it took a lot of time, and help to get all these characters in right/good places for the au).
Chihiro - Inuyasha
Haku - Sesshomaru
No face - Naraku
Kamaji(boiler man) - Totosai
Lin - Shippo
Yubaba - Inukimi
Zeniba(Yubaba’s sister) - Kaguya
Chihiro’s mom - Izayoi
If you have any art suggestions for this au I am all ears! I’d love to draw whatever ideas you come up with because I think it’ll be fun!
Go support @/ fangirl347 and me on our patreon to get early access to drawings.
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thearchiveee · 2 hours ago
Room For Two? (Wonho)
Tumblr media
Type: Fluff, Smut
Pairing: Lee Hoseok x Reader
Summary: As you wake up in the morning, you decide that it's the perfect time for a bath. The only thing that makes it even more perfect is your lover joining to help you "relax".
A/N: I don't usually write smut, but I'm actually proud of this. I usually cringe whenever I write smut-type stories, although I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys like it.
Word Count: 1,927
Tumblr media
You stir quietly in your sleep as the sun peeks through your curtains. You squint as the light hits your eyes and turn away from the window. As you do so, you find yourself face to face with a snoozing Hoseok, who has his arm wrapped around your waist. A smile finds its way onto your face as you take in his sleeping form. He looks so at peace when he's like this.
Running a hand along his toned arm, you softly grasp his wrist, moving his arm from around you. After making sure that he's still sleeping, you slip out of bed, combing your fingers through your messy hair. You make your way to the dresser, grabbing some clothes and going into the bathroom.
The light flickers on as you enter and set your clothes onto the counter, closing the bathroom door behind you. You walk over to the bathtub, plugging the drain and turning the faucet handle. As water pours into the tub, you run your hand under it feeling it running cold. You adjust the faucet until it is at the right temperature and let the bath fill, adding some soap into the water.
As you wait for the tub to fill, you hear the door open. Looking over your shoulder, you see that it's Hoseok. He runs his fingers over his bedhead in an attempt to smooth it down as he lets out a yawn.
"Good morning, sleepyhead." You greet, smiling as you turn towards him. He returns the smile and opens his arms, inviting you into his grasp. You gratefully oblige.
"Good morning, baby." He says as his strong arms wrap themselves around you. Your arms slide around his neck as he pulls you close. He plants a kiss on the top of your head and rests his chin on the spot. "You taking a bath?" He questions as he pulls away just enough to look at you.
"Yeah, it's almost full." You respond, as the bubbles in the bath begin to peek over the edge.
"Mind if I join?"
"I don't mind at all." You say, looking up at him with a smile. He releases you from his hold and proceeds to pull off his shirt. As your eyes land on his torso, you gaze at his amazing form and subconsciously bite your lip.
"Like what you see?" He asks as he notices your staring. You blush a little.
"Ah, the tub's full now." Ripping your eyes away from his body, you walk over to the tub and turn the water off. When you stand up straight, you can feel Hoseok behind you, his hands gripping the hem of your shirt. You lift your arms as he helps you get the shirt off and you both get completely undressed.
Hoseok grabs your hand, leading you towards the tub and helping you in. He steps into the tub behind you and you both settle into the warm water. You're sat in between his legs with your back towards him. His arms snaked around your waist and slowly pulled you against his chest as you both start to relax.
"Pretty." He says mostly to himself, placing a kiss on your cheek and then your shoulder. You smile at the affection and let your hands move down his arms to his hands, interlacing your fingers with his. He gave your hands a tiny squeeze, resting his chin on your shoulder.
You relax into the water and close your eyes as you let out a sigh. Hoseok brought his lips to your neck and peppered it with kisses. Your lips curled upward as you found it all the more relaxing. There was a peaceful silence, save for the soft sound of pecks against your skin.
After a while, you shift in the water so that you are facing him, straddling his lap. You moved your hands to glide up his chest, glistening with water droplets. His hands moved in the opposite direction of your body, sliding downwards towards your ass. A cheeky grin made its way onto his face.
Your eyes glanced at his lips and then back up at his eyes. He brought his hand up to the tip of your chin and drew you closer. Your lips meet his in a sweet kiss. You can feel him pull you closer as your kiss deepens.
You felt butterflies in your stomach as your body was perfectly pressed against his. His lips moved in sync with yours as his hands moved up and down your back. He slid his tongue in a bit as he deepened the passionate exchange.
Tangling your fingers into his hair, you pull away slightly, dragging your teeth along his bottom lip. You move in for another kiss, tilting your head to the side. He tilted his head as well glancing up at you for a moment. Then his eyes fell shut again as he returned the kiss.
You shift in his lap, feeling him growing stiff beneath you. He slowly pulls away from the kiss as you do, his lips sliding across your jaw and down your neck. A smirk grows on his face as his hands find their way back to your ass, gripping it and pressing himself into you. A soft moan escapes your lips. You lean your head to the side as you feel his lips on you, letting out a breath that you didn't know you were holding.
"You're so perfect." He whispers against your skin in admiration, trailing kisses from your neck to your chest, then down across your breasts. You look down at him, biting your lip.
"I'm all yours, baby." You respond as lust clouds your vision. You feel his lips meet one of your nipples and he bites it softly, causing a hushed gasp to fall from your lips. His eyes meet yours as he continues, flicking his tongue against it. You could feel your cheeks become heated as arousal flowed through you. His eyes never leave yours as he gently plays with your sensitive nubs.
Hoseok brings a hand up to caress your other breast, giving it a small squeeze as your hands settle on the back of his neck. He began to suck on different spots around your boob, leaving multiple hickies in his wake. He used his free hand to rub your clit, circling it in the water. Your breathing grows heavier as you moan again. He smirks at this and pulls away, resulting in a whine from you.
He turns you over so that you're laid against the back of the tub and he towers over you. His hands land on your waist, making their way down your legs. He grabs his cock, rubbing it against your entrance. You let out another moan, looking up at him as he prods your core. The water did well to allow him to slide right in.
"Fuck!" You gasp loudly as you stretch around his member. He pulls out slowly, but not completely, and then pushes back in, hissing at how tight you feel around him. You grasp his forearm as he does this, filling you almost completely, but not quite. He wasn't going fully in and was going at a very slow pace, as if to tease you. "Hoseok- please~" You manage out as a high-pitched whine.
He looks down at you as your head's turned to the side and your eyes are shut. He brings his hand up to your face, grabbing your jaw and causing you to look up at him.
"Please what?" He questions, maintaining the achingly unrushed pace. Your body longs for more as you draw your lip between your teeth, his hand squeezing your face slightly.
"Please, go faster." You manage out with a needy moan. He grips onto your hips and thrusts into you suddenly, causing you to inhale sharply. The water in the tub splashes at the movement. Your moans rise in volume as they echo through the bathroom. Your hands latch onto the sides of the tub for support.
As Hoseok moves faster, you can feel him going deeper with each thrust. He wraps his hand around your neck, just below your jaw, and forces you to look up at him once more. The added pressure only furthers your pleasure. The movements from him cause the water to swirl around your two as he keeps a consistent pace.
His hand that remains on your hip tightens in grip and he slams into you, producing a yelp from your lips as he leans in close to you. His tongue ran along your neck and he gave you small love bites following the trail. Your hands find themselves pressed against his strong chest as you hear his uneven breaths against your neck. Profanities drop from your lips as he slows down a bit.
"You're so amazing, baby girl." His lips graze your skin as he speaks and you fall apart at the compliment. It makes you lust for him more. Leaving one hand on his chest, you move your other hand to his back. Your nails sink into his skin and draw downwards as he fucks into you. He hisses at the stinging sensation that's brought from the action but keeps the pace. He pulls away a bit to look at you as your face contorts with pleasure.
He removes his hand from your throat and grabs your tit again, playing with the nipple.
"Hoseok~" You purr, digging your nails into him again and leaving red lines on his back. His dick throbs at the way you say his name and he picks up speed again.
"You're such a good girl for me, aren't you?" He hums, pleased at the way your body answers to him. You whimper in response, nodding your head frenetically. You lean your head against the back of the tub as water spills over the edge from Hoseok's movements. Desperate, filthy moans fill the room as you get closer to your high, only to be pushed over by Hoseok reaching down to rub your sensitive clit.
"Mm~ I'm gonna cum!" Your voice trembles as you shriek.
"Cum for me, baby." He urges, groaning loudly. He throws his head back, moaning at the sounds of your sweet little cries. You clench around him, your breath getting caught in your throat as you release your juices onto his member. He continues pumping in and out, helping you ride out your orgasm as he reaches his own.
He cums inside of you, cock throbbing as he slows down. You both are breathing heavily as the heat of the moment starts to calm. He pulls out and takes you in his arms, switching spots with you so that you're laying on his chest. You let out small whimpers as he rubs your back soothingly. He kisses you on your forehead, nuzzling you softly.
"I love you." He says into your ear, causing you to cuddle into him. A soft smile plays on your face as you close your eyes.
"I love you, too." You reply, as you both stay like that for a while. Every so often he gives you little pecks on your head and cheeks and caresses your back comfortingly. After a few minutes, he pats your back, noticing that you had fallen asleep.
"Let's get you cleaned up, baby. Then we can relax, okay?" He tells you. You nod in agreement, as you look up at him. He lifts you out of the tub, helping you dry off and get dressed.
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dxnahdsg · 2 hours ago
Sick || k.sakusa ||
Blurb/Drabble - Fluff
Warning - None, just pure fluff(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Tumblr media
Getting sick was one of Sakusa's nightmares. He always tried to be clean and healthy to avoid getting sick. Even just a little cold will make him feel like he's dying. But now, Sakusa's nightmares came true.
He doesn't know how he got it. He's well and healthy for the past few days. So what could have got him sick? Easy. He didn't notice someone accidentally sneezed at him from behind. So that was the reason why he's like this. But he doesn't let anyone find out he was sick, even to you, so he forces himself to continue his morning run and go to practice.
Although, his teammates were worried for him since they saw how weak his spike is. Everyone knew his spike was powerful, and seeing it weak made them notice that something was wrong.
"Ya okay, Omi?" Atsumu asked Sakusa when they were called for a 5 minute break. "Ya don't seem well." He pointed out. "I'm fine. Just tired." Sakusa sighed, rubbing his temples to stop the headache he was getting.
"Yer not just tired, ya seem erm...paler? Like yer losing blood." Atsumu stated, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Should I call [Y/n]?" He asked, pulling out his phone and went to his contacts. Since Sakusa didn't reply and was still rubbing his temples, Atsumu dialed your number and you immediately answered.
"Moshi moshi?"
"Hey, [Y/n]?"
"'Tsumu? What's wrong?"
"It's yer boyfriend. He doesn't seem well. He looks tired but it's other than that."
"So you noticed too? *Sigh* I'll go pick him up. Let him rest until I get there. Don't make him practice either."
"M'kay. I'll try."
Atsumu hung up and put his phone down, about speak to Sakusa until their coach called. "Alright, break's over! Go back to practice!"
Before Sakusa could even stand up, Atsumu kept him from doing so. "Nuh huh, yer stayin' here mister. [Y/n]'s comin' to pick ya up so ya should rest while ya wait for her." Atsumu said, his hands on his hips. "What?! Why'd you call [Y/n]? And for the second time, I'm fine! I'm just tired!" Sakusa spat, groaning a little from his headache.
Of course Atsumu noticed and sighed. "Coach!" He called out, catching the coach's and everyone's attention. "Yes, Miya?" The coach questioned, walking towards where Atsumu and Sakusa were. "Can Omi here skip practice fer now? He's not feeling well." Atsumu asked, ignoring the glare he got from Sakusa. "Oh? Are you okay, Sakusa?" The coach asked, raising an eyebrow at the said boy. "I'm fi-" "He's not, coach. I've noticed his spikes weren't the same as before. And the way he moves is weak and has less energy. Not to mention he looks terrible today." Atsumu interrupted Sakusa.
"I see. Sakusa, you can take today off and rest." The coach insisted. "Sir, I can assure you I'm fi- Urgh!" Sakusa grunted in mid sentence, feeling his headache growing. "I'm here!" The gym doors opened, revealing you. Looking around, you found Sakusa resting his forehead on his palm.
"Omi." You called out, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, let's go. You're clearly not feeling well. I'm not the only one here who noticed you weren't feeling well. Now come on, you need to rest." You tried to pull Sakusa to stand up, but no avail. "I'm fine..." He mumbled. That's when he felt his body go limp, falling off the bench but luckily you and Atsumu caught him just in time.
Sakusa's eyes fluttered open, noticing he wasn't at the gym anymore but was tucked in his bed. His shared bed. Groaning, he sat up and looked around, seeing he was in his shared bedroom. He then heard the door open, revealing you with soup on your hands.
"You're awake." You say, setting the soup down on the bedside table and sat down beside Sakusa. "How're you feeling?" You asked, feeling Sakusa's forehead. Sakusa didn't even dare to swat your hand away due to his body being sore and having no energy. "Horrible." Sakusa grumbled, clearly upset he got sick and everyone knew.
You sighed and picked up the bowl of soup, blowing it while mixing it. "You could've told me you were sick. You even forced yourself to practice when you knew. You're an idiot." You muttered, ignoring the glare Sakusa shot you with a sneer.
"Open your mouth." You demand as you put the bowl closer to Sakusa's chin and the spoon just inches away from Sakusa's mouth. "What are you doing?" He asked, looking at her weirdly. "I'm trying to feed you. You clearly don't have the energy to do it yourself and I just want to help you." You explained, you were clearly worried. Sakusa seeing that made his features soften and hesitantly opened his mouth, eating/drinking (idk man💀) the soup.
After finishing the soup, you stood up to put the bowl away but a hand on your wrist kept you from doing so. It was weak but it was enough for you to stop in your tracks. "C-Can you..." Sakusa mumbled, a faint blush appearing on his cheeks. "Hm?" You hummed, raising an eyebrow towards him. "Can you please...c-cuddle me..." He muttered, his blush growing into a darker shade of red while he fidgeted with the hem of his shirt.
You almost squealed at Sakusa's adorableness but quickly calmed down. "I have to put the food away, Omi. I'll be back in a sec." You gave him a small smile before walking towards the door, but got pulled down on the bed, strong arms wrapping around your waist. "Do that later. Please..." He mumbled against your ear, snuggling into your hair and inhaled your shampoo scent.
You giggled and gave in, putting the bowl down on the bedside table and turned around to face Sakusa. He immediately laid his head onto your chest while you played with his hair. "Rest well, Omi. Hope you feel better soon." You say as you kiss the top of his head. "Love you." You expected a reply but you were quick to notice the change of his breathing pattern, meaning he was fast asleep. Smiling softly at him once more before you also fell asleep, holding him close.
A/n: Sakusa is adorable omfl😩💖 AND CAN WE JUST ADMIRE THIS PICTURE
Tumblr media
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ao3feed-bnha-rarepair · 2 hours ago
Giving Shouji Some Angst & Love
Giving Shouji Some Angst & Love by crazypyp
Shouji has lost his mask & goes to buy a new one before patrol. However, he comes back feeling a lot worse about himself.
Words: 2790, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M, Multi
Characters: Shouji Mezou, Tokoyami Fumikage, Kouda Kouji, Dark Shadow, Yuwai
Relationships: Kouda Kouji/Shouji Mezou/Tokoyami Fumikage, Shouji Mezou/Tokoyami Fumikage, Kouda Kouji/Shouji Mezou
Additional Tags: Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, shouji feels bad about himself, his boyfriends make him feel better, OT3, Polyamory, these three need more love, they're all pro heroes, this also takes place after graduation, dark shadow likes head pats, Dark Shadow is a Little Shit, there's tokouda but barely so I'm not gonna tag it
Read Here:
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ao3feed-izuku-midoriya · 2 hours ago
Written in Ink, with Love
Written in Ink, with Love by Ashynarr
Sometime after his retirement, Yagi Toshinori is introduced to fandom, and ends up deciding to dabble in a bit of it himself.
Somehow, this results in him getting a son. He's not quite sure how, but he's not going to complain.
Words: 11391, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 11 of bnha oneshots written way too late in the evening
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Midoriya Izuku, with side appearances from Nemuri Hizashi and Aizawa
Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Yagi Toshinori | All Might
Additional Tags: Dad Might, fanfic within a fanfic, aka All Might tries his hands at writing fanfiction, and accidentally acquires a son in the process, Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Feelings Realization, Characters Writing Fanfiction, Parental Yagi Toshinori | All Might, I do Hizashi a bit dirty, but it's for humor purposes so don't be mad, also kind of late bloomer reveal, but it's not the focus of the story
Read Here:
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ultrastellara · 2 hours ago
happy birthday to xiao! i love him so much oml :(
Tumblr media
xiao × gender neutral reader modern au
author's note: i plan on doing a non modern au tomorrow for his actual birthday for those who live in america and such! hope you dont mind!
edit: fun fact i actually am making an edit for xiaos birthday. 😭this wasnt planned for me to write in this scenario but please enjoy a reader fanfic where yall can edit thanks to me. haha! ENJOY EVERYONE!
"it's getting late for you," stated your boyfriend. you two were long distance since xiao had gone aboard for his studies. your eyes flickered wide open as you saw your amber eyed boyfriend giving you a very disappointed look. he had expected you to gone asleep hours ago but you were staying up to talk to him. comfortable in your bed, you moved your phone a bit further away not to see your boyfriend's look right now
"come on xiao, cant i spend some time with my pretty birthday boy" you teased him. seeing his expression change as birthday boy kept ringing in his head.
"yeah....yeah, but hey listen i thought you were going to sleep because you told me you had a surprise" he glared at you with flushed cheeks, deeply wishing you were going to stay up more. however he knew you had classes in a few more hours. he didn't want you to be late nor did he want them to forget your surprise for him. even he didnt know what their surprise was but he knew they had worked so hard on it.
"oh xiao, you're so cute!" you said, creating the cheesy atmosphere. "come on check my Instagram page" you heard him clicking on his screen until he got to your Instagram page. your profile picture is you with his hand squishing your cheeks but as he scrolled to look at your posts. he saw the recent thing you posted which was a small thirty second edit. you had edited him with pictures of you, the song good days by sza playing. the pictures went along the beat and seeing all the cute effects you done for this small video. his heart had lighten up with butterflies stirring up in his stomach. he couldn't stop smiling and you were able to see all of his reactions from the call you two were doing.
"i... wow darling, im..really glad you did for me." he finished the edit seeing the words "happy birthday<3" and "i love you". he slowly started to get emotional. this was the first time you knew about his birthday and with the few months you two been dating. he only mentioned his birthday once not knowing if you would remember. but what spoke up the most was that you did remember and that you had put the effort to create him this edit of him but with you, his special someone.
"xiao? are you crying?" you asked, your face had turned more concerned.
"no im...." he quickly started to wipe the happy tears you gave him with his sleeve. "you did so well, baby."
this was the first time you heard him call you that. bam an arrow came into your heart after hearing him say baby to you. you clutched your shirt in a playful way catching his eyes.
"what? did i say something funny baby?" he stopped shedding those happy tears and once again was teasing you.
"ow it's just you shot me with a love arrow, xiao" you laid down onto your bed, clutching more of your shirt turning to the side where your phone was.
"is it because i said baby?"
"and what about it?" you saw him raising an eyebrow knowing damn well, he got you flustered.
"um..well you see i-"
from there you two kept teasing each other until he heard you snore cutely on the facetime call you both had from many hours ago.
quietly before he was going to say goodnight to you, he heard you whisper to him " i love you " in your sleep.
you know damn well he was more flustered than you just a few mins ago. however seeing the way you talked to him tonight, made him wished he could be home with you.
"i love you too, baby" he stated happily, ending the call.
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