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#high value
I literally get more bothered with folks that seek my friendship than those who stand as associates, acquaintances and/or enemies.
FRIENDSHIPS ARE COSTLY... make sure you have few and those few are of HIGH VALUE.
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tydream111 · 16 days ago
The woman I envision myself of becoming, pay professionals to do her hair, nails, makeup, and eyebrows.👸🏽
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vintagecartier · 16 days ago
My ''friend'' once said that my standards were very high. So ? What is the part of this situation that bothers and disturbs you?
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It's truly astounding how many men are on social media today attempting to gaslight women over this Quavo and Saweetie situation. Like if they aren't quote unquote exceptional women like Saweetie or Beyonce or KimK they don't have the option of leaving. Men will really gaslight you with a smile on their face. Know your worth, if you're not being treated right leave; there's roughly 151.8 million men on the planet you can guarantee there's more than one out there who likes you and will treat you with respect and kindness.
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meatpuppet311 · 26 days ago
KEVIN SAMUELS debate the word FAIRNESS with 3 modern feminist WOMAN.
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savageonwheels · 27 days ago
2021 Hyundai Elantra SEL
2021 Hyundai Elantra SEL
Elantra offers value with distinctive looks, spunky performance  … Surprises tend to hang out at the low end of the automotive market, where expectations may be lower because, well, prices are lower. That continues to be the case with Hyundai’s popular Elantra compact sedan, refined and upgraded for 2021. I had the SEL model, just one up from the base and a sweet spot for Elantra to be sure. In…
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tydream111 · 28 days ago
Just finished reading The Geisha Secret today, and I highly recommend reading this book. It is a true gem that you can learn alot from.✨🌸🌸👘💎💎💎💎
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collegebbygirl · 3 months ago
understand that my time is valuable
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