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myillnesssucks · an hour ago
My Diagnoses- Both Mental & Physical
Borderline Personality Disorder
Major Depression
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Gender Dysphoria
Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Clinical Endometriosis
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Excoriation disorder/dermatillomania
Chronic Migraines/ micro seizures
On this blog I will talk about all of these.
I may make jokes, I may ask for advice, I may rant, I may reblog things from other people.
I will never intentionally advocate for something harmful and will attempt to put appropriate tags.
This is however a side blog and I don't always pay the best attention- people communicate with me.
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myillnesssucks · an hour ago
I'm scared,
I've started having seizures recently (I have a neurology apt scheduled but no diagnoses yet) and I just had 4 in one day .
(Three of them were in front of my boyfriend which is embarrassing and makes me feel bad but that's besides the point)
I don't know how to cope with this, I've been doing everything people have said to do and they are still scary and painful .
We suspect they are PNES ( psuedo seizures) and I am very overwhelmed by it.
I am trying to cope emotionally and physically but honestly both are really hard right now.
Any tips for dealing with seizures - wether emotional, physical, dealing with Drs, or anything else I would love to hear from yall
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wheelspiration · an hour ago
Imagine calling your 20 year old disabled friend lazy when you're dating a 30 year old dude that lived with his mom and refused to work for a whole ass decade when his body is fine??
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wheelspiration · 2 hours ago
One day I'll be lucky enough to find to have at least a handful of people that are open & understanding about my chronic illness. 🥺
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chonicallyfucked · 4 hours ago
✨ I can't sleep because I am in so much pain I feel like I'm being burnt alive and there's nothing I can do to ease it because my doctors have basically abandoned me and have given up on any kind of pain management while I'm being refered ✨
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cptsd-vents · 4 hours ago
i'm constantly in pain.
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I’ve been having such a hard time with food lately. My diet is so limited and all my energy goes towards training & maintaining my SDiT. I stumbled upon this recipe on TikTok & will definitely give it a try. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before 🧂🥔
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panpanda · 7 hours ago
i absolutely love being called a lazy piece of shit when all i’m trying to do is my best
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I built a desk yesterday and I am v proud, but like....I can't move my arms and it hurts to sit up straight so at what cost
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jwaldburger · 8 hours ago
The problem with chronic pain/illness/migraines is the "chronic" aspect.
I'm having a lot of trouble right now with how much upkeep I have to do to manage my migraines. Sleep is especially important to avoid a migraine. My job starts at 7:30 in the morning, so I have to leave at 7:00am, so I have to get up no later than 6:00am. I set my alarms for 5:30am and 5:45am because I need time to wake up, to make a snack and a breakfast, and make and pack lunch. What all of that means, is that if I want to (read: need to) get at least 7.5 hours of sleep, and I spend (according to my fitbit) approximately one hour a night not sleeping, I need to be asleep by about 9:00pm. This means starting the bedtime process around 8:30pm. My friends whom I love dearly enjoy doing things after they put their daughter to bed between 7:30pm and 8:00pm. This would only give me half an hour before I ought to start getting ready for sleep. That is not enough time to do things like learn an entirely new board game and play it. That's exactly what I did last night and we didn't finish until 10:08pm. Which means I didn't get home until about 10:20pm, which means I didn't get to sleep until about 10:45pm. I was angry. I was angry at them for not taking my needs into consideration (even though when they had played the game, it only took about 30 minutes, so they didn't think it would take too long), I was angry at myself for not going to bed sooner, but most of all I was angry that I should have to go to bed so early, that I should have to weigh fun and social activities against future pain. I became so angry at the constant struggle to make sure I'm doing everything I "should" to avoid migraines and that I'm seen as "boring" or "old" for going to bed early. That I wouldn't be able to play the game again the next night for my friend's twitch stream for fear of a headache. It felt like "letting the migraine win". It's starting to feel like managing my pain is taking over my life. Without meaning any harm, the friend with the twitch stream had joked last Saturday that I wouldn't be able to watch a movie with them that day, because I had to go home and go to bed "because you're boring". His wife (my best friend) spoke up that it would be a lot more boring to have to be in bed all day the next day because of a migraine, and I really appreciated that, but it didn't erase the hurt I felt at being called boring for something I don't really have control over. Or rather, that my only control over it is my "boring" behavior. I felt... betrayed? Mocked in a way I've been fortunate enough to not have to deal with before and it hurt. It still hurts now. I've played out at least five different versions of a conversation in my head where I calmly and eloquently explain to him that I'm struggling with the demands my migraine management is placing on me right now, and please don't make jokes like that because even though you mean to be lighthearted, that's not how it's received, but I can't even finish a pretend conversation because I'm too busy trying not to cry. "Because you're boring" has been rattling around in my head ever since, an invasive thought I can't shake. Today, I found it hard to concentrate, I felt sluggish, and I was definitely less patient than I could have been. Considering I'm a preschool teacher, that's not super. Even worse is knowing I may still get a migraine tomorrow, as a lack-of-sleep-migraine sometimes doesn't show up until two days after the missed sleep. And so here I am, trying to get my feelings out into words while my husband and friends get together for dinner and a board game. Because I'm boring.
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shark8-my-leg · 9 hours ago
Do you have trouble putting on your prosthetic
My prosthetic actually slips on and off fairly easy. Its only if my leg is damp from water, is swelled up from being on to long (air planes and long car rides usually cause this), or if I'm extremely sore or not feeling well.
Body aches from fevers cause the most difficultly putting on my leg.
Day 15 limb loss
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capnjackharkness · 9 hours ago
This isn’t Torchwood and I feel really awful for doing this but at this point I’m desperate
I’m a 22 year old chronically ill enby and I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t sit/stand up straight without being in immense amounts of pain. I really need to see a chiropractor but I just can’t afford it. I have issues with my joints anyway and as a seamstress I spend a whole lot of my time hunched over sewing machines and bits of clothing etc. If you can find it in your heart to donate, or even reblog just to spread the word, I’d be forever grateful 💕💕
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waxxbutterfliess · 10 hours ago
emailing professors about accommodations is so exhausting. i don't want to tell you how sick i am just let me turn in the mf paper a few days late holy fuck
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rainbowstripedwolfe · 11 hours ago
I constantly feel guilty for staying in bed all day, even though I cannot physically get out of bed.
My lovely boyfriend (and carer) waits on me hand and foot when I'm ill, he says he doesn't care and that he enjoys caring for me but I constantly feel guilty about asking him to do stuff for me...
He washes up, gets me food and water, helps me get dress and get to the bathroom. I don't know how I would keep going with out him
There isn't anything I can do about being ill but I feel so guilty. I just wish I could do more for him.
I hope he knows how much I appreciate him, he makes my life so much better, I couldn't go on without him
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