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twitblr · a minute ago
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I am useless (x)
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madeingermany · 4 minutes ago
Would I be attracted to these people if it wasn't for them being apart of their sport?
— F1 Edition -> current drivers (2021 season)
[ Disclaimer: This is my opinion. And this is kind of long. ]
Lewis Hamilton
Hell yeah. If I'd see him on the streets or somewhere I would swoon over him for years, making my friends sick with that because he'd be all I talk about. He's like the only one in F1 who's completely my type and it would be the same if he wasn't a driver. He just looks so soft and hot at the same time. Plus point would be if I'd see him with Roscoe. Cute dog + hot owner = you got my whole heart. Would get a million HOT stickers, a badge with CUTE pins on it and my whole life handed over to him.
Valtteri Bottas
I'd say kind of. I love teddy bear people and he gives me exactly those vibes because he's built a way that just makes him look soft and huggable. Also I'm a sucker for eyes and he got pretty eyes. But I'd probably forget about him rather quick.
Max Verstappen
You know these people you can't help but look at even though you don't find them attractive or anything? Yeah, this would probably be me with Max. He looks interesting but to me, personally, he isn't attractive.
Sergio Perez
Again: Hot? Nah. Interesting? Hell yeah. But more because of me asking myself how he looks like Tom Cruise and Elon Musk and if those two look alike or not (I'll be thinking about that for a few days probably).
Daniel Ricciardo
I'd be attracted to him, yeah, but I still would probably be like "Oh shit, he's hot but also kind of not?". So like, he's attractive to me but half hot half half not? Just the way he carries himself makes you feel drawn towards him. Probably wouldn't be able to forget him for some time.
Lando Norris
I wouldn't find him attractive at all because 1. I'm taller than him (usually I don't care about that but well everything adds up), 2. He looks too much like a Milchbubi (he is one, literally) and 3. He's not my type in the slightest bit.
Sebastian Vettel
Nope-di-nope. I probably wouldn't even notice him when walking past him. He's got something on him but wouldn't make him attractive to me, not even young!Seb.
Lance Stroll
Uh, no, not at all. He, again, would be someone you just can't help but look at even though he isn't even at least a bit attractive to you. He's the person I would stare at when sitting in a bus because his looks amaze me somehow. But in terms of being attractive to me? No.
Fernando Alonso
Probably wouldn't even look at him twice.
Esteban Ocon
Again, someone who looks average if I'd see him outside F1. Again, wouldn't even notice him. So yeah, no.
Charles Leclerc
Oh yeah, it isn't him being a F1 driver that makes him attractive. Just him being the pretty himbo he is, is pretty hot. And he is more of the pretty-hot type than the hot-hot. I wouldn't stop talking about him for a few days and I would not get his eyes out of my head. BUT if Charlotte was with him, he would be completely forgotten and I'd cry over the hot girl I saw for years. So both of them get a bunch of HOT stickers, and Sharl also gets a personalized one with I'D GET DROPPED FOR MY GIRLFRIEND on it.
Carlos Sainz
Uh, I'm not completely sure. Probably? On the one side I think he's attractive but on the other side he's not.
Pierre Gasly
Oui. He looks so soft but absolutely built at the same time and his fluffy hair and his eyes and his smile and everything. I'd be head over heels just by seeing him for a quick second. This man is HOT. A hundred percent gets the HOT sticker. He gets thousands of them. Just look at him and tell me you wouldn't be attracted to him if you saw him, no matter whether he is a F1 driver or not.
Yuki Tsunoda
Uh, kind of? Like he is pretty and he is cute but on the other hand he's just way tinier than me and idk.
Kimi Räikkönen
Kind of? Like his eyes are crazy and I kind of have a thing for older guys so. Also the way he's built and the lack of talking makes him attractive. But on the other hand, he's just kind of not.
Antonio Giovinazzi
Yes, he's attractive. He got nice hair and a beautiful face, what more do you need.
Mick Schumacher
Oh yeah. He's beautiful, he's so beautiful. I don't even care that I'm taller than him because he is an attractive lad. Gets two HOT stickers and a ton of CUTE stickers. Also, if he was out with Angie, I'd cry for the rest of my life over seeing him.
Nikita Mazepin
The thing is, even if he wasn't in F1 and if he had a different background, he just looks like a missformed version of Humpty Dumpty.
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tinderventure · 4 minutes ago
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Me when my tinder date stands me up
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arte-ata · 6 minutes ago
Those kinds of connections man... I'm so not used to socializing that those kinds of interactions just kind of surprise me sometimes. Wonder how she's doing now
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queenaboleyna · 8 minutes ago
For me the weird thing is s1. So they skip ten years of Henry's reign, set in the 1520s then use events from the skipped years? Like what? And why all these dudes no one cares about like Knyvet? Where'd he go? Sort of think they were lucky to get s2 after that.
so glad you brought this up lol cause i’ve always thought season 1 was the messiest of all the seasons?
like, i love wolsey’s storyline, i love catherine’s scenes, i love anne, and it’s still fun to watch it; but it’s still such a mess lol - like you mentioned, they made a big deal about knyvet in the first half and him almost dying in jousting only for him to never be mentioned again; norfolk was still supposed to be the main wolsey anti in this season and he barely did anything; fitzroy was introduced just to be prematurely killed off (i suppose to make it so henry’s matter seems more urgent? idk)
and how could we forget the elephant in the room that is the whole thomas tallis storyline lmfaoo like i don’t think i will ever understand where they were going with that? he’s such a random person for them to even put in the show, let alone main him a main cast member?? nothing he did had anything to do with the rest of the story??? he had a thing with william compton for a bit, he sung to henry at dinner once, and that’s literally it for how much he interacts with other main characters??? and that weird ass thing with the twins when he can see one of them having a halo bc she’s about to die from the sweat, and then he marries the other (who hallucinates/sees the ghost of her dead sister even when her and tallis are having sex like on god what even was happening in the writing room here helppp) you could cut out all his scenes and absolutely nothing would change, like not to sound mean but it was such a waste of minutes lol.
also i feel like out of all the seasons, it was the least... regal one? like... does anyone look at s1 henry and think ah yes... he looks very kingly... so majestic... did literally anyone think that lol. like if the show didn’t tell me he was a king i would never guess it
another thing that always bothered me in s1 is... we somehow never get a scene where henry decides to marry anne?? like?? we see him pursue her and ask her to be his maitresse en titre. anne refuses, henry storms off. a little later that same episode henry recieves a jewelled little boat which he takes as anne accepting his proposal - where is the proposal scene?? where is henry deciding that he wants to remarry to anne, specifically? the show lets him decide he wants to divorce catherine before he considers anne as a new wife, so when he decides that he also wants to marry anne, this shouldve been such a big thing, but it just? never happens? it’s more of a silent transfer but idk, it always came across as weird to me
and finally... the timeline. they clearly wanted to get to the great matter as quickly as possible, but they also wanted to include the big events from henry’s earlier reign, like the field of cloth of gold, brandon and mary’s margaret marriage, so they just jumbled it all up together, which forced them to make a lot changes in order for it all to work and when you know all of the changes they made, it just seems really chaotic
anyways yea like there is a lot of aspects of s1 that i do like, i still think wolsey is one of the best and most complex characters in the show and the storyline of his downfall is one of the best plots throughout the show, it’s still very fun to watch, but i think sometimes ppl tend to look at it through rose colored glasses and nostalgia cause quality wise, i wouldn’t say its the tudors’ best season
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knifedoq · 9 minutes ago
looking thru my notes & used to do a lot of messgae drafing in there. found a message id written to break up with my ex when i found out theyd cheated on me with a mutual friend who was like 5 years older than bother of us 🙃
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wannursyafiqah74 · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
context is the post before but honestly this is just snatcher when he has to draw embarassing things
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opencallproductions · 12 minutes ago
I should probably take off my #Mask 😷 and put the #Bux 🧋 down, before I hit the #Mic 🎤 at #ESAudio 🎵! 👍 haha 😂
Pic: #JamminJo / #JoAnnBush 2021 📸
#LosAngeles #CA #RockAndRoll #SoCal #Podcast #Singers #Bands #LAMusic
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franboos · 14 minutes ago
after your last anon i just had to weigh in ksjdjd😭 i sound like a masochist but i actually loved the open ending. i'm ngl after ch 4 i thought the ending would be like so many other fics in the tag and tbh i wasn't super excited to read it just bc i've read that kind of story 100 times (i love happy endings tho). i think i like the sad ending bc it stayed with me more. and i do think we're meant to believe they got back together in the end. idk. ahh i want to reread it now sjdjd sorry for this
hahaha aahh, i get that tho. bc i’m not saying it was bad bc they r such a good writer and i love their fics. and yeah i get that their r so many other stories like that but well, u just build up to that moment of them like being happy and together, and i’m just such a romantic for those lol. so it came as kinda a shocker that it ended like this snxnejdjdjj. and i’m just not the biggest fan of open endings in general cuz now i’m left with like my imagination and lol, i’d rather have a ending that like i know what happens idk.
but oooooh yes this story did really stay with me bc of that cuz this is the third day after reading and i’m still talking about it with people hahahaha. i do like that it makes me think a lot.
but because of the open ending it makes me not wanna reread it..? cuz you don’t work to anything idk. it’s like there will be no reward at the end hahaha. that sounds dumb but hope u get what i mean. maybe i will just reread chapter 3 tho, bc that was hella cute <3
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neopetporn · 16 minutes ago
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five-by-five · 19 minutes ago
Listen, I will ocne again restate I know nothing about Titanfall but I genuinely thought Viper was one of the morally horrible people like Blisk, I didn't think he'd be some dilf
listen. listen as someone with the url five by five i didn't even see this coming
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drawciasorceress · 19 minutes ago
-blocks that anon- anyways, bi/pan women can’t be lesbians because they are attracted to men, therefore not lesbians! sincerely - a nonbinary lesbian
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