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#bnha x reader
babyshoyo · 25 minutes ago
Fun At The Beach
Pair: Denki Kaminari x Reader {Reader is GN!}
Word Count: 471
Summer Collab with the lovely @mindfulvenus <3
A/N: I had sm fun writing for this collab and can’t wait to read what everyone else wrote!☺️
Also I swear I’ll post the next part of high school sweethearts soon right after I finish an event request!!
Tumblr media
You sat on top of your towel, under a large umbrella, frowning.
“Cheer up babe. You know I hate it when you’re upset, you do look hot when you’re mad though.” Denki said as he sat next to you.
“This is your fault! You’re the reason I’m upset.” You replied, glaring at your boyfriend Denki.
“Aww c‘mon baby, you can’t blame me for getting so excited.” He said as he held onto one of your hands.
The reason you were so upset was because you wanted to go to the beach with Denki, alone. Denki had gotten a little too excited for the trip that he had spoken about it to his friends, Mina, Eijiro, Sero, and Bakugo. His friends then told the rest of the class and they all decided to join you both.
Denki started to leave soft kisses on your temple, your cheek, and soon turned your head towards him and kissed you softly. You couldn’t help but give in to him and kiss him back.
“Ay love birds! We’re going to the shop, do you guys want anything?” Yelled one of your classmates, making you both pull away.
“No, we’re fine! Thanks though.” Denki yelled back.
You sighed as you leaned your head on your boyfriend’s chest.
“Wanna go somewhere else on the beach while the rest are gone?” He asked.
“Yeah.” You said as you picked your things up.
Denki grabbed your hand and led you to a side of the beach where there were few people before going near the ocean. He goes in the water till it’s up about his waist length.
“Come inside babe!” He screams out to you who was barely in the water.
It was cold so you took your time getting in, trying to get used to the water but of course Denki decided to splash you making you gasp.
“Denki!” You yelled before splashing him back.
You both started to have a water fight as you got closer to him. Denki and you were laughing to the point your stomach started to hurt and you both soon calmed down.
At this point you were right next to your boyfriend and he wrapped his arms around your waist. You rested your head on his chest and smiled up at him. He smiled at you before leaning in and giving you another soft kiss.
“Thanks for today babe.” You said as you pulled away from the kiss.
“You’re welcome love. We’re not done though, we still gotta have our sand castle competition.” He replied, a mischievous smile forming on his face.
“Oh you’re on.” You said as you thought how much fun this was gonna be.
The beginning may have sucked but in the end you still get to have fun at the beach with your boyfriend.
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marleyterians · 29 minutes ago
⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ  𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 𝐌𝐄 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐒 ⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ   
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
send me your thirsty thoughts, nasty headcanons, most likely to, your kinks and characters and I'll write you a drabble for it !
* open only on fridays
Tumblr media
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cocozumi · 30 minutes ago
When Bakugo likes someone...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fuck Bakugo being a complete tsundere. Bakugo would say straight to your face that he likes you. It's common in the fandom to assume he's a lil bitch who can't confess his feelings but Bakugo is always direct about what he wants, and if he wants you, he'll let you know. He doesn't like blabbering or beating around the bush. He never lies, he said it before, if he believes in something he'll stand by it. If he wants something then this man will get it. I think it'll take time for him to guarantee his feelings but once he's sure of it, he would be shameless. Like how he announced that he's going to win in UASF, just straight to the damn point.
He's a perfectionist and man is territorial. He wouldn't let anyone beat him to confessing first. He never cared about other people's opinions, so i dont think it would matter if he shows his affectionate side with people around. He doesn't people please. Bakugo is too authentic for that. Expect raw, unfiltered love from him. No games and no hiding. That's how Bakugo is.
Tumblr media
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prettyboykatsuki · 34 minutes ago
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
 winner takes all | k. bakugou 
➳ tags ;; fluff, fem!reader
➳ wc ;; 1k
➳ a/n ;; ari stop posting fics at 2am challenge failed.
➳plot ;; you and katsuki make a bet. it doesn’t go how you hope. 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
“This is a stupid,”
You frown at him, arms crossed over your chest. Bakugou looks down at you with an unimpressed expression - not budging. His scowl deepens at your stubbornness, watching with disdain as you clasp your hands and bow your head. 
“It’s not, you’re just no fun”  you insist. 
He glares at you even harder and you flinch a little under his gaze. 
“I won’t hit a woman unless their heroes or villains,” he replies, smirk evident. You smack his chest. 
“Hey! I’m a hero, what the hell?” 
He sighs. You’re an idiot he thinks to himself read between the fuckin’ lines. 
He doesn’t say any of that though, simply ignores you as he brushes past and continues walking. You’re supposed to be on patrol right now - you know, being heroes like you’ve mentioned. But you’ve spent the last 30 minutes pestering Bakugou about making a bet. 
It’s simple really - if you can top him on the rankings this week (where he’s been sitting pretty at 12 for the last 3 weeks) you get to flick him as hard as you want on the forehead. It’s a childish bet, yes - but the pure joy at the thought of flicking thee Dynamight on the forehead is a good motivator. You’ve been wanting to get your ranks up anyway. 
“And anyway, you’re not really hitting me perse - it’s just a little flick on the forehead,” you remind him. You pause, giving a dramatic gasp before you cup a hand over your mouth “Surely, you’re not scared you’ll lose right?” 
Bakugou stops dead in his tracks, glowering at you. You and that shit-eating grin plastered all over your face because you know how fucking easy he is to irritate. You look around innocently, hands tucked behind your back as you walk away. 
“No no, I’m sure that’s not it, right? Our dear Dynamight would never be afraid of lil ol’ me -” 
He snatches you back to his side with the collar of hero outfit, clicking his teeth at you. You stumble back, still shocked by how strong he is. 
“Damn brat,” he huffs “Fine. You wanna be like that, I’ll do your stupid fuckin’ bet. Don’t come cryin’ to me later, yeah?” 
You jump excitedly next to him as he walks away from you, itching to catch up. Bakugou forces himself to bite down a smile opting to roll his eyes instead. 
“You’re so annoying,” 
“You love me” 
Obviously, you damn dumbass 
God, or whatever other thing resides and controls the universe, has not been on your side lately.
You and Bakugou made a deal that you had two weeks to climb the charts, plenty of time since they update almost daily. It should’ve been a piece of cake really - just pick up the slack on your work a little bit and hustle to get those points in. You know Bakugous schedule like the back of your hand and while it wouldn’t have been the easiest thing ever, it was super doable with some patience. 
It would’ve been, anyway. It would’ve been except for the fact Bakugou got himself into the sticky situation this week. 
There was a shootout on the lower east-side of town - a villain raid of a small group that the police had been apparently tailing for months but failed to catch. Not only did Bakugou take out the full, armed group - but he also broke a record for least civilians injured in a raid of that size. 
No property damage either, he quite literally set a new record and shot from 12 to number 4. It’s the highest he’s ever made it thus far. It’s literally in every single newspaper and on every story - he’s gotten about a hundred interview requests. 
You are the only other person aware of your own crushing defeat. You’re happy for him, obviously - but you can’t help but hope he’d forgotten about your silly little deal. 
Who are you kidding. Of course he didn’t. 
You chuckle nervously as you watch him take off his gauntlets and pull his mask up so it looks like a headband on him. He stretches his arms out in front of you, very dramatically practicing his flicks. 
You frown. 
“...Is all that really necessary?” 
He scoffs, flicking off some sparks from his fingertips with a cocky grin. You flinch, backing away from his. 
“Tch, ‘course it is princess. A deals a deal and I never do anything half-ass,” 
Your frown deepens as you cross your arms over your chest as Bakugou dramatically reanacts the flick. He pauses, stretching his arms over his head once more for good measure, before signaling you towards him. 
You stiffen - awkwardly shuffling towards him until you stand facing him but still too far from his reach. He narrows his eyes at you until you stand closer and closer and closer. You stop once his fingers are within flicking distance. 
He bites back a laugh. 
“You ready?” 
You brace yourself for impact, screwing your eyes tight as you nod rapidly. You can feel the presence and warmth of his hand radiating - heart racing rapidly as you become more and more nervous. Seconds start to feel like minutes as you tap your foot impatiently. 
“Cmon, cmon, cmon - d-do you’re worst damn it,” 
“You asked for it, brat” 
You suck in a sharp breath and hold it, preparing yourself for whatever comes next when you feel the softest little tap on your forehead. 
What the fuck?
Your whole faces falls, brows furrowed in confusion as your eyes snap open. Bakugou is already putting his suit back on, gauntlets and all. You wave your hand infront of his face but he doesn’t seem to react at all. 
“Hey, what the hell? What was that?” 
Bakugou sighs at your little tantrum, pausing before staring at you with his arms crossed over your chest. 
“Hurting potential romantic partners is domestic abuse, ya fuckin’ dweeb. Move before I make you move,” 
You blink owlishly, watching with wide eyes as he moves past you back into the hallways. You inhale a sharp breath, a warm flush painting on your skin as you take in what he just said, rushing to the door. 
“Potential romantic - oh my fucking god, wait! You can’t just drop that on me what the hell!” 
Faintly, you hear Bakugou’s snickering down the hallway. 
»» — { ♡ } —— { ♡ } —— { ♡ } — ««
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viper-mxxn · 54 minutes ago
Could I request kind of the "update" for the cheating ask- what if y/n moved on over time and began romantically pursuing someone close to the boys? Like would they feel guilt or regret or longing, or not so much?
Chaos, that’s it
I never saw your ask omg I’m so sorry!!! 😓
Dabi would absolutely obliterate you, or threaten encourage you to leave
He would get desperate eventually but it would take a while
Until then, don’t stand too close to anyone that isn’t your lover
He’ll try to sneak pictures of you two together to send them
Dabi will make up petty lies in hopes that his friend believes it and leave you
He’d tell Shigaraki you stole something from him in hopes that he decays you
Or he’ll send a badly photoshopped picture of you and twice to his friend
When he does get desperate, his actions will cease, and instead he’ll go back to leaving anonymous gifts in your room
But you always know it’s him
Hours are spent looking over pictures that he was in with you when you were his
He won’t talk to you after that, and he’ll never be alone in the same room as you either
But yet, you’ll always find a gold necklace on your bed the next day, and it’ll always be from the same person
Shigaraki is upset
Not really at you, but more at himself
Pictures will be decayed, gifts will be thrown out, even his own clothes that you might’ve worn
Just anything that reminds him of you is gone
If your scent is still in his room after he replaces everything, he’ll go insane
Takes quite a while for it to die down
And it’s not because he hates you. He just can’t stand the thought of you being gone
So he tries to act like you two never met
Once he finally accepts that you were real, and that it was his fault he lost you, he’ll instantly regret everything of yours he ruined
Probably tries to sneak into your home to regain a few things of yours
Puts it all in a box under the desk his PC sits at
But it’s even worse when you start dating someone close to him
Because now he can see you, but he can’t have you
He’ll have to deal with the pictures of you and his friend together, and your voice that he loves oh so much that isn’t for him anymore
It’s just too much for him, and that’s when his anger shifts towards you instead of at himself
He’ll let himself believe that you did this to get back at him because “you’re a heartless bitch”
Everything of yours that he went through so much trouble to get will be gone again
But yet he’ll never actually approach you for anything, whether he wants to trap you in a hug, or if he wants to kill you
He just lives with it, because he knows he needs you, whether you’re his or not
Hari isn’t upset, but instead he’s neutral
He loves you, but he knows you’re happy, so he’ll stay put
Eventually he’ll hate both of you
Because you knew they were his friend, and they knew you were his ex
His own mask becomes a constant reminder of you since you had to wear one to even enter the underground base
Pictures of you two that you took suddenly become his favorite thing in the world
But he still hates you… at least when you’re actually next to him
Your scent, your voice, your movements, everything
It drives him crazy
He wants to kill you, but he doesn’t either
It just feels like you’re teasing him
And after he works almost non-stop, deals with overhaul and his ignorant co-workers, your voice is the last thing he needs
At least when you’re not his
As long as you aren’t, everything and anything that has to do with you will become his least favorite thing
Everything except those pictures that he loves so much
Setsuno feels guilty, because he had you, he had his everything
And he ruined you
He tore his own world apart
But now you’re back! Except, not in the way he wanted
It pains him to see someone else making you laugh
He hates it when you flash that same smile you used to give him to your new lover
That should’ve been him in their place
He should’ve been the one you cared for, it should’ve been him and him only
Hands constantly twitch to reach for his katana, or even for the knife in his mask
Excuses to stay back from missions will be tossed around until overhaul grows sick of them
Anything he can use to see you, he will
He wants you, but he also wants you to be happy
And he doesn’t know if you would be happy with him anymore
So instead he’ll keep his distance
Just don’t question the pair of yellow eyes watching you from the corner of the hallway
Denki convinces himself that you just wanted dick, and that his friend was the only one with one that fit your requirements
Insults will constantly be thrown at you, every single word laced with his own hatred
Yes, he felt a little guilty when you were single
But it’s a whole different story when you’re with his own friend
Especially since they knew he had you, and that you were his property
He suddenly cares about you, calling you his darling whenever his buddy comes to see you
Flowers in your locker almost every day along with a simple drawing
He acts like you two never happened, and that he’s trying to win you over, like this is the first time he ever asked you out
At this point, he’s just trying to get back at his friend for satisfying a whore like you, because there’s no way you want something other than cock after what he did
He convinces himself that he still loves you, but in reality, all he wants is payback
Because his friend had to know you used to be his, they just had to
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saturnsbend · 55 minutes ago
smoke signals
pairing: dabi/m!reader
warnings: smoking, mentions of anxiety and abuse, but otherwise okay. please do not read forward if any of the listed warnings might trigger you in any way, and stay safe <3
words: 6.5k
a/n: this is my first ever mha fic and the fact that i decided to do dabi first shows i have some massive balls but i'm giving it a try! if he seems ooc at all or i get some facts wrong, please lmk and i'll fix them. (heavily inspired by smoke signals by phoebe bridgers—would recommend listening to it or any of her other songs while reading)
Tumblr media
dabi found the meaning of life in a simple strum of chords; a melody twisted by melancholy tunes that resonated deep within the gates of his mind. they haunt him—either by breaking his conscious from a much needed rest to bring him tossing and turning in the damp air of the loft, or making sure that he stayed wide awake during the late hours of the night and well into the creeping day. the lyrics are so surreal that he has to sit down and contemplate their meaning like an english teacher would to the color red, but they're painted saccharine and drip with honey flowing from the mouth that sings them and he hates it. he hates that he's wasted moments better spent wrecking havoc just to understand that stupid little ditty that clings to his heart like a leech. but this song did not come from his own craft—no.
dabi had known the putrid stench of sweat and vermillion blood when the flames licked at his skin, breaching the coarse flesh of his palms to rain hellfire upon all those who dared oppress him. he could weave lies with knots that would take years to unravel, and set whole cities ablaze with a mere finger. clawing oneself from a well built to drown them in their trauma does tend to leave scars on ones hands, and dabi's body was practically a canvas for mutilation, so he could consider himself an expert on the matter. he could attempt to make such a song by strapping in with his many hours of free time and diligent persona, but his hands were not made for music; neither delicate, sonorous tunes or dark, grating strains. they were made for war.
so if anyone had asks, "no" is his answer. "i don't play." and yes, it is while he's drumming a rhythmic beat that he claims this to be true, but the last thing he thinks about is donning a set of drums during his free time. he's far too distracted by the image of your taper fingers curled around the neck of your guitar to consider anything else.
the gentle but keen plucking of chords startles him from yet another ridiculously long-winded spiel by shigaraki, and dabi swallows a strangled groan behind his grinding teeth. it's in his head, now, and so far the only thing that has succeeded in reaping it from his memory—if only for a few minutes—is the blood stained battlefield that he's found himself fighting on far too many times this month alone.
what's he complaining about, though? it's not as though he minds getting down in the dirt. in fact, he's ecstatic to dig his claws into any gruesome ordeal so long as it benefits him in some way, so why is he so invested in this little to and fro game of twenty questions with the likes of you; someone as significant in the world as a paperclip without paper to hold? why come back, despite there being nothing in it for him besides a series of migraines?
not from you, a voice answers from inside. you're an absolute pleasure.
dabi nearly snarls at the confirmation that his own mind is turning against him, and as he does this, a plume of smoke erupts from his lips, billowing and curving to create intricate patters before dissipating into the atmosphere. a second time. a third. a fourth drag from the cigarette has completely obscured his face from anyone's view, and he relishes in the instant of privacy it gives him. however, it has also blocked him from seeing everyone else in the room, and while he normally would have considered that a blessing, it appears tomura has had enough of it.
you get headaches because you smoke too much, comes a second voice; yours, scolding in a way he'd only expect from a worried mother. dabi only has a split second to register it before shigaraki's head pokes through the fumes, red eyes alight with rage and lips pulled back into a snarl.
"would you quit doing that inside? it's fogging up my brain and i can't think straight." he grates.
"strange—i assumed there wasn't a brain in there to fog up in the first place." tomura's nostrils flare and dabi's pride spikes.
"besides, you came in here and looked directly at me as i was smoking—why didn't you ask me to stop then?"
"i was telling you with my eyes, idiot. you should know when it's time to either take it outside or put the damn thing out. there are ashtrays for a reason, and not everyone here wants to inhale that shit." he interrupts their intense staring contest only to wave his hand to clear the smog. now he can see the rest of the league clearly (oh joy, he thinks) and gives an indignant grunt when spotting toga at the bar table, covering her mouth and nose as a pitiful aim to block her lungs from the smoke. twice, who had unfortunately used up the last pack of his own cigarettes that morning, leans forward to take a whiff, exhaling soon after with satisfaction.
kurogiri stands at his usual spot behind the bar, seemingly unaffected as he idly scrubs away at grime infested glasses, while sako lounges at the opposite end of the room. his mask is on, leaving dabi to wonder if it's been like that all day, or if he just recently put it on to better fend off the fumes. he doesn't really care, whatever the case.
after a beat of silence, dabi wets his lips to respond, a lopsided smirk growing on his features.
"oh, i'm sorry your frail body hasn't adapted to a bit of vapor in the air. and with that flakey skin of yours, it's no wonder you're extra sensitive—"
shigaraki's hands come flying through the next waft to slam against the tabletop where dabi's feet lie, causing it to wobble and creak in protest. the ravenette doesn't even flinch as the harsh, raspy words are spat in his face.
"if you're not going to pay attention, then leave. actually, i'd prefer you do that either way."
and dabi would have happily disregarded his request if not for the faint ringing in his ears, rising higher and higher before receding back into his skull like the tide. a scowl morphs its way onto his once vacant expression as he puts pressure on his temple, rubbing softly where his eyebrows knit together. just for today, he'll indulge his so-called boss's whims. the piercing screech that emits from below when he pushes his chair back does nothing to help with the ever-growing headache, but it hardly matters now that he's headed out the exit. he's able to catch the last fragments of shigaraki's raving before the door closes, leaving him to stand amid the tumult of the city in all of its glory.
the alleyway is dark with looming shadows, but people are still milling about, so dabi considers himself lucky for already being dressed in his disguise. he flips his hood up, pulls the surgical mask over his nose and quickly slides on his sunglasses for good measure before slipping out into the traffic, sometimes going with the flow and then weaving past those moving too slow for his liking.
right now, his patience is a mere thread; hair thin and on the edge of snapping whenever someone bumps his shoulder. their negligence is infuriating, and he's tempted to roast them into a charred, mangled mess then and there—the consequences of blowing his cover be damned—but by some miracle, he manages to refrain from doing so. it takes about five minutes for his temper to shorten to the length of a matchstick, and he knows that one more shove will be what strikes it. dabi pauses for a moment to crane his neck, allowing the sea of people to flow around him like a stream to a rock as he searches for an alternative route. it appears as though he'll have to take his chances with the crowd until he hears the repetitive ringing of a bell and a man's voice calling for passengers to board. public transport was risky, what with him being a menace to society, but he can't possibly be the single most shady dressing person on the train, right?
he wouldn't bother answering his own question when daylight was burning, so dabi pushes himself from the swarm and leaps for the streetcar just as it begins pulling away from the stop. there's a shuddering jolt before the passengers settle in for their departure, and as his palms squeeze the metal railing in response, he notices the peeling red paint clinging to the car's exterior and finds himself staring at it for a ludicrous amount of time, not thinking about anything in particular.
the rickety trolley is semi-packed with civilians, none of whom regard his presence with anything more than a noncommittal glance. good—that makes his job ten times easier. to his chagrin, it runs over more than a few opposing train tracks or crudely paved bumps in the road, and this causes the whole cart to jostle before stilling completely, the process repeating itself over and over.
the knowledge that his trip to the outskirts of town is a short one is the only thing that calms his nerves.
when dabi finally arrives at his destination, the sun is gradually descending from its peak in the sky, and the clouds are more like wispy tufts than the luscious, cotton candy lumps they were just hours earlier. overhead, the baby blue hues turn to shades of opal; a forewarning of rain. the feelings of irritation and malice from earlier are still bound to him like chains that threaten to snap him in half when drawn too tight. the crippling weight causes his feet to drag along the gravel path at a sluggish pace, his own hot breaths fanning against his face from behind the mask. if anyone actually lived out here and they were to see him, their first impression would be that a living corpse had just waltzed onto their property. it was just his luck, then, that you were the only person out here, and by extent, the only one not deterred by his appearance.
even so, dabi's mind kicks into gear. was this a good idea? he doesn't even know why he came here—he just needed a place to blow off steam and his body had already made the choice on its own. this isn't any different from all the other times, though, and he can't ignore the fact when it sits in the pit of his stomach like an anchor. you're always the first person he goes to at times like these (dabi subconsciously rules out the man working at the local 7/11 who sells his liquor cheap, though he's still appreciative of the bottle to numb his thoughts). that tells him more than he wants to know.
your house is quaint, like those old country cottages he sometimes sees pictures of, and squats on a large, grassy mound of earth surrounded by heaps of rocks and sand from the neighboring beach. it merges with a towering lighthouse, and dabi notes that there must not be any sailors due to make port yet, otherwise the light would be on. the second thing he takes in are the flowerbeds sitting under your two front windows, and how they look withered and close to death.
"i wanted to add some color, but i can't keep plants alive for shit." you had said, huffing in amusement to yourself as you tended to the weeping alliums. "succulents are the only exception."
a small pot of them sits on the windowsill, but they seem to have gotten to big for it; the rubbery leaves spilling over the cracked rim. he hardly registers how much of a stalker he must look like until he stands on your welcome mat, peering through the dirty glass panes to find you nowhere in sight. the lights aren't on, so he can only see the outlines of furniture when bands of light stream in to reveal them.
sitting back on the balls of his feet, dabi curses under his breath. it's not like he was expecting anything. how was he supposed to know whether or not you were home when you had no way of telling him?
"jesus, patch!" a shout startles him from his brooding, but he doesn't let it show as he looks towards to ocean. you're hauling yourself over a large rock to wave him over, wearing a familiar grin. so that's why he couldn't see you. dabi makes careful work of leaping over jagged stones and threatening to bake any nosy seagulls as he makes his way to where you sit, with your favored instrument slung over your shoulder. the ghost of a smile graces his lips when he recalls how you would have scolded him for being mean to the birds, but that was before last week.
"pesky fucking bastards—they keep shitting on my music sheets!" another seagull waddles into your vicinity, only to squawk in distress as you shoo it away with your foot. "i wonder if this is natures way of telling me to quit while i'm behind. . ."
after breaching the treacherous terrain and nearly scraping himself in the process, dabi squats on the stone beside yours, looking up at you with hooded eyes. you meet his gaze with nothing short of merriment and a shake of your head.
"if someone had seen you, you would have been arrested on the spot for being a peeping tom." you chuckle, combing a hand through your hair with a smirk. "what? you lookin' you catch me in the nude or something?"
dabi scowls, choosing to ignore the question rather than give into the bait. as if i would be satisfied by looking at anyone but you in that state. he swats the air as if it would drive the notion from his mind like a bothersome fly.
"in the middle of fuck-ass nowhere? i'd never get caught."
"aw, don't be like that. if you really wanted a peek you could've just asked." the mocking tone in your voice spurs him to smack your thigh, which earns a hearty laugh in reply.
"ooh, don't treat me so roughly, or i might begin to like it!"
dabi has had more than enough experience with your flirtatious tendencies, and he feels he should have gotten used to it by now, but his heart still clenches every damn time. the worse part? he can't say that he minds. you don't give him a chance to respond, but dabi hasn't a clue what he would have said, so he lets you continue, watching intently as you rifle through your bag to fish out a guitar pick. shifting into a crisscross position, you perch the guitar on your lap and begin tuning the strings, idly talking about how uneventful the past days have been. dabi pretends not to have heard that it was because he wasn't there to visit, and instead gives his attention to the lighthouse in hopes that you won't see the faintest of reds dusting his ears.
five minutes pass before you actually start playing, and even then, it's only a few experimental notes here and there that help you build towards the perfected melody.
it's too sweet for his taste; dabi swears that's why his stomach turns so ferociously and prompts him to lean against the boulder to his right for some sort of stability. he won't even humor the idea that it's because of the way your lips twitch into a near half-smile before melding back into a concentrated frown the moment you strike a wrong cord. an embarrassed flush captures your cheeks as you study the music sheets, briefly pressing down on them when a sudden breeze flutters the pages. the pencil that was once tucked behind your ear now sticks out from one corner of your mouth, a flash of pink and orange melding together when you go to absentmindedly gnaw on the wood.
many more minutes fly by, and you've long since abandoned the new tune just to pick up an old one. dabi's back straightens at the first set of strings you pluck, and he recognizes them as the same ones that have been playing on repeat in his head since the day you met.
dabi's heart hammers in tune with every footfall that slaps against the pavement, tearing through the small pools of water that grow with every second. it hasn't stopped raining since the chase began, and there isn't an inch of him that hasn't been soaked through. still, something good must come from this little dilemma—the burning sensation that clings to his arms has almost settled down. the silhouettes of trees merge with inky blackness when he blinks, and he reaches with trembling hands to wipe the droplets of water clinging to his eyelashes.
a yellow square of what assumes to be light shines in the distance, contrasting wildly adverse to the darkness that sweeps him up from under his feet and pushes him forward. the sound of police sirens has been reduced to a mere memory in the time that was running, but he isn't about to risk going back to the league's base in fear of a stakeout waiting to get the jump on them. besides, why stop there when the possibility of shelter awaits him?
the bottoms of dabi's shoes are slick with mud, and blades of grass have snuck their way under the cuffs of his jeans to scratch at his skin. the sensations paired with the numbing cold are beyond uncomfortable, but he won't have to worry about that once he gets inside—that being if the person inside doesn't put up a fight.
he'd expect them to be mad if they did anything except that, no matter how welcoming the house looked. dabi's instincts tell him that someone out this far from the city doesn't a have a lot of connections, and thus killing them wouldn't cause an uprising if it were needed, but the minute he grips the doorknob, a thought occurs. if they have a quirk, its power could level my own or even surpass it. . . he grits his teeth. but like hell i'm going to let them win.
the hesitation vanishes in an instant as dabi turns the knob and thrusts himself inside, wielding a blue flame in his dominant hand to further illuminate the room. the wind is so fierce that it pulls the door shut for him, and the villain finds himself staring down the unperturbed figure of another man, perhaps around his age, hunched over a stove and glaring at a steaming kettle. they lock gazes, and almost immediately, the kettle gives a high pitched whistle. you look away first, lifting the pot and turning the burner off whilst opening the cupboard overhead to pull out two mugs, both of which adorn ugly christmas-themed patterns that dabi wishes he could forget ever seeing.
his glare hardens when you move to the table in the far corner and begin pouring what he assumes to be tea, taking one cup into your own grasp and leaving the other at his own disposal. your one mistake is grabbing your phone from the counter, but when dabi's flame enlarges, you hold your arms up in defense. then, before he can even formulate a proper threat, you toss the phone to him. he catches it easily and observes the dark screen, masking his astonishment with a more sinister expression.
the only other move you make is to drape yourself across a cushion on the window seat with an acoustic guitar in hand. you look more relaxed by the second despite being cornered by a dangerous criminal, and dabi has to refrain from voicing his shock when you address him with an almost bored tone.
"if the tea isn't to your taste, there's more in the cabinet. shower is down the hall to your left, and there's a spare bedroom upstairs to the right. do whatever the hell you want, just don't burn the place down or touch my freddie mercury records."
dabi is stuck to the spot for one of three reasons, he determines. one, your attitude has surprised him into a stupor that not even hiw own will can break. two, his refusal to believe that you're handling this situation in a calm manner is really just his defense mechanism kicking in, and he won't move until proven that you won't do anything when his back is turned. and three, you're quirk is similar to that of madusa's and you've successfully turned him into a fleshy mannequin.
"if you're worried about me calling the cops, what you're holding is the only working phone here. the power is out due to the storm, so my landline is dead, and the nearest form of help is a crippled old widow five miles west. i'm not going to risk running when i'm up against someone with a quirk."
dabi considers everything said, but never once allows his fire to dim. he took the surrounding area into account while making his escape, and he can see the landline is in fact out of service, so the male's assurances checked out. hell, the light source that guided him here was nothing but an old-timey oil lamp. the fact that you're quirkless does him a great amount of good as well.
with cautious steps, dabi makes a beeline for the bathroom, but he stops halfway to stare at you again. you respond by quirking a brow and kicking your feet up, something akin to mischief in your guise.
"i can take the shower with you since you're so afraid i'll make a break for it." you drawl, and dabi snarls, a fowl cuss bubbling in his throat as heat crawls its way up his neck.
"why, with a blush like that you might not need any drying off~."
dabi decides that he's had enough and storms down the hall, already peeling off his dripping clothes and and silently promising that he'll burn the guy to a crisp if he so much as tries to catch a peek. he can hear you calling out in hilarity even as he slinks into the shower and attempts to drown you out with the static-filled haze that captures his senses.
"the name's, y/n, by the way!"
try as he might, dabi had never been able to keep from coming back. now the reason why has been revealed to him on a silver platter, and he won't even spare it a glance.
your soft singing snaps him from his reminiscing as he stretches his legs, stifling a groan when something pops as not to disturb you. while digging through his pockets for a cigarette, he stops momentarily for fear of forgetting how to breathe when he lays his sights on you. you're in your own little world; everything else—him included— seems to have disappeared as you play from the heart. you need no standing ovation, no adoring fans or fantastic lightshows. you've said it once, that fame and glory mean nothing to you, and that you have all you could ever want or need right here, nestled in the beachside view of what you call home.
"and i have you." a cool breeze ruffles your dirt stained overalls as you reach up to wipe a bead of sweat from your forehead. the sun beats down on you, never shining half as bright as your smile, and the shore kisses the boulders with waxing and waning waves of aquamarine; frothy, foamy masses washing up with it to carry lone strands of seaweed. "otherwise i'd go mad without your company."
okay, that was lie. the truth is right there, practically spitting in his face how much of an idiot he is for trying to deny it, and dabi is glaring right back at it. he feels like an impatient kid on christmas eve, sneaking glimpses of gifts under the tree and feeling like he's committed a felony after getting caught. and you do catch him.
"penny for your thoughts, patch?" there it is—that stupid nickname. it's always been laced with mirth when you call him as such, but now it's replaced by genuine curiosity. and is that a hit of concern he hears? you study him with pursed lips and stony features that gradually morphs into that of concern when the silence stretches on. dabi forces himself to sneer at you, and something stirs inside his chest when you don't flinch.
he hates it. he hates you.
dabi nods to the sky, a guarded noise building in the back of his throat as he tugs on his earlobe.
"s'gonna rain." your jaw visibly clenches, but you humor his evasive habits just like you always have, looking to the clouds, which have darkened considerably in the last hour or so. it's around this time that the weather patterns become more unpredictable, but you've noticed the distinct lack of rainfall in spite of the gathering storm brewing overhead. you could sit out here for a while longer without much activity in the sky, and it would take more than a little shower to drive you inside, especially when you finally had the chance to enjoy some quality time with dabi. you notice the way his shoulders droop and the tension from his facial muscles all but disappears when he sits amidst the smell of fresh salt water and unpolluted air—the weight of his past slowly but surely ebbing away. you'd like to hope you have some part in that. oh god, do you ever hope.
you plead to whatever omnipresent being above that he's not just here to hit a blunt without getting reprimanded for it, or that he's making these daily visits out of pity.
"nah. it's been like this for a little while—looks like a storm will hit, but then it passes before it even begins." you sling the guitar back over your shoulder and gather up your music sheets, eyeing dabi from your perch. you're challenging him now, and normally you would never dare force him to speak if he didn't want to, but something about his aura is off. you can sense it in his words; the very air he breathes; and it compels you to hold him close, if only he would let you.
"so, you gonna tell me why you're avoiding the ques—" a deep rumble interrupts you, and dabi lets out a sigh of relief that you're thankfully too distracted to hear. a single drop of water hits your nose, followed by another, and another, and—
"you were saying?"
"oh shut it." you don't get to finish speaking, for a crack of lightning strikes the far end of the beach, scattering sand in every direction. you just barely manage to scoop up your belongings before sliding from the rock, but your footing betrays you and send you stumbling to the ground. dabi is there to catch you, wasting no more time in hauling you to your feet and rushing you as carefully as possible through the jagged maze. he can't refrain from smiling when you splutter a string of profanities pass poorly hidden laughter, an unmistakable "FUCK ME!" spilling into the cold evening when you accidentally stub your toe on a particularly sharp stone. it's pouring within seconds, and no sooner do you reach the doorstep do you both realize how sopping wet you are.
the last thing you think of is your chattering teeth, however, when you see dabi's spiky tufts of hair dripping with residue and his electric blue eyes gazing into yours. what you do think is that for the first time in your painfully ordinary life; your twenty three years of mediocrity and progressive isolation from the world around you; you have found the single person who understands your struggles and has chosen—for some unfathomable reason—not to abandon you. you wish you could say your parents were the same, but you also have scars from a distant childhood that brought you to this place.
this old lighthouse is your home, yes, but dabi is your sanctuary. he might as well be a god by how often you worship him from afar, wondering if ever you'd be so lucky; so eternally blessed; as to call him yours.
you don't register that he's opened the door to let you both inside until a cozy warmth envelopes you. no, wait, that's dabi's fire. it should terrify you that the same man who threatened you with those flames is now at arms length, but you trust him not to hurt you in any way, and so you lean into the gentle licking of heat on your skin, humming in content as your shivering comes to a halt.
dabi's fear of burning you diminishes when you flash him a grateful smile, a whisper of thanks echoing across the walls and pummeling his heart without resistance. he averts his eyes with a curt nod, a feeling like molasses weighing down his tongue and drowning the words he wants to say.
"you're welcome." is all he can muster.
half an hour later, your guitar is drying by the hearth and the two of you are huddled on the window seat, nursing cups of coffee and watching the storm in a comfortable silence. you haven't blinked in a while, meaning you've wandered off the tracks of consciousness as suspected, and pretty soon, you start singing quietly to yourself; the deep crooning used as background noise to your aimless meditation. dabi nudges your calf with his foot and is rewarded with a brief quirk of your lips and a nudge back. he doesn't have the patience nor the brain power to decipher how long this goes on for, but it doesn't matter.
this is fine. the image of red hair and a tall, intimidating figure invades his train of thought, and dabi curls inwards on himself. this is fine.
but it's not.
trembling, he places his mug on the table before retracting back into his seat, clasping his hands together. he tries visualizing the ties of his life coming together to form a rope. the fingers on his left—memories from his past—linking together with those from his right—memories made with you. his palms connect, bringing instant relief with the knowledge that he's here now, practically nestled between your legs, out of harms way. you're both fine.
dabi takes the swelling anxiety and pretends to crush it within his fist; clenching and unclenching it until his peace of mind returns.
"penny for your thoughts, patch?" you ask again, still in somewhat of a trance. this time, dabi answers.
"why do you call me that?"
you're caught of guard, half expecting him to ask why you haven't turned him in to the authorities. you've seen him without his disguise, you know his name, and for the past eight months you've been socializing with him like normal human beings do. that's more than both of you could have said in the past. of all the burning questions, he chose that one? "i've heard 'patchwork' and 'staples' and just about everything in between. why shorten it to patch?"
you gape at him, opening your mouth, then closing it, and so on. the pitter patter of rain against the window has ascended into relentless pelting. it sounds like gunfire to dabi; assaulting his ears in floods; but to you, it's nothing more than a waterfall hindering your view of the ocean. the deep breath you take seems to put more suspense in the atmosphere than needed, and it makes dabi's heartrate quicken for an entirely different reason, yet he makes no sign of stopping you.
"because my first thought whenever i see you is how much you remind me of a doll." oh. what?
you can tell by dabi's reaction that that wasn't what he was expecting, so you gesture for him to wait. he isn't sure he likes the forlorn expression you're wearing.
"typically, when kids first get a doll, they treat it like glass and make sure to tend to it with love. other times, doll owners are reckless and tear them apart just to stitch them back together like nothing happened. you use that camouflaged to blend in with the public, and i'm lucky enough to see what's under it. . .but sometimes i wish you'd keep the mask on so i don't have to see you upset."
upset? a fizzing sound erupts from his palms that he struggles to put out. he's not upset.
"don't try to hide it. you're always scowling when you think i'm not looking, or when you forget i'm even here, and i know it's because someone broke you without the intent of fixing you up."
once more, red clouds dabi's vision, and he moves to stand up.
"you had to clean up after their mistakes because no one else would, but instead of reusing the bits and pieces of your old self, you burned them. you destroyed any and all evidence of who you used to be and now you're patching yourself together with parts that aren't your own, because you don't want to hold onto what happened. though, something tells me you still haven't let go, otherwise you wouldn't be so angry."
"you don't know that!" he snaps, but he knows it's not true.
your hand closes around his wrist, and dabi recoils with such strength that it yanks you from your seat. dabi doesn't want you to let go, no matter how much he thrashes in place, because the sensation of your skin on his grounds him. somehow you know this, and you give a comforting squeeze to his pulse.
"but that's not all i see. because dolls are beautiful, and it's the ones who still love them after they're broken that they need the most. no one's told you they think you're beautiful, have they?"
dabi shakes his head, refusing to meet your gaze even when you cup his cheek with your free hand tilt it towards you. every touch is filled with hesitancy; feather light and more intimate than anything dabi has ever witnessed, let alone experienced personally. with the way you hold him like he's water in your hands, your eyes overflowing with a love he hasn't known in forever, dabi knows he won't find another feeling like it. you're not the embodiment of good—at least not by society's strict standards—but at least you can sit there and say you've committed a crime. you've never bloodied your hands by hurting others, much less gotten a thrill from doing so, and that's why he pulls away. he has to, because dabi is a harbinger of war, and if he holds you any closer it will only be to kill you.
he says something; a snarl mixed with a broken plea that he prays will make you stop; and you do. his silent victory doesn't last for long, though, because then you're using both hands to cradle his face and fuck, the pads of your thumbs grazing his scars feel like heaven. "won't you let me be the first?" how could he say no? how, when the taste of honey and whiskey is so addictive that he's already drooling into the kiss and willing to beg for more; when your mouth slots perfectly with his and dabi begins to wonder if he's stumbled right into the scene of a cliché wattpad story. the idea causes him to huff out a growl, and although neither of you can talk, he can imagine how strongly you must want to poke fun at him for the action. he can feel you smirking—the smug little bastard you are—and dabi ponders how long it will take to reduce that attitude of yours until you're submitting to him.
not yet. he chastises himself, completely unaware that you're currently thinking the same thing. dabi kneads the flesh of your hips through your jeans while you comb your fingers through his hair, gasping sharply between bruising, wet kisses and keening when he leans down to nurse your lips with soft pecks afterword. you're still trying to process the fact that you've coerced this devious criminal into making out with you in the pale glow of your seaside residence, but for the moment, you need not concern yourself with the details. you've forgotten all about dabi's ego and how this whole situation is no doubt feeding its flames. his grip on your waist is making you too delirious to care.
"fuck." dabi's breath is staggering when you finally pull back, an aura of clarity and desire hanging between the two of you.
"y-yeah. . .that was. . ." you can't produce a word, or even a paragraph to describe it. you know you're going to hit yourself later for admitting such a banal phrase in the midst of what could be classified as your very first kiss, but that is neither here nor there, and you would rather suffer an agonizing death than let dabi find out that he stole your first. you're too preoccupied envisioning all the other firsts to come, so you don't notice the way he stares at you like some precious jewel, but his fingertips brushing your bottom lip succeed in snapping you out of it.
dabi goes quiet, contemplating what to say as the thunder moves abroad and the rain comes to an end, leaving the house in a numbing state of tranquility.
"why not call me doll, then? it'd be easier."
you chuckle in response, playing with the hairs at the base of dabi's neck and making sure not to miss the way he melts into the affection. "i thought that'd be moving too fast." and dabi; still drugged from your kiss and what he can only hope is love; rasps out a genuine laugh, cupping your jaw with a tenderness that makes your knees weak.
"you offered to take a shower with me the night we met, and you think a nickname is moving too fast?"
you stick your tongue out at him, and dabi resists the urge to grab it, even if it's just a bluff.
"would you have let me call you that anyways?" you ask, something hopeful ridden in your tone. dabi feigns consideration as he looks to the ceiling, snickering when you smack his chest. eventually, he murmurs what you audibly hear as "brat" before resting his forehead on yours, an impish glint in his gaze.
you turn your chin up at him, giggling when he nips at the skin. dabi knows just as well that your attempts at escaping him are halfhearted, so he encircles his arms around your waist tighter, delighting in the flush that paints your cheeks.
"then i think i'll settle for my love, or darling, if that's alright with you."
dabi can't fend off the blush for his life, but he's not afraid if you acknowledge it. he can get you back easily, and he plans to. "fine by me, doll."
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thefieryphoenix · 56 minutes ago
henlo hooman its one of your fave Bi hoomans ive just came up with an idea sorry about the long ass request i sent in you can do it in 3 parts and you can doo this after the long ass sequels to the other dimension rip au scenarios what about a dimension rip au but yandere todoroki clan reader so like reader is an orphan irl she could be about 1 or 2 so they could manipulate reader when she is older after reader gets sucked in the dimension rip rei finds her and asks the flaming shit head if they could keep her yada yada yada but when reader went through the rip at such a young age maybe she develops a quirk more powerful than the todoroki clan's quirks combined you can decide the rest also after my long ass requests can we get a dimension rip tony stark and/or baron zemo maybe together where they are like shit at cooperating thanks U>U
No worries and wait... who're Baron and Zemo? I don't think I've seen them in a Marvel movie before...
You were an orphan since your parents were killed by some people. The social services people took care of you by giving you food, shelter etc etc. And you were 2 years old, so you pretty much had no idea what the absolute heck was going on
One night as you were supposed to be sleeping you decided on crawling since you felt... energetic and playful. You started crawling when suddenly a portal opened up next to you. You of course had no idea at that time what on Earth was that and so you just giggled and decided to explore it. Pretty soon you were falling and falling and falling
You were screaming and laughing in joy actually, not in fright. And you were too innocent and young to understand that you weren't even in your own universe anymore
Meanwhile the Fuyumi and Rei Todoroki were in the backyard of their house having a picnic when you suddenly dropped from the sky. Fuyumi and Rei looked up and they were startled out of their wits to see you drop down from the sky. "Catch her!" Rei yelled and Fuyumi caught up safely in her arms. You started giggling and clapping your hands and both of them couldn't help but smile at how cute you looked. You melted their hearts in an instant and they decided to keep you
Rei talked to Enji as well about you and he agreed. Besides it's not like your actual parents were still alive and after Enji did some research he found out that your parents were dead and you weren't even from this universe! Everyone was surprised by that news but they all promised themselves that they'd never tell you where you came from. It was too dangerous for you to know and they simply couldn't let you go now that you were with them
You soon developed powers much stronger than Shoto's and before Enji could even get the idea to train you from such a young age, your siblings and mother would try stealing you away from him. But Enji won't do anything of that sort now, he's learnt his lesson already
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stardusttrashed · an hour ago
hi!! is there any way i could request headcannons of deku, bakugou, and todoroki with an s/o with big, muscular legs that they’re kinda insecure about? thank you, i love your writing !!
Aw, thank you love!! Also, muscular legs are my shit, let me love on them pls lol
Tumblr media
Saw your thighs as a challenge
For you and for him
Pushes you extra hard during training because he has no doubt that you’ll be able to handle it
But don’t let him show you up, or you’ll get tons of ‘what the hell are those muscles even for?!’
‘Stop acting like a damn weakling and beat me already!’
He loves your thighs and makes sure to tell you in his own way
‘If I had thighs like those, I wouldn’t let anyone beat me!’
Is a little slow on picking up your insecurities, if we’re being honest
Like it takes seeing you deflate a couple of times when someone talks about your legs or you outright telling him
But ever since he realized, he’s gone into overtime letting you know how much he loves them
Always keeps a hand on your thigh
And lay his head on them, even if you're around others
He’ll literally try to kill anyone who tries to talk shit about you having muscular thighs
‘If you don’t show them what those legs can do and kick their ass, I WILL!’
Tumblr media
Honestly, he didn’t think much of it when you first started dating and doesn’t think much of it now, either
Has his moments where he’s like, ‘oh, that’s super amazing! They must’ve worked really hard.’
But for the most part, he doesn’t care
Not in a bad way
He just knows he’d love you with or without muscular legs
Your muscular legs are just a bonus
And he shows you how much he loves your legs every chance he gets
Like he loves to lay his head on or between your legs
Doesn't matter when or where; if he can, he will
Tries to secretly take pictures while he’s by your thighs, but he always forgets he has the flash on
Peppers your leg with kisses and lets his hands trace the dips and curves of your muscles
Is constantly torn between wanting you to show your legs off and worrying someone might hit on you and steal you from him
‘You should show them off more- wait no, I don’t want people looking at you, wait-.’
Will workout more often without hesitation to make his legs bigger than yours if it makes you more comfortable
Tumblr media
Was quick to pick up on your insecurity about your thighs
Like even if you didn’t make it super cute obvious, he picked up on it
It’s just who he is, especially since he’s not the most confident about his scar; he just pays extra attention to the little things
So he’ll randomly compliment you in his own awkward yet sincere way
‘Your legs have great definition.’
And you’re just like ‘uh…. Thanks?’
Buys you outfits that show off your legs
‘Thought you’d look cute in this.’
He thinks he’s slick, but you almost always catch him staring at your legs with the cutest blush painting his cheeks
Won’t tell you cause he’s scared he’ll offend you, but one of the reasons he loves your legs so much is cause it reassures him you can take care of yourself
If you agree, he’ll make a promise with you to work towards being more confident about his scar if you do the same with your legs
Offers you massages on the daily just so he has an excuse to caress your legs
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sunshine-honeybaby · an hour ago
Tumblr media
A/N ; it's pussy eating day so you know what that means? Enjoy the main 3 + Kirishima when they realize exactly what today is.
Warnings ; fem!reader, semi-public in bakugou's, lots of pussy eating, unedited
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he learns it's pussy-eating day he immediately gets nervous. 
It's not that he hasn't done it before or anything, but he just doesn't know how to ask you to let him.
So when he comes home and you're just casually browsing your phone, sitting languidly on the couch, he freezes
You're just so pretty and so amazing, he doesn't deserve you.
He doesn't say hello, he doesn't ask permission.
He makes his way to you, pulls you to the edge of the couch and smiles up at you
"Wh-what are you doing, Izuku?" You ask, eyes wide and blush forming.
He licks his lips slowly and pulls your bottoms off, tossing them aside and leaving you exposed.
He wastes no time diving in, holding your thighs open with his strong arms and licking eagerly up and down your folds.
When he feels your hands fist in his hair he moans into you.
"F-fuck..izuku….hahh wh--what-" You whine as he plunges his tongue into your needy core.
One hand moves to rub small circles into your clit, making your back arch off of the couch and your grip tighten. 
"Fuck such a good boy for me," You moan, feeling yourself grow closer, "you know just what I need mmmmm"
He switches places, now suckling on your clit and scissoring his fingers inside of you to press against your gspot in just the way to make you come unraveled.
He rides you through your high, rubbing soothing circles into your thigh as you come down.
"Wh-what was that for?" You ask breathlessly.
"Just needed to taste you, lovely."
Man's knows what's up when he hears his co-workers talking about what today is. 
Immediately gets an evil idea
Whips out his phone and tells you to meet him at the agency for lunch in his office.
Little did you know, you were the lunch
As soon as you walk in the door, he shuts it, locks it, and draws the blinds so that you were completely secluded.
"Katsu-" You start but he eats your words with a searing hot kiss. 
Pushes you back until you hit the edge of his desk, rattling the contents and knocking over a picture of you two
Hoists you up by your thighs, planting you on the wooden surface and hikes up your skirt
He smirks at you and revels in the way you squirm and blush
Takes a seat in his office chair and rolls it over to you so he's at perfect pussy-eating level
Pulls your panties off and takes a moment to just admire how wet you are already
"Be quiet or they'll hear you."
All but pulls you onto his face, lapping and sucking all over you, making a mess
Swirls his tongue around your clit before diving into your core, tongue fucks you for a moment then drags back up to spell his name on your sensitive bud
He wants you to know who is making you feel so good.
You writhe and bite the skin on your knuckles to keep from moaning as he goes to town
Katsuki knows just how to work your pussy, just what you like, what spots to hit to have you convulsing and creaming all over his tongue and chin. 
Kisses you deeply after, letting you taste your own sweetness
Praises you for doing so good being quiet and Immediately after gets called away on an emergency, leaving you panting and reeling
He is a pussy-eating God.
Literally, did so much research to be ready for you and it paid off
You know he keeps track of all the dirty holidays, so he knew what today was the moment he woke up.
You rolled over, slinging an arm around him and kissed his neck sleepily.
"Are you awake?" He asks quietly 
"Mmhnmm" you mumble into him
Suddenly you are wide awake as he's dragging his body down the bed, beneath the blankets to situate himself between your thighs.
"Shouto- what?"
He hushes you with a string of kisses up your thighs, and a slow lick through your panties.
You gasp and spread your legs further, only to have Shouto hook your knees over his shoulders.
Pushes your panties aside and trails a finger up your sloppy slit, humming at how wet you are already
Makes a show of slurping up your folds, flicking his tongue out before plunging it deep inside you.
Uses both hands to spread you open so he can really work his magic.
Runs his tongue up and down, dipping just slightly inside and flicking gently at your clit.
"Sh-shouto please- ah need to- need to cum, please."
He obliges, plunging two fingers into your weeping core to grasp at your spongey spot while mercilessly attacking your clit.
Between the nips, flicks, sucks and more, you fall over the edge of pleasure embarrassingly fast.
He's very smug about it, but keeps it to himself as you ride out your pleasure. 
"What was that for…?"
"You're just so pretty, I wanted to start your day off right."
He's got the day off, thankfully. 
Doesn't actually realize what today is, he's just hungry for your pussy.
You're just relaxing on his bed, making out as usual when he pulls you on top of him.
"Please sit on my face!" He asks as you are already hovering over him.
He sounds so desperate, so you oblige him, shifting your panties off and hovering just over his mouth
You feel his hot breath ghosting over your slick, making you shiver.
He whines in anticipation, "baby….please…."
Slowly you sink down onto him, supporting yourself on the headboard
Eijiro is in heaven. You taste so good, you smell so good, he wants to suffocate in your cunt
He nurses at your clit first, suckling and swirling his tongue in slow circles, mindful of his teeth. 
Then he opens his mouth wide to take as much of you in as possible, snaking his tongue down to tease your entrance.
You moan above him and grind your hips down on his face, which draws a moan of his own out
Reaches around with one hand to massage your ass while the other plays with your sensitive nub.
His tongue is buried deep inside you, lapping and licking and swirling, everything he can do to hit all the right spots.
When you cum, he moans at the sensation of your walls fluttering around his tongue, and you grind down further onto his face.
He wraps his strong arms around you while you convulsed above him to steady you.
When you finish, Eijiro expects you to cuddle with him, but instead of stopping at his side you make your way down between his thighs.
Tumblr media
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todoshoki · an hour ago
— mean.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
minors dni, 18+; have this katsuki thing i just whipped up ‘cause i love him mwah. i don’t know the wc because i wrote it in tumblr drafts. there are no major warnings for this, reader is afab and katsuki is mean </3. katsuki is a pro-hero and his hero name, dynamight, is mentioned one time.
Tumblr media
katsuki’s nothing but a big ‘ole meanie.
all full of scruff and brawn and brute, a big man that always has this scowl on his face and his eyebrows furrowed, like he’s angry at something. he’s mean, ‘nough to make you cry, and he bites; he pushes and prods until you snap, and his bark is far worse than his bite.
he’s mean enough to sting and it settles, simmering right underneath the surface of your skin and bubbling in the tears that fall whenever it gets real bad. but he loves you; he does, and he doesn’t mean to make you cry. there’s always a flash of panic in his eyes when he sees it, ‘cause he never means to. he always forgets to tone down the mean ‘cause you’re sensitive, and he doesn’t want to hurt his baby; not now, not ever. and when you bite back, it stings him too.
when the pain pricks his heart, he feels how you feel.
katsuki makes it up to you. sometimes crying with you or refusing to let you go until you stop crying, holding your head in his chest and putting his strong arms ‘round you so you can’t leave. so you can’t leave him. keeping you there ‘til you let him make it better. let him fix it. the rough pads of his thumbs wipe your tears away, brushing against the smooth skin of your cheeks, and sorrowful red eyes stare into yours, begging for you to forgive him. he’s sorry.
he can’t make it up to you in words—they’re often lost on him—but actions are something he’s familiar with; he’s gotten the grasp on them over the years, ‘n he knows what you like and what makes your toes curl. he apologizes to you when his tongue is flat on your pussy, lapping and licking at you where you’re all sticky and dripping—needy for him; clawing at his shoulders and givin’ him little weak pushes when he overstimulates you. you’ve given him two orgasms already, but he wants a third. he needs a third.
he makes it better by having you unravel by his doing—his mouth, his hands, his cock, whatever you need that’s part of him. it’s his way of making up for it, all of it.
Tumblr media
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thot-writes · an hour ago
Tumblr media
random sub!todoroki headcanons just for fun (and because he’s a twink) 18+ NSFW;
Shoto has a huge mommy kink, 100%. Whenever you’re all nurturing and maternal towards him he goes weak & just wants to be taken care of and praised by you.
As such, he loves boobs. He’s a boob guy. Loves them all, all shapes and sizes (but he has a particular weakness for heavier, juicier ones)
Absolutely shy, will blush or be otherwise bashful if you show affection in public, he much prefers the privacy but ultimately he’s happy whenever you’re giving him attention.
Be the big spoon for him. he’s just a baby
does these cute quiet little moans that drive you nuts and make you want to wreck him so bad his ancestors will be feeling it.
he’ll get angry (read: quiet and pouty) if you mark him, but deep down he can’t deny that he feels happy about it.
don’t do it too much though, if you push your luck he might really get upset.
he doesn’t really sext, if ever, but if you send him enough raunchy images/texts he’ll have to excuse himself from whatever he’s doing to jack off (sometimes on the phone with you).
if you fuck him good enough he’ll cry
he bites his lip a lot when he’s feeling really good
He won’t directly ask you to fuck him faster or harder, he’ll just look at you in a certain way and you’ll know by the intensity in his eyes.
If you go too far he does tell you to stop, though
essentially, if all he’s doing is moaning and tensing and biting his lip you know you’re doing a good job.
actually ends up having a pretty big fat sex drive, although you suspect it’s just because you’re so good at treating him well.
he rarely, if ever, comes to you for sex. partially because he doesn’t know how to approach it, and partially because you’re always on his ass anyway (literally)
honestly he’s a bit of a pillow princess, but he loves to eat your pussy. sometimes when you’re making out he’ll just drop to his knees and push your panties aside, look up and say, “Is this okay?” or “Can I?” like you’d being doing him a favour if you said yes.
gets painfully horny with your cum dripping down his face, he can’t hold himself back.
one time, in the heat of the moment, you took a picture of him, flushed face, looking up at you with your juices all over him and he didn’t even flinch.
(he did get shy about it later once he had his post-nut clarity)
all in all, Shoto Todoroki is a perfect baby boy sub and he deserves everything and more.
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fuckingkatsuki · an hour ago
Hunting Bakugo
Characters: Bakugo Katsuki
Summary: Bakugo doesn't want to die, but he's too addicted to the adrenaline rush of running from you. He agrees to let you hunt him, silently hoping you show mercy and let him live through the brutal fucking he's about to recieve.
Warnings: Snuff, blood kink, murder kink, degradation, mindbreaking, abuse, dubcon, knife kink, sadist reader, top reader, male reader, masochist katsuki, slight necrophilia at the end, spit kink, graphic violence
A knife.
That was all you posessed as you crept through the forest, senses on high alert. Your flashlight had stopped working a while ago, not that it mattered much. Your eyes adjusted to the darkness easily, and the sounds of twigs and leaves crunching told you exactly where to go.
A snap, a whimper.
He was close. You could picture him, bruises and scrapes littering his toned chest. Every time his whimpers and gasps rung in your ears, your dick twitched.
You crawled under the branches, remaining covered by the trees next to the path Katsuki had found.
Fucking pathetic, resorting to following such an obvious path.
You caught a glimpse of him. He looked so weak; dirtied platinum skin dripping with sweat and blood, red eyes brimming with tears as they darted around anxiously.
Running your thumb along the side of your hunting knife, you were practically drooling as you prepared to pounce.
You leapt out from behind the trees, barreling into him at full force. The impact forced him down, smacking his back of the rocky terrain below him. Snaking your large hands around his thin little neck sent a rush of heat straight to your cock.
Grinding into him, you practically scoffed at how hard he was.
"You pathetic little slut. You're so fucking ready to die here, aren't you? You're so excited, practically throbbing with anticipation, arent'cha?" You whispered into his ear, nipping at his earlobe. He shuddered, then slowly came to his senses, wriggling under your hold.
You pressed your fingers into his neck, holding back from just crushing his stupid little throat right then and there.
No, not yet.
"P-please sir..." He choked out, legs kicking at the ground as a half-assed attempt at struggling.
"You want this, it's obvious, so drop the act. Fucking disgusting, you're so sick and twisted. You really get off on this, huh? No fucking wonder everyone abandoned you. Nobody is gonna save you, babe. Nobody fucking cares enough to save you. Hell, you should be grateful you're still alive. I could end your meaningless life at any point, without even fucking you first." You chuckled at his frantic expression, his eyes silently pleading for you to satisfy him.
"NO! Please, please fuck me first!" His voice cracked from the lack of air, and from how desperately he was choking down his sobs.
"Stupid fucking slut. You're so fucking annoying when you beg like that. You're lucky you've got a tight ass, ugly fucking whore." You spat at him. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, flicking it around in the air in an attempt to taste your saliva.
You cringed, unable to take how fucking pathetic he was being anymore. You used the hand around his neck to twist until you were rubbing his face into the mud and rocks. No doubt the jagged rocks were digging into those pretty cheeks of his, spilling all the blood that had rushed up to them.
He got the hint, flipping the rest of his body over and arching his back, wiggling his plump ass against your crotch. You shook your head in amusement, pulling his pants down to expose the lace you had picked out for him.
"Do you like them?" Katsuki asked, voice muffled by the ground.
You immediately gripped his hair tightly, yanking his head up until he was looking up at you.
"Shut the fuck up, annoying little pest." You snapped at him, practically growling before slamming his face back down against the ground roughly. He cut himself off after letting out a tiny whimper.
Unzipping your jeans, you pulled out your throbbing cock, rubbing it teasingly against his lace covered ass. He bucked his hips back, providing you enough friction to let a groan slip past your lips. He took that as a sign to keep going, grinding his ass against your dick.
You pulled the lace panties aside exposing his pulsing hole to your hungry eyes.
"No lube... Guess I'll have to improvise." You muttered casually before thrusting your knife into his thigh abruptly. He let out a delicious scream, hunching over in agony.
You pulled the blade out of his flesh and dropped it to free your hand. Collecting the blood that spilled, you rubbed it on your hard cock before pressing your tip to his entrance.
"There. That should do." You smirked, satisfied with you improvisation.
In one motion, you buried yourself inside of him, dick twitching inside of him as you listened to his cries of pain and pleasure.
"Did I tear something? I hope so." You giggled.
Wasting no time, you gripped his hips and set a merciless pace. His walls tightened around you, greedily sucking in your length every time you thrusted.
You needed something better you hold onto, so you once again found yourself wrapping your hand around his neck. This granted you a new angle, one that made Katsuki yelp and clench around you.
You needed to see his expression, so you gripped his hair and pulled him back to get a good look.
His face was practically painted in blood, deep gashes seething and pulsing as the crimson liquid poured from them. His jaw was slack, drool dripping from his tongue as it lolled out of his mouth.
The view brought you close to your release, the last straw was the way he pulsed around you as he met his own abruptly. As soon as the wails of pleasure ripped through his throat, you brought your knife to do the same.
Dragging the blade heavily across his frail little throat, blood splattered all around as the life drained from his crimson eyes. You let out a primal scream as you came inside his now lifeless body, savoring the last of his warmth as his body went limp.
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plutospanda · an hour ago
You Cry in Front of Them
Midoriya // Bakugo // Kirishima
Genre: fluff, comfort, slight angst and hurt in Bakugo’s
Warnings: swearing, self deprecating thoughts, a pre established relationship in Bakugo’s, light fighting in Bakugo’s, lots of touching in Kirishima’s
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
It had been a long day. First I’d woken up late, then someone spilt water all over me at lunch. I honestly didn’t understand anything any of the teachers said today and I was so behind on homework.
I just needed to breakdown. I needed someplace quiet and subtle that I could go and cry. I could use the janitors closet, but the risk of getting caught there was high since so many students used it to make out.
It was the last period of the day. Maybe I could wait it out and cry in my dorm, someplace no one was bound to walk in.
If I do that I’ll just end up crying in class. I needed to cry now. The need had been strong all day but now I could feel tears forming.
I was walking beside Midoriya, and that didn’t help things. He was talking about heroes, something he talked about constantly. Right now it was something about some hero defeating some villain, but I was really only focused on crying.
“Sorry, I gotta go,” I managed out before I walked away swiftly, head down. He stopped talking, watching as I left but he just stood there.
The library would be quiet and no one really went. It wasn’t perfect but it would do the trick.
I pushed open the door and headed to one of the empty rooms available for studying. Shutting the door behind me I immediately collapsed and started sobbing.
The day wasn’t going well, and I felt like shit for leaving Midoriya like that. God I was so stupid, such a bad friend too. I can’t get anything right.
A knock. I stopped, wiping my face before moving away from the door. I was such an idiot just running into the room like that, you had to sign them out.
Sighing, I opened the door. Expecting to see a librarian or fellow student, but I suddenly become confused when I locked eyes with Midoriya’s green ones.
“H-Hey,” I said, sniffling. He studied my face, then his eyes went wide and his mouth opened slightly.
“Have you been crying?” He asked softly. I wiped my tears more and shook my head, holding back the tears of both sadness and embarrassment now.
“No, sorry, I just needed to study someplace.” I said. It was clear in my voice that I had been crying, it was raspy and tears had stained my cheeks already. My nose was blocked and stuffy, I couldn’t breathe from it.
He just looked at me, his eyes filled with empathy and a hint of sadness. He hugged me, walking in the room and shutting the door behind me.
“It’s okay to cry,” he told me. His arms stayed tightly around me and i pulled my arms around his neck.
Burying my face in his neck I let out a small sob. His grip tightened and my knees buckled. He caught me and we went down to the ground, slowly and softly.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, arms still tight around me while I cried on his shoulder.
“I didn’t wanna bother you,” I said. “You were talking and it’s just been such a bad day, Izuku.”
“Tell me about it?”
I nodded.
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
Something in me had snapped. I was alone, in my dorm luckily. I curled up on my bed, letting the feelings of today come out is tears.
What Bakugo had said was hurtful. Sure, he was an aggressive guy and he could be mean, but this one hit home.
His words rattled in my brain. I can’t help that you have problems, if you don’t like this relationship then fine, we’re done.
Did we just break up? Did I no longer have him? Or anybody? My head hurt from how hard I was crying, eyes watering quirked then I could blink and my eyes were blurry.
My nails were digging into my skin, I felt cold, no amount of blankets could warm me now. Something was wrong, something was missing.
I wasn’t crying loudly, but I never heard the door open, or his steps towards me. I just felt his hand, resting on my shoulder.
I looked up through blurry eyes, his figure barely able to be made out but I could tell it was him.
“Bakugo?” I asked him lightly, sobbing once I knew. He looked down, his face wasn’t in its usual snarl, but a frown. His eyes weren’t fiery, they were sad. His touch was gentle, light on my shoulder.
He hadn’t been crying, but he was close to it. I could see small tears in his eyes that he was blinking away.
“Hug me?” I asked him. For the first time since he walked in he looked at me, nodding and sitting next to me in bed.
I felt his arms around me. They weren’t tight, almost like a feather. I leaned onto his shoulder and cried, he let me, even let out a few of his own sobs before remembering what he came to do.
“Y/N?” He asked. A voice that was usually loud and rough was now soft and angelic, like water in a dry desert. His voice was all I needed to hear.
“Y/N, I’m sorry.” He continued. “I should’ve listened I’m so sorry.” Sobs now came from him on my shoulder.
“Bakugo?” I hugged him tighter.
“I should’ve listened and now I’ve lost you.” He was crying harder now. “I had planned my whole life with you and one sentence ruined it.”
I can’t help that you have problems, if you don’t like this relationship then fine, we’re done.
“I’m not gone,” I told him. “I promise.”
“I pinky promise, Bakugo. I’ll never be gone.”
Ejiro Kirishima
Tumblr media
There’s a feeling I get when I need to cry. Nothing bad has to happen, there isn’t a known trigger, yet for some reason I just needed to cry.
That feeling was happening now. I sat in my dorm, wondering, what could’ve made me feel this way?
Everything in my life was perfect. I was in the course I wanted, my grades were higher than ever. Not only that but I had friends, real friends for the first time in so long.
But something was making me sad, something made me unable to choke back the sob that I’d felt coming up my throat.
Once the first one was out, the rest only followed and I knew there was no stopping it. Tears streamed down my face and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
I wasn’t being loud, soft sobs as tears flowed and music played in the background.
I heard my door open and looked up to whoever was there through tears. Red spiky hair fell into my view and I held my arms out to him.
“Kiri...” I trailed off. Not long after he shut my door, running up to me and pulling me in for the hug I’d asked for.
His arms hugged tightly, face buried in my neck, close to my ear as he whispered soft words to me. My tears wet his shirt, but he didn’t care.
“What’s wrong,” his whispers came. “Why’re you crying?”
His voice was genuine, laced with worry and hurt. I felt him lift me up off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his body, hands holding my thighs in place.
“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I’m here, it’s okay I promise.”
“I don’t know,” I choked out. “Why I’m crying.”
“It’s okay,” he whispered again. “It’s okay, Y/N, I’m not leaving.”
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plutospanda · an hour ago
If we Weren’t Heroes - Bakugo Katsuki
Summary: You and Bakugo had been hooking up for the past year, yet you never knew his true feeling until now.
Genre: Angst, hurt, slight smut
Warnings: swearing, mentions of small sexual content, some small sexual content, can be slightly more feminine reader (as much as I did try to keep it gn it can come off as a female reader)
Tumblr media
—I huffed as I sat down on my couch. It wasn’t often I got time to myself, between hero work and dealing with fans or friends, my alone time had grown lesser and lesser.
I did get days off, but it was often I got called in for a job because they needed more hands. Sometimes I wished the villains just gave us a day or two off.
When I did get time off work I spent it with others. Some days I would go out and meet with fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, showing off my quirk in cool, fun ways.
Other days were spent with friends, other pro heroes I’d accumulated a friendly relationship with, old friends from UA, and people I’d just met.
Today I had no plans, no one to see, nothing to do. It felt amazing.
I pulled on my sweatpants and plain shirt before settling down on my couch to turn on some of the episodes I’d missed. It was hard to keep up with new anime episodes when I didn’t have time to watch. Luckily that also meant less time on the internet so I’ve rarely had an episode spoiled.
It wasn’t long before I found my eyes get heavy and felt my body slip into sleep.
Of course I’d fall asleep on my only day off, I thought before drifting into dreamland.
—I was still on my couch when I woke up, sweatpants on and shirt slightly twisted around me. I felt the softness of one of my blankets, which I didn’t remember tugging on.
I felt the fabric and thought for a moment before a voice spoke up.
“Finally your’e fucking awake.” The voice was harsh, yet had a softer tone to it.
“Bakugo,” I realized aloud. “Why’re you here?”
“Had the day off,” he shrugged. “Thought maybe we could have some fun.” He smirked at that statement.
I remembered the fun he was referring to. His hands travelling my body, lips sucking and biting harshly at skin that’s not easily exposed. Feeling his fingers, feeling him, the overstimulation that he made me feel.
I hummed at the thought, already feeling myself grow aroused. “It’s my only day off.”
He scoffed, “and that’s never stopped you when?”
“Why do you have to be such a dick sometimes?” I grumbled while sitting up. It was true that he could be an ass, sometimes saying stuff that really got on my nerves. And I wasn’t feeling it today.
“What’s gotten into you?” He asked me.
“You’re sitting in my living room uninvited.”
“You say that like it’s not something you’ve indulged in as well.”
I looked at his eyes, the red hues that stared at me with lust. It was a look Bakugo gave me often, at hero parties, during fan meet ups, when we’re alone.
“Look I’m really not in the mood today,” I told him. “I’m not feeling good.”
He moved over next to me. “Then let me make you feel better,” he whispered in my ear.
I felt him come closer, softly touching my neck with his hand before bringing it up to my cheek.
“Can I kiss you, Doll?” He asked me. I didn’t answer, but he took it as a yes anyways.
His lips pressed against mine, softly, as to not alarm me. His hand traveled back down to my neck as the kiss grew more heated.
I felt his tongue pushing my lips apart before slipping in my mouth. I didn’t even try fighting for the dominance, I knew he would win.
His tongue swiped mine as his hand went up my shirt, feeling me up. I moved my hands to his shoulders and moved myself into his lap, not breaking the kiss.
“Nice move,” he said against my lips. He didn’t taste bad, just like the mint toothpaste he used this morning.
I moaned lightly as his hand brushed against my nipple, grabbing it in his fingers as he rolled it lightly and activating small explosions.
“Do you even know the things you do to me?” He whispered in my ear before moving his hand down.
He played with the hem of my shirt before attempting to take it off.
My hands stopped him, holding his own, sweating hands in my own.
“I’m really not feeling it, Bakugo.” I told him again. “Honestly, if the only thing you came here for is sex, then you better leave.”
I got off his lap before turning my television off. Sure, I was turned on, but it was my only day off and I’d spent most of it sleeping. I had better things to do than sleeping around with some hero boy.
“Well I’m not leaving,” Bakugo grumbled.
“Well I’m not having sex with you.” I grumbled back.
“Okay so then what’re we doing?”
I looked at him blankly. “What do you mean?”
“Like what do you wanna do? I’m not going home.”
“You’re staying here?” I asked. “And we’re not having sex?”
“Well no, not unless you want to.”
“Why would you do that?”
Bakugo usually came around to sleep with me, then he’d leave and steal some of the food I had in my fridge. He never offered to stay knowing he’s not getting pleasure out of it.
“Nothing else to do,” he answered.
“Okay.....” I sat back down next to him, reluctantly. “You like Haikuu?”
“It’s alright,” he shrugged. I put the show on before settling back onto my furniture.
About halfway through the episode I felt his arm around me. I tensed up, he never touched me, at least not like this.
“Why’re you doing that?” I asked him.
“Oh my god will you just shut the fuck up?”
I sat up harshly, grabbing the remote and shutting the tv off.
“What is your problem?” I turn to him. “Why did you stay? Why are you touching me?”
“Do you not like it?” He asked me. “I’m sorry if you want me to go, I’ll go.”
“No! I don’t want you to go!” I groaned. “Bakugo I want to know why you’re here. Why you stayed even though you know I’m not doing anything. Why the sudden change, why’re you playing with me right now?”
“Playing with you?” He chuckled. “Y/N I haven’t slept with anyone other than you in the whole year we’ve been hooking up.”
I was shocked to hear this. He wasn’t a man-whore, but he sure wasn’t innocent and I assumed he was seeing at least one or two others.
“So before you go assuming my intentions as purely sexual then I suggest you ask me how I feel.” He was angry now.
“Bakugo.... I’m sorry I—”
“You what?”
“I can’t tell what you’re thinking!” Now he had me mad. “You go around with your stupid tough attitude and pretend that you don’t care about anyone and then go and say that? Like I was just supposed to look at the way you treated me and think, hey!! He doesn’t just want me for sex!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means you come in here, unannounced, sitting in my living room as I’m asleep waiting for me to wake up just so you can get your dick wet!”
“That’s totally not true!”
“Oh is it not? So you’re telling me the way you treat me is how you treat those you love? Because you treat me like shit. You come in here, fuck me until I can’t walk, until I can’t breathe, and then you leave after cleaning me up, helping me into some clothes, and stealing my food.”
“You think I helped the rest of them with their clothes?” He asked. “No, all they got was a clean up and I was gone. I never helped them the way I do you, I wash you off with a hot towel, telling you how good you made me feel, and then I wash the towel before I leave.”
“And that’s the extent of your aftercare?!”
“You never said you’d wanted more! How was I supposed to know how you felt, since you never told me that there was more you needed.”
I looked at him. “Bakugo, do you love me?”
His angry, red eyes softened and he started walking towards me. “Yes, of course I fucking do, Y/N.”
“They why didn’t you say anything? Why did you leave me in the dark, just thinking you wanted sex, just thinking you liked my body, how I made you feel.”
“Because....” He looked down. “I can’t be with you.”
“Why the fuck not?!”
“Because, I’m a hero! I’m a pro hero not a shitty one. I spend everyday I have working and the days I don’t work you do, so it would never work out.”
“You won’t even try?” I could feel my tears coming. “You won’t even try to love me? In a proper way?”
“If we weren’t heroes,” he started. “I would love every inch of you, in every way possible.”
“You’re an asshole, Katsuki.” I chuckled as a tear left my eye. “You can’t just come in here and tell me that.”
“You brought it up, and now you’re mad?”
“You can’t just tell me how you feel and deny me! You can’t say you love me and then not act on those words. You’re a horrible human being.”
His eyes flared up in anger again. “Well don’t expect to see me again, if that’s how you fucking feel.”
He turned, leaving me staring him as he left and slammed my door.
My emotions crashed all at once. Maybe it was just how tired I was, maybe it was how much information I just received, or maybe it was the fact that the person I love the most just left.
For good.
My knees buckled, my sobs got louder. I couldn’t wipe away the tears at a quick enough pace.
He was gone.
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endeavours-firey-pubes · an hour ago
Content Warnings: Angst! Major character death! This is short as fuck but it's Katsuki-
“It's always about you!!!!”
You and him had had an argument the morning before he's scheduled to patrol. It was a big one, he started it, one that sent him and you off in an angry huff to start your days.
You know he's out on patrol but it's your day off so you're busy taking care of the apartment and doing some self care. You're still pissed off when he calls you, you don't even listen to the voicemail.
You're just folding both of your laundry, now calmer when the Television cuts to breaking news.
'Prohero Dynamight dies in a villain attack'
Picking up your phone you look at your notification. You decide to listen to that voice mail, just to hear his voice one last time.
'Hey, I know you're probably still mad at me, but I'm sorry. I'll be home tonight and we can actually spend time together alright babe? I love you.'
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hanazuma · an hour ago
Tumblr media
safe in his arms, (nsfw) hawks x reader
pronouns: he/him (FEMALE ORIENTED DNI!)
warnings: nothing much other than a cumming inside it's pretty soft sex
a/n: this request is for the 🥴anon :) i always love to write hawks requests and this concept is sweet. sorry if this was too much comfort and not enough nsfw? i got carried away a little lol
keigo first proposed to you after a mission.he knelt down and said the 4 magic words. the civilians and his peers all shouting "marry him!". what reason do you have not to? he was the man of your dreams since highschool and now he's on his knees, asking you to marry him. you said yes of course and happy tears streamed down both of your faces. 
what more could you ask for, you've been married to a lovely husband for 3 years and the relationship between you two was stable. no one was losing interest and everyday was filled with joy and happiness. 
even though you had this perfect environment around you, the tears from your eyes would not stop falling back. being a hero is going to be hard and you knew that. things go wrong all the time. villains escape, people lose their family, some lose their lives. 
today was another day in patrol where the villain escaped because of your incompetence. everyone around you said it was fine of course but you sure as hell knew it wasn't. compared to someone like hawks, the #2 hero who you were married to, you're basically nothing. you had no recognition and the only reason your name was actually merely recognized was because of your husband. 
you went home after, feeling shameful that you couldn't do your job well enough. you walked in the kitchen to see keigo wearing an apron preparing dinner for you. 
"hey baby, you're back! i was just cooking up your favorite food. work was hectic today right? want me to prepare a bath for you?" 
seeing hawks still caring so much for you despite the fact that you didn't even do the bare minimum of what you were supposed to. praising you, cooking for you, and being considerate. you felt like you didn't deserve this but because of your wonderful husband you still did. emotions were all over the place and before you knew it your eyes felt watery. tears started to drip down and you didn't even realize it. hawks noticed and immediately put the pan down and rushed over to you. 
"woah woah, y/n, what's wrong? did something happen at work today?" 
you closed your eyes and fell into keigo's chest. whimpers and inconsistent hics replacing your words. hawks let out a sigh and patted your back, attempting to make you more calm. he always knew what to do, whether it was to comfort you or make you smile. 
"it's alright baby...i'm here, just let it out." keigo said as he stroked your hair. he waited till the hiccing stop and tilted up your head so that your eyes met his. he also wrapped his hands around your waist as yours stayed on his chest. 
"wanna tell me what's wrong? you know you can tell me anything." hawks said in a soothing tone. 
you nodded your head and hawks flew to the couch with you in his arms. 
"alright sweetheart, i'm all ears, what's up?"
you explained what happened today at work and how pressured you felt trying to live up to your hero name being married to the number 2 hero and all so the others won't talk down of hawks because of you. he listened patiently and made sure to hold you close to him during all of this. he took a deep breath and let out a sigh as he prepared to comfort you again. 
"baby, first of all, please don't feel bad about letting the villain escape. this has nothing to do with your own capabilities, every hero in this world accidently let's villains escape sometimes, even me, even endeavor! i also never want you to worry about what other people say about me "because of you". all those pieces of shits that say that can fuck right off. i don't give a single shit about what they say, i asked you to marry me because i love you, not for some stupid hero business so in no world do you need to "live up to my name" alright?" 
if you had more tears you would probably cry them out but luckily you ran out from before. you thanked hawks after feeling better and rested your head on his neck. 
"you know you look cuter than usual today baby bird~" he said with a smirk on his face.
"keigo! you perv! you said while giggling.
your husband leaned in to kiss into snuggle into you. he nibbled your neck and hummed a tune into your ears. as much as you just want to cuddle and relax for the rest of the night with him, you couldn't deny the fact that hawks was looking incredibly attractive today. he always looked handsome but something about him wearing a t-shirt and the grey sweatpants that showed his bulge turned you on so much. 
you found your eyes trailing to his crotch area naturally and god was it irresistible. 
"where are your eyes going there sweetheart~?" 
you were embarrassed that keigo found your intentions but you also wanted it, so you didn't mind. 
"sorry, you looked too good, i couldn't help myself." 
keigo gave you a smirk and got the message. he took your tongue to his and made out with you. it wasn't the messy type that you guys usually had. this time his touch was filled with care. his hands were wandering around your stomach and your waist, try to get you as comfortable as possible. after the kiss broke, you suggest going into the bedroom instead so the couch won't get dirty. 
he picked you up with his strong arms and walked into the bedroom. his hands not leaving you the entire time. keigo took off your shirt and moved down to your nipples after kissing you some more. he knows you loved being teased like this.
keigo had you riled up in seconds. making your hard cock leak precum and you whimpering under your breath. 
"k-keigo...please put it in." 
"my pleasure baby." keigo said as he took off his pants to reveal the huge bulge he had.
he let out his cock and applied some lube on there before he slowly entered. he made sure to move slowly today, knowing you were tired and not in the mood for rough sex. despite hawks' slow thrusts you still felt like heaven. 
your groans became more consistent and both of you knew that each other were getting close. you held in hawks for a kiss and he delivered. while kissing, hawks sped up his thrusts and stroked you cock gently. you came not long after hawks started to tend to your cock and he followed up with that by cumming inside you. 
you guys stayed in that position for a bit, panting, trying to catch your breathes. 
"you felt so good baby you know that?" hawks said while cupping your face. 
you returned his compliment with a gentle kiss on the lips as he yet again snuggled into you. 
"let's clean now alright? i'm sure you'll love the dinner i made for you today." 
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miggiisdumb · 2 hours ago
Thinking about Bully Bakugou that is actually a big perv.
cw: dubcon, bullying, coercion
Goes around flipping your skirt in the middle of the hallways and laughs boistrously at the panic and embarrassment on your face when you quickly hold the fabric down after getting your ass flashed to a handful of students.
Don't even think of wearing short, he had threatened. Otherwise, bakugou will corner you in the bathroom, forcibly peel your shorts and painties, sweaty hand clamping your mouth shut and telling you to swallow your tears before he gives a real reason to cry, your legs shivering at the knuckles brushing up on your slit. When he finally grants you mercy and let's you leave mostly unscathed, he's got his eyes rolled back and your panties fisted around his swollen cock, licking his palm that caught your salty tears and groaning at the ropes of cum splattering on the tiled floor. What he'd give to paint your face with his load.
Bully Bakugou is borderline staklish. Has an entire album of you doing mundane stuff or seriously questionable that one would wonder how and when he took them. Uses such comprimising evidence to coax you into giving him your lip balm or panties, then much more when ruining your garments wasn't enough anymore.
He'll leave the phone on his table, open with a picture of you half naked and mid change, his cock stuck in your cunt and having your twitchy walls squeeze him and drip cream down his balls. You're in nothing but your skirt, his hands gone under the hem to pinch and twist and rub yur abused clit, sticking a finger in your already full pussy.
"Go on, delete the photo. Now's your only chance ain't it?" He'll mock in your ear, rub your clit faster as your shaky hands reach for his phone. He's chuckling at how you miss the delet button several times and bites his smirk on your shoulder, watching you like a fearl animal. "Can't do it, sweetheart? I can see why- you look fucking mouthwatering in that picture. Wanted to just barge in and bend that pretty ass over, grind you up"
Your dropping his phone with a broken moan when he grinded you forward on his cock, underside pressing on your gummy spot painfully good. Bakugou keeps his grip tight in bruises on your hip, moves you back and forward, back and forward, back and forward until his shoving you on the table, gripping the back of your neck and making you drool with his rough thrusts, hard jabs bullying your poor cervix like his everyday torment isn't enough.
Bakugou fucks into you like a dog, and pants in your like that too, his entire body following his thrusts to shove his dick in you as deep as possible.
"Fucking hell, your cunt is a goddamn trap. Gotta make it drip with my cum so no other fucker gets any idea. Yeah? Gonna make a mess out your stretched out princess pussy. How does that sound, sweetheart?"
It sounds like gibberish in your putty brain. Your too busy creaming rings on his dick and staring drunkenly at the bridge of your nose to feel him arch you up and snap photos of your cockdrunk state.
Gotta document these important moments, y'know?
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cmonandslambert · 2 hours ago
Announcement: New Story!
Tumblr media
Resonance - Rated M.
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abominabledreams · 2 hours ago
how kirishima loves
at multiple points in your relationship, kirishima will realize how much he loves you.
it’ll probably be during a mundane moment -- you could be cooking, doing homework, even just sitting there, and he’ll just stare. you’ll laugh and ask him what? is there something on your face? and he’ll just shake his head with a grin. he’ll reach over to give you a peck on the forehead, murmuring something about how lucky he is to have you. 
it could be when you’re arguing (despite the fact that he never really argues with you, he just listens. it’s unmanly, he thinks, but he lets you work out your emotions. he’s understanding like that.) he works too hard! what will you do if something happens to him! you’re tired of eating dinner alone, please just take a break! and his furrowed brows will relax, and he’ll wrap you in his arms, eyes brimming with tears. he’ll stroke your hair as you fight at him, knowing you’ll calm down soon, and he’ll murmur out that he’ll be better, he’ll try to be home more, for you. he doesn’t wanna worry you.
when he sees you break down, his heart breaks. he’s always been protective, but the sight of you actually in pain terrifies him. and he’ll realize that he never wants to see you in pain ever again as he cradles you to his chest. as he hears you cry, he takes note of the barely intelligible words you sob out, making sure to, from this point on, endeavor to help you whenever these situations arise again. 
it could be when you walk down the aisle, his teary smile blurring your angelic form. bakugo calls him a pussy, but he’s smiling as kirishima shakes his head. when you finally reach the end, it takes everything in him to not burst out sobbing. his vows are shaky, and he’s cursing himself in his head. 
and as you guys sit at your reception, head nestled in his chest, he grins a toothy grin.
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jubilee40 · 2 hours ago
I will write NSFW, SFW, and certain types of Dark Content. I will put a tags/warnings on each post. I am new writing fan fiction, so I am definitely taking request.
If I do not feel comfortable with writing your request(s), I will reject it.
Right now I only write for BNHA and HQ.
Minors will be blocked.
Will not tolerate any racist or homophobic comments.
Fantasy (AU)
Character x Female Reader Only
Certain Types Of Dark Content (Yandere, drugged, step incest, and manipulation)
Breeding Kink
Scat and Piss
Teacher and Student
Domestic Violence
I will not accept your request, if I am not comfortable with it.
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