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hacknslashprettyboys · 5 minutes ago
Reki and Langa snuggle tightly in a cocoon of blankets, during the winter.
“I love you more,” Langa says, as he nuzzles against his boyfriend’s nose.
“No, I love you more!” Reki insists, as he plants little kisses all over his boyfriend’s fair cheeks.
“Well, I love you...” Langa gives Reki a sidelong glance. “INFINITELY!”
The Japanese boy is left speechless for a second. “I love you infinitely, too!” As he says this, he digs his hand out from under the tight covers and makes a circle with his fingers.
Langa’s elegant hand makes the same shape, letting the fingertips touch Reki’s, making the infinity symbol together. <3
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kitascumsock · 24 minutes ago
Osamu x f!Reader x Atsumu
cw: nsfw 18+, fingering, oral (f. receiving), spit, samu says you sound like a whore, tsumu calls you sweetheart, samu calls you doll, samu and tsumu are mean
“Oi, ‘Tsumu you aren’t doing it, right.”
“Shut up, ‘Samu, I am! Can’t you see how she’s creaming around my fingers?”
You could only whimper, drowning in the pleasure the twins were giving you. Your back leaning on Osamu’s chest, his hands switched between tenderly caressing your breasts and pulling harshly on your nipples. One of your legs was hooked on Atsumu’s shoulders while three of his calloused fingers were thrusting deep in your cunt. You held desperately unto them, tugging the twins closer in the hopes that they will give you more.
“Watch this, ‘Tsumu.”
You whined as one of Osamu’s hands left your chest but quickly squealed in surprise when the rough pads of his fingers found your throbbing clit. He began to rub it in slow, circular motions, eliciting a round of moans from your lips.
“See? She sounds like a whore," you heard the smugness in his voice.
"She. Likes. This,” each word punctuated with an even harsher stroke. He grabbed your chin with his other hand, twisting your head toward him.
"Open," he demanded.
You locked eyes with him as you opened your mouth, tongue hanging out. He smirked, gathering the saliva in his mouth. Slowly, a line of his spit descended from his tongue. Your eyes rolled back the moment it touched the tip of yours, flowing into your moth.
He grinned, "swallow."
You gulped and felt a shudder run down your spine.
"Hey," Atsumu huffed, annoyed he wasn’t getting any attention. "I can do way better than you 'Samu!"
"Oh yeah?"
“Of course!"
"I'd like to see you try," he said, egging his twin on.
Suddenly, you felt your leg on Atsumu's shoulder hit the bed. Your attention turned toward him sliding down, so he could settle himself between your legs.
"Look here, sweetheart," he demanded, making sure he has your undivided attention.
He threw you a smirk, not unlike his brother. He licked his lips and then ducked his head into your crotch. You moaned as he ran his tongue along your slit from the bottom all the way to your clit, lapping up your slick. He takes the little nub in between his teeth, grinding and sucking it harshly. He attacked your clenching hole with his tongue, furiously plunging it in and out of you.
Meanwhile, Osamu was laying waste to your neck, leaving a red and purple trail from the back of your ear to your neck and down to your collarbones. One hand bruising the soft flesh on your hip, he groped your breast with his other.
Your moans grew louder, echoing around the small apartment. You were nearing your high when you felt their touch withdraw from body. You arched upwards in response, chasing their hands to find your release.
“Nuh-uh,” Atsumu grinned deviously. He pinned your pelvis down to the bed. “Not yet, not now. Me and ‘Samu barely even started, and you’re just about to cum? Didn’t think you were this rude, sweetheart.”
"I--I'm not--please I just need--a lil' more--"
"'Tsumu is right, doll," you felt Osamu pull away, letting your upper body slide gently to the bed. "Not yet. Not until we say so.”
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loliwrites · 33 minutes ago
Thank you so much for doing my request! It was just how I imagined it!! I hope you don’t mind me asking for another one! Maybe you could write something about Addi getting crafty with wool when she’s pregnant like knitting and crocheting ( totally not based on me and obvs) and her finding a really cute bunny blanket crochet pattern and she’s sat all cuddled up trying to do it but she’s gets stuck and can’t get her head round a certain part and Alex isn’t that good at crafts but he tries his best to help her and stop her from getting wound up with herself 🥰🥰 - 🌶 (maybe you can call me Τσίλι (Tsili)? It’s the Greek word for chilli and that’s where I’m from!)
Ooooh sweet! Tsili-Non🌶 😌 Ask away!
Is this a pregnancy hobby? This is soooo a pregnancy hobby she picked up later on after the doctor told her to take it easy with work and not be on her feet so much. Actually, it was probably something Alex suggested. Instead of letting her stew in bed annoyed and frustrated that she wasn’t allowed out of it for very long, Alex handed her a ball of yarn and some knitting needles and let her have at it. 
Only, she’s not very good at it despite the books she’s read and the videos she’s watched. And on top of that, she doesn't have the patience to wait to get good at it. She just wants to be good at it now. But because of her frustration with the knitting, other (incredibly small) things are starting to set her off too.
Alex hears her breathing get a little heavier. He's just in the other room with the tv turned low. The bedroom door is partly open. He's taken to keeping things pretty quiet around the house incase she needs to call him for something, she doesn't have to exert too much energy. But now he just hears her huffing and mumbling to herself, so he decides to check out what the problem is.
He can immediately see what the issue is. She's not good at it. She can't make any progress without fouling it up somewhere. The needles click together angrily and Addi looks up at Alex as he enters. She brushes her hair out of her face and frowns.
"Alanis Morissette is so DUMB!" She squeezes the needles in her hand and shakes them, "it's not ironic, Alanis. They're all COINCIDENCES!"
For a moment Alex pauses so he can listen to the song. Only... the song's not playing. There's no music on. She's just worked herself into a tizzy to be upset about an Alanis song from the 90s.
He walks over to the bed and sits down beside her, peeling the needles and yarn out of her hands. "I think if she could change the lyrics, she would," his focus remains on her hobby to diffuse the mood in the room.
"Why is rain on your wedding day ironic, Alanis? Why? Does the barometric pressure have something against you?"
There's a lapse in a response for just a split second too long. Then, "she messed up, kid. It's all messed up,"
Addi looks over at Alex. His answer seemed a little disjointed at best, and what she finds is that sometime within the past minute, he's gotten himself entranced with the knitting. His massive paws are curled around the dainty needles and he angles them towards each other, wrapping the yarn around one. It's not helping much. The blanket... or bootie... or cap that it's supposed to be is a lost cause. Their kiddo won't be getting any handmade clothing... At least not made by their own hands.
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iwas-baby · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙠𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙩 ⇀ oikawa toru x reader
summary: safety: something your father had to pay for. japan’s finest, supposedly, and he had them keep a watchful eye over you. though, you had much more in mind for the leader of their group.
chapter three.
series masterlist + next part
tw/cw: oral sex (m+f), face sitting, daddy kink, smoking, angst, smut
a/n: i haven’t done a full revision so i’m sorry for any errors, i’ve just been so busy this week
Tumblr media
You woke up slowly in the morning, lacking the feeling of a warm body next to you. Memories of the night before filled your mind, eyes snapping open scared to think that Toru had left you. Though the racing of your heart came to a stop as you saw him buttoning up his pants in the mirror.
His back tattoo was more clear now, fierce dragons swirling against his skin, tangled up with different flowers. You’d only seen tattoos like that in movies, mostly crime related一ones with big and scary yakuza villains.
Your eyes caught his in the reflection, holding your breath at the same time. You were too nervous to say anything, what would you even try to tell him? How his body moved perfectly with yours? That he was the best you’d ever had? The night’s events didn’t help the intense crush you’d developed. You didn’t want to bother thinking about the fact he was most likely doing you a favour.
“Good morning, how’d you sleep?” He asked, that heartwarming smile playing on his lips. You felt the tips of your ears heat up in embarrassment, he’d fucked you so good you didn’t even toss and turn in your sleep.
“Good,” you responded, voice slightly distant as you started to sit up, holding the bedsheets to your naked form, looking away from his eyes before letting out a small yawn. “What about you?”
“Good.” He replied back to you, the same pleasantness in his tone. Toru turned to you, picking up his shirt from the ground, pulling his arms through the sleeves. “Makki is coming with a new set of clothes, we’re also going to be relocating you to Kyoto.”
He spoke with a sternness in his voice that made you remember that he was also a bodyguard who was only truly concerned about your wellbeing. It hurt to realize that once your father got this mess sorted out you would have to part ways with Toru.
“When?” You questioned, too embarrassed to get up despite him having seen you naked just a few hours earlier.
“As soon as possible, hopefully we’ll be there before tomorrow.” It was a fair assessment of time, Kyoto was only about two hours from the town you were currently in. The city was breathtaking, especially in the more secluded areas but you knew that you’d be staying at one of your father's many penthouses so sightseeing was most likely out of the picture.
“Okay,” you said hushed, slowly throwing your legs over the bed, stopping when you felt your sore muscles finally catching up with you. Toru rushed to your side, placing his large hands on both your shoulders, stopping you from getting up.
He looked as if he wanted to say something, the words simply caught on his tongue. You watched as his Adam’s apple shifted as he gulped, looking at your eyes and then letting his gaze travel down to your body.
You moved your own hands forward, rubbing them along his chest, purposely bringing them lower and lower. His breath hitched and you smiled, you were sure you and him could pull something off before the others arrived.
Leaning forward, you lifted the shirt, letting Toru strip it off again while you kissed his abdomen, trailing down to where his belt buckle sat. Looking up at him with doey eyes, you slipped your fingers through the buckle, pulling off his belt and at the same time his pants. It was a shame that he’d already gotten dressed.
You were faced with the outline of his dick against his boxers, seeing how it was already about half hard.
“Toru,” you partially stopped, looking up at him, “can I have you once more?” It stung him as well, having to watch your sadden eyes as your fingers delicately played with his dick.
His hand went and rubbed your cheek, gripping the back of your neck at the same time as he nodded, “of course baby.” You felt your gut twitch at the pet name, was the cruel reminder that you could never really be his truly necessary?
But it didn’t manage to stop you from lowering your head, kissing his tip, relishing the feeling for a moment longer. Your eyes had fluttered shut, surprised to feel him pull back. Though you heard him reassure you that he was just making it more comfortable for you.
So when you reopened your eyes, Toru was sprawled out in front of you on the bed. His chest seemed to be glowing, his breathing slowing down as your eyes lingered on his upright cock. His legs had been pushed open for you and you felt your heart shudder.
You brought your lips to his cock, kissing the shaft, cupping his balls at the same time. Your ears were filled with sounds of his grunts and light panting that made you feel as if you were floating.
Hollowing out your cheeks, you took him into your mouth the first time. He was thick, that you knew, stretching out your jaw in order to take him all. You bopped your head with what little you could take in the moment, swirling your tongue around him and listening to him curse.
“Fuck.” It sends butterflies straight to your cunt as you use your saliva to cover the remainder of his cock, giving you a better opportunity to fully taste him. You can feel his tip getting closer and closer to the back at your throat, gagging around him but still trying to swallow more.
You sucked on his cock, eyes looking up at him as he affectionately stroked your head, his hips bucking into you and pressing your head down.
“You’re doing so well,” he praised as you let up for air, jumping back to it, rubbing your clit in the process, “such a nice mouth baby.”
The routine continued, etroic noises bouncing off the walls, circling your puffy clit until you came while watching as Toru twitches.
“Shit,” he hisses, gripping onto your hair, “fuck baby I’m close.” With the warning, you popped your lips off, giggling with a fucked out expression and pumping his cock with your hands.
You kissed it’s base, working your hands until his white sticky cum coated his stomach, some even splashing on your face. As Toru came down from his orgasm, you dipped your fingers into his juices that had landed on his abs, letting him watch while you licked it off.
“You taste so good, Daddy.” He smiled back at you as his head hit against the pillow, and you felt proud to have made him feel so good. His hands gestured for you to move forward, and you did, crawling up his side.
“C’mere,” he ordered, motioning to his face. You raised your eyebrows in confusion but by the look on his face, you knew what he meant. Carefully, you brought your cunt over his face. You whimpered, nervous but nonetheless sank down onto him, feeling his nose brush against your clit.
Your body was already twitchy, thighs trembling at his touch, his hands adding stability as they held onto your ass, digging his nails into your skin. You could hear Toru moan against your pussy, moving his tongue along your folds. He moved the muscle perfectly, plunging it into your core, making your grip the headboard.
“So sweet,” he hummed, continuing with his kitten licks. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, subconsciously grinding down on his face. Toru only kept going, pressing you closer to him at the same time.
“I’m gonna cum, oh my god,” you cried out, your poor clit already sensitive from already cumming once.
Your moans bounced off the walls, coming out in choked out sobs while you finished, covering Toru’s face with your slick juices. He carefully brought you off him, licking his lips like he’d finished a good meal. As you laid next to him, he suggested the two of you get ready before the others arrived.
You nodded, helping him clean up the mess the two of you had made before waiting for the arrival of your other bodyguards.
Tumblr media
The drive to Kyoto was shorter than anticipated, the new clothes were fresh and you could feel the tension lift from your shoulder while you slipped them on. You sat in the backseat of the car, in between both Mattsun and Makki, listening to their bickering and banter.
“And that’s when I told her, ‘no it’s yours,’” Matsukawa retold one of his many stories while Hanamaki chuckled.
“You’re such a dog,” the strawberry blonde commented. You too found yourself laughing, watching as Mattsun only smirked, a small tint of red on his cheeks. Of course listening to the men’s past relationship flops was fun, though your eyes still searched for Toru. You peered in the rearview mirror looking for him but he never took his gaze off the road.
None of them suspected the awkward tension between the two of you, which was a relief, for not just you but for Toru. At least he could be spared any sort of teasing from the others.
“But did you still sleep with her?” Makki inquired, snapping you back to the current reality. Mattsun shrugged, looking smug.
“Yeah but the other chick showed up in the middle of it,” he admitted and you brought your attention back on him, more intrigued. “It was a real shitshow,” he added as Toru drove your car into the parking lot of the condo building.
The penthouse was elegant: minimalist furniture that probably cost a fortune, floor to ceiling windows and a picture perfect view of Kyoto. You settled into your room, one that you’d stayed in during many stays from your childhood, a small sense of familiarity calming your nerves.
Just as you rested your head against the pillow, there was a knock on the door and you prompted yourself up. A face slowly peeked through, Iwaizumi’s face. Awkwardly, he cleared his voice,
“We’re going to get groceries and run a few errands, Toru is gonna stay with you, okay?” Your heart began to speed up at the mention of his name, excited to be alone with him, already anticipating lewd events to take place.
“Okay,” you hummed, sending him a friendly smile, watching as he closed the door and seemingly walked off. Biting your lip with a grin, you fell back against the mattress, recalling the night that you and Toru had spent together.
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi, Mattsun and Makki had all left by now, and you’d just made it out of your room, finding Toru standing on one of the balconies that overlooked the city. He held a cigarette in one hand, occasionally putting it against his lips. With butterflies in your stomach, you opened the screen door to greet him.
“Hey,” you were as quiet as a mouse but he managed to hear you, flicking away the ashes from the cigarette. Though, he didn’t smile at the sight of you, instead frowning slightly. His expression only caused doubt to circulate in your mind, convinced he hated you. Placing your hand gently on his forearm, you were surprised by his response.
“Hey,” Toru replied, taking a step away from you, “I think we should talk.” And you knew from your many years of dating and obsession with rom coms that that was a phrase dreading by almost everyone.
The brunet took your silence as an invitation to continue, “what happened at the hotel-” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “we should just forget about it. You weren’t thinking clearly and we need to keep things professional.”
You blinked. His words were taking forever to fully process in your mind and you couldn’t help but feel your eyes sting. You shook your head, the way he held you, the way he touched you felt too good to just forget about. Toru was too good to forget about.
“Professional?” You repeated, not even sure what that meant at that point, you always knew Toru would eventually go, that this situation wouldn’t last but there was constantly a voice in the back of your head trying to give hope to your heart.
Toru nodded, looking away from you. For a minute, you tried to understand his perspective even more: of course there was the visible age difference, which you didn’t mind one bit but you were sure others would and others included your father.
How could you forget? Toru was on your father’s payroll and greed was wicked and not even the man you’d spent the night with was free from its spell. Toru would work like a dog for the money he was receiving and you knew you’d only serve as a distraction.
“Did you ever feel anything, when we?” You cut yourself short, letting the obvious silence fill in the blanks. It was almost a self punishment asking, either way your heart was going to break.
The older man seemed hesitant, it was a loaded question, after all. It felt like hours had passed between your words, the anxiousness building up inside you and making you want to hide under the covers of your bed until you died.
“I didn’t.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @strawberriebunn @trashykei @b-o-n-e-daddy @michaki @crystal-lilac @stel9 @lady-tokugawa-of-mikawa @itoshibaby @triskoof
Tumblr media
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blu-joons · an hour ago
He’s Asked About You In An Interview ~ Yesung
Tumblr media
Your smile widened as Jungwoon walked into your dressing room, resting his hands against your shoulders. It was a place that he’d been several times before, but usually you were the one preparing to interview him, not leaving the job up to someone else.
“Should you be in here?” You asked him as you reached across your desk to take a makeup wipe out of its packet. “You’re supposed to be with the boys right now getting ready, aren’t you?”
“I thought I’d sneak away for a while,” he proudly smirked, “I wanted a moment with you anyway.”
Your head shook as his lips pressed to the top of your head. Jungwoon was just as anxious, if not more, than you were that for once the boys were going to be interviewed by someone that wasn’t you.
There weren’t many people who could get him involved in conversation in an interview, but having his girlfriend usually sat across from him usually helped Jungwoon to get his words out. But now that he had no one, he wasn’t quite sure what to predict for the evening.
“I’ll make you proud,” he hummed, hearing yells of his name come from the staff that were in the corridor, “make sure that you watch too.”
Jeongsu was the first face he bumped into as he left your room, coincidentally the only member that knew about the two of you too. As they walked onto set, Jeongsu was keen to know exactly what was going on, but as ever, Jungwoon remained tight lipped about it all.
“Thanks for coming on guys,” your colleague grinned from the set that was designed for them all, “we’ll crack straight on with the filming, I’m sure you’re all busy guys.”
This definitely isn’t going to be as fun without Y/N,” Hyukjae whispered from the back.
All of the boys were apprehensive when they walked out and saw that you weren’t there. You’d grown close with them all through the many interviews you had with them and knew each member very well.
Of course, there was one member that you knew particularly well, but none of them could hide their disapproval in the change of personal. Rather than the usual exciting questions that came from you, they were met with the typical questions that came with every interview.
“One question that I’m sure all your fans want to know as always, is there any romance on the cards for any of you guys?” Your colleague asked as you watched on from your dressing room. “Surely at your age, one of you has to have someone?”
Their eyes all flickered around the room, neither of them wanted to be the first to say no and shut her down, but after ten questions of nonsense, each of them was beginning to get fed up.
“Y/N would never ask a question like this,” Donghee grumbled from the back of the huddle they sat in.
At the sound of your name, Jungwoon found himself tensing up, looking anywhere but to the camera as he tried to keep himself calm. The mention of you had also caught the attention of Jeongsu who turned around to look at all of the members.
“That’s because Y/N is in lo-“
before he could say anything more, Jeongsu’s eyes widened as his hand reached up to cover his mouth. “What were you about to say? Is Y/N in love? With one of your members?”
As soon as Jeongsu spoke, Jungwoon sunk down in his seat making himself far too obvious both to the other members and the camera crew that were recording everything too. As Jeongsu looked around, he was quick to mumble an apology to Jungwoon, but the game was already very much up, with the camera zoomed as far into him as possible.
“Wait, you’re with Y/N, and you thought not to tell any of us?” Kyuhyun yelled, “you kept it a secret from us all?”
“It wasn’t like that,” Jungwoon sighed, “Leeteuk just happened to bump into the two of us one time, neither of us wanted to tell anyone because we wanted to be private.”
Jungwoon could only imagine how frantic you were as you sat in your dressing room and watched it all unfold. Every other person in the room worked with you, and now each one of them knew all about your personal life thanks to Jeongsu.
“Do you want to try and deny the rumour, for your fan’s sake?” Your colleague asked him.
Despite their frustrations, the question was enough to instantly cause all of the boys to sit up in their chairs too. “I’m not going to deny anything,” Jungwoon announced, “I have no need to deny anything, especially to all of your fans.”
“Why would you suggest he has to deny anything?” Siwon challenged.
The interviewer soon fell silent, much to the relief of all the boys, especially Jungwoon who soon felt like he was sinking down into a deep whole.
“I just didn’t realise that dating was something you guys did as a group.”
Ryeowook especially began to get restless at the comments, he’d been in Jungwoon’s shoes and knew exactly how hard of a line it was to walk. Especially when the interviewer was supposedly a friend of yours, and someone who supported you.
“We support them,” Jeongsu interjected before she had the chance to speak again, “which is why as a leader, I’ve both kept quiet about this and been there for them both. We don’t need to plant any seeds of doubts, the two of them will be supported in whatever they choose to do together.”
As the interview came to an end, Jungwoon didn’t even bother saying thank you to your colleague, stripping his microphone off his body, making his way straight backstage and through to your dressing room where you were still sat.
His arms wrapped around you as soon as he walked in, mumbling several apologies into your ear. You smiled softly across at him, brushing the hair out of his face as he began to stress, encouraging him to take a seat.
“Jungwoon, don’t stress,” you pleaded with him, “Jeongsu didn’t mean to drop us in it, and maybe this isn’t so much of a bad thing.”
“I can’t believe you work with these people if this is how they treat your happiness,” he began to vent, “did they really think I needed to defend dating you? I love you, why would I ever bother even defending the way that I feel about you Y/N?”
Your shoulders shrugged back at him, his frustrations were clear, but this wasn’t something that could be changed. The situation was far from ideal from either of you, all you knew was that you needed to try and search for some positives.
“We can move on from this,” you reminded him, “just because we might not be private anymore, we shouldn’t let it drive a wedge between us.”
“Well, I don’t think you’ll ever be allowed to interview us again now.”
“I don’t care,” you smiled, “if it’s the sacrifice I have to make to be able to be with you, then so be it. I’m not going to lose sleep over that when I can spend all day with you guys now.”
A light chuckle came from Jungwoon, “the others might be pretty upset, do you know how many times they’ve told me that you’re their favourite interviewer to have?”
Your head shook at his comment, brushing it aside, however serious Jungwoon was. As a friend, you knew the guys had your back, but as the partner of one of their best friends, you knew that they’d only continue to support you even more.
“I think it might take them a little while to forgive us just yet,” you chuckled, “they seemed pretty angry.”
“They’ll get over it, they always do.”
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retrievablememories · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[9:30 a.m.] [m]
you find ten sitting naked in your kitchen the morning after. the window above the sink is open, letting the morning sun and trills of birdsong in. his hair is a black-gilt halo around his head in the increasing light of the sun, thin wisps of it sticking up at odd angles. 
you give him a weary look, standing in the doorway wearing his shirt and nothing else—but not before greedily, privately, drawing your eyes across the lines of his body. 
he looks at you with the teasing expression of someone who knows the best and most interesting secret in the world.
his face only grows more playful at the skeptical expression on your own. “what? you don’t like the view?” and then he spreads his legs—not exaggeratedly or obscenely, but he lets his thighs fall languidly open in a way that’s more sensual than it has any right to be—and you blink rapidly, forcing your eyes to stay above his neck.
“the view is—fine. but maybe i don’t want your balls on my nice chair.”
“you didn’t mind when they were in your m-”
“stop right there!” you throw your hands up as if that will physically halt his sentence. “i think it’s a little early in the morning to be entertaining your particular brand of debauchery, ten.”
he pays little attention to your panic, though, and stretches like a cat for a moment, scrunching his face and lifting his arms above his head. the sight of it is simultaneously cute and sexy, and you don’t know how to handle it except for crossing your arms and pretending like you’re still annoyed.
then he stands from the chair and walks over to join you in the doorway, as if the window behind him isn’t wide open—not that anyone would likely see him anyway, with all the foliage in the way—and you sigh, shaking your head. “you’re such an exhibitionist.”
ten grasps your crossed arms, pulling you closer to him. “then so are you. remember the garden?” he tucks his face into the side of yours as if he’s only whispering into your ear, but his mouth lingers against your skin for a moment too long to be completely innocuous.
“the garden...” you say, voice dry with desire and the still-lingering embarrassment of nearly being caught on that day, “was a moment of insanity.”
“you still enjoyed every minute of it.” well, you won’t argue with that one. not when your lips are currently busy with his own.
ten kisses you and doesn’t stop there. he makes a wet trail of them down your body, kneeling in front of you and lifting your (his) shirt to reveal your bare body to him. “what are you doing?” you ask, breathing slightly harder already.
he hums, kissing your abdomen on down, and silky strands of hair fall over his eyes. “having my breakfast. i’m hungry.”
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imagineredwood · an hour ago
Tumblr media
You smiled as you pulled up beside Angel, the Mayan looking over as he saw a car stay close to him. His guard was up, always on alert in case something popped off. Seeing you though, he gave a smile and used his free hand to throw you a quick wave. He kept on driving, looking over at you every now and then in hopes that you were going to the carniceria. He was right, watching as you turned right onto the street and then slowed to a stop in front of his father’s shop. He pulled up behind you and parked as well, throwing you another smile as you hopped out of your car.  He took a few steps toward you, pulling off his helmet as he greeted you.
“How’re you doing, beautiful?”
You grinned, feeling the twinge of heat hit your cheeks. 
“I’m fine, you?” 
Angel nodded, holding his hands onto the edges of his kutte, his boyish smile on full display. 
“That’s good. Coming to do some shopping?”
He cringed a second after, realizing how dumb of a question that was considering Felipe was one of the only places in town to buy meat. You didn’t seem to think so though, your smile still bright and in place. 
“Yeah. I needed more chicken.” 
Angel nodded and motioned to the door of the carniceria, trying to will his nerves to settle. It was hard though, his crush on you growing more and more every time he saw you. It was new, having a girl that he liked and could be the main focus for. Someone that wasn’t focused on EZ or the rest of the Mayans, but him and him alone. That was a benefit of you being brand new to Santo Padre. You had made a friend in him, and he hoped that in time it could be more than that. Pulling the door open, he held it for you and let you enter, rubbing the back of his neck in anticipation. 
“Have you eaten lunch yet?”
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elegiac-boar · an hour ago
𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞...! And a bit for whoever loses too.
It had been unfortunate that on the very first sports event, Dimitri was unable to be there for his fellow classmates. He truly wished to not only watch the game, but also offer all the support he could for his assigned team (as well as sneak in cheers for his lions on the opposing team every now and then...). It was due to a small number of tasks that ended up taking way longer that expected that kept the prince from grabbing his pompoms.
But then he figured...he couldn’t help support the team, but maybe he could support them in another way? His gaze focused on the strings of cheddar sitting at the kitchen’s counter he was snacking on earlier. Surely after the game, everyone would be positively ravenous.
With a determined nod and a shine in his eyes, Dimitri settled with how he’d offer support.
(By asking one of the maids or cooks to help him do it)
          ~~some confusion and a bit of a sad mess involving flour later~~
     “Ah...this should do it! There should be enough for everyone.”
Tumblr media
An impressively large plate filled to the brim with steaming hot mozzarella sticks, all made with cheese he found out to be a most people’s favourite after asking around the staff of the lodge. There were small pots with sauce and one of the servants held jugs of warm tea and water.
The game seemed to be still going, so they were perfect for small snacks to get some energy back- and with the aid of some servants placed the plate of cheesy snacks on a wooden surface near the rink with a sturdy glass dome keeping the heat in. In front of the plate, a small sign:
“I deeply apologize for I could not join you all today, so I decided to make something to compensate. 
The cheese is great! At least from what the staff told me. The texture at least is amazing! I hope you all are having fun, and please help yourselves :)
P.S.: The lovely cooks helped me prepare them, so do not worry! I am positive that they must taste great.
P.S.: I forgot what they are called. I think they must be mozzy stickies. Pardon me if I am wrong.
-Dimitri A. Blaiddyd.
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atypicalsenerio · an hour ago
The game had been going awhile, and they were tied 2-2 at the moment. There had been excitement, violence, a squirrel, men eating rocks, and whatever thing Rennac and Ryoma had between each other going on, but it was ultimately a stalemate.
Soren decided to cheer more, hoping his team morale might go up with Priam in jail. Febail was in there too... but oh well.
He was cold, and he moved more than he had before to generate some heat in his thighs that weren’t that many shades and tints from the glossy ice compared to most others’ tones.
“Go crabs! Pinch pinch! Snap snap!” He mimicked the motions of a crab claw with his arms, elbows slightly bent as he jumped and did something akin to jumping jacks, holding his pompoms at the tips of the ‘claw’. His face was as severe and serious as ever.
“Let’s show those Crustaceans what it means to be—Crushed-taceans!”
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dtvibez · an hour ago
. . .
"Here! You stay right here, I'll be back! I just need to grab my shit from the house!"
. . .
Watching Quackity take off down the prime path, George sighed. Of course he would be needing to wait for the other. Not that it bothered him, he just didn't like the fact that he needed to be standing as he waited.
Glancing off towards the side, he considered sitting on Tommy's bench, where the jukebox sat beside. Or, he could sit near the fountain... in the grass... on the prime path itself. All these choices...
Glancing up towards the sky, he could tell that nightfall was approaching soon. Hopefully, Quackity would return before then. Deciding to wonder off, George calmly fixed his crown as he made his way towards Tommy's little home. Not entirely a good view, but it did keep him busy. He wondered why Tommy decided to live in the side of a hillside instead of actually building a home..
Getting lost in thought, George failed to notice the light patter along the prime path...
".. hmm.."
. . .
It was then, George was covered in a strange potion, particles now circling around him as he quickly jumped back. A wave of nausea hit him almost instantly, causing him to somewhat stumble back. His vision grew blurry... he couldn't stand straight. Was he... hit with a potion of weakness?
Just like that, his world was flipped over, the weight of his body soon being picked up and thrown over something... someone...
He tried to push himself up, but found it difficult to do just that. He couldn't focus. Who? Who was holding him?? Who was taking him down the prime path? Towards a horse?
. . .
. .
"Sorry George. No hard feelings.."
. .
. . .
That voice...
. .
He spoke out, his voice slurring..
And before he knew it, his vision went dark...
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somethin-kool · an hour ago
ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕩𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪, 𝕀𝕟 𝕄𝕪 𝕄𝕠𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘? 𝕐𝕖𝕤 ℙ𝕃𝔼𝔸𝕊𝔼
Jᴏʜɴ Eɢʙᴇʀᴛ × Mᴀʟᴇ!Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
❁𝑺𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒈𝒈𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒔𝒕𝒖𝒇𝒇 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕; 𝒑𝒖𝒓𝒆 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇❁
𝙸 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚑𝚎'𝚜 𝚗𝚎𝚊𝚝 𝚜𝚘 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎'𝚜 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚕' 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎/𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚝 (?)
Tumblr media
John always looked so cute in his sleep. He was laying on one of your arms, the other on his hip and he was clinging to you with all his limbs. You examined his features, like you do everytime when you wake up early: short ebony hair tousled from last nights endeavor, long lashes covering his baby blue eyes, little minuscule freckles littering his skin, his buck teeth slightly poking out and touching his chapped bottom lip. You moved your face closer, seeing if you could wake him up with a gentle morning kiss. He stirs when your lips touch, you see how many pecks you can get in before he moves away. He lets out a groan when you peck him the second time. He opens his eyes slightly the thrid time. You move your hand to cup his face and peck him the fourth time. He entwines you fingers with his and you peck him the fifth time. He moves his face to the pillow after that and muffles something. You chuckle and put your mouth to his ear; still holding his hand to your chest
"Mmmh, what was that? I couldn't hear you."
He turns and smiles lazily
"You're so gay. No homo."
You gasp in fake offense, clutching his and your hand to your chest
"Omg, I would've never saw that coming. My own husband calling me gay the morning after he took it up the ass."
He laughed and turned, still laying down, to the nightstand for his glasses. He put them on and kissed your cheek.
"I love you. All homo."
"I love you... mildly at best."
"Fine, I love you too."
ᵖᵒˢᵗᵉᵈ ᵒⁿ ᵐᵃʸ, 15ᵗʰ 2021
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thejamesbuchananbarnes · an hour ago
Does anyone have any soft Bucky thoughts they want to send to my inbox? 🥺
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self-shipyard · an hour ago
The "Slushy" Drabble
SYNOPSIS: Based on this incorrect quote from selfshipquotes. In which Gh.iaccio and Lumaca enjoy slushies and flirting with each other while he’s on break. But maybe they’re enjoying it a little too much, as So.rbet and Ge.lato discover.
Word Count: 938
Note: Be wary, there are mild suggestive themes in this one, but nothing explicit happens.
Ghiaccio’s eyes had been glued onto the computer screen before Lumaca made her entrance.
It was a report he had to create on account of the last mission, and he had been spending a whole hour perfecting it with painstaking detail. After all, he wasn’t about to skimp on details so that his team couldn't get paid properly.
Even so, he needed a break, and Lumaca’s voice calling out to him signified an opportunity to take one.
“Ghiaccio, I’m home!” he heard her call from the door.
After pushing his glasses closer to his face, he hummed and got up out of the desk chair to greet his girlfriend, who just walked into the room.
“Welcome home, Lumaca,” he softly smiled at her before noticing the two drinks in her hands. He made a curious gesture towards them. “What’re those?”
“I got a couple of slushies on the way over.” She held out one of the cups towards him. “Thought you’d like one as well but I can put it in the fridge if you don’t want it.”
“Oh, uh,” he blushed. “No, I could use a beverage. Th… Thanks.”
Ghiaccio took the cup from Lumaca’s hand and took a long sip out of it. His eyes looked down the straw and into the cup, noting its blue-colored contents.
“I wasn’t sure what flavor to get you, and I didn’t want to disturb you from work right away,” she admitted. “So, I got you the flavor that reminded me of you.”
His eyes flickered back up at her and his lips parted away from the straw, swallowing in the process.
“How does it remind you of me?” he quizzed.
“Well, your hair is almost the same shade!” She gave a short laugh before taking on a more serious expression. “But the color itself reminds me of you in general, too. If I remember it correctly, blue represents strength and intelligence. Fitting, isn’t it?”
He blinked at the sudden realization.
Was she trying to flirt with him through color theory?
That was when he noticed that her mouth was stained with red; evidence of her drinking some of her slushy before she arrived.
It gave him an idea.
“Oh yeah?” his face became determined. “Well, then it makes sense you’d get a red one.”
She stopped for a second; now it was her turn to feel confusion.
“How so?” she quizzed back. “I don’t think I recall what red symbolizes…”
They both were well aware that she knew what red symbolizes, but the innocent expression on her face was encouraging him to continue.
“According to color symbolism, red is representative of passion and excitement.” He felt a smirk ghost his lips. “And it’s considered to be the love color.”
That ‘love color’ rushed to her cheeks.
“So, what’re you saying?” she murmured, her composure fleeting, “That those words make you associate me with the color red?”
“Why wouldn’t they? Those words describe you perfectly! Besides, the color itself suits you…”
His bravado died down when he noticed the loving expression his girlfriend was giving him.
An expression which he gave back.
Neither Ghiaccio nor Lumaca could tell you who started it, but they suddenly found themselves leaning in towards each other until their lips just barely touched.
“It… It really suits you...”
Sorbet and Gelato were sitting in the safehouse’s armchair, mindlessly whispering to each other about nothing before Lumaca made her entrance.
“Hey Sorbet! Hey Gelato!” she greeted them, her body showing signs that she’d gotten there in a hurry.
“Hello, Lumaca,” Gelato purred. “If you’re looking for the capo, you’re a little late; he had to leave for a moment.”
“Ah, damn,” she replied, taking a seat near the pair. “He called me ten minutes ago, saying he needed me to take care of some paperwork. I was really hoping it’d be quick; I need to be home as soon as I can.”
Lumaca suddenly noticed how intently Sorbet was staring at her mouth.
“… Are you alright?” she asked him with a slight tilt of her head.
“Show me your tongue,” he directed.
Surprised but not willing to argue, she stuck her tongue out at him.
His eyes narrowed suspiciously at the purple substance that coated her tongue.
“What’s going on there?” he gestured towards her mouth while Gelato simply watched them like a curious cat.
“Oh,” she perked up, realizing what he was asking about. “I got a slushie about an hour ago! I got one for Ghiaccio, too.”
To say that Sorbet was satisfied with her explanation would’ve been false. After all, where in Naples did they sell purple slushies?
“What kind were they?”
“I got a red one and he got a blue one.”
Sorbet’s eyes widened as it dawned on him.
Gelato, on the other hand, surprisingly didn’t quite grasp it, and so began to pry a little himself.
“So, what, you two drank each other’s slushi-?”
Sorbet’s hand quickly covered Gelato’s mouth, but it was too late.
“Wait.” Lumaca suddenly had an expression of shocked worry. “What color is my tongue?!”
Sorbet let out a long sigh.
“It’s a shade of purple.”
Lumaca’s hand flew to cover her mouth, her rapidly reddening cheeks still visible.
“I-I uh...”
She jumped off of the couch.
“I’ll be right back!”
The pair watched as she disappeared behind the bathroom door. Sorbet’s eyes flickered towards his partner and his hand fell away from his mouth and onto his chin.
“Gelato…” he grinned.
“Well how was I supposed to know?!” he pouted as he protested, which made Sorbet chuckle.
“I guess now we both know.”
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w-yuren · an hour ago
anniversary sleepover + milestone 🌸
Tumblr media
what: i reached a milestone a month ago and wanted to do an event in conjunction with the blog anniversary :’) in 12 months, i’ve written over 120k words and met some wonderful people through this platform. thank you for supporting my works and for being along for the journey. i hope that i was able to leave you with a little piece of my heart through my words♡♡♡
when: saturday, may 22, 12am hkt — monday, may 24, 11:59pm hkt.
Tumblr media
˚。⋆.endings and beginnings: come chat about your favourite memories, first anime/manga, favourite drinks/food, comfort characters, and other things that make you feel all warm and soft.
˚。⋆.love, truly: ask me about anything you’ve been wanting to ask, about whether i actually hydrate, sleep early, and my rating of your favourite (non)hq characters. alternatively, tell me your secrets hehe
Tumblr media
˚。⋆.creatures of comfort: send in a concern and a character. i’ll respond with how they’ll comfort you.
˚。⋆.ten more: send in a character and a number. i’ll give you the plan they have for you two that year.
˚。⋆.cotton skies: send in a character. i’ll give you a parenting headcanon.
Tumblr media
˚。⋆.chase: send in a snapshot of your daily life AND your preference for school or work. i’ll match you up with your haikyuu school/work life.
green tea in the morning, at office from 9-5, cry about traffic for an hour, kageyama has dinner ready when i get home, and we share a tub of pistachio ice cream for dessert (つ﹏<。)
˚。⋆.deep spring: send in your favourite historical period, season, and m/f preferences. i’ll match you up with a character.
heian, especially the poems and fashion (◡‿◡✿)//spring//m and f.
˚。⋆.sunday umbrella: send in a pic of your favourite/usual outfit (you can crop out your face). i’ll give you a character that matches your vibes.
Tumblr media
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deafmandalorian · an hour ago
I am determined to finish the damn chapters to Letters to Sar/Hunter tonight and publish them tomorrow AM
*sighs* we'll see
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xenihime · an hour ago
Tumblr media
pairing— e. jaeger x reader
a/n— my contribution to slutty saturday featuring: @kirsteiiins @fiaficsxo @izukine @mitsuluv @megumisbimbo
Tumblr media
EREN JAEGER doesn't quite care for you.
You're just his partner for this project, nothing more. It's not like he hasn't been burning holes through the back of your head each lecture, or packing up late, making sure to get a good glimpse of your ass as you leave the hall. He definitely doesn't have your schedule memorized, doesn't know the exact route you take to get to your classes, nor does he make it a habit to bump into you, shooting you a smile in passing.
And when he finds out you're to work with him on the final project of the semester, his friends don't give him light shoves and punches or glance in your direction with a flood of points and whispers in his ears. He doesn't apologize with a wash of embarrassment on his face and asks to make it up to you, you don't agree to it either.
You're not into him afterall, he's too playful, too kind hearted, most importantly not your type. But he's methodical, and somehow you've got your head pushed beneath the steering of his car, his free hand roughly tugging your hair, watching you drool all over his cock, making a mess on his dark leather seats.
This project is fun for him, not for content sake, but because he's got a tight grip on you, and unknowingly you're wrapped around his finger. The entertainment never wavers so long as this assignment is due, he always has your time, plays whenever its convenient and hits you up whenever it works for him.
He loves watching the looks of confusion from your friends as he gradually isolates you, concerned and suspicious at the amount of time you're gone for. They've noticed how often you show up to extra curriculars with teary eyes and a disheveled appearance, sometimes with a limp, others with a reversed shirt, or a button done the wrong way. But somehow they never make the connection.
You're just his presentation partner after all, how would they know you've still got the taste of him on your lips, that you're waiting for him fucked out on his couch after another "study" session?
Tumblr media
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okay-cafe · an hour ago
Goddess in the sheets
Pairing(s): Mirko x female! Reader (sorry I am determined to think that Mirko is a Lesbian top)
Summery: Mirko and y/n get bored during lockdown, what happens next gets spicy
Warning(s): 18+, MINORS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!, PLEASE, a lot of cussing, heat
y/n = your name
A/N: it was hard writing for a top character but oh well
This is a love in lockdown collab piece for @missuga
Request are always open!
Tumblr media
-> lockdown had been going good
-> it was just you and Mirko sending memes to each other and having a blast
-> or is was until it happened
-> nothing bad!
-> no fights or anything
-> but Mirko’s heat was starting up
-> most of the time she would just go away BUT this was different
-> y’all shared a house together (being married and all)
-> so she could not GO anywhere
-> it was impossible with you looking so Damm sexy
-> and AAAAAA
-> she was over the moon for you
-> so when her heat came you where FUCKED
-> both literally and figuratively
-> she would pin you again the wall and bite your lip before letting out a small growl
-> “let’s fuck like rabbits…”
-> she would whisper horsely into your ear before stripping off both of your clothes
-> she would start by just eating you out but it soon got to her pulling out the dildo
-> she threw you on the bed and put the strap-on securely tightener around her hips
-> this girl last SEVERAL rounds
-> since she has powerful legs and all I feel like she would be a great top
-> she is good with aftercare
-> wouldn’t even let you do anything
-> just picks you up and throws you around her shoulders before walking to the bathroom and turning on the tub
-> if you like bubble baths she will put some bubbles in it
-> and if you don’t then she won’t ig (who doesn’t like bubbles? Am I just childish?)
-> she wraps you up in soft blankets and curls up on the bed with you and tells you how good you where for her
-> also aftercare is one of the only times she will let you pet her ears
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axoxtxhxh · an hour ago
May i get the word bedroom with miche with? Thanks 💜
So this became very domestic 😆 it’s also modern au and I’m not sure if it’s obvious enough in the writing. Also, this contains a lot of headcanons I have for Miche so I hope you like it! Thank you so much for the request!❤️ I really love this one.
Miche - Bedroom
Miche never really considered himself to be a sentimental guy. He liked saving small things from trips he took, times he hung out with his friends, awards, photos, and the like. He never thought he was someone to get attached to anything. That is until his parents called him and told him they were moving and he needed to clean out his old bedroom.
As he walked up the steps to his childhood room, he couldn’t help but think about it being the last time he would do it. He loved that house. That was his home. Yeah, he hadn’t actually lived there for years, but he was always comforted by the fact that it was here, waiting for him.
He turned the handle to his bedroom door and stepped inside. It was almost like walking into the past. His parents never went in there anymore except for the random times his mom would go in to dust. He planned to only take an hour to get the things he wanted to keep and the rest could be tossed, but now that he stood there, he knew that wouldn’t be the case.
Trophies and medals he won from volleyball tournaments sat on the shelves above his desk. He laughed at the trophy on the end that he won playing mini golf with Erwin and Hange. They were all surprised when he got a hole-in-one on the final hole and when given a choice between a trophy or a free game, he chose the trophy knowing every time he looked at it, he would remember how much fun they had. Maybe he was more sentimental than he thought.
The little cork board he had held pictures of him and Erwin while they were in high school, some from college. Even more photos of them when they met Hange and the summer they all housesat for Hange’s uncle who basically lived in a castle. He was definitely going to need a bigger box to take all of it.
Miche turned around and sat on his bed, sighing. He rested his arms behind him and looked around the room. His drum set was gathering dust in the corner and he wondered if there was a way he could fit it in his apartment. He noticed a small box tucked in the corner of his closet and he stood up to get it, returning to his spot on the bed to go through its contents.
It seemed like more photos of his time during college, photos of him with his dad when they used to go camping every summer when he was younger, some random plane tickets from trips he took. At the bottom of the box, were old letters and he pulled them out, carefully opening them and reading.
“Hey, are you staying for dinner?” Miche’s older sister, Amari, walked in the room. “Mom wants to know how much food to make.”
“Do you remember these?” He held up the letters and she walked over to look at them.
“Are these the letters you sent me from camp?” She took the ones Miche had in his hand and read them, smiling to herself. “You were such a baby, ‘I think Mom sent me here because we fight too much and it makes her angry. Let’s not fight anymore so I can come home. I promise to play whatever game you want when I come back. Please tell Mom.’ You really hated that place”
“I was small then.” Miche laughed. “Everyone picked on me.”
“Well things have certainly changed since then.” She handed him the letters.
“Mom! Eri’s not sharing his game.” Miche’s nephew ran into the room.
“Tell him I said to share.” She told, brushing the blonde boy’s hair back. “Did you say ‘hi’ to your uncle?”
“Hi, Uncle Miche.” The boy was half hiding behind his mom’s leg and Miche smiled at him. “I told him, but he still isn’t sharing.”
“Fine, let’s go talk to him.” She turned to leave and quickly turned back. “So are you staying?”
“Yeah, I’ll stay.” Miche nodded, standing up and grabbing the little boy’s body to put him on his shoulders. Miche laughed as the boy giggled. “Let’s go scare your brother.”
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delos-mio · 2 hours ago
For drabble weekend: #27 for Logan Delos
You want it? You got it!
27. pulling the other one towards them
Find drabble deets here!
“Shh, you have to keep quiet, sweetheart,” Logan laughed quietly, barely able to take his own words seriously.
“I’m sorry! Ok, ok, I’ll try harder,” you giggled back, Logan’s hand in yours, guiding you around the side of the Delos’ mansion. You had somehow made it through a Thanksgiving with the entire family. Logan was barely keeping it together the entire day, and now that everyone had gone to bed, you proposed a midnight swim to help him unwind. Now, you were sneaking out like a couple of kids, Logan swiping a bottle of Jim’s most expensive bourbon as you tried with minimal effort not to wake up the entire house.
The pool glimmered blue under the dark, night sky, the glow bouncing off Logan’s cheekbones and making you fall a little more in love with him. He quickly peeled off his shirt and shed his jeans, looking back at you with a raised eyebrow.
“Don’t make me come over there and do it for you,” he tisked.
“What if that’s exactly what I was hoping for?” you smirked, already tossing your own clothes on the sun lounger.
He dove gracefully into the water and you weren’t far behind, coming up for air and seeking out Logan. Of course, he was lounging casually along the wall, eyes trained on you. As soon as you were in his orbit, Logan reached an arm out to wrap around your waist. You smiled as he pulled you in close, pressing you tight to his chest. You couldn’t resist wrapping your legs around him, floating as you draped your arms around his shoulders and kissed him slowly.
“You know, I don’t hate this place nearly as much when I have your tits pressed against me,” he grinned. The scoff that came from you was immediate and you splashed him, which only made Logan laugh harder.
“Mind is always in the gutter,” you laughed, pressing a little closer and kissing along his jaw.
“Seriously, though,” he said into your ear, “Thank you, princess.” All you could do was nod, knowing deep down that Logan didn’t want to make the moment heavy. And you could grant him that- you could do that much. Instead of saying a word, you kissed him again.
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