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#mha x reader
other-fan00 · 9 minutes ago
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With a Latin!Student.
Tumblr media
🎳 — Note: There are no warnings. All quiet until the end. This is not done in order to offend anyone.
Remember to eat well and not skip any food, take great care. <3
🎳 — Note 02: Re-upload.
🎳 — Request: You imagine class B, with ANOTHER exchange student, but Latin American and they all in love with their culture and how the reader is.
Tumblr media
Juzo should be the first choice for whom to be, he does not know Spanish correctly however he is aware that some words of Spanish resemble those of English, he will try to hit him.
Let's make jokes with Shihai, it probably has something to do with showing up from the ceiling like nothing.
Look, you're going to sit in a corner of the room and challenge Awase with mobile games.
Kamakiri will treat you like any normal person, if you have problems with the language, he will help you, but, you are a person and will treat you like one.
Shoda too, but being more "open" to you doesn't want you to feel discriminated against or something.
Kodai, maybe at first, she won't talk to you (when you hear her talk record it, please), after a while if you spend a lot of time with her, she may even try to learn your language.
Kosei's a closet pervert. He gets nervous if you say anything about the temperature change; perhaps it is most likely because between Latin America and the East there are many differences in temperature.
Tetsutetsu, he, apart from teaching you the whole school, getting you into group training routines and stuff, he'll become like your big brother-younger, it's a switch.
Monoma 10 meters from you, first rule. Seriously, he's going to show you with Class A that he's got a Latin American person.
Kendo will shut him up. She will take care of the above without thinking. She will also help you if you stay in x subject matter for language difficulties.
Pony will probably become one of your first friends because she's a foreigner just like you. Exactly both are from America.
If you don't feel up to date or just feel out of place with all the Asian culture, Reiko will gladly help you.
Just imagine Rin trying to make accents, you die trying. Rin new grammar.
Kinoko and Tokage asks you what bands, food, clothes, general culture are like where you come from.
Bondo and Ibara are the kind of people who are going to educate themselves about your whole culture (research of things you don't even know) and then have a chat with you.
Kaibara and Shishida, surely you won't have much interaction with them, they don't treat you badly or anything but they feel that if they go with you you probably feel "harassed". When he gets over it, he's going to drag you with him.
Oh— Manga, he's going to take care of every word and say every sentence with a lot of innocence if you're around, Style: Japanese for babies. Take care of him, he's a baby.
Vlad King deserves to be here, the capable asks you for words of encouragement to teach to your companions. So he can with Aizawa brag that they have a mood bar that he and his children will never understand.
BONUS: Following the above, they probably generally want to learn a complete word/sentence in your language. And guess what it means. Whoever does it right chooses the next day's activity.
Tumblr media
© 2021 other-fan | all rights reserved and please do not repost, modify or claim as your own.
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peachnopolaroid · 15 minutes ago
bestie im having a very very big problem and its that i cant find jealous iida x fem reader pls bestie pls give me some i need it i rlly do ☹️🙏
omg bestie i got you
Pairing: Iida Tenya x Female Reader
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing
Gen Taglist: @fluffyviciousbunny
Tumblr media
Someone in 3-B was throwing an off-campus party, something to kick off everyone’s last year of highschool. You went, of course, the host was your friend and as such you were legally required to attend every party of theirs. Nearly everyone in third year attended, even the students of 3-A. Which, for Katsuki’s group of friends, wasn’t surprising.
What was surprising, however, was when your good friend Iida Tenya walked in. You’d already had a few drinks when you caught sight of him, and you immediately went to him with your arms open wide.
“Iida! You’re here!”
He smiles and wraps a gentle arm around you when you faceplant into his chest, patting your back. “Yes, Y/n, it appears I am. Are you... intoxicated?”
“Psh, noooo.” You attempt to lie, snaking your arms around his waist.
“Y/n, you reek of alcohol.” He says, and the disapproval in his tone makes you pout. “Don’t give me that look, you know you shouldn’t be drinking, especially not enough to get yourself drunk.”
When you’re about to respond, someone cuts you off.
“Excuse me, can I steal L/n for a moment?” The boy asks, and you turn to look at him. He flashes you a crooked grin.
“Mm, it’s up to Iida.” You turn to your friend, smiling flirtatiously and holding on tighter to his shirt. “What do you say, Tenya? Can I go, or do you want me to stay here with you?”
Tenya, the fucking tragic gentleman that he is, smiles politely and places his hand over yours. “You can go with him, Y/n, we can talk later.”
You try to hide the disappointment you feel, nodding your head and finally letting go of your friend. You turn to the other boy, smiling as you step toward him. “Well, you heard him! C’mon, let’s go get a drink!”
An hour later, Tenya leans against the wall, drink in hand as he watches you laugh.
“Iida, buddy, you keep glaring like that and you’re gonna burn a hole in someone’s head.”
Slowly, reluctantly, Tenya tears his gaze away from you and directs it toward Hanta and his smug grin. “What? I wasn’t glaring. I was simply... observing.”
“Uh huh,” Hanta laughs and slings an arm around Tenya’s shoulder’s, gesturing toward you with his cup. “Might wanna observe how that guy’s got his hands all over Y/n.”
Tenya snaps his head around and toward you, narrowing his eyes at the sight he’s met with. You’re in the middle of the crowd, arms raised while a guy from class 3-B’s arms are fit snug around your waist. “Shit,” Tenya curses under his breath and downs the rest of his drink. He figures he can loathe himself for underage drinking... tomorrow, when he’s not facing a crisis.
“Just think, bro,” Hanta says, his lips pressed against Tenya’s ear to make sure he hears every word. “That could have been you if you weren’t so oblivious. She’s been all over you since first year, my guy.”
With that, Hanta left to rejoin his circle of friends, leaving Tenya alone to process this newfound information.
So, evidently, you liked him. You have for even longer than he’s liked you, if Hanta’s information is accurate. And he’d overlooked your feelings. And now, now you’re dancing like that, and you’re not with him. Well, shit. Shit, shit, shit.
It’s irrational, he knows, to be jealous. It’s not as though you belong to him. Well, in truth, you didn’t belong to anyone. You were strong, incredibly so, (honestly, he thinks you should have been in 1-A, rather than your placement in 1-B two years ago) and you didn’t rely on anyone. Or when you did it was more of an emotional reliance. The point was, you weren’t his to be possessive over, and yet here he was. The alcohol he’d had so far, (four cups of spiked punch, fuck you Denki) wasn’t enough to fully inebriate him, just a soft buzz of intoxication to fuel his confidence and strip away his typically excellent decision-making skills.
He coveted the attention you were giving your peers, yearned like a man starved. When he saw the other man’s lips on your neck, he was sparked into motion before he could think better of it. Minoru tried to comment, but Tenya merely shoved his empty solo cup in his hand and kept walking.
When you open your eyes, you see Tenya walking toward you. You smile brightly and disentangle yourself from the web of people. “Tenya!”
He smiles back at you, opening his arms for you to inevitably collapse in. You don’t notice the smug smirk he shoots over your shoulder, nor the withering glare that accompanies it. “Y/n, I need to talk to you. Hallway?”
You nod, face tucked in the nape of Tenya’s neck. “Yeah, jus’ let me stand for a bit.” Like Tenya, you weren’t intoxicated enough to consider yourself drunk, but your actions were heavily influenced by a newfound lack of filter. “Like your arms better than his. Your arms are gentle ‘nd strong.”
Tenya thinks he should be more amused at the irony in your description, but all his mind can focus on is the implication that the other man’s arms had been something other than gentle and oh, oh. That just wouldn’t do. He drags you into the dark, empty hallway and presses you against the wall. His presence isn’t overbearing, and he leaves enough room that you could easily pull away if you desired. You didn’t, though, you just stared up at your friend with wide eyes.
He meant to actually say something, really, he did, but your lips were parted so sweetly, and it should be illegal to look at someone like that. When you swiped your tongue over your bottom lip, he was helpless to what was to occur next. He tipped your head up by the chin and pressed your lips together clumsily. He nearly missed your lips, getting mostly your bottom lip in his pursuit, but it was enough. You froze for a moment before melting into him, hands sliding up to grip his biceps through his shirt sleeves.
When you pull away for air, he presses sloppy kisses from your jaw down to your pulse point, mumbling against your skin the entire time. “Fuck, Y/n. I couldn’t stand seeing him all over you, putting his hands on you like you were his. God, fuck, it made me upset.”
“I don’t belong to anyone,” you manage, blinking rapidly to try and keep yourself grounded because holy fucking shit this was finally happening.
He smiles against your neck, chuckling lowly. “I know, Y/n. That’s exactly what I’d been thinking.” There was a light mark on your neck from where the other student had had his lips on you, and it made Tenya curl his nose in distaste. “I like you, Y/n. Fuck, I might even love you, at this point. I hate seeing you with someone else, I’m fucking stupid for letting him drag you away.” Tenya’s teeth drag over the spot on your neck, he doesn’t bite, just grazes the skin.
You bump his face up, your noses touching as you hold his gaze. “Tenya, I like you too. So much, so, so much. I’ve liked you for so long, can—can we kiss again? Is that allowed? I really want to kiss you.”
Somewhere in the back of Tenya’s head there’s a voice that protests, says you should go back to the dorms before attempting something so private. But then he looks into your eyes and sees the pure adoration, and really, he was helpless to you since the beginning. He smiles, nods, and presses his lips against yours.
And if you went to class the next Monday with a dresscode compliant scarf? Well, that was your business.
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katsukikiss · an hour ago
✽ My Blog ✽ 
Hi! I’m Rosie, welcome! I’m 20 years old and use she/her pronouns. I NEVER used to write like this but uhh here we are. I'm a full time nursing student so I don't have a whole lot of time to write but I try my best!
✽ Warning ✽ 
This blog contains dark content. Read at your own risk. Minors DNI! This blog is for people 18+ only because all I write is..really dirty and dark sh*t. I do not own any of the characters used, they belong to their respectful owners/creators.
✽ Rules ✽ 
There aren’t many, I just wont write underage stuff, that is completely off limits, everything else is okay! I want to try and write more than just ‘F!Reader’ stuff too, so shoot me an idea/request and I will try my best!
✽ Masterlist ✽
Bakugo Katsuki:
You’re Mine, Not His: NSFW
Hoes and Ceos: NSFW ft. Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima: 
Hoes and Ceos: NSFW ft. Bakugo
Shota Aizawa:
I Don’t Care What You Want: NSFW, NONCON
Eren Jeager: Coming soon!
There is ALOT more to come so I’ll be updating this as needed!
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akaa-keijis · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙗? [10.5] History Part 1
↩ Previous | Series Masterlist | Next ↪
Tumblr media
Trivia -
✧ This isn’t even real trivia anymore lol.
✧ It’s really up to you guys to believe what Shinsou is saying.
✧ Y/N, I’ll say, is being too quick to decide considering Bakugou is her best friend but you didn’t hear that from me.
✧ I will say the part about Bakugou breaking Shinsou’s nose is true.
Tumblr media
Taglist: Open!  (please send an ask or message me to be tagged!)
@foreverdebbie @chibianne @artist-bby @spicy-therapist-mom @theunicornnamedearl @not-another-ackerman @karmas-mistress @binnienotomorrow @deadmans-toe @blossominglark @maki1270 @sunflowerv69 @kit-kat428 @ouijaeater15 @random-fandom-girl-24 @sovereignparker @bakugouswh0r3 @lunardepresso @idk-sam @the-real-comically-insane @strawberryw1ne @disaster-rose @softredrobin @katsukismrs @headfirst-halo​ @its-the-aerieljeane​ @hissoftmoon @mysticore-replies​ @hxiden
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novasdarling · an hour ago
okok so dabi and y/n are fucking and she’s doing the ahegao face for the first time and dabis teases her about it while fucking🥺
That sounds like something he'd do. Just completely belittle and make fun of you while he rails you. Hope I managed to do what you wanted!
TW: Sexual acts, Vibrator being used on the reader, degradation, forced orgasm, female reader.
Just a Little Bit More
Tumblr media
Making you weak, putty in his hands was nothing new to him. Dabi was an expert when it came to your body. Knowing what spots to bite or suck to get you seeing stars. How to fuck you so you were cock drunk, barely able to even speak. He loved making you weak, a weak helpless little thing that belonged to him.
This time, however, Dabi decided to try something new. He found a little vibrator that could be secured so you could place it on the clit while you fucked them. Dabi wasn’t the biggest fan of toys, in his eyes, he was the only thing you needed. Plus you might decide to use those toys when he was out. He can’t have you enjoying yourself without him. But he could always lock the toy up when he was gone, only use it when he had his length deep in you. That sounded good.
You seemed a bit nervous about the toy, but how could you say no to him. Especially when you knew he’d just do what he want in the end. While you were nervous, Dabi was ecstatic. Watching you flinch when he first place the toy while he fingered you. You were moaning so loud for him. He wondered how much louder you’d get once he was properly inside you. After working an orgasm out of you, he decided you were ready. You were a panting mess of perfection to him. So tired, a thin coat of sweat had appeared on you. You could barely keep your eyes open. Fuck, he needed you. This stupid toy seemed to be working well.
As he inserted himself in you, your eyes shot open. The stretch of his length entering you and the sensation of the toy was too much. Your hands found his chest and tried to push. “Don't think you’re getting out of this so easily.” With that, he quickly thrust the rest of him into you. You screamed at the feeling, it hurt but was also so nice. As Dabi began thrusting into you faster, he quickly put the vibrator at a higher setting. You couldn’t control yourself anymore, your legs were shaking. Your mouth hung open, your eyes were crossed. You were completely blissed out. Dabi looked at your face, looking at you like that sparked something inside of him. He started thrusting into you at an unbelievable rate. “Such a stupid fucking brat. Look at you. All fucked out and we barely even started. Does that stupid little thing really do that much to you?” You tried to respond but no words came out. Just whimpers and moans. Dabi laughed. Using one hand to grab your cheeks, pushing them together and planting a kiss on them. Exploring your mouth with his tongue. You could barely breathe, barely take it anymore. Another orgasm was approaching. As it washed over you, you screamed into Dabi’s mouth. He just pulled back to look at you. “Fuck. You’re so tight. Even with your stupid fucking faces you’re still such a good fuck.” You could barely keep up with him, you were so sore and tired. When you tried to take the toy off, Dabi’s rough hands reached down to stop you. “Don't think so doll. Your faces may be stupid, but how about I get a few more out of you.” You knew you were in for a rough night.
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deleteddewewted · an hour ago
Teen! Hawks Headcanons
Tumblr media
Hawks as a teenager screams popular boy. You know who I’m talking about, that one guy who everyone liked in class but we didn’t necessarily know why. He just attracted everyone’s attention.
He also developed a crush on you because he thought you were such a cool friend of his. Smart, pretty, and funny. Absolutely perfect for him.
But you know our lovely bird man can walk the walk but can’t talk for shit. Ok yeah he can but when it comes to things that are more private and personal he really needs some guidance.
He started by asking you how to ask you out. He didn’t tell you he had a crush on you but he did say it was someone from the same school and class as the two of you.
He did exactly what you advices him to do, bring the person something that reminds him of them plus gifts that are more personal then out there. Give them your undivided attention.
He does this and one day brings you flowers because they remind him of you and on another day brings you a bento because he remembered that you liked a specific kind of bento box that they sold at the local convenience store.
He would refer to you as his plus 1
Would prefer to hangout at yours then his, y’know…because of his parents.
He once saw you scrolling through your feed and saw that you liked pics of guys with eyeliner. He asked you why you were liking those pictures and you just said that they looked good. He scoffed and said it was weird….next day he shows up with eyeliner on his water line which makes his eyes look fiercer and even more attractive
When you tell him he looked good with eyeliner on, he acts like it doesn’t affect him but when you leave he’s a blushing mess. He’s going to die then and there from the complement.
You once told him about how someone asked you out and you said no. When he asked why you said no you said that it was because you both didn’t click.
He started dressing differently in order to get your attention. You did notice he was wearing more street fashion and pointed it out.
“You look nice today.” Hawks wings bristles a bit. “Thanks, you look pretty too.” “What?” “NOTHING!”
He’s a mess when it comes to you.
You finally got asked out by someone you liked and Hawks had to swallow his jealousy in order it congratulated you.
He spent the entire rest of the school day feeling jealous and bitter. You were happy so why would he destroy that.
Once the day of your date arrived he decided to follow you around. He just wanted to make sure that the person you were with wouldn’t hurt you and as your best friend it was his place to help you.
You caught him following you and your date but you confront him after in a one on one.
“Hawks! What the fuck. Why are you following me?” “I-ah well I’m your friend and I thought that-“ “Hawks, you can’t just stalk me!” “I know 🥺”
You ignored him for a few hours till he finally annoyed you enough for you to pay him attention. He was acting like a kicked puppy all day and it honestly made you feel bad.
He finally confessed that he had feelings for you. He felt bad that he followed you around (*coughing* stalking *coughing*)
You tell him that you liked him back but you want to take things slow because you both are friends and don’t want to ruin anything
His wings puff up at that and he agrees to go slow with your relationship.
He’s heads over heels for you and is always on you.
He’s wrapping his hands and wings around your waist. Always giving you nose bumps and kisses. You guys are that couple that everyone finds annoying.
You don’t mind it because you love Hawks but sometimes he pushes it by not letting you spend time with your other friends or blocking you from speaking with other guys.
You tell him that he was being to controlling and he eases up on it. He gave you a feather and he told you up front it was to make sure he knew if you were in trouble, so he could sense you. You decided to keep it and have had it since then.
Once you both were seniors in High School you both still continued to date and even planned on getting married soon.
Once he started the whole Pro Hero thing, that naturally came with a lot fans and people who didn’t understand boundaries.
People would follow you both around and would even find your account to leave mean comments. You just blocked all of them but it did get tiring after a while. You told Hawks about it and all he could say was to ignore them.
Hawks decided stop this nonsense by proposing to you during the Hero Rankings. Everyone’s news feed was flooded with the iconic pictures and videos of him on his knee asking you to marry him.
What a happy ending, no?
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sunaseyeliner · an hour ago
Tumblr media
It was 4:26 am and you had no idea why you were awake. But that question was soon answered when the thought of Shinso began clouding your mind. You pushed yourself out of you blankets and stared at your ceiling, the cold breeze brushing over you. You smiled at the thought of the male, suddenly remembering the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed or smiled. You were sure you missed your time with him but by the time decided to fix it, it was far too late.
Because now as you stare at your lock screen of him you suddenly remember why he was no longer yours. Sighing from the memory of the hurtful look he had but you missed, on the day you decided to break his heart. You felt bad but you knew that this was the best for the both of you. You felt like he didn’t really care for your current relationship. So you decided to let him go, no matter how badly you wanted him to stay.
It’s been a few months since then and you’re sure that he has moved on. As you open up instagram your breath hitches, you shouldn’t be surprised you knew this would happen soon enough. You thought you’ve prepared yourself enough for this, yet..- you can’t stop your heart from aching. You can see his smile, oh how much you’ve missed it but your smile falter because you know. His sweet smile, was no longer meant for you, it was now for Denki Kaminari.
As long as he was happy you were too, even though you’ve realized that he’ll never be happy with you. Yeah, your heart clenched every time you thought of it, but what could you do? Suddenly you wished you could go back in time and fix what you’ve caused. Did Shinso ever really care for your guys old relationship? Did you not show him not enough affection for him to feel appreciated?
Were you just not enough…?
Tumblr media
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kirislut · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
night club two-step
Tumblr media
a/n: i finally wrote about ballroom dancing with shinsou! i think it turned out pretty well hehe, thank you to @suggiebabe for beta reading!! i hope you guys enjoy <3 oh and p.s. coupling up means like getting into the starting position!
pairing: shinsou x fem!reader
word count: 1,624
warnings: none!
taglist (open): @peach-pops @goopyartiste @sugas-sweetheart @mattsvn @justamultifandomfan16 @spookykiri @yee-harr @colorseeingchick @itadorey @meliorist-midoriya @k0utashi @bunnythepipsqueak @sushii10 @aaakaaashii @aizawaslovebot @rousouhouuu @combat-wombatus @anikazoldeck @shinaus @killkuma @briidgee @the-sander-fander @kure-san @devilgirlcrybabiey @bruh-kill-me @seiri-ami @saikisbrat @bivmbo @cheralt @frognun69 @serosonly @runrabbitrun3 @believeyourgalaxy @dukina
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
becoming a hero meant having a large skill set to be able to be useful in any situation that requires a hero. shinsou wasn't sure how ballroom dancing was useful to a prohero, but he saw it useful to try and get closer to someone very special to him. shinsou crossed his arms over his chest as he kept eyeing the door, the class was going to start soon and you hadn't arrived yet. maybe he shouldn't have let you convince him to take this class with you, but also how could he say no? a sigh of relief easily passed through him when he saw your form come through the door and into the classroom. your eyes quickly searched the class, spotting shinsou's purple hair, you made a beeline straight towards him.
he noticed you coming towards him and waved at you as his greeting, however, he took a moment to look at you and realized that you were wearing a pretty, purple sundress. "shinsou! i'm sorry for almost being late," you apologized, smiling sheepishly at him. "it's fine, just try not to do it again," he replied quietly, averting his eyes from you because he didn't want his cheeks getting any pinker than they already were.
the doors opened once more as the dance teacher came, she introduced herself, talked about what would be taught today during class, and how there was no pressure about what skill level you were. all she wanted to see was people putting in some effort and enjoying their time dancing. after she finished her slightly too long spiel, it was finally time to start dancing. the teacher taught the individual moments for the male and female parts, and once the majority of people got it, it was time to couple up.
you turned to shinsou and smiled, waiting for him to get into the ready position with you. he took a step forward, taking your right hand in his left, and placing his right hand on your upper back. the teacher came around to you both, correcting your form. "step closer to each other, and (y/n), put your hand on his bicep instead of his shoulder. it's a common misconception!" you took a step closer to shinsou, feeling better since before it did feel a tad awkward. you slid your hand down from his shoulder to his bicep, the feeling made shinsou tense up and become rosy again. he wasn't sure how long his heart could take this.
"let's try the basic step," you nodded in agreement. shinsou started, stepping his left foot back, doing a rock replace with his right, then sliding to the left. you followed suit in doing the opposite so that you moved together as a unit. you did the back and forth movement until the both of you got used to the bouncy rhythm. now you weren't the best or worst dancer, but shinsou seemed to be pretty good on his feet. "shinsou let's try some of the turns!" you couldn't help but feel confident with him as your dance partner, so far you were quite glad you asked shinsou to take this class with you.
"try the outside turn after a few basics," shinsou instructed. the two of you went back to the basic step, and when you were ready to turn, you gave him a nod. shinsou guided you into the turn by pressing on the back of your left shoulder, however, you messed up on the timing of your pivot and returned with shinsou on the wrong step, causing you to trip over his feet. shinsou was quick to pull you into his chest to keep you from falling, “are you okay?” you saw the evident look of worry on his face and felt your heart skip a beat, had he always been this pretty up close? “yeah i’m fine, thanks for catching me.” “always.” you felt your heart flutter at his response, since when could shinsou make you feel this way?
you got your footing back and tried the turn again, doing it successfully the next time. shinsou smiled at you a bit, glad to see you pick it up easily after nearly falling. the rest of the turns and moves went smoothly after that, shinsou was able to lead very well so that you could follow easily. the dance teacher even praised the two of you for having such great chemistry. as well as being able to dance so well with each other. so when it came time to freestyle after learning all the moves, some eyes from the other dancers watched the two of you to see how you danced together.
you've never moved so smoothly in your life, each movement and turn felt like you were gliding through the air. you also never had this much fun dancing, and to think it would be while doing a ballroom dance. you just couldn't help but grin happily, and even giggle with each turn, as you did the two-step with shinsou. you were just having so much fun with him. the purpled-haired male felt himself smile, your's was just too contagious for him not to smile as well. he felt in slight awe as well, you were just so pretty, too pretty. how did he get lucky enough to have you choose him of all people to dance with. he had no clue in the slightest, but he felt like the luckiest guy in u.a. because of it.
the song came to an end, sadly, and a round of applause sounded around you two. you hadn't even noticed that the other dancers stopped to watch you dance together, it seemed everyone was entranced by the aura you and shinsou radiated. it also helped that you were great dancers together. you flushed at the attention and did a little curtsy, shinsou joined you and bowed a bit. "bravo! now that's what a great couple looks like." you and shinsou's face heated up from being called a couple, since the two of you were just friends, as of now. you stumbled out a jumble of words, trying to get out that the two of you weren't a couple but you were too tongue-tied to get out a proper sentence.
you felt a hand on your shoulder, making you look over at shinsou who just shook his head, "thank you miss." you watched as shinsou accepted the compliment, just to avoid the awkward conversation of having to explain that you weren't actually together. but you noticed how rosy shinsou's cheeks were, it was comforting to know that he felt flustered about this as well. however, if he also felt flustered, did that mean he also felt the same way as you did?
you gawked at yourself at that previous thought, since when did you get feelings for him? you weren't even sure yourself, maybe you always had? but this realization came with a problem. how were you supposed to continue going to dance class after the realization of your own feelings, your heart was pounding just standing beside him. you would probably have a heart attack if he held you close to him just to dance. "(y/n)?" you squeaked as you felt shinsou tap his finger on your forehead, trying to get your attention since the teacher was demonstrating more moves. "right sorry," you apologized sheepishly and coupled up with shinsou. as you held his hand, you could feel your heart start to beat loudly again, you just hoped he couldn't hear it. little did you know, shinsou was in the same boat as you in terms of heart pounds, he just happened to be better at hiding his reactions even if his cheeks would give him away at times.
somehow you were able to get through the rest of the class without giving away your embarrassment, too much. every time shinsou would strengthen his hold on your back, you would feel your face heat up and hoped that shinsou wouldn't notice. and how every time shinsou thought he spun you a little too hard, he would always ask if you were alright, which caused a stampede of butterflies in your stomach. but you were able to make it out alive and too giddy for your own good. because even though the purple-haired male made you worry about your own heart failing, those same actions also made you feel incredibly happy. it was the double-edged sword that came with having a crush on someone.
the teacher waved goodbye to you and shinsou as you exited the dance classroom. "you are such a good dancer shinsou, i'm glad you're my partner." shinsou felt his chest puff up in pride from your compliment, it meant the world to him since it came from you. "well, dancing seems to be easy when it's with you," your little heart burst with joy at his response. you smacked his shoulder as your cheeks flared up, "you can't just say something so cheesy to a girl! you could get their hopes up." shinsou's eyebrow raised at your response, "did i get your hopes up?" you quickly shook your head at the male, trying to deny that he did as your cheeks heated up from his teasing tone. he chuckled lowly at your frantic head shaking, he thought it should be a crime for you to be this cute. but now your flushed reaction was getting his hopes up, even if there was the smallest chance that you liked him back, it still made him feel excited. because he would do just about anything to make his way into your heart, even if that meant doing the nightclub two-step the whole way there.
Tumblr media
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kure-san · 2 hours ago
𝐫𝐮𝐦𝐢 𝐮𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚 | 𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐮𝐤𝐨
Tumblr media
keep in mind that some of these works are 18+ and will possibly contain triggering topics. by clicking on those works, you’re claiming to be 18 or older + are alright with things that may possibly trigger you.
of course, each work will be tagged accordingly.
Tumblr media
➴ Fics
❥ n/a
➴ Drabbles
❥ n/a
➴ Headcanons
❥ hero trio + crushes
❥ dating – ft. miruko
❥ silly headcanon
➴ Poems
❥ n/a
➴ Letter
❥ n/a
➴ Character asks
❥ n/a
➴ Self-help
❥ n/a
➴ Social Media Scenarios
❥ texting scenarios w/hero trio #1
❥ texting scenarios w/hero trio #2
➴ Thirsts
❥ n/a
➴ Concepts
❥ n/a
➴ Analysis
❥ n/a
Tumblr media
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zeros-writing · 2 hours ago
Hello, is it possible that I could request a male reader with Dad Fatgum comforting his depressed son? Right now I'm not doing okay and would love to have a Dad like him telling me that he is still proud of me and stuff like that? That would be so amazing. Have a nice day ^^
Yes of course, I hope you feel better soon!
I'm So Proud Of You
Tumblr media
Fatgum frowned looking at your closed bedroom door, you'd been locked in your room for a while now and Fatgum had been worried. He held a plate of your favorite treats as he softly knocked on the door, "Y/N, buddy can I come in?" He asked quietly, a muffled response allowed him to open the door.
He walked in sitting on your bed next to you, he smiled softly setting the food in front of you, "I'm so proud of you Y/N, I know things have tough for you lately and I want you to know I'm always proud of you, I see the man you've become before my eyes and I'm glad to be able to call my self your dad." He smiled brightly upon finishing his speech.
He pulled you in to his signature bear hug rocking you slightly, "How about we go out and have fun? We can go to your favorite restaurant, there's a new theme park that opened up we can check out, " He continued rambling on about all the stuff you could do.
You smiled knowing how hard he was trying, "That'd be nice." You mumbled, he smiled pulling you into another big hug.
"I'm so proud of you."
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catboyshiggyswhore · 2 hours ago
Can you do shigarki or..any character from bnha yandere headcanons? Asking for a friend
Hey, I'd love to write yandere headcanons! Also saying "asking for a friend" on an anonymous request is a whole ass mood! Thank you so much for the request and I'm so sorry for the wait!
Yandere Shigaraki Headcanons
Tw: Toxic behaviour, mentions of stalking and kidnapping
Yandere Shigaraki is...just good luck...
He wouldn't have bothered stalking you for long, he's a man-child and we aren't going to forget it.
He has no patience so it won't take long after his obsession starts that he'll kidnap you.
You'll be sleeping peacefully and next thing you know you're awake, tied up in a strange room lying in an unfamiliar bed.
He had Kurogiri warp you back to the league's hideout and kidnapping you required little effort.
Now that you're here what you do will DRASTICALLY change your stay.
I believe that he's not interested in keeping you restrained, he wants to trust that you love him back. This means if your behaviour is good you'll be able to move around the hideout within a month.
Overall, he'll get rid of the restraints pretty quickly if you play nice, he wants to cuddle and hold you without them in the way.
He'll let you be around the members of the league too, not too much as he doesn't want them to catch feelings for you too (you're so perfect, it'd be hard to blame them.) However, the league is still like a family to him and he wants you to be part of that.
He might even take you out of the hideout (with him, of course) to remote areas where you two can be alone in a new place.
If you aren't well-behaved, however, if you resist him, insult him, try to escape or god forbid, tell him you don't love won't have a very good time.
He does not want to punish you but will if he has to.
He'll feel bad about it, he wants you to be happy with him. He doesn't want you to be scared or sad, only happy. But if he needs you to be sad temporarily so you two can be happy in the long run, he'll do it.
Common punishments for him would be restrictions from things, if you've been allowed to interact with the league he'll take that away and restrain you in his room until you've learned your lesson. If you haven't he might withhold food from you for a few days, tighten your restraints, or things like that but he'll only do it if he absolutely has to.
When it comes to how he acts around you, it's not as bad as you'd think.
He's obsessed with you and he isn't so delusional that he can't see that, to him you're perfect and so he thinks he's totally justified in his actions.
He does respect you, he might be a villain and murderer but he does understand boundaries. You're his but you still have your own thoughts and he understands that it's not possible to always be happy so he'll give you space even if he doesn't like it.
If you say you're not in the mood to play video games he'll definitely sulk but he won't force you. If you tell him you want to be alone he'll leave you alone as long as it's only occasional.
He just wants you to be happy with him, even if he has to do things he might not want to. As long as you're happy as his lover in the long run, he doesn't mind being a little unhappy every now and then.
Just remind him you love him frequently, and you cuddle him and enjoy being there by his side. If you do then he'll be happy and do whatever he has to, to let you be happy to with him.
Authours note: I'm sorry if this isn't very good or if it's shorter than you would've liked. I wrote it in about an hour and a half as an excuse to not do my schoolwork.
I hope you still enjoyed it regardless, if you want more please send it in and maybe give me some specifics as to what you'd like since these are just general yandere Shigaraki headcanons.
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xoxo-teddybear · 2 hours ago
Guys! Absolutely no disrespect to my poc for I AM A PERSON OF COLOR TOO! But please don’t think I’m out here tryna exclude y’all.
I have gotten so so SO many replies of ppl saying “I don’t have blonde hair,” or “I don’t have porcelain skin.” Guys. My blog is dedicated to Bakugou Katsuki. A guy with blonde hair and porcelain skin.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the whole line/sentence before you come to me complaining. I promise you I will never EVER get into specifics on how Y/N looks.
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cherrytaye · 3 hours ago
MHA head cannons
AN: this was just some hcs me and a friend were coming up with at midnight so I apologize for any spelling or grammar errors.
Prompt: How the MHA characters are with PDA
Pairings: Sero, Bakugou and Shinsou x gn!reader
Tumblr media
Sero Hanta
Sero isn't one for PDA
So if you two are at the store he would hold onto your belt loop just to feel close to u without being uncomfortable
But if no one was in the isle with you two he would like place a kiss on your ear and then turn away so you couldnt see him blush
Once you get home though he will shower you in kisses and hugs as you two make dinner together
You were looking at the vegetables picking only the best looking ones to add to the cart.
"Is that all we needed?" You ask glancing at Sero and the looking in the cart.
"Let's get some more bay leaves and rice. We ran out 3 days ago." He replies taking hold of your belt loop as you push the cart out of the produce section.
You turn into to the aisle and stop at the rice. Sero takes two bags of rice off the shelf and places them gently in the cart.
He quickly glances around to see if you two are alone before placing a small kiss on your ear. You giggle as he jogs down the aisle to grab the bay leaves.
On the way back you can see the light blush still painted across his cheeks.
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou
Bakugou would be into PDA but at the same time no
You two could be walking around town and he would nudge your hand nervously and look away as if he didn't want anything just incase you didn't want to hold his hand
But then when you two interlace your fingers he would blush slightly and continue to look away. Because well, he can't show his soft side in public.
You in the window of a cute little shop located in the downtown area of your city.
"Hey Bakugou let's go in here." You exclaim tugging on his arm a bit.
"We can't. It closed at noon and it's already 1:30." he explains hoping your not too disappointed.
"Awe, alright" you say looking across the street. You see some people staring but you know they're not looking at you.
They're looking at Bakugou. He is a pro hero after all. However, Bakugou takes notice of the people and you can practically see how irritated he is by this.
His hand nudges yours just a tiny bit. If you didn't know better you would have thought his hand brushed yours by accident.
You take this as a sign that he wants to hold your hand and immediately you intertwine your fingers with his.
"How about some cotton candy?" He says as you two start for a nearby food truck.
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinsou
Mild PDA with this man
He will hold your hand or give you a kiss on the cheek but hugs or long kisses are a no-no for this man. Well at least not in public. Once you two get home he will act like a big cat that's just wants to cuddle.
As for the people who decide to stare at you, well, let's just say that they don't stare for too long. Shinsou has the aura of a cat protecting something precious. He will glare at the person and part of you genuinely expects him to bare his teeth and hiss at them. Let's face it man is a cat at heart
If someone approaches you even if it's just an employee asking you if you need help finding an item, he is immediately at your side as if he never left. Second quirk?
Although he 100% trusts you he knows you can get anxious during social interaction and wants to be there to support you. But, if he senses that this person has I'll intentions he will give them the death stare until they leave.
"H-hey Josh what's up?" You say nervously. Shinsou was with you five seconds ago but was half way down the aisle when your old friend approached you.
"Nothing much. What are you doing here?" He has that classic playboy aura about him. You know that he is a super sweet and caring person though so there's no need for worry.
"Getting groceries. What else would we be doing?" Shinsou's monotone voice startles you and you squeak a little.
"Oh, who's this?" He asks playfully, knowing full well it was your boyfriend.
"I'm Hitoshi Shinsou. Y/n's boyfriend. And you are?" You don't dare look at his face because you know that he's making that disgusted expression. The same expression that he uses on everyone that tries to hit on you.
"I'm Josh-" he stares at the both of you with blank expressionless eyes.
"Well Josh I'm sure you have places to be so you should probably get going." and with that Josh turns around and walks slowly back to his cart and pushes it away. "
"Did you just-" you start.
"Yes. Now let's go before he realizes what happened" Shinsou pushes the Cart away and you follow close behind.
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bitchybaku · 3 hours ago
i read a bakugo (+ other mha characters, i can only remember aizawa) headcanon of like how they would react if u stained their bedsheets when u got ur period and like u felt very sorry bUT I CANT FIND IT ANYMORE IT WAS LIKE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ACCOUNTS TOO.
if anyone has it, pleAse lmk 👉👈
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mypimpademia · 3 hours ago
— Miruko's Assistant.
Rumi (Miruko) x black!fem!reader, Taishiro (Fatgum) x black!fem!reader, Tamaki x black!fem!reader
TW: Swearing.
Note: Yall ate the og hcs up, so I decided to come back in w the same prompt to give yall more, hope you enjoy it just as much as the other one💖 if this does well too I might do just one more w this (don't wanna milk it too much lmfao) find og fic here! Prompt creds to the anon that originally requested this ofc!! Your mind>>>
Just like for the last one, in Tamaki and Kirishimas parts, you're a student, but you're her assistant and help out any students that come through‼
⇶ Rumi was fully aware that her agency was basically god tier, especially in the looks department
⇶ She was known to hire black women, and take aspiring heros under her wing often
⇶ Everyone at her agency was also pretty strong, even if their quirks seemed minute. And the whole agency was a giant power house, and almost entirely ran off of strong black women
⇶ But despite doing all this, and having loads of work, Rumi had never had never had an assistant.
⇶ She'd never paid it any mind, not until Hawks pointed it out, and actually recommended you to her himself.
⇶ You were actually already working as one of his many assistants, and despite being one of his favorites as well, he figured Rumi needed you much more than he did
"Hey, you don't have an assistant, do you? I could give you one of mine. I have a specific one in mind. She's smart, helpful, and can definitely help you out around here. She's a really cutie too. Her name is Y/n."
⇶ Rumi was hesitant at first, she'd grown accustomed to being independent, so just the idea of having an assistant was foreign to her
⇶ But she took a quick liking to you. A very quick liking.
⇶ The first thing she noticed was that Hawks did not like when he said you were cute
⇶ He didn't lie about anything really, which caught Rumi off guard
⇶ And it's not that she doubted you, she didn't in the slightest. You were just way more than she expected
⇶ You molded into your position and the agency quickly, and were very hands on with everything
⇶ You often advised Rumi on things she had never even thought of, helped her with things she had know clue she actually needed help with, and more
⇶ You lifted some kind of weight off of her and the agency honestly
⇶ Which only had her more drawn to you
⇶ And everyone knew it too... Rumi is a giant cocky flirt, almost as much of one as Hawks
⇶ She made a point to always compliment you. From your appearance, to miniscule things like your laugh, and even to your work ethic
"'Morning Y/n... you look like good as hell today, you should wear that outfit more."
"Aw, you've got such a cute laugh. Matches your face, huh?"
"Geez, you're givin' me a run for my money with the way you work, and it's my agency."
⇶ Now Rumi had never really been into the whole "boss and assistant fall in love" type thing... but for you? She just might love it if you're in it
⇶ She wasted no time in trying to take your relationship outside of work once she was sure she liked you
⇶ Started off a bit basic and lowkey, just because she couldn't do much without being paraded by paparazzi
⇶ You both would go for coffee/tea together every morning, and you'd often spend your lunch together
⇶ Soon enough there were whispers in the media about Miruko possibly dating you, and in her true fashion, she let the rumors hang because soon enough they'd be true
⇶ You were often teased by your coworkers about how Miruko was clearly crushing on you, and you always brushed them off (even though you knew full and well that she did)
⇶ When you eventually did start dating, the way you came out about it was also in true Rumi fashion
⇶ Hawks was flirting with you just to spite Rumi, and she ended up kissing you
"Hm, you're getting cuter by the day aren't ya' Y/n? Rumi, you better be careful or I might steal her back from you." Hawks teased.
Rumi scoffed in annoyance, then tugged you closer to her by your waist, pulling you so close that your mouths were hovering each other.
She stayed like that and gave you a piercing yet soft stare, asking for permission to kiss you.
You dipped in yourself, connecting your lips together and pulling back with a 'smack'.
"So... I can't steal her?" Hawks asked laughing as he knew what reaction he'd get.
Just like he expected.
⇶ The pictures of you two sucking faces hit the media quick and spread like wildfire, by the time you gotten back to the agency later that evening, the whole office had heard about it and you were met with rounds of applause as you came in
⇶ Taishiro loves black women more than anything, no arguments
⇶ So Miruko's agency was pure heaven for him
⇶ Just looking around, his face was a rosy pink
⇶ All these beautiful women everywhere he looked, all shapes, sizes, and skin tones
⇶ And they were all drop dead gorgeous, every last one of them
⇶ But when Miruko called for her assistant and you came out? He thought his heart was gonna burst
⇶ You were just so beautiful
⇶ And he's quick to give you a small compliment you too
"This is my assistant Y/n, I've got some work to do so she'll be showing you some ropes while I'm busy." Mikruko explained.
Taishiro gave a wide smile.
"Nice to meet ya, Y/n! Say, Miruko, she as sweet as she looks?"
⇶ He was paying attention the whole while you were talking
⇶ But eventually, his mind did wander, to thoughts of you specifically
⇶ He couldn't help it, he was in the presence of the mosy beautiful person he'd ever seen
⇶ He complimented you almost the whole time
"You look so pretty all focused."
"Your hair really suits you y'know."
"You look so good in all this sunshine."
⇶ You tried to keep professional because you were merely an assistant, and you'd just met Taishiro
⇶ But lord knows your face was on fire the whole time
⇶ Taishiro was a bit sad when it was time to go, but thanked God he'd be coming back soon
⇶ And of course he charmed his way into snagging your number, and you hopefully be seeing each other more outside of work
⇶ Walking into the agency alone had him in shambles
⇶ He was a pure stuttering mess everytime one of the women even said hi to him
⇶ But when he saw you? Amajiki.exe has stopped
"Tamaki, this is my student assisstant, Y/n. She goes to Shiketsu and she's a 3rd year as well. She'll be showing you the ropes of the agency a bit while i take care of some things." Miruko explained.
You waved and smiled at Amajiki.
"It's nice to meet you Tamaki, I'm excited to work with you." You greeted him.
Amajiki's face was buring up, and he was reddened to the tips of his pointed ears. It took him about 5 seconds of silently breaking down before he gulped and greeted you back.
⇶ You started with showing him around the agency and just some parts he might be working in often
⇶ The whole time, he was cursing and thanking every window you guys passed by (aka, literally the whole tour, the entire building is mostly glass)
⇶ Amajiki had to have his hood pulled down the whole time to keep you from seeing his bright pink face
⇶ Normally, he wouldn't be this nervous, even with his extreme anxiety
⇶ But you were just so damn pretty, and there was just something about you that made his heart and mind race simultaneously that he couldn't quite place
⇶ You eventually sat down to explain some extra things to him, but ended up shifting into a casual conversation when you finished and were waiting on Miruko
⇶ Amajiki kept quiet at first, but the relaxed as he saw you subtlety trying to calm him down and egg him on to be more comfortable
⇶ Leading the conversation, asking questions, being genuinely interested in what he had to say
⇶ Loosened up a bit towards the end, and was actually a bit sad when Miruko said it was time to go
⇶ You gave him your number just in case he wanted to talk some more before heading out, and he honestly stopped breaking for a hot sec
"Hey, you want my number in case you wanna like talk normally outside of here?" You asked Amajiki.
His breath caught in his throat, but he tried to not let his nervous nervous show.
"Um, y-yeah sure." He sputtered.
He gave you his phone to put in your number, and then you both went your separate ways.
"I'll see you next time! Text me, aight?"
⇶ He was already looking forward to that next time
Taglist: @myhoodacademia @katsuflossy @minruko @ecao @nnnoya @hawklmaoo @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @lilsparkyswife @mindofess @kqtsukisgf @yuujisbby @angiebug101 @mads-fairy @solar3lunar @milliumizoomi @asaincy @silkylious @blackweebtrash @mitsumya @morosis-haze
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other-fan00 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With a S/O who wants to be a singer.
Tumblr media
🎳 — Note: There are no warnings. All quiet until the end.
Remember to drink water and eat well! <3
🎳 — Request: could you make present mic with an s/o who wants to become a singer
Tumblr media
He is happy to help you in everything you need; He will be like your manager.
It starts to get a little overprotective with the subject of your voice and your care.
He doesn't mind calling his contacts for different ideologies or comments on where you should start.
When you finish counting him automatically he's sponsoring you everywhere.
He wants you to know what it's like to start from 0, so he won't help you by giving you everything already done.
He has another reason to show you off every 0.8 seconds.
But, he will support you and give you advice or fix some chips if he thinks you seriously need help.
He is glad to be your support bar, always in the front row in everything.
He a dragged to the entire U. A to see only you. Students and proffesors.
At first he wants to take care of what you eat, but then he is the one who invites the food and snacks.
Always, always he reminds you to drink water.
To all the people he sees, he tells them a full ad about you.
Tumblr media
© 2021 other-fan | all rights reserved and please do not repost, modify or claim as your own.
Tumblr media
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lovinkiri · 3 hours ago
Hear me out on this one but may I request head cannons of Bakugo, Hawks, and Shinsou becoming Yanderes for a reader after they have sex for the first time? She has such an amazing wap, gives the best head, and is even sweet with her aftercare for them? They weren’t yanderes at first, but the minute they slid inside and felt how amazing she was, they lost themselves to pleasure and damn near chanted how she was theirs.
They don’t want anyone else to feel her or even come near her, any love rival must to be taken care of immediately so they can keep the reader to themselves.
Too Damn Good
Author's Thoughts: SHEEEEESH- 😩 okay hun, you got me. And I got you. But I the only thing is I don't write for Hawks. I'm sorry, I know he's popular, but he's the only character I don't write for. I just dont like him much I'm sorry- 😭 And I may have gone overboard 👀
Warning: Smut, Cursing, Breeding, Hypnotism/Quirk Play, Dirty talk, etc.
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
Okay so Bakugou was already a bit protective, but that's how he was with everyone he cared about
Your explosive pomeranian, ready to either bite (literally) or explode (also literally)
And when you laid under him, ready to take him, he was already feeling pretty possessive
But that was just the dom in him
It wasn't until he slid into your walls that something changed in him
At first, all he felt was was pleasure
You were so tight, so wet
And you took him so well
He fucking shuddered
Then he realized that all of this.. was his
You were his
Only his
And you would be no one else's
And when he started moving-dear god
"Fuck, Y/n- Just like that, shit, doin so good for me-"
Even though he was doing all the work
But you didn't mind the praise so 🤷🏿‍♀️
But Bakugou has to ensure that others know that you're his, for their sake because not only would he kill for you, he'd kill for this wap
So he starts marking you up
"K-Katsuki, I can't cover this-"
"Thats the fuckin' point."
At this point, my guy is pussy drunk 🥴
He's fucking you out of your mind, literally-
Like at this point, your seeing stars, shaking all over, grasping at his wrists that are so tightly holding you in place
"Mine, mine, fucking mine-"
Hes said it more times than he can count
And when he's so close to finishing, he wants to hear you say it
He slaps his palm against your cheek a couple times to get you out of your daze (you've cum like 4 times by now)
"Whose fuckin' pussy is this? Hah?"
You mumble out a weak response, squirming a bit
So he grips your throat and forces your eyes on him
You've never seen him look so predatory
"Speak up for daddy"
He looks so good and his voice is so rough, you cum, squealing out a high pitched "You! 'M yours, all your daddy!"
And that's what makes Katsuki thrust deeper, faster, throwing him over his peak
He moans loudly and fills you up, rutting into you desperately
And when the both of you settle down, he refuses to pull out
He doesn't want you to waste a single drop of his cum
And you seem fine with that, wrapping your legs around him and kissing his head that rests between your breasts
You curl your hands in his hair, encouraging his quite possessive thoughts
"All yours, all yours Katsuki.."
In his eyes, this is no longer one sided
You agree that your all his
So you agree that nothing should get in the way of you two, right?
Hmmm.. Wasn't that Momo you said was flirting with you at the library yesterday?
He'd have to organize a small meeting with her.
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
Honestly, the two of you weren't fully together
You were two close friends..
Who decided to be friends with benefits.
And Hitoshi really liked you, loved you even, so he was kinda excited.
Not that he'd let it show.
And he knew you liked him too.
You weren't ready for anything serious though, and he was fine with that.
You just needed to be dicked down
And what kinda friend would he be if he didn't do the dicking?
So the first time the two of you did it, you decided to blow him
To thank him for being patient with you, you know?
Head was so good, he nearly bust a nut early
Like wifey material good
You even let him fuck your mouth like a good girl
And you were so compliant, even with tears streaming down your face
Your only goal was to please
And fuck it was sexy
First came in your mouth
And he was worried he was done, it was just too good, he couldn't restrain himself
Then you opened your mouth
And he watched you swallow
And he knew it wasn't over
Not only did you not mind that he came before pleasuring you
But you even gave him a show?
Yeah no he's still hard
And now you're on the bed with your knees against your shoulders
And he pushing his cock into you
Unlike Bakugou tho, he’s taking this slow
He wants to savor this because damn you felt so good around him
You just moved from wifey material to just wifey
"Toshi.." You whimpered softly.
Thats what set it off for him
It was hearing you say his name so desperately, while your body made such lewd noises taking him
Everything about you was because of him right now
The way your voice shook, the way your toes curled, the way your chest rose
It was because of him
No one else
"Fuck, moaning like you've never had dick before Y/n"
"Ngh, n-none like yours.."
And now he was cocky
And of course, he used this moment to use his quirk on you
The two of you had discussed sex before hand and agreed that quirk play was fine
He got that consent 😌👌🏾
And so you laid there, still moaning through his quirk (as he hadn't put you that deep into hypnosis)
"Yeah? Never been fucked this good? Tell me the truth"
You shook your head weakly
"Use your words for me, c'mon"
"N-Never been fucked this good, n-never felt this good"
And now he knew you weren't just saying that
So if you were the best he had..
And he was the best you had..
Then there was no reason for anyone else to have you.
Simple as that.
And so he deactivated his quirk
"Fuck, gonna fill you up, make you full with my kid"
You whined and let your head fall back, not thinking straight at all
The dick was just too good
"Toshii, fuuck!"
"That's right, gonna make you a mommy, gonna be so beautiful with my kid in you"
You reached your peak, eyes rolling back "God, yeees.."
And that extra squeeze was all he needed
He suddenly came, your walls milking his cock dry as you came down from your own orgasm
He let his forehead rest on yours and let go of his grip on your thighs
You both laid there panting before you spoke up
"You really came inside.."
He softly cleared his throat
"Sorry.. I couldn't help myself. You felt.. really good."
You felt your cheeks flush and huffed softly, smiling a bit
"Thats fine. I'll take a Plan B. Let's go take a shower, yeah?"
He nodded and that's what you two did
And you washed him so gently, so lovingly
Now all he had to do was make sure you didn't take that Plan B.
You'd be such a lovely little housewife.
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thatgirlgames · 3 hours ago
Hi! Can I request headcanons of Yosetsu, Kosei and Hiryu with a sleep deprived s/o? I love your blog and I hope your doing well ❤️❤️
Yosetsu, Kosei, and Hiryu with sleep deprived s/o
Summary: Their s/o is sleep deprived. They try and help.
Warnings: Sleep deprivation.
Notes: Cute request! And I’m doing well thank you for asking!❤️
Yosetsu Awase:
My man is worried. Like, beyond worried for your health.
He knows that some people have struggles with falling asleep. He knows a few people who do.
But he never really thought about you. I mean, he has. It’s just that recently he’s been noticing the signs.
Eye bags, distancing yourself from conversations, etc.
He will come to you and offer in anyway to help you. Because that’s what good boyfriends do.
Will actually stay up with you and try to help you by all the classics.
Counting sheep, warm milk, taking a warm bath (he’ll wait outside for that one) and all the rest.
If that doesn’t work he might suggest using some sleeping pills. But of course you go to recovery girl first since you do need someone to give you the recommend dose.
Feels super happy if he actually helps you get some good rest. And suggests you stay from school for a day to help you catch up on your sleep.
Brings over the days notes and some food.
Best boyfriend.
Kosei Tsuburaba:
“Haha Same babe. We can stay up together.” He would joke.
But no seriously, he’s super worried about your health and it actually concerns him when he sees you dozing off in class.
He looks up ways online to help people sleep, and gets so deep in his research he’s pretty sure he can actually help Aizawa sleep now.
Makes sure to make you follow a strict bedtime now. He normally goofs off but if it’s with his s/o he’s gonna get serious.
Will legit just call you at the time your supposed to sleep and be like. “Hey I’m going to bed you better be in bed too.”
Will also bring you warm blankets he stuffed inside the dryer to help you fall asleep.
Warm blankets that just came from the dryer? Oh hell yeah baby.
If you want to cuddle with him to help you sleep he will do this no questions asked.
Also the type to watch some boring documentary to help you both get sleep if you need it.
Will actually take a selfie with you if he manages to help you get sleep.
‘Finally got them some sleep. Sleep well babe.’
Hiryu Rin:
Honestly? He feels you. Sometimes struggles to get sleep at night form how cold he is all the time.
So he would totally buy a queen sized heated blanket for the both of you to snuggle in to see if the warmth of it would help.
Also the type to make you count sheep and get you some warm milk.
Honestly as much as he researches how to help you, he cannot keep this information down.
So he kinda goes to Aizawa to see if he can help. So he missed lunch with you to poke the teacher awake to ask for advice.
Actually left with some helpful tips. But he was scolded for waking him up. Which honestly? He gets it.
With his new found knowledge he will try his best to help you sleep.
Will also go to sleep at the same time you do so you don’t feel too bad. Even if it means going or bed super early.
He wants to make sure you catch up on your sleep so he also recommends skipping one day to help you.
Brings the notes or homework for that day and also brings some of your comfort food.
And hot chocolate. It’s always time for hot chocolate.
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venus-is-incorrect · 3 hours ago
*Out grocery shopping* Denki: *takes a free sample twice* Denki: Robbery and Fraud. I am a Rebel.
All quotes yoinked from Tumblr,, twitter, and also suggestions from friends & users
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