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celestialswan · 29 minutes ago
It’s always so strange to me when I think about the fact that there’s an entire industry based on shaming people with vaginas into thinking their vagina is filthy and so are they...
Pussy looks like pussy, pussy smells like pussy, pussy tastes like pussy, pussy feels like pussy! There’s genuinely minimal care that goes into having one and it doesn’t involve summers eve or vagisil
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fuckyeahilike · 3 hours ago
It was tricky trying to put it into words, but I think this is how I would briefly explain radfem’s opposition to feminine accoutrements such as make-up:
Tumblr media
If femaleness and femininity are two different things and it’s ok to be butch because there is no connection between the two things, then what’s wrong with being feminine instead of masculine, if neither of those things define what it is to be authentically female? Why call one liberating and the other oppressive if they’re both equally irrelevant?
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higherstandardsthanyou · 7 hours ago
The best thing about getting vaccinated is knowing I'm one step closer to being able to wear lipgloss again
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