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becoming-ice · 32 minutes ago
Ma com'è che avete/siete tutti la crush di qualcuno? Queste esclusioni...
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please-love-me · 2 hours ago
Sometimes when I'm just waking up I think you're they're with me like before, I feel your warm soft fingers graze my damaged skin but when I try to lean into your arms your not there.
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sapphicconfession · 2 hours ago
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mr-mothkid · 2 hours ago
just drew a portrait of my crush. whooo. i dmed it to him and he simply said, "thank you" i am proud of myself.
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Always the dreamer I will be...
I wish you were here with me.
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nolostwords · 6 hours ago
I’ve never loved and felt something more in my entire life. 
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angel1cdemon · 7 hours ago
my online friend who’s also my crush isn’t gonna have wifi for a week. it hasn’t even been 24 hours and i already miss her more than the sun misses the moon
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icarus-died-laughing · 7 hours ago
there once was a boy named icarus. he was stuck high, high, high up in a tower with his father, daedalus. daedalus was an inventor who made a terrible monster, and so was held captive by the king.
over the years they were stuck there together, icarus grew restless, and his only passtime was looking at the sky. he dreamed of feeling the warm sun's rays once again. he could almost feel them as he sat by the window, longing for the gentle burning on his skin.
high up in olympus, even higher than icarus' tower, apollo heard the boy's longing. he gazed down at the boy, and shined a little brighter, hoping to warm the beautiful boy up, even if just a little bit.
years later, icarus hadn't stopped wishing, and apollo had grown fond of icarus, longing for him just as much as icarus longed for him.
one day, daedalus presented his son with a pair of beautifully made wax wings; an escape plan. as daedalus tightened the straps around his son's back, he explained that if he flew too high, the wax would melt, so he must keep a mild altitude. but icarus couldn't pay attention, for he was too busy watching the clouds move across the sky, allowing the sun's rays to spill out and reflect across the sea.
once they were both ready, they spread their wings and jumped. icarus half expected to fall, but the wind caught him, lifting him up. finally, after so many years of hope and yearning, icarus felt apollo caress his skin, and he smiled.
his smile grew wider as he went higher, and his laughter rang out, loud enough for all to hear. loud enough to cover the sounds of the crashing waves, loud enough to cover the cries of his father.
his back was getting hotter by the minute, the wax finally dripping down his sun-kissed skin. the feathers were falling out, but all icarus could think about them was how pretty they looked, gently floating down, until they were engulfed by the rolling waves. the joy icarus felt in that moment wasn't enough to soothe the sinking feeling in his father's stomach.
the sun, sky, and ocean were all a blur now as icarus turned himself over and over. he came to a stop, suspended momentarily, allowing his love to press kisses across even more of his skin. he closed his eyes, basking in the euphoria, and then he fell.
he felt as if he was gently floating towards the sea, but of course it was more of a plument. when he met the chilling water, he wasn't cold, for the love he'd just felt was enough to keep him warm for a lifetime.
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richardsikendaily · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
[text ID: I woke up in the morning and I didn’t want anything, didn’t do anything, couldn’t do it anyway, just lay there listening to the blood rush through me. /end ID]
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icarus-died-laughing · 10 hours ago
i really just. i love people. i love that when we're so overcome with emotion that we have to let it out through smiles, through laughter, through tears, through clapping, and shaking, and humming, and snapping, and twisting, and wiggling, and dancing.
i love the way we care for each other and the little things we do to show our love and appreciation.
i love the pure uniting joy that comrs from something as simple as a cute animal video, or a nonsensical joke that someone made and decided to post to the internet.
i love the way people are filled with inate care and adoration and beauty and i just.
i love people.
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soft-and-peachy · 10 hours ago
oh to walk on the beach with the person i love and give them heart-shaped rocks i find...
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starduststudyblr · 10 hours ago
did a story game on instagram and the results turned out great🥰
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