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void-inked-pen · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Mild MAU (Monsters Among Us) spoilers!
I doodled these as a warm-up or cool down in the margins in storyboard pro~ if you read @danzinora-switch's fic, you'll know which scenes these are ;3
Here's a link if you wanna read: MAU
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i-put-the-pan-in-panic · 4 minutes ago
Heartbreak - A Sanders Sides oneshot
3rd person POV:
Roman awoke, his eyes fluttering open as he examined his surroundings. He had fallen asleep in Pattons room the night before, so this was different from the normal scenery that covered the room he would usually wake up in. Family photos of the sides displayed in picture frames, kids toys lying everywhere but his desk, which was covered in random pieces of paper and probably a few recipes for cookies and other treats. Pattons room had become Romans safe space, and vise versa.
"Good morning, my dear~" Roman whispered, giving Patton a small kiss on his forehead. Patton gave a happy hum in his sleep, a soft smile following.
But something was off. His forehead was just a bit warmer than usual. His cheeks were tinted just a bit more pink than he was used to seeing. Roman sent a sympathetic look over towards the sleeping boy, walking out of the room.
He walked towards the bathroom down the hall, teaching into the medicine cabinet and grabbing a thermometer. He walked back, Patton still sleeping and hugging a stuffed animal.
Sweat was beaded on his face, which still held a tired smile, disregarding the shape he was in. Roman was careful to be quiet, holding the speaker of the thermometer to muffle the noise as he swiped the metal across Pattons forehead quickly. 102.1*
He muttered a quick "Shit." before taking the thermometer back to the bathroom. He quickly washed it off with warm water, putting the cap back on and placing it in the medicine cabinet.
He rushed out to the kitchen, in which he saw Logan typing away on his phone and almost chugging his daily cup of black coffee.
"Logan." Roman addressed the logical side. Logan almost immediately noticed the uneasy look on Romans face.
"Ah, good morning Roman. Is something the matter?" Logan questioned, putting his almost empty cup to the side and turning off his phone, setting it down on the table quietly.
"Yeah, yeah something is the matter. Can individual sides get sick?" His breathing was starting to get out of pattern.
"Well, yes, I suppose so. Are you feeling unwell?" Logan said in a concerned tone, walking over to Roman and reaching up to place a hand on his forehead. Roman politely moved Logans hand away with his own.
"No, actually, Patton has a fever and I was making sure that this was normal."
"Patton?" Logan questioned curiously. Roman nodded, confirming what Logan had once been so curious about. Logan seemed to think for a second, adjusting his glasses quickly and standing up straighter, although gay.
"Well Nico and Thomas got into a bit of an argument last night, so that may be the cause of it. But I'll do some more research in a little while to do a better and more proper diagnosis." Logan said, sitting back down and taking another sip of his coffee.
"Thanks, Nerd." Roman said before leaving, going back to Pattons room. He was going to make Patton feel better no matter the cost. He walked back into his room, the door creaking the slightest. Roman sighed, a sad smile curling on his lips. He layed down next to his beloved, wrapping arms around him and giving him the softest hug he could manage.
"Mm," Patton hummed, slowly waking up.
"Hello darling.." Roman whispered, rubbing the smaller ones back lightly.
"Are you feeling alright? You have a fever.." Roman asked as he awaited patiently for a response.
Patton could only manage a small shake of his head, leaning farther into Romans touch. "I-Is...everyone else okay though..?" Patton slurred, his words muffled by Romans shirt.
"I'm pretty sure. I haven't checked on everyone, but Logan and I feel okay." Patton responded with a nod, almost falling back asleep in Romans arms.
But he was awoken by the voice again, "Would you like me to make you some tea...?" Patton thought for a moment, before giving a small nod.
"But I can make it myself. I don't want you to waste too much time on me." He insisted, tiredly rolling off of Roman to sit up. He leaned back on his palms, repressing a yawn. Roman sat up with him, putting an arm around his shoulders and rubbing his upper arm.
"You're in no condition to be doing that yourself. I can get it for you, I promise." Patton slid his hand over Romans, intertwining their fingers silently.
"I'll be fine."
"No you won't." Patton let out a chuckle, smiling up at Roman.
"Ro, I'm fine. I'll get right back into bed after I get my tea."
"Fine. Then let me see you stand on your own."
Patton grabbed his glasses off of the nightstand, slipping them on. Roman helped Patton to a standing position, holding him as if he were a kid learning how to ride a bike. Roman finally let go, although only inches apart from the swaying boy. Pattons knees immediately buckled, falling into Romans chest with barely any control of his own body.
"See? I'm fine!" Patton joked, lifting only his head from Romans chest. Roman couldn't help but smile at the smaller boy.
"And this is why I'm making your tea for you."
Patton let out a whine, burying his face back into Romans shirt. The both wrapped their arms around each other, Pattons hung down at Romans waist; and Romans wrapped around his shoulders.
"Come on, let me get you back into bed."
Patton gave in at this point, allowing Roman to pick him up and gracefully lay him back down onto the soft covers.
"I'll be right back."
Patton layed on his bed, trying to stop the world from spinning around him as he focussed on a stain on the ceiling. A few extra minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt, would it? Patton let his heavy eyelids shut as he curled into a ball, trying to get comfortable. He was almost immediately woken up by Roman walking in, holding a glass of tea. The glass had a cat paw pattern on it. It was always Pattons favorite.
"Hello my darling~" Romans voice rang throughout the room once again, placing the cup of tea on the bedside table.
"Hi, honey.." Patton mumbled, rolling over to face Roman. Roman smiled softly, laying down next to Patton.
"Cuddles?" Patton asked, holding his arms out and doing grabby hands. Roman couldn't help but blush at this, sweeping him into his arms and holding him. Patton giggled quietly, smiling and blushing.
"Do you know anything about what happened last night?" Roman spoke up.
"No, is everything okay?" Patton immediately grew concerned.
"Well Thomas and Nico got into a bit of an..argument...late last night." Realization struck Patton like a brick. He finally realized why he felt so horrible. Heartbreak. Then why hadn't the cracks shown up yet?
"Do you have a mirror I can borrow?" Patton asked, sitting up and rolling off of Roman.
"What?" Roman was beyond confused.
"It's complicated! I just need a mirror and quick!" Patton began to shake, worrying about almost everything at the exact moment. This has only happened one other time, and Patton was lucky to survive it. But that was years ago. Patton didn't know if he'd make it through this one. Heartbreak. Such a literal term in the sense of sides.
"I think there's a handheld one on my desk, but that's all the was across the hall. You'd be better off just going to the bathroom." Patton nodded, slowly getting up.
"Are you sure you're okay to walk? I don't want you getting hurt. I can go with you if-"
"I'm fine," He reassured, stumbling quickly out of the room. That left behind a very worried and confused Roman.
Patton ran to the bathroom, holding the wall as he did so. He slammed the door shut, making sure to lock it as he leaned on the marble counter. He brushed his bangs out of his face with his hand, seeing the smallest crack, starting at his hairline and going down onto his forehead.
Patton knew that when something like this happened, Virgil was always affected. Whether Thomas is anxious that Nico doesn't love him as much as he used to, or he's scared that they're going to break up, Virgil is going to be affected to some degree. Patton made sure to put his bangs back in place, going out of the bathroom and towards Virgils room.
He creeked open the door, not trying to scare his dark strange son. Virgils head shot up as soon as he heard the quiet noise. He took off his headphones in a rush as he paused his music.
"Hey Kiddo, can I come in..?" Patton asked gently, peeking his head in. Virgil could only nod and hum, not trusting his voice. Patton walked in, closing the door behind him.
"Hey, Pat." Virgil mumbled, his voice slightly distorted. The father figure was leaning on the door frame, keeping his balance. Patton gave a small wave, walking over to his bed and trying not to collapse on the way.
"Dad, are you alright? Last night Thomas-" Virgil said quickly, before Patton cut him off. Patton stayed silent, but moved his hand up to shove his bangs back and show the small crack - soon to grow bigger - to Virgil. Virgil let out a gasp, he swore his heart stopped for a second.
"I-It can't be happening again...! No! I-I won't let it happen!" Virgil had started crying. Patton let out a choked cough, before wiping Virgils tears away with the other hand. The only thing that could be heard was Virgils rapid breathing, until Patton spoke once again.
"I'm going to be okay Kiddo. Relax. Take a breather." He said as he held Virgils face. His own dizziness almost made him fall over as he scooted towards the scared and anxious boy. Virgil nodded, trying to get his breath back to normal. Patton put an arm around Virgil, rubbing his back in the slightest.
"Here Virge, copy my breathing." Patton took a deep, exaggerated breath, trying not to cough. Patton whispered small reassurances, such as "It's going to be okay." or "Breathe,".
They seemed to be working as Virgil slowly calmed down. Once Virgil could finally breathe again, he layed his head into Pattons shoulder, in which Patton brought up a hand to stroke his hair quietly.
"What if something bad happens to you?" Virgil mumbled, playing with his hoodie sleeves.
"Then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, Kiddo." Patton said in a tone that was at least one octave down from his normal, cheery one.
It was too serious. And it scared Virgil.
"But Dad..." His voice began to distort again, "...I don't think I can live without you..." This brought on a whole new wave of tears for Virgil.
"Oh Kiddo... C'mere.. It's going to be okay.." Patton said as he wrapped his arms around Virgil as tight as he could without hurting him. Virgil gripped onto one of those arms as if Patton would disappear if he didn't. Patton could feel the crack expanding down towards his eyebrow, something he'd have to cover up later with makeup. But he decided to ignore it for now. Although a tear escaped his eye, he still managed to keep a calm smile on his face.
Meanwhile, Roman was talking with Logan in the kitchen once again.
"I guess I'm just...worried? The last time Patton was sick like this was..." Roman said, trying to remember when the time he was referencing was. Then it hit him, "Thomas' last breakup." It was almost under his shaking breath.
"What're you guys talking about?~" Remus sang, walking in with Janus.
"Oh! Janus! Just the guy I needed to see!" Logan exclaimed, ignoring Remus completely.
"Hm?" Janus cocked an eyebrow, confused but still paying careful attention.
"You were there at Thomas' and Nicos fight, correct?"
But Patton overheard everything. Of course it was Janus who would've been in the fight. He probably caused it in the first place. Another piece of his forehead cracked, leaving a terrible sight. He actually trusted Janus for once. And he was mad at himself for it.
A few minutes passed of overthinking and hugging Virgil. Patton, lost in his thought, barely even heard the small curse that came out of Virgils mouth.
"Shit, Pat, you're bleeding." Virgil muttered, his tears now dry, but the stains still on his cheeks. The hug had ended, apparently.
"Hm?" Patton was still busy thinking, only looking at Virgil in his peripheral view.
"Patton for Gods sake pay attention to me! You! Are! Bleeding!" Virgil raised his voice, done with Pattons bullshittery for today, even though it was only the morning.
"Wait what? Where?"
Virgil reached up towards Pattons forehead, wiping a dribble of the red, sticky liquid off of his warm skin. Virgil was shocked, gasping in the slightest. He put his other, uncontaminated hand on the other side of his forehead, making sure not to hit any of the cracks.
"You're burning up." Virgil whispered to himself, placing a soft hand on Pattons cheek.
"Oh, I would've never guessed!" Patton joked, giggling a bit.
"Have you taken your temperature at all??"
"Roman mentioned something about a fever when I woke up, but I'm not sure if he took it." Virgil thought for a moment, Pattons words finally registering in his head.
"You...slept with Roman...?" Virgil recoiled, making a disgusted face at Patton.
"Not the point, but yeah, I slept with him." Virgil shook his head, trying to get those thoughts out of his head.
"Just...lye down, I'm grabbing the thermometer." Virgil said as get got up.
"But this is your bed?" Patton wasn't upset by this, no, but he didn't want to intrude. Especially considering the fact that Virgil normally didn't like the other sides touching his stuff in the first place.
"And? You're laying down. You're swaying just sitting there. Did you think I couldn't see it?" Virgil growled, putting a firm hand on Pattons shoulder.
"No." His voice was fragile and weak. Virgil could feel his anxiety heighten at this. He's never seen Patton just this vulnerable before. He gave a slight force to Pattons shoulder, pushing him out of the sitting position he was in, and back onto the pillow. He had barely pushed. Just a mere pressure, almost less than gravity gave.
Patton let his legs stretch out naturally, not bothering to stop it from happening. Virgil gave a slight sympathetic chuckle, pulling a thin blanket over him from the end of his own bed.
"I'll be right back, 'kay Dad?"
"M'kay.." Patton mumbled, curling onto himself and gripping the blanket. Virgil gave one more glance towards the curled up figure on his dark bed before leaving the room.
He came almost face to face with a fuming Prince as soon as he stepped into the hallway.
"Well hello to you too, Princey." Virgil remarked sarcastically. Roman just grumbled.
"If that snake wouldn't have been the only side awake during the argument, this wouldn't have happened." Roman just now looked up at Virgil, his eyes brimming with tears.
"Fuck off, I was there, too." He slapped his arm playfully.
"Wait, seriously??" Roman almost yelled, making Virgil wince.
"Yup." He said in a monotone voice, trying to leave the conversation. He started to walk away, but Roman caught his hood, keeping him in place.
"What is it now?" He grumbled.
"Have you seen Patton?"
"Yeah, he's in my room resting."
"Is he oka-" Before Roman could finish that question, it was immediately answered by a scream, coming from Virgils room.
"Shit." Virgil immediately ran back into his room, swinging the door open. Roman followed close behind, worry filling his veins.
Patton was curled up in a tight ball, his hands held over his mouth as black liquid mixed with blood poured from it. Tears were streaming down his cheeks in a steady flow, mixing with the other two fluids. He could barely see, but he was able to quickly yell a, "It hurts!!" as he screwed his eyes shut. He was hit with another wave of pain as more blood poured down his forehead. The crack was at least two times bigger than Virgil had last seen, although he was gone for barely a minute.
"Help.." He whispered as Virgil ran over to him, but Roman was stuck at the door. He couldn't move. He didn't know how to.
"Shh, shh, I'm here. It's okay. I know it hurts. Breathe. Breathe for me." Virgil rambled, holding Patton tightly in his arms.
"V-Virge..?" Patton whispered as he gripped the fabric of his soft hoodie, letting out another, quieter sob. Virgil just nodded, allowing Patton soak his clothes with tears and blood, making a mental note to clean it off later.
Logan walked in, confused but mad.
"WHY IS EVERYONE..." he saw Patton, "...yelling..." he finished, mumbling.
Heartbreak. What everyone in that room felt. Patton. Virgil. Logan. But especially Roman.
He was having his own mini panic attack, still standing in the doorway with Logan. Logan put a soft hand on his upper arm, rubbing circles with his thumb.
"It's going to be alright, Roman. Can you take a deep breath with me?" Logan asked, gripping his shoulders firmly, but in a caring way, making sure to not let go.
Roman gave a hasty nod, looking Logan in the eyes.
"In," Logan started, mentally counting out 4 seconds exactly.
"Now hold," He said as he began to count 7 seconds.
"Now out." 8 seconds.
Logan gave a satisfied smile, "Good. Now, can you try that again?"
They did the breathing exercise for a few minutes, Logan still holding onto Romans shoulders. But Logan moved his hand a bit to wipe a stray tear that was dribbling down Romans cheek, making it dry once again.
But more tears poured as Roman shook Logan off, going to his boyfriend. Logan followed, not having much else to do. Patton had calmed down - thanks to Virgil - the slightest bit. He was still coughing up a bit of blood, and the unidentifiable black liquid from before, though. But he could actually breathe now without letting out another sob, so that's progress. Even if it's just a bit.
As soon as Patton realized that Roman was there, he crawled over to him, laying his head on his shoulder. Roman wrapped his arms around him, giving him a hug, and a small kiss on the top of his head. Much to Logans and Virgils surprise, Patton broke down once again, leaning fully into Roman.
"Let it out, baby. Let it all out... It's okay..." Roman ran his fingers through Pattons soft but tangled hair, giving him small kisses. Patton sobbed so hard that it almost hurt more than the growing cracks. He just wanted to be okay.
Logan sat on the bed next to the others, making a small circle/triangle type group. He patted the sobbing boys back softly, trying his best to be comforting. Pattons eyes began to burn, more than tears ever could. He let out a small whimper, trying not to cry out in pain. He put a hand to his cheek, in which his tears were rolling down. Or well, he thought it was tears. But it was just the same black liquid as before.
What may be the end of Pattons whole life.
His actions being uncontrollable, he coughed hard, more liquid reddening his eyes as he sobbed.
"I-it...h-hurts..." He croaked out, curling in on himself as he shook.
"I know, Pat. Just keep breathing. It's okay. You're going to be okay." Virgil spoke, sliding into the hug. Logan decided to join the group hug, they all held Patton in their arms. Patton gave a sad, bloody, smile, enjoying the warmth around him. He coughed once again, more blood spilling out. None of the sides were bothered by the stains that soaked their clothes. But they were all bothered by the sight of Patton. It hurt each of them.
"I...I love you all.." Patton said much too clearly, pain contorting his face.
What had killed Patton that morning.
[Ps: This was also in my oneshots book on Wattpad, so if ya' like my writing, it's @TheCronchIsReal on Wattpad and the book name is 'Sanders Sides one shots (a lot of angst)]
[And the artwork I promised in the warnings✨]
Tumblr media
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xwing-baby · 8 minutes ago
Impulse: El Ojo (Javier Peña x f!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Top of your class, the DEA have sent you to Colombia to be the poster child for their new ‘placement program’. You’re thrown in at the deep end into the drug war. With Agent Peña as your mentor, what could possibly go wrong? 
Warnings: swearing, injury to reader, alcohol and drug abuse, threatening with guns, brief mentions of torture, description of injury and blood, unwanted touching, flirting, bad thought processes (addiction). PINK SHIRT 
Word Count: 5k 
A/N: Had a little change of plan last week, this is now the final chapter of this series. I am so sad to end it now, I’ve loved writing this so much. My first time writing for Narcos so thank you so much for all the support y’all I’ve given me with this. I love you all. I hope you enjoy this chapter!! 
<-- Previous Chapter // Masterlist //  Next Chapter -->
You were on a winning streak. Since you’d found the list of sicarios and matched that up with the more current information, you’d presented it to Carrillo and surprisingly he was on board. With his help, you had brought down five, admittedly low level but increasingly more valuable, sicarios. If you didn’t think about the torture and abuse each of them undertook once captured, used to break them into more telling more information, you could say you were doing a good job. Escobar’s organisation was shaking. You were coming for him. 
You and Steve leant against a wall, soaking up the sunshine chatting amongst yourselves when you saw Javier arrive. You hadn’t expected him to come at all, having disappeared without a word early on in the morning. He parked his truck close by, walking over to you and Steve with his vest in hand. You grinned and jabbed Steve when you saw the shirt Javi was wearing. 
The pink shirt had been a long-standing joke since you’d found it in his closet a few months ago. He had many colourful shirts, was known for them, but the pink one always seemed like another level. You and Steve teased him about it constantly, though you had to admit it did look good on him now. Javi scowled when he saw you and Steve’s mischievous grins, immediately realising his mistake. 
“I know you get called the Whore of Bogata but you don’t need to dress like it! Jesus christ Javi!” You fanned yourself with your hand, grinning at him, “really I’m going to need a minute,” Javi flipped you off as you laughed hard.  
“Shut up, I look great,” He grumbled. 
“Just thinking about the poor flamingo you rinsed for that colour,” Steve joined in the teasing, shaking his head sadly. 
“You are just jealous you could never pull this colour off,” Javi said smugly. You laughed.
“Maybe you shouldn’t come out today, could be quite distracting,” You said, pretending to be thoughtful. Javi’s frowned, only making you and Steve laugh more, “Aw don’t get pissy, Baby. We love you really” You teased him in a mocking voice, pouting at him. “You and your flamboyant choices,” You ruffled his hair up as you passed him. He tried to duck out the way but you caught him. He shoved you away, muttering expletives under his breath. You skipped a few paces out of his reach, flipped him off. 
“L/n!” Somebody called your name across the street, one of the technicians you’d been talking to before Javier arrived. You left Steve and Javier to talk. 
The technician explained the problem again, showing you the options for moving forward. It was quite common that things would go wrong before any kind of mission. Today was no different, the technicians had lost a signal and were now not sure that the address you had swarmed was correct.  
You chewed your nails while you thought. You could risk getting the wrong house, letting the sicarios know you were on to them and you’d lose them again. You could come back another day, but risk losing them again. Or you could ransack some innocent person's house and have Carrillo on your ass for ruining his reputation in the one week he’d left you in charge. 
 If you messed this up it would mean your stronghold would be lost. There would be time for them to work out what was going on and move everything again. 
At a loss, you excused yourself needing to take a break and a few minutes alone to think without soldiers trying to put in their two cents. 
As your work life had become more stressful over the last months. You had found some relief in, ironically, coke. It wasn’t a habit you were trying to form, but you had learnt just what good taking just a little bit could do for you. It quietened down your worried brain and made you simultaneously more aware of everything. You were better when you were just a little bit high.  
You had started keeping a small amount in your pocket. Hidden in a small sewing tin in your jacket pocket, you had started keeping a little coke on you especially for moments like this. You could take it, have a breather, and come back with a solution. It was fine. Nobody would know. 
You’d spotted a cafe across the road, and hoped they had a restroom. You gave an excuse to the soldier you’d been talking to and walked across the street.
“Oi Rookie!” Javi called as he noticed you walk past on the opposite side of the street. “Where are you going?” 
“Going to the bathroom. Women’s issues,” You called back, Javi and Steve grimaced. That was always the best excuse.
While you wouldn’t do it at the compound you didn’t have any reservation here. You’d been itching for a hit all morning and there was only so much more you could take. You walked into the cafe, asked for the direction of the restroom, and locked the door behind you once you were inside. Small, dark and stinking of pee, it was not the best place but hygiene wasn’t particularly an issue you were worried about. 
You tipped a small amount from the box onto the sink counter, lined it up with a card from your pocket, bent down and took it up your nose. You grimaced, while it had burnt your nose somewhat it still stung. But it was worth it when the feeling began to kick in. You smiled at your reflection and double-checked your appearance in the mirror, wiping your nose. Nobody could ever tell. 
As usual, the drug kicked your brain into gear again and everything fell into place. The raid went brilliantly, by pure coincidence you’d bagged two sicarios in one as your original target had invited your next round for dinner with his new girlfriend. Your plan well into the swing of things now, much to everyone’s surprise. 
Like every weekend for the last three months, you were going out. The line between enemies and friends was long since blurred, hanging out with ‘Isabela’s’ friends was not an issue. Most of the time you weren’t even trying to get anything from them, you’d got what you needed months ago. As fun as Javier and Steve were, it was much more enjoyable to hang out with people your age. And they wouldn’t give you cocaine, María had it on tap. 
You were dressed up, recently treating yourself to a new outfit as a job well done. A black off the shoulder top, covered in lace, and a little black mini skirt. You felt sexy, you were going to have a very good night. 
“Rookie!” Javier called out to you as he came out of the apartment building. You were standing outside waiting for a taxi, smoking a cigarette.
“Javi, baby, you’re looking slick! Where are you going?” You checked him out. He wore his signature tight blue jeans and an equally tight black shirt that was almost bursting at the seams. He looked incredible, as he always did. 
You were thankful that things had gone back to normal between you and Javier. The awkward stepping around each other had gone, you weren’t jealous. You acknowledged you would probably always like him a little more than was professional but that had fallen into a fun flirty banter that more than anything just wound Steve up.
You found yourself calling him Baby more than his name, it’d started as a joke to get back at him for always calling you Rookie but now it was so commonplace people had stopped picking you up on it if it slipped out while you were working.  
It was fun. You cared for each other, that was clear to even a blind man, but there was no romanticism to the relationship anymore. There was no need. It wasn’t good for either of you. You’d found a comfortable rhythm and were going to stick to it. 
“Out,” He shrugged, “That’s a new top,”
“You noticed?” 
 “Course, can’t keep my eyes off you,” He purred, happily playing along with your game. 
“Thought you’d be more interested in the skirt,” 
“Will you two quit it?” Steve’s voice interrupted your flirting as he walked down the stairs. You barked in laughter. 
“Steve! So it’s a boys night I see? Where was my invite?” 
“Figured you’d have your own plans,” Steve said. 
“And you are correct Murphy but it’s always polite to ask,”
 “Next time,” He assured you. “Where are you going tonight?” 
“I don’t know. Some club, El Ojo or something?” You shrugged, “Seeing as this is maybe Isabela’s last time out I am going to go out with a bang, literally,” You raised an eyebrow, insinuation of your worlds made Steve roll his eyes. 
You were hoping within the next few weeks to be able to close in on some higher level sicarios and associates to Escobar. Drawing the noose in slowly so he wouldn’t notice until it’d choked him. That meant your position as Isabela was going to have to come to an end to keep you safe from your own program. You’d discussed it at length with Peña and Murphy, while you didn’t agree you had to listen to them. They were still your superiors after all, no matter how close friends you were. 
“If you told past you you were going to willingly sleep with a Narco I think you would have passed out,” Steve laughed. 
“I’m a changed woman Murphy, what can I say,” You smirked, “Imagine what I’ll be like by the end of the year,” 
“God help us,” Javier shook his head, a smirk plastered on his face. You laughed and stubbed out your cigarette with your shoe as your taxi pulled around the corner. 
“Here’s my ride. Have a good night, boys. I will be back in the morning,”
El Ojo was just as María had told you. Modern and smoke-filled, people were filling every inch of the space. You walked in and couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face. This was exactly what you needed. Crowds were anonymous, nobody cared who you were or what you were doing. Everyone was just there for one reason, to have a good time. 
You ordered a drink at the bar, flirting with the man next to you briefly before taking the drink and finding your friends. As usual, they were up in the VIP area, courtesy of the Parreño name. You walked up and were let inside the cordoned-off area to find Diego stood up on his seat, wild-eyed, shouting about something. It wasn’t until you got closer that you heard what he was saying. 
“I’m telling you Isabela is lying!” He shouted above the music. 
“What’s going on?” You asked. None of the ten people surrounding the booth noticed your approach, their eyes shifting awkwardly when they saw you. 
“You! You’re a liar!” Diego pointed down at you, hatred burning behind his eyes. 
“What is going on?” You asked again. You looked around for María, she was usually the one to step between you and Diego, but she was nowhere to be seen. This was not the kind of conversation you’d wanted for this evening. 
“You were the only one to survive that raid at Carlos’,” He continued, jumping off the couch to your level,  “That fucking maniac Carrillo killed everyone but you! You’re working with them, aren’t you?” 
“You’ve lost it,” You rolled your eyes, “Completely lost it,”
“You don’t deny it!” He yelled. You gulped, trying not to look scared of the man but the rage in his eyes was shaking you. You stepped backwards as he advanced toward you
“You’re insane!” You laughed in his face, “I’m not a fucking spy, especially not for Carrillo,” 
“Bullshit,” He spat, Suddenly he pulled a gun from his back, waving it in your face. People shouted and screamed around you, scattering as the metal glinted in the light. Your eyes remained on his, not saying a word as he pressed the barrel into your neck. You didn’t move, barely breathing, “You’re a fucking rat,” He growled.
“Diego!” Finally, María stepped in, running over when she heard the commotion. “Stop it, put it away. Idiot,” She pulled the gun from his hand, standing firmly between you and him. “Ignore him. He’s paranoid. Someone’s leaking information and he thinks it's you because he’s a jealous asshole,” Maria explained, swiftly pushing him backwards until he sat back in the booth again, “How fucking ridiculous would that be? You? A spy!” 
“Insane,”  You agreed through a clenched jaw. Diego continued to glare at you dangerously, leaning over to whisper something to a friend. 
“I swear if we get banned from this club because of you Diego I am leaving you,” María said angrily, “Come on, I want to party,” She linked her arm through you, not caring that you were still in shock from having a gun held to you, and dragged you to the bar.
Fortunately, copious amounts of vodka and tequila were great for calming your nerves. In a few hours, you had nearly forgotten the entire ordeal. You couldn’t think about anything more than the music ringing in your ears and how good it felt dancing on the stranger behind you. 
After a while, María pulled you back up to the booth where Diego and his friends were still sitting. You did your best to ignore him, chatting to one of the girls at the table instead. You laughed and did a few lines, generally relaxing into the evening. So relaxed you didn’t notice the newest member of the group until he finally addressed you.
“Don’t I know you?” You looked over and panic spread over you like a bucket of ice water over your head sobering you almost instantly. He did know you. The man before you was the first man you had arrested, almost six months ago. He must have been bailed out for jail. 
“No,” You answered confidently. You didn’t lie. You didn’t know him, not really.
“Gabriel, sit down!” María cheered, “Isabela this is my cousin, Gabriel. Gabriel, Isabela,” She introduced you. Her cousin. Of course. You smiled politely, praying the dim lights would hide the nervous sweat that had overtaken you. 
Gabriel looked confused but didn’t say anything if he did recognise you. Not that that would matter anyway, as soon as he spoke to Diego his memory would no doubt be jogged. If he found out you were a DEA agent you would be dead. You had to leave.
“Here take my seat, I’ve got to get some air for a minute,” You stood up, letting him take your place next to Maria. You caught Diego’s suspicious look as you walked past, spotting the nearest exit door. 
Your hands were shaking, your body not sure what to do with itself. The cocaine and alcohol said to go back inside and take them all out. What was left of your rational brain was consumed by fear and kept you outside. It was bad enough if someone like Senator Parreño had suspicions about you but Diego? Gabriel? Diego had already shown he wasn’t afraid to threaten you in public. Of the two of them joined heads they would connect the dots and your cover would be blown wide open. So would you, you thought morbidly. Coke and anger never mixed well. 
You took breathes of the warm summer air, leaning against the wall of the club as you tried to calm yourself down. You shouldn’t have taken the last shot, now verging over the edge of blacking out; your vision was spotty, sound not registering properly and your tongue felt heavy in your mouth. 
You wondered if Steve and Javi were nearby, the fresh air having the opposite effect than you’d wanted. You would blackout and you were going to need help to get home if you did. But you didn’t recall either of the men telling you where they were going, they could be anywhere in the city. 
Stumped for the moment, you decided to wait it out, lighting a cigarette hoping that might help sober you up. You pulled the packet from your purse
“Need a light?” A man appeared next to you, lighter in hand. You nodded and he flicked the flame up, you bent over and lit your cigarette between your teeth. 
“Thanks,” You mumbled, turning away from him, hoping he would leave. He didn’t. Instead, the man continued to stare at you, following you into your personal space as you shuffled away from him. 
“Can I help you?” You snapped, immediately getting a bad feeling about him. You crossed your arms over your chest, frowning at him. 
“No need for that tone baby. Come on, I wanna talk to you,” He purred. His eyes dipped to your cleavage, a lustful look in his eyes. 
“I’m not interested,” You said, stepping backwards away from the man. He seemingly didn’t hear you, continuing to get into your personal space, arms reaching out to grab your hips. 
“You were interested earlier. Come on, baby,” He purred, pulling you close to him, pressing his hips against yours. 
“Don’t fucking touch me!” You yelled, pushing him off hard enough to make him stumble backwards. 
“Fucking bitch,” He growled. 
If you were sober the situation would have a very swift end. You would punch him square in the face and he would leave you alone, scuttling away with a broken jaw and a shattered ego. However, you were not in a state to do that now. He had the upper hand. All you could do was run, hoping once you were back amongst people he wouldn’t attack you. You looked up the alley, the open street was just a few feet away. 
You bolted.
Unfortunately just as you didn’t have enough coordination to punch the man, you didn’t have enough to run in heels on the uneven floor. Not even ten foot away your legs wobble, heels falling into a pothole sending you forward. You fell into a dumpster, head hitting the corner of the metal with a thud. You yelped, vision going black for a moment as you lay on the concrete. 
“Hey hey hey,” A man ran over, instantly scaring the man off of you. He knelt by your side and helped you up from where you’d fallen. You groaned and pushed yourself up, head throbbing harshly, warm liquid trickling down your face. Your world was spinning even with your eyes closed. “Y/n, Fuck are you okay?”
“Get off me!” You exclaimed, trying to push the stranger off, not that your shaking arms were very effective. 
“Y/n hey it’s me, you’re okay!” You looked up and saw Steve through a haze of blurred vision. You squinted as something dripped over your eye. Steve then saw the cut to your head, “Oh shit,” Your eyes are glassy and blown out, you mumbled something to him and pushed yourself out of his reach again, wobbling and tipping backwards. He caught you before you hit the floor again. “Y/n what are you doing out here? Weren’t you with your friends?”
“Her brother was the first guy,” You said, your speech slurred so much Steve barely understood what you were saying.
“Rookie, you’re not making sense. What are you on about?” 
“I’m so fucked,” You sighed, letting your head rollback. You giggled as the world spun. 
“Yeah, I can tell, come on let’s get you home,” Steve stood up, holding his hands out to you and pulled you up to standing again. 
“Where’s Peña?” You asked. 
“At the bar,” 
“I want to go talk to him, let’s go talk to him!” You exclaimed. You began to walk in the opposite direction, dragging Steve along by the arm. He pulled you back with ease. 
“You can talk to him in the morning, we’re going home,” He insisted.
“But I have to tell him about the brother he’s going -,” Your rambling was interrupted as you threw up, barely missing Steve’s leg. He grimaced and jumped out of the way, “I have to talk to him,” You said quietly once you were done. 
“Tomorrow, Kid,” He repeated himself.
You pouted, tears of frustration welling up in your eyes but you didn’t fight him. Despite how drunk you were you knew that going home would realistically be the best course of action right now. You could barely string a sentence together let alone get anything important out coherently.
Steve got you into a taxi, luckily the driver paid no attention to the blood dripping down your face. You were falling asleep on his shoulder as you pulled up to the apartment, Steve pulled you out of the car and up the stairs to the apartment. Only when he opened the door, he was met by Javier and Vanessa also on their way inside.
“Woah!” Javier instantly turned his full attention to you when he saw the state you were in, hanging onto Steve’s sleeve, “What happened?” 
“Some guy tried to touch her up, she hit her head, I’ve got it covered,” Steve explained.
“Hey Baby,” You grinned, obviously giving Javi a once over. 
“She doesn’t look alright,” Vanessa commented, “Did she just call you baby?”
“It’s a long story,” Javi dismissed the comment. “She doesn’t look okay,”
“I’ve got it covered. I’ll get her to throw up and get some water to sober her up,” Steve said, “We’ll be okay, won’t we Rook?”
“Fine and dandy!” You grinned.
“If you’re sure,” Javi said hesitantly. You were gone, hanging onto Steve’s arm to hold yourself up. Your eyes were blown out and blank, if you remembered anything in the morning it would be a miracle. His first reaction was to help you, not sure Steve could handle you alone. Steve wasn’t exactly sober himself, sinking a good few beers with Javier in the bar before he’d left. However, his decision was made for him as you and Steve began walking up the stairs, Vanessa’s hands were back on him and any worry was squashed as she dragged him into his apartment.
Upstairs, Steve took you into his apartment. He took you to the bathroom, sat you on top of the toilet and rooted around the medicine cabinet to find some cleaning supplies so he could patch up your bleeding head. 
“Connie’s probably got something in here,” He rooted through the cabinet. Connie had gone back to Miami for the week to see her family, inconveniently right when her skills were needed. Steve’s tipsy attempt at first aid would have to do,“Ah-ha! Here we go, clean that cut out with this,”
“Ow!” You whined, flinching away from him quickly when he showed you the antiseptic bottle. 
“I didn’t touch you,” Steve chuckled, “Hold still,” Carefully he poured the liquid over a cotton ball, took hold of your face in the other hand and dabbed the cotton on your cut. 
“Ow! Steve that fucking hurt,” You complained, flinching away from him as the alcohol stung the wound on your head. You frowned at him, tearing up a little. 
“Don’t be a baby,” 
“I am a baby!” You exclaimed. Steve grabbed hold of you again, he needed to clean the wound if it was going to heal properly. You whined and hissed at him but eventually, it was clear. 
“Look, all done, got the grit out,”
“Thanks, Steve,” You kissed his cheek quickly. 
“You’re welcome,” He laughed awkwardly. “Come on, you can’t sleep on my toilet. Bedtime,”
“You’re not my type,” You scrunched your nose and leant away from him. 
 “Ouch way to break my heart Rook,” Steve chuckled, “No, you’re going to your own bed, by yourself,”
“It's so far away!” You whined. 
“It's across the hall!” He copied your tone making you laugh. 
Steve pulled you up from the toilet and managed to wrangle you across the hall. Half asleep, leaning into Steve before you even got inside the apartment, you fell into bed without protest. Steve pulled off your shoes, throwing them on the ground before stumbling back to his apartment to collapse in his bed. 
Waking up in your apartment unsure of how you got there, was a strange feeling. What was even stranger was the harsh throbbing on your head. You blindly brought a hand to the sight, recoiling instantly as you touched something sore. You sat up, slowly opening your eyes to the daylight and looked at your reflection in the mirror opposite your bed. 
You groaned when you saw the gash on your forehead. Dried blood sat in the creases of your neck, and underside of your jaw as well as being crusted into your hair. You tried to remember how you’d gotten the injury but came up blank. You couldn’t remember anything from the night before. Not unusual for your almost nihilistic habits, but it was concerning given the infliction. 
You looked at the clock. 9 am. You’d slept in. Since you were up you decided to clean yourself up. You padded to your bathroom, wincing at the harsh light inside and the grinding sound of the extractor fan. You filled the sink with warm water and gently cleaned the blood from your face with a cloth, only once stopping to throw up into the toilet. 
You showered, hot steam help clear your brain fog but not helping the cut on your forehead which now stung immensely. But that wasn’t the feeling you were concentrating on. 
A new kind of hunger, one you weren’t yet familiar with had settled in on the back of your tongue. A repeating idea chanting over and over in your head. It had partly been cocaine’s fault you’d got into this mess, but it would get you out of this hangover now. 
You remembered you had some in your jacket pocket from the day before, leftover. Once you’d thought about it there was no stopping you. You didn’t have to take it all, you could stop yourself if you wanted. You pulled the tin out from your coat, sit it down on your dressing table while you pulled on some clothes. 
 You sat back at the dressing-table again once you were done and stared at the box. You’d not done it here more than once or twice. Never by yourself. Something about being at home with it made you feel guilty, possibly because you were surrounded by your friends who also happened to be DEA agents who would kill you if they found the stuff in the building. 
You picked up the box, contemplating it. You could get something done if you took it. Wouldn’t have to sit in your hungover state and wallow in self-pity until the headache left. You could go for a walk. Do nice things. Taking the cocaine would bring you nice things, as it always did. 
You opened it. 
“Morning,” Javier’s voice inside your apartment suddenly startled you, causing you to spill the contents of your box all over your dressing table. 
“Fuck,” You swore out loud. 
“Okay in there?” You regretted giving him a key. You did not need the interruption. His voice snapped you back to reality. You decided you didn’t have time, or rather not wanting to be caught red-handed, you decided to leave it and greet your surprise guest. 
“Good morning,” You said brightly, opening and closing your bedroom door tightly behind you. Javier was standing in the middle of your living room, a book in hand flicking through it. He discarded it back to the coffee table where he’d found it when you appeared. 
“Just wanted to check you were alright, you looked rough last night,” Javi said, “that cut looks sore,”
“It stings but it’ll be ok in a few days,” You shrugged. Javi looked at you strangely, “Did you come up here for something?” You asked. 
“You don’t remember what today is?” He asked. You frowned and thought for a moment. 
“It’s your birthday?” You asked slowly. 
“It’s my birthday?”
“I don’t know when you’re birthday is,” 
“Javi I’ve obviously forgotten please just tell me,” You pleaded. 
“Searchblok, you and Steve swapped. Remember?”
“Shit!” You exclaimed. How could you have forgotten?! You scrambled back into your room to get changed, boxer shorts and a hole-ridden t-shirt wouldn’t cut it. 
“I should write you up for the mess you were in last night,” He called through the door as you rushed to get dressed, pulling on the nearest jeans on your floor. That’s not the only thing you should write me up for, you thought looking at the cocaine on your dressing table.
“I should write you up for sleeping with hookers,” You said back.
“Nowhere in my contract does it say I can’t! You however have a reckless behaviour clause,” He said. Your heart stopped at that, opening the door quickly to pop your head out.
“I’m joking Rook, don’t worry!” Javier laughed. You rolled your eyes and shut the door again, pulling on a fresh shirt. A few seconds later you stepped out, buttoning the last of the clasps on your shirt. “I was worried about you but you’re fine so we’ll forget it ever happened,” 
“Thanks, Baby,” You grinned at him. Javi rolled his eyes.
“You need to stop that though,” 
 “You love it,” You teased him. He didn’t reply, turning on his heel and walking out. You hesitated for a moment, glancing back at your bedroom door. The coke was still lined up in there, calling to you. It would only take a few seconds to do it and get rid of your hangover for a few hours.
“Rookie, hurry up!” Javi called you from the hallway, audibly impatient. You decided against it, grabbing your keys and a jacket and running to catch up with him. He was already waiting by the truck by the time you got downstairs. “Did anything interesting happen last night, then?” Javi asked. You tried to think for a moment, you remembered something important had happened, something you’d wanted to tell him last night but you couldn’t remember what. You shrugged.
“Apart from getting this,” You gestured to the injury to your forehead, “I can’t remember. There was something but I don’t know,” 
“Can’t have been very important then,” Javi added. You shrugged and shook your head. 
“Guess not,” 
Next Chapter  -->
Finally we’ve come full circle, I am so sad it’s over I have absolutely loved writing this series. Again I want to say a massive thank you to everyone’s that read the series, it means more than you could imagine. I love you all. I’m going to have a cry and make a start on all the other things I’ve been neglecting to write this.
The ending is already written and posted so if you haven’t read it go enjoy :))
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Book review | My thoughts—Falling Out
Book two in the Falling In series by Andrea Hopkins is about people finding each other when they need it the most. Cole Adams is sulking and drowning his sorrow in whiskey and sex. The woman he has loved for most of his life has left him for another man, and he is not taking it well. One day he accidentally bumps into Angeleigh; they both feel the attraction from one touch. Angeleigh hasn’t had…
Tumblr media
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bunniesofsteel · 21 minutes ago
With Grogu gone to train with the Jedi, you and Mando realize that everything is changing.
But Mando is determined to show you it's for better, not worse.
Din x F!Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Spoilers for season 2
Rated: M
Tumblr media
When Mando had first asked you to help him find out more about the Child, you had been hesitant. Sure, the pull of travel and adventure were strong. But really, you were more concerned with the aftermath; what would happen once your purpose had been served?
You had never been off planet; had only known the rolling dunes of sand that made up Tatooine. But he made it sound… well, not good- Mando wasn't exactly the most loquacious man. What he did say ("You study different species? I may have a job for you.") had piqued your interest and led you to seriously contemplate his request ("You could come with me… if you want. See more than this."). His offer had dangled in front of you, baiting you. You questioned more than once whether he was serious. But… he stayed. He made a point of waiting for you to decide. And on top of that, he showed you exactly what he needed you for. The little green Child was like nothing you'd ever seen; you'd told him as much. You worried your lack of knowledge would have him change his mind. Until he told you in a less gruff voice than normal, "I don't need someone that pretends to know everything- I need someone smart enough to help me figure it out."
His subtle praise had unknowingly cinched it.
After a week of rigorous debating on the pros and cons; dreams and nightmares of him abandoning you on a random planet once you figured out what the kid was; finally, finally you decided to tell him yes.
Mando was thrilled. At least, you assumed as much when he nodded and started walking towards the Razor Crest in Peli's landing station after you'd breathlessly told him you would love to go with him. Unsure if you were supposed to follow his brisk pace or if he was going to fetch something, you stood there until he turned and asked blankly, "Are you coming or not?"
Scurrying after the terrifying Mandalorian was both the best and worst decision you'd ever made.
. . .
The durasteel wall begins to blur in your vision. You let your head fall and rub your eyes tiredly. You hadn't slept. You knew you needed to, but anytime you closed your eyes, all you could see was Grogu looking back at you and Din from over the Jedi's shoulder.
He was gone.
Your eyes fly open when you see his wide eyes and large ears forming in your mind's eye. You don't want to dwell on the memory; you can't.
It hurts.
You've never felt so much pain before. You wondered after the first two days of that horrible ache if you were actually suffering from a medical condition. Were you having a heart attack? But no- Fennec had silently run a series of tests on you aboard the Slave when you quietly admitted your concern.
All vitals were good.
Boba and Fennec had taken you and Mando back to Tatooine before flying off to do Force knows what. Peli was in the process of trying to find Mando a new-used ship since the Crest had been obliterated by Moff Gideon weeks prior.
Currently, you're standing in the hull of the ship Peli has just brought you and Mando in to inspect. It's much smaller than the Razor Crest. You look around and see that nothing is even remotely similar and a surge of something begins to well up in you. You shuffle towards the cockpit where Din is currently standing with Peli at his side. The Darksaber hangs from his belt, innocuous to those who didn't know what it was. Din's Beskar spear stayed strapped to his back; it gleamed when the suns hit it through the duraglass shield in the cockpit. Peli is currently insisting the grubby ship has hyperdrive, though Din is arguing this model doesn't.
As they continue to bicker, you wrap your arms around yourself and try to blink the bleariness away. You can hear the agitation in Din's voice. The good-natured back and forth with Peli that he usually has is quickly becoming venomous. You bite your lip when Peli finally throws her hands in the air, frustrated.
"Fine then! Find your own damn ship! You stubborn Bantha's ass!" And, for good measure, she kicks Mando's shin before turning and marching past you as she grumbles beneath her breath. You watch as she descends the ramp, her mass of tight curly hair staying stationary atop her head despite her movements. The normal amusement you would feel at her antics is silent. Only a hushed sadness thrums through you. You rub your eyes again before you turn to Mando.
He's gripping the back of the pilot's chair, the leather of his gloves creaking against the leather of the seat. You stand at the door, wary of approaching him. As awful as you felt at Grogu's loss, you knew it was nothing compared to Din's. He was quieter than normal, and if he did speak, his voice was clipped and tight. You doubt he had slept at all either.
You take a deep breath before stepping into the cockpit. He doesn't move. Carefully, you reach out and place your hand on his bicep. "Din?" You say softly. You expect it to echo around the cockpit. But it stays muted; as if the universe knows his name shouldn't be heard by anyone but the two of you.
He's tense beneath your touch, but he does turn his head slightly to acknowledge your presence. You try to smile at him, but it falters before it can fully form. He lets out a heavy sigh, vocoder buzzing with it. Then he straightens before he raises his hand to fall gently on top of yours. He squeezes your hand and in turn, your hand squeezes his arm.
The two of you stay like that for a few moments before he moves forward to the control panel.
"It… does have hyperdrive" he murmurs. You nearly smile at his begrudging tone. You sidle up next to him, nudging his arm with your shoulder. "And it has a decent sized refresher. I think I even saw a shower," you inform him quietly. "And an actual bed sized for an actual human adult in the sleeping quarters."
He turns his helmet to look down at you. You do manage a smile then. "It could be… good." You finish softly. "It's no Razor Crest, and nothing ever will be. But maybe this could still work for you."
He shrugs before placing his hand on his hip and running his fingers over the console absently. "I don't know if it's big enough for the two of us. The Crest always-" and he begins to ramble about something unimportant. You don't know what. You can't focus on anything but the sudden soft buzzing in your ears.
"... the two of us…"
He… wanted you to stay?
That's what he had implied, right? The two of you… in this small ship...
Mando seems to notice you staring at him because his hands fall to his sides and he tips his head towards you. "What? What is it?"
Your eyelashes flutter as you avoid looking at him, tears springing to your eyes. You suck in a breath and clench your jaw, willing your voice to stay steady. "So you…. Still want me? T-to come with you, I mean." You breathe out, looking anywhere but at him. You don't know what you'll do if he says no; don't know what you'll do without him.
Din is silent for a long moment. So long you wonder if he realized he'd made a mistake and your heart begins to ache. Maybe he hadn't meant to imply that he wanted you to tag along- after all, why should you? You had never found out about Grogu's species. Your adventure had ended the moment Skywalker had lifted Grogu into his arms and carried him away from the two of you.
"Don't you… want to?" Din's voice is tight, as though it's a struggle to get the words out.
You look up at him then, not bothering to wipe away the few tears that fall. You clench your jaw against the whimper threatening to escape. Wave after wave of agony and wanting and exhaustion crash over you and it's a struggle to stand against it all. The longer you take to gather yourself, the worse it gets. The tears flow freely now, pouring down your flushed cheeks. When you speak, your voice is thick. "Of course I want to. I never want to leave you, Din."
You worry you've admitted too much when he doesn't respond. Embarrassed, you turn away and wipe at your eyes and nose. Now that tears have started though, they don't stop. And before you know it, your body is shuddering with the effort of keeping yours sobs quiet. You bury your face in your hands.
You feel raw; so angry and sad that Grogu's gone; so humiliated and vulnerable by your admission to Din; and worst of all, completely unsure of your future. What if he didn't want you? What if you're hallucinating his response? You're sure you'd stay on Tatooine if he decided he was done with you, but the idea of going back to your abandoned hut makes you want to scream. You'd seen so much more than your holos had ever shown you. You'd drifted through stars with a Beskar-clad bounty hunter and a little green monster, and you knew, finally, what love was. Not just love for the man and child that had bound into your life, but love for the universe as you were granted the exquisite privilege to explore it. You didn't want to give it up- but it wasn't something you could force on him. He had to want it too.
He had to want you.
The sound of leather brushing over skin sounds as loud as blaster fire in your ears. There's a soft click and hiss as his Din removes his helmet. You swallow the lump in your throat and out of the corner of your eye, see him lay his gloves and helmet gently atop the console.
The bare hands on your shoulders assure you exactly what he wants.
. . .
"Alright Mando, time's up! I gotta get this ship back if you aren't gonna-" Peli stops in her tracks. Eyes wide at the sight before her, she then turns on heel before striding right back down the ramp. A few moments later and the pistons hiss as the ramp raises from the outside.
Heart thundering, your chest stays pressed against the fresher wall, Din's chest pressing into your back. His fingers continue to work in you, seemingly unbothered by Peli's interruption. You let out a choked gasp when his thumb brushes over your clit.
"Sh-she probably saw!" You tell him, wiggling against him. He knows you aren't talking about Peli seeing his face. His erection rubs against your backside, gliding along your flesh. It pulls slightly, the heated water from the refresher's shower drying out your skin more than helping lubricate it.
Din hums against your ear, grinding slowly against your ass. "And?" He didn't particularly care if anyone saw him from behind; in fact, a little thrill shot through him at the idea of someone watching as he -claimed-had his way with you.
You struggle to convey why that's bad. You keep getting distracted by the way his fingers are pumping in and out of you. "You- she… b-because!" You let your head fall against the wall of the fresher with a thunk and a groan. "She shouldn't see you- us!- like this. It's not…" you mewl when he finds that spot and grind yourself onto him, words forgotten.
Din's hair drips with the water spewing from the shower head, tendrils of hair curling and sticking to his forehead. The water is beating at your sides from how he has the two of you positioned.
You were right, he had told you when he wiped your tears and unraveled your tunic. The fresher was much bigger than the one on the Crest and it did have a shower. So he'd taken the opportunity to undress the two of you, lead you out of the cockpit, and whirl you around so you were pressed against the wall of the refresher that was tucked off to the side of the ship. He then proceeded to turn on the water and watch as you quickly became soaked from the shower and his determined fingers.
He shudders when you begin to clench around him, your panting becoming breathy and high. He feels himself rocking against your plush ass and it takes a tremendous amount of self-control not to cum right there. You let out a shout and your hips stutter to a halt. He feels warmth gush around his fingers and Din revels in the way your walls are silky smooth and hot with want. He notices your toes curl as the orgasm rolls through you and he works his fingers lazily as you begin to descend from your high. You slump forward, held up only by his own body pressing into yours. Your cheeks are flushed and there's a sweet smile on your face even with your cheek squished against the wall.
Something lurches in Din's heart at the sight and he pulls his fingers from you. You give a small whimper when he does so, body chasing his fingers as he slides them free of you. He chuckles at that, a smile spreading across his face before he can help it. The water from the shower is beginning to grow cold, though the coolness does nothing to soothe his throbbing cock. He's too far gone. You seem to realize that as you raise on your tiptoes and nudge him with your ass.
A feral growl tears from his throat at the blatant display for him and he quickly hooks one arm under your leg before lifting you, using his other arm to brace against the wall so you aren't pressed entirely into it. He spreads his legs for balance and plants his feet against the slippery floor. You cry out in surprise as he lifts you, holding you up and thrusting into you in one swift motion. The groan that escapes you is otherworldly. Din begins to pump into you, abs clenching as he works to hold you up and move his hips. His testicles slap against you with his vicious thrusts and Din thinks he may combust for all the heat coursing through him.
The sound of wet skin slapping together coupled with the downright debauched noises flowing from your mouth overload Din's senses and he feels himself approaching his climax. He pants out a reverent "fuck" when your arm comes up, hand groping at his hair before you clench his wet curls between your fingers. From his view over your shoulder, he watches entranced as your tits bounce with his thrusts in the most lovely way. He wishes he'd moved you to the ground now, so he could see your face, but his old habits still held fast and he'd been reluctant to display himself so fully to you.
It didn't matter anyways. He was about to cum. He feels his balls tighten and his cock swell. Over and over he slams into your silky, soft walls, reveling in the heat and sweetness of you. You whine out his name, your voice hitting that pitch that he knew meant you were about to cum. He'd never mention it to you because he was sure you would implode with embarrassment, but he discovered how high-pitched and LOUD you get when he makes you cum- it was in stark contrast to how you presented yourself otherwise.
He loved it. Your keening sounds and choked gasps; your generous hips and fucking delicious ass; every little bit about you.
Your kindness and warmth. Your teasing, reserved just for him. The way you'd lectured the kid when he ate something he wasn't supposed to-
Din squeezes his eyes shut, burying his face in your neck and biting at the slick flesh there. You cry out and clench around him. The overload of emotions and physical pleasure tip him over the edge and he slams into you, fingers curling around your knee. He grunts as his hips still and thick ropes of cum explode out of him to coat your insides. You're clenched so tightly around him he can barely move as he rocks his hips a few more times, cock twitching as he rides out his orgasm.
You grow limp against him, hand still holding his hair in a lax grip, head thrown back to rest against the junction where his neck meets his shoulder. You have your other hand braced against the slick fresher wall, though it's slowly sliding down as you lose your strength and exhaustion begins to overtake you.
He lowers your leg carefully, pulling out of you simultaneously. You make a sound as he does so and Din presses his chapped lips to your wet temple without thinking. Your eyes flutter open and he freezes for a moment as you crane your head back to glimpse at him. You blink, eyes pink and tired, and he relaxes as they drift shut. He was certain you couldn't get a good look at him from that angle. He isn't sure why he's still worried about it; he's annoyed with himself for it, really. You had stood behind him when he removed his helmet to say goodbye to Grogu; he appreciated your consideration then, but now he wondered, with everything changing, if maybe he could let you see.
Your body grows heavy against his. Din turns you in his arms and your head automatically rests against his damp chest. The dark hair there doesn't seem to bother you; in fact, you seem to rub your cheek against it. Emotion wells up inside Din at the sight and he clenches his jaw and closes his eyes against the onslaught.
The words are on the tip of his tongue, curling it in anticipation. He has to refrain from letting them slip. He already lost the kid, Grogu; if he lost you too-
He swallows before letting his hand drift over your frizzy, damp hair. His throat begins to constrict and he hates the warmth pooling in his closed eyes. Din had been relieved when you said you wanted to stay with him. The first bit of true relief he'd felt since he'd found fleeting peace on Sorgan.
He buries his face in your hair and allows himself only a few stray tears. He strokes your head once more, then moves to wrap his arms around you fully. He bends and hooks his arm under your knees before lifting you with tremendous effort and carrying you out of the fresher, stumbling a bit as his lack of sleep begins to catch up with him. The fact that the two of you were dripping water everywhere didn't help either. He hesitates a moment before spotting what looks like the sleeping quarters. The door hisses open and he is surprised at the size of the cot in there.
You were right. It was much bigger than his old pallet.
He lays you on top of it before standing and trudging back over to the shower and turning off the water. He steps inside the cockpit to retrieve all of your clothes and armor before returning to you. He leans his spear against the corner and piles his armor neatly in front of it, placing the Darksaber carefully beside the Beskar. Din dresses in his flight suit. He stares at his helmet on the end of the cot where he'd set it before picking it up and placing it gently on the small shelf built into the durasteel wall of the quarters. He contemplates dressing you, but you're passed out on the bed and he knows it's the first good sleep you've gotten in days. He opts to cover you with his cloak instead and moves to lay behind you. The thin fabric of the mattress is soaked from your wet form. He doesn't mind as it begins to seep into the side of his flight suit; he's laid in worse.
With you tucked into him and his arm wrapped around your waist, Din let's the fuzzy warmth of exhaustion overtake him and falls asleep with his face pressed into your quickly drying hair.
The two of you sleep the rest of the afternoon and night; finding respite in each other's arms for the first time since letting Grogu go.
. . .
"Well?" Asks the gruff man, tapping his dirty boot impatiently. The owner of the ship had come by early the next morning, eager to find out if Peli's associate was going to buy it or not.
Peli glances back at the locked hatch. It had been 17 hours since she'd had the misfortune of walking in on the two of you going at it like space rabbits and neither of you had come out yet. The image of Mando's bare ass and corded thighs are enough to make her shudder in repressed disgust. Why?On a ship that wasn't even his yet?
Ugh. Men.
Well, there was no going back now. Not after that.
She looks at the seller of the ship for a moment before she claps her hand into his and shakes.
"He'll take it."
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writing-fanics · 21 minutes ago
[ Mamoru x Fem!Reader ]
Tumblr media
•Legend of the Forgotten Moon Princess•
[Part III] Mamoru and Y/n
a/n: in this chapter y/n and mamoru spend sometime together getting to know each-other a bit more...]
so complete of season one follows the manga the next part of the story will be season ii cause i really like that season.. but for the final battle im doing the show version with a twist at the end.... so im taking out the manga version of the reincarnation and having the tv show version instead since that one is more impactful and i like it more. 
[ Finding Sailor Jupiter ] 
[Y/n] was at the Crown Game Center, with Usagi, Ami, and Makoto. The new transfer student in Class 6,  [Y/n] watches Makoto play the Sailor V, game. 
"You sure you’ve never played this game before?” Usagi asks, Makoto.
”it’s the same as fighting in real life.” Makoto says, to her.
”you let the bad guy chase you so you can catch him off guard, then you hit him with your ultimate attack!” She says, as she plays the game.
”Ultimate attack!” Usagi says, in awe.
”Hi Usagi! Y/n! You’re here early today.” Ami says, as she walks towards them.
”Oh! Hi, Ami!” Both Y/n and, Usagi say. Looking towards her.
”Have you met the new girl yet? She just transferred into, Class 6 today.” Usagi says, to her.
“I’m Makoto Kino,” she says, looking over at Ami.
”I’m Ami Mizuno. I go to Juban, too. It’s so nice to meet you.” She says, to Makoto.
"Nice to meet you too." Makoto says, looking at the game. Then Motoki came over, "Hey Usagi! So are all the girls you're friends with cute." He says, and he looks and sees Makoto who turns her head and, looks at him. A blush spread across her cheeks, 
"" She says, quietly looking at him. Then the sound of game over interrupted them, she turned back towards the screen. 
"Oh! Nothing I thought you were someone else.." She says, looking back at them game.
[TIme-Skip] to bridal shop cause this bitch lazy.. 
"Well this is the bridal shop he was talking about." Ami says, as the girls look at it. 
"It's also the same one Naru went to." Usagi says, looking at it.
"Where's Mako?" She says, looking around and sees her looking up at the shop, with a blush spread across her face. She sees a dress and, looks at it. 
"So gorgeous. I wish I could wear a dress like that." Mako says, to herself.
As two girls pass by, "See thats the bridal shop." One girl says, pointing to it. 
"You mean that's the shop thats cursed?" the girl beside her asks. 
"That's right! Sometimes people see it! That ghost bride." [Y/n] says, looking at the shop.
"The mannequin on the balcony wanders around at night, trying to seduce the male-passers by Everybody! says so." She says, to them. 
"And if you buy a dress from the shop, you become cursed by the ghost bride. and spend your life in misery." She says, looking at the shop. 
"Whaa? Well, when I do get engaged, I'm not going to go there for a dress." Mako thinks, to herself. The girls, make their way towards Rei's. 
Rei looks at Makoto and, feeling a powerful presence from her. All the girls catch Rei up, on the bridal shop. 
"A cursed bridal shop? The ghost of a bride? Yes, it is suspicious." Rei says, to her friends.
"That groom who went missing...I wonder if he was seduced by that ghost bride?" Ami says, to herself. 
"If he was, he's got no-one to blame but himself for being lured in by a ghost." Rei says, her arms folded. Makoto then turn back towards the girls, 
"This is all too complex for me. I'm going home." Makoto says, to the girls then leaves. And, as she does Luna, jumps up onto Rei's, shoulder. 
"Luna.." Rei says, looking towards Makoto...
"Yes.." Luna says, as she looks up at Rei. 
"The day we're all assembled might be sooner than we think." Rei says, watching as Makoto walks away.. 
[Y/n] was fast asleep, in her bed when all of a sudden Tuxedo Mask, appears at her window. She gasps and, watches as he runs away. She rushes out of bed and, follows him. Atlas notices and, notifies everyone. 
"Ami-Chan, Rei-Chan, Usagi-Chan, Wake up! Tuxedo Mask is leading Y/n-Chan away!" Atlas shouts, into the watch..[Y/n] arrives at the Bridal Shop from before, and gasps seeing Makoto. Everyone else, arrives and transforms. Seeing the ghost bride, 
'Lunar Prism Power! Make-Up!' She shouts, as she transforms into Sailor Luna. And, everyone else into their own respective guardian. 
"Stealing the sacred form of the blushing bride and whispering of love! We wont stand for it!" Sailor Moon, shouts at the ghost bride.
"I'm the Sailor Guardian, Sailor Luna. Who fights for the stars and, the moon above." 
"I'm the pretty guardian sailor moon who fights for love, and for justice.." 
"And, I'm the Sailor Guardian Sailor Mercury." 
"And I'm, the Sailor Guardian Sailor Mars.." 
"And we'll punish you" 
They say..
"You were controlling and tricking people?" Makoto says, looking at the ghost bride. 
"You mean you were serious damn it.." She says, as a symbol appears on her forehead. 
"I'll let you know about a woman's pure feelings with raw strength." She says, picking up the ghost bride, then she suddenly transforms into Sailor Jupiter. 
"Flower Hurricane!" She shouts, as a flower hurricane appears. "Jupiter, the planet I guard, bring a storm!! And down your thunder!" She shouts, at Nephrite. 
"Jupiter Thunder-bolt!" She shouts, as a thunderbolt strikes Nephrite killing him...Makoto falls to the ground, and all the girls run towards her to see if she's okay and, she was. And, Luna tells her that she's Sailor Jupiter..
- sorry for it being terrible and short i was using the manga' 
[ time skip ] y/n's off doing her own thing she has work to do..
[Y/n] sighed, as she looked at the papers scattered on her desk. [Y/n] wrote down stuff, from her textbook down onto the paper. She looks down and, groans. She barely got any sleep last night, since she was up all night just, working on this and, was tired really tired. 
She sighs and, decides to take a break. She makes some coffee and, decides to go out for a walk. Not knowing about what was happening outside, after walking for about ten minutes, she began to feel dizzy.
'My head is all fuzzy and, my strength is going... ugh what's going on?' She says and, she begins to fall to the ground. 
'Must be the work of the enemy..' She thinks, as she falls to the ground. 
Mamoru rounds the corner and, sees [Y/n] lying on the ground unconscious. He runs towards her, quickly checking for a pulse. He brings his hand to her cheek, "Hey! Snap out of it." He says, to her. And, she stirs awake looking him in the eyes, but seeing Tuxedo Mask. 
"Tuxedo Mask!" She says, in amazement looking at him. 
"What are you doing here?" She asks, as her cheeks turn red.
"My bad judgement and actions brought us to this point." He says, to her and, she looks at him in shock. 
"Tuxedo Mask! So this whole situation was your.... You did it are you actually?" She asks, worried. 
"No, I'm not! I didn't mean for this to happen! I wanted to find the Legendary Silver Crystal no matter the cost. But I didn't have any information to work on!" He says, looking at her.
"And I don't have powers like you do!" He says, to her. And she gasps, 
"You must transform into Sailor Luna! I can't do anything about this situation myself at this point." He says, and, she gasps once more. 
"Y-You know I'm Sailor Luna.. Just who in the world are you?" She asks, looking him in the eyes. 
"You're the only one who can come to the rescue." He says, to her. And she looks him, in the eyes. Those familiar eyes, that would seem that she sees everymorning. 
[Y/n] stands up and, places her hands on her brooch. 
'Lunar Prism Power Make-Up!' 
[Y/n] then makes, her way to where everyone else, was...She gasps, seeing so many people, lying on the ground she didn't know if they were dead or just unconscious. Even though she's seen stuff from the enemy, nothing to this extent. She was scared nervous, what if she couldn't bring anyone back... 
But then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, "Snap out of it Sailor Luna! I know you can do it." Tuxedo Mask, said to her as tears ran down her cheeks. Then a stick appeared and, it was in the shape of a star. She takes it in her hands, "Please! Take everybody.. and give them back their lives! Please!" She shouts, holding the stick.. 
And, after she did and, everyone was waking up. She suddenly felt sleepy and, went limp. "Sailor Luna?" He says, grabbing hold of her, before she hit the ground. 
"You used too much power?" He says, looking down at her. A smile, spread across his face as he looks at her. He tucks, a strand of hair behind her ear. 
"But well done.. Sailor Luna." He says, to her as he picks her up bridal style. 
'What is this?' 
"This familiar warmth..' 
"It's as if this warmth is giving me back my energy'
As he places her on the his bed, he looks at her. She seemed so at peace, even though using up so much power and energy during that fight. 
[Y/n] woke up, in an unfamiliar place. She looked around, she was lying in someone else's bed. 'Where.. am I?" she says, as she looks around. She looks down and, sees a pocket watch. She looks at it and, sees that it has the phases of the moon on it. 
"So you're awake?" Mamoru says, as he looks over at [Y/n] who looks, over at him. Then she looks at the suit he was wearing, 
"Why are you Tuxedo Mask...?" She asks, looking at him. 
"It's for my memory. That's why I have to get my hands on the Legendary Silver Crystal." He says, to her and, she looks at him.
"Your memory?" She asks, looking into his eyes. 
"I lost my parents, on my sixth birthday. There was a car accident and, I lost both of my parents. And, I forgot who I was." He says and, [Y/n] gasps tears running down her cheeks. 
"And, I started having the same dream over and over. Find the Legendary Silver Crystal.. Just that phase. time and time again in my dreams." He says and, she looks at him. 
"And before I knew it... I was stealing through the city at night like some strange sleep-walker! Wearing a tuxedo like some phantom thief." He says, 
"The only clue to my past, are the word find the legendary silver crystal." He says, 
"What about you?" He asks and, she blushes looking down. 
"Um... Well it isn't so quite defined Atlas told me to find it alongside Sailor Moon, and protect it, so.." She says, blushing. 
"I see." He says and, she looks at him curiosly. 
[Y/n] brought the mask closer to his face, placing it over his eyes. She should've known, that all to familiar voice that she heard, every morning. Those all to familiar eyes she'd, get lost in. Even though she only lives a few doors down the hall. This moment in time between them felt like, they've met this way before but in different circumstances. But at this moment, if time were to stop she wouldn't mind at all. 
She looked down nervously, her heart racing. "A-Atlas is waiting for me. I... have to go home." She says, turning to leave but stops, when Mamoru place his hand, on her shoulder. Her heart pounding against her chest, "N/n." He says, and she turns around to look at him. 
A blush spread across her face, "N/n. Your bag." He says, and she nervously takes it from him. Covering her face with it, as her face turned bright red. She walks towards the door, and leaves. 
'...He called me "N/n" That's who he said.' She says, thinking to herself as she walks down the hallway to her apartment, her heart racing as she thinks of him. 
'Maybe I could call him "Since he's Mamoru, maybe I can call him Mamo-Chan.' She thinks, stopping outside her door. She reaches, into her pocket. And pulls out Mamoru's broken pocket watch, 
'I brought it with me... his broken pocket watch.' she stares at it, bringing it to her lips and kissing it. This all too familiar warmth returning once more, but stronger than ever before. [Y/n] has never fallen in love before, but this moment was completely different, she feels like she already knows him. 
He's opened up to her, he trusts her enough to tell her why he's going after the Legendary Silver Crystal. That moment, between them just moments ago. Felt as if they were in a fairy tale, as if they were two lovers. Finding out each-other's secret identities,  a fairy tale she wanted to be in. 
She never thought she'd fall in love so quickly, but it doesn't feel wrong. Not one bit, for to her it feels like she's falling in love with him all over again. As if she knew him from as past life. She looked up, hearing that voice once more. 
'You're my one and only love.' 
She walked into her apartment and, sighed as she thought of Mamoru. She brought her hand up to her face, her face bright red. A smile spread across her face, as she looked at the broken pocket watch. She held it close to her chest, holding it over her heart. 
'Is this what being in love is like?' 
{ Chapter Four } Princess Serenity and Princess Y/n  Sneak Peek
And how Mamoru noticed, how shaken and scared she was. When they tried to talk to her, [Y/n]'s face turns red, as she feels Mamoru's hand on hers. "Are you okay?" He asks, and she looks down, then at him. Her heart racing, pounding against her chest. "Yeah, I'm fine Mamo. Just seeing them, after all those years startled me." She says, looking up at him, smiling. 
They close the gap between them, their lips touching. [Y/n]'s hand places her hands, on Mamoru's chest. This kiss between them, felt magical familiar as if, out of a fairy tale. Mamoru places his hands, on her waist. She didn't want, this moment between them to stop. 
He weakly brings his hands up, looking at [Y/n] who looked down at him worried, tears in her eyes. 'I remember now, I came back to be with you again. I found you, Y/n." He says, his hand going limp.
"My...Star." He says, and [Y/n] looks down at him in shock, tears streaming down her cheeks. [Y/n] shakes her head, and screams in anguish. As she wraps her arms around Mamoru, tears streaming down her cheeks. 
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drowning || oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
"she wanted to care, she wanted to care so badly, but there was this gap between what she felt and what she wanted to feel, a space where something important had been carved out." -- victoria shwab.
Tumblr media
series synopsis: she was drowning within her mind, and all she needed was someone to be her saving grace.
warnings for series: angst, like HELLA angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, will add to this as we go :)
-- part one
-- part two
-- part three
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secretbangtnn · 22 minutes ago
BTS fic poll | Version 2
Tumblr media
Important!Okay so i decided to make another poll, this time it's going to be about one shot. I have a lot of ideas - as you probably have already seen, but i know there are a lot of people that prefer one shots, or one shots series then a whole big fan fiction with chapters that leave you unsatisfied with the suddenly ending plot. Also im still thinking of taking requests so if a lot of people would be interested I could do some kind of post where everything would be described with rules.
Anyway down there im gonna write some of my ideas that were firstly were normal fics ideas that could be one shot or one shots series - with drabbles to them.
You yourself can decide if you prefer it as a one shot or a normal fanfic with chapters +decide which one i should start first (ou can send me ask with your choices or comment )
Ps. All of those fics will have smut in it
Incredible creation | Taehyung (ft. Jungkook)
Greek God au, yandere au, age gap au, slightly incest (they are grek gods you know what crazy shit there is, Zeus do be wildin)
Short summary.
Apollo the God of beauty is sended to earth to get rid of a human that is suppose to be more beautiful than goddess itself. However what if Apollo falls in love with his own creation, gaining an obsession.
Just Us | Jungkook
werewolf au, aplha au, mates au, humanxwerewolf, yandere or not, maybe
(tbh I'm thinking about this more as a series with super long chapters but only a few of them, because there will be heavy plot)
short summary
You lived as an only human in a pack of wolves, knowing that as an alpha daughter you brung only shame. Beaten, degraded daily you accepted that you were worth nothing more than a piece of dirt, so when the strongest alpha announces his visit, you can do nothing but hide in your room. But what happens when you see an opportunity to start a new life, to leave this place while people are distracted - sadly the plan did not go as you wanted, but maybe that's better and the mysterious alfa will show you how much you mean.
Don’t know what to do | Min Yoongi
stalker au, stockholm syndrome au, kidnapping au, age gap au
(I took a little bit of inspiration from the manga”Sachi-iro no One room” but the plot is going to be different.
short summary:
Knowing that getting kidnapped than being abused everyday, you go with a masked man, agreeing with staying in a room while getting taken care of by him. And maybe just maybe, the silent boy is not as scary as he seems.
Love Lies | Kim Taehyung
CEO au, Prostitution au, Hostess au, soft yandere au
short summary:
Making a decision about selling your body was definitely something you did not think you would have ever done. However knowing that fees won’t just disappear you decide to take your friends' offer, and try in this industry. Oh how wrong you were thinking that this job was going to be easy, not when your client is Kim Taehyung, who just loves to lie.
Write to me | Park Jimin
angst, school au, suicide themes, texting (writing on a school deskt)
short summary:
You were tired, just tired, not only from living but existing, you started to count - second, days, weeks, hoping that maybe someone will save you. So you tried scribbling on an old school desk, you wrote the message with a mind that no one would see it. What if this one boy does, what if he is the first one to see you. But what if he will be too late to save you?
Artificial love | Jeon Jungkook
android au, social anxiety themes, angst, fluff
short summary:
So what if your only friend left, and so what if you yourself know that without him you won’t leave your apartment. Crying over your friends departure you suddenly see funny commercial - thinking its only a stupid game where you make your perfect bboyfriend, you give it a try. Oh how wrong you were, when a big box is delivered right outside your doorstep, and an overprotective android that is programmed to baby you is waiting just inside it, you can’t believe it you just got a whole artificial boyfriend for your awkward ass.
Sea’s Secrets | Jeon Jungkook
Pirate au, slavery au, yandere au, blood and gore
short summary:
You were just a little girl when a pirate invaded your small village, seeking revenge from your father who was a proud captain of your kingdom. Being one of the people who survived your life turned upside down, now living as a toy, constantly bought from hand to hand. So How surprised you were when a legendary pirate, dominating all of the seas, bought you wanting just your love.
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ao3feed-bnha-rarepair · 38 minutes ago
This Story Doesn't Have a Happy Ending
This Story Doesn’t Have a Happy Ending by V0idth3g4y
After high school Kirishima Eijirou and Midoriya Izuku get married, was this a good decision or will it end badly?
Words: 391, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Kirishima Eijirou, Midoriya Izuku
Relationships: Kirishima Eijirou/Midoriya Izuku
Additional Tags: Pro Hero Midoriya Izuku, Pro Hero Kirishima Eijirou, Divorce, Adopted Children, Angst, Kirishima Eijirou Needs a Hug, Gay Kirishima Eijirou, Pansexual Midoriya Izuku
Read Here:
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qu1ntessent1al · an hour ago
update on that sad Bucky fic I’m planning
I’m genuinely so sorry in advance.
It’s sad.
Imagine the scene of his crying in episode 4...but it lasts for a whioe fic.
(It’s not based on that scene, but it has similar vibes to it)
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writing-fanics · an hour ago
If I were to actually end up dating someone... probs won’t... I want to have the kind of love Mamoru and Usagi have.. 😍
Tumblr media
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chaos-drama-queen · an hour ago
Jeder Mensch will eine Beziehung jeder Will genau diesen einen Menschen ohne dem man nicht mehr sein kann. Mit dem man alles teilen kann und mit dem man jedes tief und jedes hoch durchstehen kann. Doch was ist wenn dieses wollen einen in Panik versetzt. Die Worte wie Beziehung oder uns sofort ein Chaos an Gefühlen in einem auslösen? Wenn man Angst davor hat?!
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stephobrien · an hour ago
New Skyrim Fanfiction - Your Truth Cannot Stand
Hey, guys, I just dropped my new Skyrim fanfic on my website and AO3! Here's the synopsis:
Ondolemar had spent his whole life believing that hunting down heretics and enemies of the Thalmor was a service to the gods. He never imagined that one strange Khajiit could throw everything he thought he knew into question, and send him on a quest for truth that would end with him trapped in a torture chamber.
You can read it on my website here.
Go here to read it on AO3.
This story ended up being a very personal piece with a lot of timely themes. If you want to know more about what inspired me to write it, the behind-the-scenes info is under the cut. :)
Of all the characters I would've expected to latch onto my mind and not let go until I wrote his story, Ondolemar from Skyrim was NEVER on the list. Erandur, sure - he's friendly, interesting, and complex, with an intriguing backstory and a lot of dialogue. There's a reason I have a partly-finished story about him in my WIPs. But Ondolemar? The leader of the Thalmor Justiciars, whose job is to arrest people for their faith? The arrogant religious fanatic Elven supremacist with just a handful of spoken lines and NO backstory beyond what we can guess from his rank? WTF? It's Tumblr and YouTube's fault. They introduced me to a few voice lines I'd never heard before, because I'd never helped him arrest a guy for worshiping Talos.
After the hostility, condescension, insults and murder attempts I'd gotten from pretty much every other Thalmor I'd ever encountered, I was surprised to find out that: 1. If you've helped him, Ondolemar greets you as "my friend," no matter what race you're playing as. 2. If you've helped him AND you have a high enough speech skill, you can get him to cause a distraction for you during a party. In the Thalmor Embassy, no less. He'll even lie to Elenwen for you. 3. When his distraction gets an innocent human in trouble, he'll immediately take the blame for the incident rather than get said human thrown out of the party, despite his belief in Elven superiority and his moon-sized ego. This, and the fact that he seeks proof before arresting a "heretic", is a surprising contrast to the Justiciars who label you a heretic and try to kill you just because they don't like you. (Sure, you could argue that he isn't legally ALLOWED to arrest Ogmund without proof, but the Thalmor have no problem trying to have the Dragonborn illegally assassinated, so clearly extralegal options aren't off the table for the people Ondolemar works for.) 4. Sometimes he'll comment, "There are so few pleasures in life as fine as your company" - once again, regardless of what race you are. And if you think it's because he's a skilled manipulator, clearly you haven't heard his other voice lines. If you want a brutally honest opinion from a Thalmor officer about the Empire or the political situation, he's the place to find it. This dumbass has precious little filter between his mouth and brain. 5. Whether you've helped him or not, he is happy to chat with you, both in Markarth and at the party. He also seems very sincerely focused on the religious aspects of the Talos ban and the civil war, whereas the other Thalmor make me suspect that it's more of a means to a political end. Combine all of that with my observation that Talos' shrines and amulets follow the same game mechanics as the implements of the divines that the Thalmor recognize, and it made me wonder what would happen if this unusually friendly Justiciar were to be told - VERY tactfully - about the evidence that his faction might be lying to him about a matter of religion. Over a century of indoctrination, his whole self-flattering worldview, and the risk of being killed for questioning his totalitarian government, vs. the evidence. FIGHT. When I first started writing, I'd expected it to be one quick conversation that I just wanted to get out of my head and onto the screen. But then it grew. And grew. I saw a picture of Ondolemar being captured, and I felt that would bring a great new level of emotional tension to the story. So I added it in. While I was writing a scene in which Ondolemar tried to defend his point of view, I realized I was knocking down a strawman. So I looked deeper into the lore about the Thalmor and their rationale and goals. And the story grew some more. Next thing I knew, I'd written almost 35,000 words about a character I never thought I'd give a crap about, and gotten into his head far deeper and more effortlessly than I'd ever thought I would. And the story was still growing. I never would have guessed that he would be a character who practically wrote himself, but he is, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing him.
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ao3feed-bakusquad · an hour ago
He is My Star and Im His
he is my star and im his by cellared
if bakugou had a journal and he was writing about a battle, the lost and win
Words: 752, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Midoriya Izuku
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou
Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Kirishima Eijirou is a Ray of Sunshine, Bakugou Katsuki is a Dork
Read Here:
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ao3feed-todoroki · 2 hours ago
Shall we dance?
Shall we dance? by autumn california
“Let us dance, boss.”
Words: 1557, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Dabi | Todoroki Touya
Relationships: Dabi/Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Dabi | Todoroki Touya & Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko
Additional Tags: Slow Dancing, Fluff, non-con dancing, Kinda, hc that Touya had to take dancing lessons as a child, Waltzing, Soft Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Boys Kissing, Forehead Kisses, Romantic Fluff, Romantic Gestures, Teasing, Dabi has a death wish, which is nothing new, Dabi Being An Asshole, Comfort No Hurt, Cheesy, Shigaraki can't dance, Dabi lets him stand on his feet so they can dance, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, Dabi is a Dork, In Love, Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko is Bad at Feelings, Insults, Affectionate Insults, Dorks in Love, Dabi trusts him, Shigaraki is insecure, Pre-Kamino Ward Arc, Implied Sexual Content, Light Angst, Dancing, Cuddling & Snuggling
Read Here:
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I Still Love You ❊ C!Technoblade x GN!reader
Tumblr media
Title: I Still Love You ❊
Character(s): C!Technoblade x GN!reader (Romantic) 
Pronouns Used: They/them
Type of story: Drabble 
Word Count: 1300
Genre: Angst O.o
Summary: On the day of the festival, you lost every memory of your past life, including the ones of you boyfriend. 
Prompt(s): Amnesia Au 
Request?: No. 
Content Warning: Blood, Injury, mentions of fighting, cursing, shouting 
Notes: Let’s go another Technoblade drabble. Bruh if you don’t like sad endings don’t read this- Requests are open so send some stuff in! I think I’ve decided I’m going to try and post at least once a day. Keyword: Try. Let’s see if I stick to that- Drabble Master list found here If any of the people mentioned in the story are uncomfortable with this, I will take it down immediately. Credit to @apoostrophe​ for the gif! Please enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback! :) 
The festival did not go according to plan. Techno was meant to just be a bystander in everything, but he had been forced to kill Tubbo. He lost control and shot everyone because you had gotten mixed up in all of this shit. You weren’t even supposed to be there. You were meant to stay safe in Pogtopia. That was before Jsclatt, Big Q, and Fundy raided Pogtopia and stole you away before the festival began. When you were revealed to the crowd, Techno felt his heart sink. 
“Tubbo or Y/N” Schlatt’s voice rang out. Tech couldn’t kill you. Of course he couldn’t. 
As he shot Tubbo with the firework, Q let you go, but since you were tied up you couldn’t catch yourself from your fall. You hit your head, hard. The crack could be heard throughout all of Manburg. That’s what made Techno snap. 
Now you were sitting in a bed in Pogtopia, gauze wrapped around your bloody head. Techno sat by your side, holding your hand. 
“Please wake up my love,” He mumbled as he kissed your knuckles. Almost as an answer to his prayers you stirred in your sleep, the first time since the festival happened. Your eyes fluttered open. 
“Where am I?” You croaked, your voice sore. 
“Y/N. I’ll go get some water.” You looked at the man confused as he walked away. Who even was that? A moment passed and he had returned carrying a glass of water and a small damp towel. 
“Thanks…” You said nodding and taking the glass of water. You had a splitting headache that caught up with you after getting over the shock of waking up for the first time weren’t quite sure. How had you even gotten here? Where were you? Everything was so blurry… You decided to question the man who gave you water to try and figure some of it out. 
“Excuse me sir? Where am I?” 
“Sir?” The man raised an eyebrow at you. “Why are you being so formal? And you’re in a new room in Pogtopia that we build for medical purposes.” 
“Pogtopia?” You would’ve laughed at the ridiculous name if you weren’t so confused. The color drained from Techno’s face. 
“Don’ remember?” 
“I- who are you again?” There it was. The sentence Techno was dreading. 
“Excuse me.” Techno cleared his throat. “I’ll be right back. Try and get some must be tired.” And with that, he walked out of the room. 
“They don’t remember anything?” Wilbur asked after Techno had told Tommy, Tubbo and Wilbur what had happened. 
“They don’t remember pogtopia, what happened to them...or me.” He said the last part quietly. It was heart-breaking. His own s/o didn’t even recognize him. 
“That’s fucked up...did it happen when they hit their head?” Tommy asked. Wilbur stayed quiet, deep in thought. Suddenly you came around the corner and stepped into the room. 
“Hello?” You said uncertainty, not wanting to interrupt the conversation the three men were having. 
“Y/N! How are you? Is it true you don’t remember anything?” A short brown haired boy asked, jumping up from where he was sitting. 
“I...I don’t. Y/N must be my name right? That’s good to know. Everything is really fuzzy and my head hurts like a bitch.” 
“I just can’t believe it…” The blond said. 
“Well we should at least tell you what happened before this point.” The tallest man decided. “This is pogtopia. Tommy,” Wilbur pointed to the young blond. “And I, Wilbur, started this after we were exiled from this place called L’Manburg...or Manburg now. Tubbo,” He directed your attention to the short brown haired boy from earlier. “Was also part of Manburg for a bit, as a spy for us. We were exiled by this man called Schlatt who kidnapped you. You fell and hit your head terribly. We’re lucky you’re still alive.” 
“Also you and Techno are dating oooooh~!” Tommy shouted. 
“Tommy not the time man” Wilbur said smacking the boy on the top of his head. 
“Sorryyyy.” He said stretching out the y. 
“And you’re Techno?” You guessed, pointing to the pink hair man. He nodded. 
“Correct…” He spoke in a monotone voice. He had been quite up until that point, staying in the back of the corner with his head down. 
“Okay…” You really just couldn’t believe all of this. It seemed like you could trust these people, but you just weren’t sure about anything. “I-I’m sorry I’m going to get some fresh air.” And with that you turn and left. 
“What are we going to do, Wil? If we want to fight Schlatt, we need them. They’re our best will we get their memories back?” Tubbo said, chewing on his nail. 
“I-I don’t know Tubbo…” 
“I have an idea Wilbur!” Tommy shouted. 
“Let's hear it then,” Wil responded looking at Tommy expectantly. 
“What if we take them to Manburg, or the border of it. It might jog their memory.” He stated with a smile
“What if Schlatt sees us?” Tubbo asked. 
“We could make invis potions.” Tommy responded as if it was obvious. “Come on Wil it’s worth a shot isn’t it?” 
“Fine. We’ll try it, but I’m not guaranteeing it’s going to work.” Wil finally spoke up. 
After a few days of preparing everything was ready. Techno had taken the liberty of protecting you, making sure you didn’t get injured, and answering any questions you had. He tried to tell himself that it was better that you were alive and an amnesiac than dead, but he wasn’t sure that was true. He just wanted his Y/N back. 
You had a pretty good idea of what your life had looked like before the festival and in all honesty, it scared you. That’s why, when the day came to visit Manburg you were nobody to be found. Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, and Techno looked everywhere for you, until Techno found you just outside of Pogtopia, packing up his skeleton horse. 
“Food, water, bandages, compass…” You mumbled under your breath. 
“Y/N..what are you doing?” Techno said. You wiped your head up to look at the man in front of you.
“Oh Technoblade...I was just….nothing.” 
“Y/N you are a terrible liar.” He said. That was the one part of your past life you remembered. You sighed, defeated. 
“Fine. You caught me. I’m...leaving…” 
“What?” Techno said, shocked. “But lov- I mean Y/N... we’re going to Manburg today. We have to get your memories back.” You groaned in frustration. 
“That’s the thing Blade! I don’t want my memories back!” You never called him Blade before. Dehumanizing you had called it. 
“What do you mean??” He responded back. “You don't?” 
“No! I don’t!” Your voice grew louder. “Everything I’ve been told the last few days is sickening and while it may be selfish, I don’t want that life back!”
“Where will you go? What will you do?” He said frantic. He couldn’t let you leave. 
“I...don’t know. This is the beginning of a new life for me. I can do whatever I want.” 
“But what about us?” Techno said tears blurring his vision. 
“I’m not the Y/N you once knew Technoblade. You’re going to have to accept that I may never go back to the way I was.” 
“But I still love you-” He shouted as the tears started to fall. 
“No. You love the other Y/N. Not me. Maybe I’ll see you around. Goodbye Techno.” And with that, you rode off. Techno fell to his knees with a sob. That was the last day he ever saw you. But he swore to himself, he would find you again for he couldn’t let things end this way.
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Breakwater - Chapter 8: Trébuchet
In which a conspiracy unfolds and Will and Hannibal are literally bringing knives to a gunfight.
As they said their goodbyes, Alana put her hand on Bedelia’s shoulder. The gesture struck Bedelia in its gravity and for a moment she couldn’t help but search the other woman’s gaze for any sign of remorse, or pity. Alana’s eyes were distant and calculating, like Bedelia was nothing more than a piece on a board who’s next move she was contemplating, and not the human being she was so willingly sending to slaughter. She thought of the look on Will Graham’s face when they had discussed Frederick Chilton and it made her skin crawl.
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floralflowerpower · 2 hours ago
Little lion King
Chapter 3 {Chapter one}
Danny anxiously waited for Shard to answer. 
“A lot, perhaps you should ask Chester. From what I know. He was there when it happened.” The older ghost replied. Her blank black eyes seemed as expressionless as ever. 
It took Danny a while to process what she said. 
“But Chester is bound? I don’t understand?”  
“If you ask him, you will.” She said with a firm nod, giving the King a small half-smile as she stood from her chair. Her white cane materialized in her hands. It was what she used to get around the castle. Sweeping it back and forth in front of her feet to make sure she was not going to run into anything. 
Danny watched the back of her kimono trail on the ground behind her as she walked out of the library. His mind running a million miles a minute. 
He wasn’t sure how to process the fact that Chester was somehow involved in the death of his race. 
His race?
Danny wondered when he started thinking like that. He was not born a halfa like the ones that were wiped out. 
He wondered if they were all alive if they would have accepted him. 
He hoped they would. The thought of being around people like him made him smile a lot. Mainly because, for once, he would be normal. Well, a form of normal anyway.
And he was sure they could have taught him a lot. 
From the books he had read about them, he was able to piece together some of their agricultural habits. Ones he especially found helpful because it allowed him to grow human food in the ghost zone. There was a garden at the center of the castle full of things he could eat now.  
Some practices he experimented with, and once they were implemented correctly, the ghost zone started to see a return of its natural foliage. Something that had not been seen in centuries.  
And all of this was just from piecing together info from books that barely understood the culture. 
If he could have had the chance to talk to them….
It made him sad to think about it.  
The lights in the library dimmed. 
Danny scowled. That was starting to get annoying. 
The lights brightened again.
Danny shook his head. He didn’t know what was going on with that, but it needed to be fixed. 
He sighed and stared at the crudely drawn map of the ghost zone laid out over the table he had been reading at and traced a finger over the part that marked the far frozen. 
“Found you finally.” He whispered with a sad half-smile. “Now to just figure out what happened to you.”
It was time to find Chester. 
Danny quickly closed his books and folded the map up neatly. He wedged it into one of the thicker novels he had been reading and placed everything back on the shelves he took them from.  
Chester was always a bit of a mystery, so it would be hard to find him in the castle. 
It may be better to just call him. 
But if he was going to do this, it needed to be somewhere private. 
Danny exited the library and began climbing the nearest staircase to his personal room. 
He had never invited another ghost into his room. 
Chester was about to be the first. 
Chester was pacing the length of the throne room. 
His mind was spinning with worry.  
King Phantom had looked so fragile after that argument yesterday. 
The way he just folded in on himself after what Pandora said…..
Chester couldn’t get the image out of his head. 
Finding out that King Phantom was only 17 years old was worse…
He had only been a ghost for 3 years, which would have made him 14 when he died. 
That was far too young to die. 
And 17 was far too young to have so much responsibility. Even if King Phantom was by far the greatest King the zone has had in ages, it still didn’t dismiss the fact that he was just a child. 
One that never got to grow up. 
He vaguely wondered if king Phantom had ever been kissed; had he ever dreamed of courtship?
Did King Phantom have friends that he missed?
3 years was so new. 
3 years meant that he was probably still very connected to the people he left behind when he died. 
Chester wondered if that was why King Phantom had made Amity his haunt. 
That must be where his family is. 
Shock ran through the Jester’s system, and he dropped onto one of the stairs that lead up to the throne itself. 
“That’s where his family is.” He gasped out from where he was sitting. Repeating the phrase didn’t help shake off any of the sparks of dread it caused. “Do they know that he’s….” 
Chester scrubbed his face with both hands. 
“Rough Day?”
Chester jumped at the sound of the voice.  
“Shard! You can’t just do that!” He sputtered out. 
She laughed slightly at the response and slowly sat herself down next to him. Her white cane vanishing from her hand. 
“I always did find it amusing just how easy it is for the blind to sneak up on the seeing. You have so many senses that you never fully pay attention to all of them.”
He knew that she was insulting him, but her laughter still made his core vibrate with joy. 
His mind flashing back to the first command his King had ever given him. 
“Just tell jokes, or stories or whatever you think will make everyone have a good time.” 
“What good is laughter or even a smile if it’s not shared with others. I promise if you get everyone laughing, then I probably will be too. It’s contagious after all!”
His core throbbed at the thought of his King, and the little bit of joy he felt died just as quickly as it came. 
“I came to warn you, King Phantom is going to be looking for you soon.” Shard said nonchalantly, utterly oblivious to the Jester's inner turmoil. 
“He is???” Chester gasped out. 
King Phantom had asked everyone to ‘give him space,’ which was the modern way of saying ‘leave me alone’ as Fright knight had put it. 
Fright Knight was one of the few bound servants who could leave the castle if he so chose. All he had to do was make sure he had his sword on him. 
He had apparently fought king Phantom before he was crowned at some point. He even got to see what amity park looked like. Chester was jealous of that; he wished he could leave the castle. He would love to see the King’s haunt. 
“He came to me asking about what happened to the halfas of the far frozen.”
Chester’s thoughts froze, and he regarded the blind ghost with a look of terror. Not that she could see it. 
“I told him you were there to witness what happened. I figured you may be the better person to fill him in.” 
“What????” Chester yelped. “Shard, I was bound because of what I did in the far frozen! Why would you tell him that! What if he hates me after?”
Shard blinked. 
“You never told me that. What did you do?”
“I tried to hide children. Halfa children, I mean. I never agreed with the King's decree about Halfas.” Chester’s voice got quiet.  “King Dark made me watch while they…”
Chester fought back a sob; he couldn’t finish the sentence. 
And as the universe would have it, he would never be able to. 
He felt the tug on his core, and then suddenly, he wasn’t in the throne room anymore. 
Danny nervously half-smiled at Chester, who was currently sprawled out over his bed. 
Danny had decided to call him from there because he didn’t want the poor ghost to hurt himself. He knew summoning was disorienting. 
Chester went bug-eyed and scrambled off the bed. 
He looked scared. 
It made Danny’s core ache. 
“Chester, are you alright?” He asked, not moving from where he was sitting cross-legged on his bed. 
Chester blinked, frozen as his mind processed his King’s question. 
“I—I, sire, why am I here. You never let anyone in this room.” He squeaked out. 
The older ghost's voice had gone so high it cracked, and Danny couldn’t help what happened next. 
For the first time in months, the King laughed and did so uncontrollably. 
The Keeps lights brightened, so much so that they almost seemed normal. 
Chester’s core exploded with Joy, and soon he was crumpled on the floor next to the King’s bed, laughing too. Which only Made Danny laugh harder.  
Danny laid down and peeked his head over the side of his bed to make sure the older ghost was okay. Taking in deep breaths as his laughter began to die down. 
“Sorry, Chester,” Danny snerked, still trying to calm down from his laughing fit. 
Chester smiled up from where he was on the floor. 
“Don’t you dare apologize, King Phantom; this was wonderful.”
“It did feel good to laugh; it’s been a hot minute since I have laughed like that.” Danny hummed.  
“It’s been far more than a minute,” Chester said, his tone turning serious as he sat up from where he had been lying on the ground. “It’s been exactly 6 months and 12 days. I have been keeping track.” 
“Really?” Danny asked, looking puzzled. “I mean, I know I’ve been kind of depressed lately, but I didn’t think it was that bad.”
“Depressed?” Chester asked, eyebrows furrowed in concern and confusion.
It dawned on Danny that was yet again another word that most of his bound friends wouldn’t know.
“It means I have been really sad lately. So much so, it’s been hard to function. Everything just doesn’t feel right. It’s a type of illness that got discovered in modern times.” Danny explained softly. He hadn’t told anyone this, and Chester seemed to be the first one to notice. He looked down at the Jester, who was practically hanging on his every word and felt a new appreciation for the ghost.
“Is there anything I can do to make things feel right again?” The Jester’s core felt like it was coiled in knots. “If your ill, then there’s got to be things we can do to cure it! Like medications?”
“Maybe. Though this isn’t why I called you up here.” Danny said as he settled back down in a cross-legged position on the bed. His back up against the headboard.  He patted the bed next to him, gesturing for the older ghost to come sit next to him. 
Chester looked conflicted but complied. 
  “I was talking with Shard earlier, and she told me that you were there when King Dark murdered the Halfa tribe in the far frozen.”  
Chester froze. 
“Is that true?” Danny asked, his voice was quavering a little. He was hoping Shard was wrong because if she was right, it would imply that Chester was a Murderer. Danny wasn’t sure if he could take that information right now. 
“Yes,” Chester swallowed. “It was actually my treasonous acts during that battle that lead me to being bound.”
“Treason?” Danny blanched. 
Chester winced like he was going to be hit. 
Danny’s core throbbed at the sight. 
“I am sorry I didn’t mean to say that so loud. I am not mad at you, Chester.” Danny said sincerely. 
“But I committed treason against the crown?” 
Chester breathed out both in shock and confusion.
 “I tried to protect the halfa children from being massacred. I directly disobeyed an order. I was supposed to use my powers to make the halfas laugh so hard they couldn’t defend themselves. Instead, I turned it on my own troops, so the children could try to escape and hide. I don’t understand.”
“You tried to protect Halfas?” Danny asked quietly; he was nearly stunned to silence. 
Chester went ridged. Mistaking the soft voice for one of anger and disappointment.
He was going to get hit; he knew it.
But nothing came. 
He peaked an eye open and looked at his King. 
Danny was crying. 
That was so much worse than being hit. His core felt like it was going to splinter. 
And then suddenly, he was pulled into a tight hug. 
Danny buried his face in the older ghost’s chest. 
“Thank you, Chester.”  Danny sniffled. “I want you to come with me to the far frozen. I want to make a peace treaty with the people there.”
Chester didn’t know how to respond. He was being thanked? The King wanted to make friends with the people of the far frozen. Wait…
“Sire, I am bound remember. I can’t leave the castle.” 
“I know,” Danny said with a laugh, pulling away from the hug to grab a notebook off his nightstand. “I actually think I may have figured a way around that. You're bound to the drama and tragedy masks. What if you wore them? Then you could walk just as freely as fright does. I actually sketched out a design for you.”
Chester took the notepad from the King’s hands. The outfit depicted looked like his normal one, only his shoulder fabric was puffier. The masks were sewn into the shoulders.  His mouth hung open. 
“What do you think?” Danny asked, wiping away the last of the tears in his eyes. “You up for a diplomatic mission?”
“I would be honored, my king.”  Chester grinned as he pulled his King back into a hug. 
One Danny had no problem returning. 
“Thank you so much,” Chester said as he hugged the young King tighter. 
Danny smiled and wondered if he should tell Chester the whole truth. 
It’d be nice to have at least one person who accepted both sides of him. 
But his hope was squashed by his fear. Maybe he would someday, but for now, he was just so happy to know he had someone he could fully trust. 
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