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ambersky03194 hours ago
Finished the fic!!!
I really should've worked on school work instead but I mean
I am getting up pretty early tomorrow, so I can work on it then 馃槄
It was definitely worth it
No thanks to my sib somehow either texting me or coming into my room anytime some action was about to start-
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sandralorren18 hours ago
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seoman14032 days ago
New video by V农 Phong Vlog: B谩nh m矛 n脿y 15k th么i 膽煤ng chu岷﹏ ngon b峄 r岷 #shorts #shorts
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quanlykenh414032 days ago
New video by V农 Phong Vlog: B谩nh m矛 n脿y 15k th么i 膽煤ng chu岷﹏ ngon b峄 r岷 #shorts
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theshelterofthephoenix2 days ago
the level of sheer excitement i feel when i write angst is getting a little concerning ngl
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sylvanas-girlkisser3 days ago
Kay so, I've been randomly feeling in s*pergirl mood of late, and I was wondering if there are any good fics out there that are written with more of a comics!Kara in mind.
What I mean by that is a fic where Kara is: perpetually angry, raised by fascist, and trying really hard but often failing to be a good person.
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firelord-jerkbender4 days ago
I am literally so excited for my Zutara big bang fic that I can't write it 馃槕
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marriedzukka4 days ago
there is absolutely no way this chapter isn't getting split up. i need to be sedated
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gunpowdville4 days ago
today is one of those rare days where I don't actually hate everything I write, so here have a little snippet of Brian and Aurora:
She asks if he鈥檒l tell her a story. He sits down against the wall and obliges, telling her all the stories he knows. He tells her about the crew, the things they get up to planetside, when she can鈥檛 see them. He tells her about the octokittens, their names and personalities and the things they each like and dislike. And he tells her this story, his story.
There was a man, he begins.
Both good and true? She asks.
He chuckles. Some might say he was good and true, yes, and he likes to think he was, but in reality he was a bit of a bastard who struggled to balance intention with ambition and often made everything worse by trying to make it better.
He sounds like someone I would like, she says.
You wouldn鈥檛, he tells her. But thank you.
i love them so much <3
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nyaladin5 days ago
my AR just went from 45 to 50 ;//
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gothicheroinegraham5 days ago
I make a rule for writing Hannibal fan fiction, in that I don鈥檛 look anything up unless it鈥檚 for visuals.
I do not care when it snows in France. Do not tell me how long it takes for a person to drown. Sepsis is what I want it to be. Miles and distance do not exist.
This is Hannibal we鈥檙e talking about, the only thing that matters is aesthetics
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duskholland5 days ago
sis what u got in store for us next?? 馃ズ馃ズ is surfer!tom still a thing 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ i love u and ur writing so much 馃ズ馃ズ
next fic out next friday! on the 23rd. hopefully will be surfer!tom <3
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zhongli5 days ago
albedo having 19k hp is the most disappointing thing abt his build
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