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schreibertc · 2 minutes ago
7. You want to make things official.
Tumblr media
Liev and you had been dating for 10 months the day you started having doubts about your relationship.
Your man was the best. He was always sweet, nice, gentle, comprehensive and the both of you enjoyed every single moment you spend together.
You had absolutely nothing bad to say about him... Except maybe the fact that he had not made your relationship official yet.
Of course, there were articles about you guys, rumors spreading on the internet about the fact you were dating. But Liev had never answered any of them and never really introduced you as his girlfriend or took you to an event with him.
And to be honest, you really started to find it weird.
That day, Liev and you were out for a coffee with his cute dog Scout. You ordered the usual, a latte with soy milk and he asked the waitress for his usual : a black coffee with sugar.
You both chatted a little, but you weren't really in the mood to be all cheerfull and happy. Liev, who knew you better than anyone else, instantly noticed the change in your behavior.
"Babe." He said in his sweet but deep voice as his large hand lay down on yours. "What's wrong?"
You faked a smile as you didn't want to start any argument or drama. The truth was you were scared to talk about that to him. Even if he was the most comprehensive person on Earth, you didn't want to lose him for something so stupid.
"Everything's fine." You told him, but didn't look into his eyes.
Liev couldn't be taken for a fool. He arched an eyebrow and shook his head as he held your hand tighter for you to look at him.
"Y/N, you didn't even order a slice of cake with your coffee. You know you can't lie to me." He smiled in a sweet way so that you'd feel comfortable.
You sighed and took a deep breath as you placed your other hand in top of his. "Listen Liev, there's something I'd like us to talk about, but I don't know how to bring it up."
He suddenly looked concerned, but tried to remain calm. "Just speak your mind, I'm listening to you."
You looked into his eyes and nodded. "I am bothered by the fact we aren't official yet. I mean... There are lots of rumors about us, but you never confirmed any of them. You never take me to special events, not even on set. We've been together for 10 months and I feel like we are still a secret. Why's that? You don't love me? You are waiting to see if you can get someone better? A real mature woman, who'll be a thousand times more beautiful than me?"
The man was truly surprised by what you had just said. He shook his head and his cheeks slightly turned red.
"I- I don't know you felt that way. To be honest, I thought you were pretty happy with our situation right now."
You suddenlt saw how fragile Liev was. He was probably thinking that you wanted to break up with him right now.
"No Liev, I am happy. This is not the point. But can you just give me an answer... Why aren't you taking me with you to events, or even confirming that we are a couple?"
Liev looked back into your beautiful eyes and started answering your question. "The reason why I haven't made us official yet is because I want you to have your privacy for as long as possible. Being under the spotlights isn't easy everyday baby girl, and I want to protect you."
You could see he was honest from the way he was looking at you. His eyes were glowing and he probably felt moved by this situation.
"But if this is what you want, if you think you are ready, I can take you with me to ceremonies or on set. You know baby, I talk about you to the Ray cast. I simply wanted to keep you away from all of this until the day you would tell me that you are ready to face it all."
Liev looked so handsome with his short beard and his green shirt on. He had that charming smile on his face and you knew all you had thought was just the result of hours of overthinking and wasn't even close to what was really happening.
You nodded and smiled at him. "I really like the fact you are protecting me from all of this." Your thumb caressed the back of his large hand. "But I think I arrived at the point where I don't want to hide anymore. I want everyone to know, and yes, I would love to go on set and to ceremonies with you." You smiled widely.
Liev nodded and intertwined his fingers with yours. "Great then. You're my sweetheart you know? And you should never think I'm ashamed of you or that you're just a secret, because this is not true." He smiled at you and leaned in, kissing you in public for the first time.
You smiled in a silly way as you adored his kisses and just his way to be himself. He sat back and whispered. "Now we're going to be official. There's a paparazzi not far, I saw him earlier." He chuckled.
You looked around discretly and noticed the man hidden at a distance from you guys, but close enough to take the picture.
Your gaze met his again. "You are the most amazing man I know, Liev Schreiber." You smiled in a playful way and tilted your head to the side.
"Now that everything is okay, can we drink our coffees before they get cold?" He chuckled as he let go of your hands.
"Yes..." You started. "But first, I'm going to go and order some cake." You winked as you got up.
Liev laughed. When you came back with it, he discretly took a picture of you with your coffee and your cake and Scout sat on your lap. He posted it on his Instagram with the following caption "Happy Sunday everyone x"
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whistlingwillows · 3 minutes ago
reunion pt. 2 (6/8) | r.b.
Tumblr media
summary: The blue and white Wings of Freedom crumple as the cape falls, spread out by the wind like true wings. Or, the winter after Shiganshina is frigid with change.
WARNINGS: mentions of heavy injuries, depression, angst all around, swearing, levi gives some advice, blood pairing: reiner braun x fem!reader word count: 8.2k
a/n: we’re nearing the end!!! ahh thats crazy adnkasln. not much reiner this chapter unfortunately but he will return next chapter!!
crossposted on ao3!
Tumblr media
You land heavily on your left leg, hand on Jean’s shoulder to soften the blow to your right as you watch Hange wrestle Mikasa back. Eyes widening, you sweep the rooftop—from Levi, to Erwin, to the burnt corpse that has to be…
“Don’t tell me…”
“It can’t be…”
Bertholdt. Your eyes fall to his steaming body, marks of his Titan still imprinted on his face and you fall forward. Limbs chopped to the bone, blood pooling underneath him, a cloud of steam surrounding him. You’re the only one left.
Rising to his feet, Jean’s grip is iron on your shoulder, clamping onto the joint so hard you’re sure it’ll break and you look up at him, watery breaths puffing past your lips. He stares down at you, regret sewn into his features, but even so, there’s a hard determination in them. 
You know what has to be done, he seems to say. Covering his hand with your own, a shooting pain splits your chest open as Levi looks from Erwin to Armin, back again—an impossible choice. You’re not jealous at all of the captain, deciding the fate of two soldiers who are both just as important, but for some reason, you can’t even think about Armin or Commander Erwin. 
You smell the terrible perfume of burnt flesh mixed with the smoke and dust of the ruins of Shiganshina, the blood in your mouth, the sweat lingering heavily around them. It reminds you of Trost, of Reiner holding you as he told you Marco had died. You somehow can’t think of anything else.
It’s not until Levi tells them to get that you can tear your eyes off Bertholdt’s slumbering face. He looks almost peaceful and you reach a limp hand for him but Jean tugs at your shoulder, and you look at him.
“Come on,” he utters softly, and you let him help you up, hopping on your broken leg with a grimace. You can do this, you tell yourself as Captain Levi drags Bertholdt towards the commander by the scruff. Whatever happens, at least it’s for good, right? Please, just sleep, Bertholdt. I don’t want you to suffer anymore than you already have. 
“Captain Levi, can I—“ Your voice comes out from your chest, surprising everyone there including yourself, and the bloody captain freezes, turning to look at you. You set your jaw, limping away from Jean who tries to stop you. “I just want to say goodbye.”
Levi’s eyes search yours, and then flicker to Hange, still holding Mikasa. A beat passes.
“Make it quick,” he allows. “The rest of you, scram.” The sound of ODM gear splits the air, iron wire screeching as the Scouts left head towards a distant rooftop. Walking towards the captain, you give him a weary look as he sets down Bertholdt’s body.
Crashing to your knees, you reach a hand to brush the dark hair out of his eyes, and his forehead doesn’t even crease when your fingertips brush over his brow. Overwhelmed, you can only gently trace the Titan markings on his cheeks, hollowed out patches of skin that outline his bones, reveal the muscle pulling his face together.
“Bertl,” you whisper. “Why didn’t you just kill me?” You wait for an answer that’ll never come, hand flattening against his warm cheek, and you feel his gentle breath against your fingers as your eyes begin to burn. “Why didn’t either of you just kill me? If we’re all devils, what made me so special?” You blink, and the tears fall down your face, land on his chest in gentle splatters. With your other hand, you cradle his face completely in your palms, and you bow your head.
“Nothing’s special about you,” Levi mutters, and your head snaps up to see him standing over Bertholdt’s body, nothing but a cold indifference struggling to find its place in his eyes. “They just decided you were. That’s all it was.”
His words sting, but nonetheless, you don’t let it faze you. You draw your hands back towards your lap.
“Captain, please keep it quick. I don’t want him to suffer,” you whisper, and you meet blue-grey eyes resolutely before pulling yourself up. “I don’t think I’ll survive hearing him scream.”
“Hurry up and go,” he orders. “I’ll be as merciful as I can.” Nodding numbly to yourself, you glance down at Bertholdt one last time, before heading towards the edge of the roof and launching yourself back towards the others. Mikasa helps ease you down to your knees and you send her a grateful look before shuffling in between Jean and Connie. Watching the captain’s green figure crouch beside the Commander’s, your nerves are shot and your headache only begins to intensify.
“Armin,” Eren’s muffled sob pricks at your ear but you ignore him, eyes trained on the singular figure arched over the apex of the roof. 
“What’s taking him so long?” Jean mutters.
“Maybe the transformation isn’t instantaneous?” Connie suggests.
“If that were the case, the captain would’ve left and watched the commander transform from a safe distance.” Leaning forward, one of your hands plant on the wood of the apex on the gabled roof as the cloaked figure stands. Together, the Scouts watch as Levi turns around, walking to the other end of the roof towards a black, burnt body. Ragged, wet gasps tear the air as Eren lunges forward. Mikasa grabs his arm, hauling him back, and your eyes widen.
He’s going back for Armin, you realize distantly. He changed his mind. Why? How could he—
There isn’t time for questions. As soon as the captain seems to inject the fluid, he kicks Armin’s body off the roof before turning around and grabbing Commander Erwin’s body. Hange lets out a soft noise, sprinting off the roof towards their friend while the rest can only watch as lightning splits the air for just a flash of a second, destroying the back end of the home. Splinters and debris go flying as steam arises from the spot where lightning struck and the two senior officers retrieve the commander, retreating to a roof a distance away.
Only a few more seconds. Bertholdt has to stay unconscious for just a few more seconds. Jean’s hand on your shoulder is iron-like again, nails digging through your jacket, a silent warning that you don’t have to watch, but you’re frozen to your spot, waiting.
The shrill sound of wood ripping fills the air, even from where they watch, as one bony claw reaches through the steam. What follows—a blond head, a body more skeleton than flesh, and a gaping mouth.
Armin. His name sounds foreign in your head as he reaches Bertholdt. 
You hear the first sob as he plants a hand onto his prey, lifting him into the air.
“No!” Raw and burning, Bertholdt’s screams brand into your eardrums as he thrashes as hard as he can in Armin’s grip but he’s nothing more than a limbless body and a head. Your world splits open as he’s raised through the sky. The fear fractures your chest, the desperation sinks into your skin, and you want to tear your eyes out but your fingers remain dug into the ridge as he screams wetly. Your hand is blistering, on fire along your fingers, and blood congeals on your tongue.
For the rest of your days, you will remember the moment his eyes found yours, bulging wide with untamed, unnatural dread.
“Guys, please!” Sobbing, his voice grows hoarse as Armin’s jaw unhinges. “Help me!” Head snapping, swinging, whipping any which way until he can free himself, the way his neck thrashes makes your stomach roll. Your legs are begging for orders, begging to spring forward to save him as the shadow of a Titan falls over his face. 
Bertholdt screams your name and it pierces through, a bullet that shatters every nerve as your eyes begin to burn. Your teeth clench before you’re pushing off the roof, boots gritting against tile
“Bertholdt!” Pain spirals through your entire body as you take one step before an arm wraps around your neck, flinging you back. You fall onto your spine, the breath knocked out of you and your feet kick out, ODM gear clanking against the tile. Hands surrounding you, pinning you down, and you flail your arms and legs, nails clawing at anything you can make contact with, gasping for air, for space, for anything. “Bertholdt! No! No! Please!” 
Vision blurring, you try to make out your captors as a knee presses into your wrist and another slams into your shoulder. Breath shuddering, your feet lash at the air, desperately trying to push yourself away from the others to save him. You have to save him—Captain Levi said it’d be merciful—
“Hold her down! Shit!”
“I’m trying!”
“Bertholdt!” Your throat begins to bleed and you taste the fire in your lungs as your head slams backwards, your back arching off the roof. Tears sear into your skin. Your eyes squeeze shut and you let out a furious sob, heaving and wheezing before your mouth falls open and a burning scream bursts from your chest. Ribs poking into every inch of your flesh, your hands fly up to dig into elbows. Whoever you hold onto do not wince and you hear a jagged voice, wrought with anguish.
“Go! Go get Armin and make sure he’s okay. I have her—“
“But, Jean—“
“Connie! Go with Eren and Mikasa. We’ll be okay.” The knee on your shoulder lifts and you immediately swing your fist at Jean, clocking him in the cheek and knocking him off you. Throwing yourself up, you scramble forward and wipe at your face but the tears still do not cease. You can barely see.
Your heart decays, a cold, throbbing agony filling you as you scan the square. You see the blonde Titan just in view behind the house, collapsed on his stomach, steaming more and more as someone erupts from the nape. 
The agony numbs.
So, that’s it then.
Crumpling in on yourself, your fingers clasp at the base of your neck and you curl into a ball, eyes sliding shut. Everything inside you falls apart, shattering into a million pieces and the walls around you begin to fall in, the fatigue and pain and heartache piling on top of you, burying you, blocking out the sun, you’ve lost everything, you have no one. 
You couldn’t even save Bertholdt—
“Jean, go to the others.” Fingers tightening around your head, your tears scorch as they fall into your hairline, disappearing in all the grime and dust and blood staining your body. “I’ll deal with this.”
“Yes, Captain.”
Shoulders shaking, your breath puffs hot against your face and you’re panting for air as your back kinks painfully. Stabbing sensations nestled right underneath your shoulder blades, you begin to wheeze, face beginning to flush, body beginning to grow number and number until you can’t even feel the pain anymore of shattered bones. 
All you can hear is Bertholdt screaming for you to help him, the silence of your body.
Why couldn’t you move?
Failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure.
It spells itself out, digs its talons into your brain and pries you open until you’re sobbing harder into the stone. Your heart thuds in your mouth, large and swollen, as hands grip your shoulders, wrenching you up. On instinct, cold air seeps into your chest and you let out a gasp, face in pieces as you lift it to the sky. 
“Hey!” Your eyes spring open as the hands on your shoulders grow more insistent and you lower your wet stare to Levi who is already studying with his quicksilver gaze. You feel everything inside you drain out. His teeth are bared in a tight scowl, and you still tremble in the aftershocks but he only holds on tighter. “Give yourself a moment, then pull yourself together. We still have a job to do. After that, I’ll give you as much time as you want to cry your little eyes out.”
“Captain—“ Your voice breaks, and Levi’s eyes flicker as you stare right through him. He lets go, drawing his hands back to himself. “Do you think it hurt?”
He pauses, deliberates this. “I think the fear was probably the worst part. If it hurt, it was only for one intense moment. Arlert crushed his head open,” he informs and your heart becomes a stone in your chest. “Now, come on. I’ll splint your leg and then we’re moving Erwin.”
“But, but Armin—“
“Do you really want to see him right now?” he cuts off sharply, and you wince as he stands. “Hange will take care of the others. You’re coming with me.”
Weakly, you mumble out his name, but he doesn’t stop as you struggle to your feet, following after him. You wipe at your face with sweaty hands, but it doesn’t help at all, only smearing it all over your exhausted features. Lungs still spasming in the occasional hiccups, you let your smashed, bruised fingers fall uselessly.
Captain Levi leads you to a demolished square near the Wall where Hange is already piling supplies, Commander Erwin’s body laid to rest. Eyes widening, you look at his corpse before looking at Levi who only looks over the body in passing before walking to a crate and ordering for you to sit down.
“We’ll be going over the Wall. I need to know you’re in shape to keep moving.”
“The others are bringing Armin back here before we start searching for survivors,” Hange informs.
You nod as Levi cuts away your pant leg and you grimace when you realize how swollen it is along your shin. Shaking his head to himself, he yanks your boot off and begins to wrap a nearby piece of wood he found and broke into the right length to your leg, splinting the bones tightly. Your bruised and broken fingers dig into the crate with every wince but he keeps going and going as you look down at him.
He slips the final round underneath the layers of cloth before stuffing your foot back into your boot despite the pressure mounting as soon as he does.
He steps back and you stand unsteadily. The pain is even worse, now, but you’re just going to have to be stuck with it. You’re sure walking around on a broken leg isn’t good for the health, but it shouldn’t matter. There’s still work to do.
“How much gas do you have?”
“Enough,” you reply, patting your ODM gear and he nods. 
“I’m refilling once we get over the wall. All our supplies are probably knocked everywhere so grab as much as you can on the way back.”
“Yes, sir.”
The battlefield reeks of the tang of blood and shit. The air is hot and heavy under the beginnings of a warmer afternoon, and your stomach roils at the bloody mist still tinting the air. This was a massacre—nothing less—and you swallow your nausea, picking your way through the battlefield.
They search for a singular thing, but with the amount of red on the field, you can’t pick out what used to be brown from what used to be green.
“It would’ve been closer to the houses than the others,” Levi mutters. “Forster said he was hit first.” You nod, turning around and examining the land they’ve already traversed.
Standing beside your captain, your eyes widen when you catch sight of the only white on the field. It reminds you of the flags they’d teach about in cadet corps—white meant fall back, white meant give up.
White meant nothing Commander Erwin stood for, and you let out a soft gasp. Levi’s gaze snaps to you.
“Commander Erwin’s horse,” you finally croak, lifting a dead finger to point at the steed. It lays limp, dirty, and the more you focus on it, the more you can make out its features. His eyes are closed, and you could’ve believed the stallion was asleep as you approach it and crouch down slowly, touching the horse’s cheek. “Sleep well.”
“What a fucking shitstorm,” Levi murmurs as you push yourself up. He tugs your elbow to help you, and you send him an appreciative glance but you find he’s already looking at everything else, haunted pale gaze searching for something. 
He looks starving for his target, greedy, and you look away. There’s blood that hasn’t steamed away from his face, and you don’t want to think about whose it could be.
You turn to see where the dirt had been imprinted on in an odd-long oval shape, different from the thousands of hoofprints stomped into the mud. A drag mark, carved into the soft mud. Following the trail, your throat begins to close up as you hobble beside it, only stopping when you finally find what they’re looking for. 
You see the green cape, soaked in red, dragging at the ground, muddied and soiled, stepped all over and half-buried. 
Nonetheless, you reach down pick it up, flapping what dry crumbs you can off the fabric and folding it over your arm before glancing over to where Levi stands near the horse’s head, staring at the patch of blood soaking the dirt.
“Captain, I found it.” You tilt your head heavily. “Captain?” Returning to his side, you try to find what he’s looking at. Following his gaze, you frown warily at the patch where the mud is saturated red, the grass still drinking in the blood like it’s been stuck in a drought and it mixes like a sickly stew.
Commander Erwin’s blood, you realize after a moment. Nausea sluices through you and you blink away the burning. The idea of him, cold, lying in the blood and awake, listening to his troops die around him…
“Captain, I found it,” you whisper rawly. As if your words break the trance Levi has put himself in, he looks up, shaking his shoulders out.
“Finally, he’ll have something to cover himself with,” he mutters at last, grabbing the cape from you, and you only look at your captain. At the rough, deep quality in his tone you’ve never heard before as he clears his throat. “Idiot.”
“Sir, don’t you mean buried with?” you ask timidly, and he shakes his head. “We’re not going to leave him here, are we?”
“We’re not bringing him back with us. By all means, his dream lived here and he died here. He fought his whole life to get here—I’m not going to be the one to take him away from that.”
Take him away from his mission, you hear in your head. Who is Captain Levi to decide that? Who are you to decide? Erwin stays here. It makes sense. I stay here. They had a mission. Who was I? Who was I to tell them to stop because of me?
“I’ll come back,” Levi continues, promises, but not to you, “to bury him. When this is all over. He deserves a proper burial.” Lips pressing together, you swallow down your words, and bow your head. After an unknowable amount of time, Levi finally sighs, shoulders caving, and starts walking back to the Wall. The green is clutched tight in his fist. You stand by the blood stain, the tip of your boot beside the head of the horse who could’ve been sleeping and he calls out, voice sharp and normal again: “C’mon. We can’t hang around—“
“I want to help you bury him,” you blurt out before you can stop yourself and Levi freezes in his spot. Swallowing, you close your eyes for a moment, feel every nerve inside you pulse, before you fix your gaze on the Wings of Freedom printed on Levi’s back. “I know it’s not my place, but Commander Erwin gave me a chance to prove I wasn’t weak and I failed him. I need to make it up to him somehow.”
Levi sighs softly before continuing on and you limp after him as fast as you can, catching up after a few pained grunts. Your leg is blistering, burning from the inside out, but nothing has scorched you more than your tears, so in comparison, you almost feel relieved.
“Some things I have to do on my own, you understand that?”
Despite yourself, the faintest ripple in your lips that could’ve been a smile runs through your face before disappearing as if it were never there. It’s something he’s told you so many times during your suspension and you dip your head.
“Of course, sir.”
He nods numbly. “Okay, then.”
The others went to the basement and you’re left here.
Someone calls your name softly as you sit on the edge of the wall, looking at the ruins of Shiganshina hollowly. Raising your head, you see Armin standing, and you sweep your gaze for a moment before turning to look at the city again. He sits uninvited next to you and you barely resist the urge to ask him to leave you alone, reminding yourself you have no reason to be angry with him.
He didn’t eat Bertholdt on purpose. It’s just how the cards were dealt, how the dice was rolled. The pieces on the chess board lined up, and they had a chance to seize a game-winning piece.
Armin twiddles his thumbs. Your shoulders slump forward.
“I’m… I’m really sorry.”
“What are you sorry for?” you intone quietly. “What matters is that you’re okay.”
“Yeah, but I ate Bertholdt, and I know—“
“Armin, don’t.” He falls quiet, and you look at him desolately. “There really isn’t anything we can do about it, now. At the end of the day, they’re gone, and I’m still here. You’re still here, and Bertholdt isn’t. That’s all.”
“I know.”
“I really am happy that you’re okay, Armin. I’m so grateful that you could come back, and that our side managed to get another Titan power. Maybe we can turn the tides, but…”
Knowingly, he finishes it for you, “But the price was too high for you.”
The words make you flinch and you don’t correct him.
“They could’ve killed me so many times. I’m starting to wonder why they didn’t,” you whisper mostly to yourself. A doe blue gaze fall on your cheek, and you close your eyes, pressing your lips into a thin line.
“Because they care about you. I could never try and kill Mikasa or Eren. I can’t even imagine it, so the fact that you tried to put those feelings aside for duty, I think that’s saying a lot more than you’re giving yourself credit for.”
You scowl at his words, hating the tears threatening to spill over your cheeks again. You’re drained, dried out, yet still, more tears are always coming even when you think you’re done. 
“Armin, if I took the multiple chances I had to kill Bertholdt, to kill Reiner, I think both you and Commander Erwin would be alive. Captain Levi would’ve never had to make such an impossible choice, and—“ And maybe I could remember how to breathe without all this weight on my chest. But you don’t say that. Instead, quietly, you plead, “Can you just… leave me alone? I don’t want to talk, right now.”
Armin’s lips upturn into a hurt frown, but you only stare at the space just in front of your knees, focus fixed on some imaginary spot. Before long, he’s pushing himself to his feet and walking back to Sasha, and you clasp your hands, watching the city blankly.
For some reason, you can’t stop thinking about the time you and Annie had walked the walls the day before graduation, finding Reiner and Bertholdt up there, too. How had that only been a few months ago?
It feels like years, now.
Without a second thought, you pick yourself up slowly, your splinted leg awkwardly colliding with the stone. Levi told you to get some rest, but…
You begin to walk away from the others, not quite sure where you’re going. You go past Floch, who’s taking watch, and when you close your eyes, you can hear footsteps behind you—two, light and fleeting, one more sure and steady.
“Have fun in the MPs, Annie. I’m sorry I couldn’t come with you.”
“You won’t be missing much.”
“Yeah, but—“
“Hey, the military ranking shouldn’t determine whether or not someone can join the MPs. What if someone’s just as good, but didn’t make it into the top ten because of how limited the spots are? It doesn’t make sense.”
A sharp laugh. “Someone needs to wash Bertholdt’s mouth, creampie. Look at him, renegading against the government.”
Eyes snapping open, you turn to look over your shoulder.
Nothing but still air.
The next few days pass in nothingness. 
You’re moved to the old Scouts headquarters—where Section Commander Miche died, you still feel his ghost lingering the halls—away from the others.  It’s mostly empty besides a few Garrison Regiment officers who keep an eye on you—Captain’s orders, and they’re your main source of news, even if it is just catching hints of gossip. You don’t speak to them, mostly because you’re sure they think guarding a teenager with broken bones who doesn’t even talk back is way below their pay grade.
Most of your friends aren’t keen on talking to you either, with a fair few forced exceptions, but at this point, you’ve written your report, detailing everything you did during the campaign, and you don’t want to talk to them either. You haven’t since their ride back.
They know you went back for Reiner, and, instead of striking him down, you tried to pull him free. It doesn’t matter.
You roll onto your side. Everything feels grey, time passing by inconsequentially in the rise and fall of the sun. You mostly stay in your room, content to let Shiganshina crush the ruins of your memory into dust, and you don’t recognize what day it is. Your nights are plagued with flashes of Bertholdt, the sounds of his screams ringing until you’re deaf. Reiner’s bare, burned face, steaming, eyes covered in a blindfold too tight over his skin.
The ragged gasp of your name.
There’s a knock on the door. You don’t budge from where you stare out the window, at the sun gleaming in through. It dapples on the cotton of your sheets, gentle pools of gold, and you trace one of the warm shapes absently with your wrapped, splinted fingers.
It nearly frightens you how much you don’t feel, how much you don’t care what happens to you next. The world is hollow, everything inside it scooped out and replaced with black coldness. 
“I know you’re awake in there.”
“You better be decent. I’m coming in either way.”
The door clicks and swings open.
They had a ceremony two days ago, honouring the survivors of the expedition before they could move on to a far more somber occasion today—a service for Commander Erwin at the end of the week, and the government going into a state of mourning. Flags are raised, speechs are prepared to be given, and you’re pretty sure the empty casket will be closed and buried somewhere in Mitras, empty words carved into a plaque.
Levi’s sigh breaches your ears. “Have you at least eaten today?”
“Yes.” You don’t move nor start at the creakiness in your voice. Blinking slowly, you examine a ripple in the bedsheet. “Doctor said if I didn’t, he’d break my other leg.”
“Good.” He walks to the window, and you see his shape lingering at the edge of your eyes. Tilting your head, you look at him. He looks rested, as well as he can be, but there’s a raggedness in his stature, the exhaustion engrained in his face that only comes with grief.
“The memorial is today,” you point out unhelpfully. “Will you be speaking?”
“Have to,” he mutters brusquely. “Not exactly excited to eulogize Erwin in front of a bunch of stuck-up bastards. Don’t think he would’ve minded either, if I didn’t.”
“So why are you doing it?” You shift a bit, sit up a bit straighter. There’s a pulse of silence where Levi seems to debate how to answer. His lips press into a thin, white line, and he scowls at his reflection in the pane of glass, before he exhales sharply.
“I don’t know,” he says before shifting the discussion blatantly. “Either way, you won’t hear it. You don’t need to come.”
“You didn’t come to the ceremony two days ago, either,” he snorts. “I’m sure it’s no skin off your back.” He’s right, and you smile grimly. “Focus on healing.” Tugging at the lapel of his formal Survey Corps coat, he continues, “It’ll be a waste of time, anyway. Most of them spent most of their careers hating him. I doubt her Royal Majesty or any of your friends will want to be there, either.”
You swallow, sitting upright and adjusting the pillows against your back. He glances over, and rakes his gaze down your body with a critical glare.
“Would you look at that? You haven’t moulded to the futon, yet. I was starting to think you had lost your body back in Shiganshina.” He steps away from the window and turns, standing at the foot of your bed.
Clearing your throat, you reach up to scratch your collarbone and find blue-grey fixed on your fingers. “When do you think we can go back for him, Captain?”
Levi frowns, gaze flickering up to your face again. 
“I don’t know. At this point, it could be months before the state declares that Wall Maria is free of Titans, especially with how small the Survey Corps are. Garrison soldiers can only help so much,” he adds grudgingly. “And the MPs are pretty much useless. Most of them. And Hange… is doing their best. Let’s just say that.” You nod again. He glances at the clock airily, then at you again. “Get some rest.”
“Yes, sir,” you reply, and he studies you quickly, gauging how honest you are with your promise, before he sticks his hands in his pockets and turns around. Your stomach is a thousand stones in your stomach as he glances at the splintered wood of the wall, and his footsteps slow to a stop. Watching his profile, you wait for him to say something as he lowers his gaze to the waste bin by the door.
He doesn’t. He simply continues out the door, speaks to the soldier on guard outside your room, and disappears from your sight.
“Lunch will be in two hours,” the soldier says before closing the door. You turn to look out the window.
Two days earlier, Connie and Sasha had come bearing a bolo tie, green gem gleaming, expression somber.
“It’s yours. For your services to the Survey Corps and to Historia.”
You had the grace to wait for them to be gone before flinging it with all your might at the wall and listening to the wood splinter as it clattered to the bottom of the bin. 
The snow melts as soon as it touches your nose, and you glance at Levi uneasily as he jams the tip of the shovel into the dirt. His jacket’s been shed, and you swear he could be steaming with how much sweat drenches his entire body. He had insisted on laying the Commander’s bones to rest  and burying him yourself which meant you had perched yourself on the roof overhanging the little clearing they’d found. It’s off-track in an already trampled ceremony—his grave now the singular headstone in a field of a thousand bodies—but it’s somewhere he can rest, you’re sure.
Adjusting your grip on your ODM gear, you look up at the blindingly grey sky. The snow slows to a stop as you fall to one-knee, examining the terrain.
Returning to active duty had been difficult. Rehabilitation even harder. You felt like there was scrutiny everywhere you walked, and there was a strange air lingering as the summer faded and fall began.
Even now, you’re sure Levi and Hange are the only people who bother to check up on you because they want to, not because they’re obligated to remember whether or not you’re still alive.
You scratch at your neck. Eventually they had to clear out the old barracks where you’d been staying which is what you’ve been doing for the past few months to avoid any clashes with your friends, and you’d come across the chess set, untouched, the pieces still in place as if the players had simply forgotten the game.
Your fingers had brushed over the piece Reiner had called a pawn, and it felt that much heavier. 
A foul poison erodes your heart as you glance down at Levi again. He’s crouched in front of the tombstone, and you look away again, at the Wall. Beyond that—
Reiner is still out there. You wonder if he thinks of you half as much as you think about him, and whether if it’s just as laced with rage and longing. Half the time, you think you could scream into his face before tearing his head off his shoulders. Other times, you just want him back. You want to see Bertholdt’s smile again. You want to hear Annie’s dry jokes.
You could cry yourself to dehydration if you thought about it enough.
A sharp whistle cracks the air and you look down. Levi’s looking up at you, shrugging his jacket back on and you lower yourself back to the ground with a burst of gas, landing beside him.
There’s a quiet in which he gives you a sharp nod and you know what to do.
Accepting the handkerchief Levi offers you, you wipe at Erwin’s grave where some mud had been kicked up on the letters before laying down the flowers you had cradled in your arm. They’re dry, the petals already crumbling, but still, despite how gloomy everything seems, it almost feels right. 
You step back, squinting a bit, the handkerchief clutched tight in your hand. The tombstone is a marbled grey, polished smooth and rectangular in shape, the corner sharp enough to puncture skin. Carved into the surface is his name, birth and death date, his title—and underneath all of that: 
The epitaph is almost haunting the more you look at it and you salute the headstone before letting your hand fall to your side. Staring at the tombstone too small for a man of the Commander’s stature, you feel something hot sear through your chilled body. It’s nothing he deserves. 
“Do you know why you were placed under my watch for a month?”
You blink, turning to look at the Captain. He’s paled so much in the winter months, it’s hard to think you aren’t looking at a ghost. The only exceptions are his red nose, his lips, and his flaring cheeks. That and those knife-point eyes.
“Because everyone around me was a traitor,” you murmur blankly, unsure of why he’s asking. Your hands ball into tight fists as you add, “And it only made sense that I should be one, too. Who better to watch me then Humanity’s Greatest to make sure I didn’t shift into a Titan, too?”
“It’s because Commander Erwin insisted not to leave you alone,” Levi agrees, “but not because he didn’t trust you. I doubt someone like you would turn around against the only people who are there for you. I read your file. Orphaned at birth, you grew up on a farm with no close known relations.” You turn your face away, teeth gritting together, and Levi tilts his head. “The 104th were all you had. Human nature insists that we latch onto those we have left.”
“Even you, Captain?” 
Levi doesn’t answer. When you look at him again, his stare on the stone is darker, laced with noxious grief. “This job isn’t pleasant. You lose enough people—even those you didn’t care for—and you either grow numb, tired, or so damaged you can’t even wake up to another day. Most people find life meaningless after a few years.”
“Right…” Struggling to find the words, you cross your arms over your chest, fingers wrapping tight around your biceps. “I don’t know where you’re going with this. I’m still here, aren’t I?”
A heavy sigh. Levi shifts his boots in the grass. 
“And what are you going to do after? What’ll you set your mind to next? Working as a Scout? I doubt you’ll find any fulfillment in working with people you don’t trust.”
“That’s not true—“
“You have a knack for isolating yourself when you believe you’re unneeded. Exiling yourself to an abandoned building under the pretence of ‘cleaning it out’ can only last so long,” he cuts off sharply, eyes finding yours dully. You clench your jaw, swallowing hard. He looks back at the tomb. “Look, I’m going to tell you something, and I expect you not to speak of it again, got it?” 
You nod tightly. “Of course, sir.”
“I’m aware of people misunderstanding or making assumptions of where I’ve come from. To put it simply, I was a criminal in the Underground and I ran a network with two others. They were as close to me as I assume Hoover, Braun, and Leonhart were to you.” 
You nod again, slower this time.
“We joined the Survey Corps because the Commander insisted it was a better alternative to a life time’s sentence in Mitras dungeons. I’m still waiting on that promise, Erwin,” he adds without any bite. Instead, his tone almost softens. “When they died on our first expedition outside the walls, I wanted to be left alone. He was only Section Commander at the time, and Shadis insisted I should be left to the MPs.
“Erwin refused. He forced me to come to training for the next expedition, to drills, and to the events the military held every once in a while just so I wouldn’t stay in my room all day. I lashed out. I screamed at him behind closed doors, was an outright violent son of a bitch and an unpleasant one at that, but he persisted.”
Levi scoffs. “It took me a long time to grasp what he was doing besides being a nuisance. It was when I realized I was constantly at his right hand when he was promoted to Commander did I understand. Every human dies. Whether or not they sacrificed themselves for a greater cause, it will always be a selfish act in the end.”
“Selfish?” you echo. “But, Commander Erwin died for the Scouts to survive, didn’t he? If he never did, you never would’ve stopped the Beast Titan. We’d probably all be dead.”
“And who’s left to clean after his mess, huh?” he cuts coolly. “That’s what’s selfish about death—those corpses get off scot-free. Their last moments may be guilty, or afraid, but they won’t give a damn the minute they stop breathing. It’s the living who have to deal with the consequences. Grieving alone sends you into a pit that’s hard to crawl out of. You either sink, or you come out of it strong like hell, but it’s easier when something’s at the top, so to speak. Telling you to get off your ass and climb out.”
He scowls, and his glare narrows at the epitaph as he half-heartedly kicks some of the disturbed dirt at Erwin’s headstone, but it’s less malicious and almost as if, even now, Levi wants to point fingers at Erwin. “I don’t know. Metaphors were always this idiot’s strong suit. All I know is how to cut down Titans.”
Your shoulders sink. “Captain Levi…”
“He’s why I volunteered to supervise. I remember what our gracious Commander told me,” he says quietly. “It’s a lonely life we walk. The people who stay are the ones we have to hold onto with both hands and all our might.”
You soak in his words silently, tracing the carved E in the stone with your eyes. Levi sighs, lowering his head and shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. He seems to shake his head to himself, pale eyes darkening, lips twisting into a furious scowl. You know that scowl well—it’s the type of face one pulls when they’re trying to hide how real fucking sad they are.
You look away. You shouldn’t be seeing this.
“Suppose that doesn’t matter, though,” he murmurs. “They can slip through either way. What you need to do now is keep moving. You keep them in your memory, and you keep moving, but stop letting them haunt you. Find a new purpose, or it’ll be meaningless and you’ll realize you should’ve died, not those poor bastards who devoted their hearts to what they wanted.” He tilts his head back to the sky. Softly, then: “No one else can do that for you.”
You slide your own hands into your pockets, pull it tighter around yourself. “What if I don’t know what to do? What I want with my life?”
The first raindrop hits him first. A gentle splash against his nose that makes his eyes flutter, but not close. The next hit you, tapping against your skull that soothes the ache in your chest.
“Keep moving on, anyway, until you find it. It’s no good to stand around thinking about what should’ve been or what you could’ve done. Regret begets regret—have enough and it’ll start affecting your choices. Don’t have any when you go, and maybe you’ll live a life happier than most.”
You nod. Your neck feels tired. For lack of anything else, you manage to say, “Captain Levi… I’m really sorry for your loss.”
He doesn’t answer.
You stand there, fixing your gaze at the gravestone for a moment more, before bowing your head and saying your thank you to the fallen Commander. You turn around.
“I’ll wait for you by the Wall, sir,” you murmur. He nods, still staring up at the sky as if he can see something you cannot. You study his profile for a moment, then begin to walk away.
Riding back to Trost, the weight slowly returns, bearing down on your shoulders as if you can already feel the thousand-pound stares. The elevators are lowered and they step on, dismounting quickly to ease the horses. Garrison soldiers are posted along with a singular Scout, and you frown when you reach the top.
He smiles grimly. “How was it?”
“Shitty, I guess.” 
And you leave it at that. Jean watches you critically, surveying your form, but you only stand on the edge of the Wall, looking at a world that’s about to get much bigger.
In truth, you don’t know how to answer. Your whole body is heavy, only going through the movements as Levi climbs up next to you. He takes the reins of your horse as well and heads off without a second word. You watch him go as he walks towards the nearest building, presumably to find the nearest elevator down the other side of the Wall. 
Sighing, you turn around to face the land you’ve just travelled. Wall Maria stands in the distance. Your gaze fixes on nothing, staring through, and you wonder if you’re just as ghostly as you think you are. All you can hear is the sound of Bertholdt, screaming for you to save him. 
The land is barren, desolating to even look at it with the faint rain muddying everything and dulling all the colours. The grass is brown, the trees frail and empty. Nothing like a few months ago when everything seemed so promising of life.
“One day, we’ll be eating like this every day,” you had told Annie during a visit to Trost once. She was quiet, her blue eyes focused on the cream bun but softer than you thought was normal. Her lips curved into a faint smile as you added, “Just imagine it. Us as the dream team in the MPs, solving assignments together, and eating sweets in the inner Wall. It sounds nice, doesn’t it?”
“I guess.”
How did that dream turn into this nightmare? It’s like every part of you has been chopped off until you’re nothing but a bleeding body and a heart struggling to find the energy to pulse another second. Your limbs are gone, bleeding, ravaged, your head’s aching, and you feel every shadow held back by Annie’s fierce stare, Bertholdt’s arms, Reiner’s body shielding you, swarm you all at once now that they’re no longer there to protect you.
Joining the military had numbed your body, and Bertholdt and Reiner had cut you off at the knees. And Annie… 
Annie had spelt out tragedy on your throat in blood. If only you hadn’t ignored the red dripping down your neck, staining every word you breathed, maybe you could’ve stopped this.
You are wrestling for a way to keep crawling towards the light, but you will never be fast enough. Captain Levi had been right. Now that you’re alone, the pit is steeper than the walls, steeper than your fear, and the idea of waking up, of walking side by side with people who you’ve turned your back on for traitors, makes you nauseous.
They don’t deserve your half-hearted loyalty. 
Your shoulders fall at that revelation, and your eyes close when you realize what you want.
It’s something you told Reiner, a million years ago.
No more bloodshed, no more war. There didn’t have to be water, there just had to be him—but even so, that can’t happen anymore.
The former, however…
“We don’t hate you, you know,” Jean says. “None of us blame you for what happened. You can still come back.”
“That’s really nice of you, Jean,” you murmur blankly as your hands move on their own accord. “But I just can’t let this go.”
You reach up to your neck, and pull the green cloak away from your throat. Drawing it off your shoulders, you hold it in your hands, the blue and white wings of freedom dull in the pale light. You run a hand through the fabric, over the stitched insignia that once meant so much to you before you step closer to the edge. Jean’s eyes snap to you.
Freedom feels like nothing when everyone who was supposed to stand next to you the day you achieved it is gone.
Fists tightening in the green, you clench your teeth and with a silent exhale, you fling it off the side of the wall. Jean lets out a strangled noise, and together, the two watch as it flutters to the bottom of the wall. 
The blue and white Wings of Freedom crumple as the cape falls, spread out by the wind like true wings.
“What are you doing?” he asks roughly as your hands move next to your belt. Undoing the clasp, the metal collides with your frigid, mended fingers, and your skin begins to burn as he grabs your arm, trying to stop you. “Hey—“
You jerk out of his grip, not looking at him. You don’t think you can.
“I need to find a new life, Jean,” you murmur, your stomach flipping, your heart wilting, your words carrying in the wind. “This one is finished.”
“No. No, your life is here.” 
Your face burns as you blink, something warm trailing down your cheeks, but Jean only grabs you by the shoulders, trying to make you look at him but still, you continue to detach yourself from the contraption. He turns you, shaking you gently, but not even an immovable object can stall the unstoppable force of your hands.
Throat cinching shut, you stare at his chest as your ODM gear falls to the ground in an ungraceful crash. The hollow thud of the containers rattles your body and you look down at your gear that’s brought you so far.
“Don’t do this,” Jean murmurs. “You’re a Scout. Don’t let them make you give up.”
“No one’s making me give up, Jean.” You finally look up, look right through him, and Jean flinches back, his hands loosening and you take the opportunity to twist, shoving your gear off the wall with one swift kick. Heat shoots up your leg and the pain warms your entire body. 
ODM gear falls, nothing more than deadweight, and it clanks against the wall before bouncing off the stone, and Jean jumps off, deploying his own gear to try and catch the tech before it can crash, damaged beyond repair, at the bottom. 
Staring at his figure for a moment, you wonder if the harrowing feeling in your chest will last you forever, or just for now while you wait for something to take its place.
You’re not sure. But you do know a part of you feels lighter. You do know that a part of you just wants to go home and sleep.
Turning, you walk after Captain Levi, follow his trail to the building, and when Jean reaches the top of the wall again, you’ve disappeared.
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vs-redemption · 3 minutes ago
Yay requests are open ahsja-
Can I request Aizawa with an easily embarrassed reader? Like they've been together for a while but forehead kisses or little displays of affection have them blushing like crazy still
From Cindy: Today’s the day I finally felt soft enough to write this, and I think it turned out VERY soft. Hopefully this isn’t too sappy for you anon. And sorry for the wait!
Tumblr media
Sunset (Aizawa x GN!Reader)
Tumblr media
It was one of those rare evenings where your boyfriend Aizawa had finished his teaching duties early and wasn’t scheduled for any night patrols in the city. Your heart skipped a beat as soon as you received his text asking if you’d be free to do something together. Several months had already passed since he’d asked you to be with him officially, but the thought of spending time with him still filled your stomach with butterflies. He always worked so hard, and you wondered how he even managed to have the energy to dote on you the way he did. His kindness seemed inexhaustible and he never failed to make you feel like you were the most important person in his life.
As you prepared for his arrival, you wondered if he had anything particular in mind for you both. Outings with Aizawa were usually quite relaxed and easygoing, but you really looked forward to each and every one nonetheless. Sometimes his dates weren’t outings at all, and you simply curled up on the sofa, enjoying each other’s company while watching some random movie or talking about anything at all until one of you finally gave in and slipped into dreamland. The memory of the first time he’d fallen asleep with his head on your shoulder instantly brought a warmth to your cheeks. He’d looked so comfortable and at peace in your company that you couldn’t help but fall a little bit more in love with him whenever you thought about it.
“Hey love,” his hand comes up to brush his knuckles softly against your face once he shows up. “You up for a little walk?”
He’d only just arrived and he already had you filled with a giddy excitement. The heat in your cheeks grows stronger at his affectionate greeting, and you nod your head eagerly. You could see tiredness in his eyes, but he insists he’s fine when you offer to stay in and rest instead. He laces his fingers with yours, offering a soft smile before leading you out to some mystery destination.
“I missed you today,” his voice is steady but you know without a doubt that his words are genuine. Aizawa wasn’t the type of person to say things like that unnecessarily. He always meant everything he said.
“I missed you too,” you reply, glancing over at him just in time to see the pleased expression on his face. You wondered if you were really on his mind as much as he was on yours. A scene bloomed in your imagination of his mind wandering to thoughts of you during free moments when his students didn’t require his attention.
After a few minutes of walking, Aizawa directs you both into a small park. There was a narrow path that led through a small field and past a playscape for the neighborhood children to play on. Most people were just arriving home now though, getting started on homework or preparing dinner for their family, so the park was empty for the most part. Aizawa takes the chance to slip his fingers out of yours and wrap his arm around your waist to pull you even closer.
“Shouta,” his name falls from your lips shyly and he tilts his head towards you with a playful smile.
“What?” his tone was teasing. “I don’t want you to get cold once we get closer to the water.” He gestures out in front of you where the field gives way to a sandy beach. The dirt path beneath your feet ends at a set of wooden stairs leading up to a rickety boardwalk that looked out over the water. “I thought we could watch the sunset together.”
You suck in a breath and feel your heartrate pick up. Outwardly, Aizawa didn’t seem like much of a romantic, but when he did things like this with you it really made you see him in a different light. Knowing that you were the only person who got to see this side of him made it even more special. You cast your eyes down to your feet, feeling flustered and a little speechless. You hear him chuckle before the feeling of his thumb rubbing soothing circles on your hip catches your attention.
“Afterwards we can get some take out and relax at home if you want,” his suggestion sounded perfect and you nod your head, already looking forward to the warmth and safety of being cuddled up to him on the sofa.
“That would be really nice,” you tell him as he steers you both toward the railing to look out at the water. The sun was already starting to sink behind the waves, casting a reddish orange glow over the scene in front of you. “Wow, it’s so beautiful. This was such a great idea, thank you.”
“You don’t have to thank me,” he promises sweetly, his hand traveling up to your shoulder to pull you into his side. “I love spending time with you like this.” The loving words have you turning and hiding your face against him and he chuckles again. He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead, embarrassing you even further.
“Shoutaaa.” You mumble his name again, voice muffled.
“I’m sorry,” he sounds amused but you know there’s some real emotion in his words. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
“You don’t,” you assure him, finding the courage to meet his eyes so he knows that you’re serious. “I just… love you so much that I get overwhelmed sometimes.”
The look on his face as he processes what you’d said holds nothing but pure affection. He tightens his hold on you and smiles.
“I hope you know that I love you just as much,” he takes you by surprise by winking quickly. “Maybe even more.” Heat rushes to your face once more and you fight the urge to bury your face back into his side. Instead, you take a deep breath to calm your nerves and turn back to admire the sunset which was slowly changing into soft pinks and purples over the water. Even if your boyfriend made your heart flutter so much in powerful moments like this, you knew you wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world.
Tumblr media
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hypmic-writings · 3 minutes ago
Could I request no. 98 from the “100 ways to say ‘I love you’” prompts with Samatoki? Samatoki wakes up from a nightmare about his fem! s/o leaving him and sees that she’s not in the room. Then he sees his s/o in the kitchen, just getting a late-night snack. She takes one look at him and knows that he’s distraught— and I’ll leave the rest to you. I had this idea for a scenario in my fanfic, and I’d love to see how others would depict this!
98) “Take a deep breath.”
Samatoki shot up in bed, breathing heavy as a bead of sweat slid down his chin. The room was dark but somehow still spinning as he brought a hand up to his forehead, recalling the nightmare he had just woken up from. You had told him you didn’t love him anymore, that you couldn’t be with him and that you were leaving. 
He turned to your side of the bed, reassuring himself that it was just a dream as he reached out to gently place a hand on you. As he did, though, his hand fell through the air, landing on the soft blankets and making him freeze. He scrambled to try and find your figure in the darkness, but you weren’t there.
You were gone.
In an instant, he was on his feet, flicking the lights on before rushing to the bathroom but not finding you there either. Samatoki cussed under his breath as he called out your name, rushing towards the living room. He didn’t have to go far though, and as he hurried past the kitchen he caught himself and took a few steps back.
You were standing there, frozen with a spoon of ice-cream halfway in your mouth. 
“Oh...Toki...” you said, laughing lightly as you were caught in the act of sneaking a midnight snack. 
Samatoki stared at you for a moment and finally let out a breath as he reached for the countertop to steady himself. He hung his head as he grasped at his chest, trying to calm his racing heart. You smile disappeared as you dropped your ice cream to go to him.
“Hey, shh, it’s okay, you’re okay,” you told him, wrapping an arm around him for support. He immediately buried his face in the crook of your neck as he held onto you tightly, needing to feel that you were still here with him.
“Y/N...” he started, but you hushed him quickly as you softly ran a hand through his hair in a gentle manner. 
“It was a nightmare, wasn’t it,” you said, more as a statement than anything else. Samatoki did ‘t respond, but he didn’t have to. You let him stay in your arms like that as you rocked him softly. You couldn’t see his face, but you could feel him tremble in your arms, your heart aching as you felt him breathe shakily into you.
Just take a deep breath, okay, Toki? Whatever happened, I’m here now. You’re not alone.”
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hurricanejjareau · 3 minutes ago
19 and 47 from the kisses list w peter stone and det reader 🥺💕
kisses, prompt 19 - forehead kisses. 
kisses, prompt 47 - secret kisses. 
–– –– –– ––
you giggle as peter takes your hand and pulls your around the corner and into the hallway in front of the interrogation rooms, away from the rest of the squad. 
“peter! what are you doing?” you ask, but instead of an answer, you feel peter’s hands on your face, his lips against yours. 
after a few seconds, you melt against him, your arms coming to wrap around him as you kiss him back, smiling against his lips. 
“peter, what if someone sees?” you hiss, giggling as he presses kisses to your cheeks, a few down your neck. 
“they won’t,” he assures you, pressing another kiss to your cheek before looking back at you. he smirks. “i’m sneakier than that, detective.”
you smack his chest, and he laugh, leaning down to kiss you again. 
“i’ll see you later, yeah?” he asks, hopeful, his brow raised. 
you smile, nodding. “definitely.”
he grins, holding your face in his hands again as he leans down and kisses your forehead. “bye, my love.”
you smile up at him, standing on your toes to kiss his cheek. “bye, pete.”
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twisted-whispers · 3 minutes ago
Mermay -  Azul & Tweels Part 2
TW: Mentions of the Tweels eating a human.
The initial planning stages took no time - after all, Azul was particularly speedy when mind games came into play. Create a potion, find a suitable human mate, give human the potion and hope for a successful transformation without too much mindbreak.
The last part was the hardest and after a few failed attempts (the first potion succeeded but Floyd got too excited and bit their new mate too hard on the neck) the tweels were impatient with Azul and instead the Octomer giving specific criteria for another attempt, both eels pushed him out to search for their final attempt.
“Oya, take as long as you need - we’ll keep everything safe~” Jade sang to Azul, smiling with lovely teeth as Floyd ripped flesh apart and started eating the failed experimental mate behind his brother. “I’ll even tidy up and everything will be just as you left it after our lunch~”
Annoying, but it couldn’t be helped, Azul thought as he slowly made his way towards human civilization. Humans were fragile here and magic was a capricious mistress. As fortune would have it their little hideout was close enough to your city and it was even easier for Azul to glamor himself under a pier and literally materialize on the beach in his formal attire and walking aide.
After all, this was a city and businessman were abundant on the streets. Blending in wasn’t a problem but finding a suitable human for their heat was. While he had been on land before he greatly preferred his small, cozy home and octopot over the sprawling metropolis and loud, smelly vehicles that travelled everywhere.
Finding himself looking up at a familiar and famous coffee shop, our glamoured merman made his way in - even though he despised many human-things, caffeine was definitely more enjoyable on land than sea. The smell, taste, and general atmosphere that this particular store offered had a similarity that his own home had back underwater that he couldn't resist. 
Summer was approaching and now that it wasn’t raining all the time, you could enjoy the outside with ease - especially at your favorite café. If you got there early enough, they even had a large garage-door like window they would open so fresh air could make it’s way in. Not to mention the baristas were top-notch and the café stocked their pastries from another famous bakery.
So when you finally sit down in the early morning on the weekend with your favorite hot drink and sugary breakfast and get ready to focus on writing a paper, it takes you by surprise when a businessman your age approaches your table by the window.
“Excuse me, but may I borrow this chair if no ones using it? It seems today is exceptionally busy.” The silken voice literally forced your attention to snap the crisp-looking man in front of you - easy on the eyes and with a beautiful smile to match, you almost didn’t notice the cane.  Sympathy floods your heart and forces your guard down.
Glancing around for his spot and seeing that every table was taken, you notice how busy the place is. With a rather large table under your possession and enchanted by this newcomer, you gesture in front of you. Time to be social with someone handsome and procrastinate your work.
“You’re welcome to take the chair but there’s plenty of room here to sit. Are you a local? I haven’t seen you around before! ” You ask a bit too eagerly, pretending to type after your inquiry but really just “AJKHFKHS”-ing on the keyboard to look composed and professional.
Azul stops for a split second at your question, his expression unreadable but taking off his hat and placing it on the table as he sat down.
“Ahh~ Yes I am but I don’t get out much. The weather is just too nice recently to stay holed up and I’ve heard such wonderful things about this place. Do you have any recommendations?” The gentleman asks, folding his hands neatly in front of him as if he would rather not take up too much space. Respectable and easy on the eyes - your family would be ecstatic at this exchange.
“Well you’ve come to a great place! Their lattes are wonderful and they have numerous milk substitutions, plus they get their pastries from this family run business every morning so you know everything is fresh ~“ you continue to gush about your favorite hangout spot and recommend numerous items. He listens to you breathlessly, his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling cryptically as you open up to him.
It was a good thing he was forced him to pick out their mate on his own - Floyd and Jade seemed to rush to pick any human before they were vetted by Azul.
Perhaps that was why the potions weren’t taking? Nevertheless Azul had decided to use this café as his headquarters while on land - for vetting purposes, he told himself as he sipped on one of the delicious drinks you recommended. 
He was meticulous in his research and while the two eel mermen would berate him later for taking his time in picking their (hopefully last ) mate, Azul believes it’s worth the time to get it right and you seem like a great candidate.
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moodys-art · 4 minutes ago
Can I request Ghiaccio with an S/O who likes to play with his hair?
Hi Sammy ! Your request has been sitting in my drafts for a LOOOOOOOOONG time and i'm so sorry about that haha, but I just saw it and thought, why not finishing it ! because i really like the prompt !
Ghiaccio with a s/o who likes to play with his hair
Warnings : none.
Tumblr media
The first time you had the occasion to lay a hand on Ghiaccio’s hair, was on a snowy afternoon, while you two were watching tv in your room. Looking at his icy blue curls, you couldn’t resist. They seemed so squishy and comfortable to pass your fingers through !
"Can you do WHAT ???" When you repeated yourself, he stayed quiet for a moment, not answering right away. The movie was good, in fact, it was from your boyfriend's favorite serie : The Lord of The Rings. You reported your attention on the television, thinking that maybe, Ghiaccio's hair was even smoother than Legolas. "Ok, deal.", Ghiaccio finally muttered, and you couldn't contain a happy squeal.
When he felt your hand at the back of his head, Ghiaccio almost jumped out of the bed, but instead of running away, he said, in an awkward tone : “Uhhh?”
Immediatly apologizing, you stepped back a bit. He answered : "Sorry, I just...your hands are quite...nhggg. Warm. And I've...I'm not used to this." He then accepted to lay his head on your lap, a grumpy pout on his face. Slowly reaching towards his hair again, you began to scratch lightly behind his ears, up near his temples.
It was clear that Ghiaccio was making some effort to keep his eyes open, because when he finally leaned into your touch, he relaxed as he never did. It was so soothing ! And it had been such a long time that no one had ever offered him that kind of attention; in fact, since his childhood. You liked to scratch the small hair at the back of his neck and around his ears too, structuring his curls like he liked to have them.
"You're going sleepy, aren't you ? Weren't you telling me how great this series was all week long ?" you whispered while laughing kindly.
"Hm. Head scratches...are not that bad. In the end." he groaned back before falling into a peaceful sleep.
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moancores · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary : laying with you i feel like moving clouds high in the sky
pairings : aki hayakawa x fem! reader
caution warnings : smoking (cigarettes), mentions of fingering, a fic without a plot
words : 1.6k
inspiration : cigarette (ft. Tablo, Miso) — offonoff
Aki is cautious, even on his days off, he’s still highly aware of his surroundings and refuses to put his guard down. Paranoia laced his bones like a second skin, flooding his sanity and bathed him in alamort—his colleagues taunting him with obscene mouthfuls, referring to his tension as volatile metallics. He reminds them that it’s always better safe than sorry at the end of a job, his eyes always glazed in wet, insomniac entrapment. Of course, nobody took him seriously until after they were dead.
So in these lunar gold moments, where evening arrived too early, he wandered inside a morphean building with shame and guilt. The inclescent sign that read ‘DECADENCE’ in English flashed against the ebony ink night sky; showing the dense population of Tokyo that they were willing to open their doors for the damned and beautiful. Even inside the crimson illuminated lobby, where only one man sat at the front desk, Aki still kept his guard as he unconsciously created half moon circles into his salt stain palm from the tip of his nails. He nodded his head to the man with cimmerian eyes, who in return smiled at his favorite patron as the man pointed to the ceiling.
See, boy of misfortune that’s laved in bittersweet sickness was rooted to this love hotel for two years now, his feet pierced in magnetic obsession that always had him crawling back. He was a regular, someone the staff knew by name, despite the hatred that calloused him of how easily they spoke his name. It rolled off their tongues like venom and they made it sound harsh—their tone the equivalent of choking of funeral soil. He hated the illusion of their voices and it could be the overwhelming shame that made him hate them, but he can’t shake the feeling that they could be dangerous.
He held his breath as he looked at the man, feeling the apprehension kissed his skin as he melted into a cold sweat, but he understood. That she was waiting for him in the same room that overlooked the same LED sign that promoted the same ramen stall on the same main street. Aki left the same lobby to take the same left turn to the same ricody staircase, climbing the same nine floors up as the warm light bathed him in hues of champagne drip. He ignored the same art pieces that made him feel uncomfortable throughout the years of visiting, traveling down the same narrow hallway where the same wooden floors tripped him up before sighing at the same wooden door. Aki has frequented this room so casually that the owner of the hotel molded an exact replica of the key to this room.
The scent of peonies enveloped him into a serene eumoiriety as a sheen moisture of humidity coaxing his face, the strands of his acantho hair clung to his skin. The room was bare with little to offer besides a bed that was displayed in the center, adorned with the same pale blue sheets that Aki had messied and soiled with his own multitarian elixirs. In the far end of the room, the balcony doors were open to allow the evening winds to consume the fragments of fornication as the sheer curtains swayed against the current of cool zephyrs. Between the alterations of fabric, you stood amidst the foundation of taboos as you leaned your body against the iron railing, looking outwards towards a malice devoured city with half dead people being the buildment of a devil’s desire. Aki blinked as he watched your wet hair sway against the gust clear currents or how the tips of your hair dribbled warm water and pooled beneath you.
Aki pulled out the pack of cigarettes he recently purchased, tapping the cardboard box against his open palm with thunderous shockwaves in the hopes to pack the cigarettes tight. He fumbled with the packaging but he managed to quickly peel away the thin plastic that encased around the box and threw it to the ground; grabbing a cigarette between his fingers that stained his skin in the scent of tobacco and fig before brushing the filter against his bottom lip. Between the billowy curtains and harsh winds, Aki witnessed a scintilla of mist that blew east from your lips and dissipate into the astral atmosphere—the smell of your cheap cigarettes that were laced with poison was pungent. Aki watched, observing how the ash from your cigarette gravitated downwards towards the concrete versus the cherry cola ashtray that was shaped in a heart. He witnessed how your toes curled as you leaned your body down more against the railing, watching you lean further and further downwards until you began to slip.
“Idiot!” Aki cried, his calloused hands gripping your waist as he pulled you down into the depths of your shared room, “You need to be more careful!”
“I was completely fine, Hayakawa-san.” You rolled your eyes, “No need to worry about me.”
Aki lit his cigarette as he inhaled the first cigarette from the last two hours. His lungs inflated with venom that bit his esophagus, the taste of tobacco flowers shoving down his throat in between the bursts of nicotine obsession. He blew the mist from his nose, feeling his airwaves clog in an arcane burn, “I worry about you like I do anyone else.”
“Aweh, you think that highly of me?” You teased, flicking the end of your cigarette off the balcony.
“Don’t push your ego, you’re not that important to me.” Aki argued, “but I refuse to see any more people die in front of me.”
The beige chair in the corner collected the dust and ash shared between them from purgatory evenings, and despite it’s broken appearance, Aki still sat gingerly in his favorite chair. He quickly dragged another puff of his cigarette before welcoming you into his lap and cradling you close into his arms that were strained with catastrophic dolent. He hissed as your body connected with a freshly blue bruise that blotched him in orchids blooming beneath his flesh—before you could apologize, Aki shook his head and told you not to worry about it. You notice how his body heat radiated with nuclear fission and how it burned like a thousand suns, clearly he was overworking himself and his body is unable to keep up with the demands of his mentality. You couldn’t say anything though, knowing that he’ll get upset and excuse his hard work for determination and becoming the savior of a saccharine generation, so instead you encouraged him to smoke. Maybe chain smoking fifteen cigarettes will keep him bound to you a moment longer, distracting his pulsating hate for devils with the taste of attraction.
You grabbed another cigarette from your carton, placing it sweetly between your lips as your head hung off from the arm of your chair. Your hair mimicking cascades of waterfalls as it fails with the downward spiral of gravity, ichor pooling in your head as Aki lit the cigarette dangling between your peach gloss lips with your butane lighter (shaped and molded to resemble a lock and heart) that he found ridiculous. You inhale deeply through your nose, collecting the smoke into your lungs before you allow it to bleed into the atmosphere.
Aki set aside your lighter before returning his hand to the inside of your thigh, knowing that after two packs, while your organs are festering and dying, his long fingers will slip between the hem of your panties and thrust between your love. Deep conversations will fall into malicious silence as the only thing Aki can clearly comprehend is your soft moans echoing into the sky. His fingers buried deep within you in rhythmic depths as he looks outwards into the skyline of his newly acquired city—wondering what devils wandered about in the far corners of Tokyo before questioning what Makima was doing in this very moment. Sometimes, he’ll look at you and picture Makima unraveling beneath him, lips agape with apricot blush dusting her skin.
In his mind, he knew you were beautiful but you’ll never compare to Makima. Honestly, he doesn’t know why he’s so enamored with her but he’s drawn to her like the sun is with supernovas. There’s always something alluring about the mysterious darkness that blanketed over her, making her feel archaic and silver. To Aki, you were the light, something that felt safe yet dangerous. You can melt him, burn him and you could just as easily cremate him like any other fire devil—you were a hindrance to him but he was addicted to you like every cigarette shared amongst you. You brought life into halcyon days, where flowers stretch their long necks to kiss your nectar.
Besides, those are sensations and thoughts for later. You placed the cigarette you’ve kissed between his lips, allowing to suck and nurture on the vile as his spine relaxed further into the beige chair. His thumb swaying small circles into your flesh as he exhaled the taste of rot from the cheap cigarettes you loved so much. His stress induced head felt a tad bit high from the smoke and your touch that the world around him began to circle slowly and sweetly. His heart thrumming in euphoria as he gladly took another drag of your cigarette, cherishing the feeling of light fingertips against his chapped lips as you held the cigarette for him.
Decadence was a hotel he was swore was the gate to hell from his mortal reality, and somehow you lingered in the corrupt realm of the ninth floor as a distraction from the vile and decay he bathed in. Blood and killings were a part of his life just like how breathing, starving and lust was. However, on the ninth floor of a man made hell, you became a calm addiction that Aki craved—numbing the deaths of his buddies, colleagues and friends after a cry, a funeral and sex. The cigarettes shared between you were the conversations of apprehension, loss, pleasure and possible happy endings. The smell of your pastel breathing places him in a corrosive mood and suddenly, he could devour the moon raw.
You placed your fingers against his lips, encouraging him to take another long hit as the tan filter was eaten from the saliva shared between hallowed bodies. “Smoke up a glimpse of heaven.”
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cuddlemen0w · 4 minutes ago
daily dose of failure | peter parker x reader
(+ the group aka mj, ned and harry)
Tumblr media
a/n: heyaaa here’s part 2 and it’s longer than the first part so i hope it’s ok! ;) i’m still going with mostly peter’s pov cuz that’s what i wanna do duh.. also mj is gay now. deal with it. and i fancasted harrison as harry osborn :)
warnings: language, anxiety. are those warnings?
Tumblr media
gif is from pinterest
“For the record, I did not ghost you,” Peter said as he walked through the crowded hallway, Ned and Harry on each side of him.
“Yeah, yeah,” Harry huffs and rolls his eyes. “What were you doing then?” He shoots him an accusing eye.
“Self loathing?” Peter avoided eye contact, instead he played with the strap on his backpack. His two friends stare at him more intensely. “Fine! I ghosted you.”
“What are you taking about?” y/n’s cheery voice made them jump.
“You,” Ned immediately says, receiving a slap to the back of his head from Harry. “Did you not learn from yesterday?”
But y/n nor Peter heard Ned’s or Harry’s comments. And if one of them did, they ignored it.
“So, I saw you enjoyed yesterday?”
“Oh yes! But it’d be way better if you were there,” y/n’s voice softens then. “But at least I could have cheese nachos,” she joked.
“Ew,” Peter made a face as he shivered all over. “But whatever makes you happy.” His face was still crunched from the thought of the ‘nasty looking garbage food’ as he called it. The girl before him only laughed.
“It’s good, you’d know it if you’d actually try it.”
“Hell no, I’m not touching that.”
“Fine,” she says, her back already turning to go to her first class.
“No! I didn’t mean it! I swear!” he smiles finally. “I never mean it.”
y/n stops in her tracks, her beamy grin back on her face. “Sure thing, Petey.”
Peter’s cheeks warm up at the nickname, still not used to it even after all the years. He’s loved her for all of them.
He remembers the first time she called him that. They had one of their movie nights, this time at his place. With May gone to work, he had permission to let his friends stay the night. MJ was in the kitchen making popcorn along with Harry who was grabbing some soda. Ned was on a ‘pee break’. y/n cuddled up to him, her head on his shoulder, her breath brushing his neck. “Thank you, Petey.” What for? he asked that night. “This, all of this.” She broke up with a boy that night. He felt bad for being happy about it.
“Peter?” she broke him out of his thoughts. “You have math now right?”
He made a noise in response. If it was an agreement or confusion, she didn’t know. He stared at her for a moment longer. “Oh! Math!” he realised, he grabbed his books from the locker and sprinted away.
“Weirdo,” MJ appeared out of nowhere, startling the girl. Her hand shot up to her chest.
“I told you not to do that!”
“Well, you should know I never listen. Anyway, are you going to tell him or what?” MJ asks, swinging her arm around her friend’s shoulders.
“Tell him what?” y/n tried to play innocent. Her act faltering at the sight of MJ. Her brow raised and a knowing look on her face.
She groaned, “I’m still waiting for a sign if he even likes me like that.”
“You’re so oblivious.” MJ shook her head and laughed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peter locked his screen just as he saw Ned, y/n and MJ entering the lunch hall. His food splayed all over it along with a few of his textbooks, serving as a clear sign of holding someone’s place. He started cleaning his mess up when they neared him.
“If it’s another party I swear I’m ending our friendship,” MJ said as she bit into her sandwich.
“I’m with you on that,” y/n nudged her friend. “But if there’s any cute girls,” she wiggled her brows at MJ. Giggling slightly.
“Oh shut up!”
“What— What do you mean?” Peter panicks. All the colour from his face is out. What if she isn’t into boys at all? HOW COULD I NOT NOTICE? he freaks out internally.
MJ joined y/n in her laughter. She laughed so hard a few tears escaped her eyes. “Oh my!”
The latter is the one to break out of it first. Coughing slightly from laughing in between bites. “Cute girls, as in, for MJ.”
Peter’s eyes narrow. “What?” he said, his mouth open in confusion. All around the table, they could almost see the gears turning in his head. “Oh!”
“Yes, oh!” MJ’s laughter died down a bit. Only a tiny bit.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t—”
“It’s ok Peter, although I recon I told all of you,” MJ narrows her eyes now.
“Yes, but Peter wasn’t there,” Ned is the one to speak out. “He was doing— eh.”
Peter panicks again. Think of a quick lie! “Laundry!”
“Riiight,” MJ slowly nodded. “Because you totally know how to do that.”
y/n saved Peter from the intense stare of their friend, “C’mon MJ, let him breathe.”
“I just want to know what he’s doing all these times he ghosts us.” Well that’s a good point.
“As I said laundry.” Stick with one thing, he thinks to himself. “May wants me to learn, so I’ll know in college.” Damn, I’m good at this.
MJ glared one last time, “Sure.” She bit into the last piece of her lunch and left him only with Ned and y/n.
His palms sweat from being almost caught. He looked to his left, exchanging weird looks with Ned, then he turned to the girl opposite him. Her skin looked so beautiful in the midday, spring sun. Her hair looked soft for touch and her eyes coincidentally matched her shirt. “I— uh.. I gotta do laundry now actually, before we go to Harry’s. Okay, bye!” he excused himself quickly and almost ran out of the lunch hall.
“Weird huh?” Ned awkwardly said when only him and y/n remained.
“Yeah, weird.”
Peter was doing ‘laundry’.
He swung along the many buildings in Queens, checking if the neighbourhood was friendly and safe. His mask clad face scanned the many little alleys. It was a moment of peace for him, he felt free flying above the streets.
But it faltered when his phone dinged in his suit. He jumped to one of the roofs and fished it from the pocked that Tony installed into his new suit.
He opened the phone to find out Harry’s text.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Yeah,” Peter said out loud. “This better be good.”
Everyone showed up at Harry’s. His football friends, few cheerleaders, the squat — all except Peter.
“Of course,” MJ muttered as soon as she got there and the brown haired boy wasn’t present. “Dude’s gonna miss his own funeral at this point.”
“Yeah,” Ned laughed nervously. His fingers fidgeted and teeth bit his lower lip. MJ took notice of that after his laughter lasted suspiciously long. But she choose not to say anything, yet.
Harry was the one to ease the bit of tension in his house. “Don’t worry, he’s gonna show up.” He paused to grab a drink. “Told me himself. And he’s got a surprise.”
“Surprise would be him showings up.”
“Well, who am I to tell what it is?”
MJ looked between her two male friends. Her eyes almost boring into their soul. “You two know something,” she stated. “And I’m gonna find out what.”
y/n entered the room right after Ned almost choked on his drink from fright. “Something wrong Neddy?”
“No, no. Not at all,” he smiled, like a kid caught doing something they shouldn’t. “We’re just talking about Peter.”
“What about him? Have you seen him? Is he going to show up?” she could go on but Harry saved them all.
“Yup, he’ll be here any moment now.”
The girl let out a relieved sighn, her shoulders relaxing and the fake half smile dropping from her lips. “Thank god, the more time I spent with your damn friends the more I wish I was ghosting you too.” She points to Harry.
“Peter is not ghosting us, remember? He’s doing laundry,” he points out. Making y/n laugh, Ned chuckle nervously and MJ to huff. “Don’t worry, he’ll show up. I threatened him.”
All of sudden, the door bell rang though the big Osborn house. Everyone around the living room fell silent, only the music played from the speakers. A blonde boy, that was closest to the hall went to open it.
After a very awkward two minutes of silence, the guy returned with a stunned expression. His eyes wide and mouth hanging open.
“Who was it?” one of the other boys asked, but he didn’t need an answer. Right after the blonde, a red clad man walked in. Spider-man. In Harry Osborn’s house. The murmurs started to float around the room.
“Hi!” Peter said from his spot. He remembered himself. “Hello,” he said more deeply. There’s too many people, he thought. And all of them are looking at me. He had a sudden urge to mess his hair, something he did when he was nervous or stressed. Right now, he was both.
“I uh,” he paused to look at all the faces. Most had hanging mouths out of shock, some had eyes full of awe. His vision quickly found the one he was here for. y/n was standing between MJ and Ned. She was one of those in shock, but her mouth wasn’t hanging, nor were her eyes wide. She was one of those pinned to their place, unmoving, utterly shocked to do anything.
“I’m here to say something.” Peter’s voice trembled. All the confidence he told himself he has in the suit was gone. He was just a boy, standing before a girl in a room full of people. “My friend,” he nodded to assure, more himself than others. “He uh,” his breathing picked up. “He’s in,” his eyes glossed inside the red suit. “He’s in danger!” he let out.
“Peter?” y/n almost yelled out.
Peter freaked out. He was sure he fucked up now.
To his relief, she worriedly continued, “Peter is in danger?”
“Yes!” Play it cool Parker, play it cool. “I— Peter needs Ned, Ned Leeds.”
Ned pointed at himself, unsure what his best friend meant. “Yes, you! Now hurry, or he’ll be in much bigger trouble!” He then grabbed Ned’s arm. “Come on,” he whispered furiously.
They only stopped once they were far enough, that no one could eavesdrop or see them from a window. Ned panted from the quick pace Peter set. “What— what is— what’s going on?”
“I can’t do it!” Peter whisper-yelled. His mask in his hand now. “I thought, maybe if it wasn’t entirely me, I’d say it. But I can’t!” the vision of the mask in his hand blurred behind the tears. “I’m a coward! As always I am!”
Ned neared his best friend. “It’s okay, Pete.”
“It’s not!” he burst out, throwing his hands into the air, his face red. “I’m the biggest fucking loser in the goddamn universe!”
“It’s really not that bad.”
“How can you say that?”
“Because she likes you too.” It was a familiar voice. Behind them, MJ stood with her hands crossed. Both boy’s breaths hitched. “Yeah I know, Peter is Spider-man. What a surprise!” she mocked. “You really thought you were slick huh?”
“How?” Peter motioned between himself, the mask and her. His tears long forgotten, replaced by disbelief.
“Well, I started to notice your weird disappearances, and that,” she pointed far to the house behind her. “Was very obvious.”
“Does anyone else—”
“Know? I don’t think so.”
“Good,” he breathed out.
MJ cocked her head, “Don’t mind me asking. But what the hell was that?” Again, she pointed to the big house.
“I tried to tell y/n my feelings,” he said, as a matter of fact. “Didn’t go very well.” He shook his head and chuckled. “Didn’t expect anything more from myself.”
Ned and MJ shared a look. Both stepped closer to the now kneeling Peter. Their hands soothed his back as they too sat down on the lawn under the night sky. “You should’ve told us that you wanted to tell her. We could’ve helped,” MJ said into the dark night. “She would’ve told you the same, you know.”
“What?” He looked up from the green grass. His head turning from MJ to Ned for reassurance, only to receive a nod from his best friend.
“She likes you a lot.”
“Like a lot lot,” Ned added in and nudged his friend.
Peter breathed in the night’s air. His heart beating a bit faster, not from anxiety anymore, but from joy. His tears dried out completely now, he only sniffled here and there.
“Okay then, what’s the plan?”
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yeonjunbb · 5 minutes ago
Bewitched – teaser (m)
➳ pairing : bad boy!yeonjun x good girl!oc
➳ characters : loner bad boy!yeonjun, heartthrob!soobin, best friend!beomgyu, female oc (can be read as f!reader too) + a few supporting characters.
➳ genre : college!au, slow burn, drama, strangers to lovers, smut.
➳ summary : After starting college, you never really imagined that you’ll cross paths with Choi Yeonjun — the loner bad boy with influences. But life is full of surprises, ain’t it?
— masterlist
➳ rating & word count (for the teaser) : 18+ ; ~1.8 K (jdgjsk I’m spoiling a big part of it omg this is too much for a teaser I think 🤡)
➳ warnings (for the teaser) : explicit sexual content, nipple play, handjob, oral (m! receiving), mouth fucking, vaginal fingering, marking, choking.
➳ disclaimer : this is fictional and doesn’t reflect any of their actions/personality!!
➳ taglist : join my permanent taglist! (Or join the taglist for this series)
➳ a/n : hello hello people of tumblr! I’m here with a teaser of a series I’ve recently started working on. I want opinions on it and hence, I’m here! Please let me know what you think of this ♥ A BIG BIG THANK YOU TO MY LOVE @artsyjoons for making me this beautiful and amajin fic header UwU 🥺💖 I love you so much thank you bb you’re a lifesaver 💌!! Specially after all the struggle we had to go through to find hq pics of Yeonjun in leather :((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Are you sure that you’re going to wait for him here in the class after Mr. Park leaves?” Beomgyu nudges your side with his elbow, the words almost inaudible to others but you heard him loud and clear. Your heartbeat quickens upon ‘his’ mention, and you nod quietly. You can see the worry flickering in Gyu’s eyes as you look up, his face blank.
“[Name]... I know it’s your decision to take but… just— just promise me that you’ll be careful with him. I don’t trust Yeonjun. No one does.” He exhales, taking your hand in his and squeezing it gently.
You gulp nervously, looking at your joined hands. Your heart flutters in your chest, the warmth radiating from his hands reminding you how much Beomgyu cares about you. After all, he’s the only one sticking with you at the end of the day. Maybe you should listen to your best friend and avoid Choi Yeonjun.
“Alright! So that’ll be all for today!” Your professor’s voice breaks you out of your trance, the realisation hitting you like a ton of bricks.
You’re supposed to wait for Yeonjun here now. Well heck.
Gyu takes away his hand from yours, a sheepish smile on his face. “Sorry [name], but I don’t think that Yeonjun will be happy to see you here with me… holding hands.”
“Of course! I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully… heh!” You smile at him, but your words make him frown. “I better see you tomorrow or I’mma riot.”
You giggle, smacking his forearm playfully, “Okay pooh bear, I got it.”
He shakes his head with a roll of his eyes, looking at the almost empty room, “I better go now, miss universe. See ya. Update me with the situation okay??”
“Yeah sureee.” You shrug, standing up to fix your blouse and skirt.
“[Name], I swear, you’re sexy as hell already – no need to pull up your short skirt even more.” He chuckles, still standing at the doorway.
“Just get the hell out of here.” You sulk, glaring at him.
“Yeah I’m out, have fun I guess!” He waves his hands, striding away.
Finally alone in the room, you take out your smartphone, opening the camera and checking yourself. Displeased with how you look right now, you comb your fingers through your hair strands, fluffing it up and trying to give it a messy look. You give up soon enough, getting out of your seat and walking towards the door. You don’t know how long you’ll have to wait here for Yeonjun. But damn, can’t he just get here ASAP? Handling anxiety isn’t really easy for you.
You feel a firm hand on your ass just moments later, a soft gasp escaping you. Turning around, you’re met with a mischievous pair of honey brown eyes, Yeonjun’s tall figure looming over you.
“Someone will see us.” You blurt out without thinking, which makes him chuckle. With his touch and gaze lingering on you, he goes to the door and closes it before leaning against it.
“So you did wait for me.” He tilts his head, his eyes drinking you in.
“Quite brave of you, first of all.” He straightens up, taking slow steps towards you. “I thought that you’d vanish for a few weeks.”
“Why would I? It’s not like you’re gonna kill me or something like that, are you?” You look at him with a gorgeous smile on your lips.
To your surprise, Yeonjun doesn’t respond, instead cupping your cheek with his hand and running his thumb over your skin. After a long uncomfortable silence, he whispers, hurt laced with his words, “You think of me that lowly, [name]?”
You swallow nervously, looking down at your feet, “Sorry… I didn’t mean to offend you.”
“I don’t get offended easily, babygirl.”
You bite your lower lip, his low, husky voice calling you ‘babygirl’ is affecting you more than it should.
Yeonjun is quick to notice the elevation of your breath and the way you nibble on your lower lip. Knowing very well what he is doing to you, he forces you to look at him, his eyes twinkling. Leaning in, he whispers in your ear, “What is it babygirl?”
You shiver, closing your eyes as his mouth caresses your earlobe, his hands on your waist, slowly backing you up against a nearby desk.
“What are you doing?”
“Shhh. Just follow my lead.”
Yeonjun captures your lips in a bruising kiss, his teeth sinking on your lower lip and his tongue slipping between your lips. You moan, his taste just as intoxicating as you remember it to be. He ravishes your mouth like a starved animal, a clash of teeth and tongue. It makes your knees buckle, but before your legs can give up, he holds you tightly, pressing you against his body, his hardened erection pushing against your belly.
A gasp escapes you, your head lolling back in pleasure to give him the access to your neck. Immediately, Yeonjun pulls out your jacket, his teeth scraping on the sensitive skin of your neck, alternating between soft licks and hard bites. You thread your fingers through his silky black hair, crying out in pleasure.
“You like that, huh?”
Humming, you tug on his shirt, the buttons flying away as you pull it away with haste. You need to feel his skin against yours, right now.
His intense gaze locks with yours and he picks you up to settle you down on the desk. He quickly works you out of your clothes, not stopping until you’re naked in front of him. Bare and entirely for him.
Kissing you passionately, Yeonjun grabs your breasts, squeezing and kneading them while grunting in your ear, “You’ve teased me all these days with your sinful curves, now it’s my time. My time to absolutely ruin you until you can’t fucking walk for fuck’s sake.”
His threatening demeanor ignites something carnal deep inside you, and you shudder involuntarily. Yeonjun takes his sweet time with your breasts, rolling the sensitive peak between his fingers and humming appreciatively. You mumble against his lips between heady, demanding kisses, “Then ruin me. I’m yours.”
He leans down to lick your left nipple briefly in response, flicking his tongue along it and nipping on your breast, “Impatient, are we now?”
You moan, encouraging him to go on, “You know that I have very limited patience. You always just tease me and then leave. I need all of you. Now.”
Yeonjun bites your left nipple not so gently, hungrily sucking on it and grazing his teeth, “I’m afraid that you’ll have to be very quiet. I wouldn’t want to see a good girl like you getting suspended because of a sex scandal with me.”
“Oh yeah? So you don’t want me to get suspended? I thought that’ll make you happy, Junie. After all, I’m such a pain in the ass. ” You breathe out, reaching for his zipper and pulling his pants down.
“But then I won’t have a pretty girl to mess with.” Yeonjun groans, his rock hard cock springing out.
You open your mouth to tease him, but your jaw hangs open instead. He has a beautiful, massive girth with veins — the sight alone makes your panties drenched. Your hands automatically brush over it gingerly, unsure if he will like your ministrations. He kisses you again, boosting your confidence, your fingers spreading the pre-cum beads on his tip. Yeonjun grunts, touching your foreheads together as you work on him. With each twist of your hands, he swears under his breath, his fingers threading through your hair and pulling on it. “Fuck, you know what to do, huh!?”
You smirk, gently pecking his lips, “You really thought that I’m an innocent little girl?”
Out of breath, he pants, his chest moving up and down. You look up, admiring the way he regards you with those lustful eyes, beads of sweat on his forehead, his hair sticking to it.
He lets out a low chuckle, “Not really… I always knew that you’re freaky but, I’m slightly surprised. I’ll give you that.”
Pride swells in your chest from his words, and you increase your pace, a sudden thought crossing your mind.
“Can I.. taste you?” You offer, cheeks heating up.
Eyes hazy with lust, Yeonjun nibbles on your earlobe before tangling his tongue with yours, “Beg me, tell me how much you want it.”
You can feel your cunt throb, your voice merely a whisper, “Please Yeonjun, let me suck your cock. I need it so badly.”
“Fuck!” He groans, “Get on your knees.”
Within a blink, you sit down in front of him, your mouth watering as you watch his fully erected cock, your tongue sticking out to lick his tip oh so teasingly. His lips part softly, his eyes locking with yours when you play with his pink tip, sucking on it and dabbing it with your tongue to gather up the pre-cum. His hands hold you by your hair, guiding your mouth on his full length, hissing with pleasure. In response, you slacken your jaw, trying to adjust to his dick. But he forces you to take him completely, soon making you gag.
“Can’t you take all of it?”
Yeonjun throws you the most self-satisfied and knowing smirk, the base of his cock still left, tears pricking your eyes as you choke on his manhood, unable to take more of him. He brushes the tears away gently, whispering, “It’s alright… use your hands where you can’t reach.”
Nodding, you take his base in your hands, pumping and twisting it and bobbing your mouth up and down his length. He lets out a guttural groan, holding your face while you softly bite down on him, licking it to soothe the slight pain. You’ve never felt so thrilled and excited in your whole life, sucking and licking on his cock like it’s your favorite popsicle.
“Oh yes, just like that!”
Yeonjun moans when you reach down to fondle with his balls, his hips bucking up to meet you halfway, his tip hitting the back of your throat, making you gag. Cursing, he takes the lead, going in and out of your mouth rapidly, incoherent words leaving you. You keep your hands on his balls, looking up at him with the most submissive eyes you can master.
“Ah! Fuck!” He moans, picking up pace and mumbling to himself. You close your eyes from the anticipation, squeezing his cock with your throat. He slams in your mouth for one last time before he pulls out reluctantly, ordering you, “Climb up on the desk.”
You comply without any words, spreading your legs instinctively, waiting for him to touch your pussy which has been throbbing for attention. Yeonjun looks at your spread out form, licking his lips before attacking your mouth. You moan eagerly, his fingers parting your folds while he tastes himself in your mouth.
Tumblr media
Author’s notes :
Thank you so much for reading if you made it this far 🥺🥺💖💖!! Leave a like, comment and reblog — i really appreciate feedback a lot because I don’t really get any 🥺
Let me know what you thought of this? Excited? Jshjshksjk I feel like i’m the only one going crazy over bewitched :’))
I’m really anxious about this 😿 I’m putting a lot of work behind this series & I don’t wanna disappoint myself and everyone else 😔! Sorry if there are any typos or mistakes in there, I just skimmed through it once 😅.
I’ll post part one probably within a week <3!! Meanwhile, I’ll post the requests y’all send me 🥰❤️!
Thank you so much for all the support from my start <3 ily all 💙 stay safe and take care!
💟 permanent taglist :
@addictedtohobi ; @imtotallydef ; @chan-s-laptop ; @katkatkatkatyo ;
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lxncelot · 5 minutes ago
statues and stories | p.k.
To All The Boys - Peter Kavinsky x Reader, fluff requested
word count: 801
song: statues and stories - adam guettel | 🔦
A/N: Do I know how much a trip to Italy costs? Roughly. Could your average group of teens manage it? Most definitely not. Is that stopping me? No.
Summary: A senior trip takes you and Peter to Florence, where the museums are more beautiful than anything.
Tumblr media
Florence, Italy - also known as "the Athens of the Middle Ages" - shimmered like a diamond in the midday sun. You walked down the beautiful streets with a spring in your step, twisting your head this way and that, trying to drink in all the sights of the city. You breathed in deeply through your nose, something light and giddy bubbling in your chest. This world was unlike anything else, and you were intent on experiencing it all while you could.
For your senior trip, you, Peter, LJ, John Ambrose, and Chris had planned for a week in Florence, Italy. Just how you all had managed to save was still beyond you (although you had the suspicious feeling that John Ambrose was to thank), but you had been saving for years, and finally, it had happened. You were supposed to stick together in a group, but as it inevitably happened, you all wanted to go your separate ways. Now it was just you, Peter, and a city of possibility.
When the museum was in sight, groups of tourists rushing in, shoulder to shoulder, you paused, just marveling at the building and the excitement it held. Peter, who had come on this summer trip with you, grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly, not saying a word but letting his joy overflow into you.
"Ready?" Peter asked. You nodded, grinning wide; it was more lovely than the sun. "Make sure to get a picture of me kissing one of the statues."
"Peter! You'll get us kicked out!"
"Are you going to deny me of this moment, (Y/n)?"
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, but were smiling, nonetheless. "I'll make sure to get your good side."
"Both of my sides are good."
"Well, I prefer this one." You kissed him featherlight on his left cheek, and Peter mumbled some kind of wisecrack response before turning and kissing you properly. He pulled you close until you were breathless, and when he pulled away, you chuckled. "If you kiss the statues like that, I might just get jealous."
"I'll try not to charm Aphrodite too much."
You stuck your tongue out at Peter's teasing words and pulling him forward through the buzzing crowd into the museum. The sight took your breath away, and you wandered through the building in awe of all the magnificent art. How could one building hold so many precious, heavenly creations? 
You tugged Peter to and fro - never letting go of his hand - marveling at statues and paintings, portraits and sculptures, icons of kings and sketches of angels. Occasionally, you'd look over at Peter and find him already staring at you, as though amid such remarkable beauty, you were the true work of art, hidden beside him. You'd nudge him with your shoulder, and he'd say something cheesy, but the look in his eye would tell you he meant it with the conviction of one blessed.
By the end of the visit, you had sneaked photos in rooms you weren't supposed to, you had told Peter the stories behind a few works of art, and had listened to him come up with ridiculous histories for sculptures (all of them involving forbidden affairs or deep love for a particular kind of cheese). You had attempted to get that picture of Peter kissing a rather popular bust, but that hadn't gone as planned, and all you ended up with was a blurry photo of Peter leaning forward and the security guard crossing his arms, glaring. Peter had claimed to have not known better, but the both of you were laughing too hard to sell the story.
"I'm kinda glad I didn't end up kissing that statue," Peter said as the two of you walked down the Florentine streets, hand in hand, the bright sun on your back, and all the world before you, "can you imagine how many people have touched that?"
"Enough to give you at least twelve different diseases."
"And you didn't stop me?"
"Whatever happened to, 'Are you going to deny me of this moment, (Y/n)'?"
Peter laughed and tugged you over to an empty bench. "You're supposed to be my impulse control."
"Seeing as we were only warned, I'd say I'm doing a pretty good job."
"Yeah." You kissed him, cupping his cheek, and you felt the way he grinned against you. "We need to go on vacation more often."
Peter hummed in agreement. "We do." You leaned against his shoulder, and Peter kissed the top of your head. "Maybe not Italy, though."
You chuckled. "You mean you don't love paying through the teeth for a couple of days in the sun?"
"California would be a lot less expensive if that's all you wanted."
"Yeah, but I want Florence."
"Then I guess we'll make do."
-- taglist: @theletterhart​, @brokenandheadoverheels​ // message me if you want to be added!
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nyxdelanuit · 5 minutes ago
Attraction and Impey! WELCOME BACK NYXY
It feels good to be back 💜 Thank you for requesting my husband 🥰🥰
Impey was a lot of things... impulsive, relentlessly positive, and a big flirt. He knew this, accepted it easily. After all, beautiful ladies need to be complimented! And sure, he did find these ladies gorgeous, and he'd be a fool not to tale any advances thrown his way, but none of them were like you.
He felt pulled toward you, like the magnets he kept on his desk to fidget with. He'd separate them time and time again, watching them pull back together, sometimes slowly, but always crashing together when they got too close. Just like he couldn't resist the little hop in his step everytime you came into the room before he threw himself at you for a hug, nuzzling your hair against his cheek. You weren't just beautiful, you were cute, and smart, and oh too good for him.
He just knew, one of these days, he'd make it to the moon, and when he came back, he had no doubts you'd be the one flinging yourself at him instead!
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Dinner first
Prompt sent in by @brightlycoloredteacups
@captainpoopweinersoldier it’s your man Raymondo!
Prompt: Thief
Fandom: The Gentlemen
Raymond Smith x reader
Warnings: implied smut, Ray and reader both being little shits
"Ah. Thief." Your eyebrows raise at Ray's strange greeting. He's stood behind the kitchen island, the smell of whatever he's making for dinner wafting over towards you. You sigh as you slowly make your way through the kitchen to the grumpy man you've for some reason chosen to live with. 
"The way we greet each other really has gone downhill." You complain and there's a brief flash of a smile on Ray's face before it falls back into neutrality. 
"My apologies, love," he clears his throat, straightens his back "Hello, thief. Would you like some wine while I finish dinner?" That might just be the most Raymond thing you've ever heard him say; polite and curt all at once. While the words come out deceptively smooth there's definitely tension in his shoulders. You do have an inkling as to what this is about and you are 100% certain that Ray will broach the subject without any prodding from you. So you step forward, pulling out a chair at the kitchen island. 
"That’s better," you say as you sit down "And yes, please." He takes out a glass, studies it for any imperfections, then sets it down and fills it up. Ray turns his attention back to dinner. Well, at least on the surface. He checks on what you assume is a sauce, stirring it carefully, and with his back to you he broaches the subject that has him on edge. 
"What did I tell you about taking my sweaters?" 
"That I'm only allowed to take the ones on the far left of the wardrobe," you reply "Like this one." Ray turns so rapidly you think he might spill sauce on the stove, looking absolutely dumbfounded. 
"Excuse me?" He demands "For the seven months that I've owned that sweater, it has been hanging dead center in the wardrobe. Past the no thieving-line." You've half a mind to tell him that most people don't have a marked out no thieving-line in their wardrobe to keep their significant other from borrowing certain items of clothing. 
"Not this morning." You say instead, taking a sip of wine. Ray's jaw twitches.
"Are you suggesting that I don't know where my clothes are?" Ray's habits are equal parts endearing and frustrating though right now the scale is leaning heavily towards the latter. You take a deep breath, weighing your next words carefully.
"Everybody makes mistakes, Ray. Maybe you put it in the wrong place after the last time you did laundry." It does nothing to dissuade him. 
"And you jumped at the chance to take it," he says indignantly "without questioning its new placement?" You shrug your shoulders, leaning back in the chair with the wine glass in your hand. 
"I figured you'd updated your closet and that it was no longer off limits." His lips pull into a thin line and he glares at you from behind his glasses. 
"Take it off, please." He finally says between grit teeth. You set the glass down, a little harder than necessary. 
"Fine. Is there anything else you'd like me to take off while I'm at it?" That catches him off guard. He blinks. Once, twice. You wait not-so-patiently for his response. Ray shows his glasses further up his nose. 
"Dinner first." He says, before turning to the stove and you can't help but grin behind his back. 
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arlerted · 6 minutes ago
i can't fucking get this out of my head. soft dom oikawa x virgin reader. no questions.
lord you know what I’m thinking!?????
okay but frl oikawa would LOVE taking your virginity because 1) it’s an ego boost but 2) he’d humiliate the SHIT out of you.
he likes to watch you squirm under him while he shows you how wet you are for him, likes to make you taste yourself on his tongue or fingers. oikawa just fucking loves telling you how desperate your virgin cunt looks for him.
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kkxip1 · 6 minutes ago
Nagito Relationship Headcanons (XReader)
CW//: Mentions of suicide, depression, PTSD
Tumblr media
-CONSTANT cuddler! Loves cuddles, they make him feel all soft inside and safe.
-His favorite date spot is at home! Going places is very stressful for him, so staying at home with you eating takeout is the best thing he could ask for.
-When you first met, he had depression, and was on the verge of suicide. Oftentimes he wouldn’t respond to your calls or texts for weeks at a time. At some point, it got so serious that you ended up breaking into his house to take care of him and make sure he wasn’t dead.
-That’s why he ended up falling in love with you. You’re his hope in life.
-He often forgets to eat food. He never took care of himself, so eating never really became a habit of his. When you started living together you made him breakfast every morning, now sometimes he even makes it himself!!
-His hands have been shaky due to being tied up so often (traumatic scenarios, get your mind out the gutter), so holding his hands is very soothing for him.
-He doesn’t like to spend time around kids because of the warriors of hope. He has a permanent assumption of how kids act, and he can’t be convinced to have/be around children until he recovers fully.
-Though he’s recovering, some days can be very hard for him. He won’t eat or shower, and he refuses to get out of bed. If this happens, stay in bed with him. You make him feel safe by just being around him <333
-He loves to spend time around people, but he feels like they’re still blaming him for what happened. Have a glass of water one-on-one with him if you’ve been spending time around a lot of people, he’ll appreciate it
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henrys-little-princess · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
hi darlings!! in celebration of hitting 100 followers (which i still can't believe!! tysm!!) i decided to do a mini bingo celebration!!
the rules are super simple! inbox me one of the above prompts with either henry or one of his characters, specify if you want x reader or x OFC and ill write it!!
since this is a celebration, I'm going to make these fics a little longer than my usual drabbles. every fic will be at least 1k!
i'm only going to write one fic per prompt, so if you want to request one send it in asap!!
-xo poppet :)
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miekasa · 7 minutes ago
- kisses you nape, loves when you kiss his, he has a little freckle there, it is your bullseye when you do kiss the back of his neck, it also kinda tickles him and he likes the domesticity of it.
- speaking of, he is very ticklish omg, don't tickle him tho, he loses control over his legs so he might kick you on accident (did kick you once and apologized so bad after and bought you chinese food so it's okay (you still tickle him, you bever learn)).
- he smiles before kissing you, he is so genuinly in love with you he loves you so much he is so happy he gets to kiss you so he shows that subconciously by flashing such a sweet smile before he puts his lips on yours and kisses the air out of your lungs. also holds your face with both his hands if he is kissing you after a long time of not seeing each other (a long time being 2 hours according to this overgrown puppy.)
                        - eyelid kisses anon.
(i think i forgot to send this one, but yeah hope you liked them (i especially love the dimple one.))
YES!! AGAIN!! TO ALL OF THESE!! Especially the nape kissing, it’s, like... my favorite canon to soft modern au translation of Eren there is, that the nape of his neck is very sensitive, but he adores being touched there.
He definitely gives off the vibes that he’s super ticklish, but his main advantage is that he has no control over his limbs, so tickling him is a risk bye. In general, I think he’s kinda... loose limbed LMAOO, like, he forgets how Big he is, and that flailing his arms and legs around like that is a danger to society. He would feel bad if he hit you, but he also forgets every single time after it happens so he’s bound to do it again. Tickling him comes with signing an NDA that says you won’t kick his ass if he accidentally elbows you into next Tuesday.
Once again, normalize Eren being down terrible for his gf!! Normalize Eren being an absolutely gone lovesick fool with no hope of recovery (and no will to recover, either; he loves it here). He’s so Loud with his love, but somehow shy at the same time... you couldn’t miss the fact that he’s in love with you unless you were the single most oblivious person on the planet.
He really is just an overgrown puppy... the face holding... I will melt right here, right now. I don’t think Eren knows how to kiss you and not let it come across like it’s the last kiss he’ll ever give you; it’s almost always at 100% with him. If it’s not like that, he probably gives you a bunch of little kisses to make you smile before kissing you for real... he’s such a Boyfriend I love him :((
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queen-of-the-night-lights · 7 minutes ago
I feel like the Bad Batch are the most qualified people in the Star Wars Universe to raise/take care of a child. Due to the well rounded and chaotic energies they have and no one can change my mind.
Tumblr media
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ars-meliora · 7 minutes ago
Ladychat [Adrien]
AO3 Prompt(s): 
Please pleeeaseee a Chat noir x reader where the reader is in love with Chat Noir, Chloe hears that and mocks her saying that he would never love her because she's a pathetic sick fangirl and because he loves Ladybug. The reader is a sensitive person who gets hurt and is akumatized into Ladychat to destroy Ladybug and be with Chat Noir (like the Syren with Kim). When she's deakumatized Chat reveals that he has feelings for her too. 
Antihero with Adrien!
Hello! I wanted to request an anti-hero Chat Noir/Adrien fic. I’m obsessed with the criminal/hero trope. Thank you! I enjoy reading your stories.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
You tried to hide your love for Chat Noir from prying eyes.
Your Chat Noir merch was always neatly preserved in a box.
You even went as far as to commission someone to make a black teddy sweater with cat ears.
Even if Chat Noir didn't personally know you, you were glad that he always tried to keep everyone safe. 
But one day, you decided to wear your fluffy Chat Noir sweater. This sweater was your lucky charm and you were nervous about your upcoming presentation.
"That's a cute sweater!" Adrien told you, scaring you half to death when he pulled on the tail.
"Thank you, it's also very comfortable!" You beamed at Adrien.
"Looks like a cat, where did you get it? I want to get once as well."
You began to geek out to Adrien how another Chat Noir fan created this as a token of friendship.
"So you're his number one fan?" Adrien teased, eyes never shifting away as you pulled the hood over your face.
"J-just don't tell anyone! N-not that I'm ashamed but... I'm sure he has better things to do than a relationship with one of his fans..." You said the latter with a sad sigh before bidding farewell to Adrien.
In the end, the presentation went well. That is until you felt someone pull down your cat-eared hood.
"What's with the tacky fake Chat Noir merch? Can't even buy a real one? He's too busy with Ladybug to return his love to a delusional fan!" Chloe kept tugging at your sweater as insults fell from your lips.
Adrien was about to stop Chloe, that is until he saw the tears in your eyes. He wanted to say that Chat Noir would be lucky to have someone as supportive as you. That you were more amazing than Ladybug!
You felt tears fall from your eyes. Pushing Chloe away, you ran into the quickest bathroom and cried.
"If you want Chat Noir's heart, give me the miraculouses..." You heard a voice say.
It wasn't until Marinette and Adrien heard Chloe's screams that they feared the worse.
"Help!" Chloe's voice yelled as something soft and fluffy picked her up.
It took some time, but in the end, both Ladybug and Chat Noir found your location.
"Ladychat at your service! Sorry Ladybug, but you've been dumped!" You pulled your nunchucks on Ladybug. If she hadn't move she surely would have been hit.
Chat Noir couldn't forgive Chloe, but she did make him determined to save your heart from Hawkmoth.
Chat Noir noticed how defensive you became when he got near your hoodie. 
"Aim for her hoodie!" Chat Noir yelled as he fought you.
He had to admit that you were quite skilled in fighting them off. Maybe you could become a hero when you went back to normal.
"Got it!" Chat Noir destroyed your hoodie, getting you out of Hakmoth's trance.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let Chloe rile me up!" You huffed as you pulled your hood over your face. Great, not Chat Noir will clearly hate you!
"Take her back, I'm going to talk to her..." Chat Noir waived off Ladybug before walking towards you.
"Cat's got your tongue?" He joked, his smile widening when he saw you giggle at his pun.
"Sorry, you must clearly hate me now..." You refused to meet his gaze. Thankfully the hoddie was big enough for you to curl up in it.
"How about I take you home and we have a small date night?" Chat Noi's question made you peek out from your hoodie.
"A date? But... I'm not that amazing, you deserve someone better..."
"Nuh-huh, I can't have my girl say those things about herself. Because I also really do like you and I wasn't sure you felt the same." Chat Noir tells you.
The two of you did have a small date. He even gushed on the cool merchandise you kept of him.
"I think you're missing a few posters, want me to make an official line of certified Chat Noir merch?" CHat smiled as he cuddled you close.
"That would be nice, but I like having you near me more than any merchandise in the world!"
Chat Noir began to cry tears of happiness. To have his love reciprocated, was truly a wonderful emotion.
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randomfandomimagine · 9 minutes ago
Can I maybe ask for a Jonathan Byers drabble where he brings his, equally shy and timid, crush to his home and Joyce loves her and Will was always amazed by her drawing talent? And it's pure fluff with lots of social awkwardness? Please and thank you
As I said, I’m not super inspired for Jonathan, but since this includes other characters I feel more into it. Thanks for requesting, enjoy!
Tumblr media
Character. Jonathan Byers (feat Joyce and Will)
Fandom: Stranger Things
Tags: Fluff, meeting the faimly
Word Count: 432 words
Title: Welcoming Y/N
“Are you sure about this, Jon?” You anxiously muttered as you both stopped at the door to his house. “I’m a little worried”
“You don’t want to meet them?” 
“It’s not that, I’m just nervous”
“Don’t worry” Jonathan smiled, comfortingly rubbing your back. “They’re gonna love you”
You smiled back, even if the gesture was timid and small on your lips. Despite it all, and trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach, you nodded your head.
“Okay, I’m ready” You told him. “I’m excited to meet your family”
“Let’s go then” His grin grew wider as he swung the door open. “Mom, we’re home!”
Trying to distract yourself and not focus on the Byers, instead you let your eyes wander around the house. It was small and simple, but incredibly cozy. Just when you thought you were already feeling almost at home, someone appeared before you.
“Hello, you must be Y/N” A woman, who you assumed was Jonathan’s mom, was holding out her hand for you to shake. “I’m Joyce, it’s so nice to meet you”
“It’s really nice to meet you too, Mrs. Byers” You basfully said, politely shaking her hand.
“Oh, please” She waved her hand in the air as soon as you let go of it. “Call me Joyce”
“Where’s Will?” Jonathan muttered, patting your back before walking into the house looking for his brother. “Will, come meet Y/N!” 
“Jonathan’s told us all about you” Joyce then whispered, kindly smiling at you. “He really likes you”
“Does he?” You gaped at her, furiously blushing when she nodded her head.
“Mom!” Jonathan was back now, accompanied by a little boy. “What were you talking about?” 
“Oh, nothing” The woman laughed. “Just welcoming Y/N”
“Hi!” The little boy stepped up to you. “I’m Will”
“Hello, Will” You greeted him, somehow feeling more comfortable around kids. Besides, he seemed like the sweetest boy. “I brought you something”
“Y/N draws too” Jonathan explained as you handed the little kid a big folder. “So I thought you could see them”
“Cool!” Will uttered, eyes wide with excitement and awe as he saw your drawings. “Is that Gandalf?!” 
“Yup” You chuckled, focusing your eyes on the drawing of the wizard, since you could feel Jonathan and Joyce’s eyes on you. “Or my rendition of him” 
When you reluctantly looked up at the two of them, you noticed Joyce was now nodding approvingly to his son. Noticing that you had seen the interaction, Jonathan blushed and hurriedly dragged you to his room to listen to some of his music, as was the plan after all.
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