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the-ship-maker-2 · a minute ago
Puppeteer X Kagekao Headcanons please?.
Of course!
Puppeteer x Kagekao HCs
-ghost x trickster demon
-kagekao is teaching him Japanese
-they are the ultimate prankster couple
-i mean theyre both immortal now so they're together forever
-kagekao untangles puppeteers strings for him
-puppeteer tries to flirt with him in Japanese
-but it's a total bust
-and pup is always the one to end up flustered
-kagekao thinks it's cute and he appreciates the effort
-puppeteer has just taken to buying him nice bottles of wine as a way to show his affections
I hope you like these and please come back again!
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tomiokaluv · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
imessage | chapter two ; girl version of atsumu
synopsis ; you lost your phone in a park and a handsome middle blocker finds it, with his bad luck he goes on the hunt to find it’s owner but things take a turn.
notes: spelling errors // sorry
masterlist series | previous | next |
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fun facts !
atsumu already likes y/n and hasn’t even met her properly
suna didn’t make it to school due to waking up really late since he doesn’t have his phone with his usual alarms
y/n is kinda paranoid
and yes all the new chapters will be rewritten ❤️
taglist !
@anngelllla @thesuitelifeofafangirl @bakugouswh0r3 @swan-chan @bls-luv-me @lilith412426 @sunarintarosbitch@fucktheworlddude @sirachano0dles @piphanee @its-the-aerieljeane @ntimacy @marissaraeblr @shizukusimp @chantalkate16 @fairyrintarou @sunasource @rinniesbbygirl @s4ijohs @greasywall @shazazg@quietsimp @uglystupidbxtch @iwaslovebug @succulentmom @achoomos @pharvhs @kokogxddess @kageyamas-love @trashy-simp @tanakasimpcorner @lilliansissy-blog @kac-chowsballs @oldassbatkane @inu-makki @liliesloves @toshibaddie1@satorinnie @suga-sen @missackerman @annylovesarmin
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arminhug · 3 minutes ago
hello, pumpkin || annie leonhardt x reader: chapter three
Tumblr media
series masterlist
“How can you have two dads? That’s just weird.”
I absentmindedly tore the crusts from my sandwich, discarding them onto the sodden autumn grass in hopes that some birds would grace us with their presence. It was early into the new school year, and at seven years old, Annie and I had known each other for almost a year, and our nook in the garden remained our daily haunt. Annie, still as aloof and scary to most, but to me, a sweetheart with a soft spot seemingly only for animals, doughnuts, and myself, had told me a story about a girl in her class who had to be taken home by ‘one of her dads’. I, naive to the concept of homosexuality, had questioned how one could have more than one paternal figure, to which my older friend introduced me to the possibility that some people could like the same sex.
“Not really,” Annie shrugged. “Love is already really weird. Why would you not be able to fall in love with another man if you’re a man?”
“But how do they have babies?”
“They don’t.”
“But the girl in your class—“
“She’s adopted.”
I contemplated this idea.
“So if a man and a man can be in love, does that mean a woman and a woman can too?”
“I guess so,” Annie responded nonchalantly. “I’ve never seen two girls in love, though.”
Brazenly, I hugged Annie. “So does that mean we can be two girls in love? Oooh, Annabelle, I love you!” I chirped. I did not quite grasp the weight of what I had said, and presumably, neither did Annie, who smirked and fought off my grabbing hands. We were play fighting, nothing out of the ordinary for two young friends, regardless of gender or sexuality.
“So let me get this straight,” Marco states, snapping my attention back through a decade, sat on the edge of his old twin bed. “The first thing you did when you learned what gay meant was declared that you loved your female friend? I don’t want to jump to conclusions for you, but I think you might be gay.”
I groaned, slamming my face into my hands frustratedly. “I know. I think I’ve known for ages now. I’ve never had a crush on a man in my life, Marco, but I’ve never had a crush on a girl, either. Well, apart from—“
“Apart from Annie?” Marco finishes for me suggestively.
I fall back onto his plaid comforter. “Was it even a real crush? We were children. It’s not like I have any other experience to go off, do I?” Because it’s true. How the fuck are you supposed to know what you are if you’ve only had a puppy crush on a girl from your youth? A girl who you lost when you were eleven years old?
“Are you okay?”
Marco reaches over to my cheek, brushing away a tear that I had not even noticed escape my eye. He lies next to me on his comforter, and we stare at the puckered ceiling, shoulder to shoulder, zero eye contact but the affection we hold for each other sitting comfortably in the familiar atmosphere of his bedroom.
“I miss somebody who I haven’t spoken to in seven years,” I admit ruefully. I know I am crying. Under any normal circumstance, I would be furiously rubbing my under eyes, desperate to remove any evidence of my upset. But it’s Marco. He may not be what my Annabelle and I had, but he is still one of my closest friends. I realise that it may not be the end of the world for somebody whom I love and trust to know the truth. “I miss her every day. I can’t even begin to explain it, because it’s ridiculous. You would have thought that after so many years, so many more wonderful friends, that I would just recall our time together with a sort of nostalgic fondness every now and then, but I can’t. There was something about what Annie and I had. It was a feeling, a sensation that made me feel safe. I love you and the rest of our group, believe me. I would do anything for you guys. But the friendship we have is so different from what I felt. I can still remember every emotion, every touch, exactly how she looked.”
“Oh, Daisy,” Marco starts, his sweet voice laced with sympathy. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were carrying all of this with you. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“It’s ridiculous. I shouldn’t still be hung up over a childhood friend. Plus, I was nervous to suddenly come out, you know? Stupid, I know, considering you're so comfortable with yourself.”
“Sounds like more than a friend, if you ask me.” He insinuates. Despite his sunny disposition, Marco can be rather snarky when he wants to be.
“Yeah, yeah, crush, friend, whatever. Part of me wants to forget about her, you know? Just start experimenting and figure me out, but I would never want to lose the memories. The time I had with her is worth every moment I have missed her.”
“As sweet and poetic as that is, there’s no reason as to why you can’t start experimenting now. You’re newly eighteen and you will have left this place come September if it goes horribly wrong.”
I laugh dryly. “Thanks. But yeah, I could do that. How does one even go about that, though? I mean, an average looking, sexually ambiguous nerd with no romantic experience isn’t exactly very high in demand on the market.”
Marco sucks his teeth, shaking his head. “Average looking is not a phrase with which I will allow you to describe yourself. Besides, nobody even cares about experience anymore! Believe me, once you go to uni, virginity, body count and all that jazz isn't even relevant." He reassures me, before he turns to his side, warm eyes lighting up with excitement. "I tell you what, let’s go on a night out. We can invite the rest of the gang or it can be just you and me. Sounds good?”
My heart swells with adoration for my friend. He’s really willing to do this for me? “You don’t even like going out, I’m not letting you be uncomfortable for my sake,” I protest, but Marco holds a freckled digit up, presumably to silence me.
“I don’t mind going out. I don’t particularly like staying out ’til 4am, drunk out of my mind, but I can’t imagine you doing that either. Unless you get lucky?” He wiggles his eyebrows, and I jerk my body up, shoving him. “Let’s not get carried away here. Drinks? Sure. But it’s very unlikely I’ll be swept off my feet by a gorgeous stranger and spend the night having bomb ass sex.”
“Not quite what I was thinking, but don’t rule it out! You’re a lovely looking lady, I’m sure you’d have your pick of gorgeous strangers.”
“Ha ha, you’re such a comedian, Marco.” I smirk. “Okay, we’ll go on a big, gay night out. Just the two of us. You better not flake on me for a handsome university student though,” I tease, and he averts his dark gaze. “If we find a cute alt boy with piercings, I can’t make any promises. How does this Friday sound? Get your dancing shoes on, we’ll boogie the night away!” He sits up, jiggling his shoulders in what I can only assume is a butchered version of the shuffle.
My friend is such a nerd sometimes.
“I’m looking forward to it, but fair warning, I will go home if you say boogie at all during the night.”
“How about bop?”
“No way.”
“That’s infinitely worse than boogie!” I howl with laughter.
“How about a boogie, bop, and jive?” Marco relentlessly teases me, jumping to his socked feet and pulling me up by my wrists, crudely dancing with me whilst we both giggle.
“No, no, and certainly not. But I’m looking forward to going out with you.” I conclude.
i am so sorry for the slow updates!! i won't get too into it but i had a bit of bad news and life got very stressful,,, i hope you enjoy this chapter, and please be assured there are more on the way!! thank you for your patience gang <3
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strideofpride · 6 minutes ago
dair + "only YOU could convince me to do something like this! "
“Only you could convince me to do something like this!” Dan grumbles. 
“Oh, hush,” Blair replies with the careless wave of a hand. "Don't pretend like you don't enjoy the occasional scheme."
Dan rolls his eyes, not giving in that easily. "We're not sixteen anymore, Blair."
"Exactly - you're an adult who doesn't have to worry about losing your scholarship or your father grounding you."
"No, just going to jail."
"Don't be dramatic, Humphrey, we're not going to go to jail! Now, did you hack in yet?"
Send me a ship + a sentence and I’ll write the next 5 [or more] Sentences.
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statticscribbles · 9 minutes ago
Triple Pt 2
Summary: Triple Pt 2; Hannah/Male!Reader/Scott Reed They decide to keep the kid despite their parents disagreeing
Hannah’s not sure how her parents are going to take the news that she’s pregnant, you know your parents will be supportive so you offer to tell them first before anyone else's parents.
True to what you thought they’re happy for all of you, even if they’re not entirely sure who the father is or how everything is going to actually work out. They offer their services in babysitting once the baby is born and you and Scott laugh about the high energy the kid will have if it takes after you, your parents pulling out all of your baby photos and starting in on embarrassing stories. 
You’re trying not to be too embarrassed. You know your parents are just trying to bond with the three of you, but when they start to take out the home movies you’re dreading the reactions Scott and Hannah will have.
Of course they tease you non-stop on the way home, giggling and quoting the dumb things you said as a three year old, or the funny outfits your parents had put you in from when you were a baby until your first day of school.
“Apparently they wanted to avoid the ‘is it a boy or a girl question’ so they just thought, halloween costumes will work perfectly!” You laugh a little and Hannah grins but then she pales and rolls the window down to vomit.
“You okay?”
“Yeah apparently the baby decided it was too much laughing.” Scott offers a bottle of water which she sips at.
“So which parents next?”
“Not mine.”
“Scott you have to tell them, they’ll be happy to be grandparents.”
“They’ll make me and Hannah have a shotgun wedding and then try to kick you out of Hannah and I’s house. So can we just not tell them at all.”
“We’re going to have to tell them eventually, otherwise they'll get a Christmas card from all of us.”
Hannah’s parent’s keep glaring at you and Scott as if you’re going to announce you’re both gay and Hannah is the surrogate and she’s not actually going to make them grandparents in the way they had always wanted to be, despite this glaring they seem content enough to talk and engage with Hannah as she explains the workings of your relationship. They’re still wary and uncomfortable and you’re not sure if it’s because two people are dating their daughter or because she’s in a relationship with two men who are dating. You know people thinking you and Scott are gay and Hannah’s jsut along for the ride and you’re not surprised if thats what her parents thing. You and Scott are waiting in the car Hannah’s parents wanting to talk to her alone.
When she comes out she looks like she’s been crying and when she slumps in the back seat both you and Scott climb out to sit with her.
“So what did your parents say babe?”
“They politely requested we don’t come back except for holidays they invite us to, they also said they won’t give me money or take me back, if either of you dumb me or if you take the baby and run, because apparently they think that’s why you’re both with me. Not that we’re happy in a relationship. Or anything like that.”
Scott’s parents are scowling when they open the door, and as Scott and Hannah start talking their scowls seem to deepen. You’re not saying anything and you’re a little glad you don’t when Scott's mother clicks her tongue and Scott and Hannah pause to let her speak.
“Since this choice is something you made to be with both of these whores that are clearly sleeping around. Scott sweetie, just have her get an abortion and then dump both of them. It’s clear they’ve been using you for your talent and fame, they just want to drain you of all your money, they don’t actually care about you, or this pretend family they’re having you pay for.”
You swallow any insult and cough a little.
“Ma’am I appreciate your concern but we’re all adults, and if you think for one second that the three of us are unfit to raise a child, or to be in a relationship I have no problem walking out right now and never contact you or your shit attitude again.” You make a point of forcing your smile in an obvious way and you can see Hannah trying not to laugh, Scott looks nervous but you can see how pleased he looks underneath it.
“Sorry Mom, I have to agree with Y/N, and Hannah. I want my family, and if you can't accept that then I don’t want you in it.” Scott nods and the three of you stand and walk back out the door.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 9 minutes ago
My heart is not a place for you to stay
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x gn!avenger!reader
Warnings: mentions of death
Requested: No.
Category: angst
A/N: I kinda hate myself for writing this. (It's a bit of a short one and I don't know whether I like it, but I hope it still can be enjoyed if one can call it that.)
A lover is just like a fly: they always find their way in, but never back out.
- my heart is not a place for you to stay
Tumblr media
You didn't want her in there. Your heart has always been your most delicate treasure and your whole life you have done everything you could to guard it against any harm. You have been successful until the day you met Natasha Romanoff. A fiery woman which made heads turn. You wanted to hate everything about her the moment you have got to know her, but you couldn't, no matter how hard you tried. Your heart wouldn't let you.
But your heart was no place for her to stay.
And that's what you hated the most. The effect she had on you, and how helpless you felt. The sped-up pulse you always got whenever she was near. The sweaty palms. How your brain became all foggy the moment she talked to you. You hated all of it. You didn't even feel like a human anymore. You felt like a machine, controlled by her sheer presence.
To rid your heart of her, you did what you could do best: pretend like she didn't exist. What you didn't bear in mind was that two could play a game. The moment Natasha realised that you were ignoring her, despite years of friendship, she did the same. She avoided you at all cost. The other members of the team noticed that something was going on between the two of you, but no one dared to ask questions.
Even though you started it, you didn't expect to be so affected by her doing the same. It hurt your heart, more than you wanted to admit. One could say that you shot yourself in the foot with your own plan. After all, once someone has entered a heart, it's hard to get them out of there again.
Just like a fly, they always find a way in, but never back out.
You became miserable the more time passed, but you never found the courage to just talk to her and confess your feelings. Natasha also never cared to ask why you had started it in the first place, assuming you had a good reason for it, although it hurt her as much as it hurt you. So the ignoring continued.
The day came when you wanted nothing more than to remain missing. Thanos has been defeated and the first thing you did when you reappeared with the rest of the missing population, was looking for Natasha, unknowing of what would expect you.
It was Clint who told you with a heavy heart that she has given her life to save the world, but that she had left a message for you:
Whatever the reason was that has broken us apart, I want you to know that I love you. I always have, and I will always be by your side.
You wouldn't believe it at first, but it hit you out of nowhere that you had lost the one person you have ever truly loved, and you have never told her, out of fear of losing her and getting hurt.
You never forgave yourself for what you have done. For being such a coward. You haven't wanted her to be in your heart, now Natasha was all that was in there. She will always remain in your heart, for she has become a part of you.
She became what kept you alive.
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statticscribbles · 10 minutes ago
Summary: Stiles Stilinski/McCall! Reader, they attempt to bake a cheesecake
Stiles had assured you that he knew how to cook and when you’d mentioned never having made cheesecake, your favourite dessert Stiles had insisted it was easy and that both of you could make it while you mom was at work. You were a little surprised to find Scott, your brother missing but you assumed he was out with Allison and as long as they weren’t upstairs waiting to swoop in and steal your cheesecake you didn’t really care what they were doing.
Stiles has gone to the store to pick up whatever you’re missing and you’re happy to set everything up and try to measure out the ingredients that you already have. You manage to spill vanilla extract onto your shirt so you went to your room to change, when you get back Stiles is unpacking things and manages to knock the sugar over.
“We can clean that later, did you get more? We can just add it in, it’ll be fine.”  You grin at him and he nods looking back at the recipe you have printed out.
”Stiles why do you have five different types of cheddar cheese?”
“One of them is mozzarella!” He shouts back and you turn, seeing him half covered in flour.
“It’s not actually made with all this cheese is it?”
“Hm oh, no it’s not, I just thought we could make grilled cheese while we’re waiting for it to cook, cheese coma ya know.” He grins at you and you laugh a little still confused as to why he’s covered in flour.
“We don’t need flour for cheesecake!”
“What about the crust!”
“That’s what the graham crackers are for.”
“Wait, those were for the cheesecake?”
“Yes, why?”
“I gave those to Scott so he and Allison could make s’mores, so they’d be out of our hair.”
“Okay well it can’t be hard to make graham crackers is it?”
You stare at the half mixed dough and the broken bowl. Apparently it was hard enough to make the graham crackers.
”What the- Go to your room this instant.” You stare wide eyed at your mom, Melissa McCall is standing in her scrubs glaring.
“My shirt got covered in batter I swear we weren’t having sex in the kitchen.”
“I would rather you have sex in the kitchen than what I just walked in on!” You can see Stiles' entire face and chest turn pink.
“Mom can we-”
“No. You’re cleaning this up later but just, go to your room, it’s the only one with wood floors, plus it’s off of the kitchen so you don’t have to mess up any of the carpet.”
“Yeah we got trapped in the kitchen after we-”
“I don’t want to hear it Stiles, just go, both of you.” You cringe a little and stare awkwardly as you and Stiles stand in the doorway of your room.
“I mean I should wash my sheets anyways. You grin pushing Stiles onto the bed.
“Why the hell did we try to make it from scratch? We could have gotten one of those box mixes.”
“Box mixes are no fun.” You grin at Stiles who pulls you onto his chest sighing.
“So how pissed do we think your mom is?”
“Oh I bet she’s gonna make us deep clean the kitchen like a studio ghibli movie.”
“Oh damn we’re going full on spirited away then? You think she’ll give us some cool river spirit medicine?”
“As long as we get those massive steamed buns at the end of it I don’t care.”
“I don’t think we’ll be getting any of that..” You pout a little and Stiles grins turning your laptop on.
“At least we can live vicariously through them.” He chuckles as he pulls spirited away up and you grin.
When Melissa walks into your room almost an hour later, from scolding Scott and Allison for leaving you both unsupervised, she’s not surprised to find both of you half asleep on each other.
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this takes place after the war but doesn’t really contain any spoilers from the manga,so anime only you still can read this !
summary : just a levi x reader moment where they take care of gaby and falco
Tumblr media
“ C’mon stop,I can go to bed alone ! I’m not a child !”
Gaby pushed your hand away and went on her bed,her short hair assembled in two tiny braids. She pulled the blankets up to her chest,looking like she was hiding behind them.
“A teen wouldn’t run to my room every night because she’s scared. Don’t try to grow up too fast Gaby.”
“I don’t do that !” the girl yelled,her eyes quickly looking at Falco’s bed. He was sitting on it,a small smile on his face,looking ridiculous in his pajamas was ten times too big.
« I do that too Gaby , so I won’t judge you. »
As she furiously muttered about false allegations,you took a look over your shoulder,taking a glimpse at your husband. He was leaning on the door,his arms crossed over his chest,his expression more relaxed than it used to be. Since the end of the war, Levi had gained some sense of comfort, realizing that he’ll never have to fight again,to see people die. You didn’t have to fear about how many days you had left together anymore, and it was the most precious gift.
« Oi,kids,it’s late ,stop talking and get some sleep. »
« We’re not kids ! And you’re not going to sleep either,so I don’t see why we should sleep. »
Levi let out a « Tch » and took some steps,finally entering the room. Even if he acted like he was always bothered by the kids,he had to admit that he enjoyed their presence. He loved seeing you take care of them,as if they were your own child and he couldn’t help himself from thinking that maybe,one day,the four of you will form a family.
Your relation with Gaby and Falco wasn’t always this easy. You’d met the girl after that she murdered one of your closest friend,and went through a lot of others events before arriving here. But the war had let them without families, and Levi and you had proposed to protect them. You didn’t even talked to each other before taking the child at your house,it had that,a mutual understanding.
And it was one of the best decision of your life. Falco was the sweetest boy ever,always willing to help,to learn new things,and Gaby,even if she had a more difficult temper,was just a girl in need of love. With time,you’d built a routine,a connection,and you hoped that it could grow into something bigger.
« We could...we could play a game ! » said Falco,making small jumps on his bed.
« Falco,I’m trying my best to make them understand that we’re not children anymore,don’t say stuff like that. »
And,while saying this,she grabbed her pillow and threw it at the boy’s shocked face.
« Ga...Gaby ! »
« You’re not kids , uh ? » said Levi,a little smirk on his face as he went to grab the pillow from Falco’s hand. Retaining his strength,he gently threw it to Gaby.
« Eh !  He’s the one who started ! »
« I didn’t do anything ! »
Levi and you nodded in agreement,a smirk on his face and a smile on yours. They were always fighting like this,and even if it was annoying at first,you’d grow into liking it.
« Everyone is always against me anyway. » muttered Gaby,hiding herself completely under her blankets now.
You sat on her bed, pulling the blankets away from her face. Her eyebrows were furrowed,but the ghost of a smile was visible on her face. Shyly, uncertain if she was going to push you away,you put your arm around her shoulders and brought her into a hug. She didn’t move at first,but after a few seconds,her body relaxed as she crossed her arms around your waist,her head resting on your chest.
« She’s the one who throws pillow and she gets the cuddles,that’s unfair ! »
« Come here ,little jealous guy. »
Almost running,Falco quickly crossed the space between the beds,and ,jumping on Gaby’s bed,folded his arms around you. Awkwardly standing on his feet,Levi looked at the scene,trying to understand what was happening. He looked at your smile,that damned smile he could kill to see,and at the children in your arms,at their happy face. He’d spent too many time fearing for his life,fearing for your life,keeping himself away from happiness because he was scared to lose it. But he didn’t have to live in fear anymore.
Slowly,as if he had just learnt how to walk,Levi sat on the bed,next to Falco,and put an arm around the boy’s shoulders. When he saw that no one was telling him to go away,he sighed,letting out a loud breath,and rested his head on yours while patting Gaby’s head. Your four bodies were glued to each other,an the room filled with silence while you savored the instant.
« Falco,we should have pillow fight more often. »
« Definitely. »
And,while they started to laugh,you took a look at them,at the people in this room. There was a man haunted by ghosts and who’s hands had knew too much blood,you and your past,the deaths you’d seen,the death you’d made. There was two children,almost teens,who had seen too much horror in their small time on earth. But,somehow ,the four of you had managed to help each other through everything,and you’d find a way to build something. Something precious,that you’ll cherish until the day you’ll die. A family.
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honigmilch · 14 minutes ago
my heart is completely, utterly broken thank you very much to weh and dakota winchester, pb's best written li. good night.
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arduadastra · 18 minutes ago
Lost Faith - Part Two
Tumblr media
Part one - Part three
Gorgeous header by @sirtadcooper
A/N: OK first of all - WOW. I am so sorry this took so long, this was really hard to pick back up but I got some wonderful encouragements from you guys so here it is!
If you'd like to be tagged for future parts (if you'd like them to happen that is) then let me know! You can also check out all my other works here.
Warnings: Swearing, drinking, sad boy din and a whole lot of sexual tension.
You laugh to yourself as you hear the Mandalorian swear before taking off after you. You’ve got no clue what possessed you to do this but you know these streets like the back of your hand and you love the idea of a disgruntled bounty hunter chasing after you.
His indignant yell makes you smile and you run faster. You’re fully aware there’s no way you can outrun the guy forever but you’ll give it your best shot.
You press the helmet into your chest as you duck and weave behind the few people left on the street, tripping on occasion but quickly finding your footing. The world blurs past and your heart thumps as you hear his heavy footfalls behind you.
He's getting closer.
You scan your surroundings and decide to duck into a darker alley near your home and press your back to the brick. You try to calm your breathing and listen out to your surroundings but it's hard when your heart is racing so fast. While you don't think you hear anything, you’re sure Mando isn’t far behind you.
You look down at the helmet in your hands and turn it over. It’s heavy and cold despite the warm heat in the air and you wonder how he even wears it. It’s like you're drawn to it. Does it smell like him? What would it feel like to be surrounded by his scent? Is it heavy on your head? You start to raise it but a sound makes you stop and immediately you know you've been caught.
Sure enough, you look to the opening of the alley and his silhouette comes into view. The sun is beginning to set behind him and despite his threatening stance, the glowing orange reflecting off his beskar makes him look nothing short of gorgeous.
For the first time, you’re nervous. As he stands there and watches you, you can only stare back. You know he’s seen you but he remains still as if waiting for you to make the first move. He's a predator. You're the prey.
Why did the idea of that turn you on so much?
His face is hard. As he walks towards you, you see the steel set of his jaw and the harsh lines of his neck that disappear behind the flight suit.
“You shouldn’t have done that.”
You smile at him and shrug, “Just wanted some fun."
You see his eyes clearer this close up and they’re a gorgeous brown, reflecting the fading light so well you almost gasp. He presses a closed fist by your head and reaches out with the other, a silent warning to return his property.
His jaw clicks, “Give it back.”
You shake your head, “You need to talk.”
He scoffs, turning his head to the side and you marvel at his stubbled jaw, “I do not."
But, before you can retort he turns his head back and those gorgeous eyes are now hindered by a new reflective sheen. You immediately feel like an asshole.
“Shit, Mando”
He doesn’t seem to understand the sudden mood change in you but you feel like an ass, in your fun you’d completely forgot why you were making him chase you in the first place. He had lost someone, he was in pain. The guy probably doesn’t realise you can see the tears in his eyes either, too used to hiding behind that helmet you had in your hand.
Enough is enough, you drop it at your feet and stand back up, gently placing your hand on the arm outstretched by your head, lowering it slowly as you do. He watches as your hand travels to his shoulder and you squeeze it. Silent reassurance.
“I’m sorry."
It seems whatever resolve he had crumbles in the following silence and he shudders a breath. He squeezes his eyes shut and his head drops. Your hand moves to his nape.
Whenever you’d be sad as a kid, your mum would always do this for you and you just wanted to give the guy some comfort. Maker knows how long it had been since the guy had some form of physical affection. You slowly bring your fingers through the short strands at the back of his head and you hear him sigh.
You continue your ministrations and look around, the sun has now nearly fully set and as much as you’d love to stay like this forever, the idea of some stranger stumbling upon the bounty hunter in such a vulnerable state makes your stomach twist.
“C'mon, I live nearby."
You silently take his hand, pass his helmet to him and lead him away towards your house. He doesn’t fight you on it. The walk is short and you squeeze his hand in reassurance every so often. He doesn’t squeeze back but you don't expect him to. It's enough he’s still holding on.
You lead him to your door and drop his hand to let you both in. You gesture him inside and shut the door behind you. He walks in and looks around at your place, coming to stand by your bed. You feel oddly nervous as he surveys it. It’s not much and you're not particularly attached, just one open room with an added refresher but you’ve made it your own over the years and you want him to like it too.
He seats himself on the end of your bed and you walk past him to the kitchen where you find two glasses. You pour him a whiskey, the good shit too, and yourself one too before joining him. He takes the drink and cradles it in his palms.
You decide to take a step back this time, the image of his grief-stricken eyes burning brightly in your head. You sit there a while side by side before he speaks, “He was my foundling.”
You say nothing. He continues.
“He was a bounty at first. I even gave him in. I left but...I’m not sure... it just didn’t sit right with me so I got him back.”
He turns the glass slowly in his hands. He watches as the liquid twists.
“I took him back to my tribe and he was entrusted to me until I could find his kind. We travelled a while together, he was part of my clan.” He takes a swig so you use the opportunity to ask, “What was their name?”
The Mandalorian smiles slightly, “Grogu.”
You nod, prompting him to continue. It seems as if a haze has surrounded the two of you, a soft comfortable feeling settling in your chest as you watch the Mandalorian speak.
“I became..” He struggles with the word, “attached."
You frown, “Is that such a bad thing?”
He immediately responds: “Yes.”
You let the silence linger, sensing Din needed to gather himself. You glance around and take a drink, loving the smooth burn that cascades down your throat. The haze settles in your brain and winds down your arms, feeling bold to finally ask: “What happened?”
He shakes his head, his own limbs seem loose and you wonder if he's feeling the same thing you are, “Nothing. He’s with his own kind. I fulfilled my objective."
You twist your body now and gesture to him. “But you’re sad.”
It’s not a question, you know he is. You’ve seen it. Not just in his eyes but the way he moves, the way he stands. You saw it at the bar, he was miserable. The Mandalorian doesn’t say anything but he takes a gulp of the whiskey instead. You note the way his throat swallows and the small hitch in his breathing as he does.
Time seems to slow when it's just the two of you. It's as if you could say anything, you do, “I bet you were good.”
He looks at you confused, a sorrowful look still holding in his eyes, “At what?
You smile, trying to reassure, “Being a dad. That's what foundlings are right? Like children? But...then again…” You finish the drink with a wince and set it on the floor by your feet, “just because he's gone… it doesn’t mean you aren’t still a dad.”
He stares at you and you can see the battle within himself clear as day. You see the anger radiating from his white-knuckled grip on the glass, the way his arm tenses and pulls tight at the action but you also note the contrast. There is clear unbridled pain on his face, eyes like open windows to his soul and it's breaking. You scootch closer to him and rest your head on his shoulder, noting the tension he carries.
You sense the guy isn’t great with eye contact and you'd hate for him to close up on you so you don’t look up when you whisper, “It’s okay to be sad y’know.”
You feel his arm move behind you and his fingers hover by your leg, a hesitant dance of touch. Such a big imposing force when he wants to be but talk about emotion? It's like he caves in on himself. Like he can't accept he feels the way he does.
You graze his fingers with yours and grips them again, you notice his gloves are off. When did that happen? You trail your fingers lightly over his knuckles and calloused fingers. They’re warm. You wonder how many people have died at the hands now cradled so softly in your own. It's a powerful feeling.
“It’s okay to miss someone, Mando. It doesn’t make you weak or pitiful. If anything, it makes you strong.”
You hear him scoff at that, the exhale grazing your hair and you shiver as it passes down your arm. You don't dare look up, you're not sure you could.
“It’s true! You did the right thing even though it caused you pain. You cared. That's not a bad thing, it's not something to be ashamed of." You run your hand over his wrist now, his vambrace hitting yours as you do. Soft versus hard, skin and metal.
"It means you’re putting someone else’s happiness in front of your own and that’s a hard thing to do.” You run your finger along his palm now, tracing his heart line that you note runs deep across the expanse of his hand, “I know I would struggle to do that.”
You bring it to your lap now and you feel his head tilt down above your own to look. His lips graze your hair and you close your eyes. It’s been a while since you’d been this close with anyone and selfishly you want to savour the moment. You think you hear him breathe you in. It makes you feel wanted and fuck... when was the last time you'd felt that?
“You know, I wish I had someone to miss. I’ve been alone for so long now I think I’ve forgotten what company felt like. It's nice.”
Din finally speaks, his voice barely a murmur, rough with misuse and it sends pinpricks of pleasure down your back, “I was alone before. I’m not sure I know what that’s like anymore either.”
You cant help it, you look up at him. His eyes are so close and tinged with redness. You hate it. Your nose brushes against his sharp one and you think how easy it would be to lean up and close the distance. He speaks, “Do you…”
His breath whispers across your face and you can’t help but reach up with the hand not entwined with his and run your finger down his cheek, “Do I what?” He closes his eyes at the contact.
“I don't know just...go. Go somewhere with me."
His eyes glance down at your lips but flit back quickly to your face as if scared of being caught. You smile, “Not angry with me anymore?”
He shakes his head, slow like taffy and his hair brushes your cheeks and maker you want to kiss him. You want it so bad you feel it, feel it in your bones and your chest as you breathe him in. You lean in and you swear he does too when-
You jump apart, the spell broken. "Shit!”
Your leg had hit the glass you placed down earlier, knocking it across the floor of your room. You groan and release his hand, you can’t even meet his eyes. Mando had been so open with you, so honest and you almost took advantage of the poor guy just because of what? A moment? You return the glass upright.
You look to Din to apologise, his previous offer probably already revoked but he’s gone, dropping his own glass in your kitchen. He turns back to you and it’s such a startling change. He’s a completely different person. That vulnerability now slammed shut behind a neutral mask. His posture oozes assurance and false bravado.
You had been so close.
He has his helmet now and he begins walking closer to the door. Your heart clenches at the possibility of him leaving you behind but he pauses and looks back at you, “Well?”
Hope flickers behind your ribcage. You stay silent, scared to ruin what you hope to be the best thing that may ever happen to you.
He doesn’t wait for your response, just leaves and walks into the darkness beyond your door. You watch him go and gaze as the soft moons reflect on his back. First the sun, now the moon. This man, this stranger... he was celestial.
You look around at yourself. The bar didn't need you, you had no personal connections here, no real memories either. You hadn't even lived here more than a few years and you know you wouldn't miss the place if you left.
You look down at the imprint he'd left on your bedsheets. The shape of him lingers but you don't just want his shadow, you want him. This man, so complex and so guarded and as you look back you realise, he wants you. In some form, even if just as a passenger, but you suspect by the way he reached towards you subconsciously it could be more... he wants you.
You grab your book off the nightstand and scramble to follow him.
A/N: You know I gotta give some angst right? I love being a tease what can I say...
Lost Faith crew: @darlingotaku @theoriquewitherseld @v-mack @soul-of-daisies @bbwithaknife @luciamajer @altarsw @redredchangesintheskys @thatoneidiot16 @24-blackbirds @dindjarin-mandalorian @engineeredfiction @evyiione @mamacitapascal
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himbo-loving-himbo · 18 minutes ago
Denki x alt! male reader
Denki wasn’t the most secretive about his crush on 1A’s resident alt kid. 
Fortunately for him, however, Y/N was extremely oblivious. I mean, seriously, with the amount of flirting Denki was doing even Azaiwa knew about it, and he could care less about his students’ love lives.
Y/N walked into class, decked out in his usual attire. Nobody in class was sure that they’d ever even seen him without layers of eyeliner, piercings, and jewelry all over him. Over by Kirishima’s desk, Denki practically swooned.
“Dude, you’re literally drooling on my desk,” Kirishima had a concerned yet slightly aggravated look on his face.
“Yeah, Denki, it’s starting to get annoying. Just watching you pine all day,” Mina chimed in, “He’s basically all you ever talk about.”
The blonde boy opened his mouth to retort when he noticed Y/N had turned back to look at him. The h/c boy smiled brightly at him and all Kaminari could do was just wave back with a dopey grin on his face. 
In all honesty, when he first saw Y/N, Denki wouldn’t have thought it possible for him to smile like that. The way he dressed was a little intimidating at first, but once you got to know him, Y/N was actually a very warm person. 
Mina sighed before turning to Kiri, having an idea. She whispered something in the redhead’s ear before turning back to Denki.
“Listen, bud, Kiri and I would bet you ten bucks each that you can’t confess tonight.” Ten bucks was a small price to pay to get their friend to stop whining to them about how soft Y/N’s hair looked all the time. 
Denki looked hesitant at first before replying.
“Make it twenty and I’m in.”
Denki had been putting it off all day. At first, he was planning on telling him at lunch, but he chickened out when he noticed Y/N was wearing headphones. He didn’t want to disturb him after all. 
Then he decided that right after classes ended would be smart. But when he noticed his crush was talking to his friend Shinso from class 1-C. There was no way he was going to embarrass himself like that in front of another human being. Especially not one of Y/N’s best friends.
Later that night, he sat in his dorm playing Mario Kart with Mina and Kirishima. Denki was about to win when Mina hit him with a red shell, rushing past him.
“BOOYAH, BABY!” she yelled, nearly knocking over her drink in her excitement. Denki grumbled and Kirishima just sat on the back of the couch eating popcorn peacefully.
“You don’t have to be such a sore winner…”
“Says the loser!”
“Guys, we’re forgetting the important thing here…” interrupted Kiri, turning to Denki, “have you asked out Y/N yet?”
The electric boy froze in place.
“Okay, I’ll take that as a ‘no’,” Mina said, “remember, if you don’t do it you’ll owe us a total of fort dollars!” 
Kaminari groaned.
“Why did I agree to this, again?”
It took Kaminari about 20 minutes to knock once he reached Y/N’s dorm.
“Who is it?” came a groggy voice.
Denki’s mouth dried up, and he contemplated running away but it was too late, the door was already opening up.
“Oh, hey Denki!”
There he stood, in a pair of flannel pajama pants and an old, baggy sweatshirt. Y/N wasn’t wearing any eyeliner and all of his piercing had been taken out minus his septum, which he had only gotten done recently. Denki had to blink a few times at the sight. He was pretty sure no one had ever seen the other boy like this before, except maybe for the exception of family.
“I, uh, I hope I didn’t wake you up,” the blonde stuttered out.
“Oh, no worries! I was just watching a show when you knocked.”
Sure enough, his laptop was on the bed with an episode of (favorite show) pulled up on pause. Seeing Denki’s worried face he reassured him.
“I’ve already seen this one so you didn’t interrupt anything!”
He gestured for Kaminari to come in. 
Y/N’s room was atmospheric. Band posters were pasted crookedly to the walls, strings of lights dimly lighting the room. Denki noticed some band tickets and pictures of your friends from middle school hanging on the walls. A few potted plants were scattered here and there, all well taken care of, it looked like. Denki took a seat on a bean bag chair next to Y/N, who was sat on the carpet next to him.
“What was it that you wanted to talk about?”
Denki choked up.
“Well, uh, uhm…” he tried to find the right words to say. “You see, I kind of, uh… oh fuck.”
Y/N stared back at him, confused but not aggravated by his stumbling in any way.
Denki looked back up at the boy’s e/c eyes. Seeing them so clearly, without any eyeliner or makeup hiding his face. He could see every line, every crevice, every dot on his face. It was perfect. He managed to summon up the last of his courage and blurt it out.
“I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU! LIKE, NOT IN A FRIEND WAY, IN A ‘I WANNA MAKE OUT WITH YOU REAL BAD’ WAY!” His face was burning red at this point. Y/N just stared back blankly for a second.
“Wait… really?” Denki looked astonished.
“Wha… are you kidding me? I thought I was totally obvious about it! I mean, literally everyone in class noticed but you didn’t??? I flirted with you so much I was starting to run out of pick up lines!”
“Yo, those were supposed to be pick up lines? Like, no offense dude but they sucked,” Y/N chuckled.
“Hey, they did no-” Denki cut himself off, “Listen, do you like me too or not?”
Y/N looked puzzled for a second.
“OH, wait I thought it was obvious? I mean, I like you too. Practically the entire classroom could tell.”
“Wait… WHAT?” Denki was definitely going to yell at Kirishima and Mina about this later. At least he got forty bucks out of ‘em.
Denki had ended up falling asleep in Y/N’s dorm that night while playing some video games together. When Kiri and Mina noticed the two boys walking into class the next morning hand-in-hand, with Denki wearing some of Y/N’s eyeliner (They knew Y/N had done it too, because it was way too good for Denki to have done it), they were relieved and, of course, happy for their friend but maybe not so happy about the idea of losing twenty dollars each. At least they wouldn’t have to listen to their friend’s incessant pining anymore.
“Guys! My boyfriend is so cool…” 
Kiri and Mina just slumped back down in their chairs, tuning out Denki gushing about his crush boyfriend.
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segsyboi · 20 minutes ago
No one:
Me when I see my favorite fictional character on screen:
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inarizahki · 22 minutes ago
still not over god kita who doesn't understand that mortals dont have unlimited stamina so can't go at it 24/7
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, dubcon, overstimulation, dacryphilia
Tumblr media
"S-Shinsuke..." you gasp, “please, i- it’s been-” you don’t even know how long it’s been. hours? days? all you know is that Kita’s cock has been inside you for so long your battered cunt feels like it’s going numb from pleasure. you can barely feel anything anymore, just the sensations of the god pounding into you with no less energy than when he had first started. he’s on top of you, still going, still hard even after pulling eight successive orgasms from you, unable to just stop having his way with you.
tears escape from the corners of your eyes, trickling down your temples as your lips form unintelligible words that never make it past your broken whines and whimpers. your legs lay limp against his sides; your skin is damp, sticky with sweat, your juices, his cum- he’s emptied himself on you just as much as he has inside you. you’re drunk on Kita, drowning in the feeling of him seated inside you, it’s he’s trying to mold the shape of his cock into your cunt.
“why are you crying?" soft lips kiss away your tears as he shushes you, his hips still slamming against yours without abandon. a broken sob bursts from your throat when the head of his cock punches into your cervix again and again. your walls flutter weakly around the base of his length, sucking him in even though you just can’t take it anymore.
“do you not like it?” Kita trails kisses down your neck, sucking your skin into his mouth. “i’m being so good to you, you’re doing so well, you don’t need to cry, little one.”
“let me do this for you, let me worship you.” the god laces his fingers through yours, pinning your hands above your head and you really have no choice but to let him; you’re too fucked out of it to do anything else. “i’m just trying to thank you for your devotion, your service.”
“tell me again, sweetheart, who’s your god?”
Tumblr media
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cosmickxtsuki · 24 minutes ago
Jack: Papa, sword fight with me!
John, doing literally nothing: No, I’m busy.
Jack: D:
Y/n, who has crippling mommy/daddy/parental issues, pulling Jack away: C’mon bub’s, let’s go play swords at the lake!
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deaan · 30 minutes ago
𝐍𝐨𝐭 𝐌𝐲 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝
𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟏 - 𝐈 𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞
Pairing: Prince Caspian X Reader
Summary: You were Susan's best friend who had told you the stories of Narnia from their first visit. Whenever you heard them, you felt a sense of belonging which you'd never felt here. So when you get inducted in with them and meet a charming Prince and buried secrets come out in the open, will you finally feel like you belong?
Word Count: 2780
A/N: This is a revised and edited version of my three part series that was posted on my main @miss_nerd95. Beautiful divider by @firefly-graphics
I loved writing it, hope you like reading it too!☺
Not My World Masterlist
Narnia Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Part 2 // Part 3 (fin) -coming soon!
Tumblr media
It all started when your caretaker at the orphanage decided to admit you to St. Finbar's boarding school.
You were one of the quiet girls, always buried in the few books that got donated, imagining yourself as the protagonists of the many worlds that the printed words would conjure.
Showing an aptitude for learning at a young age, there was no surprise that you were in the group of selected few who were to get enrolled in good institutions for education. The moment your name had been called out would definitely be one of your most memorable ones. You just had a instict that your life was gonna change for better.
There weren't many things that excited you, but St. Finbar's was something you were really looking forward to.
The skip in your step as you walked along with the rest of the group to the school wasn't exactly subtle, making Ms. Whittle, the warden, glare at you. It made you walk prim and proper but it couldn't subdue the grin on your lips.
Being told to wait outside the office, you take a seat on the bench beside a girl your age, suddenly feeling shy for some reason. You cross your legs and delicately place your hands on your thighs like you were always taught about.
So to say that you were surprised when a light chirpy voice broke the silence was an understatement.
"Are you going to start here?"
You looked at the radiant face framed by shoulder-length straight hair to check if she was indeed talking to you, replying with a polite "Yes," with a nod and a smile.
"We are too!" She enthusiastically clapped. "I am Lucy and this is Susan. What's your name?"
You subtly stole a glance at Ms. Whittle to make sure that she wasn't paying attention to you, who was quite engrossed in a hilarious debate with an office personnel. The group you had come with were standing at a window, pointing out towards something and giggling to themselves.
"My name is Y/N. Nice to meet you." You felt like your smile could never be brighter than the one Lucy was aiming at you. 
"I hope you don't mind my sister. She has always been like this," Susan said with a wink. Lucy playfully punched her, making you both chuckle. "So, what year are you in?"
For the rest of the hour that it took your warden to complete the formalities for your schooling, you got to know the sisters better. They also bestowed upon you the knowledge that the seemingly popular window was because it gave an excellent view of the grounds of Henderson House Boarding School for boys, where you learnt that the brothers of your new acquaintances were also seeking admission in.
It didn't take long for you to feel like you could lower your inhibitions around them, for Lucy was so refreshingly vibrant and Susan was really sensible and gentle with everything. 
Upon knowing that your orphanage wasn't too far to their home was just a cherry on the top. 
Your weekly turn of going for grocery shopping was now something that you eagerly waited for as it now consisted of going for a walk in the park with Susan. A few weeks later, she started inviting you over to their house to spend time with the youngest of the four as well as with Peter and Edmund often joining you over tea. 
You found something in them that you never had - friends.
The Pevensies would tell you stories of four siblings at a fictional place they called Narnia, which was looked over by a powerful lion which could also speak! Your most favourite was the one where the White Witch with powers of ice was slain to bring glory to the kingdom for years to come, with the siblings becoming Kings and Queens of Narnia.
You started to lose yourself in those stories, often during the most boring of chores. It wasn't hard not to, for they spoke of that world so vividly that made you feel like you were right beside the protagonists, living their adventures with them. Not a day went by when you didn't beg Susan to tell you more.
Tumblr media
Time flew fast until the day arrived when you were supposed to board the train for St. Finbar's, feeling really excited for the life that was to come.
You had sneaked away and were talking with Susan when Lucy had run up to you and said that Peter was in a fight.
You and Susan rushed after her, reaching just in time to see Edmund tackle a guy who was going to attack Peter from behind.
"Stop!" Susan yelled as she pulled Edmund away from the guy and you did the same with Peter.
"Awe, his girlfriend is here to save him." The guy arrogantly said.
Peter went to charge on him, but you tightened your grasp on the crook of his elbow, "Let him go, Pete."
He patted your hand, reassuring you that he's fine, before you retracted it back, heading directly to the platform you were supposed to be at, you and the other three Pevensies following him.
"I had it under control," He said, as you all waited for the train to stop.
"Sure you did." Edmund sassed back. You took a step into the train as you all fussed to put your bags properly, when you felt something tugging you.
"Stop touching me," Edmund yelled at Peter.
"I'm not even standing close to you!" He replied as you observed something weird happening in front of you.
"Guys, why is the station fading?" You asked between their banter.
"Everyone, hold hands!" Peter shouted as you reached for Susan's hand before your vision became completely black.
Tumblr media
The cobblestone walls of the station had turned into a dark cave which opened on a beach! A surprised gasp came of your lips as you took your sandals off and ran out on the warm sand with Lucy.
As the sea touched your feet, a feeling of happiness overcame you. There was something different in the air, something magical that made you feel content, as if you were meant to be here all along.
You glanced up to see the Pevensies splashing each other gleefully, making you smile. Peter noticed that you were still standing a bit far, so he beckoned you closer.
With a shake of your haid, you trudged towards them till the water came up to your knees. 
"I've never been to a beach before," You giggled when Susan shoved a wave of the salty water towards you.
Lucy smiled widely, "You're in luck! This is the best beach you can ever be on."
"Where do you think we are?" Edmund asked, voicing your question.
"Where do YOU think we are?" Peter cheekily said as you furrowed your eyebrows.
"It's Narnia!" Lucy joyously exclaimed.
It was like your train of thoughts suddenly took a halt. You questioningly stared at Susan, trying to make sense of everything.
"Narnia is real?" 
She guiltily smiled at you with a nod. "Yes."
"And the four siblings - it's you guys?"
The Pevensies chorused a loud "Yes!" which made your mouth fall open in surprise.
The discovery of the ruins of Cair Paravel broke your heart, for you would never get to see it, however, the devastation clearly visible on the Pevensies was more saddening. The only good thing was that most of their possessions had been saved in a secret underground room. As they all got dressed in formal wear, Susan offered one of her dresses to you, which felt more regal than anything you had ever owned.
You quietly listened to them discuss how much time had passed after they had last been to Narnia as you tried to wrap your head around it.
How were you even supposed to make terms with the fact that you were actually in a fantasy world when you had dreamed about nothing more ever since you could think?
Soon, you met a dwarf called Trumpkin who was about to be drowned. He takes you through the woods to an opening where you come upon a young man around Peter's age.
The two men fought with their swords, calling a truce after which the dark-brown eyes of the stranger landed on you.
"I have heard tales of the Golden Era, but they never speak of a fifth with your traits," he curiously inquired.
Shyly smiling at him, you said, "I am only a friend of the Kings and Queens, and this is my first time in Narnia."
He cocked his head as he stared down at you, making you feel warm as blood rushed to your cheeks.
And then, he handsomely smiled, gently lifting your hand in his and softly kissing your knuckles. "Prince Caspian the Tenth at your service, my lady."
No one else could see how you desperately you were trying to not look like you were blushing, but Susan caught your eyes over his shoulder and you just knew that she was aware of the thoughts running circles your mind.
Tumblr media
Prince Caspian, or just Caspian as he had told you often to call him, easily and very quickly earned your trust with his charismatic personality. You two would frequently be seen chatting most of the times by the inhabitants of Aslan's How.
Speaking of the mystical place, Edmund had just offhandedly mentioned how swiftly you had gotten adjusted here. You had just replied with a short smile, but you had spent some time thinking it over after realising that it was true.
The Narnian citizens in hiding only ever talked about taking over the Telmarine Castle, or a humorous story here and there and sometimes they would catch up to the Kings and Queens of the Old about how much Narnia had changed in their absence.
Somehow, you all of this still made you feel more comfortable than you ever had at the Orphanage.
Caspian was the one to include you whenever you were left out of conversations because you didn't know much about Narnia, or when your friends were bickering over one thing or the other, and for that, you were really grateful.
The small cave in the mountain made you feel at home as you spent more and more time there with the others, something that the bland, peeling yellowish walls and the pricking and noisy bed never could do.
Was it the cave, your company or Narnia as a whole that made you feel more accepted? 
That was the thought you pondered upon when the others went to seize the castle and kill Miraz. You were sitting on an outpost that Caspian had shown to you, telling you to wait for him there. You had been looking out towards the horizon and staring at the beautiful sunset when a call came from inside.
"Y/N, come to dinner." Honestly, you could never get tired of the motherly tones of the centaurs that were staying behind to take care of the young ones.
"Coming, Solarmist." You started to stand up and turn around the same time, but your foot slipped, and you landed on your butt. "Ow!"
When you opened your eyes that had gotten closed during the fall, you noticed little black silhouettes coming towards you with Peter and Caspian in the front. Susan not far behind while Edmund followed from the air with a Gryphon.
You smiled and screamed in delight, "They're here!"
A screech of relief that you knew Lucy did whenever she was excited was heard loud and clear.
You ran back inside, only to hurry back out from the main entrance with the youngest Pevensie, hoping to catch the happy faces of the soldiers with good news, especially Caspian. In the short time it took you for that, you imagined the Prince sitting with you over dinner and animatedly telling you all kinds of things that happened during the battle. But it all crumbled down as you noticed the numbers that had gone out that morning had significantly reduced.
Their emotions were exactly opposite of what you had expected, with the two leading young men who looked like they were drowning in dread and guilt, cautiously walking a metre away from each other. They just dragged themselves past you without even meeting your eyes.
Susan gave you look that said, 'I'll tell you later', and Edmund just shook his head disappointedly as he descended onto the ground.
Lucy looked at you with worried eyes mirroring yours and walked over to where the survivors were resting with her vial of juice of the fire flowers. You followed her to help heal and patch the soldiers up, taking the night to tend to the injured as much as you could, unaware of the spat between the High King and the Prince and the almost awakening of the White Witch again.
There was not a single eye that slept well that night, most of them shaken up by the losses from the failed battle.
You crept out of the small bedding at dawn with your blanket wrapped around you, going to the outpost, eyes widening with surprise to find Caspian sitting there already.
Trying to breathe quietly as you calmed your stupid, rapidly beating heart as you observed the dark mane of his. This had started a fortnight ago whenever you were near him.
You sat down beside him, studying his profile as he looked at the sun rise once again.
Neither of you spoke anything for a few minutes, making you think that Caspian was so lost in his thoughts that he wasn't even aware of your presence. So as to not disturb him, you got up as silently as possible and were about to go back to tossing and turning in your bed when you heard a whisper. "Don't leave…"
You weren't sure if it was just your head that made up fantasies as always whenever you thought about him, so you had turned on your heels when he said it again, a bit louder this time. "Please don't leave me."
The broken tone in his voice was worrying you, so you took your place again. This time, you settled down properly, folding your knees up to your chin and resting your head on your crossed arms.
"What happened out there, Caspian?" You hoped that your voice was soft and gentle, and you could swear you saw his lips lift a little at you finally saying his name without his title in it.
He swallowed down the lump that had formed in his throat. "Everything was my fault. All the people that didn't return- " he sighed, "was because I let my anger take over when he got into my head and I hesitated before killing Miraz."
You shifted a bit closer so that you could extend the blanket around him as well. He leaned in toward you, most like for the warmth and you noticed the tears staining his cheeks.
You knew that he didn't need any advice or support, he just needed someone to listen - so you patiently did. He laid down every one of his insecurities, utterly bare and vulnerable in front of you. He told you about Miraz admitting that it was him who had killed Caspian's father, about all the doubts about if he could ever be a better king than his treacherous uncle, who had taunted him by saying that he was still carrying his blood, the Telmarine blood, who didn't deserve ruling over Narnia.
Until now, you had only seen Caspian as one of the Princes of the fairytales that the Princesses undoubtedly fell for. But now, you saw him for what he actually was, a young boy who had to grow up into a brave man much sooner than anyone else.
You understood why Peter was described as someone who had become more brutal than the magnificent king the Narnians sang songs about. 
Why Susan would tell you the stories so lucidly, as if she was scared that she would never get to live them again. 
Why Edmund was so fierce against anyone who challenged his beliefs.
Why Lucy was so calm and patient all the time like she was so matured for her age, especially with her brothers and sister, even in the face of danger. She gave her siblings the strength they had lost once they had accidentally stepped out of the wardrobe.
And now you knew why Prince Caspian the Tenth wasn't anything like any love interests the storybooks described. 
He was nothing like them, and everything more.
Part 2 // Part 3 (fin)
Tumblr media
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There will be 3 parts in total, which will be posted as soon as I finish editing them Xx
If you liked reading this and want to read more of my fics, check out the Masterlists linked above!
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Weather The Storm
Chapter 5: Batten Down the Hatches
Ezra (Prospect) x f!reader (no y/n) 1861 Lighthouse au (3rd person)
Rated: E 
Summary: Time passes around Ezra and the keeper. They try to enjoy each other but trouble looms on the horizon.
Warnings: Language, a lil angst, fluff, alcohol mention, smut! Unprotected p in v sex, choking, biting, fingering, size kink (? a lil), begging, cock warming
Note: Tried a slightly different format for this as I wasn't sure how to show time passing so flashbacks are in italics! Spot the little nod and wink to @mouthymandalorian ‘s Fae King!Ezra (I’m so excited for it). Massive thanks to @honestly-shite because they motivate me sooo much!!
Wordcount: 3440
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Tumblr media
Together they formed a sort of routine. Ezra went to work and the keeper worried. She manned the light with him on her mind, watching the sea and hoping, preying she wouldn't see The Mistress on the rocks.
When he was on land and she worked, he'd wake in the dark. The keeper haunting his dreams, a voice in the dark, louder than the waves and the wind. A siren's call. 
Every time he'd join her in the tower. They didn't always talk, sometimes only reading together in silence as the night passed.
Then during the day, when sleep finally took, he curled himself around her as if protecting her from the world. It felt natural, like they were always supposed to fit together. Her back against his chest. Hearts beating as one.
And every now and then, they could spend a day together. Sometimes going to the village, sometimes in the little garden, sometimes sheltering from the weather by the fire. 
It was always bittersweet. Skin pressed against skin slowly, committing it to memory. Knowledge of their time ending tainted it, but also made it better. Like the summer that was starting around them. Even temporary, the year was worse without it.
Ezra kissed down her spine. 
Light was breaking in around the curtain and he traced the streak that fell across her back with his fingertips. Nearly three months of waking in this bed, sometimes alone, sometimes not, the heavy straw mattress tickling him. He smiled as she grumbled, curling into his side away from the light.
"Do we have to move?"
He chuckled "Unfortunately our movement is inevitable," he bent down, kissing her shoulder then biting it. "Although… I will suggest our rising doesn't have to be entirely undesirable." She huffed out a laugh and rolled onto her back looking up at where he was propped up on his arm, grinning from ear to ear.
It was peaceful, calm. She smiled as he lent down to kiss her and nibbled his lower lip, his grin turned wolfish.
He lent back, pulling the sheet and singular blanket off them as she squealed at the rush of cold air. He bent down, sucking a purple mark on her collarbone, one amongst a constellation of them covering her body. Every time he touched her; he couldn't resist it. Marking her as his in the little ways he could, temporary like their shared time. He ran his hands down her sides, grabbing her hips and pulling her to straddle him.
 She traced a finger over the scar on his cheek, touch feather light. "What about this one?"
He turned his head to bite at the tips of her fingers. "That's not nearly as remarkable as it appears" he shrugs off the question. Yet another little story he couldn't share.
"Tell me anyway." She pressed a kiss to it, curved and thin, shining silver in the low light of the evening. She knew it wasn't natural. No jagged rock or rogue fishing hook would cleave a mark so clean.
He sighed, a furrow appearing between his eyebrows. "You are inquisitive to a degree where," he rolled her into her back as she squealed, kissing her hard "If I wasn't so enraptured by you, I may be driven to irritability." She rolled her eyes, but didn't object as he began kissing his way down her body.
 He sat back against the wooden headboard, hands resting on her hips. His head tilted back as she ground down on him, a low groan escaping his throat. "You are incorrigible…"
She gently rocked her hips again, bending to kiss his neck. "I don't know what you expect when you wake me with lewd suggestions."
He grinned, lowering his hand between her legs, running a finger through her slit. He hummed, his other hand tightening its grip on her hip. "God… you feel divine. I can hardly wait to submerge myself in you." He slid a finger in, loving the way she whined "But… I think I'd appreciate witnessing you first." His hand on her hip began guiding her to move, grinding on his hand "Go on, use these rough fingers to get yourself off." He loved how moved on him, at his command, how she moaned.
 He laughed at her. "A terrible fright? Absolutely not. I can't imagine what would shake my bones so much it quite literally turned my hair ashen. No, I was born with it. Apparently, there was some debate about whether I had been touched by an angel or the devil himself when I first arrived."
She tilted her head, peering up at him for a second before bending down to pick up a little bit of sea glass from the sand. "Which do you think?"
"What do you mean?"
She held up the glass, looking through it at him, turning him a muted green. "An angel or a devil? Which do you think touched your crown?"
He shrugged, "As far as I can tell, it's yet to be determined."
 She moaned loudly "Fuck, Ezra!" She was so close, but it wasn't enough. He grinned in response, his grip encouraging her to move faster, fucking herself on his fingers. He growled at the sight as she threw her head back, grinding her clit against his palm. "Ezra, please…"
He smirked "Please what? Articulate it, siren, what do you want?"
She huffed out a breath of frustration "Move! Please!" He grinned, but obliged. Sliding in another finger, pumping them in and out slowly as he ground the heel of his hand on her clit.
It only took moments before she came. Nails digging into his shoulders, eyes rolling back as she bucked uncontrollably against his palm. A low rumble came from his chest at the sight. Seeing her so vulnerable, lost in pleasure just for his eyes, letting him control it. His cock seemed to throb at the thought.
 She emerged from the water. It cascaded down her back as she bobbed up to where he sat on the rocks. "You should get in! It'd do you good." 
He laughed at her. "And catch my death by cold?" He had taken his boots and socks off to paddle in the rock pools, and now he dangled his feet off the edge of the rock into the ocean as he read. His trousers had been rolled to the knee. "I'm sufficient where I am, if a little worried I'll have blocks of ice where my toes should be when I move." 
She moved closer, a wet hand grabbing his knee to hold herself out of the water. He watched her thin chemise float around her with the lapping waves. "You're such a softy! You wouldn't last a winter here with that attitude!" She grinned.
"I take offense to that; I could be hardy if required. But I don't have a requisite. I can follow the summer, so I shall." There was a beat, an acknowledgement of their fleeting time. A painful stab they both felt.
She broke it first. Dragging her hand through the water and splashing him with salty droplets.
"Hey! There is no need to be vicious simply because I am such a pathetic swimmer!"
She laughed, "I disagree, you need the practice!"
He tossed his book to the side and bent forward seizing her under the arms. With a grunt he pulled her out of the water, falling back, her pressed to his front. He could feel the water seeping through his clothes but couldn't bring himself to care.
She propped herself up on her arm looking down at him. The swim was forgotten as he ran his fingers down the side of her neck. "Perhaps you're a mermaid, luring in sailors like me."
She bent brushing her lips against his as his other hand ran down her side. "Sailors like you?" She murmured against his mouth.
He didn't respond.
 She squirmed in his arms as he held her, suspended above him, just the tip of his cock nestled in her heat. He was tempted to wait, to feel her drip down his length, to savour it. But he couldn't, felt rushed by the ends of their time lingering on the horizon. So instead, he relaxed his arms, lowering her down onto him. 
He moaned at the sensation, hot and tight and wet. He didn't want to leave, wanted to stay buried in her.
"If I could keep you right here, impaled on me I would." 
She whimpered, burying her face in his neck. She rocked her hips only for him to still her with a rough grip to her hips. He could feel her shudder at the restraint, tightening around him. "Stay still for me… just for a moment. Let me feel you." He felt her exhale against his neck, fighting to the urge to move for him. He smiled.
 He wasn't sure how he'd missed it. The jagged scar over the side of her left hand. He was sure he'd kissed both her palms, every fingertip, but it had evaded his notice. A hint of a past he hadn't seen, a reminder of a future he wouldn't get. 
He pressed his lips to it. "What damage did you do to leave such a harsh mark?"
She pulled her hand a day to run a finger down his nose. "Stupid mistake really, got my hand caught in the clockwork whilst I was replacing a part. I wasn't paying attention." He took her hand back, tracing it with his own. It must have been deep, painful. He wondered if it happened when she was alone, left to fix it up as best she could, crying in the tower. 
It cracked deep in his chest, the image of her dripping blood onto the wooden floor. No one around to help. He didn't want her to be alone, didn't want her to hurt alone, mend herself alone. 
He didn't want to leave her alone.
 He lent her back slightly, resting his forehead in her sternum, looking down at where they met. He growled at the sight, her wetness soaking his dark curls. Slowly he rocked her hips on him. Groaning at the sensation.
Her grip on his shoulders tightening as she whimpered, taking the hint and beginning to move. He lent back, watching her face screw up, sweat glistening on her temple. He watched her for as long as he could but he was clamouring for more.
"Fuck, you're gripping me like a vice. I'm doubtful whether you'll ever let me go." He reached up to the back of her neck, guiding her to move faster. She obliged, beginning to lift herself up and down his lengths letting out wonderful breathy moans every time she sank down.
He looked wrecked, his jaw slack, brow furrowed as he watched her. She moved a hand into his hair, loving how he growled when she tugged it. Loved how it made him lose it, made him feral, nearly unhinged.
"Siren, no matter how I wish to take my time. You drive me to my animalistic wants." He huffed out a breath as she clenched around him "I can never hold back with you."
She moaned at his words "So don't."
There was no stopping him.
The hand on her neck snuck round to the front squeezing gently, stifling a moan. His grip on her hip moved up to her breast, squeezing hard, holding her up as he bent his knees to buck into her. 
Each thrust forced the air from her lungs, she couldn't focus on the words that he was helpless to stop spilling out of his mouth. Even under her, he was surrounding her. Filling the very air she breathed, blanketing every one of her senses with he's touch, the smell of his skin, his taste.
He lay further back, watching where he slid into her. Watching how she stretched to fit him, how her body accommodated his size. It didn't seem possible, he moaned at the thought of her changing to fit him, her body never forgetting his.
He felt her tightening around him and had to fight not to cum there and then but he wanted to watch her first. He moved his hand from her neck to her jaw, sliding his thumb into her mouth. God, without any hesitation she sucked it, muffling her sounds. He began to move faster, hooking his thumb behind her teeth to tilt her head down making her watch where they joined.
"Touch yourself, my fucking beautiful creature. Come apart on my cock." She snaked a hand down to rub small circles on her clit, groaning around his thumb.
His teeth gnashed together as she squeezed him. She came hard, trying to grapple onto him to ground herself. He wretched his hand from her jaw and grabbed her flesh fucking her hard through it. Not stopping once she'd come, going nearly limp in his arms as he chased his own orgasm. 
It was getting harder to make himself pull out, he wanted nothing more than to bury himself and really claim her. Even so, he found strength within him and pulled her off with a loud moan just before he came over his own stomach.
He was out of breath but he felt so relaxed, even as his cum cooled on his stomach. She traced a finger through it, licking it off. He groaned at the sight.
"You're insatiable! Give me a few minutes and I'll happily go again." He lent to the side to grab an old shirt to wipe himself off. She giggled as he nearly toppled her off him before righting himself.
"I suppose we have time… what a pleasant way to wake up."
He grinned pulling her down against his chest, holding her close. "It's something I wouldn't be opposed to getting used to."
Ezra was asleep. The keeper stared at his back as it expanded with his breathing. Slow and steady. She didn't want to wake him. Wanted to stay curled against his back, warm and safe. She reached out a finger tracing the hairs on his neck.
He grumbled, rolling into his back, his arm snaking out unconsciously, pulling her flush against him. She smiled, savouring the warmth, the security of it, the intimacy. To be held like this was a memory she would treasure in the icy winter.
But now, the sun streamed in through a gap in the heavy curtain. Already high in the sky. It was the longest day, the true beginning of summer, the solstice.
At night there would be dancing, music, costumes. But right now, in the haze of morning, they were the only two people in the world. 
Not often did Ezra get to truly experience traditions. Floating through, place to place, more running into events than watching the preparation. Here, he had watched as the keeper had made crowns of flowers in the morning and he even helped erect the banners that followed the road along the coast.
After the months he'd spent there, the town has begun to accept him. He was greeted in the street, joked with the other fisherman, the pub landlord knew what he preferred. He felt… accepted, almost comfortable, damn near at home. If he was going to stay somewhere, this strange, cold, isolated place wouldn't be so bad. 
He halted that thought. He couldn't stay, the keeper didn't want him, not really. She had her job and friends and life without him. And staying would put her at risk. He couldn't do that.
He could dance though, at least a little, and enjoy the celebrations of summer. Keep her company for the evening. Make her smile and laugh.
He dressed in the smartest clothes he owned. They had been expensive, well-tailored. But they were old, out of the current fashion. The high collar of his white shirt was not supposed to be folded, instead he carefully tied his emerald green tie in a bow around it. His morning coat was timeless though, made of fine wool and lined with silk, purchased along with the trousers nearly 7 years prior when he had seen some riches. 
He didn't have smart shoes, there wasn't any point when he'd have to carry them with him and risk them being stolen. His boots were by the door so he descended the stairs to see if the keeper was ready to leave.
Bare footed, he entered the kitchen and froze. The keeper was putting teacups away in the cupboard, her back to him. She was dressed in blue, but a blue far deeper than her day dress. The satin shimmered as she moved making her appear like the night sky. The dress was floor length, had a wide neckline exposing her shoulders, pintucked around the hem and collar giving the effect of waves on the ocean. She must have been wearing a crinoline, something too impractical for work, giving her dress shape. He swallowed hard at the thought of peeling all the layers off her, like unwrapping a gift.
She turned to him and smiled. Around her neck, on a fine silver chain was a piece of sea glass, the same bright blue as her dress. The piece he'd given her. For once, he was speechless.
"Do you even own a hat?" She grinned at him, stepping forward and reaching up to touch the blonde patch in his hair. It was soft under her fingertips.
He pulled himself together with a smile, taking her hand and kissing it. "I astutely refuse to cover this streak of white. It makes me memorable!"
She laughed, "You'd be quite noteworthy without it." She moved back picking up one of the crowns she'd made earlier. Filled with green leaves, orange day lilies and poppies like a sunset. "Good thing though, I think this will suit you." 
He bent down for her to set it gently on his head. Straightening back to her felt caught in her gaze, her head tilted slightly, her mouth a little open.
He looked strangely ethereal. The crown over his smart clothes created a strange contrast. His sharp features, mischievous grin and soft eyes made him appear like a fairy, leading her into a mushroom ring. Trapping her. But she'd follow all the same.
"I didn't know you could dance."
He grinned down at her as they twirled together on the sand in a waltz "I am a man of many talents! How rude of you to assume dancing isn't one of them."
The sun had just dipped, but the night was warmed by the alcohol and dancing. Those with families were starting to leave, carrying sleeping children to bed. But the band kept playing, fishermen who'd mastered instruments in their spare time and were happy to continue if supplied with drinks. 
Earlier they'd paraded down the road, from the lighthouse to the church along the sea, ribbons and banners waving, laughter all around them. The costumes were intricate and daft, pirates and mermaids and fae all moving together in celebration of the sun.
Ezra and the keeper stayed together as the music slowed, as night reached its darkest point. Swaying to the music, sharing warmth and chatting about the events of the day. Ezra had enjoyed the carnival games and been deceptively good with a pea shooter, winning a small lighthouse figurine, hand carved from wood. It rested, wrapped in tissue paper, in his breast pocket, right by his heart.
She closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest. If she could stay in this moment, tired but happy, forever, she probably would. Just to savour the beat of his heart, the warmth of his skin. His words, spoken softly into his ear. Then she felt him tense. Looking up at him she saw he was looking over at the bonfire near the band, a figure was there. Someone tall and well dressed. Someone she didn't recognise.
"Do you know him?" She already knew the answer. Ezra had gone still, his frown harsh and unfriendly, jaw tight. He didn't answer.
The sun crested over the horizon then, casting long monstrous shadows, of the remaining dancers around them.
"Ezra? What's wrong?" He looked down at her then. The blue balloon flowers in her crown were wilting, making her already otherworldly appearance seem haunting. Her eyebrows were drawn together in concern and he felt so guilty, she shouldn't worry for him. It was his fault.
He bent down for a moment pressing his forehead to hers. Taking a second, he knew he didn’t have.
"We need to leave."
Batten Down the Hatches: Secure tarpaulins over the ship in preparation of a storm
Morning coat: Similar to a dinner jacket
@gracie7209 @mamacitapascal @cheekygeek05
@fandom-blackhole @cannedsoupsucks
@something-tofightfor @honestly-shite @ophelialoveshandsomemen @annathewitch @suspirian @tobealostwanderer​ @tintinn16​ @thou-creature-of-the-deep​ 
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A year of you - Chapter 16
Pairing: Henry Cavill x OFC Chapter Summary: Snowdrops have many meanings and symbols associated with it. They can mean purity, innocence, and sympathy. The white of the snowdrop symbolizes innocence and purity. Because it is the first flower to bloom at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, it also symbolizes hope.
Warnings: none, enjoy!
Total Word Count: 112813
A/N: you all just make me want to keep this story going forever guys :_) I love you all
Tags: @stephartrave @tssf-imagines @themanfromu @tumblnewby
(if anyone else wants to be tagged in future updates just let me know!)
Chapter 1 here
______________ CHAPTER 16 - SNOWDROPS
The morning today is cold, but looks like it’s going to be a sunny day. As I drink my coffee leaning against the doorframe of the back door from the kitchen watching the sun rise, I notice how in one corner, right under the hedge, a bunch of snowdrops have flourished. A sign despite their name that spring, though still far, is one step closer.
Next to me, Kal sits, almost as if he’s watching the sunrise with me. As I give him some scratches behind his ears, I think about how lonely our life has been until now. Yes, we’re always surrounded by people, but once we are between these walls, under this roof, there’s only the two of us.
Until she arrived and changed everything.
Until we met, and that changed my everything.
If these past months have taught me anything is that life is better when she’s around. That I’d wait whatever is necessary until she heals, because I’m not going anywhere if it’s not with her.
Because she gives me hope about a future that is still yet to come.
The sun rises, revealing with it more snowdrops here and there that were hidden until now, white drops contrasting against the green of the grass. With the weight of a new day over my shoulders, I finish the coffee with the last minutes of calm that I have left, and go back inside to get ready.
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hannahhobnob · 38 minutes ago
Soooo I've never played a resident evil game and I'm too scared to play horror games (after being traumatized by Outlast) so after watching a playthrough I am hooked on Heisenberg.....the slightly camp, sassy, shit talking, cowboy, vampire vibes are stuck in my head and I need to put my thoughts down on paper.
I'm not sure how many chapters it'll be, it may just be a one shot (with plenty of naughtiness) as I have 3 other stories I'm juggling with 🙈 but I'll pop a link on Tumblr once it's done x
Credit to the owner of the first pic
Tumblr media
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everlastingdreams · 38 minutes ago
Finally got some time to work on chapter 3-4 or whatever chapter it is. 
Please know that I wrote for chapter like... 8 or something weeks ago already lol.
I am a horrible writer tbh. My phone is filled with pages and pages of notes for this series. And everytime I check the notes I go like this:
Tumblr media
And then I went “This is missing something...”
Y’all it was missing drama so I added more.
I just realised this fic needs more murder as well. 
Gotta think to add some more.
Weeping Monk be like :
Tumblr media
princess/reader be like :
Tumblr media
I’m going for a princess/reader that does stupid shit but is too proud to admit it. But knows damn well some stuff is a stupid idea lol
You can blame it on being nervous around eachother in this fic.
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