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cybertronian-cupid · 2 minutes ago
i’ve been deliberating over sending this for actual weeks cuz the longer i take to type it out, the dumber the concept sounds. but, i just got my second covid vaccine and i’m sick as a dog, so the fever delirium is giving me some courage! KINK/HEADCANNON RATING, COMIN’ IN HOT!
Some bots (continuity ambiguous) really, really, really like being called Sir in berth, regardless of their gender alignment. It sounds a lot like, but is not too similar to, Sire, and is essentially the Cybertronian equivalent of a Daddy kink.
+ Bonus if their human doesn’t actually know (or doesn’t let on that they know) what a sire is, and the bots have to explain why it got their engines revving so bad~
Bots like TFP Arcee, TFA Ratchet and WFC Elita/Jetfire really strike me as being into this, no real reason in particular~
First of all, *pops confetti* CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR SECOND SHOT!🎉 May the side effects pass switfly. As for the hc rating:
YES!!! 💥💥💥
I second that, Gregoria! I accept this Headcanon as well uwu~Mila💟
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wanderlust-songbird · 3 minutes ago
green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream? (For all muses)
Ice Cream Asks | Accepting!
Let’s see... I’ll make it short & simple
Kanaria: Coffee/Cappuccino, Mint Chocolate Chip (Peppermint Bark can be a substitute), & Whiskey Hazelnut Latte
Alaric: Turtle Cheesecake, & Elderflower Lemon
Vega: Lavender Chamomile, Matcha/Green Tea, & Tiramisu
Adonis: Blackberry Cobbler, Ube, & Cherry Blossom
Lucanus:  Rosé & Cream, & Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee
Mortimer: Eggnog, Foie Gras (Yes, it’s apparently a flavor), & Burnt Caramel (No, none of these are jokes, he genuinely likes these the most)
Johann: Chocolate Sheet Cake, & Sea Salt Caramel
(While not a muse here yet, I'll list theirs too)
Altair: Elderflower Honey, Rose, & Ferrero Rocher
Pleione: Toasted Coconut, Red Velvet Cake, & Cherry Garcia
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icarusandtheson · 3 minutes ago
I am thinking about... your artist au... Alex using bright, harsh colors and everything he paints almost hurts your eyes to look at (but in a good way) and George using neutral, soft colors and their works next to each other would just be so amazing! The differences between them would make them fit so well together ugh
this makes me wonder if their work is ever in the same gallery together -- i could see it, either earlier on when george is the one helping alex get a foothold in the business or afterwards, when they’re together and their art is constantly speaking to each other’s anyways. the differences absolutely speak to each other, but also the fact that the differences between their newer pieces aren’t as jarring as you might expect, looking at both their early works, or even at alex’s early work and george’s work before they met. 
george’s work is now sometimes jarring -- when he paints alexs it’s almost always sharp angles and shadow, or colors so bright they hurt, only vaguely resembling a person. some of the edges in alex’s pieces start to soften and blur, possibility in them instead of just screaming, furious, agonized chaos. you can absolutely still tell who painted what, the differences are obvious and part of the charm, part of the mystery of how they work, but they’re dancing around each other in their work in the way they’re not dancing around each other in life, anymore. alex complains sometimes that it’s hard to reach back to his original style, maybe even impossible when he has george’s ring on his hand -- he can’t access that place anymore, and maybe it’s for the best. george can’t see things purely as they are, anymore, abstractions keep creeping in, and maybe that’s for the best, too.
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vrbctim · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“ Lately i’ve been wishing i was 5′5″, weighing 99, wearin’ thigh highs ! I’ll be your prosthetic, meet your anesthetic criteria.  Could you please objectify me? Imma justa hunka hunka burnin’ self loathing My evidence, my witness My pronouns aren’t your business shitlord  I wish i could be a girl, that way you’d wish you could kick my fucking teeth in !!  Am I pretty enough to lie to? No not yet! “
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nekomasmeow · 6 minutes ago
I am now done writing for the night, but I’m going to continue writing and being able to post tomorrow a bunch that way you can keep rolling in the requests
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asthepetalsdance · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
What Melanie Martinez They Listen To
I probably should get requests done but-
It's songs they listen to and a line they like
tw: violence, melanie martinez songs
Tumblr media
The Principle: Do I need to explain, he obviously still have bad memories from his past. And this is a good song for him to let out his anger
he really likes What if I had told your mother, Her son was a cruel motherfucker?
Tumblr media
Class Fight: It's about revenge on a person that has someone that you want. Jealousy is all over this song.
his favorite line is Her face was fucked up and my hands were, bloody, We were in the playground, things were getting muddy The teacher broke us up after I broke her, And my one true love called me a monster
Tumblr media
Play Date: Chuuya can get hard feelings towards specific people *cough*Dazai*cough. I also have a feeling that he can really relate to this song
He likes both I don't give a fuck about you anyways, Whoever said I gave a shit 'bout you? You never share your toys or communicate, I guess I'm just a play date to you and You know I give a fuck about you everyday, Guess it's time that I tell you the truth, If I share my toys, will you let me stay?, Don't want to leave this play date with you
Tumblr media
Soppy Cup: Akutagawa gives me the vibe of a person who believes that things happen for a reason. And even if something changed it’s still the same thing, like how he views Dazai, though he ‘betrayed’ the mafia. He still yearns for his acknowledgment and validation
Blood still stains when the sheets are washed, Sex don't sleep when the lights are off, Kids are still depressed when you dress them up, And syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup is always stuck in his mind
Tumblr media
Soap: Come one this shouldn’t be surprising, her past consist of hard abuse of being forced to clean and clean till bruises and hives appeared. And in the series on Anne of Green Gables and Anne with an E with Lucy is based off of, Anne was made fun of for talking too much, having a big imagination
The line she mumbles a lot is Think I got myself in trouble, So I fill the bath with bubbles, Then I'll put the towels all away, Should've never said the word "love", Threw a toaster in the bathtub, I'm sick of all the games I have to play
Tumblr media
Dollhouse: There's no particular reason why he likes this song but it has a specific ring to the song.
A line he will always recognise would be Hey girl, look at my mom, she's got it going on, Ha, you're blinded by her jewelry, When you turn your back she pulls out a flask, And forgets his infidelity
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arcadiamystery · 9 minutes ago
Because  I  do  want  to  incorporate  the  comics  into  my  portrayal,  by  her  late  teens,  Rachel  does  have  a  substantial  social  media  presence.  When  she’s  sixteen,  she  starts  up  a  YouTube  channel  which  she  titles  Amber  Light.  A  majority  of  her  videos  are  vlogs  of  her  day  to  day  life  but  gaming  streams  and  tutorials  do  make  an  appearance  from  time  to  time  as  do  those  fun,  sometimes  chaotic  challenges  and  whatnot.  Once  she  gains  a  bit  of  traction  on  YouTube,  she  doubles  up  and  creates  a  TikTok,  and  with  both  she’s  able  to  create  a  name  for  herself,  gain  a  little  bit  of  fame  and  by  the  time  she  ‘graduates’  from  Blackwell,  she’s  being  monetized  and  teaming  up  with  companies  and  brands  on  YouTube  for  sponsorships  and  all  that.
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babymattsun · 12 minutes ago
ft. yelena, annie, mikasa
cw: modern au!, fluff
this was a request, but tumblr was being annoying and ate up my asks :( @iwasumi <3 !!
reqs: open
Tumblr media
TEASING, FLIRTING, THE WHOLE THING. She LOVES seeing you flustered. Does everything in hopes of seeing you smile, because wow, she loves you so much :(( When you guys sit next to each other, she places her arm over the back of your chair, and rubs circles in the nape of your neck, or runs her fingers across your collarbone. Because of all the touching and non-subtle flirting, it’s pretty obvious to everyone around you guys, that you have something going on between you two. When you guys do become official, it's very subtle, and started as a normal conversation ending with “are we actually dating now”, in which she lets out a chuckle and moves in to lock her lips with yours.
She loves everything about you, but isn’t fond of PDA so she’ll keep the mutual pinning to a low in the public eye. But when it’s just two, she seeks out your physical touch. When she isn’t seeking your touch, she’ll look forward to your random words of validation and praises. Because she knows she’s not the most straight forward person with her feelings, she’ll do the same to you and feed you random compliments throughout the day. Overall, keeps the feelings/pinning private between you two. BUT is very noticeably softer and easy going when it comes to you while out with a group of friends.
Won’t purposely keep the pinning just between you two, but also won’t make a show of public affection on a daily basis. She doesn’t think it's anyone's concern, even though it's obvious with the way she always has a hand on your waist, lower back, or just anywhere on you in general. She’s blunt with her feelings, so if you ever feel like the pinning is one sided, she’ll be confused for a moment before she says something like, “ i thought we were already together? “, because she really thought you guys were dating already :( , and everytime someone has asked her if you guys were together, she confirmed their suspicions and said yes. After a quick laugh and conversation with her about the situation, she finally asks you out, but doesn’t announce it since everyone already thought you guys were a couple. All in all, very sweet and respectful with the pinning, just doesn’t make it known or out there.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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illusionsofdreaming · 12 minutes ago
Let’s chat
Tumblr media
Well hello there guys! Because it’s a special day, I thought I’d once again remind everyone who follows this blog (whether you’re new or old) that I appreciate you and feel immensely grateful for your support, regardless if you’ve ever interacted with this blog or not. 
As everyone does, we have our ups and downs, and this blog has been somewhat of an escape from the stress of reality for me since 2013. I would like to say thanks to those for being patient during my writers blocks and disappearances, thanks to the lurkers giving me their silent support, thanks to those who like every post I’ve written, thanks to those who reblog and thanks to those who comment!
I thought I would take a special break, to answer some questions (if there are any) but at the same time I don’t just want it to be a day of me oversharing - a conversation would be more apt. Let’s call it a tea break.
Please, ask me any questions; about me, about the blog, about random things. But also answer the question yourself ;) after all a conversation cannot be held by one person alone. (here are some questions you can ask as well!) 
Why don’t I start first? (no pressure and feel free to answer anonymously)
tea or coffee? (it’s tea btw)
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ygm1slt · 13 minutes ago
Hide NSFW perhaps? ☺️
(i have thought so much about this, and this isn't nearly all of what i could've said. maybe i'll do nsfw alphabet- idk lemme know if y'all want that)
♡  ⊹    °     . ˚   𖧷 ·  °     .  ♡  ⊹
cw // ⚠️ nsfw!!
Hide is a fucking tease!!! he loves seeing you flustered and stuttering so he’ll do anything and everything to make you a complete mess
he’s extremely affectionate, so quite often he’ll kiss you or flirtatiously touch your arms just to make you nervous. Hide even makes suggestive comments frequently just to see your cheeks turn pink
he’ll compliment your appearance and then kiss your lips and neck until your dizzy, then he’ll just leave you there wanting more
oh god his kisses- Hide kisses you so passionately, every single time. even if it's a simple "see you later," it'll leave you light headed. he holds the side of your neck, if not the back of your head, as his lips move slowly with yours- his other hand gripping your hip
it seems like he’d be dominant because of how easily he makes you blush, but Hide is very susceptible to becoming submissive; not a strong sub, but you could easily get him to whine and beg
most of the time he is the dominant one though, but he’s gentle and “playful.” he giggles when you whine but it turns him on, and only gets him to continue doing whatever he's doing
he leaves hickies all over your body. you become quite antsy from having his lips all over you so he makes sure to tease you in this way as much as he can
he spends a LOT of time between your legs, teasing you with his mouth and fingers just to see you squirm. sometimes he talks dirty to you, but that's only when he wants to make things more fun
Hide likes having you on top. there's no particular reason, but to him, it's like the perfect in between of being in charge and being submissive at the same time
he just likes when you hold onto his shoulders for support, but if you praise him then his moans sound more strained
he'll grip your waist tightly as he thrusts up into you, but he whines and moans really loudly- constantly telling you how good it feels
Hide likes missionary too though, and he's super intimate during. he makes you wrap your arms and legs around him (brownie points if you tug his hair a little), while his arms are behind your back- his body is just very very close to yours
he kisses your neck a lot while on top too- as mentioned before, he likes marking up your skin, so expect his lips to always be on your skin
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babydaddyleorio · 13 minutes ago
Can I request Feitan with a s/o who is insecure about their stretch marks please?
Tumblr media
Insecure about stretch marks
Tumblr media
-Feitan is very intrigued by the human body and because he is so familiar with the way It looks and operates, he believes that your stretch marks are completely normal.
-Feitan is the type to get really irritated If you start to hate them because he believes that you look beautiful with or without them.
-He thinks that society’s rules are utterly stupid, beauty standards being one of the things that makes his skin crawl. If you start to compare your body to others or berate It in any way, he will start ranting about how none of that matters and that whenever he sees your stretch marks, he falls in love with you all over again.
-Well he probably wouldn’t get that sappy since he still doesn’t like expressing his emotions, but he makes It clear that he adores your body, marks and all.
-Feitan definitely tries to bite them, but in an affectionate way.
-He also likes to trace against them with his cool fingers and will mindlessly rub circles on your striped skin when he’s bored. Sometimes it tickles and whenever he hears a small giggle fall from your mouth, expect a smirk to fall on his face as he continues to run his hands across your body to make you laugh again.
-If you wear clothes that reveal the stretch marks you have on your stomach or arms or something that shows off the ones you have on your legs or back, Feitan would move his eyes to glance over your body before humming in appreciation at the sight in front of him.
-Feitan is very attentive, especially when It comes to your feelings. He’ll sense that you’re sad even before you do, so he’ll know right away whenever you start to ponder about the lines across your body.
-He’s not the best at comforting, so he’ll probably nuzzle his face in your skin before giving them a gentle kiss, quickly going back to reading his book before you’d get the chance to say anything.
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verajaegr · 14 minutes ago
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idk if you do reader inserts but if you do can do the having their younger sibling meeting the team? they're all tiny and sweet but also INSANELY strong.
Okay, I could only do one, because it was so long. I’m sorry, I can do more in the future, but I’m trying to clear out my drafts.
Sniper’s Sibling:
A very small, very petite boy with blond hair and green eyes named Martin.
“He’s the spittin’ image of Mom...”
He has a lot of bandages from climbing trees, bug bites, and weapon malfunctions.
He has a hyperfixation revolving around aiming weapons, like guns and crossbows. His knowledge of them is baffling.
He doesn’t speak very often, and when he does, it’s usually to Sniper.
One time, though, Spy was testing his butterfly knife after it had been repaired. He was spun it around for a bit, then clicked it closed.
He looked up to see a very excited Martin staring at his knife.
Spy tucked it into his coat, not exactly in the mood to indulge a little boy with an expensive piece of equipment.
Martin did not forget the incident, though.
For a while, that’s all he drew, pretended, and talked about.
One day, Spy found a very old butterfly knife in his drawer and remembered how excited the boy was.
He unceremoniously presented it to him, and Martin was ecstatic.
A few days later, Sniper burst into the common room, holding that same weapon in a clenched fist.
It was more of a rhetorical question, because Sniper went straight for Spy.
Sniper proceeded to cuss Spy out, saying that Martin had a huge gash in his hand, and how could he give a knife to a child, and how irresponsible...
Spy lit a cigarette, inhaled, and blew the smoke out his nose.
“I admit, I was at fault. It is an unbalanced blade, the steel is warped - no wonder he hurt himself. But just be grateful that I didn’t give him any of my fighting knifes. If I had, we would be speaking of your late brother. But we mustn’t let this injury dampen his interest, nor taint your trust in him. It wasn’t his fault, and the moment that blade left my hand, he was my responsibility. Let me fix this.”
Sniper was cautious, but still allowed it. Spy is very, very convincing.
Spy visited him in Medic’s office. Sniper wasn’t kidding. It wasn’t just a scratch, but a horrible gash that had recently been stitched. Martin was still crying, his eyes puffy and red.
“Your first cut. It’s certainly a nasty one.”
Martin hiccuped, but didn’t say anything.
“I received my mark at twelve years old. A little older than you. I had found the knife in the garbage, and I hadn’t realized it was a weapon. Being so young, I thought it was a toy.”
Spy took off one of his gloves and pointed to a messy, white scar spiraling around his middle finger.
“Each knifesman has their first scar and a story to go along with it. Some are more tragic than others. However, despite the pain and injury, I am grateful I had that experience early. And though I know you hurt right now, I am glad you have realized how dangerous these weapons are. The price for efficiency and flair is a healthy amount of caution. Do you understand?”
Martin nodded, tears starting to form in his eyes again. Spy suddenly had the epiphany that he wasn’t talking to another merc - he was talking to a kid. No wonder he was scared.
“I have a secret. A very special Spy secret. You mustn’t tell anyone.”
Martin perked up.
Spy reached into his suit and pulled out his wallet, then procured a small picture from one of its pockets.
In the picture was a young boy with messy, jet black hair and several cuts on his face. He was smiling so wide that it looked more like a grimace, and his eyes were squeezed shut.
Martin blinked. “What is that?”
“Ah, so you do speak. That, enfant, is me. I was that little boy many, many years ago.”
Martin shook his head and pointed to the picture. Spy squinted, and saw that he was pointing at a small brown blur.
“Very good eye. That is my childhood pet, Sucette. She was the most beautiful tabby in the world. That cat lived for twenty years, and not a single day wasn’t spent following me on my adventures. I remember - well, never mind. I remember a lot of things.
“The point I am trying to make is that I was a scraped-up, curious boy once. But it was those cuts and bruises that taught me the greatest life lessons: don’t climb too high in a tree without knowing how to get down, grasp thorns with tightly, and, most importantly, never touch any plant with three leaves. You have gained a bit of experience. Now it is time to use it.”
Spy lifted the plastic bag he brought with him, and brought out a pair of thick gloves, a small fighting knife, and a face guard.
“I never used safety equipment, but if you poke your eye out, Sniper will have my head.”
Spy continued to teach Martin the art of knives, safely but engagingly.
Deep down, Spy is ecstatic, but he would never tell anyone else that.
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elektrosonix · 18 minutes ago
fashion designer!asahi headcanons because my imagination won’t leave me alone. established relationship, fluff, 400+ words, not read over
Tumblr media
-> he's very creative and curious and is always thinking about ways to improve his work. sometimes he gets ideas at the most random moments -- which, unfortunately, includes 4AM, and can leave you wondering why on earth he's not in bed when you wake up.
-> this also means that he always has a sketchbook closeby. expect him to be sketching ideas on movie night. he has no sense of resting, but only because he loves his job so much.
-> you are asahi's favourite person to have model his ideas; he'll always call you first to see if you're busy or not. he always makes things for your size first. he also has a way of complimenting you that makes you feel beautiful but not like he's just coming up with them to be sweet. he genuinely loves the curve of your hips and the shape of your shoulders, as he'll remind you as he leans in to put a safety pin in the fabric. he always has a bit of a smile on his face when he does this, as if he realizes how it makes you flustered but neither of you choose to say anything about it.
-> yes, he's grown a little confidence. he still gets flustered easily, but he also has a better idea of what he's doing. he wants you to feel loved and after awhile it's not so hard for him to convey it.
-> his hands are bigger than yours. long, slender, steady fingers, clean veins traveling down the back of his hands from his knuckles, carefully trimmed nails. sometimes has a bandaid on his fingers from times he's accidentally hurt himself while working.
-> he's definitely left his pencil behind his ear more than once and silently looked around his workdesk and through his material for it. if you're there, you remind him by pointing at his ears and he goes "ah, right," and continues with what he was doing.
-> your fashion sense has been inspired somewhat by his passion, and in turn he takes inspiration for the things you come up with some days. one time you wore a scarf and he loved the way you looked, and you noticed that a lot more of his outfits started to include scarves after this.
-> he loves all body tyes -- he loves making you feel fantastic about the way you look. but he is sure to remind you how grateful he is for who you are and how supportive you are. he couldn't ask for more.
Tumblr media
goodbye this did not help my brainrot at all but okay
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thatawkwardmoth · 21 minutes ago
I honestly think that Hitoshi Shinsou was the kid who brought people weird trinkets he thought were cool or pretty as like a way of saying I love you (It makes it sad if you think that he couldn't say it because of a muzzle).
Now the habit died down when he got older and his foster parents stopped trying to be nice but imagine Aizawa and Present Mic being weirded out when they clean Eri's room and find random rocks, small toys, and crystals*.
Eric admitting to it being Hitoshi leads to a weird line of questioning that night and a bright red Hitoshi comes clean with it.
Aizawa then finds random shit on his desk before school and Present Mic has a small drawer in his Radio Station filled with things from his kids.
But imagine if it's an Au where Present Mic and Aizawa are raising Shinsou from childhood and they always give over the top exclamations (Present Mic) or accepting it with a small smile and a soft thank you, maybe a hair ruffle (Aizawa). And with that, Hitoshi is a happier child and gets to explore his way of showing love with no hate.
*Crystals because I believe that Hitoshi is into them and believes in what they can do. (He and Eri have amethyst necklaces because Hitoshi told her it meant healing and Eri loved that. It also helped to remind her of Hitoshi when he was away and she got scared.
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yandereaffections · 22 minutes ago
Yandere Writing Commissions!
This post contains explanations on how to contact me about a commission, the difference between what you pay for compared to what you can request for free, all the rules and fandoms I write for, along with the price and payment method
Rules for requesting ,  What Fandoms I Write For 
do be aware any commissions that are requested will also be posted to the blog unless asked specifically not to
Ways of contacting me: please dont send in a commission through the inbox!! for commission requests message me through Tumblr or Discord: Vincent(YA)♥️#4451
The Difference between a request and a Commission: Compared to a request you can send in the inbox for free a commission is more detailed, spell checked, and at least 6 bullet points long compared to the 3 bullet pointed free requests.
Headcannon: A series of small examples and details to your request, focuses on the character and the reader
Headcannon example
Scenario: A much more descriptive singular example of your request, focuses on the environment, dialogue and character interactions
Scenario example
6 bullet points Headcannons: 2$
6 bullet points Scenario: 5$
A bullet point is more or less 95 words, 1$ is added onto the total per additional bullet point
Refunds: will only be given if I find I cant manage to write what you requested, never get to writing it, or you didn't request first before sending the payment
What you wont get a refund for: Not liking the way I wrote it, wanting to change your request at the last moment, seeing a small grammar mistake, anything else that's completely unreasonable to complain about
How long a commission might take: It depends on what I have going on and what exactly you requested but Ill always be able to give you a idea of the amount of time it would take to write
Payment: Message me your request, whether you'd want a scenario or headcannon and your over all request, once we agree on what you'd like me to write and the payment is received ill start working on it. 
message me before making a payment!! to ensure your request follows the rules and is something I know I can write for please contact me first!! Otherwise you'll instantly get a refund.
Don't add in a note when sending your payment Paypal:
Important: other than my OCs none of these characters i write for belong to me.
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nolongerhumannn · 24 minutes ago
imagine fifteen year old dazai and chuuya going to a public pool. chuuya wears bright pink patterned board shorts and dazai laughs so hard that he falls in the pool. he ruins his coat bc of it and they have a ‘funeral’ for it in the locker room. they’re chanting and arguing and are so loud that everyone leaves, which is probably good because they’re trying to do a memorial service for the coat and cremate it, but end up setting the whole bathroom on fire. when they’re actually in the pool they’re so damn loud and don’t stop splashing each other. they take water gun fights super seriously too. chuuya will use his ability to levitate himself before releasing it, in order to canon ball and splash dazai. they eventually get kicked out but then lie down on the hot pavement and eat popsicles together. dazai gets tan lines because of his bandages and it’s chuuyas turn to laugh so hard he falls in the room.
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highlifeboat · 24 minutes ago
How do the daughters react when their mother is mad at them?
Daniela looks like a kicked puppy when Alcina is mad at her. She’ll make the apologetic look to the floor, the sad glances up, the small whimpers, until Alcina ultimately lets out a frustrated sigh and tells her “Don’t do it again”. The moment the tension is cleared Daniela’s back to smiling and Alcina still isn’t sure if Dani just puts on an act or if the girl really does just switch emotions like a light switch. Daniela also usually ends up doing whatever made her mother mad at least one more time.
Cassandra gets an attitude when Alcina is mad at or scolding her, and it usually turns into a small verbal fight that ends with Cassandra going to her room and screaming into her pillow. If it were anyone else getting mad at her she wouldn’t care but something about her mother scolding her makes her defensive. She does eventually calm down and apologize, and Alcina always forgive her.
Bela... Bela can’t stand when mother is mad at her. Her whole mindset is based off if Alcina is proud of her, and if she gets upset with her Bela is very quick to apologize. She’ll then spend the next week or so working extra hard to make up for it. Ironically enough there are times her excessive need to impress her is the reason Alcina gets mad with her in the first place. Usually after she’s neglected her own personal needs.
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powderblew · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
rating: t
type: fluff + first meetings + falling asleep on bokuto’s shoulder on the train
word count: 1.3k
summary: Quiet mornings in a blue haze. —Bokuto/Reader
Tumblr media
Whoever created morning classes, never once was a commoner.
There is a reason, that Bokuto has decided to take a nine am class, even with the two-hour commute to west Tokyo. The fact of the matter is, that this is the only class available to fulfills his science elective. Organic chemistry, he shivers at the thought, formulas are the bane of his existence. That, and he wants to graduate on time and avoid travelling as much as possible.
It’s too much, he thinks.
The travelling and the dealing with people.
He sniffs at the cold air, his foot twitches on the train platform and with his hands buried in his coat pockets, he waits.
Bokuto may be on the National team, but that doesn’t mean he wants to give up on the chance to go to university. He wants to experience everything and anything, not even putting him in the limelight would take that away from him. Sure, it’s a little odd, but his managers and supervisors had come up with a compromise. He would go to school part-time and the rest of his time would be taken up with training.
Yes, maybe he wouldn’t graduate on time, but at least he’s doing it.
Sometimes he just wants the sense of normalcy.
His nose is cold, the burning type of cold that sits underneath your fingers and travels up to your ears. Bokuto fights the urge to sniffle that pathetic type of sniffle and then yawns. Tears prick his eyes and then sighs to hide a shiver.
The train whistles, a yellow light, pinprick, tapered at the ends and it spills over the tracks as it pulls a stop. The wind is harsh underneath the moss of his beanie and tightens his posture to that of a needle as the train comes to a stop.
There is always that moment, a short stroke of anxiety, as the train comes closer, the tilt of the world and the light at the edge. It’s painful as it is worrying, but then when it screeches the nerves, disappears. It squeaks, the door, and slides open. Bokuto takes a seat the closest to the window, the seat cold but the air more than warm.
It’s almost seven, but Bokuto watches the sun rise from the shadows of the trees and the marigold of the beams.
The disconnect, between reality and fantasy is the distortion between time. The haze, smog thick as a blanket settles into the recess of his mind. Bokuto takes comfort in that, he relishes in the lazy push and pull of sleep, he’s lucid, but not rigid. It’s not as pleasant as the deep pulls of sleep, but it’s comfortable.
He settles, deep in the cushion of the booth and his head is hot against the cold of the window.
Bokuto blinks away the sudden remains of fog when he feels the sudden jerk of the train, the sun glints gold and stings his retinas for a brief moment. He blinks abruptly, furiously, wanting his pupils to adjust to the sudden color and that forces his brain to kickstart his morning. For a moment, his brain is static and then it hums, vibrating down the knobs of his spine and settles. He is made aware of the sudden weight that falls on his right shoulder.
Bokuto stares at the seat in front of him for a long moment before he finds the courage to turn his head.
She smells like hydrangeas and indigo highlighted at the edges, and her hair feather out at the nape of her neck—from his angle. Her beanie is white, knitted – how is that keeping her warm? – it covers her ears, and her cheeks are flushed with sleep. She’s fashionable, he thinks, her outfit is expensive – those jeans he recognizes from the catalogue his managers wanted him to look at for press conferences, it’s the same brand, different color – and God, he doesn’t want to sound like a creep, but she really does smell amazing.
Bokuto doesn’t have the heart to move her, his fingers nervously twitching at his sides and smile curling at the edges.
He just hopes she wakes up soon, because he doesn’t know how to do it himself.
It’s a painful forty-five minutes.
Bokuto is so aware of the girl resting on his shoulder that he cannot help but think of her. Her scent wafts, it silk ribbons and then—
—she snuggles deep into his shoulder.
He wonders what God he’s pissed off to deserve this torture.
She wakes up to the sound of the train conductor announcing their final destination. Bokuto watches her like he would watch the sunset, in awe and in wonder. Her lashes are dark from up top, but they flutter slowly, and she shifts back into a sitting position—shoulders thrusts backwards and she yawns.
Violet, he thinks.
She is like violet, dark as night, with starlight and lavender.
His heart twists in his chest.
“Did—” her voice is rough, warm and a little incredulous, “Did I fall asleep on your shoulder.”
“Uh,” Bokuto rakes his brain because he damn well knows that his social skills are the actual best, but the way she looks up at him has rendered him speechless. He says slowly, “Yeah.” And scratches the back of his head, “I didn’t want to wake you up, you look…tired.”
“Oh,” she flushes a little embarrassed and Bokuto is bewitched by the ruddiness against soft skin, “I see, thanks. I think.”
He has to bite the inside of his cheek to hold in his stupid smile, a chuckle of mirth, because it’s early. So early and all he wants to do is—he doesn’t know what he wants to do.
“Do you take this train, often?” she asks suddenly, it’s a poor disguise to hide her discomfiture, and finishes, “I think I’d notice someone with such…loud hair.”
Bokuto blinks a little surprised at her reply and tugs at a strand, “Is there something wrong with my hair? I think it’s pretty awesome.”
She blinks and then opens her mouth to shut it again. She fumbles, “No! I just meant, that it’s—”
He feels bad now and decides to save her, “Monday and Wednesdays. It’s the only days I have class.”
She nods a little frazzled and the train disappears into the tunnel, “I just transferred to TU. I heard the international department is better there.”
“It’s supposed to be the best,” he concedes, “We don’t have a lot of programs, most are designed for law enforcements.”
She blinks at the sudden intake information, “You go there too?”
“The southern campus,” he confesses.
“I’m in the north,” she smiles slightly, and he likes the way her lips twitch every time she quirks them upwards.
The train comes to a halt.
Bokuto glances at the window and bites the inside of his cheek when he realizes that he’s inside the station now.
She looks upwards, passengers are hasty as they get up and walk towards the exit and she waits, “I think I’ll end up getting crushed if I stand up now.”
“Sounds reasonable,” a grin that resembles daybreak spills over his mouth.
But then she stands up and calls out, “Same time, Wednesday?”
Bokuto stares at her and then follows, “Yes, I always sit in the same spot.”
“I’ll see you then,” she pauses for a moment when they step outside onto the platform, the world moves, but they don’t, and he sees her school ID hanging from her bag.
“Bokuto,” he blurts out and then straightens his shoulders. This is when he realizes how small she is – everyone is small next to him but she’s different – and the short wave of adoration that curls into him is almost overwhelming, “My name is Bokuto Koutarou.”
She chuckles, his face pinkens, and she tells him just as she’s about to leave, “It suits you.”
Bokuto is left with the sun on his face and the smell of jasmine on his jacket.
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