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morpheus-rex · 22 minutes ago
You know what’s really interesting? It’s the fact that a lot of the Haikyuu Fandom focuses on the inherent romantic implications between characters. A lot of the time ignoring the apparent and clearly displayed platonic implications between characters.  specifically you can see this most in the most common ships in the fandom. Especially if you look specifically at content featuring characters post time skip. 
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kawaiiauthormuffinzonk · 33 minutes ago
Here I go again
Tumblr media
Waves against the ocean as you stared blankly at the sunlight rippiling off the waves calmly. Everything was finally over, your father was dead, everyone was ok and you were now alone.
You felt cold inside, hollow at the loss you just experienced since you were the reason why. You learned what he truly intended and called the blond Italian who laid the last blow on him. It was your fault he was dead even if it was for the better but that still didn’t help the guilt or the good memories of him flooding back.
He was always a good father to you, he was accepting and caring no matter of your decisions. When you fell and scraped your knee he always placed a band-aid and got you ice cream afterwards while Whitesnake softly patted your head. But that’s why it made it harder for you, harder for you to see his death as good since despit all he had done to everyone else he always loved you as his own child.
Even in his last moments when he realized you betrayed him he still cared for you, he still lov-
“Hey kid you alright?”
You looked up to see jolyne sitting beside you in the sand with a concerned look. She was battered and almost half dead because of him yet she still didn’t treat you any different knowing you were his child. “I...I’m not sure” you said honestly as the sun began to set and the sky became a beautiful pink.
“I guessed that” she sighed before inching closer to you before suddenly wrapping her arms around you gently. “It’s ok to cry, you probably need to after all that” she said softly making tears swell in your eyes, you could hear other approaching but you didn’t pay much mind since all you could focus on was the immense sadness that seeped it’s claws in your heart.
“It’s ok kid. Everything is gonna be ok since we’ll be there for you” she said before you suddenly felt others join the hug, you looked around to see Annasui, Hermes, Empirio, foo fighters, Weather- no your uncle and jotaro joining in.
Tumblr media
I decided to make this as a sort of add on to my pucci father headcanons cause I just want a happy ending to stone ocean where everyone is ok 🥺. Also the title is the name of a song from whitesnake
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selfrinsert · 47 minutes ago
Platonic F/O: okay I'll clean on the odd numbered days, you on the even ones.
S/I: we're going to clean every day?
Platonic F/O: no no, just the odd and even ones.
S/I: ...???
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gaygorgon · 55 minutes ago
when will castiel supernatural give ME a gentle platonic kiss on the forehead
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ghostlysenses · an hour ago
Fake Friends
Tumblr media
|Tw: Fake friends, sadness, cussing, sad thoughts, Sucide, Death.
{bench trio x reader platonic}
I was walking around the prime path, waving to people as they passed by, occasionally talking to some.
I honestly just wanted to spend time with my friends, Tubbo, Tommy, and Ranboo! We didn't hangout often but when we did it was awesome!
we would go on fun adventures to the mines, forests, and the neather!
I helped build things with them and I helped them get everything they need.
But recently they havent been hanging out with me, they dont answer my messages on the pager (coummincater) and when I do see them in person and try to talk to them they either ignore me, walk or run away from me.
Did I do something?
Was it something I said?
I keep walking as my thoughts drift further and further away from me.
Do they hate me?
Is it my appearence?
whats wrong with me?
I end up in Tommys small peice of land... and there I see on the bench, all of them, smiling happily, talking, and listening to mellohi...
they didn’t even care to invite me...
I walk past quietly and make my way to L'manhole
I stand in the middle of it and look up at the sky...
I look down at l'manhole and memories rush through my head
{I was sitting in a small flower field when a boy with blond hair came up to me "hello! can I be friend?"} everyone always told me that joke but he looked honest that day
{ I nod gently and he sits next to me, later that day he introduced me to his friend tubbo and we all become good friends! we took care of each other, we built things}
it was like we needed each other...
it was like I needed them...
I dont even notice im crying until I feel my tears hit my fists.
I look back up at the sky
Its so pretty today...
L'manhole is made of glass....huh
I stomp on the glass...
It cracks
I stomp again, my eyes never leaving the clouds.
I keep stomping until
S h a t t e r
I'm falling
Its like timestops as I fall
I didn't even scream
I didn't make any noise
I'm just enjoying the feeling of floating
On every Pager/Coummincator the notifcation rang up
Y/N Has fallen from a High Place 3/3
You had been on your last life for about 2 didn’t tell anyone... besides ranboo...who surprisingly remembered, probably because he wrote it down.
When the Trio saw the notification their blood ran cold
they ignored you constantly
they were jerks to you
none of them got to say goodbye
Tubbo was in complete shock, hands over mouth, eyes wide and tears forming. He felt terrible
Ranboo didn’t know what to think, he felt guilty, he felt like it was his he could’ve prevented this, maybe if talked to you more? maybe if he begged the other two to include you more? maybe if he knew this would happen, it would all be different.
Tommy felt horrible, he felt like the scum of the earth, he had a stone cold face with tears streaming down. He was always so rude to you, harsh and brash and always throwing out insults. Some were jokes, some weren’t. His memories of you were always so sweet and so nice, they were all good memories, something he has very little of. He knows you can’t say the same though.
Each boy remembered the last thing they said to you
Yes, surprisingly even ranboo.
Tubbo had told you about a build he was making, that was 5 months ago.
Ranboo had told you about micheal, that was 6 months ago.
and Tommy...oh Tommy, he called you the most useless thing on the smp before stomping off and never talking to you again. That was 9 months ago
Tommy felt the worst out of the group of boys....
But each of them knew collectively that
they should’ve been there for you
that they shouldve
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platonic-fo-quotes · an hour ago
S/I, in a beach shirt: So sue me, it's October and I'd like to be on Island Time for a day!
Platonic f/o: I have Spotify open right now on my computer, do you want me to blast you? Do you want me to put you on blast? Cuz I've got your history right here on the sidebar,
Platonic f/o: Take it Back by Jimmy Buffet, Nautical Wheelers by Jimmy Buffet, Jolly Mon Sing by Jimmy Buffet, Steamer by Jimmy Buffet, trEAT HER LIKE A LADY BY JIMMY BUFFET, MAÑANA BY JIMMY BUFFET, WHEN SALOME PLAYS THE DRUMS BY JAMES BUFFET, HAVANA DAYDREAMIN BY JIMMY BUFFET- What the FUCK happened to you?!
S/I, cry-laughing: ᴵ ᴴᴬᴰ ᴬ ᶜᴬˢᴱ ᴼᶠ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴹᴼᴺᴰᴬʸˢ
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roleplayerwithoutaplan · an hour ago
I... discovered my love for found family and platonic relationships through this fandom and I couldn’t be happier.
I now kinda prefer it to shipping
But eh! It’s nice.
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maskxskull · an hour ago
Hi! I wanna say I love ur art sm <3 I was wondering other than MaskSkull, do u have any other ships u like? c:
!!! ! !!! !!     !!! thank you so much im !! !! this is so nice!!
i do actually a few, armyspecs i like and thanks to sophie ive gotten kinda into partyrock (rider and aloha) also one i never mentioned i kinda like is des and scooba (or diver lol)
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ninidreamworlds · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
si no puedo tenerte
tendre que inventarte
fotomontaje con pedro pascal
ojala algun dia no sea un montaje y le conozca de verdad
de momento me conformare con esto :)
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isabelselfinserts · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Left to right: me, Geralt, Jaskier
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thislilfecker · an hour ago
ranboo is a curious specimen indeed-
Tubbo: What do you think butterflies taste like?
Ranboo: They taste bad
Tubbo: Wha-
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nayarablueglasses · an hour ago
requested: no
a/n: hahah i found this in my drafts. mannnnn it’s been AGES since my gravity falls fixation. i didn’t proof read this, so i apologize for any spelling mistakes.
(divider credits to @firefly-graphics​)
summary: you go on a short walk with stanford in the middle of the night and he offers to adopt you.
warnings/genre: fluff, the ending is left open, stanford and you are an insomniac, man it’s weird reading over stuff i wrote when i was cis.
reader pronouns: unspecified/gn, which amuses me because i believe firmly that the entire cast of gravity falls would think using they/them pronouns is the lesser of new things they’ve had to encounter this summer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There was a knock on my door, causing me to jump in surprise, and the book fell out of my lap onto the floor with a soft thud. Grumbling, I threw off my blankets and got out of bed, quickly stooping down to grab the book again, before opening the door. With a yawn, I complained, “Stanley, do you know how late it is? I’m still reading my-” I stopped myself with a laugh, then continued, “Sory, Ford. I didn’t realize it was you. Normally Stan is the one bothering me at disturbing hours of the day and night.”
Stanford chuckled softly, careful to keep his voice down. “Yes, my apologies for waking you up- or rather, disturbing your quiet. Especially at this quite ghastly time.” He smiled at me, leaning on the doorframe a bit, and I smiled back. His red turtleneck looked rather nice, snuggled inside of his light tan-brown trench coat. Trench coat, with more style.
He adjusted his glasses, almost nervously, before quietly asking, “I was wondering, would you want to come outside on a walk with me?” I raised my eyebrow. That was a strange thing to ask, at…
I checked my alarm clock. 2Am. More specifically, 2:47 AM. It was still dark outside. I pondered for a minute, weighing my options, but really it was a no-brainer. “Let’s go!” I grinned, pulling on a sweater that I kept hung on the back of my door. Ford looked both relieved and delighted, the last expression I likely mirrored.
The Mystery Shack looked very different at night. The shadows loomed in every direction, and without the tourists around, it was easy to see the electrical blue lights flickering around the vending machine, and hear it’s eerie buzz. The T-rex skull that we used as a coffee table leered at us with a nasty smirk as we passed by. My socked feet made little sound as I padded through the house, and Ford stepped lightly on the floorboards. Here and there, I heard quiet creaking sounds coming from the walls, but there was never anything behind me. Nonetheless, I checked every time.
Pausing at the door to put on my shoes and locate my scarf, I followed Stanford out the back door. Crisp winter night air bit at my nose, and the sounds of feet breaking layers of day-old snow could be heard as I caught up. Even through my scarf, I could feel the cold wind on my cheeks and see my breath clouding. With a shiver, I shoved my gloveless hands deep into my pockets before coming to a halt.
Next to me, Ford had paused and was now gazing at the sky. When I followed his gaze, my eyes widened and I gasped. Brightly lit against the dark void of black were the stars. They were… “Oh…” I whispered. They were beautiful, gorgeous… I understood the term “starstruck” now. I stayed up late, almost never getting enough sleep, just sitting in my room, when this was happening outside? When the night air filled me with such energy, and had such a heavy feel of nostalgia and mystery surrounding it? I felt like I was simply breathing the excitement, as the stars and planets continued to twinkle at me. My breath caught once again when, silently, Ford pointed out a trail of white blazing its way across the sky, almost as impossible to see with so many other bright dots of white littered amongst and alongsides it. *A shooting star…?*
Quickly, so as not to miss any more of the stars than I already had, I closed my eyes and made a swift wish, lips moving without sound. *I wish…* My eyes flew open with a childlike smile, and I continued to take it all in. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ford tilt his head everslightly to glance at me, and his eyes twinkled just the way the stars did. There was a look of pure contentment on his face.
We stood together like that for a long while before Stanford checked his watch and broke the silence. “(Y/N)...” He said, placing his hand on my shoulder gently. His next words broke me out of my reverie. “I want to adopt you.”
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thislilfecker · an hour ago
english homework
Ranboo: If The Egg is made of cheese and Michael is 3, how many worms could you throw on the moon?
Tubbo: Purple
Ranboo: The correct answer is Quackity
Tommy: What the hell are you guys doing?
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sentient-succulent · 2 hours ago
Apparently some of y’all have the ability to differentiate between romantic and platonic feels??? Can I have some pls sharing is caring
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makotonaegikinnie · 2 hours ago
was scrolling through the notes of a post and found discourse so...
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kawaiiauthormuffinzonk · 2 hours ago
Pucci father headcanons
Tumblr media
Pucci either found or adopted you since he doesn’t had any relationship since meeting and being with DIO
But with that being said he’s absolutely treats you like his own blood child even though your aren’t
Because he’s a priest he’s definitely very religious but also isn’t someone who discriminates people if they have different beliefs
He’s also gay so he ain’t standing for Christian people who say gay people go to hell. He’s basically that cool pasture who’s super accepting
“There’s nothing wrong with being gay, bisexual or anything else under the rainbow. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone than let people do what they want”
If you come out to him he’s extremely supportive and would be very happy you came out to him. He knows how hard it can be to come out to your family so he’ll make sure you know that he stands beside you!
Despite being a priest he’s actually pretty well off due to DIO leaving him some of his fortune and his parents giving him money. So that means he’s able to provide for you pretty well!
He makes sure to get you things he heard you talk about but not enough to make you totally spoiled. His gifts also have allot of thought put into them
If you give him a gift like a “best dad in the world” he would absolutely treasure it
“Thank you. I love it”
Whitesnake is very protective over you and probably shows you peoples memories for fun (despite pucci telling it to stop)
Pucci also probably helps train your and your stand on how to defend yourself
He won’t ever mention his....situation with weather report but he will wall about DIO allot
He always tells you about how amazing DIO was and how evil the joestars are. Jotaro and jolyne Basically become your versions of the boogie man/demons
Speaking of joestars he absolutely makes sure you don’t somehow meet them but it is somewhat inevitable when he takes you to help him out at the prison.
While there he has people watch over you but You eventually meet jolyne and the others. They feel pretty bad cause your absolutely terrified of them and especially jolyne
It takes awhile but eventually their able to calm you down and show that jolyne isn’t a demon coming for your soul and you also learn that your dad is legit evil
After learning this you decide to secretly help them but pucci notices that your allot more distant
He’s of course worried so he tries to reconnect by doing some activites you both enjoy but even then he still notices your not the same
Because of this he opts to have you stay in places he knows jolyne can’t reach easily cause he has the feeling she’s the reason behind this
But because of this you get the phone number of a certain Italian son of DIO currently in Florida and you tell him the situation which makes him agree to help
As things happen happen you can tell pucci is getting increasingly more protective of you until the final battle happens
Some people almost die but luckily by Italian you called appears and stops you father from resetting the universe
After this you learn about how weather report is actually your uncle and more about how DIO actually was.
Now with a new family you continue on with your life happily
Tumblr media
I haven’t read stone ocean so sorry if anything is out of character of incorrect
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Platonic Katniss and Gale Head Canons set Post-MJ because I see people defending their friendship so I will take up my sword and fight alongside them-
It takes a good few years for them to work things out. There is always a big difference in their relationship after the war. But Gale is Katniss's brother in everything except blood and that doesn't change and neither does the fact they care about one another.
In fact, she begins to call him 'brother' after things become warm between them again. Because what else COULD she call him really?
Peeta and Gale become as close, if not closer as friends the Gale and Katniss manage too. Playfully, Kat will pretend to be jealous at times. But is very happy they found companions in one another as well.
With time, Gale actually appreciates Peeta and Katniss's relationship and is overjoyed for the both of them. He likes to see them lift one another up, the strength of their love. He feels a great relief they got the chance to grow together again.
Gale has summer vacations in 12, every year. No if, ands or buts about it.
They keep in contact with letters and photos when visits aren't possible. Pictures of game they've hunted, updates on their lives and just. Checking in on one another.
Katniss's is ALWAYS the first to encourage Gale dating and seeing people. She, truly wants him to find someone who returns his love. She knows he would make someone very happy as a partner, and because it wasn't her it feels like something she needs to help him with.
Thusly, when Gale and (insert whoever you ship with Gale here) start to getting serious she is cheering LOUDLY from the sidelines. As well as when they begin their family.
He is one of the very few people at Peeta and Kats toasting, along with Mrs. Everdeen, Haymitch, Delly, Johanna and Annie.
He is the first one to find out Katniss is pregnant outside of Peeta and is THRILLED. As a father already at that point, he literally prepares to coach Peeta through labor and the three of them agree Peeta wouldn't have held it together if he hadn't been able to keep him calm.
Gale takes the role of uncle very seriously and this both warms Katniss and gives both her and Peeta a heart attack half the time.
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