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#genshin x reader
genshin-obsessed · 9 minutes ago
Childe and Zhongli reacting to a female s/o who just stands up and chews out the person who would be shamelessly flirting with her boyfriend. I feel like both of them would be so amused
This... is so bad, I'm so sorry. I genuinely tried but I just don't have the ability to chew someone out like that T^T its garbage I know-
Tumblr media
He’s a beautiful man, so lots of people flirt with him. Men and women. Shamelessly.
Childe always turns them down, no matter what. He’s devoted to you and ONLY you, but there are some people who really… they just have some nerve.
Right now was one of those times. There was a girl who had just shown up and started flirting with your boyfriend while you both were on a date! YOU WERE RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM.
Childe tried to turn her down but you just couldn’t handle it anymore. You grabbed your drink and threw it in her face, giving her a rough shove. Childe immediately stood up and grabbed your arms, walking around to keep you away from her.
“If you look at him again I will shatter your bones!” You were terrifying. All she could do was nod before she bolted away. “Let go, Childe.” You commanded, but he only hugged you tighter.
“Are you kidding?! That was hot! And scary-”
Tumblr media
Similar to Childe, he’s very attractive and everyone wants to shoot their shot. Unlike Childe, Zhongli just kind of ignores them. He’ll just wave their hand and apologize before walking away.
But… there’s always ONE person. They really like to test your patience, even after Zhongli kindly explained he’s not interested.
That was right now. You and Zhongli were just having some tea when a cute-looking boy came along. You quickly found out his looks were just that. He was a JERK! He completely ignored your existence and started hitting on Zhongli. As Zhongli went to respond, you did. Physically.
You yanked him by the hair and threw him to the ground, then stood over him, while Zhongli wrapped his arms around you in an attempt to hold you back.
“I will turn you inside out and pour salt you on iF YOU LOOK AT HIM AGAIN!!!”
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aetherarf · 10 minutes ago
a one shot for diluc where both him and the reader (gender-neutral) are awkward with their feelings and don't really talk about it
until one encounter where they were patrolling during the night until diluc just suddenly kisses the reader and the both of them say "Ah, we kissed." in shock.
Aka most modern day relationships, lmao. Here you go!
[[ Summary: Diluc was content to keep this odd relationship, that danced between romance and friendship, figuring that change was unnecessary... But maybe he did want that change, when he realized what he was missing out on.
Word Count: 607 ]]
Diluc was a man that was capable, didn't waste time if he could help it, and oftentimes was seen as direct and harsh.
Well... Maybe he wasn't as direct as he'd like to admit. Speaking wasn't his strong suit, instead keeping it short and sweet, but sometimes... Complex thoughts and feelings needed complex wordings to explain them.
But, sometimes, it felt like he didn't need to talk... Those sweet moments where you sat beside him, resting your head on his shoulder. It was so pleasant, his only wish was that he could ask for these times more often...
And that's where talking came in--How could he ask for such a thing?
Simple: He didn't.
He had something good in his life, and looking over at you looking over the vast horizon of the ocean beside Mondstadt...
No reason to tamper with it.
This was supposed to be a patrol, but after a long time of nothing popping up, both of you decided to just go wherever seemed noteworthy, and that lead to to the cliffs east of Mondstadt, Diluc looking over the cecilia's that grew atop this windy mountain, tracing his fingertips over one of the flowers curiously, before returning to your side.
"Oh, let's sit for a bit, my feet are tired." You walked to the edge of the cliff, sitting down, with your legs dangling over the edge. He followed, but stood... hesitant.
"Are you not afraid of falling?" He asked, looking down at you as you looked back to him, with a smile on your face.
"You'd catch me."
He wasn't sure how he would, but he sat down beside you, resting his hand gently atop yours.
"I would." He declared, knowing that no matter what happened, he'd find a way.
The wind--usually, it was sharp and cutting, but now it was just pleasant enough to whisk through the grass, the romantic ideal a foreigner thinks of when they hear the City of the Wind.
"It's a beautiful night," You say, looking over the clear sky, for once, not a single cloud in sight. Diluc, instead, looked at you, you not noticing his adoring, but almost pained expression.
"It is."
You looked backed to him, and there was a second--Where neither of you knew what to do, his hand atop yours...
There was a hesitance, your faces closer than you realized, but neither of you made a move to distance each other, in fact, he simply moved closer...
And tilted his head to the side...
And, ever so gently, pressed his lips to yours--they were soft, and he kissed you with a holy sort of reverence, until slowly...
He pulled back, staring at you with wide eyes, as though he was expecting you to scold him.
"A-ah..." He said, as though realizing what had happened.
You lifted a hand to your lips, lightly touching them, "We kissed."
He nodded, but didn't speak, rather, grabbing both your hands... He held your hands gently, staring down at them as though they were something holy and divine.
"... Come-come home with me tonight." He asked, and you hesitated,
"Diluc, that's... A little forward..."
His already pale face paled further in horror, "No, no, I ... I have a spare bedroom, I don't... Want that..." He looked down, brows furrowed as he thought intensely, "I want to be... Close." He squeezed your hands gently, "Hold... You... Mmmmn..." He groaned in irritation at his own failure to speak.
"... Okay," you smiled, "That ... Sounds nice."
You were more than happy with your decision, seeing his expression light up, like you had given him the best gift in the world.
Maybe you have.
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poppycher · 10 minutes ago
Xiao Angst </3
I woke up today and chose violence so here’s a sad little scenario for you guys :) 
CW: mention of death
Tumblr media
You’re Xiao’s lover as the archon war is happening, and when he returns from battle, he realises that he’s too late. You were gone, and he’s left with his immortality. He leaves letters on your gravestone every year on your anniversary to remember you.
To my dearest,
Where are you now?
Are you in a better place than our cruel world? 
Maybe, when I’m finally put to sleep, I can join you. 
But maybe, I’ve committed too many sins. 
Is it a sin to protect your country? To serve your Gods? To make sure that people have families to come home to?
Would it be a sin to crave feeling? 
A sin, in its whole, to feel the burning of anger, or the sear of jealousy?
Would it be a sin to think that I could feel anything after the pain of losing you?
Would it be a sin, if I wanted you back to tell me that you loved me, to kiss me once more and give me reassurance?
A sin to hear the way you laugh and see your smile again? 
The world doesn’t have the same colourful sheen as it used to. 
It isn’t the same without you.
I hate how my heart aches every time I see something that we used to talk about, when I think about how we used to spend the lantern rite together, and now I stand alone at the harbour, gazing at the sky and wondering if you’re somewhere up there.
It hurts, it hurts so fucking bad, but I can’t do anything about it, because you’re gone, and I’m lost, and I need you to tell me that it’s okay.
I’m alone in this huge world, and I don’t know what to do.
So I came to a solution. 
The only one that could keep me sane enough to keep fulfilling my duties as a Yaksha.
Rest assured, my dear. Liyue will be safe from any sort of harm, even if it means my life. 
But farewell for now my love, and watch over from above. 
Would it be a sin to ask for that alone?
A/N- I lowkey cringed while writing this but why not publish yk?
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zuluc · 53 minutes ago
“heyy hey psst”
Tumblr media
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dionaluck · 56 minutes ago
I'm super late to saying this but tysm to all those who have shown so much love to my works, the reblogs and positive comments mean so much to me!!! 😭 They literally make my day so much better when I see them!!!
I'd like to also mention I do take requests!! And if you want, my inbox is open to chatting too! I'd love to interact with you guys more!<3
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sprayio · 57 minutes ago
Beidou: I hope you don't think I risked taking you in, just to hear your musings
Kazuha: I'm aware
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aminiatureworld · an hour ago
Disappearance III
Character: Childe, gn!reader
Word Count: 2,581
Warnings: None
Premise: In which there is an argument and the reader disappears.
Author’s Note: Childe my favorite character, how I love to torture you.
But genuinely I really like how this one came out.
Childe craned his neck to stare at the clock on the wall behind him. Sighing at the lateness of the afternoon he turned back towards the papers in his lap, trying desperately to focus, to not let his thoughts drift off to the argument that had taken place in the morning.
It had started out simple enough. Childe had informed you that he might be gone for some time, as the Tsaritsa had requested a high-level reconnaissance mission, and Childe was to be the one to lead it. He thought that you react much the way that you always had, assurances of his success, light-hearted reminders to stay safe, and a goodbye kiss as you two settled back into a normal routine before the day of departure. Instead however, your lips had slanted into a frown, and you stopped making your breakfast to turn and face your partner.
“Childe, I wish you wouldn’t always take things on yourself.”
“What do you mean darling?” Childe felt a wave of surprise wash over him. After all, what else was he supposed to do?
“I mean that you’re being entirely too reckless Childe. You know that you have too high a profile to be doing stuff like this. I… I would like you to sit this one out. Just this one.”
Childe couldn’t help but laugh, whether out of irritation or genuine amusement he wasn’t sure of. “As much as I appreciate the concern, I can’t do that. No leader worth their salt would send their underlings off alone, even if they are some of the weakest underlings in the world. No one’s been able to pull the wool over me yet darling, it’ll be perfectly alright.”
“You’re not listening to me,” your voice picked up in intensity. “Childe I really try, I try to remind myself that you’re a Harbinger and able to take care of yourself; but sometimes it’s just too much. This is too much.”
“You’re being silly,” Childe said, trying to keep his tone light. “I’ll be fine. Besides, I can’t disobey the Tsaritsa. She wishes me to do this so I will. It’s as simple as that.”
“The Tsaritsa is far away, she has hundreds, thousands under her command. She won’t bat an eye at your safety.”
“Like you said, I can take care of myself.”
“But what if one day you can’t? What if, what if one day you don’t come back. Please, just this once; just this once don’t go.”
“I know that the length of time is upsetting, but you can’t react like this every time I have to go away for a while. I promise that you’ll have me all to yourself afterwards.”
“It’s not about that Childe! Please, please listen to me. I’m worried about your safety. I’m worried one of these days you’re going to end up in a fight too big even for you. What will you do then? What will your underlings do? What will I do? Please, tell the Tsaritsa you have to stay and make sure the Bank stays out of trouble, or that nothing happens in Liyue. Please, don’t go this time.”
“You’re being irrational.” By now Childe was definitely irritated.
“No, I’m being realistic. You don’t take care of yourself enough.”
“You’re just underestimating me. Besides, I’m a better fighter than you’ll ever be. It’s not like you can protect me even if I stayed here.”
“It’s not like staying in Liyue would be any safer, better to face things head on. For the Tsaritsa, for Snezhnaya, that is the most important thing. If you can’t see that, you’re just being stupid.”
Although Childe regretted the words almost immediately after they left his mouth he could see that saying that would’ve had no effect. So instead he watched silently as your face clouded over and you stormed out the door, not bothering to grab your food as you slung your pack around you back and walked out. A part of him wanted to call after you, but he knew that even if he did you probably wouldn’t listen. Even if you did, what could he say? After all, he had simply spoken the truth; even if you couldn’t accept it as such.
Now Childe sat on the couch, eyes glazing voer as he stared at all the paperwork that needed to be done before his mission. He had already spent a hectic, uneasy day at the bank. Though he knew that none of his underlings would be foolish enough to try to pull something while he was gone, Andrei would make sure of that and Childe would make sure of Andrei, it was still tedious, boring work. This was in no way helped by the lingering ill will from his fight with you earlier. Though Childe ultimately forgot fights relatively quickly the time right after was always an uneasy one, filled with sudden flashes of irritation replaced suddenly by the wish for it all to have never happened.
He had hoped that you might be home by the time he arrived, but your absence wasn’t truly much of a surprise. Besides the fact that you were still probably angry with him, something Childe couldn’t really fault, you had recently been involved with some project near the Chasm, and it was hardly surprising that something that big caused you late hours. Still he couldn’t deny the fact that he was somewhat disappointed, or maybe disheartened was a better way to put it. He hated fighting with you, especially fights that lasted. Even if he was irritated with you, even if he thought that you had demanded something impossible, he still regretted snapping at you. He just wanted you to come home now, that way he could apologize and explain the situation better. That way he wouldn’t leave with any ill will behind him.
The clock was excruciatingly slow, but the insult of that wasn’t registered until Childe dozed off. Waking up in the middle of the night he was surprised at your continued absence. Though he had expected that sleeping on the couch might’ve happened, your total disappearance was certainly something that threw him for a loop. Making his way to the bedroom and flopping down on the bed Childe closed his eyes, pushing away the anxiety that clustered at the edge of his thoughts.
Perhaps you’d ended up staying with Hu Tao, or maybe you’d gone back home to your family. He had been awfully mean after all, and you were never the kind of person to take his insults sitting down. Still, if that were true why hadn’t you packed more, or come back to collect your things? It didn’t make any sense. Questions and half baked reasonings floated through Childe head as he tried to delay the inevitable pull of sleep. The last conscious thought he could remember was the knowledge that at least you would be back tomorrow.
You were not, in fact, home tomorrow. The Harbinger’s time spent at the Northland Bank was almost completely useless, the meeting with the people he’d be going on his mission with even more so. Though Childe wasn’t necessarily the most attentive listener, often letting his mind wander when his fellow Fatui members fell into arguing about the most insipid things, he knew that paying attention to a plan as a whole was critical to its success. Even so he couldn’t bring his mind to focus on the maps and profiles that sat in front of him. Where were you? It seemed like such a silly question, but the longer it floated in Childe’s head the colder he felt.
Finally the meetings and the menial tasks ended and Childe could go home. Sprinting down the winding streets of Liyue, not bothering to hide the fact he was in a hurry, Childe burst into the apartment. His heart sank as he was met with the same image he’d seen when he’d left that morning.
Afterwards Childe wandered around the docks of Liyue, trying to keep the quickly fragmenting pieces of his mind together. He knew that he was probably overreacting, knew that you were simply staying away because of what he said, knew that it wouldn’t be forever – you would have definitely told him if that were the case. Still he couldn’t help but feel dread crawling over him, saturating the cracks of his brain as he wondered how he’d managed to fuck everything up so much. He had underestimate how much his words must have affected you, and that only made him feel worse. Finally exhausting his walk along the pier Childe set off towards the edges of the city and into the vast wilderness of Liyue. He needed to find something to fight.
The nightmare continued on into the next day, then into the day after that. Childe could barely remember what he did during those days, walking around as if possessed, unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few moments before his thoughts inevitably found their way back to you. Mostly Childe ended up sleeping, dozing off at his desk or on the couch, papers fluttering from his hands onto the floor. Mostly Childe dreamed of you.
They weren’t dreams of any particular note, their contents incredibly mundane. Not that it matter to Childe; within those dreams he felt nothing but happy domesticity, a calm that washed over him as he walked with you to the market or lay next to you under the stars. Always you would appear in his dreams suddenly, and always he would throw his arms around you, clinging to you as if even an embrace wasn’t enough. Always he woke up with a sense of desolation so vast it threatened to consume him.
Finally on the fifth day Childe couldn’t take it anymore. Waking up at almost the crack of dawn the Harbinger rushed to the Bank. He wouldn’t stay long, only enough to inform Andrei that he’d be out for the day. Then he’d go to the Guild and check and make sure everything was okay. Then, well he’d figure out what to do then. It seemed pathetic to chase after you, not to mention gross. He wouldn’t become a stalker, wouldn’t let himself fall into such pathetic behavior. Still, he had to make sure you were at least okay. As long as he did that, well, the rest could come later.
Striding into the Bank Childe was met with a surprising sight. Normally Ekaterina stayed firmly tucked inside her receptionist cubby, even more antisocial than the likes of the Balladeer or the Fatui that guarded Dragonspine. Now however she stood at the front of the booth, wringing her hands this way and that as she stared at a piece of paper in front of her. Feeling a sudden sense of dread Childe walked up to her.
“Oh!” Ekaterina whirled around, look on her face one of utter anxiety. “My lord, I was horrified to hear of the news, tell me, do you know if they’re almost free?”
“What are you talking about?” Childe narrowed his eyes.
“Why, your partner. I only heard today from Nadia; no wonder you’ve been so distant recently, if it’s not too much for me to say so. I only hope that they’ll soon be rescued, I’m sure you know about the situation better than I do though.”
“Ekaterina, what in the Tsaritsa’s name are you talking about?”
A shadow passed over Ekaterina’s face, a look of utter dread. Swallowing slightly she stared at a spot in the wall right to the side of Childe. “You partner, my lord, I’ve been informed that they have become trapped in one of the caverns of the Chasm. I thought that you knew about it, it’s been five days after a–”
Childe didn’t hear the rest of what Ekaterina had to say. Whirling around the Harbinger slammed his way out of the bank, aiming towards the nearest waypoint. Cold dread washed over him and with it desperate determination. He’d rescue you. If he had to tear apart the entire Chasm and raze all the mountains in Liyue to the ground so be it.
  Approaching the Chasm Childe felt a rush of adrenaline wash over him. He was terrified. By the Seven, he was utterly terrified. Images of you flashed in his mind, images of you cowering in the dark, stuck at the bottom of an endless pit, lying on the ground with no air or food or life in you. How could he have let this happen? How could he have not known of this before? Anger burned within Childe, anger at himself. He should have never let you walk out of your apartment without apologizing first. He should have enquired after you after the first night you didn’t show up. He should’ve been the first person there for you, instead of the last person to know. He was so utterly stupid.
Approaching what must’ve been the site of the accident Childe felt his stomach drop to his feet at the sight of you. You were covered in dirt, cuts spread across your arms and legs as you slumped against a Guild member, dragging your feet in an awkward shuffle towards the stretcher that must’ve been meant to bring you to the apothecary. There were a variety of Guild members flocking around you, along with one of the doctors of Liyue, who was scribbling notes down furiously. Your expression was utterly dazed, as if you weren’t exactly sure of what was going on, something that tore Childe apart.
Stepping towards you Childe called out your name. At the sound your head jerked up, and you gave a hoarse sort of cry before turning to make your way towards him. Sprinting towards you Childe stepped backwards as you fell awkwardly into him. Steadying you for a moment before wrapping his arms around you Childe felt all his emotions crashing over him, so intense that he couldn’t control them anymore. Ignoring the tears that tracked their way down his cheeks the Harbinger let out a shudder.
“Thank the Seven, thank the Seven you’re safe. I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. You don’t have to forgive me, alright? You don’t have to forgive me, but by the gods I’m so sorry.”
“I wish you had been there,” you mumbled softly. “It was so dark, I couldn’t see anything. I thought, I thought that I might never see you again.”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I said all those things to you, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.”
“It’s fine.”
“It’s not fine. You should’ve fold so easily you know, you should be really, really angry at me.”
“I don’t want to be angry at you though, I just want you to stay.”
“Then I will,” Childe tightened his embrace around you. “I promise I will.”
Having apparently said everything that had to be said you let Childe sling you onto his back, refusing to be carried to the hospital in the stretcher. As you appeared to doze off on his back Childe made a promise to himself. Even if he couldn’t disobey the Tsaritsa, even if he couldn’t change who he was, he would never leave you when you needed him to be there.
You would never find yourself needing him to be there without the chance of your need being met. That he promised you.
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afustynut · an hour ago
Some Extra Padding Never Hurt
edit: I know I said it was SFW before as there was nothing explicit but after thinking about it its now NSFW because the whole thing is basically fetish stuff pls do not interact if you are a minor Warnings: Force Feeding, Yandere behaviors, Weight Mention, Intentional Weight Gain as a fetish
Reader is GN, Childe as a Feeder because yes. Don’t Like? Don’t Read
A Snezhnayan winter is nothing to sneeze at.  Ajax fully understood this and could only shake his head at your reluctant face.
“What's wrong?” He pulled the spoon heavily laden with one of his thick stews from your lips, once you were sure he wasn’t going to surprise you with pushing the utensil in your mouth - He’d only done that once and you had been avoiding him! - you finally answered.
Ajax hummed in response, true, he had been pushing you harder lately, but that was only because he knew you’d be able to take it! You wanted to see his homeland after all, and while he can afford to get away with being as skinny as he was you definitely couldn’t! He’d have more than enough exercise keeping his siblings in line when he brought you home, but you? You didn’t have that worry, so of course he needed you to put on some more weight.
You’d already put on a few pounds just by being around him, a side effect of being a provider. He likes knowing those close to him are well fed, but this goes beyond that, you need to be plump, have some squish on your body, it’ll keep you warm!
During his silence you had begun to fidget, the weight of your stuffed belly slowing you down a little bit, but maybe if you could show you were done he might finish? For now?
Ajax quickly noticed your shift once you started to move off the cushioned chair he’d placed you on.
“If you can move,” He said with a smile, “you can eat!” He cheerfully picked up the spoon and bowl, pushing it to your lips again. “C’mon, if you want to spend time in Snezhnaya with me you need to put on some weight, it's the easiest way to stay warm!”
“The-” The second your mouth opened wide enough for the vowel, Ajax pushed the spoonful in and slid its contents off and into your mouth where you instinctively started chewing. It almost felt like you could feel your stomach push out when you swallowed.
He smiled, pushing another heaping spoonful to your lips and you tilted your head to the side, away from it.
“Oh, maybe you are full.” He lowered the bowl and looked down at your engorged belly, placing a hand on it to test its firmness. He pushed in and you winced at the sensation on the abused organ. “Oh well, just means you need to be stretched a little so you can take this amount next time!”
Your eyes widened, he hadn’t done that in a while but you remembered it like it was yesterday. His hands clamped like iron manacles around your wrists and he nodded at your expression. “Yes, fight me, if you can get out you’ll be done for tonight!” 
It was unfair. Ajax knew it, you knew it. You in your almost-food coma, him in peak fighting condition… You still fought though. You yanked at your wrists, tried to headbutt him, buck him off, anything you could think of and he sat there and laughed, dodging your attempts or managing to keep his grip.
It left you panting under him, all the food he’d been forcing into you, how little he allowed you to do on your own “Preparation and to keep you still so you retained your calories” he called it, you called it almost kidnap, and he grinned triumphantly.
Ajax leaned in, taking his hands from your wrists to cup your cheeks and kiss you. “I do love you, you know. You are so precious to me, I can’t have anything happen to you, so if that means sometimes you hate me, so be it.”
Ajax left you alone then, you knew he wouldn’t be gone long and he’d been at this long enough that you knew moving would make this part worse.
You stood, stretching your arms over your head, brushing your hands down across your heavy belly, eyes the bowl of soup. there’s a chance that if you finish what he had intended he’d put the funnel back, leave the stretching to another day when you didn’t feel like you were about to pop.
You could vaguely hear him setting up, getting the tap running, getting the bits and pieces together. You sit back down, or, finishing it could have no standing. He could just say “Good job! Now open up!” and.. 
The chance that he’d stop won in the end, and you picked the bowl up, determined to finish this. By the time he got back from the kitchen, large jug, funnel, and hose in hand you had placed the now empty bowl down with a smile.
“See?” You tried, “I just needed a little break is all!”
“Oh!” His smile was like the sun, and you remembered why you fell for his charms. “That's good! I’m glad to see you had the determination.” He placed the objects down on the table beside the bowl and watched your face closely, noting the flash of nerves and fear when you glanced at them.
“But, I don’t think you finished this for the right reasons, did you eat this hoping I’d go easy on you? All this did was show me that you can take more even after you say you’re finished.” His voice dropped an octave and your face paled.
Fuck, this had the exact opposite effect… 
“Childe-” He pushed the end of the hose into your mouth before you could continue.
“If you know what's good for you, you’ll keep that in.”
All you could do was whimper and nod, your eyes followed him as he placed the funnel in the other end, your hands flew to your belly as he lifted the jug full to the brim of water, and begin pouring.
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that-foul-legacy-lover · an hour ago
Glass Drops on the Windowsill
Foul Legacy Childe x Reader Gender Neutral (pronouns not mentioned) Hurt/Comfort Warnings: Depiction of thunderstorms, fear of thunderstorms, descriptions of lightning ~ * ~ Pitter patter, pitter patter, the rain sounds on the roof of your house, sliding down the tiles and dripping into the canal. Your umbrella lays abandoned near your door, surprisingly dry, as you stare out the window and watch the crystalline drops roll down the glass. Luckily you had arrived home about half an hour ago, barely beating the worst of the rain by a few minutes. So you gaze at the people outdoors, ensnared by the sudden storm, and watch the clouds darken from near white to slate gray. Your ears slowly block out the sound of the rain as they grow accustomed to it, and it becomes suddenly apparent that your house, for once, is very, very quiet, when ordinarily you’d at least be able to hear the soft rumblings of your unlikely roommate. You furrow your brows, worried, and begin to search for him. The kitchen yields no results, neither does the front room, and for a moment the rain distracts you, and you stop to admire the effect it has on the foliage outside. Your concentration snaps back into place when you hear a low whimper from upstairs. Keeping your steps quiet as possible, you tiptoe your way up the stairs and open the door to your room. There, hidden under several blankets atop your bed, is the very monster you’ve been looking for. Zhongli told you that he’s called “Childe”, although you don’t know how he came across this information. Honestly, you’ve learned not to question what Zhongli knows, because he’s usually right, especially when the topic is history. You make your way across the room and sit on the bed, and Childe peeks out from under the mound of blankets. It’s strange, really. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time working and not enough time sleeping, but his mask-like face is one of the most expressive things you’ve ever seen. And right now he looks nervous, almost scared. You place a hand on his face and he almost instantly leans into your touch, sticking his head further out from under the blankets. A bright light flashes outside, followed by a distant rumble of thunder, and you jump, then exhale. Thunderstorms were more surprising than scary- once they started, you would quickly grow used to it, even admiring the lightning streaking across the sky when you could catch it. But it seems your roommate disagrees, as when you turn back to face him, he’s retreated under the blankets, shivering. Ah. Ah. Quietly, you shift and slowly raise the covers. Oh. Oh. You’re not sure if Childe can cry, but right now he certainly looks like he’s about to. Lighting cracks outside once more, and he flinches. Out of instinct, you take his face in your hands, and he looks at you, letting out a soft whine of fear. Bunching up your legs so you can fit, you scoot next to him, rearranging the blankets so they’re surrounding you instead of overtop of you. You run your hands through his hair, over his mask, across his moth-like wings, all while murmuring to him, distracting him from the sounds and darkness outside. And slowly, slowly, he begins to relax. His muscles untense, and his whimpers turn to hesitant purrs, as you tell the rain, rain, to go away, come again some other day. Soon even the loudest claps of thunder are reduced to background noises as Childe purrs alongside your ramblings. You coo up to him, tracing one of the horn features on his face, and he rumbles softly back down to you, the vibrations in his chest pleasant and soothing. He inches closer and gently lays his head on your chest, careful not to put all his weight on you, and you listen as his breathing evens out and he drifts off to sleep. The rain comes back into focus, the last remnants of the thunderstorm drifting overhead. The glassy-clear raindrops cling to the windowsill before relenting and falling to join the rivers of water below. You see your reflection, and his, and marvel at the sight of this enormous monster sleeping peacefully, snuggled into your form. He’s curled himself around you, ever-protective even in slumber. You smile, feeling your own eyelids growing heavy. And with a yawn, you let yourself be claimed by sleep, a sleep that only comes on a stormy, rain-filled day, in the arms of your unlikely partner.
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So by now everyone in the fandom, new or old, knows Childe is one horny mf.
This man would make you unable to walk for a week on a good day. But imagine... ✨Imagine✨ if he downs a potion that claimed to enhance his stamina and he takes it during your Golden House duel but the potion was actually something like Viagra (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
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🕯🕯🕯🕯manifesting 18+ moots who write/read/interact with genshin content , both nsfw and dc🕯🕯🕯 plz let’s be friends 🕯🕯🕯
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Jean fights her Dark Knight!S/O
Tumblr media
Sequel to this post
Legit was thinking about this scenario as I wrote the first one.
Tumblr media
- S/O ran to a corner with the Darknight Hero, the Knights of Favonius hot on their trail.
(Knight) "Freeze!"
(Diluc) "Damn, they're catching up to us."
- S/O silently motioned for them to continue on without them.
(Diluc) "What? But-"
- A squad of knights rounded the corner, weapons drawn. Knowing there was no time, the Darknight Hero to leave, him climbing the wall and escaping while S/O stood their ground.
- S/O was prepared to knock out of a few of the knights and improvise from there. Until they saw Jean walk in, sword drawn.
(Jean) "You are under arrest for disrupting the Knights of Favonius from upholding the law. Surrender now, and you will not be harmed.
- S/O couldn't say anything, the moment they did, Jean would instantly know it was them. So, there was only one option left.
- S/O drew out their spear and pointed it at Jean. She responded by motioning the knights behind her, weapons at the ready.
Endings Under the Cut!
- Jean's Anemo vision was going to be extremely difficult for S/O to counter.
- They had no vision of their own and had to rely on gadgets. All of which were designed to kill or seriously wound.
- S/O did not ever anticipate having to fight Jean, let alone any Knight, so they had no non-lethal tools to use.
- They kept their spear pointed at her, waiting to see who made the first move.
- The knights had their weapons drawn out too. The last thing S/O needed was to be fighting a group, with Jean leading the front.
- S/O decided to take their chances and try to escape, or at the very least, force Jean to fight them one on one.
- S/O jumped onto the walls and ran up to the roof, making their escape from there.
- Jean quickly managed to catch up while the Knights remained on the floor.
- S/O saw the gate and tried to make a run for it there, only for Jean to jump up and block their path.
(Jean) "You're not getting away that easy."
(S/O) Hard way it is...Sorry, Jean.
- S/O said this to themselves as they got into a battle stance, charging forward.
- Their spear thrusted forward, Jean sidestepping to the left and narrowly dodging the attack.
- Her arm thrusted upwards, the rapier sliding across the shaft of S/O's spear and forcing them back.
- As S/O was going backwards, they felt the air pulling them towards her.
(S/O) Damn it, she's going to-!
(Jean) "GO AS ONE!"
- S/O knew what she was capable of with her anemo vision, and had seen it in action before.
- What they didn't expect was to be on the receiving end of it.
- They were violently blasted back and rolled across the rooftop, stabbing their spear onto the roof so they can stop rolling like a ragdoll.
- Looking up, Jean was already running towards them.
- If S/O remembered how she fought, then she was about to swing the rapier to her right, then thrust upwards.
- Sure enough, S/O saw her arm about to swing right.
- S/O brought the spear upwards, the pole blocking the attack.
- They moved forward before she had time to make the next move and headbutted her, making her stagger back.
- S/O used this chance to start making their escape to the gate, Jean finally recovering to get back on their heel.
- S/O knew it wasn't going to be long before she could use her Vision again.
- They had 2 choices. Either stay and stagger Jean one more time, or take their chances and keep running.
S/O Winning
- S/O suddenly stopped and turned around, with Jean about to use her vision once again.
- S/O had the blunt end of the pole strike her stomach, knocking the air out of her before swinging up and hitting the bottom of her jaw, making her fly upwards.
- Before she could fall, S/O kicked Jean's head, making her body go onto the roof, and knocking her out.
- S/O took the sword and holstered it and carried Jean in their arms. They were half tempted to say sorry, but didn't know if she could still hear anything.
- Not taking the chance, S/O hopped down from the roof with Jean in tow, gently setting her against the side of a wall, with her sword nearby.
- S/O sprinted out of sight before they could be tempted to look back and waste precious escape time.
- Jean was angry at herself as she was returning to her home.
- The fact a non-vision user was able to escape her was beyond embarrassing as the Acting Grand Master.
- Not only that, it seemed that vigilante knew every move she made and countered perfectly.
- ...Now that she thought about it, that was a little too perfect.
- How would a non-vision user, one she hadn't even seen before, know her moves and react in time to her Anemo abilities?
- When she opened the door, she heard a warm voice call out to her.
(S/O) "Jean!"
- They ran over to her and hugged her tightly.
(S/O) "I heard you guys were fighting the Vigilantes, is that true?!"
(Jean) "Y-...Yes it was. I was unable to capture them."
- Jean wasn't able to look at them in the eye.
(S/O) "You're hurt...!"
(Jean) "It's nothing that can't be heal-"
- S/O silenced her by holding her face, she winced in pain by their touch.
(S/O) "Oh, I-I'm so sorry!"
(Jean) "It's..." sigh "It's fine. Thank you for worrying, S/O."
- Jean tried to calm them down by wrapping her arms around them, finally feeling them relax.
- She kissed them, and when she pulled away, she noticed S/O had a bruise on their arm.
- Not just one, but several.
(S/O) "...Jean?"
(Jean) "It's nothing. I'm just tired is all."
(S/O) "Then let's go to bed, alright?"
(Jean) "Of course, I will meet you up there when I finish getting dressed."
- S/O nodded and went into the other room.
(Jean) S/O works at the Tavern. Why do they have bruises? ...Actually, what are they doing this late up at night?
- Jean made a mental note to herself to ask S/O about it.
- She had a sinking feeling, but tried to ignore it.
- There's no way...
Jean Winning
- S/O didn't want to take that gamble to see if they could stop her vision in time, so they kept running.
- Jean concentrated her power, knowing what they were trying to do.
- They were NOT going to get away.
(Jean) "Barbatos, guide us!"
- The wind around them picked up violently, blasting the Dark Knight into the air, flailing helplessly.
- Jean leapt forth and struck them down, shattering pieces of their mask as they fell onto the ground, knocking them out.
- She landed gently on the ground and sheathed her weapon.
- The Knights caught up and surrounded the area, ready to fight again at a moment's notice.
- Jean frowned as she saw part of the face from the broken mask.
- It looked a lot like...
- Jean reached for the helmet and took it off, her blood going cold once she saw who it was.
- S/O was battered, bruises everywhere and a bit of blood coming from their mouth.
- But the fact S/O was under the mask.
(Jean) "W-...What...?!"
(Knight) "By the that?!"
(Knight 1) "Quit gawking, cuff them!"
- They locked S/O's hands tight and moved them away, with Jean still staring in complete shock.
(Knight) "Ma'am...your orders?"
- Jean had to push that to the side for now. What matters is bringing back order.
(Jean) "Take them to the cell. We will question them once they reawaken."
(Knight) "At once."
- Jean was left alone, her body going completely numb.
- When was S/O this viglante?
- ...No, why?
- Why did they not tell her this?
- Why did they even go against the Knights in the first place? Against her?
- She fought back the tears forming in her eyes and had to take a deep breath.
- S/O had always said the silent vigilante had Mondstadt's best interest at heart. That was true, judging from their actions.
- But...they still kept this a secret from Jean.
- They did love her...or was that a lie told to her as well...?
- She eventually snapped out of it and went down to the cell.
- Kaeya was looking through the cell, his usual smirk gone.
(Kaeya) "S/O as the second vigilante...That's some sick sense of humor fate has."
- Jean didn't respond as her hand slowly slid down the bar, staring at S/O's battered body.
(Jean) "S/O..."
- Kaeya remained quiet as Jean's tears streamed down her face.
- She had no idea what things S/O told her was true and what wasn't anymore.
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Tumblr media
Ok bestie you did not had to bring ninngguang into this like - HOLY shit-
You have no idea how much of a fukin simp I was for her (still am) like she was my first 4 star and Lord I was a ninngguang main till ar 43 but after then i got zhongli- 😭 holy hell I wanna write a modern au ninngguang x reader now-
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Glaze Lilies 1, 2, 3 - Pt. 3 of “oH ARCHONS I THINK I MIGHT’VE KILLED SOMEONE-”
The first three days, the first three glaze lilies, the beginning.
Masterlist of the series: [here]!
Chongyun x GN!Reader (Romantic)
Word Count: 7260 (just this once.. I promise, just this once- honestly I dunno if this will happen again LMAO)
Warnings: Blood and Violence for the third day(I’ll mark where it starts from and where it ends with bolded words, so you can know where to skip. After that I will summarize what happened without any descriptive violence/blood.), mentions of throwing up, reader being buff and scary :)
(H/C) = Hair Color
(Y/F/T/S) = Your Favorite Tune/Song
(Y/F/F) = Your Favorite Flower
(E/C) = Eye Color
‘ ’ = thinking
“ ” = talking
Tumblr media
“What do you have planned for the rest of the day then?” (Y/N) stood up, offering a  hand to the exorcist. “Since today’s the first day of convincing me, and it’s almost over, what can you whip up? I’m curious.”
“Well, I do have something in mind, though I don’t know if you’d be interested.”
“It’s worth a shot, snowflake.” Chongyun stuttered a bit before groaning and shoving his face in his hands,
“What~?” Snickering, they patted his head. “I mean, it suits you.”
“B-But,” He sighed and opened up his map, looking for a nice open area. “Oh well.. Give me a moment to find somewhere nice and that’ll be it for today.”
“Okay!” (Y/N) pat him on the head again with their outstretched hand before exiting the stone structure. The light blue haired male had chosen the short mountain southeast of Liyue Harbor, which was exposed to the moonlit sky. Standing up, his eyes drifted towards (Y/N), who was admiring the cor lapis. “I’m done,” he called out. “Let’s head back to the domain and we can go before day arrives.”
“Alright. Let’s set out then?” They waded back to the hut and held out a hand. “Come on, we can’t waste any time.”
“Sounds good. Follow me then!” The two ascended the hill/mountain, eventually reaching the domain and opening the map. “Head to the second waypoint in Liyue, the one nearby the jade shop.”
As soon as both arrived, Chongyun took their hand and pulled them towards the docks. Jumping off into the water to the right, they swam to shore and headed east, up the short mountain. ‘To be honest, this game is just.. “Take me out on 7 dates and I’ll be yours-”’ “Woah, this view is really nice..”
“Yeah, I thought stargazing would be a decent idea, since it was already night,” He nervously laughed a bit before sitting down and patting the space beside him. “Would you like to.. Take a seat?”
“What a gentleman you are, snowflake. But sure.” (Y/N) sat down, cross-legged. “You know, before- Before, life was really dull and boring. But when I ran into you, Xingqiu, and Xiangling, it lit up entirely. See those stars up there in the sky? The smaller ones resemble Xingqiu and Xiangling, while the bigger ones represent you, since you were the main light.”
“Oh..,” he took a moment to process the words before immediately opening his inventory for a popsicle. “I-I see…”
“Psh, is that all I get? An ‘oh’ and an ‘I see’?”
“No, n- I, uh.. That’s nice, knowing that I affected your life in a really positive way, but like..,”he mumbled the last bit, eventually giving up and resting his head on their shoulder.
“Could you, repeat that?” They leaned their head onto his, giggling a bit. “Telllllllllll.” Chongyun looked away, nibbling on his popsicle a bit faster.
“Do you ever regret meeting me?”
“...What?” Lifting their head and slipping a hand under his chin, lifting his head to face them too, (Y/N) looked at him directly in the eyes. “What makes you think such things?”
“I don’t know, my condition I guess.”
“No, I do not regret bumping into you.” ‘No, I do not regret anything that I’ve done with you.’
“Oh, uh, okay.” Nervously shifting his gaze everywhere but on them, the exorcist mumbled a few incoherent words and quickly ate up the last bit of the popsicle.
“Say the last part again?” They chuckled, sliding their hand a bit upwards and caressing his cheek. “You seem to have a habit of mumbling the last part.”
“I-I.. You can uhm, putmyfacedownnow-”
“Oh, whoops.” (Y/N) set his head down back onto their shoulder and looked up, continuing to stare at the starry sky. 
“The sun’s rising.. How long did we spend he- Snowflake?” They softly smiled at the sleeping male, moving their hand to comb through his icy blue locks. “You must be really tired, huh? I guess I’ll take you back to mine later.”
An hour later, (Y/N) scooped Chongyun into their arms and stood up, slowly heading back to the harbor. They walked all the way around until they found an entrance, looking around for the familiar building. ‘There it is. Well, I guess I’ll leave you on my bed.’ They walked up to the door, supporting his weight with one arm and moving the other to unlock the door. Closing the door and locking it, they take him to the second floor, pushing the door a bit open wider and moving in, setting him onto the soft bed. ‘Sleep well. Can’t wait to see what you have in store today.’ (Y/N) shuffled out of the room, closing the door with a quiet click and went downstairs into the kitchen. ‘He can’t handle hot stuff, so maybe a cold meal will be okay. Hopefully I don’t fall asleep making something, ehehe..’
They looked around the area, spotting a few frosting essential oils. ‘When did I have these..? Hm, now that I think about it… What if I mixed a few of these into a meal?’ Carefully taking the vials into their hand, (Y/N) set them into a small bowl and took out a few cooking utensils. ‘If I mixed these into something edible, it should boost cryo damage just like how it is by itself. But the problem is, what do I mix it with?’ An idea struck their mind and they grabbed a note, writing down, “Hey, went out to find Xiangling. Make yourself at home, I’ll be back soon! <3” Placing the note down on the counter with a pretty stone on top so it doesn’t fly away, they quickly hoisted their bag over their shoulder and went out the door, closing it quietly.
“Excuse me, Chef Mao?” (Y/N) walked up to the restaurant, grinning slightly. “Is Xiangling here?”
“Oh, hi (Y/N),” he greeted. “Xiangling is actually paying a visit to Xingqiu at the Feiyun Commerce Guild building. I think you can find her there.”
“Thank you!” And just like that, they were off, leaving with a wave. The (H/C) soon made their way towards the green-topped red and white building, greeting Zhao and Dajiao before slipping through the unlocked doors. “Hm? (Y/N), did you need something?” Xingqiu stood up from the couch near the doorway and set down his book, looking at them.
“Is Xiangling here?” They asked again, leaning against the space beside the doors.
“She’s in the kitchen cooking right now,” he stated, motioning his hand towards the direction where a faint sound of sizzling could be heard. Before they could leave, however, the bookworm quickly took hold of their wrist. “Wait, can you tell me what’s going on with you and Chongyun first?”
“Well, he started this whole glaze lily thing.. It’s like he’s taking me on 7 dates to convince me that the feelings he has towards me are romantic. But the thing is, I do like him in return, it’s just that..” (Y/N) paused and trailed off, a slight pink hue appearing on their cheeks. “I find his actions rather cute, you could say…”
“Hm.. I see. Could you perhaps tell him to meet me here later today?” They nodded and noted it down, slightly waving a goodbye/see you soon before walking towards the kitchen. “Thanks!”
“Xiangling? Oh, there you are!” The indigo-black haired female turned around, setting a knife down on the cutting board.
“Hey! Did you need something? Maybe some food? Snacks?” She cheerfully asked, reaching around the area for some jueyun chilis, carrots, and cabbages.
“Actually, do you know anything I can make that is.. Cold?”
“Well, there’s almond tofu, Dongsheng at Second Life sells almonds and tofu.”
“Ah, okay! Thank you, I’ll see you later!”
“Ooh, wait- Can I ask what you need it for?”
“Eh.. Cooking something for Chongyun once he gets up.” They skipped out of the kitchen, thanking Xiangling and bidding her a farewell before exiting the building, making their way towards the nearby waypoint.
Opening the door, (Y/N) looked around before quietly shutting it and took off their shoes(cross that out if you wear shoes indoors,), making their way to the kitchen. The exorcist stumbled down the stairs, hand slightly rubbing his forehead with a disturbed expression. “Hey,” they softly called out, smiling at Chongyun.
“Is something wrong? Headache?”
“Yeah. Do you have anything to help it?”
“Well, I was about to make some almond tofu. It might help, maybe it’s your condition acting up.” The (H/C) took out a container of almonds and looked around for some sugar and milk, eventually spotting some. “Go take a seat, I’ll be done in a few.” Gathering all their materials, (Y/N) started the process of creating the dessert. Chongyun trudged over to a couch, sitting down and bringing his knees against his chest, resting his head on them.  While they were working, he noticed that they kept on humming that familiar song/tune.. What was it again? (Y/F/T/S)? Either way, he liked it and it seemed to calm the throbbing down.. Just a bit.
A few minutes later, (Y/N) walked towards the light blue haired male, setting the plate of freshly made almond tofu down on the small table next to the couch. “Here you go,” they said, sending a small smile his way. “It’s best eaten fresh, alright?”
“Mmn, thank you. Also, about today’s glaze lily..”
“Now, now, we need to treat your headache before we do what you have planned, okay?”
“But.. I don’t have anything planned,” Chongyun mumbled, looking away in embarrassment.
“That’s okay. I’m pretty sure- Ohh, right, right, Xingqiu wanted you to come over to his place as soon as possible.” They swished around the tea in their cup that they had prepared while waiting for the almond tofu to finish cooking, sipping a bit and relishing the warmth.
“Really..? But I wanted to spend time with you…”
“Later, I promise he doesn’t mean to keep you there forever. Besides,” they paused, thinking. “I think he knows what you’re up to.”
“Oh. Well, uh,” he picked up the spoon and took a small scoop of the tofu, sliding the spoon into his mouth. “Okay then..”
Chongyun set the bowl down on the counter, heading to the door and slipping on his shoes. “Wait, before you go, take this.” (Y/N) handed him a charm shaped like one of his spirit blades. The exact carvings, signs, shape, all that.
“How did you…”
“It’s not like I don’t come training with you every day, right? What else would I do other than watching you do your things?”
“Ah, thank you then. I must get going now. See you!” They nodded, waving a quick bye and closing the door. ‘I wonder what Xingqiu needs..’ He hopped down the steps, looking towards the guild building. Hurriedly making his way to the red building, Chongyun pushed open the doors and was met with a semi-surprised Xingqiu. “I didn’t expect you to come now, but come on in, my liege.” He walked in and followed the cerulean-haired boy. “Take a seat over there, I’ll go get something for us to eat while discussing.. Plans.”
“Yes, plans. Now, go take a seat.” Chuckling to himself, the exorcist sits down at the small table and fiddles around with the charm in his hand. Xingqiu arrived a minute later with a plate of cookies in hand. “Hm, so you may have had a delayed start on today’s glaze lily-”
“Wait, you know?!”
“Why of course. Now, onto the point. Apparently you were at their house earlier. I’m sure you can just hang out a bit longer and leave at sunset, handing them the glaze lily and leaving with a kiss on their cheek.”
“There’s no way I can do that.” The bookworm simply shook his head and sighed in disappointment.
“Believe in yourself for once, my liege,” he started. “You can prepare yourself by eating a popsicle right before.”
“That.. might work out.”
“Now, on you go. I don’t mean to keep you forever that nothing can progress today between you and them. Go on, Chongyun. See you, report back to me tomorrow!” Smiling, he bit down on a cookie and motioned for Chongyun to leave.
“Wh- already?” He was confused, he expected it to be longer. “This short?”
“I’ve given you your plan, you can repay me by setting it into action and telling me how it went,” Xingqiu snickered, standing up and dragging his best friend out the door. “Out you go, better report back tomorrow.”
Chongyun sighed and looked down, going down the steps slowly. He bumped into another person, immediately apologizing. That was, until he realized that it was (Y/N), who had stopped by to see if everything was okay. “Hey,” they called out softly. “No need to apologize. Is something wrong?”
“N-No,” he thought for a bit before Xingqiu’s words came back to mind. “Can we, uh, maybe hang out at yours some more?”
“Hm? Oh, of course! Why not? Come on then,” they took his left hand and led him back to their home, throwing a few words back and forth. ‘Maybe I can take the lead for today.. Yep! Sounds good. Perhaps, an indoor date, hm.. Ah, yeah, I’ll need a way to lower the temperature if I want to do that-’ “You seem to be thinking.. A lot,” Chongyun interrupted, slightly tugging on their hand. “If you’re planning what to do, I could help?”
“Oh, nono! It’s fine,” (Y/N) let out a small giggle before jerking their head towards the direction of their house. “House is just around the corner.” 
Unlocking the door, they removed their footwear(again, ignore that if you wear shoes indoors-)and made their way to the counter, taking out a small box from the cupboard. Inside were a few candles in jars, plus a wrapped up everflame seed. “Would you like to stay for dinner?”
“O-Oh! Sure.” Chongyun nervously replied, pulling out a stool from under the counter and sitting down. “So, what do you have planned?”
“It’s around..,” (Y/N) turned around and looked out the window. “Oh, it’s actually raining.”
“Rain! You know, water falling from the sky-”
“That means the temperature is colder!”
“Correct. Alright, perfect weather. Do you want to maybe,” they looked up at the ceiling, thinking for a split second, before looking back down and continuing, “cuddle, perhaps?”
“I, uh,” he let out a nervous laugh before looking away and mumbling, “I’ll accept your offer..”
“Speak up?” 
“Sure…” Smiling, (Y/N) took a glass cup and poured some water in it, adding a few ice cubes. They then opened their inventory, swiping the grid left and right, looking for the familiar icy treats. Quickly spotting them, they take two out and hand all the things to him- A cup of icy water and two popsicles.
“Here, just in case your condition gets problematic.” Chongyun nodded and stored the items, following them, who had moved out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. They opened the door, welcoming the scent of (Y/F/F), which was just the right amount of strength. “If the scent is too overwhelming, I can decrease the level- just let me know!”
“No, no, it’s actually perfect.”
“Oh, great.” (Y/N) awkwardly stood in front of the bed, eventually sitting down and scooting to the headboard. “Here,” they stated, patting the space beside them. “We’ll just see how things go from here then.” Nodding, he climbed onto the bed and lay down next to them, hesitantly hugging them from the side. They smiled at Chongyun’s actions, doing the same and wrapping one arm around his waist, the other around the upper area of his back, hand resting on the back of his head. 
“This is comfortable..,” Chongyun mumbled out of nowhere. “Surprisingly,” he added. Chuckling, (Y/N) brought him closer and tightened their grip, resting their chin on his head. The exorcist flushed a crisp apple red, half-whispering and half-mumbling incoherent words.
“Say that again?”
“H-Hot..,” he groaned, gently trying to push them away.
“Ohh, sorry sorry!” They unwrapped him and moved back, enough to give him the space he needed. Chongyun opened his inventory and immediately pulled out a popsicle from it’s box, quickly shoved the flavorless treat into his mouth. “I should, probably, uh..” (Y/N) paused between each word, trying to think of what they could do. “Maybe, uhm, I could slow things down a bit? If this is too fast, that is..”
“It’s fine! I can manage.”
“But if you need me to lower it just by a bi-”
“It’s okay!!” He leaned back down onto their right and held the popsicle in his left hand, right arm latching onto them again. A small gentle smile danced on their lips as they watched him slightly snuggle closer, obviously getting comfortable.
“You seem so relaxed~”
“W-Well, I am, I guess.” The light blue haired male took a moment to think before recalling a few exorcism job problems. “Remember that exorcism I went on a few days ago?”
“The customer, he thought I, uh, was a fake because of my unsuccessful exorcism..” (Y/N) huffed before shifting and wrapping their arms around him. “Wh-”
“But it’s over now, right? It’s in the past. It’s gone now, you can stop worrying,” they slowly spoke, words laced over with kindness and care. “Let’s not focus on your exorcisms. Right now, right now I want you to take a break and enjoy what you have currently.” Chongyun looked out the window, nibbling on the almost-finished popsicle.
“The weather really suits the atmosphere, huh.” He let out a small laugh before finishing the rest of the popsicle and setting the stick on the bedside table. Turning around in their hug, the exorcist curls up a bit and leans into their hold, slightly nuzzling the area below their neck. He was aware of what he was doing, but the chilly weather contrasted the heat building up in his body, helping his condition not take over. (Y/N) moved their hand in circular motions on his back, lulling him to sleep. “You know, if you want to stay overnight, that’s fine.”
“Glaze.. Lily.?” He mumbled, sleepily.
“No need to worry about such. We can figure it out tomorrow in the morning. For now, you could maybe take a map if you’re tired.”
“Thank you.” And just like that, he was out like a light. ‘You’re too cute for your own good,’ they giggled. ‘But that’s okay. Love that side of you, honestly. If only, if only you could be more bold.. Ah, but your condition..’ Shaking their head, (Y/N) looked out the window. ‘I guess I can wake you up in an hour or so. It is getting dark pretty quickly, and I don’t want to miss dinner.’
“Hey,” they murmured, lightly shaking Chongyun. “You need to get up so I can cook some dinner for the both of us.”
“Come on, get up,” (Y/N) paused, thinking of what to do. An idea struck their mind, an evil idea. “Please?”
“Alright, last chance, snowflake. Get up or face the consequences.” He shook his head and hugged them tighter, seeming to have already fallen asleep again. “Hmmn, you asked for it then.” They reached over to the nightstand, taking out an ice cube from the cup of water that had surprisingly not melted yet. “Now let’s see.. Where is this most effective at?” The (H/C) ran their index finger along the base of his neck with a feather-y touch, grinning when they saw him shiver slightly. ‘Found it. Not my fault you refused to get up.’ Their hand hovered above his neck before running the flat surface of the cube along the base, careful not to press too hard. Chongyun jolted up a split second after, smacking the hand away. “Hehe, good morning!”
“Yeah.. Good morning to you too…” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “Wait- ‘Morning’?”
“Nah, it’s still night. I woke you up so you wouldn’t miss dinner.” They looked towards the direction the ice cube flew, and surprisingly it was in the cup. “Hey, you’ve got good aim.”
“Huh..?” Groooowl. “A-Ah, excuse me..” Giggling, (Y/N) gently pushed him off of them.
“I’ll go make some food, come out to the kitchen when you’re ready.” They swung their legs off the edge of the bed, standing up and stretching before exiting the room with a happy hum. Chongyun looked down at his hands, and then up at the doorway, smiling- that was, until the realization hit him. He was hugging them in his sleep. The exorcist’s smile fell, instead replaced with a nervous and flustered expression, head shoved into his hands. ‘Ohhhh archons…’ Letting out a small laugh, he slid off the bed and walked towards the closet, which had his normal outfit, “Pure Spirit”(He dressed down to make cuddling easier and more comfortable..). After he wrapped the first part of the belt around the middle of his waist and hip, he clasped the second part to the back and fixed the tassel and vision. ‘There we go. Hm.. Didn’t (Y/N) offer me to stay over for the night? Maybe I can give them the lily before we head to sleep…’
Whisking open the grid, Chongyun took a glaze lily out from its box and breathed in its scent. ‘I wonder where Mr. Zhongli got these.. They’re really high quality, and the fact that they’re natural and not artificially planted… I’m quite curious- Something tells me that he isn’t just a funeral parlor director.’ He tucked the flower away and looked towards the door, chuckling a bit and smiling. ‘I probably shouldn’t keep (Y/N) waiting.’ As the male opened the door, he was met with the scent of an unknown dish. “What are you cooking?”
“Sunshine sprat, I learned it from Mr. Albedo when I visited Mondstadt before I met you and the others. It’s really good!” They said, shuffling the pan around on the mini stove. Setting the pan down, (Y/N) grabbed some wood from the nearby box, shoving it inside the fire pit. “You can uh, take a seat- I’m almost done.” He nodded and pulled out a stool from under the counter, sitting down. “Huh, so you want to watch me cook?” Shrugging, they used their non-occupied hand to pat his head. “I don’t mind.”
“Actually, uh, is yours already done?”
“Mhm, it’s on the table over there.” Chongyun perked up and slid off the seat, a skip in his step as he made his way to the dish. Pulling out the glaze lily and a small knife, he cut off the flower and placed it near the fish. He then took the stem and cut it into smaller pieces, making each ring into the shape of a star. Man, who knew this guy was so crafty… The (H/C) had silently walked over with the freshly made sunshine sprat in hand, peering over his shoulder. “Ooh, is this how you’re gonna give me the glaze lily tonight?”
“AH-” he yelped, nearly knocking the plate out of their hand.
“Woah, woah, calm down!”
“I-I didn’t see you there..” Letting out a small laugh, they put the plate down and looked at the decorated sprat, admiring his work.
“You should be careful, cutting these small flat circles into stars isn’t very safe,” they stated. “Though, it does look really pretty! And a smart way to give me the lily, hehe.”
“Thank you..” he mumbled, heat rising to his cheeks. They took the knife and walked back to the kitchen, placing it down in a drawer and closing it. 
“Let’s eat now, then?” Rummaging through a drawer of eating utensils, they grab a pair of chopsticks and [utensil you prefer to use]. As (Y/N) walked back, they noticed Chongyun trying to hide his face. “Here you go,” they stated, setting the chopsticks on the plate. “You’re a bit red there, snowflake.” As soon as the nickname reached the central part of his brain, his mind almost immediately shut down if it weren’t for the popsicle (Y/N) had shoved in his mouth. “Hehe, sorry~!” They watched him nibble on the icy treat quite quickly, giggling when he noticed them and looked away, now furiously eating away. Once finished, he stored the white stick and picked up the chopsticks, slightly fumbling with them a bit, and dug in. (Y/N) picked up their [utensil you prefer to use] and started eating, too, after setting the flower aside first.
----Transferring to 2nd person…
You lean back in your chair, letting out a sigh of happiness. “That was really good,” you say, looking over at Chongyun.
“It was,” he nods in reply, standing up and picking up the plate, along with the chopsticks. “I guess we head to sleep?” You follow, guiding him to the kitchen and showing him where to put down the items.
“Mhm. It’s around,” you pause, looking out the window and squinting. “midnight by now.”
“M-Midnight?! I understand that adventuring with the traveler usually has no breaks, but when you’re not doing anything, you should use these days to get proper sleep..”
“Oh, forget it. Let’s head to sleep, come on.” Dragging the exorcist to your bedroom, you gently push him in the direction of your bathroom. “I was told that Katheryne had work for us to do tomorrow, plenty. I’ll be waiting for you in bed.”
“W-Wait, you don’t have a spare bedroom?”
“Nope. And the sofa isn’t as comfortable as you think when sleeping on it.” You understand why he doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed, but then again.. What could go wrong? “I promise I’ll try to keep everything under control, yeah?”
“Key word ‘try’,” he mumbles. Sighing, Chongyun walks into the bathroom, closing the door, opening it by a crack and peering through it a few seconds later. “Don’t blame me if anything bad happens,” he whispers loud enough for you to hear, while trying to hold back his giggles. You simply nod and respond with an “okay” before flopping onto your bed and welcoming the comfort it provides. ‘Hm, I actually am a bit curious about why Katheryne assigned us some very specific work and now the normal, random daily commissions. This does seem a bit suspicious, but it might be important.. Why us of all people? She could easily ask the Traveler, hm.’
About 20 minutes later, he walks out of the door, wearing a fresh pair of a pastel blue t-shirt and navy shorts, while drying his hair with a towel. “Want me to help you with that once I’m done with my night routine?”
“Ah, there really is no need..”
“Oh, it’s fine! Stay here for a few, yeah? I’ll be done real quick.” The light blue haired male sits down on the edge of the bed, drying his hair a bit more before setting the minty green towel down. Yawning, he shuffles onto the bed and rests on his stomach, chin on a pillow. Some past thoughts fly by his mind, but one settles in his head completely. The one time where you had held his face with such gentle fingers, like if pressure was applied it would break him. It kept replaying in his mind, Chongyun eventually needing to bury his head into the pillow, which he did, and let out a small muffled groan. “You okay there, snowflake?” You say, popping your head into view after you open the door. He let out a few more incoherent words before quickly opening his inventory and grabbing a popsicle.
“Ooh, what’s gotten your positivity so high?”
“Just.. a memory,” he mumbles, taking a bite out of the popsicle.
“Which?” You giggle, knowing that he won’t respond and make your way to the bed with a spearmint towel in hand and sit next to him, carefully gathering all his still-wet icy blue locks. Ruffling this hair using the towel, some of the water eventually seeps into the cloth and you switch to a soft t-shirt that you own. While using the shirt to continue drying, he sighs in content and almost falls asleep while taking in your scent. “There, now your hair won’t be all messed up.”
“Thank you..,” Chongyun murmurs, moving the covers over himself while turning and eventually falling asleep on his side. Chuckling, you slide under the covers and too, are consumed by the sleep- well, not before you whisper a sweet good night and place a chaste kiss on his shoulder.
----Transferring to 3rd person… 
“Hey, you gotta wake up now! We’ve got something to do for Katheryne today,” (Y/N) happily cheered, lightly shaking the boy who had latched onto them during his sleep.
“Oh, come on! You can’t just koala me all day long, we gotta get going soon.” The exorcist immediately unwrapped them and shot up, a tint of red on his cheeks.
“Awh, what are you apologizing for? What you did in your sleep was absolutely adorable! You should, mayhaps, do it more often,” they teased, moving off the bed and towards the closet.
The two somehow made their way to Katheryne within 20 minutes of waking up, both slightly panting. “Hello Katheryne- You said you needed something?” Chongyun questioned, while (Y/N) leaned on the desk. The male looked over at them and squinted; something was missing, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.
“Ah, straight to the point. Indeed, there is a problem,” the receptionist answered. People had spread rumors around that Katheryne was programmed, for sometimes you could hear her say “Rebooting…”
“Well, give us the details then,” they said, looking directly at her. “I think we can handle it, right Chongyun?”
“Hm, well this may be a bit more suited for the Traveler.” Katheryne sighed, taking out a pale blue slip of paper. “The quest details are written down here, and you may sign your names at the bottom where there is a line. This means that you have accepted the quest. Would you like me to read aloud the quest details?”
“Oh, sure!” The pair both said in unison.
“Of course. Now, allow me to start..”
“There has been a rumor running around, and some have witnessed it. It appears that this rumor revolves around a very difficult treasure hoarder who has gone through specific training to avoid getting caught. This makes the thief harder to catch and arrest. What we know is that the thief enjoys hiding around Liyue Harbor, usually in dark areas, like the alleyways. Witnesses have reported that the treasure hoarder always lurks around Liyue Harbor in the day, never seen in the night. The one who made this quest wants someone to rid of the treasure hoarder. The deadline of this quest is by night.”
“B-By night?!” (Y/N)’s jaw dropped to the floor, gazing up at the sky. “It’s noon.. Let’s get searching! We can’t afford to waste any time.” Looking at the receptionist, they wave a quick bye. “We’ll take the quest!! Besides, you assigned it to us!” And like that, the two set off to the center of Liyue Harbor. “Okay, Chongyun. I’ll search the left while you search the right- got it?”
“Yeah. What do we do if we can’t find this.. Thief?”
“I don’t know, but we should at least try, right? C’mon, no wasting time! If none of us can find him by sunset, head to Wanmin to regroup, aight? See you!”
“W-Wait-!” But before they could hear what he was going to say. They left and looked around, on guard. What Chongyun wanted to say was what he noticed that was off about them, which was that (Y/N) had forgotten their catalyst and vision at home…
‘Is it better to look from the ground or from above? Hm..’ (Y/N) walked along the dark alleyways, [dominant hand(right/left)] hand hovering above the [side of hip that your dominant hand is on(right/left)] side of their hip. ‘It’s unusually dark.. I guess I’ll look from above.’ Turning to the side, they are met with an uneven wall, a wall that can be easily scaled. Once at the top, (Y/N) looked around as a heavy breeze began to pick up. ‘Since when was it this windy? Ugh, it’ll be harder to hear.’ They peered down each gap between the buildings, trying to spot a human-like figure lurking about. ‘No one here.. How about over there? That’s where the wind is coming from, actually. But Katheryne didn’t specify if this thief had a vision or not.’ Carefully crawling across the roof, they leap onto another house and look down. There stood the Traveler, practicing [his/her] anemo techniques.
‘Ah, it’s just [him/her]. Moving on..’ It got darker as they continued to look around from the top, eventually freezing when an arrow shot right by their face. ‘What the hell..’ Their (E/C) eyes sweeped the area, widening when a glimmer was spotted from far away. ‘Why are people attacking me?’ (Y/N) swiftly made their way behind a pointed roof, but before they could be completely hidden, or shielded by the roof, another arrow flew right by them, fortunately inaccurate enough that it missed their head and cut their cheek instead. ‘Is Chongyun okay? Dammit.. I need to get somewhere safe and treat the cut before it gets infected.’
They hop down, spreading their glider to slow the fall. Looking in both directions, they spot the Feiyun Commerce Guild building to the left and Wanmin Restaurant to the right. ‘Xingqiu’s is probably a good place to hide, but Wanmin is more crowded and Xiangling might be there..’ Gritting their teeth, (Y/N) sprints towards the left on instinct. They would usually head to the guild’s building because Xingqiu was most-most-of-the-time there. And the fact that they had a stronger bond with him than Xiangling. As soon as they reached the double doors, they rapidly knocked on them. ‘What am I doing.. This is Chongyun’s area to search! Oh well..’ Pausing for a moment to wipe the blood dripping from the cut off their cheek, the door opens to a confused Xingqiu. His expression immediately shifted to worry as he invited them in.
“Wh-What.. What happened? You seem to be in a hurry, and things seem to be very.. Tense right now-” he started, getting cut off by (Y/N).
“Has Chongyun been around here? At all?!”
“Woah, hey calm down! Hold still and let me treat your cut, sheesh. Tell me what’s gotten you so alerted first.”
“No time. Finish it quickly, I’ll bear through the pain. Just hurry.” Xingqiu nodded in worry, quickly disinfecting the wound and placing a bandage on the cut.
“Alright, you’re good to go,” he said, eyeing the (H/C) as they looked out the window.
“Ah.. It’s already sunset- I need to go, see you!” They dashed out the doors, rushing towards the direction Wanmin was in. The cold of the upcoming night began to nip at their skin, but they simply ignored the feeling and pushed on. ‘Hopefully, just hopefully he’s safe.. And maybe there…’ (Y/N) gulped, the feeling of being watched and stalked creeping up their spine. ‘Are they here for me again? Ugh.. It’s probably one of this pro-treasure hoarder’s goons. They flicked their eyes to the ground and as far back as they could, keeping watch of the fading shadow. ‘About to attack.. Annnnd now.’ (SOME VIOLENCE AND BLOOD STARTING HERE) They turned around with a scowl on their face, grabbing the man’s arm who was in the air and ready to attack, slamming him down onto the ground, resulting in a loud crack. “It’s not a very smart choice to leap into the air and attack someone, especially if you don’t know what they’re capable of. Now, I’ll spare your life, only if you tell me a few things about your,, Master.”
“N-No! Never! He will never be brought down! I will not allow this to happen!” The servant kept on babbling about not giving away any information with his eyes closed shut, probably because of the pain circulating in his head, while (Y/N) fished around their inventory, looking for a weapon. ‘This man is useless. It’d be a crime to kill him, but in my eyes, I don’t think so.’ Grinning, they pull out a box cutter and point it at the man’s face. “Last chance, buddy. You gonna tell or no?”
“Nev-” Before he could finish, they stabbed the knife into his throat and pulled it out, blood dripping off of the blade and onto the corpse(Yes they commited murder in public-). ‘You’re a weak one, aren’t you. I wonder how weak your master will be, no? Now what to do with this body..’ An idea lit up in their head, and they picked up the body, walking towards an alleyway. ‘Into the dump you go~’ Tossing the dead treasure hoarder into the dumpster, (Y/N) checked themself. ‘Ew, I’m all bloody- Do I have a change of clothes? ..Yes I do.’ They took out a cloth and cleaned their hands, then took out the spare clothing and swiftly changed into them. ‘Ahh, much better! Now, back to Wanmin I go.’ (SOME VIOLENCE AND BLOOD END HERE. Summary: (Y/N) killed beat up a goon of the pro-treasure hoarder(the goon didn’t supply any information,,) and hid the body in a dumpster, heading to Wanmin Restaurant after.)
“Say, Xiangling!” The (H/C) exclaimed, skipping into the kitchen. “Have you seen Chongyun anywhere here?”
“Nope! Not at all!” She replied, busy cooking for the customers.
“Hm.. Do you mind if I stay here for a bit?”
“Once again, not at all! Company is always welcomed, you can even try to bond with Guoba.”
“Ah, I’ll pass- I’m just gonna stay here for 10 minutes or so, and leave if Chongyun doesn’t come here by then.” (Y/N) pulled out a stool from under the table and took a seat, watching the sky become dark within the 10 minutes as stated. ‘If he hasn’t come.. Wait, that means he probably found something-’ “Xiangling, I gotta go now.”
“Wh- huh?! It hasn’t even been 10 minutes though?” The indigo haired female was confused, but shook her head and nodded once. “Well, if you must..”
“I promise I’ll update you soon!” They yelled, dashing out of the door and into the night. Continuously dashing forth, they made it to the commerce guild’s building within 5 minutes and looked around. ‘Any signs of him being here..?’ Ignoring the pain, they ended up peering past the corners of buildings, climbing on top of them and looking around, yet there was no trace. Sighing, (Y/N) hopped down and moved towards a pillar, nimbly resting their finger pads against the cool surface. The gloomy mood, however, was immediately lifted when the familiar cryo field opened, and peeked out just the tiniest bit of an unchecked alleyway. ‘How could I have been so stupid to miss that one.. Whatever, no wasting time!’ They scolded themself, pushing their aching legs back to work and sprinting towards the occasional cryo field that would appear every few seconds. 
They faced their back against the wall, hands pressed flushed, too, against the wall and head turning to the left and back a few times to check what was going on. ‘This guy he’s fighting.. Isn’t he the pro-treasure hunter? Oh well.. He has a blind spot. I think I can take him out…’ Turning around 180 degrees, they begin to climb to the top and quietly make their way around, now above the open alley. ‘Sorry Chongyun.. Things might get messy, aha.’ (VIOLENCE AND BLOOD STARTS HERE)Taking out the box cutter and flipping it around so the blade was on the opposite side of the thumb, (Y/N) jumped down, landing square on the man’s shoulders and managed to stun him, backflipping off of the harmful stranger. As soon as their feet touched the ground, they dashed forwards and jumped onto the man once again, but from the back. Quickly latching their [non-dominant hand] onto one of his shoulders, they placed their feet on his back and used their [dominant hand] to lodge the knife into the area between his neck and shoulder. Their eyes lingered on the crimson liquid flowing out of the wound for a moment before pushing off of the figure with their feet and landing on the ground smoothly, leaving the weapon stuck in the man’s body. (VIOLENCE AND BLOOD ENDS HERE. Summary: (Y/N) once again, “beat up” another man. This man was a bit difficult for Chongyun to handle alone, so they dealt with him for the popsicle boy.)
“Uhh.. Pretend you didn’t see that-” Chongyun was absolutely dumbfounded. Who knew that they could fight like that without a vision? He had so many questions to ask, but right now.. Right now all he could see and think was (Y/N), (Y/N) in their former glory. But then the feeling of disgust began to jump in his stomach, making him feel like he was going to throw up due to the unusual amount of the iron scent. And how were they so.. Casual, when doing this? “Hey, Chongyun, you okay?” They asked in worry, carefully making their way towards the male. “I’m sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable, you seem like you’re going to throw up-” Swinging one arm around their shoulder, (Y/N) brings their other arm around his back to stabilize him.
They brought the two of them back to Wanmin, dropping Chongyun off for Xiangling to handle while rushing back to Katheryne. “Excuse me!”
“Ad astra abyssosque. Welcome to the Adventurers’ guild,” Katheryne greeted. “(Y/N), greetings. Have you finished your and Chongyun’s quest? It’s almost past the deadline.”
“I have! We’ve.. Uh… ‘executed’ the treasure hoarder nicely,” they replied, laughing nervously. “Payment..?”
“Of course. The requester has dropped your payment off over here, allow me to go get it,” she smiled, shuffling to the very back and pulling out a box from the lowest shelf, “Here you go. Thank you for completing your quest.” They took the box and nodded a quick thanks to the receptionist before slowly going down the stairs, careful not to drop the box. ‘It seems like it holds.. Valuables.’ Their eyes drifted over to the restaurant, where a hunched over exorcist was hugging himself and shuddering, eyes squeezed shut and heavily breathing. ‘Ah.. today went.. Not as well as I planned, huh,’ (Y/N) sighed, wincing when Chongyun started up again. ‘Better hurry then.’ Power-walking the rest of the way, they set the box down on the table and walk over to Chongyun, patting his back gently as he sat down on a chair, a cup of water in hand. He shakily extended an arm slightly and opened his inventory, taking out a glaze lily and slipping it in their other hand. 
The (H/C) leaned down and enveloped him in a hug, whispering a small apology. “I’m sorry, I get that today wasn’t the best.. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow, okay?”
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 3 hours ago
Do you write for the female genshin characters as well? Cause Jean could be my Grand Master any day. Two words: desk sex
Tumblr media
Dayum anon caught in 4k📸.
And yes! I do indeed write for female characters (This will be my first time tho but I already got it figured out how to write it since i used to read many female character x reader)
But for now I'll first be getting my early requests done and then I'll write the jean fic bez the other fics are gonna be long ass hell so i think that it's better if i finish them first 🛐✋ but you can be jean simp anon or smt bez then I can tag you in the fic 🤗
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bumbleklee · 3 hours ago
congrats on 1k beaby!! <333 very proud and excited to see what's store!! to celebrate, can i ask for number 12 with my hubby zhongli <3 love uuu
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | discord server
★ thank u so much aaaaaaaa i love u too anon thank u for being here (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
prompt 12: “you talk in your sleep, you know.”
Zhongli is a light sleeper. He always has been even before he retired from his Archon responsibilities. He often wakes up in the middle night if there's a loud sound outside or if the temperature drops. Shortly after you began a more intimate relationship with him, he realized there was something else waking him up.
You liked to sleep talk.
"No, no, you can't eat that slime Childe..."
Already wide awake, Zhongli cocks an eyebrow at your sleeping form and the mention of his friend.
"Zhongli will get mad at you...too many calories..."
He laughs quietly, opting to brush a wild piece of hair out of your face. Your expression confuses him.
"I won't tell him if you don't..."
Zhongli peers at you curiously but doesn't dare wake you up. He tries to piece together your words but seriously can't fathom what you were dreaming about. He decides to ask you tomorrow and rolls back over to fall asleep again.
The next morning, Zhongli feels soft arms wrap around his body and he wakes again. Turning in your hold, Zhongli presses a sleepy kiss to your nose. The sun illuminates your face and he thinks you look ethereal.
"Good morning," You yawn, smiling contently.
"Good morning, Dear," Zhongli says back. His hand fiddles with your own, "You talk in your sleep, you know.”
You freeze, your posture as stiff as a board. What did you say? You try to pull away from Zhongli, embarrassed, but his strong arms hold you in place. "Oh, really?" You stammer.
He nods, "Quite a lot, in fact. Say, what was your dream about?"
A blush creeps across your cheeks and you glance away still, "Um, well, I was with Childe and we were in the wild trying to find Cor Lapis to make you something and this slime kept following us so Childe suggested we eat it. And that felt inhumane and unhealthy for some reason so I was against it but somehow he convinced me otherwise and we...ate it."
Zhongli laughs purely, throwing his head back. "You mentioned a secret, could I assume it was your slime endeavors?"
Finally, you rolled out of Zhongli's grip and hid your face in your pillow. "I still feel bad!" You yelled, muffled. Zhongli doesn't press you any farther and gets up from the bed.
"Alright, alright," He chuckles, "I'm going to start on breakfast. How does Sugar Frosted Slime sound? I'm only kidding, Dear."
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genshingorls · 3 hours ago
Lisa with a dense S/O
Tumblr media
Quoth the Lisa:
Tumblr media
Also, as someone who did not get they were being flirted with for 5 months, I know this experience personally.
Tumblr media
- Lisa is a big flirt, that is no secret to anyone, calling people like the Traveler "Cutie".
- However, she had never met the brick wall that was S/O until recently. They were pretty much immune to all her attempts to make them flustered because they were that damn dense.
- Lisa would drop the biggest hint that she was flirting with S/O, and they'd pick up that flirt and give it back to her, saying that she accidentally dropped it.
- It...was actually very endearing, and even adorable.
- She would almost have to physically hold herself back from telling S/O what she actually meant with the lines she told them.
- Even when she called them cutie, they thought they were just being nice.
- Lisa somehow had the patience to wait for S/O to confess themselves, though it was a little bit too late.
(S/O) "Lisa?"
(Lisa) "Yes, dear?"
(S/O) " like to go out with me?"
(Lisa) "..."
- She had to put the book down and hold herself back from bursting into laughter, her smile was already confusing S/O enough as it was.
(Lisa) "S/O, sweetie...We've been dating for at least a month."
(S/O) "W-...What?!"
(Lisa) "Do you remember that one night we spent together under the stars? You even gave me flowers and asked if you could stay with me."
(S/O) "O-Oh...Uh..."
- S/O blushing finally made her keel over laughing, S/O looking away extremely embarrassed.
- Lisa managed to catch herself and planted a kiss on S/O's forehead.
(Lisa) "It still means a lot that you asked, dear."
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patt-writes-stuff · 3 hours ago
Beach Days with The Genshin Characters!
Wc: 1.7k+
Type: Headcanons
CW: umm nothing except mentions of alcohol and maybe people being creeps? (None of the chars or you tho it’s very brief)
A/N: HI IM BACK FROM THE DEAD! These were supposed to be a lot shorter but I got too excited. If you by any chance wanna see some for your fav character lmk! I know it says request are closed in my bio but since it’s just hcs it’s a lot less (and I really enjoyed writing these so ajdhdhdk)
Tumblr media
This man cannot swim. Tell me otherwise, I dare you.
Kaeya tried to jokingly push him off a lil diving cliff area when they were kids.
He almost drowned. Kaeya was in a lot of trouble.
So, good luck getting this man to actually get in the water. The most he’ll do is sit on the shore where it’s very shallow.
He usually prefers to just stay under an umbrella on the sand and keep an eye on you.
Calls you every two hours in advance and helps you reapply sunscreen.
He’s very pale so I feel like he burns pretty easily, meaning he needs to reapply super frequently otherwise he will become a tomato. He brings like three bottles of the good shit. Tch, rich boy.
If you ask him to build a sandcastle, he will pretend to be annoyed but do it anyways. Ends up finding it kind of enjoyable.
He has the maids prepare a nice picnic basket for the two of you!! It’s got all your favorite foods plus grape juice cuz y’know.
If any creepy peeps approach you, don’t worry. He brought his vision and his claymore.
Of course, he won’t have to resort to such violent lengths. Everyone in Mondstadt knows who Diluc is and they probably know you’re his s/o, so they’re usually smart enough to mind their own business.
If they don’t, don’t worry. Diluc’s glare is more than enough to scare them away.
All in all I definitely recommend a beach day with him! I’ll give it a solid 8/10 (-2 for not wearing floaties and getting in the water with you or letting you teach him how to swim.
You guys definitely 100% take Klee out with you on a beach day.
You guys bring snacks, beach toys like buckets and shovels for optimal sandcastle building, a picnic blanket, etc.
Jean definitely packs a lot more stuff for you guys to take with you than you actually need.
It’s only cuz she’s worried for Klee and is nervous about not being able to go with you guys though! It’s very sweet really.
Klee tries to bomb the fish and cause havoc at the beach 😭
I think Albedo is a good swimmer and gets in with you and Klee so that he can help her (which is very cute omfg)
He’s set total workaholic, as we know, so it took a lot of convincing to get him to put down his experiments and accompany you to the beach (however, he’s particularly weak to yours and klee’s puppy dog eyes so he caved eventually)
Though, looking at you and Klee happily building sandcastles and decorating them with pretty seashells of all shapes and colors, he can’t really find it in himself to complain.
He, of course, takes this opportunity to take out his sketchbook and draw the waves, seagulls, you… Of course he won’t let you see the sketch book no sir. He’s a bit embarrassed to be honest, but an artist such as himself recognizes beauty when he sees it so he simply had to draw you. (God I love him so much)
If a creepy person approaches you,- well don’t worry. The sight of a small arsonist child blowing up fish is enough to scare them away 🥰
At the end of the day, all three of you are all ticketed out. Albedo has to carry Klee back to Mondstadt because the poor baby fell asleep the moment you started drying her hair with the beach towel. You’re, of course, carrying back Dodoco and your bags. (You also manage to sneak a peak at Albedo’s sketchbook and find some very pretty drawings of you and Klee with your sandcastle)
At the end of the day, you guys tuck Klee in and read her a bedtime story (she woke up and insisted). Afterwards Albedo takes you back home and thanks you for coming with you and Klee (which you ofc say wasn’t a problem because how could you not???)
All in all? I’ll give it a solid 10/10. You’ve got tasty food, fun times, your boyfriend and his cute kid adoptive sister (yes I am very biased idc)
I think it would take a lot of convincing to get Xiao to go out on a beach date with you.
He’ll probably see it as a distraction getting in the way of his slaying of monsters and demons.
However, he also worships the grounds you walk on (hehe, simp XD), so I don’t think it’ll take that much convincing on your part (especially because it’s is self appointed duty to keep you safe so if you insist on going with or without him, he supposes he’ll have to go)
Is definitely a bit tense at first. He doesn’t know how to let loose and chill so while you’re sun tanning on a beach chair he’s like 🧍‍♂️ahdgshjsjd
Eventually calms down a bit though! You get him to relax and eat some almond tofu you brought along with you. It definitely gets him to perk up.
I don’t think he would mind getting into the water but I do think he’d rather walk along the shore and collect pretty seashells and sea glass.
He later gives the ones he deems pretties to you (he hands them over to you with a blush on his face and pretends it’s not a big deal and he definitely gets all pouty and grouchy when you coo at how adorable he is)
As for creeps, Xiao is both intimidating and well known in Liyue. No one is brave enough (or, let’s be honest, dumb enough) to approach you with any bad intentions.
Sure, Xiao has sworn never to harm a human/citizen of Liyue but that doesn’t mean he can’t scare the absolute shit out of them.
I think Xiao would definitely enjoy a beach day 🥺🥺. He’d find it very relaxing to go out with you and just hear the sound of waves and feel the sand under his feet.
He’d definitely hint at wanting to do it again later. Of course, he won’t tell you. No, that’s a foolish mortal activity and he has much better things to do.
Wait no, don't turn around, yes he will go with you next month.
All in all, I give Xiao a 9/10. It’s a very relaxing day (which he deserves 😤). And you get to see a whole new side of him.
She knows you don’t care about how exclusive the beach you go to is (in fact, the fact that you don’t care about where you are or what you do is one of the things that make her fall more and more madly in love with you) but you deserve the best so she’s gonna go all out.
She’s a busy lady so days like this where the two of you get to go somewhere and be together are few and far between.
She knows it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who is busy 24/7, so she appreciates how you remain by her side despite all hardships. (Y’all are a whole ass power couple istg)
The two of you spend your day relaxing. Sun bathing, drinking piña coladas, maybe taking a dip in the ocean. It’s all very pleasant!
Ningguang doesn’t quite feel like the type of person who would sit in the sand and make sandcastle, however you’re more than welcome to make some yourself. She finds it endearing <3
If you insist on her helping, she’ll eventually comply. She loves you too much to say no. I feel like she’ll either be terrible at it or like a total architect.
Sand is technically like tiny rocks right? So maybe she can use her vision to help her? If that’s the case, she’s making a replica of the Jade chamber out of sand.
If any creepy person comes up to you don’t worry. Ningguang will buy the whole beach and then use her right of admission as owner to permanently ban them from the beach you’re at.
The only downside to a day at the beach with Ningguang might be that there’s a big chance she’ll be called to tend urgent matters, seeing as she is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing and all.
If that does happen, she’ll be sure to make it up to you somehow, whether it be rescheduling or taking care of the matter as soon as possible so that the two of you can get back to your day of relaxation and fun.
All in all?? Lady Ningguang will treat you like total royalty and the two of you will have an amazing time! I give her an 11/10 (she would literally buy a whole beach for you to be comfortable I mean c’mon)
Swimming? Yeah, he’d love to! Sunbathing? Sure! He’ll ever conjure up a light breeze for the two of you. Sandcastle building? WELL OF COURSE WHY DO YOU THING HE BROUGHT ALL THESE BUCKETS AND SHOVELS?
No but seriously, he might be the best person out of everyone here to go to the beach with. He’s fun, free spirited, and he’s a traveling bard who’s been alive long enough to know where all the best beaches in Teyvat are. (He also knows a guy- er, well, dragon I suppose- who is willing to fly them to any place).
He’ll play some soft tunes while you doze under the sun.
He will bring booze. I’m pretty sure this is a necessity. If you’re a little upset about it, he’ll probably “eheh~” his way out of it. That slick bastard.
If you really insist on him not drinking, he won’t consume much alcohol.
If some creepy person approaches you and tries to ruin you your day of beach time fun, all of their stuff will suddenly be blown away, causing them to scramble back to their spot and (almost embarrassingly) flail around trying to catch everything. What a shame…
At the end of the day, he’d be a little sad to leave. Definitely makes plans about tbe two of you going back soon.
I gotta give him a 10/10 he’s just so fun omg.
Tumblr media
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vellichhhhor · 3 hours ago
hi so this is for the match up event! I’m and intp and use she/they pronouns. I enjoy reading and writing along with learning foreign languages. I’m the sarcastic therapist friend who’s has a hard time talking about their own emotions. Appearance wise I’m 5’5 with dark brown hair and eyes. I’ve been told i have an rbf and can come off very intimidating.
-> Matchup Event
Tumblr media
-> Kaeya !
Maybe it’s your matching sarcasm that draws you and Kaeya together. And maybe the fact you often play the ‘therapist’ role with your friends , you prove yourself to be a great listener to his troubles. Though , he himself may equal you in that skill. His own troubles weigh heavy on his shoulders , and he can’t help but want to lighten yours too , whenever you decide you want to open up about it.
And the foreign language bit!! In the Teyvat universe, the only language we know about that is learnable is hilichurlian, which Kaeya knows! He’d help you study it, or any other language you want to learn. He might even start to learn it with you!!
Do you know those “using my scary dog privileges to walk alone” TikTok’s ?? He’d make one with you lol
We all know Kaeya is a charmer, and dates with him are exactly that. Charming. He often does cliche gesture or takes you to beautiful places, all because he loves you.
I feel like Kaeya would also be a fan of books, too. He’d immerse himself in an excellent novel, recommending it to you once he’s finished.
Tumblr media
Thank you for participating in the matchup event!
-with love, vellichor
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