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fey-dancer · 13 minutes ago
I hate the term single. It implies i'm available.
I am not.
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motsdice · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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confusedawkwardadipose · 52 minutes ago
I was thinking a little bit...
You know, it's nobody's responsibility to explain themselves or their sexuality. That goes for asexuality, too. However, I think the LGBTQ+ knows as well as any other group, we have problems.
The community is used to having our problems diminished by the outside world, as well as other people using fallacy to justify horrific things. (TW: ped*philia mentions ahead; nothing graphic.) I mean, we have had ped*s try and recreate our flags with variations to them for the sole purpose of appealing to society as being okay which... it's absolutely not.
It makes sense that the community is cautious about being taken seriously.
However, between community members, if someone is genuinely trying to understand asexuality, having a civil conversation can sometimes be refreshing. You never know who might understand. Obviously, if you're only being asked for the other person to harass you and invalidate you, don't have that conversation. Safety is important.
Just know that as asexual people, we can be privileged in some ways compared to the rest of the community, and we can also face very unique challenges that other community members don't face. Each kind of member goes through different things.
Try not to harbor anger at the community itself. Society has built this kind of warped understanding of sexuality altogether. We're in trouble if we start to convince ourselves that other members of the community are the "real" problem. It's not any specific "type" of member that's the problem. It's just the point in time that the community is at.
It will get better.
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aroaceconfessions · an hour ago
I used to think I was asexual because I intrinsically linked sex & romance, and I think that might still be true for me, but I can't tell if I'm actually aromantic or I just don't know how to healthily pursue and be vulnerable to romantic love? anyways I want to marry someone, I just don't know the line between friends and lovers ig.
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baronmaymystery · an hour ago
What’s a Fandom?
Is a “fandom” just fans of a particular show, franchise, movie, comic, etc... or is it limited to people who “ship” characters therein? By the former definition, I’m a fan of many things (though mostly old stuff), but I’m so aroace that I don’t even understand the motivation of “ships”, and the more I appreciate a character, the more it would gross me out to see them shipped with anyone. I would much prefer that all people, real or fictional, were aroace.
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demon-babies · an hour ago
aces: I dont experience sexual attraction to anyone
people to aces: NO! you just haven't met the right person
demisexuals: I need to find the right person.
people to demis: NO! theres no such thing! shut up!
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snoozette · an hour ago
Okay, that’s it. no.
My gr/asexual (tbd I guess) ass can’t handle all those crazy shippers at the moment. Please just let them talk without squealing for once.
I’m muting all the tags that have to do with the drow. Like, all of them.
I’m getting so very turned away from all social media discussing CR, I even turn off the chat during the livestreams. It’s sucking the fun out for me. The series isn’t only about relationships, really...
I can’t wait for the coddled dark elf to be out of the picture again, in whatever form that may be.
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sometimes-im-charlotte · an hour ago
My friend made a really good point yesterday and I think I'm gonna repost it here.
Nonbinary. If you break it down, the prefix non means "expressing negation or absence", binary meaning "relating to, composed of, or involving two things". With nonbinary being outside of man and woman, girl and boy, that still leaves a pretty broad spectrum. Nonbinary is however one identifies outside of girl and boy. That doesn't mean all nonbinary folk are skinny androgynous people with short dyed hair that drink Monster and listen to Mother Mother. I can have my long hair and wear makeup and be feminine and identify as nonbinary, and others should respect that. My cousin can wear suits and have short hair and be masculine, and still identify as nonbinary, and people should respect them. The way we present does not define our identity. If I'm not comfortable with she/her pronouns, do not refer to me as such. If I have a name you consider feminine, that does not mean I am a girl. If Jacob prefers they/them pronouns, it should not matter what Jacob looks like, what Jacobs name is, how Jacob chooses to dress. Nonbinary do not owe you androgyny. Nonbinary do not owe you Mother Mother and energy drinks and dyed hair. Nonbinary do not owe you frog obsessions and an "uwu smol bean" mindset. Expecting that is the same as expecting all boys to like sports, all girls to like makeup, and we all know that's not the case.
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confused-fluid · 2 hours ago
When you are a sapphic asexual but many wlw songs incude the sexy part so you are just like:
👁👄👁 yes, I can relate to that
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galaxy-brain-energy · 2 hours ago
In the fun of using logic with clearly illogical aphobes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's hilarious. I wanna see the response lmao
By the way I'm purplecat912
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themculibrary · 2 hours ago
Asexual Characters Masterlist
Aunt Patty (ao3) - baloobird Pairing: Ned/Peter Rating: General
Summary: One of Ned's judgmental relatives, his great Aunt Patty, is coming over for dinner so Ned has his boyfriend, Peter, stick around in the hopes that she won't ask him any embarrassing or offensive questions.
Too bad that doesn't work.
Chocolate Cake (ao3) - SailorChibi Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Peter has a problem that he doesn't have a name for. Dad Tony to the rescue.
Clouds (ao3) - SailorChibi Pairing: Steve/Tony, Bucky/Tony Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Being asexual, trying to handle university, and navigating his first relationship was hard enough for Tony.
Finding out his boyfriend was cheating on him didn't help. The sweet guy helping to put his heart back together did.
Even Longer (ao3) - guccistark Pairing: Steve/Bucky Rating: Mature
Summary: Bucky and Steve have been together for years. They love each other so much. But they've still never made love to each other. Bucky wonders why.
Iron Man's Destiny (ao3) - baloobird Pairing: Ned/Peter Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony has never seen his boys in a more depressed mood.
Since he picked them up from school, Peter and Ned have barely said a word to him.
Did they get in a fight? Tony looks at them in his rearview mirror to be sure. It doesn’t look like it, he thinks. The young couple is staring out the window with Peter in the middle seat and he has his head on Ned’s shoulder, rubbing his boyfriend’s arm in comfort.
It Might Almost Be Worth It (ao3) - nightwalker Pairing: Steve/Tony Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony couldn’t decide if this was more humiliating or frustrating, but either way it was easily the worst thing that had happened all week.
Lines In Sand; Lines In Stone (ao3) - BigSciencyBrain Pairing: Bucky/Loki/steve, Maria/Natasha Rating: Explicit
Summary: A split-second decision changes the course of Steve's life and both he and Loki are hit by a sex spell. The Avengers race to save them, but grappling with magic turns out to be harder than any of them imagined and defeating the spell is only the beginning. As Steve and Loki navigate the consequences, they form a genuine bond that develops into a complicated relationship.
(There's a lot of angsting and talking about consent/sexuality. And Loki gets adopted by a mythological creature.)
(mis)Communication (ao3) - SailorChibi Pairing: Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil/Tony Rating: Explicit
Summary: "Tony, Tony, hey. You know what's not how it works. You can't 'shouldn't' yourself into not feeling something," Clint said. "If it's what you need, and you've communicated that to Steve and he's not giving it to you, then maybe you shouldn't be with him."
Tony was silent, rolling those words over in his mind, and finally shook his head. "I can't break up with him. It's Steve. It's Captain America."
"Even Captain America can be bad at sex," Clint said patiently. "We've had this discussion before."
No Such Thing as Normal (ao3) - nightwalker Pairing: Steve/Tony Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: “I understand if you want to break up,” Steve said, the words spilling out of his mouth like they were hot on his tongue. He hadn’t meant to say it quite like that and not so early in the conversation, but it’s out there now, loud and heavy between them and he can’t pretend he didn’t say it.
one step closer (ao3) - Flowerparrish Pairing: Steve/Bucky Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Bucky doesn’t actually mean to discover it the way he does. He’s just going through Steve’s Wikipedia page one night when he can’t sleep, and he discovers a short paragraph about Steve coming out as bisexual and advocating for LGBT rights.
Pride (ao3) - funnygirlthatbelle13 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: It took Peter a long time to figure out who he was. And he's proud to be asexual biromantic. But that doesn't mean it's any easier to come out. Especially when you're coming out to your hero.
Prolonged Exposure (ao3) - AvaKelly Pairing: Steve/Bucky, Bucky/Clint/steve Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Steve makes them coffee and Bucky is just the same non-speaking sleepy zombie of the previous day. Clint finds himself sharing their breakfast, then he's persuaded into staying for lunch, and next thing he knows, he's spent all day talking to these two about everything and nothing.
Right where we are (ao3) - steveandbucky Pairing: Steve/Bucky Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Steve Rogers doesn't expect to meet someone when he signs up on a dating website after being persuaded by his mother, especially not someone like Bucky Barnes, who messages him to gush about his dogs, makes him laugh, sparks a little hope in him, and step by step slots himself perfectly in the empty spaces of Steve's life.
(In which there's a pair of dogs, chance encounters, first and second kisses, Disney movies, lots of cuddling, and two idiots who fall in love.)
Rogers & Barnes: Partners (ao3) - triedunture Pairing: Steve/Bucky Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Steve and Bucky have to pose as a couple for a mission. Nat insists it really is the only option. She's checked.
The complication: unbeknownst to even Natasha, Steve and Bucky's friendship has been rocky ever since Bucky confessed his tender feelings and Steve left him out in the cold. Can asexual, completely-in-love-with-his-angry-best-friend Steve complete the mission and win Bucky's heart?
(The answer is yes. Yay!)
Take Care (of Yourself) (ao3) - purplestarfish Pairing: Clint/Phil Rating: Mature
Summary: Phil Coulson doesn't know what to expect when he stumbles (accidentally) into Clint's massage parlor late one night. He might just find exactly what he needs.
In which Phil is a badass S.H.I.E.L.D. agent but a mess of a human being, and Clint just wants to make sure he's okay.
When Once We Thought Ourselves Broken (ao3) - pherryt Pairing: Bucky/Clint Rating: General
Summary: Clint's soulmate mark had never worked right, blinking on and off since the day he'd been born.
Bucky was broken in more ways than most people knew, except maybe Steve, even before he'd headed off to war and HYDRA had gotten their hands on him.
Everything finally makes sense when they come together.
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probably-max · 2 hours ago
for like 4 years i thought i only liked girls so i called myself a lesbian but now that i know im trans i realised i might like boys too
its a very different type of attraction but dating a boy when i thought i was a girl was just never a possibility but dating a boy as a boy seems nice
but im also pretty sure im ace and it makes everything more complicated ugh
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sunnythecat666 · 2 hours ago
Ok so genuine question: did Anonymous Asexual ever do anything wrong, or were they just made out like that because of how horrifically aphobic Tumblr was at the time they were popular?
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hey besties, so my school does a fundraiser each year for Bringing Hope Home, which is an organization that donates money to people with cancer so they can cover all their bills while they focus on getting treatment.
and my family rarely ever donates, so i usually don't get over $20, so please, if you can, donate! if you donate, i will draw you something! :)
i couldn't just add the url into the link thingie idk what it's called
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ace-culture-is · 4 hours ago
Ace culture is hating how every OC drawing prompt list has a “draw them naked/in their underwear ;)” prompt. I see my OCs as my children, why would I want to draw lewd pictures of them?!?
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ashyhummingbird · 4 hours ago
You dont get in green/black.
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