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aro-culture-is · 24 minutes ago
Advice please: Okay this is kind of not aro related but is at the same time. My buddy is biromantic demibisexual. A while back I asked on tumblr any suggestions to abbreviate since she wanted to. I just got an anon ask related to it. Anon said my friend has internalized homophobia b/c she "can f*** a girl but not fall in love with her." I am livid. I am trying to create a response to this to explain that, no, this isn't internalized biphobia. I think this could be similar to aphobia. Yknow, ppl that say you cant be aroallo or alloace, that your attractions have to line up. Do you think that is a solid connection? That I can reference in my response?
[empty paragraph in case tumblr eats it]
* heteroromantic demibisexual, as corrected in a PM
so, I’m going to be totally honest. I think there’s a few ways I would handle this, and I suspect they don’t line up very well with what your instinct seems to be here. after being on tumblr for the last 8 years, I can tell you right now that this anon ask was sent by a terf(/whatever term they think makes them somehow better) who has no interest in listening to anything you say. they want you to be mad. they want you to be upset. they don’t care about your opinion - they want to hurt your feelings and make it scary for others to talk about that.
and in that case, that bad faith ask? the best option I’ve ever learned to use is to never ever respond to them directly. in fact, I’ve learned through this blog to be careful. To hold my temper, wait perhaps a week - then, if I think it’s something where someone who follow me needs to hear it (never the anon), I’ll write a post separate of the ask. I won’t say their points for them, or let them use me to broadcast them.
if you still feel like responding, in your case, as it is specifically about a friend, I’d suggest talking to her about if she even wants you to respond. personally, if someone wrote up a message to one of my friends like that, I wouldn’t want them to respond. I’d want them to block and delete the ask. I’d want, if they did anything, for them to passive-aggressively reblog positive things about my identities, but not community discussions so that they don’t go after others. If your friend feels differently, take their lead.
This ask isn’t about you. It’s about how much harm this bad faith asker can cause through you. Who they can force to see their words. Who they can make feel worse about themself, and who they can make afraid to talk about their identity. and, if they can force them back into the closet so that these bad faith anons feel better pretending the world works how they want it to work.
- mod kee
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autumnalace · 37 minutes ago
💚💜And I feel love for aces, aros, aroaces, and aspec people in general in this chili’s tonight 💜💚
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callme-corpse-septiceye · 58 minutes ago
ok but like non ace aromantics? cool af. pog. epic. awesome. you deserve the world. you’re cool as shit.
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caughtupinbetween · an hour ago
Why does it always have to be a rom-com? I want a good co-ed, platonic, buddy cop movie.
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zire-in-space · an hour ago
Some Helpful Stuff
Shoutout to women. Shoutout to asians. Shoutout to blacks. Shoutout to hispanics. Shoutout to latinos/as. Shoutout to muslims. Shoutout to Jewish people. Shoutout to lgbtqa+ members. Shoutout to you all. Every one of you. Don't let anyone, not even a person with an identity I just shouted out, tell you you're not suffering, or that your suffering is anything less than other marginalized groups. Don't let anyone bring you down with hateful rhetoric. Never let it bring your consious lower and make you quieter, never. Keep being kind - never stop being the person who sees others hurt and has a desire and will to help. Never.
Thats it. Thats da post.
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Honestly, Spongebob Squarepants did not fuck around when it came to showing different kinds of platonic relationships.
Spongebob and Sandy, had so much potential to become a couple (their first episode? Karate Choppers? Truth or Square??).
Sandy could've been that love interest, but you still don't see her becoming that.
Their Holiday Episode they did for Valentine Day? Was all about Spongebob and Patrick celebrating their friendship.
They literally had an episode of these two raising a baby together!!
Like sure, there's been plenty of old and modern cartoons with next to none romance at the center of it, but their platonic relationships only limit to "sharing is caring" bullshit or whatever - it was this sponge though that normalized the idea of making your platonic relationships mean whatever you want, and this is so goddamn important to show to kids.
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hyenasbreath · 2 hours ago
omg wait
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(Well, almost all of them)
Petition to make Pansexual, genderfluid, Demigirl/boy, And the other demi hashtags colorful
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aro-culture-is · 3 hours ago
aro culture is listening to “friends don’t” by maddie&tae list off things that you do w all your close friends and wondering if you’re j in love w everybody since apparently those things “must” mean you have a crush
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mo0nbugs · 3 hours ago
Look im aro/ace but if a pretty lady wanted to smooch me on my forehead I think I would die then and there happy
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elegantsheepjellyfish · 3 hours ago
Stop homo/bi/pan/ace/aro/trans/poly/omni/queer phobia
I literally do not understand homo/trans/ace/aro/bi/pan/poly/omni/ queer etc phohes. Like dude, they are living their freaking life, loving who they love and being who they are. And you’re hear going “it’s not right you’re going to hell/god hates you” and shit but like dude gods whole thing is loving people. You can’t love god with all you’re heart and then do a 180 and tell people they are going to hell for being themselves and that god hates them. I’m not religious, I’m very neutral on the subject of religious and am interested in learning about them and all, but when you’re being a worthless piece of shit hating on other people but acting all high and mighty ‘cause you know everything.... wtf man?
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thatsafish · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I take back everything i’ve ever said bad about this is the raddest thing i’ve ever seen
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cutter-kirby · 4 hours ago
asexual aromantic and agender call me a triple A battery-
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aroace-and-afraid · 4 hours ago
my grandma's relatives keep calling and asking if i'm "courting" yet and i
Tumblr media
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