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greenpebbleintheocean · 20 minutes ago
signs you might be...
a child of poseidon:
you love all beaches
not just vacation beaches in the summer
stormy, gray beaches
rocky beaches with no sand
abandoned, melancholy beaches that fill you with nostalgia and longing
piers, ports, and docking centers for ships
even little man made beaches
you have sailors in your family and you sail as well (or you haven’t learned to sail yet but you love going with them and being on boats)
you don’t get seasick
you take really long showers
pirates of the caribbean was a life changing series for you
you’re most comfortable in converse sneakers, baggy jeans, and well worn sweatshirts
you’re moody and sarcastic
but you’re also hilarious and deeply passionate
you don’t like being told what to do
you intimidate people without meaning to
you have a collection of interesting rocks, bits of driftwood and seaglass, and shells
you live in the city but you’ve always wanted to ride a horse as fast as you can and forget about life for a little while
you love looking at tidepools and going out early in the morning when the tide is low
you get sunburnt but you never bother with sunscreen
you can’t stand it when people litter and you always clean up after yourself very well when you’ve been out in nature
you need to drink a lot of water and you get dehydrated more often than other people
you love the weightless feeling water gives your body, it’s like flying but even better
when you were younger, and maybe still now, you would pretend you were a mermaid, siren, turtle, dolphin, etc whenever you were in the water
you’re a natural leader and people trust you to keep them safe
you’re loyal even when it destroys you and the people in question don’t deserve your loyalty
you’re impulsive but it usually works out in your favor
you don’t bother with people who can’t keep up with you
you’re bitter about your painful past and you hold a grudge
when you love someone, you love them with all you have until it burns you up
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Percy: do you want to run around the world bro?
Jason: sure bro
Percy: *runs around Jason*
Jason: why’d you do that?
Percy: cause you’re my world bro
Jason: bro
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ale-bookworm · 42 minutes ago
Mallory Keen 🤝 Rachel Elizabeth Dare
Being a redhead with green eyes and having the same bad*ss attitude.
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discount-komaru · 46 minutes ago
Me: *Shares a cool story idea to my friend that then stems into a discussion about Greek Mythology*
My friend: I only know a bit about greek mythology
Me, a Percy Jackson kid who has been lost in the greek mythology sauce since fifth grade: My time has come to pass my knowledge.
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ale-bookworm · 48 minutes ago
*In the cabin of the Argo II*
Annabeth: Jason, help me with this!
Jason: What are you planning?
*On the deck of the Argo II*
Percy: Leo, what does the blue button do?
Leo: Just don’t press it!
Piper: Now I need to press it.
Leo: Piper, no!
*Something explodes*
Annabeth and Jason: WE CAN’T LEAVE YOU ONE MINUTE?!
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a-taken-url · 52 minutes ago
How Octavian Should Have Died
Nico: People always say kill your enemies with kindness, and I totally agree
Nico: *runs over octavian*
Nico: My car is called 'Kindness'
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luke-x-percy · 53 minutes ago
“But Robin!” I hear you saying, “What do you mean Luke always let the demigods go and never tried to kill them?”
1.) The Hellhound - first, we need to look at what Luke says about the Hellhound. He specifically says “we had to make Chiron think the camp wasn’t safe for you, so he would start you on your quest.” (TLT, pg 367/368) Meaning that the Hellhound wasn’t ever supposed to kill Percy.
Second, we need to look at how the Hellhound was summoned. It was during Capture-The-Flag while every camper at Camp Half-Blood was in the woods in full armor and carrying weapons. So everyone is armed, protected, in groups (and for gods sake, there are already monsters in the forest - this is just one more).
Third, because I know some idiot is going to bring it up, Luke did not decide to put Percy by himself during the game. Annabeth did that specifically with the hopes that the Ares cabin would beat the shit out of him so she could prove he was the Chosen One.
2.) The Flying Shoes - these were supposed to drag Percy and the backpack that contained the Bolt and Helm into Tartarus.
Luke says that Percy was supposed to die in Tartarus, which doesn’t work for a few reasons. One being that at this point, Kronos is trying to recruit Percy to his side. “The little hero. Too weak, too young, but perhaps you will do. They have misled you, boy. Barter with me. I will give you what you want.” (TLT pg 193) You’re really going to kill him this early in the game? Nah. I don’t think so.
Two being that Luke only says this at the end of the book, after he knows that Kronos is listening to their conversation (more on this later).
The third being that Luke later says “Kronos was right, Percy. You’re an unreliable weapon. You need to be replaced.” To note, this was said in SOM (pg 241) and at this point, Percy has not only denied Kronos, he’s also become a major pain in the ass.
Here’s the thing about flying shoes...they fly. If Percy had any other magical item (like a hat or a sword or a backpack), he wouldn’t survive the fall into Tartarus (unless there was a handy river but let’s be honest, what Percy later fell into barely counts as water). With flying shoes he wouldn’t hit the ground, Zeus wouldn’t strike him out the sky because he’s not in the sky, and his chances of living through Tartarus are greatly increased.
And as monsters crawl out of Tartarus all the time, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Percy to do the same or to, you know, fly out of Tartarus the same way he came in. If the curse was so easily “confused” that a satyr wearing the shoes messes it up, I don’t think it was a very effective curse and could have probably been broken. Not to mention, Luke gives them to Percy at the last second and is stuttering and halting and “um”ing for the first and only time in the series, implying that he isn’t sure about doing this. Just saying.
3.) The Pit Scorpion - Again, I’d like to point out that Luke didn’t want to give up on Percy joining their side until the end of SOM, as the above quote says. Moving on.
Luke lied when he said that the pit scorpion would kill Percy in 60 seconds. If that was true then Percy would have died because: it stung him the first time it lunged and he swatted it away. Then it lunged again and Percy cut it in half with his sword. Then Percy realized he’s been stung. Then Percy makes the decision to get to the water and stumbles over to it. Then Percy asks for help from the nymphs. Then the nymphs have to go find Chiron and drag Percy to camp. Then Chiron has to figure out what’s wrong and make an antidote because apparently he got more than just a shot of nectar.
Based on what we know of Luke and Kronos’ relationship, anytime that Luke messes up, he’s punished for it. First with nightmares that are so bad he’s still scared six months later. Third with being demoted and holding the sky. Fourth with his mother’s life threatened and bathing in the River Styx, which is a death sentence for Luke. As you can see, the punishments escalate every time.
But wait, what’s the second punishment? Killing Percy when Kronos decides that he’s not a viable weapon. We know that Luke likes Percy and has invested a lot in his training. Luke’s flying shoes failed to get Percy into Tartarus to deliver the Bolt to Kronos. This is the second time that Luke has failed to get the Bolt to Kronos. Having Luke kill Percy would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.
There are some other important things to note: No one has ever beat Luke in a sword fight, including Percy, and there are much easier ways to kill Percy than summoning a creature to do it for him. Luke could have killed Percy at any moment and it wouldn’t matter because he’s already defected to Kronos and is outing himself by leaving Camp. Luke says the scorpion will kill Percy in 60 seconds before Percy invokes Kronos’ name and allows Kronos to spy on their conversation so if this was false information, Kronos wouldn’t have heard it. And then Luke leaves. Without making sure that Percy is dead. Without even making sure that the scorpion attacks him. Sure doesn’t sound like someone who is actually interested in killing Percy.
4.) Thalia’s Tree - I can’t believe I have to say this, but Luke watched Thalia get eaten alive by hellhounds and then Zeus turned what was left of her into a tree (like the speed run of a pod burial). There’s no reason to think that any part of Thalia’s consciousness or soul is part of the tree. They literally tell us over and over again that Thalia is dead and the tree is symbolic. As far as Luke (and everyone else) knows, Thalia is in Elysium.
And despite all evidence that Thalia is dead and the tree is just a tree, Luke poisons the tree with the explicit intent to heal it as soon as he can. “You don’t understand the half of it. I was going to let you take the Fleece...once I was done with it.” (SOM, pg239)
The fact that Thalia winds up being expelled from the tree at all is a surprise to everyone - including the 3000 year old Chiron so there obviously isn’t much of a precedent for this type of thing that anyone could have predicted...let alone Luke.
5.) The Drakon - Annabeth and Percy themselves both say that Luke obviously let them go but I’m going to mention it anyway.
There’s Luke, the mortal security guards who are under a spell, and the Grizzly twins. Luke tells Percy and Annabeth that the Grizzly twins together are more than a match for Tyson and the demigods.
After the kids make fools of themselves and deny Luke‘s offer to join him, Luke tells Oreius - who is quoted as being worthless by Agrius - to take Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson to the drakon. Alone. Without his twin. Giving this order makes Luke nervously glance at the golden casket that holds Kronos because he doesn’t want Kronos to know that he’s letting the kids go.
As Oreius does this, the kids realize what Luke said and use it to their advantage to escape.
“He let us go too easily.”
I hoped I’d been imagining it, but Annabeth nodded. “I was thinking the same thing.” (SOM, pg 140)
6.) Poolside Duel - The poolside duel at the end of SOM is the only fight between Percy and Luke (and one of only two fights Luke actually has in the series). Percy tries to bait Luke into a fight to give Clarisse time to get to Camp with the Golden Fleece.
Here’s what we know: Luke was already planning on giving the Fleece to the Olympian demigods. Luke knows that Percy is trying to bait him and says as much. Luke decides to take the time to fight Percy instead of going to stop Clarisse.
Fun fact: Luke doesn’t split up his army to go get the Fleece while he fights Percy even though that’s a simple battle maneuver that would be better for his side. Anyway.
Luke almost kills Percy with the first attack. He grazes Percy’s ribs. The best sword fighter in 300 years isn’t going to miss on accident. Throughout the fight, Luke is moving with ease. This isn’t a challenge for him at all. Even being literally knocked off his feet and blinded with a wave of water doesn’t bother Luke and he wounds Percy bad enough that Percy’s leg won’t hold his weight.
Luke is playing, cutting up the furniture, and putting on a show for his army. Percy is literally crawling away, trying not to black out before he gets to the swimming pool. Luke advances slowly, then Luke stops and provides a distraction from the fight.
You could argue that Luke is being cocky but he hasn’t taken this fight seriously at all and has never come close to losing. Percy hasn’t managed to leave so much as a scratch on him.
Luke stopping the fight allows the Party Ponies to bust in and rescue the kids. While it’s doubtful that he planned that particular thing happening, he was likely giving Percy time to get to the pool, heal himself, and escape with the others because this is a precedent they’ve set before. Especially considering that Luke and Percy are close enough to the pool that Luke gets knocked into it. Percy and the others escape with no lasting harm done.
7.) Holding The Sky - Luke was abandoned by the army (likely as punishment for losing the Fleece) and left holding the sky. His punishment was twofold; he gets abandoned and he’s replaced by Atlas, who he incidentally freed by taking his place.
Atlas comes up with the plan to kidnap a child of the Big Three and make them take Luke’s place holding the sky...apparently to take them out of the fight? It’s not really clear.
“I should throw you into the pits of Tartarus for your incompetence. I send you to capture a child of the three elder gods, and you bring me a scrawny daughter of Athena.” (TTC, pg 132)
What winds up happening is that Dr Thorn kidnaps Annabeth instead to get revenge on Athena. He drops her off where Luke is.
Luke asks Annabeth to take his place because he’s seconds away from dying. Annabeth agrees. Luke goes to find help and returns with Artemis. Artemis agrees to take Annabeth’s place. Atlas calls this “salvaging the plan” which doesn’t make a lot of sense unless his plan was to trap an Olympian the whole time.
Luke then convinces Atlas to spare Annabeth’s life and nurses her back to health. She fully recovers with zero side effects.
8.) Fighting With Thalia - At the end of TTC, the Olympian demigods face off against Kronos’ army. Luke tries to convince Annabeth and Thalia to join him. Annabeth tries to convince Thalia to spare Luke’s life.
Thalia attacks Luke, cuts his chest open, and backs him against a cliff. Luke tries to grab for the spear she has pointed at him, and Thalia kicks Luke off the cliff. She walks away without so much as a scratch. Luke is said to be “a broken form on the rocks.” (TTC, pg 272).
9.) The Labyrinth - Luke sent demigods on solo missions to navigate the labyrinth because it was safer for everyone that way. The bigger the group the more likely you are to get lost. The only demigod we know of who was negatively affected by going solo was Chris Rodriguez, who went crazy wandering the labyrinth. The text doesn’t say anything about other solo explorers going crazy or being killed.
It’s important to note that all other demigods navigated the labyrinth without side effects: Ethan Nakamura, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, and Percy Jackson. The labyrinth scared Clarisse la Rue but didn’t make her go crazy.
Before this, Luke was still trying to get the thread of Ariadne from Daedalus so that his army could safely cross. The only other option Luke had was to use a mortal with clear sight to navigate the labyrinth. However, as we already know from TTC, Luke doesn’t like to use mortals for demigod/immortal affairs. And the only mortal with clear sight that Luke knows is his mother, who is too insane and whom he loves too much to use like that.
10.) The Arena - Rachel Elizabeth Dare leads herself, Annabeth, and Percy close to the Arena because apparently she had to. Luke mentions that you can’t go anywhere without passing through the arena first so this may be true. They get close enough that Kelli and some dracaenae capture them and take them to the Arena.
When Luke sees them, Luke draws Antaeus’ attention to Percy, which prompts Antaeus to demand Percy fight to the death. At this point, Luke knows Percy isn’t going to lose. He simply isn’t. The only fight Percy ever lost was to Luke by the pool. And Percy doesn’t disappoint.
By the time Percy challenges Antaeus to fight him himself, Luke is smiling. Because he knows that Percy is going to win and then his army can pass through the territory unchallenged. Which is what happens. Percy wins, Luke puts on a show about killing Percy. “Jackson! I should have killed you long ago! But since I’m feeling merciful today, I’ll have you killed quickly.” (BOTL, pg 267) Luke orders the army to spare Annabeth because he wants to talk to her. His voice quavers as he gives the order.
The army surrounds Percy and his friends. The little speech gives the dog whistle time to activate so Percy can use it, which he does. Percy, unsurprisingly at this point, escapes with his friends again. The army fails at capturing them. They walk away without a scratch.
You could argue - though I’d call it a stretch - that Daedalus and Luke worked it out so that the Olympian demigods would escape any trouble they got into because we know that they were working together and met multiple times.
11.) Kronos - nothing that Kronos does in Luke’s body counts as Luke hurting or killing people because he’s literally taken over Luke’s body and Luke has no control. The best Luke can do is cause headaches for Kronos for the year that he inhabits Luke’s body. Annabeth being hurt at the end of TLO is the only time that Luke gets control over Kronos and it’s only long enough to dispel Kronos by stabbing himself.
Once Luke stabs himself to expel Kronos, he’s left bleeding out and dies. So I guess there is one demigod that Luke killed. Himself.
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ale-bookworm · 53 minutes ago
Aphrodite : Awww, how romantic! Percy took the sky for Annabeth!
X: Annabeth did it for Luke.
Aphrodite : *With red eyes* We don’t talk about that, my dear.
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nicothedebbiedowner · 55 minutes ago
it has been a true pleasure to watch your distracting childish rivalry evolve into a distracting childish courtship and now into what I'm sure will be a distracting childish marriage.
-part of grover's best man speech at percabeth's wedding probably
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biracialpercy · an hour ago
Anyway let Percy be a monster fucker
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a-taken-url · an hour ago
Nico: My emotions are like fine wine.
Will: They get better with age?
Nico: No, they will stay bottled up for years and can kill if opened incorrectly.
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a-taken-url · an hour ago
Dionysus: I love you.
Ariadne: Was that you or the wine talking?
Dionysus: That was me
Dionysus: ...talking to the wine.
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art-in-the-sunlight · an hour ago
The 4th chapter of Suez Canal Shores, Greek Gods and Memes is up! Go check it out:
The Ever Given’s Captain sits down in his office and covers his face in his hands. This is a disaster. A complete flaming heap of landfill - sized disaster, that will probably haunt him for the rest of his life.
~ ~ ~
“Brother,” Hermes addressed Apollo in their native tongue. “Look.”
Apollo looked up and glanced at Hermes’ phone, before laughing. “I’ve seen that meme already,” Apollo replied in ancient Greek. “You’ll have to do better than that. Look at the one my son, Will Solace sent me.”
Apollo held up his phone and Hermes glanced at it. It consisted of three screenshots illustrating the Ever Given as Ragnarök who would defeat Global Capitalism, as Hela.
Hermes laughed. He had to admit, it was good.
Apollo looked smug, as if to say that his children made better memes. Hermes narrowed his eyes and glared, as if to say aww Styx no before scrolling through his phone, looking for more memes created by his children. The competition was on.
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chasegrangerkingdom · an hour ago
Percy: We're gonna need codenames.
Percy: I'm Vanilla Ice.
Percy to Annabeth: You're Daddy Issues.
Percy to Clarisse: You're Needs to Go To Therapy.
Percy to Grover: You're Too Pure For This World.
Percy to Luke: YOU'RE A BASTARD.
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luke-x-percy · an hour ago
You know what would be fun is if at the end of SOM, when Luke and Percy are having their poolside duel, Percy just slips into the water and comes up as a seal.
Here’s the scene.
Percy is crawling away from Luke, trying to get to the pool, and Luke is following him. They wind up so close to the pool that the Party Ponies knock Luke into it. So that means that when Luke stopped the fight to talk to the army, Percy must have been teetering on the edge of the pool.
Imagine if he just tipped over the edge and comes up as a seal, looking at Luke with his big, adorable, taunting seal eyes like “What are you gonna do now, Luke? Bet you didn’t see this coming, Luke. I’m gonna claw your face off because seals have claws, Luke. Did you know seals have claws, Luke? Are you really going to stab a baby seal, Luke?”
And Luke just standing there stunned like “HE’S A SELKIE AND A DEMIGOD?!?!”
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anika-thestollsister · an hour ago
Hazel: Would you rather kill Octavian or—?
Reyna: Octavian.
Hazel: But I haven't even given the second—
Reyna: Octavian.
Octavian: Wow, feeling a little unsafe here.
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