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perfume-knives · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’m writing a cookbook
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Anemoia: Chapter 20
Rating: Explicit
Levi Ackerman/Eren Jaeger
If Levi gets his way, then none of their squad will have to kill anyone without cause, he’s more than content to let the blood stain his own hands and no one else’s. Isabel can handle it, she’s got nearly as much experience as he has when it comes to survival, and Eren’s… A special case. Ymir, Levi knows fuck all about, but she has the air of someone who’s done shit to survive, so he knows she’s not going to be a problem.
The others, though, they don’t know what it is to kill another person and Levi hopes they never have to do it. He’s not optimistic, but if he can stop them from bloodying their hands, then he’s determined to do so.
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stony-ao3-feed · 6 minutes ago
the roots of education
Read it on AO3
by Anonymous
Words: 4093, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English
Series: Part 2 of teacher!steve
Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Categories: M/M
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Age Difference, Power Imbalance, Teacher-Student Relationship, Grooming, Spanking, Statutory Rape, Blow Jobs, First Time Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Daddy Kink, Anal Plug, Pedophilia, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat
Read it on AO3
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pietromaxidaddy · 9 minutes ago
I miss 2016 Wattpad
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marvelyningreen · 9 minutes ago
I was paying for gas earlier and the message on the screen was “Would you like a receipt Y/N?”
And for a split second, I was so confused. Then I realized that it was asking me to press ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ not implying that I’m the reader insert character in the world’s most boring fanfic.
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codywan-ao3-library · 10 minutes ago
Suns Tempered by Devotion
By: ComeChaos
Fandoms: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
Relationships: CC-2224 | Cody/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Other Tags: Angst, Slow Burn, First Kiss, Canon-Typical Violence, Dehumanization, Minor Character Death, Trauma, POV CC-2224 | Cody, Obi-Wan Kenobi is Trying, Cody is the dog in the 'this is fine' meme
Word Count: 15706
Language: English
Chapters: 1/1
Completion Status: Complete
Summary: Cody serves the Republic. Obi-Wan slowly comes to question his own loyalties.
Link to fic: AO3
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marvel-reader-insert · 10 minutes ago
Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: Angst, foul language, no edits, no beta, Coffee Shop!!, 
Summary: Many years ago you were in direct contact with the Winter Soldier. Like Zemo you were imprisoned for the work you did; you however were able to prove yourself and were released to do community service and required to live off the grid. Given your lack of connectivity Bucky is forced to track you down the old fashioned way. 
Notes: requested by anon! Number 12: “sometimes I really wish that I could hate you. I’ve tried, but that’s just something I can’t do” with Bucky! OKAY! So this is a total spin off of my story ‘Overwhelming’ ! I kinda love it so yeah. I hope you guys do too ♥
Tagging: @not-another-fangirl​ @thatdrunkaries​ and anyone interested in seeing my work in their notifications ♥
If you haven’t yet then give my prompt list a look. I have 72 stories to write after all
Tumblr media
   With a groan of relief Bucky moved up to the counter and shoved his phone into his jacket pocket without glancing at the barista as he spoke.
“I’ll take a mango dragonfruit lemonade. Light ice and no fruit.” he pulled his wallet out and as he flicked the plastic out for the woman to take the two stared at one another.
   You let out a laugh at your coworkers joke and as the next guest came to the counter you glanced up from your screen and froze. Bucky. You brain seemed to short circuit as he spoke and started to hand you a card. His eyes met yours and you pursed your lips as he licked his.
“Long time no see.” “Most definitely.” you let out a breath as he words gave you a new scene of continuation.
“That’s one mango dragonfruit lemonade light ice no fruit. I’ll assume a vente?” you looked from your screen to him and he shrugged with a furrowed brow.
“That’s the large.” “Right. So. Any chance you can talk to me for like five minutes?”  “I’ll amuse you with small talk while I prepare your drink and the second it’s in your hand you forget you saw me. Hows that?”  “Harsh. But I get it.” “OH! Okay. I’m glad you get it.” you let your smile fall as he was the last guest in line and there were few people around.
“I’m reformed.” the tone he used wasn’t reassuring and you rolled your eyes as you ducked below the machines to grab the lemonade from the fridge.
“How have you...” “You don’t get to ask me that question because we both know you don’t care.” he held his hands up and bobbed his head with a tight expression.
“I care now if that makes a difference. I know that had some time in isolation because of me.” “Correction because of what I did and it wasn’t fun. Neither is this conversation.” you shook your head as you turned your back and set the carton and tumblr down.
   You gulped and let out a breath as you measured out the liquid and started adding pumps of the flavoring. Why in the hell is he here of all places? The last time you saw him he forced a kiss on you and went to Virginia on yet another mission. 
   Bucky rubbed the back of his neck and couldn’t help but focus on how dry his mouth was as the last memories he had of you were through a screen. You had just thrown yourself across a courtroom at Zemo and he watched Dr. Banner nearly Hulk out because of it. He shook the memory from his mind and stood straight to see you hadn’t moved.
“Everything okay?” you jerked your head in his direction and once again you were able to resume the task at hand.
“Just fine. You said no fruit and light ice correct?”  “yeah. So. We uh could use your help.” “Hmm?” you twisted to meet his eyes as you moved to shovel half a scoop of ice.
“Less ice. Please?” he let out a chortle of embarrassment and gave a half smile.
“sure.” you shook the scoop and held it up to see if he approved of the number of cubes. “Perfect. Thank you.” you nodded and stopped as you closed your eyes then opened them.
“Who is we and what help?” he smirked then rubbed his face with his metal fingers to cool his cheeks that were warming quicker and hotter the longer you looked at him like you did.
“Classified in an open space. Five minutes outside. Then I’m out of your hair for good. Unless you decide to help. Which I really would appreciate.” you looked over your shoulder to see you co-worked in the ToGo window as you placed the lid on Bucky’s drink and held it out to him.
   He reached for it eager to quench his third, but you pulled the cup back.
“Eyes on me.” you’re voice changed and he knew you were serious as he met your eyes.
   He inhaled deeply and couldn’t stand how heated the back of his neck was at how your tone had changed.
“I’ll meet you outside in an hour. You have five minutes.” “I’ll only need two. Thanks.” he smirked as he gripped the drink and took it despite you tightening your grip on it for a second and letting it go.
   As you turned your back Bucky made his way to the far corner of the shop and sat casually as he had his drink and waited for you. A large rush of people came in and he checked to see that it was a little after four and so the afterwork rush strolled in. He observed your behavior not really sure what he was expecting. Your hour had come and gone, but the number of people hadn’t died down until well after seven thirty. You handed the last customer their drink and grasped a lanyard, crossed the lobby while bobbing your head in no particular way and locked the doors for the evening.
   Standing; Bucky tossed his empty cup and shoved his hands deep into his pockets. You turned to head back behind the bar to cleaning and yelped at the sight of Bucky. The keys feel from your hand and he was quick to catch it before they hit the ground. He held them up with a small smile as they hung from his metal finger.
“You forgot you saw me today didn’t you?” he couldn’t help the smirk as you struggled to find your words and yank the keys from him.
   You crumpled the fabric in your hand and nodded before speaking as you walked back to the counter.
“I definitely did. I was hoping that you coming in was a complete dream and wasn’t real. So I told myself it wasn’t and now that is setting in.” you let out a breath and turned to face him.
   You shuddered at how close he was and clenched your fists a couple times as you steddied your breathing. Bucky could see this was difficult for you and the longer you kept your eyes shut while facing him began to set in for him how difficult it was.
“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come. Just let me out the back and you won’t have to think of me ever again.” you heard his words but stood there motionless and speechless as you finally met his eyes.
“sometimes I really wish that I could hate you...“ you grimaced at your own words and looked away as tears started to well and Bucky gulped and waited patiently. 
   He knew you’d been through a lot and he didn’t exactly leave you with much there in the very end. He took a deep breath and your only response was to follow his action and rub your palms together as you began to giggle.
“I’ve tried, damn I’ve tried so hard today to find every reason, but that’s just something I can’t do. I’m not that kind of person anymore.” you rubbed away tears that had fallen and Bucky let his head fall as he continued to wait for eye contact so he could speak again.
“Do you remember the last thing you ever said or did to me?” you finally met his gaze and he gritted his molars with a stiff shake of his head.
“Of course you don’t. Wow. Okay. Yeah. I need to get you out of here.” you waved your hand around and let out a laugh as more tears stained your cheek.
“I’m sorry.” “No you’re not supposed to apologize. Because damn what a goodbye. I sure as hell wasn’t expect it and if you’re “reformed” like you said and like I’ve witnessed...don’t apologize for the only time our lips met.” as you said that Bucky stepped closer and nearly eliminated the space between you as he yanked your chin up to meet his.
   Your heart was in your throat, electricity tickled your skin, and dread cascaded over your mind as he leaned in and stopped short of your lips;
“I’m sorry.” you searched his eyes for the same thing you saw all those years ago and it wasn’t present.
   Tears started to well again and you couldn’t stop them as the coffee shop around you started to fade away. 
“I’m sorry.” he moved his hand from your chin to your cheek bringing goosebumps up from your toes up to where his fingers felt so calloused and warm.
   You weren't sure what to say or do and with each twitch of your face his hand moved further around to the back of your neck and his face got closer. His nose brushed yours and you placed your hand against his metal forearm that was coming in to hold you.
“I’m sorry.” your hand moved up the metal arm and his eyes closed as he gently pressed his lips onto yours.
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estrangedlestrange · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
from talking with @sbooksbowm
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irondadreviews · 16 minutes ago
Five Times Peter Parker Pretended to Be Asleep
Author: blondsak on ao3 and @blondsak on tumblr
Rating: General Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen
Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, May Parker, The Avengers
Tags: Angst, Fluff, 5+1, Some Humor, Avengers Tower, and more
Published: 05/19/19
Completed: 06/02/19
Words: 16,921
Chapters: 6/6
Summary: A 5+1 story about the five times Peter Parker pretended to be asleep, and the one time he actually was! This story is packed full of angst, along with humor and fluff. Each chapter is an adventure of it’s own, whether it’s thermoregulation or a kidnapping! There is such a wide variety of tales in this one story! 
“I believe this was the very first Irondad fic I read! It’s always been one of my favorites, and to this day, Blondsak remains one of my favorite authors! The writing in this fic is absolutely incredible! Definitely worth checking it out!” - Lori, The Librarian
Ao3 Link:
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thatringboy · 20 minutes ago
23 chapters and counting!
Summary: Three weeks after Aether and Paimon ventured North into Snezhnaya, the Traveler is spotted in Liyue holding a strange device and then again a few days later in Mondstat with numerous broken bones and unable to speak complete sentences. Xiao joins forces with the Mondstat team to get to the bottom of this mystery, but time it running out for everyone. In the middle of the madness, the last person he expected to get quality advice from reminds Kaeya of why fate had brought him to this point. But can he hold onto the past without letting it control him?
Word Count: 54,020
Tags: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Creator Chose not to use Archive Warnings, Major Character Death, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Abyss!Lumine, Aether gets beat up a lot, mentions of Albedo's character quest, Xiao has to pick up everyone's messes, no beta we die like qiqi, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, maybe spoilers for kaeya's backstory, Khaenri'ah Royalty Kaeya (Genshin Impact), Khaenri'ah (Genshin Impact), packing in the angst, ALL THE ANGST, Venti needs to go to AA, Tartaglia | Childe Needs a Hug (Genshin Impact), Diluc: everyone's favorite babysitter, It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better, Dainsleif needs a new job, Blood and Injury, Minor Character Death, Sucrose needs a hug, naming unnamed characters, Kaeya Needs a Hug (Genshin Impact), Scaramouche needs a Hug (Genshin Impact), Albedo Needs a Hug (Genshin Impact), Everyone Needs A Hug, soft lesbians, Fluff, Jerry they’re gay, Torture, Implied/Referenced Torture, Crying, Kaeya's father is gross, wholesomeness from everyone, So many tags            
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wyn-dixie · 21 minutes ago
Same Time, Same Place -- A Sneak Peek
Word Count: 500 Warnings: None? We're setting the VIBES, baybee. Author's Note: Okay, this was originally just going to be a little one shot inspired by @hnt-escape​'s brilliant prompt that got the cogs in my broken brain turning but now the caffeine has kicked in and I'm just really.... feeling this and where this story can go and I'm inspired because I find Javier to be one of the more intimidating of The Boys to write for. Thank you to @danniburgh​ for being a sounding board on this. 
Tumblr media
“Can we fucking go?” The sweat poured off your face in buckets and you could feel the beginning of a heat rash where your thighs touched in the piping hot Texas heat. 
You hate the farmer’s market and even if Becca always got you the flowers you liked and a baklava, it didn’t matter. This shit should be outlawed in the south.
She’s promising you it won’t be much longer, promising that lunch is on the horizon.
“Do you need eggs for Allison’s birthday cake?”
“No, I’v—“ you start to tell her you’ve got enough at home when you look up at Chucho’s booth, the older man you’ve become acquainted with since moving to Laredo, and he’s not there. In his place stands someone so much younger, soft curls gathering at the back of his head and a lavender button-up clinging to his broad frame.
“On second thought,” your feet start to move in his direction, “I think they might have gone bad and you know I don’t like using the stuff from the store.”
“Yeah, yeah,” she’s distracted by the local beekeeper’s honey selection, “you like it straight from the butt, whatever.” 
It’s just a few short steps and now you see the sweat that drips across his collarbone, the buttons undone just below casual decency.
“Hi,” you say, clutching harder to the small bouquet in your hands.
He looks up from where he’s rearranging his inventory and the smile he gives you is devastating as he says, “well hello there yourself.” 
“Is Chucho okay?” 
That makes his smile grow brighter, “dad’s a bit under the weather today so I offered to take over the booth, I can pass along your well wishes if you’d like?” 
“That would be really nice,” you nod your head, “thank you.” 
He lifts his sunglasses up to rest like a crown on those curls and offers you his hand, brown eyes glinting in the southern sun, “I'm Javier,” it rolls off his tongue, “and who can I tell pop is sending their good word?”
“Um,” you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, cheeks flushing with a new heat, “he calls me Panaderita.”
“Little Baker, huh?” He looks around, “Where’s your booth?”
You laugh, “Oh no, Javie—“
“Just Javi,” and you notice the crinkles around his eyes now.
“Javi,” you correct yourself, “baking is just a hobby, I could never sell anything.” 
“Well,” he licks his lips and starts packing an empty carton with a dozen, “how about you bring me something next week and I’ll be the judge of that?”
He’s stilling your hands as they reach for your coin purse and, Christ, he’s so warm. His touch is burning on your bare skin but it’s the most pleasant feeling in the world.
“Consider this an investment, Panaderita,” he’s gently placing the carton in the palms he’s turned in his own, “next week. Same time, same place.” 
You nod, dumbstruck under his blazing hot gaze, “Same time, same place.” 
TAGLIST: I'm not gonna tag my regular babies in this just yet but if you'd like to be added to the list for this story, pls send me an ask and let me know if you want just this story or my master list in general. 
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silverglass83 · 22 minutes ago
Dragonlance Week - Unlikely Encounter/Changes
~~~ What begins with an unlikely encounter beneath the Great Library in Palanthas, sets the Archmage Raistlin Majere’s path on a course that will change his life forever. "Time of The Hourglass" is a series where I endeavor - through love, blood, and sacrifice - to tell a tale of growth and redemption for The Hourglass Mage. Each 'part' in this series will be its own consecutive story arc and are meant to be read in order. The parts will span the years beginning around, and replacing, the events in the 'Legends Trilogy'. 
Tumblr media
Part 1: The Star and The Hourglass Part 2: The Sword and The Hourglass Part 3: TBA ~~~ Passing along links to my multipart Dragonlance AU fanfic over on AO3. The story does contain an original character and I rate my fanfics ‘explicit’ due to canon typical violence, language, adult themes and sexual situations. If these aren’t your cup of tea, then the story may not be for you. The story also contains fanart, my own art, as well as collages I spent way to much time on. If you do check it out, please leave a comment/kudos. I’m in need of some fresh serotonin. :) Happy Dragonlance week! (:
prompts / @dragonlance-week
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elsaanna007 · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
And one more drawing for Never Been Kissed! 
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charleswaterloo · 23 minutes ago
ao3 really made quadruple their fundraising goal. i’m so happy as a reader and a writer. and i’m so proud of everyone who donated. you’ve done an amazing thing gang <3 
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ao3feed-bnha-girls · 23 minutes ago
That Night Under the Willow Tree
That Night Under the Willow Tree by fire lilacs
August 2nd It wasn't supposed to be this way. Kyouka Jirou wasn't supposed to fall for a knight….much less the knight of another kingdom….much less the knight of her future husband. No, Kyouka was supposed to follow her parent's wishes, marry the prince and rule the kingdoms with multiple children. She was supposed to be the good little princess who did everything she was told. She was supposed to sit still, look pretty and keep her mouth shut. She was supposed to stay in her room...not sneak out in the middle of the knight. She was supposed to celebrate her birthday with her new fiance, not with his knight. But there was one thing she was most definitely not supposed to do….meet that knight. No, that was the worst mistake Jirou had ever made. At least, it was supposed to be.
Words: 3823, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: F/F, F/M, M/M
Characters: Jirou Kyouka, Yaoyorozu Momo, Kaminari Denki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Ashido Mina, Asui Tsuyu, Satou Rikidou, Mineta Minoru, Jirou Kyouka's Parents, Kaminari Denki's Parents, Uraraka Ochako
Relationships: Jirou Kyouka/Yaoyorozu Momo, Jirou Kyouka/Kaminari Denki, Kaminari Denki/Shinsou Hitoshi
Additional Tags: Medieval AU, Jirou and Denki are friends, Momo is a knight, Princess Jirou, fuck minoru mineta, Ashido Mina is a Good Friend, Wingman Ashido Mina, Fluff, Pining, Happy Ending, Kirishima and Bakugo Katsuki are definitely in love, Alternate Universe, Kissing, Slow Burn, Cuddling & Snuggling, Light Angst, Denki gets his heart broken...kind of
Read Here:
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ao3feed-bnha-rarepair · 23 minutes ago
Why do we have to go?
Why do we have to go? by Purple Dandelion
Prom oneshot but from ShinBaku point of view.
Bakugou doesn't care about stupid things like relationship. He really doesn't.
Words: 4074, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Todoroki Shouto, Kaminari Denki, Ashido Mina, Kirishima Eijirou, Iida Tenya, Sero Hanta
Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Shinsou Hitoshi, Kaminari Denki/Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya/Sero Hanta
Additional Tags: Prom, Dancing, First Kiss, Kissing, Boys Kissing, Bakugou Katsuki is Bad at Feelings
Read Here:
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ao3feed-todoroki · 23 minutes ago
It's Not Worth It
It's Not Worth It by thevioletviolents
Contrary to popular belief, Shigaraki and Dabi didn't hate each other. The opposite, really. But, when your only way of showing affection is aggression, things become complicated. They did for these two, anyways.
Shigaraki had always thought of himself as removed. Two steps ahead, an arms length away from the rest of the League, an outcast from society. Dabi and the rest of the League were an acquired taste, but one he was beginning to forget the initial disgust of.
Dabi got involved, got in over his head, made impulsive decisions that left everyone else to clean up his mess. He burned anything in his way, but when his own defense mechanisms were blockading him in, it was a lot harder to destroy.
Words: 1703, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 1 of Don't Let Go This Time
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Bubaigawara Jin | Twice, Toga Himiko, Hikiishi Kenji | Magne, Kurogiri, Sako Atsuhiro | Mr. Compress, Iguchi Shuuichi | Spinner, League of Villains
Relationships: Dabi/Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, League of Villains & Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko, Dabi & League of Villains, Bubaigawara Jin | Twice & Toga Himiko
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Idiots in Love, League of Villains as Family, League of Villains Shenanigans, Dabi | Todoroki Touya is Bad at Feelings, Shigaraki Tomura | Shimura Tenko is Bad at Feelings, this is why they are idiots in love, Hurt/Comfort, Banter, Partners in Crime, partners in crime to lovers, Mutual Pining, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Todoroki Enji | Endeavor's Bad Parenting
Read Here:
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thereluctantshipper · 24 minutes ago
All right. I did the thing.
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frazzledsoul · 24 minutes ago
Thanks for tagging me @dollsome-does-tumblr even though I haven't written fic in a gazillion years.
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favourite opening line. Then tag 10 authors!
The first thing that hit Rory Gilmore when she woke up was an overwhelming sense of vertigo.
The migraine was encroaching on the borders of her skull soon followed.
Where was she?
(The Morning After, Gilmore Girls, post series, Rory/Jess, or what happens when two not-quite-stepcousins hook up and everyone in Stars Hollow debates whether they should be encouraging this or not)
The first time they tried a real relationship again, it was a disaster.
He hadn't seen or talked to her for five years. Part of him regretted that a little, but she did say no, and he knew he had to start fresh if he was going to make any sort of clean break from the family legacy that had claimed him long before he was born.
(The Dynastic Plan, Gilmore Girls, AYITL era, Rory/Logan, or Logan explains to us why he could not get his shit together with Rory during AYITL)
Luke first noticed that something was amiss when he picked April up from the airport.
It was the middle of spring and she was wearing a turtleneck, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. When he asked her about it, she shrugged and claimed she thought that Connecticut was having a late winter spell, which didn’t sound right to him at all.
(The Cactus Incident, Gilmore Girls, post-series, in which Luke learns about the avian misadventures of one of his offspring)
“This has gotten completely out of control.”
Lorelai glanced up at her husband from where she was sequestered at her usual table by the window, surrounded by her laptop, piles of eclipse glasses in various colors, assorted boxes and tubes sprinkled in glitter and confetti, and a pile of streamers that had half fallen to the floor.
“This is a major celestial event, Luke”, Lorelai insisted. “A once in a lifetime opportunity to escape the daily drudgery of life to celebrate standing in the middle of the street for two hours and looking at the sky while we are treated to the spectacle of the universe pretending to usher in the doomsday a way too significant portion of the population are eagerly anticipating at any given moment –“
Luke put up his hand. “I get it.”
(A Convergence of Fancies, Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess overtones I guess, post-AYITL, or Stars Hollow celebrates the 2017 solar eclipse, Rory is a sleep deprived new mom, and Lorelai is concerned because her family is watching too much Game of Thrones, aka the most chaotic thing I have ever written and I'm sorry)
Richard Lucas Gilmore’s second Independence Day celebration was turning out to be a lot better than his first.
For one thing, he was actually awake for it.
Rory’s pregnancy had stretched a week and a half past its original due date, leading to the delivery of her squalling bundle of joy on a humid June morning after fifteen hours of labor.
(Independence, Gilmore Girls, post-AYITL, in which Luke and Lorelai celebrate Independence Day with their combined offspring and toddler grandson and Lorelai confronts her impending empty nest syndrome)
Lorelai had thought that sending Rory off into the adult world would make her feel like her heart was being ripped out of her chest.
She had been dreading it for days, weeks, maybe even years. Despite what everyone had told her when she was a newly knocked-up teenager, she still felt that those first eighteen years raising Rory as she grew up herself had been the easy part.
(Full Circle, Gilmore Girls, post-series, in which Lorelai and Rory go through the same major milestones at the same time)
The fall of 2017 was turning out to be quite a revelation for Lorelai Gilmore-Danes.
She had never loved fall quite as much as she loved winter. Sure, there was the crispness wrought by the change of seasons and the concurrent excuse to shop for brightly colored sweaters and boots.
(The Grandparents, Gilmore Girls, Luke/Lorelai, post-AYITL, or Rory's love triangle and parenting woes as seen through Luke and Lorelai's eyes)
Few enterprises seemed to be designed with a specific target in mind quite as much as Facebook was for Lorelai Gilmore.
It caught her a little by surprise. Sure, she knew the basics of using a computer to run her business and control her finances. She could be disciplined and organized when she absolutely needed to be, and there was little use in clinging to outdated technology.
(Boundaries, Gilmore Girls, Luke/Lorelai, post-AYITL, or Luke and Lorelai try to rebuild their relationship and are very angsty about it)
Luke and Lorelai's third Valentines Day as a married couple started in the usual way.
It was usually their tradition to spend the holiday at home, but this year they had departed for Luke's cabin on the lake to spend a few days by themselves before the rest of the family joined them on Sunday. It was a beloved, time-honored tradition between the two of them to devote this day to each other to celebrate with their own brand of fanfare. Their adult children knew to stay very far away from them during this time.
(A Season of Peace, Luke/Lorelai and Rory/Logan, post-AYITL, in which Luke and Lorelai spend a weekend in the snow with their brood and we get an update on the younger generations's relationship statuses)
"I'm pregnant."
She turned to face me. Gap-mouthed. Shocked. Disappointed. Humiliated.
This was not how I planned to share this news.
(A Simple Twist of Fate, Gilmore Girls, AU but fairly canon adjacent, in which Jess is Rory's baby daddy and Rory discovers that he has not exactly been solely pining for her in the years they were apart)
Jess didn't exactly intend to introduce his daughter to professional sports in this manner.
For the most part, he and Rory weren't quite the stereotypical thirtysomething hipster couple that they sometimes appeared to be. Sure, Rory was still occasionally breast-feeding after seven and a half months, and you could find quinoa and kimchi in their fridge stocked next to the baby food and hoagies.
(Home, post-AYITL, Rory/Jess, a "fast forward" of ASTOF in which Rory and Jess raise their daughter in Philadelphia and try to avoid admitting that they are no longer hip)
Lorelai Gilmore's journey to becoming an active participant in Stars Hollow town life was a bumpy one.
She stepped off of the bus in Stars Hollow a few months after her eighteenth birthday, freshly divorced and clutching her almost two-year-old daughter by the hand, determined to talk herself into whatever opportunity presented itself to her. She wasn't able to work on her charms on Taylor Doose at the grocery store, or Fran Weston at the bakery, but William Danes at the hardware store gave her directions to the inn at the outskirts of town and an offer to work the counter at his store if things didn't work out.
(Beginnings, Gilmore Girls, pre-series/AU, Luke/Lorelai, in which Lorelai and Luke's parenting situations are reversed: she and Christopher are divorced and he is involved in Rory's life but Luke is raising April by himself after Anna flaked out, and they start to bond)
Lorelai Gilmore Danes didn't expect to have empty nest syndrome hit her quite like this.
She'd spent much of her adult life – even long before she was technically an adult – tethered to Rory's side and not regretting a second of it. Then Rory was grown up and off exploring the world, and she was settled down with Luke in their unconventional but happily domestic manner.
(Glimpses Through the Looking Glass, Gilmore Girls, drabble series that goes all over the place based on #NationalFillInTheBlankDay)
Ted and Robin's seemingly long-awaited reconciliation lasted just short of six months.
Five months, three weeks, and two days, to be exact. Not that anyone was counting, least of all Robin.
(Making It Easy, How I Met Your Mother, Barney/Robin, post-series, in which Robin figures out that dating a widowed Ted is actually a very bad idea)
In the end, it was decided that the best way to resolve the battle for the Iron Throne was to dissolve it completely.
It had been a savage war, far more savage than any of its players had fought up to this point. Euron and Cersei were dead.
(The Calm, Game of Thrones, post-series but written halfway through season 8 so it doesn't include any of the stuff that people hate, in which I come up with a solution to the Jonerys dilemma that no one liked but it was still better than canon)
Summer finally bloomed beyond the wall five years after Jon Snow had crossed it for the last time.
Sometimes it seemed to him that everything before those five years was nothing more than a half-remembered dream. He had braced for his departure for the wall half-hopeful: at least this grand march towards kingship, the burden of unwanted responsibilities, the dread in his chest as he wondered if he would survive to the end of the latest war was over.
(After, Game of Thrones, post-series, Jon/Tormund, or in which Jon Snow is living happily ever after beyond the wall with his ginger, his dog, and a family of his own because I am in charge and I say so)
“You’re still shit at that, you know,” Tormund whispered in Jon’s ear.
Magritte snickered from the other corner of the main room of their cabin where she was roughhousing with Ghost. Alsi sighed beside her, picking up her bow from where it was lying beside her and inspecting it for flaws.
(The Line, Game of Thrones, post-series, Jon/Tormund, in which Jon is still living happily ever after but takes his family to visit Queen Sansa)
The images solidified in Jaime’s mind as he made his way through the streets.
Charred skeletons. Screaming children. Rampaging soldiers. Blood. Smoke. Mangled limbs. Chaos. He couldn’t keep any of it straight.
(The Lion and the Snow - Snapshots, Game of Thrones, AU, Jaime/Brienne, in which Jon is King, Jaime is the Hand Without A Hand, Brienne is the Lady Commander of the Kingsguard, they are all disasters, and I am not telling this story in order)
Tormund didn’t intend to get seriously involved with anyone when he moved to King’s Landing.
It had been a rough couple of years. Hell, the entire last decade had been its own special blend of unexpected pleasure and slow, turgid, relentless episodes of confusion and pain. That was adulthood, he supposed. Always one damn thing after another.
(The Dragon Heist, Game of Thrones, modern AU, in which single dad Tormund - Brienne is his baby mama - falls in love with art student Jon Snow and there are lots of coparenting shenanigans)
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