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#bungou stray dogs
pumpkinheadguyy · 34 minutes ago
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> blue starcore dazai icons - for @kalharu > hope you like these haru!!! > rb/like if using/saving
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sewerratt · an hour ago
go take a sneak peek on my first digital drawing woot woot
posting this on dazai’s bday ehhe
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nameless-shrimp · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Atsushi Nakijama x F!Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of fluff. ʕ˵·ᴥ·ʔ
AUTHOR'S NOTES: this is for one of my good friends because she loves atsushi so much! and how could you not. he is too precious.
Tumblr media
He wasn’t the type of person that would be into relationships considering his past trauma with his orphanage, but when you decided to come along and join the office staff for the detective agency, something inside him clicked.
He’d freak out a lot every time you’d walk past him and offer a bottle of water, but this boy would trip over his words and he wouldn’t be so sure of how to properly start the conversation. “Agh, water, right! I’d love some, uh, thank you!” And it’d only lead to you awkwardly leaving the presence as Atsushi tries to ignore a grinning Dazai sitting not too far from him.
Knowing Dazai was, well, Dazai, Atsushi was consistently made fun of for his little crush on you and he’d try to give pointers to Atsushi to help him win you over for a small date. He’d even try to get some of the others to help in on the ‘plan’ but it’d only lead to Atsushi begging Dazai to not let anyone else know about Atsushi’s crush on you.
Of course, did you really think Dazai would keep his mouth shut?
Atsushi would do small gestures in order to be kind but he also hoped you acknowledged them in a way where he was trying to stand out from everyone else. Sometimes it led to small gifts like a flower on your desk from an anonymous person or he’d offer to pay for your coffee for the day.
Every time Dazai would hint at you that there was someone in the office that would be crushing on you, Atsushi would fall on top of him and then state that Dazai was nothing but an odd man and he didn’t deserve to be listened to. (Poor Atsushi couldn’t realize that his hysterical acts were making his crush on you more and more obvious to him but he didn’t really catch onto that).
When Atsushi asked you out for lunch, he tried to make it seem like it was a casual hang-out thing that coworkers usually do. But when you inferred that it was a date, he only nodded before flushing into a deep crimson red and he retorted quickly, “yup, a da—wait NO! IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!”
(Dazai skipped his case during the day of your date as he eyed the both of you sharing food together and you were learning more about the shy boy that was trembling due to him being a nervous wreck right next to you).
(Kunikida was not pleased by this).
Atsushi would be a bit more confident in asking you out to lunch during your breaks together and even on your days off, he’d ask to go shopping with you so he could learn more about your interests. He’d flush so deeply into a blush when he thought about you looking cute in a specific dress he saw—but he’s a bit too shy to say anything.
Knowing how dangerous his job was, he was so open to protecting you from any harm that was going to come your way, especially since you only worked for organization of case files and paperwork; you may not have any abilities but Atsushi was determined to protect you even if you two weren’t as close as he’d like—but that was going to change at some point.
Dazai had purposefully left the offices early and dragged Kunikida by the ear in order to leave the two of you alone in a room together. As you gathered up your papers, you noticed Atsushi trembling with his fingers fidgeting. Before you could even ask what was wrong, he immediately shouted out how much he really liked you and he wanted you to be his girlfriend. “B-But I didn’t wanna make it awkward so—! I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I ruined everything, did I? Please for—”
“You’re so silly,” you responded. “Of course, I will be your girlfriend.”
(Little did you both know that Dazai was eavesdropping on the conversation with a proud smile growing on his lips).
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fagangelion · 2 hours ago
okay ammendment: saying that chuuya not overcoming his stubbornness was “not getting character development” doesn’t feel quite right. he did develop in that regard i think, just not in a linear or like. positive way. does this make sense.
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fagangelion · 2 hours ago
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fagangelion · 2 hours ago
anyway. why are you, as men, canonically soulmates?
Tumblr media
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fagangelion · 2 hours ago
i want to talk about them so bad but i can’t think of where to start. with skk i can just call them fruit salads and laugh until it’s not funny anymore and i remember how tragic it is actually. but i Can’t do that with shin soukoku ugh this is horrible i want to laugh at the gay people but no they have to make me sad all the time!!!
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chuuyasboots · 3 hours ago
hi hi! how about listening to the other's heartbeat + akutagawa?
hi! omg this is just the cutest thing ever you’re a genius- (also i hope ur ok with a little drabble bc i have too many thoughts for just headcanons)
listening to each other’s heartbeat- akutagawa
genre: kind of angst tbh. but like- there are fluff elements bc aw you’re so sweet and he’s so sweet. let’s go with hurt/comfort
warnings: none (lmk if i missed any?)
pairing: akutagawa ryunosuke x gender neutral reader
word count: 1.1k
for someone as seemingly emotionless as akutagawa, throughout your time as his significant other, you’d gotten remarkably well at being able to tell what kind of mood he was in without much context. today, as you heard the front door to your apartment slam shut, you were correct in assuming he was pissed.
you stood up from where you’d been reading on the couch to greet akutagawa, to which you were immediately met by his quiet, raspy voice.
“No. I’m going to take a shower,” he said, not even turning to look at you as he walked into your shared bedroom and closed the door behind him just as harshly as he’d shut the front door.
Your heart sank at his dismissive behavior- he hadn’t even been particularly distant today, so you weren’t sure where this was coming from at all.
“Ryunosuke?” You called out, concern evident in your voice even if you didn’t necessarily intend it to be. Akutagawa didn’t like it when you ‘babied’ him, even if all that meant was taking care of him because he wouldn’t do it himself.
When you were met with silence, you walked into your bedroom after him. Despite his naturally cold nature, this was unusual for him. He almost always let you greet him with a quick kiss when he got home.
You opened the door and were met with a disheveled looking Akutagawa sitting on your bed with his hands running through his hair, his breathing much faster than it should be for only walking into the room and sitting down.
You stepped closer, unsure if he’d even heard you enter, and realized he was crying.
Eyes widening, you stopped in your tracks. You’d almost never seen Akutagawa crying, and you didn’t have a clue as to what had caused it, but you knew that it had to be bad to have Akutagawa crying so quickly after coming home.
You decided to call out his name one more time as not to startle him too much, “Ryu-“
“I’m serious. No.”
The coldness of the statement seemed to shoot right through your heart as you looked at him with sad eyes.
“Baby, what’s wrong,” you asked, genuinely and seriously concerned.
“Nothing,” he replied simply, wiping his face with the sleeve of his jacket and turning his head away from you.
You frowned at his lack of an answer, and moved closer to the bed.
“Can I sit down?” you asked gently, wanting to help your boyfriend but not wanting to overstep his comfort.
Akutagawa grunted in response, which you took as a ‘yes’ despite the fact that he shuffled away from you when you sat down next to him and looked at the back of his head.
“What’s wrong?” you repeated, knowing that he was full of it when he said nothing the first time.
You could hear him try to hide a sniffle, and you gently placed your hand on his shoulder, trying to coax him into facing you, which he did, although reluctantly.
The face you were met with when he did turn around hurt you. His face was read and his eyes were tired and bloodshot. He looked awful and he looked incredibly sad, and you wanted to help him more than anything.
You grabbed ahold of one of his hands, holding it in both of yours securely. Akutagawa looked down at the contact sadly, and you could see more tears well up in his eyes as he pulled his hand away from you.
If you thought your heart was broken before only seeing Akutagawa like this, it felt shattered now as he moved away from your touch.
You could feel your own voice waver as you asked him softly, “Did I do something, love?”
Akutagawa whipped his head up to look at your face as he replied with a quick and definite, “No, of course not.”
The quickness of his motion threw you off. With the way he’d been acting, it was only natural for you to assume that you’d done something to upset him.
You took a deep breath in, trying to clear your head of all of the things running through it.
“Look at me,” you told him, placing a hand on his chin softly to bring his gaze back to you, “you don’t have to talk about it right now if you don’t want to. But I’m here for you. Please don’t push me away.”
Akutagawa looked at you with a stunned expression as he nodded slowly, seemingly not quite understanding you.
“It’s stupid,” he said, only barely holding his eyes on yours.
You furrowed your eyebrows at him, “It’s not stupid, I promise. You can talk to me.”
He sighed, obviously contemplating whether or not to tell you what was weighing down on his conscious, and you silently prayed that he would open up.
“It’s just that,” he started, voice stopping as tears threatened at his eyes again, “I don’t deserve you. I’m always away on missions, and I know you worry about me. Besides, I’m awful at showing you that I really do love you. You deserve better than me.”
Your jaw dropped at Akutagawa’s confession. In all of the thoughts you’d had about what could possibly be running through his mind, this wasn’t even am option to you.
You wanted to ask him if he was even serious, given how silly the statement seemed to you, but you knew that he was serious, even if you knew he was just overthinking.
“Babe,” you started, cupping his jaw with your hand and placing the other one on his leg, “you’re perfect for me. If I was unhappy, you don’t think I’d tell you? I worry about you because I love you. And just because we show our love differently doesn’t mean that I don’t pick up on your gestures. Why would you even think something like that?”
Akutagawa leaned his head into your touch, letting stray tears run onto your hand.
You brushed the tears away as he replied, “You’re all I think about when I’m away. It hurts me to think that you’re worrying about me because I can’t be here, with you.”
You grabbed one of his hands, letting the one on his face drop, and brought it to your chest, just above where your heart was beating.
“Feel that. I’m here now,” you placed your hand on his chest, finding his own heartbeat just as quickly, “and you’re right here too. That’s all I need. I know you’ll be okay while you’re away, and I’ll be here waiting for you to get back. It’s not always easy, but just right now, I’m here. For you.”
Akutagawa smiled weakly at your gesture, but his eyes shone with understanding. You didn’t need to be together, or not worrying about him all the time for moments like this to still happen. As long as he had you, he would have someone who loved him and that he could come home to. Someone that would always be there for him.
aw i think this is kinda cute maybe. i didn’t rly mean for it to be angsty but it is what it is. sorry that the capitalization is all goofy, sometimes i forget that it doesn’t rly matter on here. also i don’t proofread these so like don’t roast me for any spelling/grammar errors
anyways, if anyone else wants to leave a request HERE, that would be kinda cool of you. thanks for reading <3
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iamnotanarsonist · 4 hours ago
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an observation
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011tsukishima · 5 hours ago
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